The Cincinnati Reds have made four roster moves this afternoon. Connor Overton was activated from the injured list after a successful rehab assignment in Triple-A. He’ll take the spot on the active roster of Mike Minor, who was placed on the 15-day injured list with shoulder soreness. The team also sent catcher Aramis Garcia to Triple-A on a rehab assignment. Nick Senzel was moved to the 60-day injured list.

Connor Overton is coming back from a stress reaction in his back that has had him on the injured list since mid-May. He had made four starts for the Reds between April 30th and May 17th, posting a 1.82 ERA in 24.2 innings while giving up 15 hits, walking seven batters, striking out 10, and not giving up a home run. The right-handed starter made two appearances in Triple-A Louisville while on rehab last week, throwing 7.2 combined innings with two earned runs, three walks, and nine strikeouts. In his final outing he threw 78 pitches and should be ready to go in whichever role he’s asked to perform with Cincinnati.

That role may very well be that of a starting pitcher with Mike Minor hitting the injured list. This will end the season for Minor, and as Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer noted on Friday night – it could be the end of his career, as Minor said he is contemplating retiring after a tough 2022 season.

Aramis Garcia last played for the Reds on July 7th. He’s missed the last two-and-a-half months with a sprained finger on his left hand. At the time of the injury he was hitting .217/.252/.264 on the year in 113 plate appearances. He’ll join Louisville tonight. The Bats have five games remaining – Friday and Saturday, and then they wrap the season up with a 3-game set in Gwinnett against the Stripes.

The move of Nick Senzel to the 60-day injured list simply opened up a spot on the 40-man roster for Connor Overton. Senzel was already going to miss the rest of the season with a broken toe suffered earlier this week when he collided with the wall in center against Boston.

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  1. old-school

    It sounds like Overton wont pitch more than a few innings from prior beat writers reports but he was a fun pitcher to watch for 6-7 starts- throwing strikes, getting soft contact, and being pitch efficient. Glad to see him back.

    Brewers throwing a lefty so this will be interesting to see who is the third OF. I would think Aquino is in RF, Fairchild will be in CF and then its a true test. Does Bell play Fraley against the lefty. I’ve not got a lineup correct this year but I will try again.

    India 2b
    Steer 1b
    Farmer 3b
    Solano DH
    Aquino RF
    Fraley LF
    Fairchild CF
    Barrero SS
    Robinson C

    • Kevin H

      Reynolds is playing left field. I imagine its the whole righty vs lefty match up. Cause analytics told him so.. How did baseball survive in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00 lol

      My thought is play Siani and see what he can do against the left hander. Then at least you have a picture of okay Siani can’t hit left handing pitching. I dunno, lol,

      Also I like Kyle Farmer, but have Siani be a DH

      • Old-school

        Solano was scratched from the original lineup.

        Original lineup had steer 3b, Solano 1b and Reynolds LF. Solano gets scratched and Steer moves to 1b, Reynolds moves to 3b and Lopez goes to LF who was not in the original lineup.

      • greenmtred

        lefty-righty match-ups are based on fact. check the stats. managers paid attention to this decades ago, though not as much as they currently do.

  2. ryan

    I’ll bet that the lack of big league pitching will see someone somewhere signing Minor next year

    • Moon

      Personally, I would much rather see Minor on the mound when the Reds are batting and not when Reds are in the field.

      • MK

        Unfortunately Minor finally was getting a few innings out of him and he got hurt.

    • AMDG

      Perhaps they sing MINOR to a MINOR league deal?

      He has pitched very poorly the past 3 seasons, and he will be 35 at the start of next season. Perhaps somebody throws him a NRI offer to him for spring training?

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    I don´t understand the transaction made where Senzel leaves a spot free to García because he hit the 60-day IL. Did not Siani already take the Senzel´s 40-man spot when him was sent first to the 15-day IL ??
    I think sending Minor to the 15-day IL is likely the polite way to DFA´d him… I feel a relief knowing he won´t be in the 2023 Reds rotation…

    • LDS

      Doug posted yesterday that Siani filled an open spot on the 40. Moving Senzel to the 60 opened a slot for Overton. Hopefully, you’re right on Minor. He fell far short of his billing last spring. Another couple of weeks and the off season starts and should be very interesting. We find out what the Reds front office is really capable of. Lots of 40-man roster work ahead. And seriously, it’s time for a new field management staff. And realistically, an offseason sale to a new ownership group would make thrill most of the Reds fans.

  4. winston butterfield

    I wish Minor were still with the Reds, they are close to falling out of 5th spot in next years draft, we need his ability to consistently lose games.

  5. Steven Ross

    Mike Minor was a disaster. Can’t say I’ll miss him. Money not well spent.

    • David

      Well, was he a Minor disaster or a Major disaster?

      And really, this was about what could be expected of Minor. We took on Minor from KC, KC took on Amir Garrett.
      Lose, lose kind of trade.

      And at this point, I am reluctant to believe in Chase Anderson. I don’t think the guy is very good, despite the last two starts he made.
      And not to expect too much of Overton, whenever he starts. Relieves?
      Cessa is starting tonight instead of Minor.

      Alejo starting in LF. Kyle is DH, Matt Reynolds is playing third base.
      All righties. David Bell plays knifey-spooney.

      • Harry Stoner

        I can get behind the Overton, Cruz and Anderson stories.
        Nothing really risked.
        The Overton and Cruz stories are what baseball and America are all about. You do get a second chance.
        Anderson…maybe DJ can do some whispering in his ear and get some more mileage out of him.
        If not, nothing really lost.
        Reds spent $10M on Minor after a lot of jive about cost cutting.
        The guy was washed up and made no progress over 19 starts.
        Garrett was a live wire, maybe too live a wire for a town like Cincinnati.
        Or for his own good sometimes.
        But he was the chosen one for awhile in town given his promise in MiLB.
        Never developed a third pitch, either.
        Maybe he’s sorting things out.
        He hasn’t let up a run in the month of September.
        Given the ongoing disaster that the Reds bullpen has been could he have been any worse?
        Yeah, he was a head case, but certainly Strickland, Humbreee, Doolittle got a long leash while performing as bad or considerably worse.
        With little projected upside from any of them.
        The Reds gave up a lefty reliever….after completely blowing it with Cionel Perez…..and took on another team’s salary dump.
        Until some of the Young Turks start performing, the Minor deal is the albatross around Krall’s neck.
        Panic deal that should never have happened.
        I hope he learns from in the offseason.

      • MK

        My son was in a Luxury sweet during the Boston series. He said when Strickland came into the game their Bartender broke out laughing. Pretty much sums up his Reds career.

      • SteveAreno

        The suites can be sweet but I’d rather be behind the catcher.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Is there a Lemon Law in MLB? If so, the Reds are due a whole lot of money for Minor! He was a Yugo in a ML uniform!