Hunter Greene pitched well, striking out eight batters in 5.0 innings and giving up just two runs, but it wasn’t good enough as Brandon Woodruff struck out 11 Reds as the Milwaukee Brewers topped Cincinnati 5-1 to open their 4-game series on Thursday night.

Final R H E
Milwaukee Brewers (80-70)
5 4 0
Cincinnati Reds (59-91) 1 4 1
W: Woodruff (12-4) L: Greene (4-13)
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The Offense

After going in order in the 1st inning the Reds tried to get a rally going in the 2nd. Donovan Solano and Alejo Lopez had back-to-back 1-out singles, but Brandon Woodruff clamped down and struck out the next two batters to end the threat. Those would be the last hits that Woodruff would allow until the bottom of the 6th. TJ Friedl would walk, but as he attempted to steal second Jonathan India flew out to right field and Friedl couldn’t get back to first in time to avoid being doubled off. That proved to be pivotal as Kyle Farmer would homer to follow to cut into the Brewers lead and make it a 4-1 game. It would be the final time the Reds would score in the game.

The Pitching

Hunter Greene picked up where he left off in his previous start, striking out two batters in a perfect 1st inning. That didn’t carry over to the 2nd as he issued a leadoff walk – his first walk in three starts – and then gave up a 2-run home run to Kolten Wong. Another walk followed before a visit from Derek Johnson settled things down and Greene struck out the next three hitters. In the next inning Greene would get into trouble after a 1-out single and a 2-out walk, but he got out of the jam with a pop up. That walk would be the final base runner he would allow, completing 5.0 innings with just those two runs allowed in the 2nd inning on his record as he struck out eight batters.

Dauri Moreta took over in the 6th inning and he walked Rowdy Tellez to lead off the inning before giving up a 2-run homer to Kolten Wong – his second 2-run homer of the day – as the Brewers extended their lead to 4-0. He’d retire the next four batters before a 2-out walk in the 7th to Christian Yelich. That led to a pitching change and Joel Kuhnel entering the game and he struck out Willy Adames to end the inning. He returned for the 8th and after retiring the first two batters he gave up a third home run to Kolten Wong on the night, making it a 5-1 Milwaukee lead. Hunter Strickland pitched a perfect 9th inning to hold it at a 4-run game, but the offense couldn’t make a comeback.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday September 23rd, 6:40pm ET

Eric Lauer (10-7, 3.91 ERA) vs Mike Minor (4-12, 6.06 ERA)

34 Responses

  1. Redsvol

    Walks haunt – especially at GABP. And some guys just always seem to get on base – I’m looking at you Lopez and Friedl.

    Not a bad outing by Hunter at all. Just part of the education process. Don’t get too much of the plate with your strikes and don’t miss the plate by so much on your balls. Sounds easy doesn’t it? He’s going to figure it out and be dominant for a long time. I’m sure he will develop another pitch this off-season. Stay healthy Hunter!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Walks do more than haunt! With this 2022 Reds pitching staff walks have turned just every HR allowed into multiple run innings! And, yes, I agree that Hunter Greene is going to be a great pitcher! He’s good now but needs more MLB experience and a new pitch or two to keep hitters guessing!

  2. RedsFan11

    Reds on pace to finish season with 1.4M “official” attendance (actual probably closer to 1.1M). Will be lowest since 1984. Guess we found somewhere else to go Phil

    • Redsvol

      I’ll be adding +2 to the total. Wife & I heading up this weekend to take in some GABP atmosphere before the season shuts down. Also enjoy visiting Braxton Brewery in Covington.

    • Big Bob's Burner

      Still seems too high given the garbage on the field and in the owners box. Don’t the reds include at least the 10,000 season tix holders to all home game attendance figures? And you’ve got opposing teams fans. I wonder what the actual number of fans who voluntarily went to a game to watch the reds was? Half a mil, quarter of a mil lol

    • DataDumpster

      I would venture to go even lower on the actual seated crowd. I have noticed that the lowest announced attendance is about 9200 with many weekday games below 10000, which probably is close to the season ticket sales. With many of these corporate tickets not being used for obvious reasons, I believe that many weeknight games only have about 6000 spectators. Figuring in their paid attendance of roughly 17500 gets me to about 0.94 mil. Pay attention to the stadium scan on the next weeknight game and tell me if only 15% of so of the seats are occupied.

  3. Klugo

    Looking forward to seeing the adjustments Greene makes in the offseason with a full MLB season under his belt. I think he is a special talent with a great mind for this.

  4. Mark Moore

    Two in the books for Greene since his return. Pretty solid overall and showing adjustments. Looking forward to seeing the return of Ashcraft this weekend. That part of the future looks pretty bright.

    I’d love to see some predictions on the 40-man shuffle. At this point in the season, that’s something I’m paying attention to. Wins now are nice, but aside from trying to put the brakes on below 99, their euphoria is short-lived.

    • Jim Walker

      To my mind, Sims and Antone are both candidates not be placed back on the 40 man roster over the winter. Will they expose them to outright waivers and risk them being claimed or nontender them and make them free agents?

      As I understand the CBA, the Reds are responsible for their rehab costs unless they would be claimed away on waivers or signed by another team. Keep in mind that a claiming team in waivers along with the rehab costs would also inherit the arbitration status which could be an issue, particularly with Sims. So, I think the Reds risk waivers to go the outright route.

      I would not be surprised if all the catchers not named Stephenson are purged from the 40 man. Garcia and Robinson have acquitted themselves well behind the plate but not hit enough to worry about losing. Kolozsvary seems to have fallen from grace. Papierski, why ever???

      Looking at the current active bullpen, given that Buck Farmer is a “natural” (service time) free agent, I see Diaz is the only guy they absolutely would not risk losing in outright waivers or rule 5. Moreta might be close. Santillan and Gutierrez are likely keepers coming back from the 60 day IL.

      Senzel and Aquino are clearly nontender possibilities. Lopez may have played his way out of that category as a solid versatile bench piece.

      ‘Nuff to chew on for a while 😉

      • old-school

        Its my understanding Antone has completed his rehab. He’s in Arizona throwing off a mound. The timing of things didn’t work for this year to return for the Reds. I believe the plan is a normal off-season and be ready 100% to gear things up in February.

      • Jim Walker

        @OS> If Cot’s contracts have it right, Antone is 1st year arbitration eligible. I don’t think anyone takes a blind date with 2 time TS surgery guy who is arbitration eligible and hasn’t thrown a pitch in competition since his second surgery.

      • Reaganspad

        Still, I expose Sims but not TJ

        Do we know what TJ stands for?

      • Jim Walker

        @reaganspad & THR
        Civil disagreement and discussion are a spice of life that nurtures growth on all sides. We will know the answers in 2 months (give or take a week) or less.

        Don’t have links at my fingertips; but, I have read and heard multiple sources stating the odds are really long for sustained 2x TJS comebacks.

    • Tar Heel Red

      I disagree with Jim. I don’t see the Reds exposing Sims or Antone. Lots of other relievers but not them. To answer Reagans question…Antone first name is Tejay, not initials of T.J.

      • Tar Heel Red

        I would also expect them to DFA Gutierrez since he is recovering from Tommy John surgery. They should explore trading Senzel (or non-tender him if a trade partner cannot be found), but knowing the Reds they probably won’t because he is still an inexpensive player.

      • Jim Walker

        I am iffy on Gutierrez.

        Can he work from the pen in a long role later on in the 2023 season or, is he out for the entire season?

        I came down on the side of protecting him because they have $4.75m sunk in him via his signing bonus, 2023 will be his year 27 season, and he doesn’t project as arbitration eligible until after the 2024 season.

        Unlike Sims and Antone, Gutierrez would only cost them minimum plus annual increments for the next 2 years. I decided for the Reds that might be a break point.

  5. Doc4uk


    Any prediction for the five or perhaps six man rotation for 2023?

    Same question regarding the Bull Pen?

  6. Bill J

    Don’t be to disappointed in the Reds they are leading the league in 2 pitching categories, hit batters and walks and second in home runs allowed.

  7. SultanofSwaff

    Yet another meaningless September game and somehow Steer and Barrero sit in favor of veterans who won’t be a part of the next good team. Is that solely on Bell? Does the front office really think the fans care about keeping up appearance of competitiveness? Do they think ‘protecting’ the rookies when there’s nothing to play for other than experience is doing them a favor? Just more proof they don’t understand how bad things really are.

    • old-school

      Others commented Steer had an eye infection as he was initially in the lineup wednesday, then out wed/thurs.

    • burtgummer01

      And Barrero is a placeholder until one of the new kids who can actually hit are ready

      • Pete

        Does anyone remember how Dave Concepción struggled mightily in his first three seasons?

        Barrero is at the beginning of the beginning of his major league career. I’m with some of the others and don’t understand why he’s not on the field every day. Yes taking his knocks and gaining valuable experience. As far this youngster goes, the team is just wasting time.

        The Reds will not be competitive in 2023. They must use the time wisely or the clock will keep getting pushed back.

      • Tar Heel Red

        I agree burtgummer. I think the ship has sailed on Berrero and the Reds are simply waiting on one of EDLC or McLain to grab the position. I don’t see Marte as an option at short as he has committed nearly 60 errors the last two seasons. I believe he will be moved to the OF.
        Ultimately I think Arroyo is the eventual starter at short, McLain at 3B, Marte in CF and EDLC moves to 1B as Votto’s replacement.

      • Pete

        EDLC has a rocket launcher of an arm playing him at first base would be a waste of a valuable attribute.

        If I was a betting man and I’m not, I think that Encarcion-Strand will be the Reds 1B for a long time. My opinion is of all the young guys down in the minor leagues right now he is the most equipped to hit major league pitching Starting as soon as tomorrow. The only problem is the guys natural position is designated hitter. If you follow what I’m saying.

    • Jim Walker

      As noted by others, Steer apparently has a medical issue.

      But also, they couldn’t find a way to get the hottest bat on the team (Fairchild) into the
      starting lineup but had places for Reynolds and Solano. They get everybody else a few pregame practice reps then play them out of position, why not Fraley (or Fairchild) at 1B to get Fairchild into the game. This is presuming there was a reason for not using India at 2b, moving Lopez to 3B and using Fairchild as DH.

      • old-school

        Fairchild fell on the wrong side of the handedness outfield theos, as outlined in the David Bell manual. Fairchild also is lacking on the veteraniness measure, which if you had read the manual, you would know there is a corollary that allows the manager to overrule the handedness doctrine, but only if the player is at the top of veteran food chain. The manual also states the first baseman must bat 3rd/4th,or 5th. Thus, Fairchild sits.

        Woodruff is a righty.
        Fraley,Friedl, and Siani got the start in the OF. Handedness doctrine 101 in full effect. Manual upheld.

        Solano is a veteran, plays first base, and can hit in the 3/4/5 hole. Manual upheld.

        Reynolds is back up at 3b/SS and a veteran. Barrero is out apparently. Steer had an eye issue. The suffix of the manual has a small chapter dealing with late notice injuries and it clearly states always put a veteran in at his preferred role over a young player. Reynolds at 3b upholds the manual.

        Ive still not gotten through the chapters on bullpen management, roles and handedness. It’s quite lengthy.

      • Jim Walker

        @OS>>> Or maybe it was Occam’s Razor thinking? —>Solano was 3/6 and Reynolds 2/5 against Woodruff (and Lopez 2/3) for their careers going into the game. Either way, I didn’t like it.

      • old-school

        Matt Reynolds in LF tonight
        All righty OF.
        Veteran plus handedness trumps outfield ability

  8. DataDumpster

    Now that the Reds extend the magical MLB record to 100 HB (25% more than the the Pads second place tally), along with being on their way to consecutive yearly MLB leads in BB and P/IP, I just can’t get out of my head the quote from David Bell when asked about the HB record:
    “When it was brought to my attention or realized it, I was surprised.” Again, the casual fan seems to be more tuned in than the manager. Not that anyone memorizes such records, but that this team has a continuing major problem with pitching control, pitch selection, and philosophy.
    An acceptable outing by Hunter but I hope next year will bring less emphasis on the whiffs and not pretending that a 4-13 record doesn’t matter.

    • Kevin H

      Does it matter? I ask as a few of those losses were out of his control. He leaves with allowing a run or two runs. Bullpen comes in and collapse. Example the no hitter he threw against pirates. He lost 1-0.

      I take the 4-13 loss in context. He isn’t as bad as his record suggests.

      I remember years ago Cory Kluber I believe lost double digit games while having a 2 Era or something.

    • DataDumpster

      I’m sure more than a few of those losses were due to inherited runs or poor offense and he is way better than 4-13. But, when your record is worse than Mike Minor and have 24 homers allowed to boot, something isn’t right. I primarily blame the coaching. There is a big difference throwing in “let it rip” mode and pitching in a close game (even in off day practice). It used to be common that a starter earned being such by starting off in the bullpen to learn these skills. No more, I guess. Also, did you read how Ashcroft got a bicep injury? Let it rip all the time makes one think about Sims, Overton, Duarte, Santillan, etc. who suddenly failed several days after their appearances to long term dry dock or operations needed.
      That being said, I think the maturation of the 3 young starters is probably the only significant accomplishment to move the team forward so Hunter indeed did very well this season.

      • Kevin H


        Baseball to me isn’t the same and I believe it has become more complex. Whatever happened to pitching. Like you said its about ripping it loose.. 24 homers is a problem and that is a great point. I believe a 3rd pitch would help keep hitters off balance, and yes pitchers used to start out in bullpen. Cardinals come to mind with how they would handle their young arms.

  9. Sodbuster

    Hunter Greene is the Reds version of Nolan Ryan. The Reds only had 4 hits. Who cares about walks. Not the issue.