Nick Lodolo battled his control on the night, but kept the Reds in the game before turning things over to the bullpen. Cincinnati’s offense, though, failed too come through with the hits when they needed them repeatedly in a 5-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night.

Final R H E
Boston Red Sox (72-75) 5 7 0
Cincinnati Reds (58-90) 3 9 1
W: Bello (2-6) L: Lodolo (4-7) SV: Schreiber (8)
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The Offense

After going in order in the 1st, the Reds started to put things together in the 2nd. Jake Fraley led off with a single and moved to third base on a double by Donovan Solano. Aristides Aquino then followed with a walk to load the bases with no outs. Cincinnati came away with no runs after back-to-back strikeouts before a ground out ended the inning. TJ Friedl would lead off the bottom of the 3rd inning with a home run to tie the game up. Jonathan India followed with a walk, but was erased on a double play. But Jake Fraley and Donovan Solano both hit 2-out singles, but a ground out would once again end the threat.

After the Red Sox grabbed a 2-1 lead in the top of the 4th Stuart Fairchild led off the bottom of the inning with a double, but like every other baserunner on the day for the Reds to that point, he was stranded. in the bottom of the 5th it was Jake Fraley and Donovan Solano doing work once again as both picked up 2-out singles, but Aristides Aquino flew out to right field to end the threat.

Those would be the final hits the Reds would have until Fairchild led off the bottom of the 9th with a single as the Reds trailed 5-1. After Jose Barrero worked a full count before striking out, both Spencer Steer and pinch-hitter Alejo Lopez walked to load the bases for Jonathan India. Matt Strahm, who had not walked two hitters in a single outing all year followed up by walking India, too and bringing in a run to make it 5-2. That resulted in a pitching change for Boston as they brought in John Schreiber to face Kyle Farmer with the bases still loaded and one out. He made it a 5-3 game with a sacrifice fly to center. That brought Jake Fraley to the plate, but the comeback wasn’t there to be had on Tuesday night as he grounded out harmlessly to first base to end the game.

The Pitching

Things got dicey early on for Nick Lodolo and the Reds. Tommy Pham reached to lead off the game on an error by Jose Barrero. An out later Lodolo walked Xander Bogarts to put two men on, but the lefty locked in and struck out J.D. Martinez on three pitches for out number two and needed just two pitches to get Alex Verdugo to ground out to end the inning. The next inning was more quick trouble as a hit batter and a walk opened up the second but just like before, Lodolo got out of it with no damage.

In the third inning Nick Lodolo couldn’t get around his 2-out walk as J.D. Martinez tripled to center on a play that saw Nick Senzel run into the wall and go down. Senzel attempted to jog after the trainer came out to check on him but he couldn’t do so smoothly and was removed from the game. Lodolo would strike out Alex Verdugo to end the inning and limit the Red Sox to just one run.

Boston got back to it quickly in the 4th when former Reds minor leaguer Rob Refsnyder led off with a home run to give the Red Sox a 2-1 lead. Lodolo hit the following batter and then hit Yu Chang after that as he continued to struggle with his control on the night. After a mound visit he picked up a strikeout and then got Tommy Pham to ground into an inning-ending double play. J.D. Martinez would come through for Boston again in the 5th inning with a 2-out solo homer to extend their lead to 3-1.

Dauri Moreta took over in the 6th inning and he struck out the side. He returned for the 7th and struck out Connor Wong to begin the inning before giving up a single to Tommy Pham. That’s when David Bell headed to the mound and called on Ian Gibaut to come out of the bullpen. He walked the first two batters he faced, loading them up in the process. A mound visit followed and on the first pitch he threw after that J.D. Martinez grounded into an inning-ending double play.

Gibaut returned to begin the 8th and gave up a leadoff single and then a walk before getting a pop up for the first out of the inning. The Red Sox then went to their bench to bring in a pinch hitter and that led to Cincinnati turning things over to Reiver Sanmartin and he got the job done with a ground out and a strikeout – needing just four pitches to get that job accomplished.

Hunter Strickland entered the game in the top of the 9th with the game still sitting at 3-1. It didn’t stay that long as Tommy Pham led off with a double and Rafael Devers followed with a 2-run homer to make it 5-1.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Boston Red Sox vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday September 21st, 6:40pm ET

Chase Anderson (1-3, 6.43 ERA) vs Connor Seabold (0-2, 11.91 ERA)

36 Responses

  1. Harry Stoner

    “Let’s move Elly De La Cruz to CF!”

    Here’s wondering how things might have worked out with Senzel and India in the infield, save you money on Moustakis and gone with a proper centerfielder.

    Busted shoulders diving after impossible catches, running into walls, running into teammates.

    How much of a toll has this taken on Senzel’s hitting…which is what got him to MLB in the first place.

    • VaRedsFan

      He got hurt playing 3B twice…on non-contact plays.

  2. Melvin

    58 Wins 90 Losses but…we’re only 29 games back of the Cardinals :)….two, scratch that, 3 ahead of the Pirates (they lost to the Yankees tonight having a four run lead going into the 9th. Judge hit #60 and Stanton hit a grand salami to win it)…..14 to go.

  3. SteveAreno

    I wish we could charge Hunter Strickland with the loss or even half of loss for coming in the 9th and giving up two runs.

  4. Doc4uk

    Surely they will not have Strickland return for 2023?

    • Melvin

      No worries. just for the 9th inning. hahaha

  5. Tim

    Feast and famine game. Four guys were good tonight and three were terrible at the plate. Solano looks good at the plate and Fraley and Friedl look very comfortable. Kudos for Fairchild coming in cold and getting the job done. It was very frustrating to see that ball hit to deep center off the wall and not see the corner outfielders hustling to back it up. They didn’t react until Senzel was on the ground. A beautiful night at the ballpark.

    • Luke J

      Um, Friedl busted his but to get over there and back Senzel up on that play. Not sure where Aquino was, but it’s wrong to say the corner outfielders didn’t hustle.

    • VaRedsFan

      Aquino should have been over there. Freidl got over there and held JD to a triple. Kudos to him. It was triple no matter what after Senzel didn’t make the catch.
      I like Aquino and really want him to succeed, but he should be benched for a game if Bell had a backbone.

  6. Old-school

    Nick Senzel broke his toe. Done for the year.
    More outfield competition for 4th 5th and 9 th place.

    • Melvin

      Sheesh …. and he was one of the more durable players this year as funny as that sounds.

  7. Old-school

    Question for Doug gray or anyone else who knows reds minors.

    Can Mike Siani play CF at GABP some time next year. He seems to be the only one with CF skills. Fraley can play LF against righties. Otherwise, Krall needs to find some 1-2 year players in the OF.

    • LDS

      Call him up now for the last 14 games. He doesn’t really have to hit much. Just play good defense and teach the Reds how to run and steal.

      • Jim Walker

        Siani is at AAA right now trying to prove to the Reds that his offense is good enough to merit a 40 man roster spot over the winter to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. Or, alternatively to demonstrate to the rest of MLB that his offense is too far from ready for MLB to carry him on an active 26 man roster for all of 2023 thus sparing the Reds a 40 man spot.

        If the Reds were to bring him to MLB now, they would have to put him on the 40 man and leave him there all winter or expose him to waivers to outright him off of the 40 man.

      • LDS

        Understood. But, the 40 man needs a lot of work already. DFA Strickland, for example. I don’t know the answers, but apparently the Reds organization doesn’t either.

      • Jim Walker

        @LDS> The 40 man problem with Siani as I see it is that if they put him on the 40 man he has to stay on or be exposed to regular waivers meaning whoever might claim him there is not subject to the rule 5 provisions come spring. They can option him for up to 3 years to grow into MLB status and not risk losing him as long as he is on their 40 man and not exposed to waivers.

      • LDS

        Pick another guy, older, expendable, etc. I’m just waiting for the organization to pretend they actually care about winning.

      • Reaganspad

        Great point Jim. Rule 5 gives more team control than waivers. I would opt not to bring him up now

      • JB

        I see alot of trash this team can toss off the 40. I don’t see what the problem is. We are so desperate as fans for a winner that when one gut in the outfielder does something we are backing him like he is the next Eric Davis. But in reality they are all 4th outfielders. Maybe worse. This Front office should have no problem getting rid of players. Are we really keeping Matt Reynolds who is 32 next year? Bullpen? Toss most of them. People act like our 40 is the Yankees roster. We are basically in last for a reason.

  8. Reddawg2012

    Hunter Strickland has been terrible all season. I wonder why they think so highly of him.

    Also, is it safe to say that Nick Senzel is a bust at this point? The injury from tonight aside, it’s been 4 seasons. It’s hard for me to see him being anything more than a utility/backup player at this point, at least on any team that is halfway decent.

    • Kevin H

      Buxton of the twins has dealt with injuries. 4 years in the league in my opinion isn’t enough time to declare a bust or success. Especially with 2020 not even being a full season. I take Senzel hustle any day over Aquino striking out over have his abs.

      • JB

        Huge difference in Buxton and Senzel. Injuries are the only comparison. Offensively and defensively Buxton is way superior.

    • Old-school

      I think its safe to say Senzel is not going to be a core position player the franchise builds around that gives you 3 WAR seasons. Hes a role player, utility player who might be in the line up semi-regularly at multiple positions. If thats a bust for an overall 2 pick….thats for others to say. His floor was said to be a sure fire major leaguer when he was drafted but there were some concerns about a lowish ceiling.

      • Jim Walker

        I think for a top 5 overall (#2 to be exact) pick, the situation is a bust. The player is not responsible for suffering injuries on the field which likely played a key role in the outcome; so, it hardly seems fair to call him a bust. However, in terms of the production the team had reasonably projected over x number of seasons, the situation is a bust.

  9. Joey Red

    Congrats to the Reds on their 90th loss of the season. Another brutal season. But where else can you go for baseball right?

  10. Mark Moore

    I did a Clete after the homer that put the BoSox up 5-1. Good that we clawed our way back to “close” but all the missed opportunities and poor execution earlier did us in anyway. Fundamental stuff is just sloppy.

    Oh well, bring ’em on again tonight … who else are we gonna watch?

    • Jim Walker

      MiLB(dot)com is streaming some minor league playoff games for free; but of course it is a pipe dream that any Reds affiliates would be involved.

      Go to the site and click on MiLB(dot)TV at the upper right to see the list.

      • Mark Moore

        Jim – I actually bought a cheap package. Fun to watch in a casual way.

      • Jim Walker

        I bought the reduced rate package coming out of COVID then went in for the entire year this year.

        Have to admit that with Greene and Lodolo already up, I haven’t watched nearly as much as I expected I would except when the Reds had a large group of position guys on rehab at AAA. That squad (Aquino, Fraley, Almora on rehab) plus Friedl, Fairchild, Barrero and Robinson on option/ assignment is the lion’s share of the current Reds MLB lineup. 😉

  11. Indy Red Man

    Didn’t watch the game, but saw Fairchild got a leadoff double and then Barrero K’d and of course they stranded him. I’m guessing Barrero didn’t even try to bunt? It’s sort of a problem when young guys come up and can’t handle the basics.
    Watched the lowly Nats 9th inning last night vs Atlanta. Down 3-1 and the first 2 bunted on Kelly Jansen and reached because he’s not athletic. Second was a bad bunt, but Olsen bobbled it. Get it down and apply pressure on the defense! Bell never expects it and therefore usually doesn’t get it.

    • Jim Walker

      If Senzel gets an award for drawing catcher’s interference (and I agree), we also need to give Fairchild an award for batted balls first coming to the ground in foul territory but ending up as fair ball base hits. That’s what his double last night did, and a couple of weeks back he had a bunt single that did the same thing!

  12. Old-school

    Must see TV today

    Spencer Steer is starting at SS.

    That muddies the water for 2023 or least sends some ripple effects. What if Steer can play a credible SS, even as a back up. How does that impact roster construction?

    • Indy Red Man

      Not a long term solution obviously, but Barrero isn’t getting it done. I’d see if Barrero can hit AAA next year and then give him one more shot. Barrero has everything if you’re drawing up a prospect on paper atleast.

      I feel the same way about Stephenson at catcher as I do about Senzel. He just isn’t going to stay on the field. How many catchers are 6’4? Thats alot of squatting, bending, and quick reaction time activities that are just easier for a much shorter man. Ralph Sampson could dribble so why didn’t they make him a 7’4″ point guard? Because it didn’t work! They have to keep Stephenson in the lineup or they’re not going to get it done offensively.

      On paper atleast Stephenson, India, the 3 Fs (Fraley, Fairchild, and Friedl), and Steer might make 2023 somewhat better offensively. I do have a strong feeling Joey will rebound somewhat. He might be more effective if they played him 4-5x week and sat him vs lefties, but Bell never figures that out. Wouldn’t hurt to extend Solano either.

      • Indy Red Man

        I also think Aquino has a chance to be a Adam Duvall type contributor, but they ran Duvall out of town because they couldn’t find a way to maximize his strengths. Not an everyday player and can’t hit a decent righty slider to save his life. Really not good vs lefties with a good changeup either. Everyone else he can hurt if they make a mistake. Same with AA. 225 maximized at-bats and he might be an excellent 4th outfielder

  13. Pete

    I’m disappointed not seeing Fairchild’s name of the lineup tonight.