Cincinnati dropped game one of today’s day/night doubleheader. They’ll look to rebound in the night cap against Pittsburgh by sending rookie Fernando Cruz to the mound to start the game. The Pirates will Luis Ortiz to the mound for his Major League debut to try and stifle the Reds. First pitch is set for 6:40pm.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for the second game of the day:

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cincinnati Reds

Oneil Cruz – SS TJ Friedl – LF
Bryan Reynolds – CF Nick Senzel – DH
Rodolfo Castro – 3B Donovan Solano – 1B
Ben Gamel – DH Aristides Aquino – RF
Kevin Newman – 2B Alejo Lopez – 2B
Cal Mitchell – RF Spencer Steer – 3B
Zack Collins – 1B Matt Reynolds – SS
Greg Allen – LF Stuart Fairchild – CF
Jason Delay – C Chuckie Robinson – C
Luis Ortiz – SP Fernando Cruz – SP

Starting Pitchers

Fernando Cruz 4.2 1.93 1.29 4 7
Luis Ortiz (AA/AAA) 124.1 4.56 1.14 38 138
Links: Fernando Cruz’s Stats | Luis Ortiz’s Stats

Fernando Cruz

The last time that Fernando Cruz started a game was in 2018 when he was pitching in the Puerto Rican Winter League. Don’t expect him to throw too many pitches or go deep in the game. He’s thrown more than one inning once in the last six weeks. It was the only time he threw 30 pitches in a game since June 22nd, and he threw exactly 30 pitches that day. His season high in pitches is 33, which he reached twice while in Triple-A.

Between his two stops this season, Cruz has found success against both lefties and righties. With that said, he’s pitched better against lefties as he’s held them to a .496 OPS. Right-handed hitters have a .630 OPS against him and have made more contact and hit all of the home runs he’s given up this season.

Splits (AAA/MLB in 2022)

RHH 136 24 1 0 4 14 35 .207 .311 .319
LHH 109 17 6 1 0 9 38 .175 .239 .258

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Splitter
Velo 94.4 87.2 82.0
Usage 25.0% 48.8% 26.2%

Luis Ortiz

Much of the season was spent in Double-A Altoona for Luis Ortiz, with just his final two (of 26) starts coming in Triple-A this year. His splits this season are pretty big. Right-handed hitters have really struggled against him, posting a .612 OPS this year in the minors when he’s been on the mound. Left-handed hitters, though, have found some success in hitting for average against him, and while they don’t walk much they did hit for some good power against him.

Splits (AA/AAA in 2022)

RHH 284 51 8 0 9 19 79 .200 .275 .337
LHH 226 53 7 3 11 19 59 .261 .320 .488

Pitch Usage

With this being his big league debut we don’t have concrete information on his pitch usage. But according to his midseason scouting report from Baseball America he’s got a fastball that sits in the upper 90’s and has both a slider and a change up.

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 70°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Jake Fraley seems to be ok

Late in game one Jake Fraley was hit in the helmet by a pitch and had to exit the game. He walked off on his own. Following the game he said that he was feeling ok. He will not be in the lineup and will continue to be monitored, but for now it seems that there’s good news here.

92 Responses

  1. Old-school

    Give KRall credit for sticking to a plan. May not like the plan but at least it’s a plan. Aquino, Barrero, Senzel, Steer are getting long looks.
    Joey Votto made multiple references to “the ball in 2022” on his broadcast a few weeks back. The power numbers on this team are terrible.

    Nick Senzel is approaching his 2019 PA numbers

    PA 414
    HR 12

    PA 391
    2b 12
    3b 0
    HR 4
    OPS .603

    Senzel had labrum surgery in R shoulder after 2019 and hasn’t been the same since. Hes quoted today Enquirer saying hes in a better mental place to adjust and will do what’s needed to help the Reds. . Hes changing his wide stance to get more power and preparing with coaches for more utility infield next year but will mostly play CF rest of this year. Bell was very supportive in his quotes.

    • Kevin H

      Thanks for that information. I am a Senzal fan and truly believe he is a better player than his numbers say. A rough start to his career for sure. 4 years in and changing his stance again..

      I often wonder if they would of.left his stance alone after his rookie season. Who knows..

    • DataDumpster

      Bell is always supportive, regardless of results or logic. Senzel has 24 RBI in 391 PA. Even Colin Moran has 23 RBI in less than 1/3 of Senzel’s PA. Sorry but I hope he is just being buttered for a trade. Best for the Reds and also probably for him.

  2. RedsFanInFL

    Just need to go 7-15 to avoid 100 loss season. That’s all I care about at this point

    • Jim Walker

      Just in case, the difference between 63-99 and 62-100 appears to be 0.006 (to the nearest 1000th). 😉

    • Greenfield Red

      Why? The worse the record, the better the chance for the top pick.

    • Daytonnati

      Even wearing the Bally polo …

  3. Bet on Red

    what did i miss in the first game… where is india

    • Mark Moore

      He’s fine. Just sitting to begin the game.

  4. Mark Moore

    OK, so THAT’s how we’re going to approach this game???

    • Mark Moore

      Ortiz for Cy Young and RoY this year, right?

      OK, I’ll calm down now. I think I need to go for my walk.

  5. DataDumpster

    Friedl watches 2 fastballs get past him and then bunts on a high pitch to strike out on the 0-2 count? Can anybody explain this?

    • VaRedsFan

      He’s got 2 strike bunt hits before this year.
      The ball was caught, so officially it wasn’t a K.

  6. Mark Moore

    20-pitch limit I see … hope this works out in our favor.

    When do we anticipate Greene being activated?

  7. Mark Moore

    Cue the “sad trombone” sound effect …

  8. Reddawg2012

    I don’t know about anyone else, but Votto behind the mic is really the only thing keeping me tuned into Reds games at this point.

    • Mark Moore

      We’re watching Jeopardy in real time, so the game is on the small screen on mute.

  9. Mark Moore

    3 solid innings. Sanmartin’s stuff looked pretty sweet.


    If this pace keeps up it could be a very quick game and it’s not even getaway day!

    • Mark Moore

      Well, they’d all like to get some rest so they can turn it around for the Nooner tomorrow.

      • Melvin

        Team doesn’t look too motivated right now.

  11. Mark Moore

    At least the no-no is off the table 😀

  12. Old-school

    Votto is right there with brantley in analyst role

    Hes gotta be part of the broadcast team in 2024+

  13. Roger Garrett

    Reds going through the motions.Just trying to get the season over with for sure.

    • Doc

      I think there are a handful of Reds who are not ready for the season to be over – Friedl, Fairchild, Steer, Robinson are just a few who are finally getting their shot and would more likely want to see the season extended rather than over with.

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    The offense is harmless against a AA-AAA pitcher in his debut…It’s ridiculous and embarrassing

  15. Kevin H

    Bright Side, Greene is back and Ashcraft not far behind. Bell said one rehab start, wanna be they make it too.. “just to make sure” lol

  16. Kevin H

    Young guys are playing so this is to be expected. Not sure why people are surprised.

  17. Old-school

    Solano looks comfortable at 1b

    Sign him as righty DH and righty first base. Good player and a pro

  18. Kevin H

    Siani got promoted to Triple A. I would think he will be Reds cf next season. Dude has 50 stolen bases and if I read it right a 250 Ba. but that seems low. Good for him and Hopkins as well maybe in the mix for a outfield spot.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m still thinking that’s where they slot EDLC. But who knows?

  19. Roger Garrett

    Biggest issue with the offense is yes they are younger players but they hack away and never stop.Why would anybody throw them a strike?Buc starter last night was around 12 or 13 pitches per inning and this Cy Young candidate is at 12 through 4 innings tonight.


      Two walks in a row so lets swing at the first pitch! Just getting some rest because we have a game tomorrow

  20. JB

    Bucs broadcast team said Ortiz has alot of Johnny Cueto similarities.

  21. LDS

    The puff piece on Zinter working with Barrero a day or two ago, where’s the question about why the team can’t hit? And what is he going to do about it?

  22. Mark Moore

    Back from my walk. I see I didn’t miss much.

  23. RedsGettingBetter

    Chuckie Robinson ….Rally killer

  24. Kevin H


    Why is it always the managers fault? or Hitting coaches fault? or Pitching coaches fault?

    Also why are people upset about the ” young guys struggling or hacking at pitches”

    Do people just like to complain? Enquiring minds want to know.. hahahaha (Sarcasm)

    • Mark Moore

      Sure … we love to gripe and moan here 😀

      And we get plenty of fodder for that machine.

      For me, I think it’s as much fatigue at this point in the season as anything else. They just can’t seem to get into any kind of groove, or at least not for very long.

      There is plenty of “blame” to go around, but we have what we have. We stick with it (with the occasional Clete) because we are Reds fans. It’s our particular version of insanity.

      • Kevin H

        Agree 1000 percent. Just trying to be goofy.. As I am as frustrated as the next reds fan

    • Roger Garrett

      Because you can’t fire all of the players for one thing.The other thing is why have a manager or a coach if they don’t manage or coach their players to get better.Its a big problem even when we have vets out there playing.Sometimes you have to let players go or coaches go to wake the others up.Their is actually no accountability and no fear of anybody losing a job so they just all do what they do and nothing is ever said.

      • Kevin H

        How do you know Roger? Do you have a inside scoop we don’t know about? Coaches coach and players play. Coaches can’t go out and hit for players, field the baseball or pitch the baseball. That is on the players. Also you have contracts and stuff so players are gonna play.

    • LDS

      In your day job, how patient would you be if your manager routinely ignored problems and didn’t hold anyone accountable nor was he himself held accountable? And you know you have to grin and bear because he’s related to someone higher up in management hierarchy? How motivated would you be to go to work each day?

      • Kevin H

        We can assume that but doesn’t make it true. Also in my opinion I don’t think you can compare our day jobs to that of baseball. We aren’t signed to contracts and stuff of that nature.

      • Roger Garrett

        Good point and it does start at the top.Bell and his staff gets a pass but and I could be wrong but some of these guys are playing for jobs and that ought to be motivation enough.Of course who would want to play in Cincy unless they were overpaid to do so?

      • LDS

        It’s exactly the same. And many of us, at various points in our careers, did work under contract. Professional athletes differ mostly in the money they earn and the requisite skill sets, but their intrinsic motivations are essentially the same. It’s kind of like the people that believe corporate types are scum bags but you can trust government types. Nope, people are people.

      • Doc

        My day job was not baseball and very few people are graded, and fired, based on a one day at a time, day by day, assessment of performance. As a former engineer for a major corporation, it was the general rule of thumb that it took about two years before a new engineer out of college was actually paying his or her way. You wouldn’t have gas for a car if every engineer coming out of college into a first job, the equivalent of first time in MLB, were fired after one or two bad days. There is a reason performance reviews were done semi-annually or annually, not daily, and certainly not by people who are not even in the industry.

      • LDS

        Exactly Doc. But I’m not concerned with the young players. I’m concerned with management’s record of failure. Bell has shown that he’s not a high performance manager. He doesn’t bring out the best in his team, period. So, you start with a new manager and coaching staff and go from there. Some players will still not succeed. But, that’s a longer term problem.

  25. Bet on Red

    Joey is absolute fire in the booth

  26. Roger Garrett

    Back to back walks and Chuckie swings at the first one and another double play.Either nobody is coaching these guys or they aren’t listening.Fraley did the same thing last night.A 4 pitch walk and he take a ball then swings and makes an out.Reds just have a major problem with baseball IQ and its been that way for so long.

  27. Mark Moore

    I have Bally on the telly now. Looking forward to Joey for the rest of this game.

  28. Old-school

    Not saying Reds should have signed Barnhart… but they should have signed a credible backup catcher

    This is the worst group of catchers in Reds history

    They dont compete as major leaguers

    Fix that Nick Krall in 2023

    • Kevin H

      Finally!!!! LOL Barnhart while struggling this year would bat around 230

      As someone said recently why not just play 2022 with the players you already had here. But hey, where u gonna go LOL

      • Kevin H

        Meant at the start of the season and not traded Winker and Suarez or Gray or Garrett.. Kept the players that were traded at deadline.

        I understand the rebuild and okay with the trades, but I dunno.. its like they traded away players with no real plan to replace them and we have to watch the product not on teh field

      • VaRedsFan

        I’d rather not pay a backup catcher 7 million to bat .211.
        The guys we have now do that for the league minimum.
        You can’t be serious Kevin.

      • JB

        Barnhart just got his first home run last week I believe. Dude isn’t worth 7.5 million.

    • TR

      The Red’s backup catching corp resembles their recent bullpens. A collection.

  29. VaRedsFan

    I don’t know what kind of prospect Ortiz is, but anybody watching can surely see this guy has electric stuff.

    • Kevin H

      Sure I am serious. Barnhart is a darn good baseball player who is a gold glove Catcher. Yes this season he is batting 211, but he can handle a pitching staff and throw out base runners and block balls.

      Then don’t complain about the catchers not hitting or unable to throw runners out.

  30. Melvin

    Definitely a battle of last place teams/organizations going on here.

  31. Kevin H

    Peace out all,

    have a great night and well usually its go Reds, but eh, be safe out there… LOL

  32. Old-school

    We are witnessing today Reds fact.

    We dont have hitters

    Fans coming out desperate for Aquino As the savior. Really ?

    Thats all we got

    This team is broken hitting and 2022 hasn’t answered that problem

    RLN arguing about which bad hitter is worse or better.

    Reds cant hit . Period

    • TR

      Will this confirm the Red’s need, at least, for a new hitting coach?

  33. Mark Moore

    That’s a hard-luck run in my book

  34. Roger Garrett

    Out for me tonight also.Planned to stay and watch Bell do his match up thing these last 3 inning but ain’t got the stuff to do it tonight.

    • JB

      I can’t seem to stop watching it. Like a bad accident , I can’t turn away.

  35. Old-school

    Im out

    Reds cant hit at mlb level 1-9

    • Melvin

      Well that’s exaggerating don’t you think? It was probably closer to 1/4 of a mile. 🙂 I have to think that was a result of a failed hit and run. Otherwise it was pathetic.

  36. Mark Moore

    Yet another broken bat resulting in a weak grounder.

  37. Bet on Red

    at least i appreciate them keeping the games kinda short, need this extra time elsewhere

  38. Mark Moore

    And the drama extends for one more batter.

    Flying in the face of the normal handedness, we get the Farm Dawg. He’ll no doubt try to win it with one swing as opposed to continue the AB’s.

  39. Mark Moore

    Well that was the epitome of fun, no?

    Catch you all tomorrow afternoon.

  40. Melvin

    I would have rather Lopez hit there but whatever.

    • DataDumpster

      They took out Freidl to put Lopez in LF, which he is not. The only possible reason I could see for this move is that Friedl’s sport would come up in the 9th. Then, he gets pinch hit. What??? I like Farmer but Lopez is as good or better to get on base.

  41. Mark A Verticchio

    This has to be one of the most embarrassing days in the long history of this franchise. One run in 2 games vs the Pirates and one hit the second game.

  42. Dennis Westrick

    Fire Bell tonight! Enough is enough!

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Dennis you are 100% correct this night has made this franchise look like the joke that they are. Bell must go, the team has quit on him and themselves. This could be an 0 and 9 week. If Nebraska can fire their coach after 3 games the Reds are long overdue to say goodbye to Bell.

      • TR

        Four and a half months late in saying bye,bye to Bell. It should have been done after the 3-22 start.

  43. TR

    Quite a week. Bengals are embarrassed at home by a poor Steelers team. Reds are embarrassed at home by a last place, so far, Pirates team.