The Cincinnati Reds will look to rebound in Tuesday’s day/night doubleheader after dropping the first game of their 4-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday night. Cincinnati will send Luis Cessa to the mound in game one. The Pirates will counter by sending their own reliever who is starting to the mound in Johan Oviedo. First pitch is set for 12:35pm.

With the doubleheader being a day/night version instead of back-to-back games with a 30-minute in-between period, we’ll have two separate game previews and game recaps today.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for the 1st of two games today:

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cincinnati Reds

Oneil Cruz – SS TJ Friedl – DH
Bryan Reynolds – DH Jonathan India – 2B
Rodolfo Castro – 2B Kyle Farmer – 3B
Jack Suwinski – CF Jake Fraley – LF
Ke’Bryan Hayes – 3B Aristides Aquino – RF
Ben Gamel – LF Nick Senzel – CF
Michael Chavis – 1B Spencer Steer – 1B
Cal Mitchell – RF Jose Barrero – SS
Tyler Heineman – C Austin Romine – C
Johan Oviedo – SP Luis Cessa – C

Starting Pitchers

Luis Cessa 54.1 4.97 1.33 18 44
Johan Oviedo 30.0 3.90 1.47 15 32
Links: Luis Cessa’s Stats | Johan Oviedo’s Stats

Luis Cessa

Things have gone well for Luis Cessa as a starting pitcher of late. In his last three starts he’s allowed five runs in 14.2 innings (3.07 ERA) with just two walks and he’s struck out 13 batters.

With his limited number of innings we’re dealing with a smaller sample size, but the splits this season for Luis Cessa have been big. While the difference in average is small between lefties and righties, the on-base gap is over 50 points and the slugging percentage gap favors righties by 144 points.


RHH 131 31 3 1 8 13 24 .272 .351 .526
LHH 94 23 3 1 2 5 20 .258 .298 .382

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 93.9 94.0 83.0 88.3
Usage 16.0% 23.9% 42.3% 17.8%

Johan Oviedo

Splitting his season between St. Louis and Pittsburgh, Oviedo has made three starts this year and pitched out of the bullpen in another 13 appearances. His last two games have been as a starter, though he’s thrown just 4.2 combined innings in those outings while walking eight batters. Small sample size issues not withstanding, Oviedo has 11 walks in 9.2 innings as a starter but just four walks in 20.1 innings as a reliever this year.

While still dealing with the small sample size issues of just 30.0 innings this season, Oviedo has dominated left-handed hitters, who are just 4-43 against him with three doubles. Right-handed hitters, though, are crushing the ball against him with a .338 average and a .984 OPS.


RHH 84 25 3 1 4 9 21 .338 .417 .568
LHH 49 4 3 0 0 6 11 .093 .204 .163

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 95.8 85.3 88.5 77.7
Usage 42.9% 41.1% 5.2% 10.8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 12:35pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 68°, partly cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Reds call up Kyle Dowdy, sort of

Aristides Aquino remains hot

42 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Listened in the car up until the 3rd inning started. Looks like Cessa needs to get dialed back in again. Also wondering why our guys are free-swinging against a pitcher the WLB’s cut because he has challenges throwing strikes.

    • Mark Moore

      And dial it back in he did. Limited the damage and the pitch count.

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    The offense is not working at all facing Pirates mediocre pitching off …
    India fell in a slump suddenly as TJ Friedl isn’t hitting well either… Barrero seems has not seen a slider never in his life…

    • Mark Moore

      Regressing to at least this season’s mean. Could be a race to the basement.

  3. Mark Moore

    Through 4, Oviedo (WLB castoff) throwing a no-no.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    So, the Reds are being no-hit by the AAA Pie-Rats! If they drop this double header at home I may be forced to Clete the remainder of this season, unless Bell gets fired.

    • Kevin H

      I owe you a apology for last night in regards to the Bengals. I been a fan as well for along time. I shouldn’t of jumped on your comment. Again My apologies Dennis.

      • Dennis Westrick

        No problem Kevin! Apology accepted but not necessary! Just as passionate about the Bengals as I am the Reds! Grew up in Northern KY, went to Notre Dame (that’s a story for another day-football that is!) and now living amongst the blue-hairs in sunny Central Florida!

    • Mark Moore


      Didn’t realize you were a ND fan. My wife grew up there (we were married in Elkhart) and she has since corrupted my DD#1 for all things college football. Finally took her to see the campus and Basilica in July for her 25th birthday. It goes without saying, the gnashing of teeth and howling on Saturday was off the charts.

      Sadly, I fear DTBell’s job is as safe as any in the organization due to the family ties. And it isn’t that he’s a terrible manager, but rather that I don’t see his style and approach working well (the record is partial evidence). I think this team needs a more forceful leader rather than a “buddy”. But that’s just my opinion.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Let’s be honest, Barrero should be optioned right now… 8 sliders= 7 swinging strikes and 1 foul… My God…

  6. Dennis Westrick

    Well, at least the Reds got a hit! Some runs would be nice! I’m at my wit’s end with Bell and, going forward, will use the acronym BLOB (Blame Loss On Bell) for any Reds losses during the remainder of this season!

  7. Mark Moore

    Cessa is throwing a decent game, but we’re not providing any offense support to speak of. We look pretty flat. I get the DH games and this week-long grueling run are tough, but it’s looking more like we’re mailing this one in this afternoon.

    OK, Cessa WAS throwing a decent game until pitch number 91 😮

    • JB

      He isn’t a starter. Not with 2 pitches and gives up homers left and right.

  8. JB

    This team is so boring. I’m more excited to get my tooth pulled at 4 than watching this train wreck.

    • Mark Moore

      Best of luck to you. I’m still numb from an 11AM filling.

  9. Hanawi

    Is Senzel in danger of not being on the team next year? He’s almost under .300 slugging. Has no power at all anymore.

    • JB

      I see no use for him. Aquino has shown more life lately than Senzel.

  10. Dennis Westrick

    Good old Bell, always removes a struggling pitcher one batter too late! Miss the days of Captain Hook, aka George (Sparky) Anderson!

  11. Mark Moore

    So, has Friedl given up on bunting? I mean, I’ll take that GR2B, but …

  12. Mark Moore

    Clean, strong hit and a TOOTBLAN.

    • JB

      Not sure why freidl didn’t score or what India was doing.

      • Mark Moore

        Looked to me like Friedl was “making sure” of something. That’s fine since he scored anyway. India wasn’t paying attention, assumed they were going to throw to try and get Friedl (who didn’t go home), was egged on my Deshields, or some combination of all that.

        I’ll still chalk it up as a TOOTBLAN, though I’m thinking that was a GIDP anyway from Farmer.

  13. Mark Moore

    Well that was unsatisfying. Again they begin to draw us in and leave us flat-footed.

  14. Dennis Westrick

    I try to maintain a positive attitude and inject some humor in everything I do, including following this MLB version of the Bad News Bears! One thing’s for sure, the Reds put the FUN in DYSFUNCTIONAL!

    • JB

      The only thing more boring than the Reds is the off season coming up.

      • LDS

        Nah, it’s going to be a blast. They’re going to release Moose. Go big in the FA market acquiring some relief pitching as well as a quality starting OF. This season was just to lay the groundwork for next year’s division winning team. Votto is back and likely wins the Comeback Player award, as well as the Triple Crown and the MVP award. The Reds sweep the series winning for the first time since 1990. Bell is declared manager of the year. I can see it all now.

  15. LDS

    I remember back in my teenage years when all I could afford was used or retreads. When I finally had a decent job and could afford new tires, it was like a whole new world. The Reds can afford it, they just like retreads. And as I suggested last night, the gap between Aquino and Senzel’s batting averages continues to narrow. Embarrassing Nick, just embarrassing. Especially given DG’s preview on Oviedo. I guess that .338/.984 stat only applied to RH hitters that aren’t on the Reds.

  16. LDS

    Bell and Strickland. Bell and Doolittle. Bell and Hughes. Bell and … Always the same until the FO waives Bell’s chosen one.

    • wkuchad

      I think you just broke your own record of number of Bell mentions in one post.

      Why does it matter that Strickland pitched? I agree Strickland shouldn’t be in the game in a save situation (though is save % is higher than Diaz). But we were down by four. Seems like a perfect time to put him in to me. He’s been “better” than many of of the pitchers in the bullpen this year (that’s a sad statement with a 5+ ERA).

      • LDS

        A sad statement to be sure. As for why it matters? The objective is to win. Down by 4, nbd, you try to win. Bell doesn’t or more likely doesn’t know how.

  17. Mark Moore

    Thrall and Cowboy are down to talking movies and TV shows now. That pretty much sums it all up. In order to split, we need to come back and win tonight, then turn around for an early game tomorrow.

    I won’t even mention the 5 games against the WLB’s. Talk about self-inflicted wounds and a brutal stretch.

  18. LDS

    BTW, with today’s victory, the Pirates have tied the season series with 5 games left. That is just sad.

  19. Dennis Westrick

    I was beginning to worry about Strickland’s ERA dropping below 5.0. He assured us Reds fans that was not going to happen anytime soon! I’m surprised the FAA doesn’t issue flight restrictions over GABP when Strickland is on the mound!

  20. GreatRedLegsFan

    Watched yesterday a documentary in YouTube about why the Pirates have been so bad for so long, however the Reds have looked so lousy these two first games that it’s hard not to be concerned about the future.

  21. Mark Moore

    Looking for a Golden Sombrero here on one low and away, yes?

    • Mark Moore

      Well, an out but he avoided the Golden Sombrero after all.

      Later, friends.