The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates start a four game series tonight that will span over the next three days. Cincinnati will be sending Mike Minor to the mound with the hopes that all of the puppies in the park tonight go home happy. The Pirates will counter by sending Bryse Wilson out to face off against the Reds for the third time this season. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this evening’s series opener:

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cincinnati Reds

Kevin Newman – SS TJ Friedl – LF
Bryan Reynolds – CF Spencer Steer – 1B
Rodolfo Castro – 2B Kyle Farmer – 3B
Ke’Bryan Hayes – 3B Jake Fraley – DH
Michael Chavis – 1B Aristides Aquino – RF
Jack Suwinski – RF Alejo Lopez – 2B
Diego Castillo – DH Nick Senzel – CF
Greg Allen – LF Jose Barrero – SS
Jason Delay – C Chuckie Robinson – C
Bryse Wilson – SP Mike Minor – SP

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor 90.0 5.70 1.56 32 70
Bryse Wilson 88.1 6.11 1.49 22 58
Links: Mike Minor’s Stats | Bryse Wilson’s Stats

Mike Minor

Over his last three starts Mike Minor has allowed just five runs (2.60 ERA). He’s been stingy with the walks, giving up just three of them in 17.1 innings.

Left-handed hitters aren’t given many chances to face off against Mike Minor, but when they do they don’t have much success. Minor is holding them to a .266 on-base percentage and they are slugging just .400 against him. Right-handed hitters, though, are crushing him to the tune of .313/.386/.561 and making plenty of contact by 2022 standards.


RHH 316 87 21 0 16 28 51 .313 .386 .561
LHH 94 21 3 0 4 4 19 .233 .266 .400

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 90.4 85.3 84.2 79.1
Usage 41.9% 24.0% 23.7% 10.4%

Bryse Wilson

The Reds have faced Wilson twice this season. Back in July they scored four runs against him in 6.2 innings. Six weeks later they scored three runs in 7.0 innings against him.

Bryse Wilson doesn’t walk many batters, though he very rarely walks a right-handed batter. Righties are hitting .284 against him and they made a lot of contact against him, but don’t show off a bunch of power. Lefties also make a lot of contact, but they are hitting .331 against him and hitting for a lot of power.


RHH 208 55 12 0 7 8 30 .284 .317 .454
LHH 188 55 12 1 10 14 28 .331 .387 .596

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 92.9 92.3 83.5 85.9 77.2
Usage 23.8% 33.6% 17.5% 12.8% 12.4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 70°, cloudy, 35% chance of rain

News and Notes

Raynel Espinal called up, Justin Dunn to the IL

Prior to the game this evening the Cincinnati Reds announced that they had called up Raynel Espinal from Triple-A Louisville. He’ll be taking the place of Justin Dunn, who was placed on the injured list with no injury designation. We wrote about all of that here if you are interested in reading more.

Hunter Greene’s next start

100 Responses

    • Jim Walker

      I suspect it may be an organizational decision to move him around and not look like an established fixture anywhere. There could be a number of reasons for this.

      First off they could use a super sub who might end up playing 5 days a week at 4 different spots unless he was filling for an injury. Secondly, if they have others in mind for the more restrictive IF corner spots, they probably don’t want Steer or the team or the fans to feel like he is settled there only to be moved next spring, later in the year or in 2024.

      • Kevin H

        You are so insightful.. it all makes sense.

        I said what I did as I believe having a solid 3rd baseman is important. We all know Votto isn’t going anywhere.

        Oh your thoughts on Cruz not making the roster next season. To have a extra year of player control..

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    India recovering psicologically from the platinum sombrero award he got yesterday…
    Today is Minor vs one right hander Minor version of the Pirates…Maybe it’s a game projected as wild one but the baseball has a lot of surprises so it could be resulting in a pitching duel…

  2. Bet on Red

    lopez homers yesterday, and was not signed as the long snapper of the bengals…..shocking

  3. JB

    Reds , over the weekend, were eliminated from winning the division. I thought for sure they would go on a streak.

  4. Mark Moore

    Just put it on a tee for him … 😮

  5. Mark Moore

    Looking a little too much like batting practice here

  6. Roger Garrett

    Minor throws 27 pitches.Interesting to see if the Reds are patient or start swinging in the dugout.

  7. Old-school

    Listened to pregame on the radio and they interviewed Zinter about Barrero. He said they are trying to get his setup more consistent so he gets bat to ball more quicker and more reproducible. They’ve widened his stance a bit. Also said good hitters command the at bat and that means not swinging at pitches that start as strikes but end as balls or even taking a strike you cant do anything with. Barrero is a willing pupil. Bobby Nightengale has an article up as well but basically Reds giving him the rest of the season to make his case.

    • LDS

      Zinter doesn’t inspire confidence, regardless of what he says. We’ll see how Barrero does, but if his career hinges on Zinter, well I’m not optimistic.

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree and why wasn’t this done in the minors earlier.I figured it was becuase of the injury which others said takes time to recover from.Who has Zinter helped?

  8. Mark Moore

    That was a little better. Nice snag by Barrero.

  9. Mark Moore

    He ripped that one … nice catch, darn it!

  10. Roger Garrett

    Another 12 pitch inning for Cy Wilson.Guy is throwing 91 for goodness sakes.

  11. Mark Moore

    Better inning yet. Now to score a couple (dozen).

  12. Mark Moore

    Chumpire really squeezed Jose on that call.

  13. Old-school

    Solid AB by Barrero. Deserved the walk but nice single.

    • Mark Moore

      The nice hit is better … until the GIDP erases it.

    • VaRedsFan

      He also ripped one just foul off the wall.
      I want to believe.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Cy Wilson with a 13 pitch inning in the 3rd.Really making him work and his ERA dipped under 6.

  15. Old-school

    Worst hitting Reds catcher in 2022:
    A. Papierski
    C. Garcia
    D. Romine
    E. Kolosvary

    • Kevin H

      Reds had a back up catcher who they choose not to resign. LOL I am giving a hard time.

      Seriously though one would think from that list one would be a 200 hitter or something,

    • VaRedsFan

      Chuckie seems athletic…has good bat speed…but beats every ball into the ground. He at least throws out a base stealer every now and then

  16. RedsGettingBetter

    Robinson following the same way of Chris Okey apparently…

  17. Mark Moore

    OK, anybody else have to pause/rewind to see those two Great Dane’s in the stand? I had to show my wife.

  18. Mark Moore

    I kind of thought that was getting reversed.

  19. Mark Moore

    Escaping that one without giving up any runs seems like a Minor miracle (pun intended).

  20. Kevin H

    How many times have the Reds had a hit and run on this season? Anyone know?

    • Mark Moore

      I do believe I can count it on one hand with fingers left over, sir.

  21. Kevin H

    Also, with Cruz and Siani on the horizon one would think the Reds will incorporate more steals and hit and runs and bunts.. Friedl as well as Mclain

    Reds could be a fun team to watch with all that speed and not hitting for the fences.

  22. Mark Moore

    Just plain tomahawked that one.

    • Kevin H

      dude is batting 203.. strikes out half the time. I don’t understand why the hype of calling him that..

      • PTBNL

        He punishes the ball .203 percent of the time.

    • Kevin H

      Not critizing you Red, I just don’t understand why they call him that..

  23. Kevin H

    I truly believe Lopez should be on the Reds next season. No reason he shouldn’t be. Either he can be a platoon guy or play Second if India moves position as some have suggested.

  24. Melvin

    Cowboy called it. Aquino comes through. Bombs away.

  25. Mark Moore

    And we’re back to batting practice again … SMH Extra Hard

  26. Roger Garrett

    Yeah he smoked one the first time and this guy doesn’t throw that hard.Aquino may hit these last 20 games and if he does he muddies the water next year.What could happen if he hit 230 or 240?Just have to pull for a guy that has been released fought back from injury and at time looks lost but when he does connect.

  27. Mark Moore

    Oops … a little pinball action there

  28. LDS

    Minor, that’s another $10 million off the payroll at seasons end. Did anyone explain to him that the Pirates are supposed to be the worst team in the division?

    • Roger Garrett

      Nope and well I guess Bell is going to let him take one for the team.Got to look ahead you know.Lopez is warm I think

  29. Dennis Westrick

    Get Minority out NOW! Minimize the damage! Playing the AAAA Pie-Rats and our “Ace” can’t keep the run total under 4 runs in 4 innings pitched, And, Minor’s pitch total is over 90! What a joke!

    • Kevin H

      Can’t burn up the bullpen this game when you have a double header tomorrow though. Its a darn if you do and darn if you don’t scenario

    • Old-school

      Reds play 8 games in 6 days with 2 DH this week.

      Players demanded 162 game schedule in mid March despite condensed season. Your going to see bad pitchers and injuries and bad rosters.

  30. RedsGettingBetter

    Minor is really so bad ….

    • Dennis Westrick

      Bad doesn’t begin to describe his tenure in Cincinnati! He’s horrible!

  31. Mark Moore

    Well, well, well …

    I really feel like that should be a Clete for me. I hate to do that 2 days in a row. And these are the Pie-rats, so …

    Minor is just tossing grapefruits up there.

    • Old-school

      It’s about sorting and watching barrero and Lopez and Steer and Aquino and Diaz and Fraley and Friedl and can the Reds have a bullpen arm or 2 other than Diaz that can be counted on in 2023.

      • Mark Moore

        I get that and am all-in. But watching Minor throw batting practices is beyond painful.

  32. Dennis Westrick

    Great job Bell. You left Minor in long enough to give up his usual 6 runs! Fire Bell, DFA Minor! Time to blow it up and get rid of the manager, pitching coach, batting coach, all of them!

  33. Mark Moore

    And another GIDP sucks the life out of me once again.

  34. Dennis Westrick

    Thank god Monday Night Football is on! Speaking of football, the Bungles head coach must be taking lessons from Bell.

    • Kevin H

      Please don’t compare the two. No comparison. Also you mis spelled as its the Bengals!! You know the team that went to the super bowl last year..

      • Dennis Westrick

        Purposely misspelled the Bengals as they were not the Super Bowl Bengals yesterday! For the record, been a Bengals fan since they first joined the AFL in 1968 and had Sam Wyche and then Greg Cook as starting QBs.

  35. Kevin H

    Again a lead off single and not a hit and run, or bunt to move runner over or a straight steal.. Gosh baseball today is boring, and I am whining I know. LOL

  36. Roger Garrett

    Everybody knew Minor was awful yet somebody that still has a job signed him so what do you do.Bad thing is he has 4 or 5 more starts but honestly the Bucs are just good enough to hammer cookies.Bell again rolled the dice on one more hitter and that probably beats us.Good thing is that Minor is gone after 2022.Bad thing is Bell isn’t.

  37. RedsGettingBetter

    I won’t be shocked if Minor is sent to IL because he is sick….At this moment Krall should be checking the waivers list looking for another fringy starter

  38. Old-school

    The Mendoza line is under ,.200

    What is under .100? Can the reds trademark that?

    Seriously, Reds need to sign a competent backup catcher in 2023 and maybe for 2 years and spend some money. its too important a position and Stephenson cant catch 140 games.

  39. Roger Garrett

    Its not shocking what happened to Minor cause we have seen that more times then not.Whats shocking is there guy has an ERA of 6 and has got 15 outs on 64 pitches with no walks of course.

  40. Erik the Red

    This was Pirate batting practice tonight against Minor. Lucky it was not a real team or else we could have seen fans get hurt with all the hard hits tonight. Defense not exactly have a good game either.

    • Mark Moore

      They must have found somewhere else to go 😀

  41. Roger Garrett

    No pitch no hit no field.Reds not ready to play and its happened numerous times this season.

  42. Roger Garrett

    Fraley should have made him throw a strike after 5 straight balls.Not sure why he swung.

  43. Mark Moore

    And we catch a tiny break there

  44. Bet on Red

    lopez was completely robbed on the first strike, second one barely…. still comes through

  45. LDS

    Ok Senzel, show us you deserve a spot on the 2023 roster

    • LDS

      Guess not. On the trajectory of the last couple of weeks, Aquino could end up with a better stat line than Senzel. He already has him on HRs and RBIs despite roughly 40 fewer games and roughly half as many PAs. That’s embarrassing for someone who was a Reds top pick.

  46. Mark Moore

    Was hoping we’d see the BobSteve we all came to know and love there.

  47. Roger Garrett

    Buc skipper is rolling the dice as well.Amazing that both guys are worried about using the pen.Its not like the Double header means anything.Throw a couple of position players out there if you have to to pitch in one of those games.Scan the waiver wire see if Corky Miller can throw an inning

  48. Melvin

    Our team just doesn’t do well with breaking balls.

    • LDS

      No sweat, Zinter has it covered. Curious though, a few weeks back, Barrero hit two HRs and Zinter claimed credit. Now he’s changing Barrero’s approach & stance once again. Why didn’t they just do it all at the same time?

      • Melvin

        I don’t know but it’s not just Barrero who can’t hit breaking balls. There’s several.

      • LDS

        Yep, and there’s a common denominator in all these cases, or several.

      • Roger Garrett

        Who has this guys helped?Who has Johnson helped?Tired of both and tired of the answer is we don’t have any hitters or pitchers.If its all on them get rid of all of them.At some time somebody needs to look at the hitting coach and pitching coach.Tired of seeing them get a free pass.

      • Old-school

        @ Roger. Im not disagreeing, but who hired them? Let’s not forget bell brought in Turner Ward-the worst hitting coach ever. One of the big issues with David bell is no one holds him accountable for hiring Turner Ward. They just say well hes got no bullpen which is true.

      • LDS

        Bell brought in Zinter as well. They worked together in SF. Accountability is a foreign concept in this organization, at all levels. As I said months ago, where’s Steinbrenner when you need him?

  49. Daytonnati

    “The names Farmer … Buck Farmer.”

  50. Roger Garrett

    Bell left Minor in one batter to long.Not sure what he was thinking.I mean does one more out mean anything?Cost the Reds this game.You got a chance down 2 but the odds down 4 with 4 swings left is not good.Nothing ever changes with him.All know he was going to go one inning at a time the rest of the game so what does one more out get him.Guys can get 4 outs vs 3.

  51. Mark Moore

    Appears to be no joy in Mudville tonight. Or at least very little chance of it at this point.

  52. Roger Garrett

    Aquino on base 3 times.Two hits and a walk.

  53. Roger Garrett

    @Old school.Juts frustration on my part.Nobody is held accountable for sure and thats what bothers me the most.Nothing changes and I mean nothing and for me I still am upset nobody was fired after going 3-22 to start the season

    • Old-school

      I would have fired Bell after the trade deadline and given interim manager job to Benavides and transitioned to next reds next team in 2023 with full vetting of manager and his coaches this off-season.

      Reds arent doing that though.

  54. Roger Garrett

    Now Bell hits for Barrero down 3 in the ninth.Guy is just insane.He blew the game by leaving Minor in one batter too long and now he wants everybody to think he is trying to win the game.He doesn’t care about winning he is just a joke.

  55. Bet on Red

    Fredl tried to tie the game with that one

    • LDS

      The thing with Friedl is that the stats show he hit far better in the 5 or 7 slots than lead off . He’s at .208 in lead off position.

  56. Mark Moore

    Well that was fun … if you’re a Pie-rats fan.

    Back at it tomorrow. I’ll be “recovering” from a little visit to the dentist, so we’ll see if we can manage to win before the Novocain fully wears off.