The Cincinnati Reds pitching staff could use all of the help it can possibly get right now. With as many injuries as they have they are trying to keep things together with duct tape and super glue. Some help is on the way, though. On Sunday afternoon in Louisville three big league pitchers threw for the Bats on rehab assignments. Hunter Greene got the start in the game, making his third appearance in Triple-A on his rehab stint. He was followed by Robert Dugger and Daniel Duarte – both making their first rehab appearance.

For Hunter Greene it was likely his final rehab start in the minor leagues before he returns to the big league rotation for Cincinnati. The right-handed starter allowed one run on four hits and a walk in 3.0 innings while striking out five batters. He threw 66 pitches with 44 strikes. His outing was extended by a few pitches and his line took a hit after a batted ball seemed right on line for the shortstop, but instead hit the umpire in the stomach and came to a stop on the infield grass for what went down in the scorebook for a single.

If that’s the final rehab start for Greene as expected, he finishes with 15 strikeouts, two walks, and six hits allowed in 7.0 innings pitched. He allowed two runs in that span, good for a 2.57 ERA.

Robert Dugger went on the injured list with the Reds just a few days after Hunter Greene did in early August. After missing the last five weeks he returned to the mound on Sunday and threw a shutout inning. It wasn’t the best looking outing for Dugger, who threw 14 pitches but had just four strikes. Dugger walked two batters, but didn’t give up a hit or a run.

Unlike the other two big leaguers rehabbing with the Bats, Daniel Duarte has been out for a long time. After making the club out of spring training, Duarte his the injured list in mid-April with elbow swelling and didn’t pitch again until yesterday. His outing began well as he got a ground out from the first batter he faced and then got a fly out from the second batter he saw. Things went downhill quickly from there as he gave up a single and back-to-back walks before exiting the game with the bases loaded. The pitcher who followed gave up a grand slam, leaving Duarte with three runs in the box score going against him.

Graham Ashcraft to begin rehab

On Wednesday it’s going to be Graham Ashcraft making a minor league rehab start. The big right-handed starter went on the injured list on August 23rd (retroactive to the 20th) with right biceps soreness. He’s missed the last three weeks but is ready to get back on the mound. He’ll be heading to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he’ll join up with the Double-A Lookouts. The Reds, like many other organizations, prefer to have rehabbing players get their work in at a home facility if possible. With both teams in A-ball now finished for the season that leaves only Louisville and Chattanooga on the field this week, with the Lookouts playing at home and the Bats hitting the road to play in St. Paul Minnesota.

11 Responses

  1. Old Big Ed

    They are going to DFA Dugger, so his rehab is a formality.

    • Old Big Ed

      It might be cheaper for the Reds to activate him and then option him to Louisville, but he is about like 15 other guys this year who had cups of coffee with the Reds but won’t be back again.

      Dugger’s injury got him about 45 extra days on the MLB roster, at about an extra $3,000/day, so his injury couldn’t have bummed him out too much.

  2. DataDumpster

    Duarte was an even more interesting situation. Had 3 appearances in April with 2 2/3 innings worked and went lame with a swollen elbow. Don’t know if any other information on the injury was released but a swollen elbow for 5 months is quite an unusual thing. Looks like he cleared about $500K for that effort.
    The Reds must have spent a ton this year (and last) on soft tissue injuries and other seemingly minor ailments that turned into several month IL stints and other complications. They are so careful about monitoring pitch counts, getting rest days and any kind of muscle soreness but maybe due to the pandemic, the problem was too little work instead of too much.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    To be honest, I don’t like Dugger as a starter option. Maybe as a long reliever only…

  4. Bred

    When players are out hurt and then go to rehab an assignment, are they earning MLB service time?

  5. Mark Moore

    Looking forward to seeing Greene return this week. With all the games scheduled over the next week or so, there is definitely a need.

  6. Rednat

    I WOULD like to see Overton, Lidolo, Greene, Ashcraft pitch in those last 2 cubs series. hopefully build some momentum for next year and to see if we realistically have a chance to compete next year or not

    • LDS

      It’s important to see what they can do. However, remember at the MLB level, Greene is the leader with about 100 IP while Overton has about 40 IP. The other fall in between. Be optimistic, but they are mostly unproven. Hopefully, all of them succeed.

  7. Harry Stoner

    Robinson, a .108 hitter, can’t be called upon to at least attempt a bunt?

    Bell remains a complete mystery.

    Micromanages some situations, apparently dozes off in others.