The Cincinnati Reds have made a pair of roster moves this afternoon prior to the start of game one of their road series against the Chicago Cubs. Infielder Colin Moran was designated for assignment and the team activated outfielder Albert Almora Jr. from the 10-day injured list.

Almora Jr. has been on the injured list since August 20th with a right shoulder contusion suffered while diving for a ball in the outfield. He didn’t play for a week-and-a-half before being sent to Triple-A Louisville where he joined the Bats on a rehab assignment. The outfielder went 2-14 with a walk while in the minor leagues. He’ll return to the 28-man roster this evening to face off against the Cubs.

Colin Moran is a victim of the new September roster limitations. The infielder could have remained with the team had the old rules been in place when teams could have kept 40 players on the September rosters, but now that the numbers are limited to 28 players in September someone had to be moved off. He had gone 2-9 with a home run and two walks since being called back up a little more than a week ago. Where things get a bit strange is that he still seems to have an option remaining given that he was already optioned twice this season by the Reds. Why the team chose to simply designate him for assignment instead of optioning him to Triple-A for the final few weeks of the season may not be known.

With that said, the team is going to need to clear a whole lot of spots on the 40-man roster once the season is completed. Not only do they have dozen players currently on the 60-day injured list, but they will also have more than a handful of prospects that they will need to add to the 40-man roster in November in order to protect them from the Rule 5 draft in December. Perhaps the move to designate Moran for assignment just got them started down that path.

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    • LDS

      Crowded 40, but do you really believe the Reds will fork over the dollars for Solano, or even Farmer? They need infielders, from the minors or elsewhere. And odds are some of the OF depart as well.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Not much playing time to go around for sorting out the rest of the year.

  1. LDS

    Good to see. I’m not particularly well versed in these rules, can he opt for free agency? How the FO unwinds the 40 man mess will tell us all a lot about their real direction and intentions.

  2. Redsvol

    we probably could have saved the paperwork and just DFA Almora at the same time. We will have Siani on the 40 man roster as backup CF next year and Fairchild is supposed to be able to play CF in a pinch.

    • Ryan

      Siani is .251 this year and .248 lifetime MILB: someone call Lance Mc Allisterfor more “down on the farm” slobber

      • Luke J

        Siani’s offense is coming along, but make no mistake, his value is in defense. He’s one of the best defensive centerfielders in all of the minors. And that has value.

  3. CFD3000

    Unless Moran himself wants to play for Louisville next year as filler and roster insurance I’ll be shocked if he’s in the Reds system in 2023. The only surprise is that they’re jettisoning him now instead of in the offseason.

    • Nick in NKY

      Probably why they did it. Perhaps a gentleman’s agreement to let him seek other opportunities in the league before the end of the season?

      • Optimist

        Yes – it’s actually a good move for teams as well – good will with players if they latch on somewhere else. There’s a writeup about this as the Rays just DFA’ed Matt Wisler, arguably a much more lucrative player.

        That said, there are plenty of moves to come – does anyone doubt the Reds will clear up the 40-man fairly easily? It’s a good immediate problem to have too many exposed to the Rule 5 and pushing from MiLB, and no obvious “must haves” among those about to be DFA’ed. About the other problems they have . . .

  4. Redsvol

    Hated to see it but Tyler Mahle was put back on the IL by the Twins last week with more shoulder issues. He has pitched a grand total of 16 innings across 4 starts for the Twins. Hopefully he will not require major surgery but I would guess his season is over.
    Luis Castillo on the other hand has pitched 38 innings across 6 starts with a WHIP of 1.062 – even better than his first half with the Reds. He will surely be pitching in the playoffs. I will be pulling for the Mariners this post season.

    • Redsvol

      On the hitters side. Drury has had a tough 2 months in San Diego after starting very hot – an OPS of .672. Tyler Naquin has only gotten 60 at bats for the Mets with an OPS of .712. While Tommy Pham has performed the best of all of them – 127 at bats with an OPS of .746. Maybe we will get another decent prospect from the Red Sox as the player to be named from the deadline trade.

      This Krall guy may not be half bad in evaluating talent. Now if he could only develop the talent now that he has acquired some.

      • Kevin H

        The scouts are the one’s evaluating the talent. I don’t think the gm has anything to do with evaluating talent.

        Of course not really sure how it works, but Krall is a yes man.. he isn’t a good gm

      • Earmbrister

        Kevin H, what makes Krall a bad GM?

  5. Old-school

    Krall is moving on with roster construction for 2023. Luis Cessa has a twitter pic up of some Reds players sporting their favorite Football jerseys before leaving their charter on the tarmac(Bobby Nightengale retweeted). I really like Donnie Barrels. He’s front and center and embraced the role of mentoring Barrero and young players and seems like a team first guy and a true professional. With Steer @ 3b and Senzel transitioning to a super utility role and India now being back to ROY India, Solano might be a guy to bring back on a 1 year deal as a righty bat and DH and mentor. The guy can hit and he’s obviously well respected and some of the young guys need to learn how to be a pro and he embraces that role. A 1 year deal at $5 mil or so wont break the Reds bank and they need a righty DH and back up 1b.

  6. Bdh

    2023 40 man if it were up to me

    Catchers (3)
    1 – Stephenson
    2 – Vellojin (needs added)
    3 – 1 of the following to backup Stephenson (Robinson, Kolozsvary, Garcia, Yang, Free)

    Infielders (10)

    1 – Votto
    2 – Moustakas
    3 – India
    4 – Lopez
    5 – Barrero
    6 – Steer
    7 – Farmer
    8 – De La Cruz (Needs added)
    9 – Marte (Needs added)
    10 – 1 of Quintana or Rivas. The other just misses the list for me

    Outfielders (7)

    1 – Senzel
    2 – Fraley
    3 – Friedl
    4 – Cerda
    5 – Hopkins (needs added)
    6 – Siani (needs added)
    7 – FA signing (I’m pounding the Benintendi drum until it doesn’t happen)

    DFA all 3 of Aquino, Fairchild, and Almora. I’m sure at least 1 ends back up in Louisville for depth.

    Starting pitchers (8)

    1 – Greene
    2 – Lodolo
    3 – Ashcraft
    4 – Dunn
    5 – FA Signing (bring back Cueto for a final year with Votto)
    6 – Overton
    7 – Williamson (needs added)
    8 – Stoudt (Needs added)

    That leaves 12 spots for relievers. I’d protect the following

    1 – Antone
    2 – Cessa
    3 – Diaz
    4 – Farmer
    5 – Gibaut
    6 – Gutierrez (sign a RP when he’s transferred back to 60 day IL)
    7 – Hendrix
    8 – Hoffman
    9 – Moreta
    10 – Sanmartin
    11 – Santillan
    12 – Sims

    • Optimist

      I’m with you on about 35 of these. Still, that’s a bad OF, even with a FA of Benintendi’s quality.

      Will be very interesting if the 40th/26th spot comes at the end of spring training and is either Moose or a pickup. An example would be if you would cut Moose to acquire a just released Naquin-type.

      • Bdh

        I’d be fine with an outfield of

        LF – Benintendi
        CF – Friedl/Senzel platoon
        RF – Fraley/Hopkins platoon

        I also think De La Cruz is moved from SS and starts in the outfield before the end of the season.

    • Bdh

      Edit – I think Ivan Johnson needs protected too and I forgot about him in my post. He edges out Quintana for the final infielder spot

    • LDS

      And remember, Benintendi is out with hamate surgery

      • MadMike

        The thing about Benintendi is, why would he sign with a rebuilding club? And, in his first chance for a big payday? It seems more likely he would sign with one if the big boys. He didn’t choose to go to KC, he was traded there.

      • Bdh

        From Cincinnati and grew up a reds fan.

        reds have a big need for a corner outfielder with plenty of money, even by their standards, to spend

        Those factors from both sides Should indicate mutual interest at least and the reds could even go a bit over his value to sign him for 4-5 years without impacting their future extension talks with franchise players currently on the roster.

        It just makes sense and helps open the window to contending earlier

      • VegasRed

        No way reds sign Benintendi or Cueto.

  7. RedsFaninVA

    Doug Gray, is there any chance you can do an article on the Reds farmhands that need to be protected from the Rule 5 draft and the status of the 40 man roster? The Reds have at least 11 players on the 60 day IL, which means there are about 51 players on the 40 man roster. That means a lot of guys will have to be released. I think most Reds fans would love to have a little more info on what to expect for the roster this off-season. Thanks for your time.