Cincinnati lost in game one of the doubleheader to the Colorado Rockies 8-4. Cincinnati will send Chase Anderson to the mound to start game two with the hopes of getting a split on the day and a series win. First pitch is set for 3:50pm. (Game Story will be posted after the completion of the doubleheader)

Starting Lineups (Game 2)

Here are the lineups for today’s second game:

Colorado Rockies

Cincinnati Reds

Ryan McMahon – 3B TJ Friedl – RF
Brendan Rodgers – 2B Jonathan India – DH
Charlie Blackmon – DH Kyle Farmer – 3B
C.J. Cron – 1B Jake Fraley – LF
Michael Toglia – RF Nick Senzel – CF
Elias Ciaz – C Spencer Steer – 1B
Connor Joe – LF Alejo Lopez – 2B
Garrett Hampson – CF Jose Barrero – SS
Alan Trejo – SS Chuckie Robinson – C
Jose Urena – SP Chase Anderson – SP

Starting Pitchers

Chase Anderson 2.1 27.00 3.00 2 2
Jose Urena 56.0 6.11 1.68 28 34
Links: Chase Anderson’s Stats | Jose Urena’s Stats

Chase Anderson

After spending the previous month as a reliever with Triple-A Durham in the Rays organization, Chase Anderson joined Cincinnati last week and started on August 29th against the Cardinals and gave up five runs in 1.1 innings. He then returned two days later to pitch the 13th inning and allowed another two earned runs.

Given his workload he likely won’t be asked to pitch too long, making the game one for the Reds that will probably see them cycle through more than their share of relievers. This season the biggest difference for Anderson against lefties and righties is that righties have hit for a little bit more power this season against him.

Splits (MiLB and MLB in 2022)

RHH 191 43 11 1 11 18 34 .250 .319 .517
LHH 168 39 9 1 7 13 40 .257 .321 .467

Pitch Usage (2021 MLB)

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Change Curve
Velo 91.5 91.2 86.6 81.9 76.9
Usage 32.4% 6.7% 22.5% 29.3% 9.0%

Jose Urena

On the road Jose Urena has a 4.11 ERA, but he’s also walked as many batters as he’s struck out. His lefty and righty splits favor left-handed hitters in a big way. They have a .319 average against him and walk more often than they strike out. Neither lefties or righties show a lot of power against him, but they make tons of contact.


RHH 133 30 6 0 5 10 16 .254 .301 .432
LHH 158 43 6 1 4 23 21 .319 .418 .467

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 96.2 95.8 87.2 90.4
Usage 8.2% 53.3% 22.0% 16.5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 3:50pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 80°, cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

Dauri Moreta up as the extra-player

Jeff Hoffman out for the year

Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported earlier today that reliever Jeff Hoffman won’t return this season. Hoffman has had issues with his elbow for the last six weeks, and underwent an MRI yesterday that showed he would be able to avoid Tommy John surgery, but would need to continue to rest his arm.

225 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Looks like we’ll get the first one in with maybe a little delay about 2+ hours in. Who knows about the nightcap game.

    Here’s hoping we can Kick the Pig quickly, hard, and repeatedly today as we head into the home stretch and go to Chicago to face the Stupid Cubs.

    • LarkinPhillips

      What did the pig do to you to deserve all this kicking?

      • Mark Moore

        Well …

        For anyone who is curious, the “Time to Kick this Pig” line comes from the pretty lame Kelsey Grammer movie “Down Periscope”.

        Yesterday morning, the pig gave up enough to provide some great sausage for my breakfast scramble. Perhaps this coming Saturday, the pig will give up some good bacon. You just never know … 😀

  2. LarkinPhillips

    Great 1st inning by Lodolo. Let’s give him the lead now.

    • Mark Moore

      Perhaps next inning. India tried as did Friedl.

      Agree Lodolo’s stuff looked great in the top of the first. He looks very strong given the extra night’s rest.

  3. Jim Walker

    Does “traditional double header” mean they will try to play 2 nine inning games or are 1 or both of these games designated for just 7 innings?

    • Mark Moore

      Good question. I take it to mean day/night setup rather than try and start the second game as quickly as possible. Reds site shows second game first pitch as TBD.

      Are we still doing 7-inning DH games this season?

      • Jim Walker

        As Marty B liked to put it, “I doesn’t know” (and can’t find it anywhere on Twitter et al). I was off watching football last night and just keeping an eye out for Reds status to pop it up on tablet if they actually started playing.

    • Bet on Red

      yes, there are no more 7 inning games

    • VaRedsFan

      I think traditional means Game 2 will start 30 minutes after game 1 is finished.
      Non traditional is play a game…clear the park…come back a few hours later. So the team would get two gates.

      • Mark Moore

        OK, so I had it backwards then.

      • Jim Walker

        Thanks to all for the input. I figured part of “traditional” meant a single admission. I just wasn’t up to speed whether the 7 inning stuff was still being done.

        But while I’m at it, just out of curiosity, did the concert folks were commenting about here actually happen between and among the rain drops?

      • Mark Moore


        The concert happened in the parking garage. I believe those who bought special passes were allowed to see it in person. Everybody else who stuck around got it on a 10-second delay on the video board and stadium monitors. Reactions on FB were less than enthusiastic.

  4. wallyum

    Home plate ump has an extremely tight strike zone.

    • Mark Moore

      But will he be consistent? Of late, that seems to be an increasingly consistent problem. They employ the Flex-o-Zone and then get progressively worse as the game wears on.

  5. Mark Moore

    54 pitches, but he wraps up the inning without the Rocks doing any damage. I’m hoping we score a ton, but not in a single inning. We’ve all see what happens if Nick has to sit for too long.

    As Jimmy Duggan would say Evelyn Gardner, “That’s something I’d like to see you work on before next season.”

  6. Mark Moore

    And just to taunt all my friends here …

    Last night was burgers on the flat-top griddle.

    Tonight is homemade pizza (scratch made dough and sauce) on stones on the outdoor “big grill”. I’ll fire it with charcoal and wood (probably apple) to about 700 degrees. I’ve done it a few times and keep improving my technique.


    • Melvin

      Thanks a lot for making me hungry again. 🙂

    • Jim Walker

      I made a big batch of cole slaw from scratch late last night/early this morning, We have a some of the frozen half ears of corn in the freezer that need to be cleared. So maybe slaw, corn, and baked beans here later.

  7. Mark Moore

    Steer is a bum … he didn’t walk or get a hit that AB. Time to send him packing.

  8. Kevin H

    Man steer needs to learn to swing the bat, looking at two pitches then swing at third pitch. Terrible AB by Steer.. (Sarcasm) I bet its because he is playing 1st and heads not in the game. again (Sarcasm)

    Just in case people start complaining after one ab by Steer..

  9. Mark Moore

    We’re letting Marquez off the hook way too quickly with these short AB’s. Need to work the count and run up his tally more.

  10. Mark Moore

    OK, Steer can stay for the rest of this game based on that play at first.

  11. Bet on Red

    Just realized that these are probebly my last sunday games that I will watch this season. Sunday needs to be a day of winning and not of developing new tallent…who dey

  12. Mark Moore

    Time to give Nick L some love and support. He’s doing his part. Let’s step it up, guys.

  13. Bet on Red

    There you go Fredl….. now expecting him to be sat this entire week

    • Mark Moore

      So if the bumped RF back, that one still goes to the wall and he ends up on 2nd or maybe 3rd, right?

  14. Jim Walker

    And a big step forward today for Lodolo. His inning of adversity came late with him at a high pitch count; but, he shut them down cold from 2 on zero outs.

    Yes, the opposition was the last place Rockies but he has no control over that. He did the job against the guys sent to the plate to face him.

  15. MBS

    I’ve officially joined the Friedl fan club. We need 1 more OF to join Fraley and Friedl.

    • Bet on Red

      it would really help if he has a name that starts with F

  16. Jim Walker

    And Marquez is the guy having trouble finishing outs.

  17. VaRedsFan

    Mahle not good yesterday….back to the IL again.
    Something is nagging him, he was mostly healthy as a Red

  18. Mark Moore

    And we start the 7th with one of the obligatory BB’s or HBP’s.

  19. DHud

    Mandatory *bullpen puts first batter on checked

  20. Mark Moore

    Crowd is all over Kuhnel. He hits the showers after only 14 pitches and 4 batters. Ugly line for him today.

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s most likely going to end in a ND for Lodolo unfortunately

      • Mark Moore

        I hope not. Maybe a GIDP here. But I’m afraid you are correct.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Gave him that 4th batter in an attempt to redeem himself, but then acted pretty quickly to yank him after the BB. I’m good with that.

      • Kevin H

        Kuhnel I think can be a long man but seems like he isn’t that great protecting a lead in a tight game. Maybe I am wrong

      • Mark Moore

        He’s been Jekyll and Hyde if memory serves. But when he starts out badly like today, he struggles to recover.

  21. VaRedsFan

    Romine, no attempt to block…went for the backhand…

    • Mark Moore

      It bounced about 4′ in front of the plate. Not sure how he could have blocked that, but I do agree the back-hand move isn’t the one to use.

    • Jim Walker

      He got his body somewhat in front of the ball but was hopeless with the glove. To me, it is about glove positioning,

      For the last several decades, it seems like catchers coming up get it drilled into them to never turn the open face of the mitt to the forehand on low pitches because it supposedly loses them strike calls on borderline pitches.

      Then when they do get one in the dirt or bouncing they aren’t quick enough to get the mitt rolled over to where they can use the mitt and their throwing hand/ arm in concert with a squared body behind them to block the ball into

  22. Mark Moore

    Complete waste of Lodolo’s good outing. Should have walked Blackmon and taken the chance with the turned over line-up.

    • Jim Walker

      yep thinking the same thing as soon as the wild pitch happened. Don’t let Blackmon beat you. Put the force out back in play.

  23. VaRedsFan

    Ty Steve in the booth for anyone interested.

    • Mark Moore

      Is he any good? I might flip over out of curiosity.

      • VaRedsFan

        Well spoken. Spoke about his re-hab. Pitch-Com, how to handle hard throwers. Went to the zoo with Joey.

  24. Mark A Verticchio

    After the wild pitch they should have walked Blackman, requires out of the box thinking that the Reds don’t have.

    • Mark Moore

      Instead Charlie got a Sunday afternoon cookie. And he ate it right up.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Blackman has always been a Reds killer when given the chance!

  25. Bet on Red

    shouting out alot of Cinci landmarks

  26. Mark Moore

    TySteve and his wife going to the zoo with Joey … and he’s up to 10-lb curls!

  27. Votto4life

    It would be so great if both New York teams blow leads.

    • Votto4life

      Tampa Bay never lets up. They are pretty amazing.

  28. Mark Moore

    Now they’re making TySteve read a promo 😀

  29. Dennis Westrick

    Nice job by the BP of screwing up a well-pitched game by Lodolo! There’s an old saying in baseball Can’t sweep a double header without winning the 1st game!

    • MBS

      I don’t like to go negative too much, but the bullpen is beyond suspect. We have some solid to very good pieces. Diaz, Sanmartin, and the injured Santillan, Antone, and Sims. We need a Closer, and a setup man who’s not a journey man. Bob would need to spend 20M or 25M to do it right.

  30. Mark Moore

    Senzel looking gimpy … maybe a cramp there?

      • Mark Moore

        Rogers was tagging all the way. Senzel’s arm wasn’t going to nail him at 2nd.

      • Melvin

        According to Larkin that shouldn’t happen.

  31. Mark Moore

    After that K, TySteve says, “Pizza?”

  32. Mark Moore

    And with that piece of bad luck for us, the Rocks add on another.

    Not going to Clete, but this game is toast.

  33. Mark Moore

    So Moran works the BB. Back to TJ Friedl.

  34. Bet on Red

    and india shows up to say hello 16 game hitting streak

  35. Mark Moore

    RoY’s hit streak stays alive … as do our chances to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

  36. Jim Walker

    yep thinking the same thing as soon as the wild pitch happened. Don’t let Blackmon beat you. Put the force out back in play.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Another example, among the many, why David Bell is not a big league manager. He has no clue for the game. Why in the world is Farmer out of the line up? Bell finds ways to insert his double switches with a DH.

      • Melvin

        Using two bench players late in the game at once is dangerous especially in a close game as we found out the other night in extra innings. A double switch with the DH is more costly.

  37. Mark Moore

    Hearing TySteve is fun, but unlike when Joey was in the booth, Sadak is still in his regular routine of using 5+ words where 2-3 would do the job. I believe the one that caught my ear that inning was “exuded” referring to Fraley’s walk the prior AB.

  38. Mark Moore

    6 inches above the zone for a strike … 😮

  39. Mark Moore

    Just when they sucked me back into this game …

  40. Mark Moore

    Why did Barrero rush that one. Glad they nailed the runner going to 3rd. But still …

  41. VaRedsFan

    Barrero had more time than he thought, and rushed it.

  42. Mark Moore

    OK, that’s a Clete for me. Catch you all for the nightcap game.

  43. DHud

    What is it about this team where on certain days they all just collectively decide “you know what? We’re all going to act like we don’t even baseball. Never have; never will.”

  44. Mark A Verticchio

    Nice outing by Warren, he should not be in the pen next year. I an also thinking that Barrero is not the answer at short, good thing there are other choices.

    • burtgummer01

      Almost everyone (except Diaz) shouldn’t be in the pen next tear but they’re cheap so….
      Barrero is a not a major league player for any other franchise but there’s a lot of dead weight on the Reds

  45. Redsvol

    TJ Friedl now has the same number of extra base hits as nick senzel this year. Think about that for a minute….

  46. LDS

    Forgot it was Sunday and a day game. So, the bullpen wastes Lodolo’s effort and 3 of the 4 hits are HRs. Sad performance. Let’s hope for better in the nightcap.

  47. Beaufort Red

    I hope the other shortstops get a serious look in the spring. I fear the Barrero experiment is failing miserably.

    • Oldtimer

      Farmer is the only other SS with MLB experience. The ones in the minors are a year or two away.

    • Doc

      Some of us have been saying as much for the whole season about Barrero, but were out voted and basically told to shut up, using all the sample size cliches. Seems the worm is turning.

      Now people are on the Arroyo bandwagon, despite his prolific .185 average in A ball, or the McClain bandwagon, in AA sitting in the .230s. Maybe I need to program the ‘I told you so’ as a speed type phrase. Might be using it a lot over the next couple of years.

  48. Bet on Red

    alright, well thats the first game…. when is first pitch

  49. Doc4uk

    Kuhnel and warren should not be part of the 2023 bullpen. Certainly not in the eighth or ninth innings.

    • Redsvol

      They both throw a straight low to mid 90’s fastball. Even average major league hitters know what to do with those. If they can get the slider over then they are toast.

  50. Doc

    Is ‘depressive’ a word ‘cause I think this was another depressive BP effort.

  51. Doc4uk

    Lodolo , Greene , Overton, and Ashcroft plus
    either Williamson or Phillips is an exciting rotation for the future

    Now the BP is another story. Maybe Dunn, Antone, Sims, San Martin , Diaz, and three players to be signed in the off season

    • burtgummer01

      Pass on Sims he’s not very good

      • LDS

        Not to mention that some of the BP list will likely not be back in 2023 or perform if they are, e.g., Sims, Antone, and probably others will never be what they once were.

    • Doc

      Dunn gets no love despite three straight strong outings. Hard to figure.

  52. burtgummer01

    I’ve stuck up for Bell many times but he needs to stop playing the boy blunder at ss

  53. Oldtimer

    I had to LOL at website saying “Hoping To Split DH” and then seeing Chase Anderson (0-2 with 27.00 ERA) listed as SP for second game.

    The Reds of 2022 are utterly pathetic. Bell needs to be fired the day after the season ends. He simply cannot manage a major league baseball team. Bryan Price couldn’t and David Bell can’t, either.

    Neither had ANY MLB managerial experience before their Reds managerial tenure.

    • burtgummer01

      Maybe thats because he doesn’t manage a major league team smh

  54. Mark Moore

    We get Joey in the WLW booth to start the game.

  55. Mark Moore

    Lead-off … thank goodness we got THAT out of the way.

  56. Mark Moore

    Good idea. Too much air and right at him.

  57. Roger Garrett

    I am going to guess India was bunting for a hit.

    • Mark Moore

      Trying to push it past everybody against the shift.

  58. Reddawg2012

    Chase Anderson appears to have no idea where the ball is going once it comes out of his hand.

    • Mark Moore

      And not in a good “Nuke Laloosh” way either.

  59. Mark Moore

    Cow peeing on a flat rock kind of rain

  60. Mark Moore

    Two smaller tarps … interesting.

  61. Old-school

    TJ Freidl is quickly becoming a good development for this not so memorable 2022 season. He’s a good OF, gets on base, has some pop, has some speed and just looks really comfortable. Looks like a part of 5 man OF for sure and good CF defense at that.

    • Jim Walker

      I suspect if Bell has a major say they will go with 4 true OF and a supersub type they are comfortable using at least in the corner OF spots.

      Presuming Fraley is one of the four (and I agree by all reckoning that seems likely) one of the 4 will almost certainly be a RH hitter to platoon with him. Perhaps even pencil Fairchild (serviceable in CF) in for 2023 unless a better opportunity presents; and carry both Speer and Senzel (for now) as supersubs who can spot in the OF to be done.

  62. Bet on Red

    and another hit for lopez…. expect him to go MIA after today

  63. Mark Moore

    Joey is doing the play-by-play for WLW right now.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s a little mechanical. My wife was saying he told the others he practiced in front of a TV, but seeing the entire game field is way easier.

  64. Mark Moore

    Throw to the 1st base side probably gets him

  65. Old-school

    Fraley and Friedl giving the Reds one good lefty at bats today.

    • Old-school

      Some…not one need an edit function for fat fingers.

  66. Old-school

    Some bat to ball skills and plate discipline this inning. More of this.

  67. Kevin H

    Nick Senzel is awesome!!

    Cant Believe Steer isn’t hitting, he needs to go back to triple A.. lol

  68. Old-school

    And Barrero puts bat to ball and the Reds have a big inning.

  69. Old-school

    And the Reds putting the ball in play creates a benny Hill moment for the Rockies and a 5-0 lead.

  70. SOQ

    The Reds Win The Pennant, The Reds Win the Pennant, The Reds Win The Pennant!!!
    No, It’s just Sadak calling a play at the plate on a team trying to stay out of last place

    • Melvin

      He needs basketball although that would probably still be a little over the top. Maybe hockey?

      • JB

        I heard him do college basketball. He is actually not bad.

      • SOQ

        My Gawd, he’d be going Nuts on every score. I couldn’t handle it. I’d have to take a valium

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Baseball needs some dead time. Relaxing. If everything is called like the best play/hit that’s ever been made it gets on the nerves. Not baseball.

      • Jim Walker

        I don’t even listen to Sadak (prefer closed caption to cacophony); but from all you folks say, please no Sadak on the BlueJackets TV.

    • Kevin H

      Sounds like he is just doing his job. Nothing wrong with that. Would you like him to be quiet and non joyous?

      • SOQ

        Maybe listen to a few Vin Scully tapes for guidance 🙂

      • Melvin

        Maybe Marty even. Radio doesn’t call play by play like Sadak does when when can see everything that’s going on already.

      • Mark Moore

        Personally, I’d prefer he cut his vocabulary and use of words by about 30%. He just seems to be constantly talking and using 6-8 words where 3-4 would work just as well. If he did that, I think the “celebration outbursts” wouldn’t sound so off the charts.

      • RedsMonk65

        Letter from an introvert: Quiet does NOT equal non-joyous.

  71. RedsMonk65

    Switch to WLW. Joey still in the booth in the 5th. Maybe he’s staying the whole game. Always has interesting observations.

    • Mark Moore

      His color commentary, especially coming from recent experiences, is fantastic.

  72. Mark Moore

    Got out of that jam. Fun inning to watch while I finished cooking (and eating) the pizzas.

    • Melvin

      Cut it out. ;)…and I don’t mean the pizza slices.

    • RedsMonk65

      I look forward to your dinner menus. Kind of like Grandpa on “Hee-Haw” for those who remember ….

  73. Mark Moore

    What a way to end a hit streak … 😮

    • LarkinPhillips

      India honestly has had some horrible luck this year with his injuries. Minus the hamstring, the rest were mind of fluke injuries.

      • Mark Moore

        He whacked the foul off his knee. He wanted to stay in, but I’m with DTBell on this one, streak or no streak.

  74. Mark Moore

    If it’s going to rain, now is the time. Game is official and we’re ahead.

    Oh, and some really good beer to go along with the awesome pizza 😀

    • Melvin

      Well I don’t drink so you can go ahead and talk about that. 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        Sorry, I don’t. Plus I’m not a regular beer drinker by any stretch. I poured my last two cans into a glass for tonight (it’s a 50/50 mix). I have to plan out a restock.

        There is some leftover pizza … but I think I’ll be selfish about that as well 😀

  75. DataDumpster

    Bad way to end a hitting streak but David Bell probably did the right thing. Of course, one Aquino swing ends it.
    The better question is: With the count 2-2 and if Aquino got a hit, would India get the credit for it?

    • Mark Moore

      India is on the hook for the K, so I’d have to say “yes”. But I really don’t know.

    • Melvin

      I’m pretty sure no. So Aquino gets a free strike with nothing to lose.

    • JB

      MLB Official Rules 2018 version, Rule 9.15

      (b) When a batter leaves the game with two strikes against him, and the substitute batter completes a strikeout, the official scorer shall charge the strikeout and the time at bat to the first batter. If the substitute batter completes the turn at bat in any other manner, including a base on balls, the official scorer shall score the action as having been that of the substitute batter.

      • DataDumpster

        Thanks, JB. I have always been amazed how the MLB rules are so simple yet comprehensive even though the fair outcome is not always evident.

      • Melvin

        I was correct…for once. 🙂 Cool.

  76. Mark Moore

    Joey talking about Chipper Jones.

  77. Mark Moore

    Lil’ Nicky is stroking it today (in this game)

  78. JB

    Smith had thrown 12 pitches. 2 have been strikes. Future Reds Bullpen pitcher ?

    • Mark Moore

      Don’t make me assign you negative points, JB … 😮

  79. Bet on Red

    Well its the punisher today!!!!

  80. Mark Moore

    A 4-run Big Fly batting in place of RoY.

    That’ll get a monkey off your back.

  81. Kevin H

    Hope AA doesn’t flex the bicep rounding the bases. Just silly to do..

  82. Kevin H

    Reds bullpen next year. Buck Farmer and Ian Gibaut make it? Both seem better than others in the pen… Warren, and Strickland for example

  83. LarkinPhillips

    Lopez is a solid player. Not exceptional at anything, but consistently hits and is scrappy. Had a very nice game today already. Maybe he would be a decent and cheap utility player. With that said, I still don’t see a place for him next year to start the year.

    • Mark Moore


      And he’s a productive switch-hitter. But cracking the roster will be a challenge. He may be the kind of player we sacrifice to protect newer talent on the 40-man.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I agree. I think he will be gone to save a 40 man spot. As much as I root for him,I think that is the right move for the Reds this off season.

    • Kevin H

      Why don’t you see a place for Lopez? After how you described his play I am curious.

      I agree with you, however just curious of your thinking.

      I think if McLain isn’t up or Cruz for whatever reason isn’t He could Crack the opening day roster Lopez that is

      • LarkinPhillips

        The 40 man roster situation is a big one. But his lack of power hurts him as a pinch hitter off the bench and he isn’t a MLB shortstop or outfielder which hurts his utility role. His type of play is unfortunately not valuable in today’s game.

      • Jim Walker

        The 40 man situation is going to be tense for sure.

        I think a couple of big surprises left off could be Sims and Antone. Who is going to claim them on outright waivers or the subsequent rule 5 draft? Claim them and they are yours to keep and take over their rehab costs and risks.

  84. Kevin H

    Moreta has been good as well. Take away his month of May. June and July were solid for him

  85. Mark Moore

    Joey’s play-by-play was better that inning. A little more relaxed.

      • SOQ

        Absolutely. Probably on a National broadcast

      • RedsMonk65

        Possibly — if that’s what he wants. Definitely fits the bill as a commentator.

      • Mark Moore

        Yes, he does IMO. He’ll be a great color analyst for somebody. His play-by-play needs work, but when he switches up to color work, he’s gold (pun intended).

  86. Kevin H

    Can’t believe Steer has went 0-4 today and 0-3 in first game. I bet it’s because his head is messed up going from 1st to 3rd

    • Mark Moore

      Hit it hard the last AB. He probably heard that if he performed too well, DTBell would sit him (or have him sent back down).

  87. Mark Moore

    Welsh just invited Joey to come with Thrall and Cowboy to Wrigley. Of course, Joey declined after saying he’d love to. Rehab appointment on Tuesday, you know.

  88. Mark Moore

    Perfect inning to burn Strickland. Great move by DTBell.

  89. Kevin H

    All kidding aside, Steer will be a good player I believe. From what I have read and seen on here from a few he should play 3rd the rest of the way. I know a few days ago I said no big deal, but change my mind.

    I think it is important to get some position’s established going into next season.

    • Mark Moore

      I can’t fault that approach. Plus I really think Farmer will move on. He’s been solid, but we’ve got a lot of talent coming along that we need to see play.

  90. Mark Moore

    Now they are bantering about Mary Brenneman. Great fun.

  91. Bet on Red

    I just realized that this will be a series win

  92. Dennis Westrick

    What’s the over/under on Strickland A) Not walking a batter or B) Not giving up a run?

    • Mark Moore

      Miraculously, he cleared both of those hurdles today.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Only in a game where the Reds have a 10-0 lead and one (1) inning left would I feel comfortable with Strickland on the mound.

  93. Kevin H

    Bullpen gives up 8 runs in game 1.. 0 runs in game 2..

    Baseball is a funny game.

    • Mark Moore

      If by “funny” you mean often gut-wrenchingly painful then I agree.

      • Kevin H

        Yes that is what I mean.

        I at times use the word “funny” not to mean haha, but ironic, or strange, etc

  94. Dennis Westrick

    Does anyone else on this site ever compare the box scores between the Reds and their opponent? Even in a 10-0 whitewashing the Reds pitchers walked 8 batters while the Rockies pitchers issue only 4 walks!

    • Kevin H

      I use to be a box score person, however not like I used to be.

      Yet it is amazing how many batters the Reds walk

  95. Mark Moore

    Good friends, good pizza, good beer … good game.

    Back at it on Tuesday from the Friendly Confines.

  96. Jim t

    I hope the reds fire Bell tomorrow. From reading the board we would never lose a game. Heck even the Ownership group would be vindicated if we just fire Bell. They don’t need to improve the roster just fire Bell then bring in a commentator and we would make the playoffs. It would make the site boring because we would have no one to second guess but I’m willing to forego that.

    Everyone have a great holiday!!!

    • LDS

      Haha, yes they’d lose games. Just fewer. More importantly, it would demonstrate accountability, a trait totally lacking in the Reds organization

      • Jim t

        I’m all for accountability. But my brother it starts at the top. Ownership put this mess together. You want to focus on how Bell manages a substandard roster. Replacing Bell does nothing for me. Give him a roster that has the ability to compete and then I’ll judge his performance by a very simple process. His won and loss record. I knew as many did this was going to be a long year regardless who was the manager. Trades and lack of talent engineered by a Ownership doomed this season not Bell. If their approach doesn’t change after Moose and Votto are off the books next year I will find something else to spend my time and money on.

      • LDS

        And last year? He had the roster to compete and still didn’t. Though I do agree that the ownership and the front office may well be the worst in Major League Baseball.

      • Jim t

        He did compete last year even with a bull pen that was bad for a minor league pen. Also With many injuries to his everyday players.

  97. TR

    I’ve seen a lot of Reds seasons come and go. It was a total surprise to me to not see managerial change after the Red’s horrendous start to this season. David Bell will be back as manager in 2023 and who knows how long after that with his family connection in the front office. Next season will be more accessing of talent in the Red’s loaded farm system. Eventually, with or without Bell the Reds will have a well balanced good team. With the coming expiration of two long-term contracts, that should be a thing of the past for the Red’s non super wealthy ownership.