After a 5-1 win last night the Cincinnati Reds will look to make it two games in a row over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Reds will look to Mike Minor as he comes off of his best start of the year. The Cardinals will counter with a lefty of their own and a trade deadline acquisition in Jose Quintana. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s game:

St. Louis Cardinals

Cincinnati Reds

Tommy Edman – 2B Jonathan India – DH
Dylan Carlson – CF Nick Senzel – CF
Paul Goldschmidt – 1B Kyle Farmer – 3B
Nolan Arenado – 3B Donovan Solano – 1B
Albert Pujols – DH Alejo Lopez – 2B
Tyler O’Neill – LF Stuart Fairchild – LF
Paul DeJong – SS Aristides Aquino – RF
Yadier Molina – C Jose Barrero – SS
Brendan Donovan – RF Chuckie Robinson – C
Jose Quintana – SP Mike Minor – SP

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor 79.2 6.10 1.54 29 66
Jose Quintana 127.2 3.45 1.32 42 108
Links: Mike Minor’s Stats | Jose Quintana’s Stats

Mike Minor

In his last start, Mike Minor had his best outing of the year as he allowed just two runs in 7.0 innings while walking no one and striking out seven batters. It was only his second quality start of the year in his 15 games.

The splits against lefties and righties are pretty extreme for Mike Minor. He doesn’t face many lefties as managers try to avoid the lefty/lefty match up. When they do get the chance to face him they don’t do a whole lot, posting a .272 on-base percentage against him and only showing moderate power. Right-handed hitters, though, have put up MVP caliber offensive numbers against him this season with a .305 average and a .582 slugging percentage.


RHH 273 73 21 0 15 25 47 .305 .381 .582
LHH 92 21 3 0 4 4 19 .239 .272 .409

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 90.4 85.3 84.2 79.0
Usage 41.7% 23.5% 24.2% 10.2%

Jose Quintana

Making just his 6th start for St. Louis after being acquired in a trade at the deadline from Pittsburgh, Jose Quintana has performed well for the Cardinals so far as he’s posted a 3.28 ERA in 24.2 innings and given up just one home run.

The lefty doesn’t get a chance to face off against many other lefties, but when he does they don’t do much of anything. In 88 plate appearances against him this season they’ve yet to homer and have just a .288 slugging percentage. Right-handed hitters have done better, but still aren’t finding a ton of success against him. They are hitting .260, but they’re also slugging just .386 and don’t draw many walks against him.


RHH 450 107 26 1 8 35 81 .260 .319 .386
LHH 88 19 4 0 0 7 27 .238 .307 .288

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Change Curve
Velo 91.1 91.3 86.4 78.5
Usage 36.3% 15.9% 20.4% 27.5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 78°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

 Albert Almora to start rehab, Detwiler to free agency

181 Responses

  1. CFD3000

    Not sure how I feel about losing Detwiler – I’ll need to look closer at his numbers. But more (some?) good lefties in the bullpen would be nice. Sanmartin can’t pitch every night!

    Good to see Barrero back in the lineup. Here’s hoping he gets 120 more plate appearances before the season ends. He doesn’t have to be suddenly amazing, but as long as he continues slow and steady improvement I want him getting more reps.

    Finally, the must see story line within this game will be Pujols vs. Minor. If Albert is going to reach 700 homers he needs to capitalize on these starts against lefties. Can’t say I’m rooting for him to do it, but it is a compelling plot line.

    • SteveAreno

      Ross Detwiler’s numbers were usually the second-best reliever on the team for long into the season. So, it’s very strange to DFA him and keep so many of the worst like Strickland. Wish this was looked into by team writers/analysts. Disappointing move by the organization.

  2. Greenfield Red

    Same question I asked on Reds Minor Leagues: If the opportunity arose this winter, would the Reds trade 20 yo Elly De La Cruz for 31 yo Mike Trout? Keep in mind EDLC is cost controlled to +- 50 mil or so over his first 6 full seasons. Mike Trout will make more than 280 mil over the next 8 years. I would not make that trade.

    • JB

      I would hang the phone up. 31 and alot of money owed.

      • Greenfield Red

        Funny. I thought everyone would think I was crazy for saying no.

    • Kevin H

      Interesting comments about this.. I would think about it. Mike Trout is a great player… great player. Cruz is a prospect may or may not become a mlb hitter/player. For the record I do think Cruz will do very well at big league level.

      I would say no as well, however very intriguing post in my opinion..

    • Votto4life

      The Reds wouldn’t take on Mike Trout’s contract regardless who the Angels were asking for in return.

      I’m not sure this organization will ever sign players to multi-year contracts again, at least not under the current ownership. That is why I look for India and Stephenson to be shopped in 2024 or in 2025 at the latest.

      I think this rebuild will be much different then what we have seen in that past. The Red’s success will depend on their young players and what single season free agents they can sign at the end of Spring training each year. There will not be a free agent spending spree at any point.

      Of course, there are other factors why the trade your propose won’t happen, Trout’s age, recent injury history and of course Trout’s 5/10 rights to veto any trade.

      I also wouldn’t be eager to trade Elly De La Cruz. There is a chance he will have a pretty good major league league career. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say a player like Alonzo Soriano could be a reasonable comp.

  3. Mark Moore

    Hope Detwiler finds what he’s looking for.

    Let’s Kick these WLB Piggies out of town with their tail feathers scorched!

    Obviously starting with the second batter 😮

  4. Mark Moore

    Talkie talkie boyz … that collision wasn’t necessary.

    OK, that’s one inning down with no damage done.

  5. Mark Moore

    The Farm Dawg JUUUUST missed that one.

  6. Mark Moore

    OK, serious question … when AAJ is ready, who goes down? Friedl is playing too well. Fairchild appears to be ramping up his game. Is this maybe the swan song for AA, or does the 28-man expansion tomorrow save his bacon for a month?

    Minor just pulled off a BIG LEAGUE move with that grab.

  7. Mark Moore

    Nice, quick, efficient inning by Minor. Brings his pitch count back in line to where we need it.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d love to listen … but … Sadak …

  8. Mark Moore

    Donnie just keeps barreling along. I really like that guy.

    • Old-school

      I love Donnie Barrels approach and bat to ball skills. Hes a professional hitter. I just dont see what position he has. Hes not good defensively and too short for first base…so hes pretty much a DH/extra player and doesnt fit the Reds in 2023.

      • Mark Moore

        Agreed. He’s probably slightly better at 2B than the other IF positions, but he’s nowhere near the top of the heap there given the rest of our IF resources in the organization.

  9. Daytonnati

    Love the crawl at the bottom of the game about the upcoming game with the Rockies and the pitching matchups. (Chase Anderson, 0-1, 33.25 ERA vs. TBD).

    Votto is going to be a fun tonight. Already an improvement. Love the throwback Cincinnati Royals hoodie.

  10. Mark Moore

    Cowboy just called Chuckie “Romine” … I’m pretty sure that’s Chuckie behind the plate, isn’t it?

  11. Mark Moore

    Let’s see how much good the head clearing did Jose

  12. Jim Walker

    Very interesting look by AA on his stance. Last night he was basically closed on everything. Tonight he looked to be between his very wide stance and a partially closed stance pivoting on the pitch until he had to 2 strikes then he went into full closed stance and fought the ball off for a hit.

    • Mark Moore

      Bat still on the shoulder? I didn’t take notice one way or another.

      • Doc

        Wide open stance, bat on shoulder. Constant criticism for that. Watched SD vs SF today. Some guy named Manny Machado with wide open stance and bat on shoulder until deliver. His numbers don’t look too bad.

        Ergo, it’s not the stance or the bat position during wind up. It’s where the bat is when the ball reaches the plate.

    • Jim Walker

      Well you just know what is going to happen with AA. If he isn’t with the Reds, a lot will fall into place and over the next 5 years he will have at least as good of a career as say an Adam Duvall and quite possibly that’s he floor.

      BUT if he stays with the Reds things will never change much with him.

      Just how it will be. Not saying it is anyone’s fault, not even his own.

  13. Mark Moore

    A hit and a walk by AA and Barrero … Cowboy and Thrall saying Jose didn’t look as “jumpy”. I’d agree on that at bat.

  14. Daytonnati

    Votto doing a TED talk on hitting in the booth. This is some really good stuff.

  15. Mark Moore

    Solid oppo to extend his streak and give us an RBI (that Chuckie set up).

  16. Old-school

    India 14 game hit streak I think

  17. Old-school

    What is going on? Aquino barrero and Senzel beating the WLB’s

    (Did i say that right mark)

  18. VaRedsFan

    Middle and oppo approach on display and working again tonight.

  19. Mark Moore

    And Senzel plays some add-on 😀

  20. Beaufort Red

    Tonight’s broadcast is painful. Sadak slurping like a teenager. Ask Joey why he hasn’t adjusted to the shift.

    • Mark Moore

      Thanks for reminding me why I always overlay the WLW feed when I can … even if Joey is in the booth. Sadak just isn’t worth the indigestion.

    • Rut

      180 degree different to me.

      Joey is dropping amazing knowledge and doing so better than 99.99% of all other color commentators. Dude legit would be the Romo of baseball analysts if he wants to do that in 2024.

      Anyway, I am not cooking dinner and telling my wife “sorry. Not sorry” right now!

      • Daytonnati

        Same here. He has already elevated Larkin’s game.

      • VaRedsFan

        Good call. And Barry becomes a lot better (more engaged), while Sadak actually has been stepping aside.

  21. Mark Moore

    Farmer looked a little anxious in that AB … he chased some pretty high garbage.

  22. Mark Moore

    Presenting the latest children’s book, “A Cookie for Nolan”

  23. VaRedsFan

    Aquino going with a little toe tap along with the modified stance.

    • Tomn

      Noticed the new stance. 2 for 2 tonight. Singles. Love it.

      • Tomn

        And Barrero is definitely being more patient and selective. Signs that both he and Aquino are trying to make changes to their hitting approach. Very positive sign.

      • Tomn

        3 for 3 for Aquino. First 3-hit game sincec2019 acc to Reds broadcasters.

  24. Mark Moore

    Somebody better check to see if NORAD is tracking inbound aliens … that’s a 2nd hit by AA after Fairchild ripped a single. I’m postponing my walk until this inning is over. And now I’ll need a flashlight.

    • Old-school

      It’s taking me 2 hours to mow the yard. I mow sections between innings. votto is amazing

  25. Amarillo

    I strongly disagree with many of the esteemed commentators here. I love Sadak and he’s by far my favorite Play-by-Play guy the Reds have had. The job of a commentator is take the game we are watching, and make it even more fun. I can’t stand commentators like the former guy he replaced that would constantly complain about the game.

    • Mark Moore

      You are welcome to disagree here. We take all comers.

      Few of us liked Thom B. either. He earned his own ticket to oblivion with his stupidity.

      As for Sadak, I personally find his constant chatter of “factoids” very annoying. I certainly don’t find his addition “fun”, but I agree that’s what you should get from a good commentator. In the end, it’s all opinion and we can’t do anything about it but accept whoever is in the Bally or WLW booth calling the games.

      • Amarillo

        He sounds excited and happy to be watching the game. Ultimately, it’s rare when any commentator says something insightful about the game, so I just want someone who is enjoying the game. Cowboy is definitely the most likely commentator to say something interesting that I might not have known about baseball, so he’s my other favorite.

  26. Bet on Red

    coming in late and might be in and out…. if Votto could ever play and broadcast at the same time….

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    Minor’s attitude on the mound is terrible, as is his pitching. He needs to go.

  28. Old-school

    Lineup tonight giving good professional at bats. Way better.

  29. CFD3000

    Some definite positives tonight, including offense from India, Senzel, Aquino (you’d never know he’s a .170 hitter if all you saw were his at bats tonight), Barrero – despite the GIDP – and the steady Solano. But MVP tonight is Votto in the booth. Fantastic stuff!

  30. Kevin H

    Minor out after 87 pitches.. he hurt too lol.

    And Mark M… should we sound alien alarm with the abs tonight lol

  31. Mark Moore

    My wife just said, “Tag! You’re it!”

    That pretty much sums it up.

  32. Bet on Red

    “I Hit ball hard” Rolling here

  33. Mark Moore

    A little “Roger Dorn Ole” hit for the 12-year-old

    Time for AA to continue restoring our lost faith in his abilities.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m stunned. Absolutely stunned. He must really want to stick on the 28-man for September.

  34. VaRedsFan

    Votto talking about his poor 2018-2019 seasons. I’ve spoke a lot about it. It was when he started deep crouching, choking up, and half swinging

  35. Bet on Red

    Aquino hits three…. Votto in the booth, a pleasant experence? Aliens

    • Mark Moore

      Hordes of aliens … and I haven’t heard Votto because … Sadak.

      • Bet on Red

        votto is dominating the convo, if you dont usually, i would today, looks like he will be here for the duration

  36. Mark Moore

    Really, really hate he gave up one to The Neck Tattoo … I just do. I can take almost any other WLB player. But not him.

  37. VaRedsFan

    If TJ Friedl could turn into Tommy Edman, I’d be very excited.
    I’d label him as a poor man’s Edman right now with potential to upgrade the real thing.
    If you squint real hard, you can see the similarities in their game.

  38. Kevin H

    Farmer could be a keeper. Has really done well since his early struggles.

  39. Mark Moore

    And we escape with no damage done! The Other Farmer gets it done.

  40. Mark Moore

    On the advice of counsel, I’ve switched to the Bally feed to hear Joey. I trust I won’t be disappointed.

    • Mark Moore

      Wow … what a treat. He’s definitely elevating Larkin and Sadak isn’t talking even 10% of what he normally does. Joey is Da Bomb!

  41. Mark Moore

    Senzel out? anybody catch the reason why?

    • Mark Moore

      Just to keep Fraley in the game and insert The Lettuce Guy for Chuckie?

  42. Mark Moore

    OK, the Strickland inning is out of the way. We really need to score and then help Diaz boost his confidence.

  43. VaRedsFan

    All you alien guys can cash in the those chips….Strickland just went 1-2-3. Nothing that can ever happen, will top that.

  44. JB

    3rd baseline ball boy is picking it tonight.

  45. RedsGettingBetter

    I don’t remember if the Reds have been able to hit and defeat Gallegos sometime in this life

  46. LDS

    Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

    Give up power and defense for handedness? Not to mention 3-3. Hopefully, Friedl delivers.

  47. SteveAreno

    I prefer Aquino’s new technique, stance, and three hits. Hope he keeps it. It will benefit the team.

  48. Roger Garrett

    Aquino against the righty or Friedl against a lefty.Bell had to know Romano was down there or did he.Bell out thinks himself again but it doesn’t matter because Fairchild saves him and gets picked off.AA and his 3 hits meant nothing to Bell.Joke of a manager.

    • LDS

      Yes he is. I logged in at the start of Strickland’s inning. Was Senzel injured or did he get Bell’ed. And AA’s L/R splits aren’t that different. And in a 2-2 game, shouldn’t Bell be more conservative burning through his pitchers?

      • JB

        Fraley pinch hit for chuckle and Senzel made 2nd to last out. So Romine was placed in Senzels spot in the order and Fraley in Chuckies.

      • LDS

        I’d hoped that the DH had cured him of double switch-itis. So he removed two guys that were 5-7 in a tie game. SMH

      • Roger Garrett

        Bell just has to do what he always does and thats just play everybody.He can’t help it and can justify every move either by matchups or splits.All managers do it but you have to have a roster that has talent.Bell doesn’t so he burns players like crazy trying to match wits.Aquino after 3 hits and a rocket arm on defense is gone so Friedl can face a lefty?Made no sense to begin with.

      • Melvin

        When you know who “manages” like that it makes it very hard for me to watch the Reds. He just kills me.

  49. DaveCT

    ADiaz to Yadi Molina … I’m not fooling around.

    • DaveCT

      Yadi Molina to himself: I’m getting way too old for this *#^%

  50. JB

    Only if Billy Hamilton could have bunted like Freidl.

    • Mark Moore

      +5,000 … wouldn’t we have loved to see that?

  51. Mark Moore

    I made popcorn and I just realized … I could have had a Lars Nootbaar instead 😀

      • Mark Moore

        Thank you … thank you very much. I’ll be here until the bitter end 🙂

  52. Mark Moore

    Oh so close … just got under that by a smidgen.

  53. LDS

    Fraley was batting .095 against LH’s. That really worked out well. Situational awareness apparently non-existent. If the game goes extra innings, what’s left on the bench or in the bullpen. What does St L have to counter with. A simple payoff matrix – do you raise the bet when the guys up cards show 2 pair and you can’t match either?

    • JB

      Moran , I believe, is the only one left on bench. I’ll go with Fraley. Where is Papierski when you need him?

      • Mark Moore

        Yep. Moran is it. If the game goes past Midnight, do we get to add the extra two players?

  54. Mark Moore

    Apparently the mandatory BB is contagious 😮

  55. Mark Moore

    And The Lettuce Guy will be our ghost runner … I really hope we can keep the WLB’s off balance in their half of the 10th. If we can’t seal the deal (one way or another), I may have to tap out. It’s getting a little late for me.

  56. Mark A Verticchio

    Bell continues to over manage and as usual it hurts the Reds.

    • Mark Moore

      That’s among my top complaints about DTBell … the OVER managing. Kind of goes along with a certain TV booth announcer OVER calling a game.

  57. Roger Garrett

    Two guys that went 5-7 get pulled to watch the rest of the game.Bell just isn’t the manager to lead this team.Now maybe you give him a 95 win team and he then can shuffle all those guys around and it won’t make any difference.He has to know he is in a gun fight and the other manager has more bullets so what he has must be used wisely or sometimes not at all.

  58. JB

    Are the Reds playing with a short bench? Because it wouldn’t surprise me.

  59. Mark Moore

    Cowboy about went nuts on that one.

    Time to walk it off. Farm Dawg up with a runner already in scoring position.

  60. Mark Moore

    IBB for Lopez … not surprising.

    All our eggs now in the Colin Moran basket.

  61. Gpod

    cardinal color commentator lamenting the fact that nobody can bunt, to move a guy from 2nd to 3rd to win a game….i agree 100% ……sad state of the game

    • JB

      They only have to look as far as their catcher. Molina had no clue how to bunt.

      • Mark Moore

        Well, he’s a rookie, right? 😮

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. It just isn’t done.

      Even so, you have to bank on the next guy hitting it far enough to score the slowest guy on our team from 3rd. All against a pitcher chucking it 100+.

  62. Mark Moore

    The “LOUDER” sign … 5K fans can only make so much noise, folks.

  63. LDS

    So Bell has now removed 3 guys who were 7-10 tonight accounting for 7 of the 11 hits. Now he’s out of players. Really looking out for his former team. No one could be that clueless.

    • Mark Moore

      And the cobbled defense has Solano at 2nd. I almost would have risked bringing India into the field and waving our DH.

    • Gpod

      Bell just likes to inject himself into the game to make sure you know he is smarter then anyone in the park

  64. RedsGettingBetter

    101 – 102 MPH fastball was too much for Solano and Moran

    • Mark Moore

      In general, yes. The cadre of HP Chumpires is pathetic at best and detrimental on most nights.

  65. Melvin

    Wow. It sure would be nice to have a guy out in RF with a rocket arm right about now.

  66. Mark Moore

    Blistered it … right at Barrero.

    It’s up to the Nootbaar.

      • Mark Moore

        Nope … just a free pass to 1st base

        Now we focus on The Neck Tattoo

  67. Mark Moore

    Love seeing Molina in an epic fail.

    Great inning by Sanmartin.

  68. Mark Moore

    Moran on 2nd to start things off. Can this mash-up of a line-up seal this deal so I can go to bed happy?

  69. JB

    Now we have slow foot Moran at second. I would rather had Fairchild hit and be the ghost runner. Bell can’t think that far ahead.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s got to be a half-step faster than The Lettuce Guy.

  70. CFD3000

    Really nice pick by Barrero. Can he get the hit that wins the game in 11?

  71. DaveCT

    Reiver just competes. He fights, every pitch.

  72. Mark Moore

    Well, we know Friedl can control a bunt. Is that what we’ll see?

  73. Mark Moore

    Better than a bunt … nicely done, TJ!

  74. Mark Moore

    Not just a make-shift 5-man infield … actually taking Dickerson out and bringing in an IF’er.

  75. Mark Moore

    Made contact and removed the GIDP chance.

    Time for a little Rake Fraley action.

  76. Mark Moore

    Just a general challenge here … good call to exercise it by DTBell. Maybe they see something the HP Chumpire couldn’t in real time.

  77. CFD3000

    So now the choice to hit Moran for Fairchild looks even worse. Almost anyone but Moran scores on that play. Yikes.

  78. Indy Red Man

    Bell doesn’t have a pitcher that can run better then Moran? Like Bell used to use Sonny and Lorenzen.

    • Mark Moore

      That chapter isn’t in “The Book”

    • VaRedsFan

      Can’t take Moran out…nobody left

  79. Mark Moore

    Just like the inability to bunt, if one of these guys just lifted one to medium depth, we’d be over and done.

    Up to The Lettuce Guy. If we can’t seal it, I’m out for the night.

    • Jim Walker

      Bell has just been outmanaged at every turn starting with the double switch if not before.

      He took out Aquino then Fairchild on 2 out gambles. That’s like looking for an inside draw for a straight in a card game. In Aquino’s case it was even going to take an extra base hit or 2 hits to score the run.

  80. CFD3000

    I also can’t help wondering if anyone considered a squeeze from Fraley. Maybe Fraley is a terrible bunter, but somehow it feels like that was a higher percentage play than expecting Moran to score on any play where his speed mattered…

    • VaRedsFan

      I considered it, but Bell didn’t call me and ask.

  81. Mark Moore

    I retire for the night with a slim hope that we’ll win this one … but fully expecting to see that hope dashed. They pulled me in again tonight. I supposed that’s why I love our Reds.

  82. Daytonnati

    This team is a show composed of fecal matter.

  83. Mark A Verticchio

    Just pathetic, letting them off the hook.

  84. VaRedsFan

    That throw was in the on deck circle…Molina still had time to run all the way back to home plate to tag Moran out.

    • Jim Walker

      +500 I’d have liked to have seen a wide angle of the entire play. Surely Moran must have broken late or paused in route.

    • Jim Walker

      And it looked like Yadi had gotten disoriented and didn’t even know which way to turn to best get back to the plate.

  85. CFD3000

    I’m out. I’ll be shocked (and pleasantly surprised) if the Reds somehow pull this one out. The only good news is that the Cardinals ghost runner is Yadier Moran. Goodnight Red fans.

  86. Mark A Verticchio

    You can’t blame the bullpen tonight, very good job by all.

  87. magi210

    NPR had a story on the 33 inning game from the minors back in the 80s recently, I hope we’re not in for that again here. But this game has been offensive futility.

  88. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds seem are not going to win tonight… Impossible to have more walk-off chances and to be so incompetent to score

    • Jim Walker

      Hoping the Cards get at least 1 more because the odds strongly favor the Reds getting at least 1 too.

      I am retired so it doesn’t mean that much to me about getting to bed. I just want this farce to end.

      • LDS

        At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this one is on Bell. It’s not even debatable.

  89. Jeff Morris

    Unless I am missing something, why not Joel Kuhnel in the top of the 13th? Why in the heck put this Chase Anderson guy in. I know we have went though the bullpen, but what about Kuhnel? Especially with the off day tommorrow. Anyway, Reds had chances to win this thing, with runner on 3rd and no outs. All they needed was a sacrifice fly, couldn’t get it done. Bullpen pitched very well tonight, EXCEPT this Chase Anderson guy.

  90. Doc

    Looking for bright spots. Anderson lowered his ERA by about 2 runs (tongue firmly in cheek).

    • LDS

      And Barrero didn’t strikeout. The 0-5 wasn’t great , but he made contact.

  91. Mark A Verticchio

    This game, once again, proves that David Bell is not a competent major league manager. Sad to say the Reds and their fans, are stuck with him for a long time.

    • LDS

      Yep, at least, until a new owner comes in and cleans out the FO

  92. LDS

    Well Bell delivered. Unfortunately, it was for St Louis. Bull Krall, if you’re reading RLN, and we know you are, DFA Anderson first thing in the morning and fire the entire coaching staff. And the call ups should be Steer not Piscotty. I’m glad tomorrow’s an off day.

  93. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds catchers are pathetic as hitters…. Farmer was 0-6 stranding a lot of runners on base… Anderson looks like a DFA candidate sooner than later

  94. Mark A Verticchio

    They need to let Farmer go or use him as a utility player. He is not an everyday player and not getting any younger.

    • VaRedsFan

      Cherry pick much?
      So you missed the 2-4, RBI, just 1 night ago?