The series began with a blowout win on Monday night for the St. Louis Cardinals. Tonight the Reds will look to rebound and get back in the win column. Cincinnati will send Justin Dunn to the mound as he tries to put together a good start for the third consecutive game. The Cardinals will be sending Dakota Hudson and his groundball tendencies to the mound to try and keep the 1st place squad’s winning streak going. First pitch is set for 6:40pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s game:

St. Louis Cardinals

Cincinnati Reds

Lars Nootbaar – RF Jonathan India – 2B
Brendan Donovan – 2B Jake Fraley – DH
Paul Goldschmidt – 1B Kyle Farmer – SS
Nolan Arenado – 3B Donovan Solano – 1B
Albert Pujols – DH TJ Friedl – LF
Tyler O’Neill – CF Nick Senzel – CF
Corey Dickerson – LF Aristides Aquino – RF
Yadier Molina – C Alejo Lopez – 3B
Tommy Edman – SS Austin Romine – C
Dakota Hudson – SP Justin Dunn – SP

Starting Pitchers

Justin Dunn 19.1 5.12 1.50 10 15
Dakota Hudson 121.1 4.23 1.39 55 70
Links: Justin Dunn’s StatsDakota Hudson’s Stats

Justin Dunn

After struggling the first two times out this year, Justin Dunn has put together back-to-back starts where he allowed one and two earned runs over 11.0 combined innings and struck out nine batters.

The splits this season between the big leagues and minors for Dunn show that he’s really struggled against left-handed hitters. They’ve walked more often than they’ve struck out against him and that includes both a very high walk rate and a low strikeout rate. They’ve also hit for a very high average and slugging percentage. Right-handed hitters haven’t hit for much average or gotten on base a lot, but they are showing a good amount of power against him, too.

Splits (In MILB and MLB this season)

RHH 100 21 4 0 6 6 22 .233 .290 .478
LHH 122 32 10 1 4 21 17 .330 .467 .577

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 92.0 83.1 87.7 79.6
Usage 48.3% 21.5% 7.8% 22.4%

Dakota Hudson

Strikeouts are a big part of today’s game but not so much for Dakota Hudson who has the 3rd lowest strikeout rate out of 147 pitchers with at least 70 innings pitched this season. His walk rate isn’t good, either. But he gets a high rate of grounders and keeps the ball in the ballpark.

Hudson has weird splits. Not shown below is that his ERA on the road is 5.05 compared to just 3.25 at home. But he also has weird righty/lefty splits. He’s a righty, and lefties walk more often than they strike out against him, but they don’t do anything at all when they make contact as they are hitting just .228 and slugging just .317 against him. They do walk often, giving them a good on-base percentage, though. Righties make plenty of contact against him, too, and they hit for a nice .287 average against him, but with all of the grounders they don’t slug much.


RHH 271 68 10 0 6 22 38 .287 .353 .405
LHH 241 46 10 1 2 33 32 .228 .346 .317

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 91.4 91.9 87.9 86.5 80.4
Usage 19.3% 35.8% 27.1% 4.2% 13.5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 78°, cloudy, 10% chance of rain

News and Notes

Derek Law up, Ross Detwiler DFA’d

The Reds have called up Derek Law from Triple-A today and he’s taking the place in the bullpen of Ross Detwiler who was designated for assignment. We’ve got more on both of those moves if you’re interested in reading about them.

Joey Votto on his surgery, future

Earlier today we shared the entire 15-minute video of Joey Votto speaking to the media about his surgery and moving forward with the Cincinnati Reds. You can go watch it here.

105 Responses

  1. Patrick

    That’s going to be tough pitching with no catcher!

    • Doug Gray

      I need a vacation lol. I haven’t had an off day since February. I’m running on fumes.

    • Melvin

      I thought maybe a new strategy. 😉 If I had to keep track of as many things I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do as well.

  2. Old-school

    With Moose out at 3b and DH and Votto out at 1b, it looks like Fraley, Friedl,Senzel,Aquino ,and Fairchild will take 4 spots daily at OF/DH with Senzel getting some infield too occasionally. Barrero is out again after a horrific slump.

    Much like DJ is charged with developing Greene,Ashcraft, and Lodolo- its Zinter’s job to get hitting production at the MLB level and firmly on his shoulders to get Barrero to hit. Barrero is out of the lineup again. I would imagine Barrero is getting some time off to work with Zinter in the tunnels and course correct this awful slump. Something has to give with both.

    • Doc

      How can one call this a Barerro slump. This is what he has done each time he has been called up over the past three seasons. He is young, but so far his entire MLB career is not favorably impressive offensively.

  3. Melvin

    Is Barrero hurt? Looks like we’ve got 3B covered pretty well tonight. Catching however may be a little lacking. 😉

    • Jim Walker

      This is the second of two days of “mental rest” prescribed for Barrero by Bell. Sounds like he did some stuff on the field this afternoon and could be available for other than full all out emergency use tonight if a correct situation arises.

      Otherwise, he probably returns to the lineup tomorrow unless there is a change in plan.

  4. Bet on Red

    Dunn improving over starts. Really looking for a QS from him tonight, if he can get more, then great

  5. Ron

    What I can’t understand is the train wreck the starting pitchers are. Why sign Anderson, add hin to the 40 man roster, then start him yesterday if he was working out of the bullpen in the minors all year. And dont give me some bull about service time and player development or hurting their confidence. Even minor leaguers are professionals. According to many we should wait until 2024 to add players, how do you think they will contend starting 4 or 5 rookies. Bring them up now and get them the experience.

    • Doug Gray

      He wasn’t working out of the bullpen all year. He worked out of the bullpen for a month. There are no prospects in the minors that are remotely ready to step into the big leagues right now as starting pitchers. Between the big leagues and Triple-A the Reds have 16 pitchers on the injured list, and that doesn’t include Brandon Williamson who left his start on Sunday with an injury.

      • Ron

        Then have another bullpen day it ended up that way anyway. By the way anyone out of the Cincinati area can listen to the radio broadcast on WLW using the Iheart radio

      • Doug Gray

        You can’t have a bullpen day every day. They’ve already got a reliever starting every 5 days and have absolutely no depth in the rotation.

  6. Mark Moore

    TJ certainly is putting the bat on the ball. Didn’t get quite enough of that one, but still he’s showing us something.

  7. JB

    Cardinals have had one(1) losing season since 2000. Reds have had 17 counting this year. That’s all you need to know about what organization has a better Front Office.

  8. Mark Moore

    Chalk one up for The Lettuce Guy!!

  9. Bet on Red

    Lopez gets a hit, Lettuce gets a homer….obviously its to the bench with both of them

  10. Mark Moore

    So far, we’re enjoying facing Hudson. That’s a good thing, right?

  11. Bet on Red

    Now fraley and india work another run….. Bench the whole lot

  12. Bet on Red

    now Farmer!!!! Think about the DFA’s…. What about the DFA’s

  13. VaRedsFan

    Opposite field hitting everywhere tonight. They really score a lot of runs when the occasionally use this approach. It’s like they want to try other ways to hit (fail), when they try to pull everything out of the park.

    • Ron

      Can you get the reds on the radio if not try the iheart radio ap

  14. Mark Moore

    Everybody hits, everybody scores, everybody gets benched tomorrow. It will be a new kind of “bullpen game” all the way around 😀

  15. Mark Moore

    Friedl with his second hard hit bad luck tonight. I’m thinking he’ll join the hit parade soon enough.

  16. Mark Moore

    Another GIDP by the guys. I do love seeing that.

  17. Old-school

    NIck Senzel tore his labrum in his R shoulder in 2019. He’s not been the same player since. He has no power and his arm is weak. Hes hitting weak grounders to the pitcher ? Senzel needs a physical and a shoulder MRI. Hes a shadow of his former self. Hes not going to volunteer his R shoulder isnt 100%. Hes making 1.2 mil and fighting for a job next year.

    Shoulder injuries sap power. Ask Geno and Votto.

    • Kevin H

      Didn’t he have a shoulder issue last season as well?

      This is his 4th year in the league. I do think next season is a make or break season for him. You maybe right about his lack of power and weakness. Somethings needs to change or looked into

      • Old-school

        That was the left shoulder. I’m just looking at his weak R arm from CF and hitting and focused on the R. Labrum tears are a big deal. Throwing Shoulder injuries are a big deal.

        Nick…get your R shoulder looked at.

      • Old-school

        Sadly JB both. Hurt his left shoulder Opening Day 2021 minor, but then knee ended his season late May.

        The Right shoulder in 2019 was his most serious injury of his career and I think has altered his career as a right handed athlete with a good bat.

      • Doug Gray

        Wally – gonna be the only warning you get. That post was inappropriate.

      • Doug Gray

        Ron, stick to posting about baseball.

  18. JB

    See you in a week Lopez. Thanks for the hits.

    • Ron

      No what Dunn out after 4 innings and just 63 pitches

  19. Old-school

    Dunn removed and animated discussion with Bell and in the clubhouse.

    • Doc

      If he is not hurt then Bell needs to be managing at Daytona since that is the way he handles pitchers. Four innings and you are done.

      • Old-school

        I stepped out but heard the tail end of Jim Day. Someone comment who heard the whole thing but sounded like Jim was saying tough situation for a guy who missed 400 days.

  20. gusnwally

    Sadak says he is hitting 420, that is really hard to do. Barry concurs. It is especially hard when you have to by federal law, play guys hitting 214 and with a 295 OBP. But they make 16 mill.

  21. Bet on Red

    If Dunn goes on the IL, I am traveling to cinci and pitching. I need those game checks

  22. Mark Moore

    We’re talking aliens inbound within our solar system right now. Surprised Arrenado doesn’t have a bloody nose.

  23. Mark Moore

    GIDP that scores a run. Given it’s the WLB’s, I’ll take that even without the RBI.

    • Old-school

      Mark forgive me…Ive seen WLB’s forever in your posts,,,what is that?

      • Mark Moore

        I didn’t originate the term, but it stands for Whiny Little … uh … Birds (or something like that last word).

      • Old-school

        I apologize Mark and VA. I should have know that.

        Anyone else like Romine as a backup C?

      • Mark Moore

        I’m fine with The Lettuce Guy, especially in the current situation. He’s a veteran who has seen pretty much everything.

      • Old-school

        Brandon Phillips ages well. i was irritated at him his last year but he was good and entertaining and a competitor.

  24. RedsGettingBetter

    Deos Dunn have a setback? Just 4 innings and 62 pitches is not logical after he has been rising his count on innings and pitches …

  25. VaRedsFan

    Aquino stance change?? Or have been asleep?

    • Mark Moore

      Slightly less open, but bat still starts on the shoulder. So I’m not seeing any significant change, especially not one that will produce more hits.

      • Melvin

        Silver lining is at least he doesn’t have a K. 🙂

  26. Old-school

    Joey Votto coming back to the TV booth in 2nd inning tomorrow.

    Bat to Ball Lopez 3-3.

  27. Mark Moore

    Wow … Cowboy is really ripping on AA tonight. Just not letting up on him.

    • Old-school

      Mark- I am to AA as you are to Moose so I am not commenting. Not commenting.

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah … I’m pretty much right with you. My wife was asking why Cowboy was so negative. I told her he’s just tired of the shenanigans.

      • LDS

        Old-school, the differences between AA and Moose are significant. Neither can hit apparently, but AA is younger and cheaper, can actually field his position well, isn’t injured every month, and doesn’t look like Tojo Yamamoto running the bases.

      • JB

        Even Larkin ripping on AA. Seems to not want to listen to anybody. The hitting Robert Stephenson.

      • Old-school

        I’m not commenting on Aquino.
        Moose was the #2 pick in MLb draft and set the Royals HR record until Soler broke it and won a WS. Reds just messed up signing an old guy. Moose has had a great career…just not as a red.

        David bell should be fired though! Lol

      • LDS

        Perhaps, but who is he not listening to? Or is this just more planted stories like Zinter working with Barrero all day before he hits 2-HRs? I’m very skeptical of stories coming out of “affiliated” sources. They always have the feel of PR pieces from th3 Reds’ FO.

      • LDS

        Old-school, just not as a Red is something we’ve all gotten used to. I, for one, thought the Moustakas signing was a good move. I never imagined he’d more or less stop trying.

      • Old-school

        We agree LDS. Reds manipulate the media and no one is buying it this year.

      • LDS

        On a positive note, if Diaz learns to cut down on his BBs, he could be a big deal for the Reds.

  28. Bet on Red

    Lopes with a three-hit night, at this point I think missing person signs will be up tomorrow

  29. JB

    Might as well DFA Lopez now. No way he plays again this year.

  30. Kevin H

    Jumping the gun, however do the Reds have their catching tandem? Stephenson your DH?

      • Mark Moore

        I’m still thinking TySteve is our #1 catcher. But I hear what you are saying. Plus we really don’t know how the collar bone healing will impact his game. It’s not like the hips and Mesaraco, but it isn’t a nothing burger either.

        I like what I see from Chuckie so far. The Lettuce Guy is a solid veteran, but he’s also of an age that places him very near his expiration date.

        Consultant’s answer (from a consultant) … it depends.

    • Redsvol

      keep them all. We can’t have too much catching depth. Especially since Stephenson should be part time DH/1B.

  31. Melvin

    Lopez with another multi hit game. That’s not acceptable is it?

    • Mark Moore

      He’s headed to the bullpen … permanently.

      • Melvin

        Considering the DH that’s one way of keeping him “under control”. 🙂 Maybe he should get a start considering the pitching depth at the moment.

  32. Mark Moore

    Did Lopez just jai-lai that into Farm Dawg’s glove so he could complete the throw?

  33. DataDumpster

    Getting a little contentious but everybody is tired of the same nonsense from Bell, removing the hot hand. Of course Dunn could be injured, seemingly every other pitcher (except good ole’ Minor) has had a trip).
    This franchise needs a shock badly, like the ownership getting some backbone and giving David Bell and staff a very extended mental health break after the end of this season.

  34. Mark Moore


    We’re not asking much, guys … just those six without any theatrics or drama. Play some add-on if it helps take the pressure off.

    • Mark Moore

      That’s half of what we need to wrap this one up. Nicely done.

  35. Mark Moore

    Edman lucky that didn’t end up in the camera well or dugout.

  36. Mark Moore

    Thought we were going to get the mandatory BP walk there for a minute

  37. Mark Moore

    And it comes down to this … and Tyler O’Neil (UGH!)

  38. Mark Moore

    Aliens landing on the Ohio River … and everybody’s happy about it.

    Catch you all tomorrow night.

  39. Redsvol

    Excellent pitching performance by everyone tonight. Dunn making a case.

  40. DataDumpster

    Seems like the bullpen has gradually improved over the last couple of months and now some hitters have seemed to find their stroke. Lots of guys are player as if they were a few bad games away from a DFA or about to see their mediocre time in the majors literally run out of time.
    Of course, this is the case for a good 75% of the players now being used and out of this just maybe see a few more keepers for the “sorting”. The worst case scenario may be avoided if of course the coaching is there to nurture the long pull prospects.