The Cincinnati Reds have made a set of roster moves this afternoon. The team called up right-handed reliever Derek Law from Triple-A Louisville and they’ve designated reliever Ross Detwiler for assignment.

Three weeks ago Derek Law was a free agent and not in the Cincinnati Reds organization. Law had been with the Detroit Tigers, spending much of the year in the minor leagues with them at the Triple-A level where he posted a 3.23 ERA in 39.0 innings with 10 walks, 2 home runs allowed, and 44 strikeouts. In early August the 31-year-old was called up to the big leagues and pitched in two games for the Tigers where he allowed 1 earned run, was charged with 4 more unearned runs, gave up 4 hits, walked a batter, hit a batter, and struck out 2. He was then designated for assignment and after clearing waivers he chose to become a free agent.

Less than a week later he signed with the Reds and headed off to Triple-A Louisville.With the Bats he made six appearances and allowed a run in 8.0 innings while giving up 4 hits, walking 3 and striking out 3. Now he’s on his way back to the big leagues, where he’s pitched in parts of six seasons and throwing 183.1 innings with a career ERA of 4.22.

Ross Detwiler has had back-to-back outings where he’s given up runs. In the 14 games before those he allowed 2 runs in 13.0 innings. His ERA on August 24th was 3.00. A week later he’s being designated for assignment.

The last two outings have bumped his ERA up to 4.44 on the season where he’s allowed 5 home runs, 31 hits, 10 walks, and he’s picked up 28 strikeouts in his 26.1 innings pitched. At 36-years-old it seems unlikely that if he clears waivers that he would accept an outright to the minors and would instead opt to become a free agent and see if he could catch on somewhere else. Stranger things have happened, though, so we will have to wait and see.

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  1. Jim Walker

    First thought, who or what does Hunter Strickland or his agent have pictures of????

    • LDS

      Strickland, Anderson, to name a couple. Schrock sure crashed and burned in a short time. And I’m sure Law will be the answer, another Zeuch.

    • Jim Walker

      Here is what could find. Strickland is about 3 years younger than Detwiler and makes probably significantly more at $1.825m. Also according to Cot’s contracts, Strickland is under team control via arbitration for 2023 which in some crazy way might add to his value.

      Best guess here is what Doug said above. With so little of the season left to risk salary on, Detwiler is likely more likely to get claimed in waivers or refuse an outright assignment to look for a bigger check elsewhere. Meanwhile with around $300K still in the wind for 2022, Strickland is more likely to stick around and collect his money if outrighted. Every dollar counts I guess,

      • RedsGettingBetter

        I agree, I think something occured when Morán was called up instead of other more logic choice from a baseball point of view…

      • Earmbrister

        Who should’ve been called up instead of Moran? And why?

    • VaRedsFan

      That was my first thought Jim.
      How did Strickland make the team after Spring?
      How did he keep his job after failing time and time again?
      He used some magic pixie dust to have 1 good month, and has since reverted back to being pitiful.

      Reds reaction: “Hunter keeps his job”

      • Grand Salami

        Maybe he’s benefiting from first name confusion? Someone says let’s cut Hunter to which Krall responds that they’re crazy.

  2. Kevin H

    Confused by this transaction and yes to the above comments. Detwiller had a good season. Minus last two outings. So this makes no sense.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    One of the problems of Detwiler showed, I think, was he couldn’t dominate the lefties , being hit frequently by them…

  4. David

    Well, so this is re-building? Re-cycling a lot of over-30 relievers.

    I guess there’s a plan to all this…..somewhere.

    Meanwhile, Fernando Cruz, who has pitched pretty well in relief for the Riverbats (23 saves) does not get called. I know he is no spring chicken at 32, but you just might recognize someone in your organization that is doing well.

  5. Redsvol

    We are in burn thru minor league free agent pitcher mode until the end of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring 1 in for a week, DFA them, and then since and repeat weekly. We can afford to lose some of these veteran bullpen pitchers who won’t have a place on the 2023 team – Warren, Strickland, Farmer, Kuhnel. They can all be DFA’ed with very little loss.