The Cincinnati Reds have designated Max Schrock for assignment, optioned right-handed reliever Dauri Moreta to Triple-A Louisville, and called up right-handed pitcher Chase Anderson and added him to the 40-man roster.

We all knew that the move to add Chase Anderson to the 40-man roster was coming. He has been listed as the probable starting pitcher for Monday evening’s game for a few days and he wasn’t on the roster. Of course, Anderson wasn’t even in the organization a week ago, either. He opted out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays and became a free agent, then quickly signed with the Reds who added him to their taxi squad over the weekend.

Max Schrock’s 2022 season was one that he would like to forget. Late in spring training he strained his calf muscle. He would miss the first six weeks of the season before beginning a rehab assignment in Triple-A Louisville on May 28th. He would utilize every bit of his available rehab time before returning to the big league roster on June 17th. He spent two weeks in the big leagues, going 4-25, before being optioned back to Triple-A. He didn’t stay there long, being called up 10 days later but during the All-Star break he was optioned back to Triple-A. Eight days later he fouled a ball off of his kneecap and broke it. He’s been on the injured list ever since.

While the move of Max Schrock off of the 40-man roster cleared an opening there for Chase Anderson the team still needed to make a spot on the 26-man big league roster. For that to happen they optioned reliever Dauri Moreta back to Triple-A. He’s been back-and-forth this season between Triple-A and the big leagues with Cincinnati. His most recent stint with the Reds was for one single outing when he threw 1.1 perfect innings last week against the Phillies. In July he pitched in nine games with the Reds and allowed runs in just one of them, but it was a tough one as he allowed four earned runs in the 10th inning of a loss to the Mets. That is one of only two games he’s allowed runs in for the Reds since his initial demotion back to Louisville in mid-May. He’s thrown in 16 games for Cincinnati since and posted a 3.00 ERA in 18.0 innings with three walks and 16 strikeouts since.

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  1. Magnum 44

    And the Max Schrock love affair begins in 3…2…1

  2. LDS

    Schrock will be 28 shortly. I doubt he’s part of the Reds’ future plans. That ship has probably sailed with a bunch of other guys on the 40.

    • Redsvol

      the guys is snake bit by injuries the last 2 years. 2022 was his opportunity and unfortunately injuries prevented him from seizing it. He’s been passed up by Lopez and eventually Spencer Steer.

      If the front office doesn’t bring Solano back – which I hope they do – then he might have that to latch onto. Also, Matt Reynolds is a better super-sub and can play shortstop adequately.

      • LDS

        Reynolds, Senzel, Farmer – pick one. How Darrel Chaneys does one team need?

    • Votto4life

      Seems like a fair number of them have been at one time or another.

  3. VaRedsFan

    Why not keep Moretta and send Strickland packing.

    • David

      Moretta is still young and has options. And Strickland…well. David Bell made him his “closer”, and then, he wasn’t. He’s been pretty bad on some occasions. Which is about most of the bullpen, as a matter of fact.
      And, I think we will see Moretta again this season.

      I think he (Strickland) still has something left to end this season, but I hope they don’t bring him back next year. That would be nuts.

      • Chris

        If you mean something left, as in giving up runs, then yes, I agree. Strickland is beyond bad.

  4. Andy

    The reds will rue rhe day they let Max Schrock go….. dude can roll out of bed and hit .350.

    He rolls out of bed because his legs don’t work but he hits .350 nonetheless

    • Redgoggles

      Optimistic take on a player with a career .299 MINOR league average. He wasn’t part of the problem this year, but neither is he part of the next winning team.

      • Maloney63

        Well, he did hit about 1.000 in spring training!