Tonight the Cincinnati Reds will begin a new series after being swept in four games by the Philadelphia Phillies. Cincinnati head to Washington, D.C. to take on the Nationals. Mike Minor will take the mound for the Reds. The Nationals will be sending Cade Cavalli to the mound to make his big league debut. First pitch is set for 7:05pm ET. This game is the free game of the day for those who are out of market.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s game:

Cincinnati Reds

Washington Nationals

Jake Fraley – DH Lane Thomas – LF
Jonathan India – 2B Luis Garcia – 2B
Kyle Farmer – 3B Joey Meneses – RF
Donovan Solano – 1B Luke Voit – 1B
TJ Friedl – CF Nelson Cruz – DH
Aristides Aquino – RF Keibert Ruiz – C
Stuart Fairchild – LF CJ Abrams – SS
Jose Barrero – SS Ildemaro Vargas – 3B
Chuckie Robinson – C Victor Robles – CF
Mike Minor – SP Cade Cavalli – SP

Jonathan India is back in the lineup after dealing with continued issues with his leg swelling after being hit by a pitch in the Field of Dreams game. Nick Senzel is out of the lineup after clearing having some issues with his hamstring last night in Philadelphia.

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor 72.2 6.44 1.61 29 59
Cade Cavalli (AAA) 97.0 3.71 1.18 39 104
Links: Mike Minor’s Stats | Cade Cavalli’s Stats

Mike Minor

Managers still aren’t giving many chances for their left-handed hitters to face Mike Minor, but when they do get the chance they are hitting for a little bit of power. They aren’t hitting many singles and they aren’t getting on base, though. Right-hnaded hitters, however, are crushing the ball against him with a .312 average and a slugging percentage pushing .600.


RHH 252 68 20 0 14 25 42 .312 .393 .596
LHH 86 20 3 0 4 4 17 .244 .279 .427

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 90.4 85.2 84.2 78.8
Usage 42.4% 23.1% 24.8% 9.6%

Cade Cavalli’s

If you look at the overall numbers for Cade Cavalli in Triple-A this year you might see a bunch of solid numbers, but nothing that really jumps out at you. But he’s basically had two seasons. For the first five weeks he struggled, posting a 7.62 ERA. In the 13 starts he’s made since then he’s allowed two home runs in 68.2 innings with a 2.10 ERA while holding batters to a .189/.277/.256 line.

Splits (AAA)

RHH 204 37 9 0 1 14 50 .204 .289 .271
LHH 197 38 8 1 2 25 54 .226 .325 .321

Pitch Usage

With no big league time we don’t have the same kind of pitch use data for him as we usually would. With that said, here’s what Baseball America had to say about the 52nd ranked prospect in minor league baseball (rankings as of August 8th): His fastball works in the 95-97 MPH range and has touched higher. He also has both a curveball and a slider/cutter. All three of those pitches grade out as above-average to plus. He also throws a solid change up.

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:05pm ET
  • Where: Nationals Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 87°, cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

It would seem that there’s not much newsy or notey happening today.

95 Responses

  1. RedsGettingBetter

    Jesus Aguilar was DFA’d by Marlins. Could he be considered by the Reds to pick him up? He likes to homer in GABP and plays 1B but he is a vulnerable hitter too…

  2. Melvin

    No Steer with Moose, Senzel, and India hobbling around????

  3. Old-school

    I would put the over/under on tonight’s starting lineup on the 2023 Opening Day Roster against the Pirates at 4 and I would take the under.

    This is why Reds fans are frustrated. Cant root for anyone.

    • Jim Walker

      Talk about inflation, a month ago a person could have seen six of the nine playing in the same lineup for the price of a Louisville Bats ticket.

  4. Bet on Red

    and for me and mark, its the find a VPN or other viewing medium as both of us are “somehow” while in NC, I am in the Nationals market lol

    • Mark Moore

      I set my VPN to Canada and all that did was make the browser barf when I tried to load up the video feed.

      So I’m missing the 1st inning fun.

    • VaRedsFan

      You must have cut the cable chord?
      MASN is on basic cable up here in VA.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I’m in Bristol TN so all the Reds gane require a VPN for me to watch, not sure how I’m expected to go to home games nearly 6 hours away from the stadium.

  5. DHud

    How is Solano not standing on second.

    • PTBNL

      it didn’t go into the dugout or camera well and the catcher was backing up the play

      • DHud

        Never saw the catcher – must have missed it I guess

        Did see the first baseman just lay down in the middle of the field

      • PTBNL

        That first baseman was the idiot that took out Stephenson

  6. Mark Moore

    VPN and an incognito browsing window and I’m watching the game 😀

      • Bet on Red

        and do you have to pay for the VPN

      • Mark Moore

        My VPN is part of my Norton stuff. As for the Incognito browser, you can open pretty much any browser using that setting. Heck, it might have worked without the VPN. I may have to try that.

        Incognito is usually a right-click option from the icon showing on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

      • Bet on Red

        and just like that, I am in the Caribbean

      • Mark Moore

        Experiment complete for me. VPN says I’m in Canada. Using the Incognito (Chrome) browser option. That combo works.

  7. Mark Moore

    Cavalli isn’t quite to Mr. T level with his neck jewelry 😀

  8. Mark Moore

    Minor “cruising” through the first two facing the Nationals Futures Game line-up.

  9. Old-school

    This just in.
    Donnie Barrels can hit.

  10. Mark Moore

    2 runs good. 4 runs better. Keep piling them on, guys.

  11. Old-school

    Anyone heard of this De La Cruz guy in AA?
    Hes 2-3 with a homer and hitting .330 with an OPS over 1.000

    At what point do you move him to the OF. ITs obvious the reds have no current franchise OF the next 5 years at AAA or MLB.

    Isnt it time to move Elly to OF? You cant just switch at MLB

    • LarkinPhillips

      Not sure about the OF yet,but he should be in AAA before the season is over.

      • Doc

        How long has he been at AA, and does that qualify as a small sample size?

      • Redsvol

        The Braves have shown us all there is no need for a AAA assignment for young players capable of tearing up AA. They have brought up several the last 3 years. I believe the Mets have also by passed AAA with their third baseman. They won’t necessarily have great first years but they hold their own. As long as they know how to play defense, bring them up.

    • JB

      True but why not leave him at short?He is better than Barrero.

      • Old-school

        I honestly dont know. never seen him play other than highlights. Hes made a lot of errors but lots of big time prospects do that too in A/AA.

        I guess I’m starving for a 5 tool CF like Eric Davis or Griffey and see a guy who can anchor an OF and leap over the wall and throw guys out at the plate and steal bases and hit. Reds havent had that in forever.

        They seem to have potential depth at SS. The OF is completely barren.

        BTW, that SS play by Barrero was unreal.

    • VaRedsFan

      My hopes are all of spring training and a month at AAA….call up to the Reds.
      Best case….be so go at it, in Spring while still hitting….opening day 2023.
      I can dream.

  12. Mark Moore

    I think he’s out – he lifted his “oven mitt”. Thrall and Cowboy are going a little philosophical about “Is this what challenges are really about?”

    • VaRedsFan

      I’ve never liked replay on micro-second non-contact with a bag.

  13. Bet on Red

    thrall and cowboy now talking about the rapper bad bunny

    • Mark Moore

      It’s almost hilarious. Loving Cowboy’s reactions.

  14. Mark Moore

    A little luck, a little pitcher fatigue … we’ll take it however it comes

  15. JB

    I see our favorite relief pitcher Doolittle in the Washington dugout.

  16. Mark Moore

    AA had one job there … and he executed nicely.

  17. Bet on Red

    I thought Aquino couldnt hit….

    • JB

      I’m just wondering who will have the highest BA at the end of the season. Aquino or Barrero.

    • Melvin

      Ssshhh. Don’t tell him. You might spoil it.

  18. Mark

    Why is Fairchild in the lineup? He’s not good???!!!! Hopkins CANNOT be worse.

    • Mark Moore

      Only because he’s on the 40-man I reckon.

  19. LDS

    Just checked the score. Reds up 7-1, Minor creeping up on another victory. And AA has been on base 2-3 times with 3 RBIs? Wow, I didn’t realize there were teams this much worse than the Reds.

  20. Mark Moore

    Yep. I get you go on contact, but NOT when it’s right up the 3B line.

  21. Old-school

    2003 tigers worst team in 70 years.
    2018 Orioles second worst.
    2019 tigers 3rd worst.
    2022 nationals 4th worst team since the 1952 Pirates and they arent done yet. They are 42 games under .500 and 37 games out of first in late august.

  22. Mark Moore

    This is the Minor we all hoped we would see. I get the Nats pretty much stink, but he’s being pitch efficient and throwing strikes that aren’t always BP.

  23. Mark Moore

    I just realized I’m getting Canadian political commercials in with the standard advertising fare.


  24. RedsGettingBetter

    The case of Chuckie Robinson makes me remember in some way the Okey’s … Okey was called up and shortly after that meant his final with the Reds…

    • JB

      Somehow Papierski is kept on the 40. Like teams will tripping over themselves trying to pick up a slow , can’t hit, noodle arm catcher.

  25. Dennis Westrick

    Let me guess! Bell will leave Minor in this game until he gives up his normal 5 or 6 runs!

  26. Mark Moore

    Nice cover by Minor there to get the out. Solo HRs don’t kill you on a night like this.

  27. LDS

    Fraley’s hitting over the last week plus has slipped and he’s SO about 30% of the time. India on the other hand is slightly better on his hitting and has SO only once in the last 26 PAs. Maybe Bell needs to swap the two of them again.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Unfortunately, that would require Mr. Bell to make an intelligent decision which would be the first during his tenure in Cincinnati.

      • LDS

        But if the Reds are going to be an analytics driven team, that’s what the numbers say. In truth, as I said earlier, Fraley would be riding the pine tonight.

      • Melvin

        We all know analytics don’t tell the whole story don’t we?

      • Doc

        Switching India to 2B and batting leadoff last year seems to me to have been a pretty good decision by Bell.

    • Melvin

      Fraley had to wait a couple of days when a lefty was on the mound and cooled off after that as I recall. Never set a hot hitter in my view especially with the situation the Reds are in. That’s like pouring cold water on your own player. Often it’s not about what arm a pitcher is throwing with but rather how the hitter is seeing the ball.

      • LDS

        Bell only sees the arms. On more than one occasion, he’s gone with a right handed hitter against a lefty pitcher, despite having left handed hitters on the bench that hit for a higher average than who he plays. I don’t think he pays much attention to the numbers at all. It’s instinct and judgment both of which fall short in my view.

  28. RedsGettingBetter

    Minor couldn´t leave this game giving no homers up. By the way , he can’t lower his ERA from 6.00… I think there will be a team party when he achieves it… if he really will do it anytime…

  29. Mark Moore

    Nice stroke, TJ. Great heads-up kicking it into another gear and getting the triple.

    • JB

      He will be sitting tomorrow for this outburst .

  30. Melvin

    At least Aquino hit it hard the other way. Just right at someone.

  31. Mark Moore

    105 pitches, but he’s not looking fatigued at all. Do you let him start the 8th given how he’s performed and the fact that the Nats are swinging aggressively?

  32. DataDumpster

    By previous stats alone, nobody (except the FO) was fooled into thinking that Minor was going to be anything more than an innings-eater at best. I have always liked his approach though, quick and business-like with good cadence and decent pitch selection. However, you could count on at least a few floaters which got destroyed. A very good outing here, nice to see it and happy for him, but he goes away in the soft parade at the end of the season like the other 40% of the 40 man.

  33. Roger Garrett

    I didn’t even know Cishek was still around.Got to something for these young guys to see 77 mph sliders.

    • Mark Moore

      Minor threw a 78 mph breaking ball that almost looked like an ephus.

  34. Mark Moore

    OK, Strickland issued the mandatory BB. Now he can knuckle down and finish them off.

  35. DHud

    Woof, I was beginning to question reality with Minor going 7 quality innings

    Thank goodness Strickland walked the first batter…let me know that life is still real

  36. Dennis Westrick

    Strickland just had to walk the lead off batter in a game where you need 6 more outs for a much needed win! Nice!

  37. VaRedsFan

    Strickland keeps his string of sucking for 20 out of the 24 weeks this season.
    He might be more of a tragic signing than Minor

  38. Mark Moore

    Minor has to be saying, “What more could I have done?”

  39. Melvin

    Not a good feeling at the moment. 🙂

  40. JB

    Nats have Doolittle and the Reds have Strickland.

  41. Dennis Westrick

    One Nelson Cruz long ball away from getting back in the game! Time for Diaz!

  42. LDS

    And so ends the Strickland streak of scoreless appearances. Stick with him long enough and we’ll have a game.

  43. LDS

    And he’s faced the minimum, why’s he still in there?

  44. Mark Moore

    Nice turn guys. Really needed that GIDP.

  45. Melvin

    Barrero with a good turn and powerful arm to turn two there.

  46. Mark Moore

    Looked like India was running better on that one. Maybe the rest did him some good afterall.

  47. Mark Moore

    I guess the positive takeaway from Strickland’s mess is he won’t be available tomorrow.

  48. Dennis Westrick

    Well, we got our one (1) win for the week!

  49. LDS

    I don’t think Diaz has pitched since he blew the save on Tuesday. Might have been an opportunity to get him an inning.

  50. Doc

    Minor strong.
    3-4-5-6 productive spots in the order.
    Barerro only struck out 25% of his ABs, well below his season average.

    Lots of good things tonight.