The Cincinnati Reds snapped a 4-game losing streak by beating up on Cade Cavalli in his major league debut on Friday night. Mike Minor put together his best start of the year and helped Cincinnati to a 7-3 victory over the Washington Nationals to begin their weekend set in the nation’s capital.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (49-75)
7 9 0
Washington Nationals (42-84)
3 8 2
W: Minor (3-10) L: Cavalli (0-1)
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The Offense

Cincinnati welcomed Cade Cavalli to the big leagues in a rude way. In the 1st inning they put up two runs on a single by Donovan Solano and a double by TJ Friedl to grab a lead that they would never relinquish. Two innings later a single by Jonathan India was followed by back-to-back doubles from Kyle Farmer and Solano to double up their lead and make it 4-0. Two innings later the bases were loaded when Erasmo Ramirez took over for Cavalli, but that made no difference as Aristides Aquino doubled over the left fielder’s head and cleared the bases to put the Reds up 7-1. Cincinnati wouldn’t score again from there, but they didn’t need to.

The Pitching

It’s been a tough season for Mike Minor, but on Friday night he was able to put that behind him as he put together his best start of the season. He allowed a run on two hits in the 3rd inning as the Reds lead shrunk to 4-1. And then in the 6th inning he allowed a solo home run, but that was all he’d give up in 7.0 innings as he registered seven strikeouts without a walk and his second quality start of the season.

Hunter Strickland took over for Cincinnati in the 8th and allowed a run on two hits and a walk as the Nationals cut into the Reds lead at 7-3. Buck Farmer came out for the 9th and worked around a 2-out walk to seal the win.

Notes Worth Noting

Since being called up back to the big leagues TJ Friedl has hits in 8 of the 10 games he’s played in (and walked one that he didn’t) and is hitting .385/.469/.731 with 3 strikeouts.

Jonathan India extended his hitting streak to nine games as he went 2-3 with a walk and three runs scored.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Washington Nationals

Saturday August 27th, 7:05pm ET

Luis Cessa (3-2, 5.67 ERA) vs Paolo Espino (0-5, 4.31 ERA)

49 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Hats off to Minor for pitching a good game.

  2. Redsvol

    I didn’t watch game, I know his line stunk but did Barerro at least look better?

    Again, we need to try and extend Solano for 2-3 years. Plays a ton of positions adequately and best hitter on this team.

    Good games by Minor & Friedl. Friedl has really improved his slugging % since being sent down to Louisville. He is starting to look like more of a keeper than Aquino.

    • Rednat

      i agree. i hope they extend Solano but it seems like reds management don’t value these type of players that hit for average but don’t hit a lot of homers. Felipe Lopez and Jose Iglesias have been examples of players i felt they should have resigned but didn’t. Not sure if it is a sabermetric issue or they just feel they will be too expensive but it drives me nuts. Freddy Galvis over Jose Iglesias? Royce Clayton over Felipe Lopez? real head scratchers to me

      • wkuchad

        Felipe Lopez? Seriously?

        I watched most every game he played with the Reds. One of the worst defensive players I can remember, and his offense came no where close to making up for the terrible defense. He did have one good offensive year for the Reds, which gave me hope, but he never panned out.

      • Bill

        I don’t think it has anything to do with not valuing that type of player. They valued Solano enough to give him $4.5 million this year. Iglesias has had a couple of good years but no real history of anything spectacular. The Reds aren’t signing big contracts to guys like that.

        I’m sure they would love to sign Solano to a short term contract, but I suspect he wants a longer contract with higher AAV than the Reds are comfortable with. It’s just like Drury, the Reds started extension talks but it went nowhere. The smart move for the player is free agency, then if there are no better offers re-sign with the Reds

      • VaRedsFan

        For the millionth time. Galvis already had a contract. Iggy was a free agent. They had to pay Galvis…he played SS. They weren’t going to pay both. They were redundant, even though Iggy was better.

    • SteveAreno

      Solano is certainly the best. I’m afraid that will mean the owners will try to get big money for him and move on.

      • Bill

        How are the owners going to get money for Solano. Sell his kidneys on the black market?

    • Luke J

      Barrero hit a laser beam to right that was riggt at the rightfielder. It’s clear he’s really working on going the other way and laying off the bad sliders low and away. With his work ethic and skill, I truly believe it will click one day. Thay said, they brought in a submarining righty with a sweeping slider and he was no match that at bat. But he did manage to reach the low and away slider and roll it to short. He also struck out on a slider on an 0-2 count, so that at bad was bad. I see progress though if I look closely. He’s obviously working on making adjustments.

    • VaRedsFan

      Y’all know Solano turns 35 in December right? He is a good player that could help a team ready to contend.

    • Jimbo44CN

      YOu should have watched the game, yes, Friedl had a couple of hits, but made a couple of questionable plays in the outfield. He really doent’ have the arm for CF. Aquino on the other hand drove in 3 runs, bases loaded on a double off the wall at 109 mph.

  3. JayTheRed

    Game thoughts.

    Minor pitched a nice game. He seems to be getting better as the season goes along. I am not saying sign him for next season but thanks for the quality start.

    Strickland scared me tonight thought he was going to give up too many runs.

    1st game for the Reds I actually watched the whole game in like a month.

    Solano is a good player all season. Wouldn’t mind a one- or two-year deal on him

    Both Farmers on the team just give you quality overall each night they play.

    • VaRedsFan

      Amazing how good Minor could be if he pitched against the Pirates and Nats every game.

      • David

        Yes, there’s that. 🙂
        Minor will look pretty good against teams with a lower than average team OPS.

  4. Rednat

    baseball can be fun to watch when 2 teams with equal payrolls/talent play each other. when it is a heavyweight vs a lightweight, not so much

  5. Doc4uk

    Really should be a AAAA league and then the high Major League . Over half of the teams have zero chance to win a pennant or a World Series even before the season begins.

    If you had a league just with KC, Nats, Pirates, Baltimore, DBacks, Rockies, Miami, Tigers, Rangers, Indians, and Reds. That is a league where the Reds could compete. They will never compete with the teams that can spend over 200 million because even if they get enough good young players to compete, they will be forced to sell them off when they are arbitration eligible. Then the cycle of mediocrity starts again!

    • Jim t

      @doc without a salary cap that is what MLB is facing.

      • Jim Walker

        The CBT is functioning as at least a beginning of a soft cap. What they need next is a hard floor. The owners can do that on their own, or at the least, it is hard to see the MLBPA barking about it as long as they are not going to give up something to get it.

        They could also add some bite to the floor by stipulating that the three teams closest to the floor get a reduced share of any competitive balance revenue sharing payments they otherwise would have qualified to receive.

      • BK

        The CBT level, or soft cap, is too high for most teams. I’ve laid out the numbers before; it’s WAY higher than those in the NFL or NBA when adjusted for league revenue. Functionally, it’s a soft cap for 6-8 teams, and it is the principal driver destroying competitive balance in MLB.

        I agree MLB needs a salary floor, but the Owners would be crazy to implement that unilaterally w/out getting something back.

      • Jim Walker

        @BK, Not sure what your numbers are based on? What I’ve seen indicates a lower percentage of total revenue in MLB ends up going to players’ salaries and the % going to the players has actually decreased over the last decade.

        Thinking back to the end of the recent lockout, reportedly the settlement was nearly wrecked at the 11th hour by a group of outlier owners based largely if not totally on philosophical and ideological reasons, among them the Reds ownership.

        This outlier group did not have the votes to literally block the proposed agreement but bullied the other owners into making changes to get “unanimous” approval. The mainstream owners could send this group a clear message about the direction they want to take by initiating a floor outside of CBA negotiations.

      • Jim Walker

        @BK, I think a cap and floor system that all teams were subject to would improve competitive balance in MLB. The lack of such a system is hurting competitive balance.

        However, I do not understand how the CBT system is making things worse than they would be if it was not in place. The fact mega market teams are trying to avoid the CBT penalties seems to indicate things would be worse and not better if it were not in place.

        In summary, is CBT the answer to MLB’s competitive woes, no; but neither is it the driver of destruction as I see it.

      • BK

        @Jim, sorry, just don’t have the time to lay out the numbers for you. As I said, I laid out the number several times during the lockout.

        Look at total revenues for the NFL, NBA, and MLB, then look at their caps per team. MLB’s cap is the highest by far. NFL has much higher revenue–should lead to a higher cap figure than the MLB, which has lower revenue–it does not.

        CBT levels only restrain the spending of a few teams. Moreover, I didn’t say the CBT should be eliminated; it’s too high (and was too high before the latest CBT). I agree if it were eliminated, competitive balance would likely take a bigger hit. It’s not the CBT itself that is problematic, but it’s by far (and I mean by a lot) too high to encourage competitive behavior.

        It gives large market teams that can afford to spend a structural advantage over most other teams. It’s quite possible the group of “ideological” owners you reference understood that the CBA they were ratifying would hurt competition further. Painful for us to go through a lockout, but this agreement did nothing more than throw little spiderman Band-Aids on a gushing wound. Just because our Owner has proved wanting while running the Reds, doesn’t mean that he’s misdiagnosed the causes of competitive imbalance in MLB.

      • BK

        @ Jim, one more point, you made the point the players have been getting a smaller cut of the revenues over time. I think this is true. It’s been widely reported. Where is the serious analysis to explain why the best contracts keep getting better, both in terms of AAV and total value, but the players get a smaller cut. I would argue the poor competitive landscape costs the players money as a group. They simply aren’t willing to make the CBA tradeoffs necessary to solve the problem.

        Other leagues have solved this problem through guaranteed revenue sharing, caps and floors. If Ownership unilaterally does as you suggest, prepare for a long work stoppage. It will signal Ownership is determined to force the MLBPA to negotiate a contract more akin to the ones with the NFL, NHL and NBA.

  6. Irishmike

    It’s decision-making by management. Compared to some of them, Minor’s been a bargain at 2.5 million per victory. I certainly no one same would consider resigning him!

  7. GreatRedLegsFan

    For Solano, it’s only 176 AB but it’s amazing to see such a hefty batting average. Also, Friedl is making a strong case into 2023 opening roster.

  8. Jim t

    Considering today’s game is a bull pen game getting 7 innings out of Minor was very nice.

  9. TR

    Until this year, I was not aware of Mike Minor although he’s been around quite awhile (11 years) with an almost .500 overall record. As a free agent in his age 35 season, Minor could be a good signing as a late inning lefty to strengthen the Red’s bullpen.

    • JayTheRed

      You know that is not a terrible idea.

  10. Hotto4Votto

    Happy to see Friedl get the opportunity to play. That’s what I was hoping for post trade deadline. Glad to see he’s taking advantage so far, hope he keeps it up.

  11. Mark A Verticchio

    Fraley was hot and Bell sat him out, not a good idea. When a player is hot he should play regardless of the match up. Bell’s managerial record 238 – 270. Why do people still support him? I realize he had very limited resources this but, even with the talent he had last year he only won 83 games.

    • wkuchad

      Maybe he’s been hot because Bell plays him with certain matchups, or gives him the occasional break.

      It’s not an issue of supporting Bell or not. It’s just some of the criticisms against him are over the top ridiculous.

    • BK

      Bell sat him against LHP starters … check out Fraley’s splits … he’s never been hot against LHP.

    • Melvin

      Being hot doesn’t necessarily mean matchups. It could very well just mean he’s seeing the ball well. Taking him out a few games could change that.

  12. Bill

    I don’t really care if Bell is the guy or not, but no one is winning with this roster. What good does it do to pay big money for the team to be a 70 win team instead of a 65 win team. Next year will be more of the same. He is under contract until 2023, which happens to align with all the big contracts coming off the books. 2024 is the time to go a different direction unless Krall can trade Bell for a coaching prospect

    • Steven Ross

      Comedy. Good one. A coaching prospect. Wish I thought of it.

  13. LeRoy

    In the Reds current rotation situation, I can’t believe I’m looking forward to Minor’s turn to pitch. A new low for watching Cincinnati baseball.

    • David

      I know it is painful. But Hunter Greene is still expected to start again before the season is out, and so is Ashcraft.
      Ashcraft, Lodolo, Greene and now Dunn seems to be rounding into shape. It’s something to look forward to for the last few weeks of the season and going into next year.

      And who knows? Maybe Overton will come back to pitch this season too. Okay, let’s not get too crazy here.

  14. Steven Ross

    Solano is a professional hitter. Mentioned this weeks ago yet he’s gotten even better. Not sure how he fits into the mix for next year but love to see him return. He’s great to watch.

    Friedl!! How has he not earned a right for more PT next year? It’ll be fun watching him the rest of the season.

    Mike Minor: 5th starter, around 10 & 10 with 5.50 ERA. I think we have better options for next year.

    A hidden blessing having Votto & Moose out. Opens the door for others to play.

    • Doc

      How about fit him in as a special hitting coach, a well paid one who travels to all levels and works one on one with assigned prospects.

      • Mark Moore

        They don’t pay coaches that much at any level.

  15. Mark Moore

    The win felt good last night. 2x so because Minor pitched well for 7 full innings.

    Today is a crap-shoot given it’s a BP effort. You figure 3 from Cessa will feel “good” if he can do it in under 50 pitches. Just seems that’s asking a lot.

    I saw where 3M is back on the IL. I’m hoping they just stash him there for all of September. Moran as a call-up is convenient but I’d rather see some of the prospects, especially given none of our MiLB teams are in contention for any post-season fun.

    Onward we go … tonight’s theme for me will once again be “Oh Canada!” courtesy of my VPN. Just hoping it works the same.

    • Jim Walker

      If you get dialed in to Oh, Canada maybe there is hope we can make a hockey fan of you! Camps starting soon!

      • Mark Moore

        Jim, we lived almost 20 years in Western Michigan. That included the run of the Red Wings plus the local teams were pretty darned good. I’m a native of Upstate NY and lived in the Elmira area when their hockey program was THE BOMB (before it got so popular). I’ve never been to a game at any level. It just doesn’t interest me at all. I’ll watch lacrosse, especially if it’s my Syracuse Orange and they are on a tear. But not hockey. And I’m way too old to change.

  16. LDS

    Moose to the IL AGAIN. And who do the Reds call up? Moran, a guy currently batting .249 at Louisville. a guy dumped by the Pirates. What a waste of a roster spot. But at least it’s not a guy with talent enough to intimidate Tinker Bell.

    • Jim t

      Do you really think this is about Bell? Could it be ownership not wanting to start the service clock on a young prospect?

      • LDS

        Just remember Bell bragged a couple of years ago about moving his office closer to the FO and all the action and about having major influence on personnel. Consequently, until he proves otherwise, yes, he shares the blame with a gutless FO that would rather treat the players as chattel.

      • Jim t

        @LDS while Bell is in management I don’t think he lobbied for Moran so not to have to play a prospect..

        Will have to agree to disagree my friend.

      • LDS

        We can. But watching his lineup and substitution patterns, yeah, I’m convinced.

    • Mark Moore

      Who is on the 40-man? That’s a major factor. I agree service time clock might have something to do with it, but I’m not sure that’s really a factor when it’s almost September.

      It does seem like we could have figured out somebody with a little more flexibility than Moran.