The Cincinnati Reds will try to avoid a 4-game sweep tonight at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies. Cincinnati will send Justin Dunn to the mound. Aaron Nola will get the ball for the Phillies as they try and win their 4th straight. First pitch is set for 7:05pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s game:

Cincinnati Reds

Philadelphia Phillies

Jake Fraley – LF Kyle Schwarber – LF
Nick Senzel – 3B Rhys Hoskins – 1B
Kyle Farmer – DH Bryson Stott – SS
Donovan Solano – 1B Nick Castellanos – DH
TJ Friedl – CF Jean Segura – 2B
Aristides Aquino – RF Garrett Stubbs – C
Alejo Lopez – 2B Matt Vierling – RF
Jose Barrero – SS Bradley Zimmer – CF
Austin Romine – C Edmundo Sosa – 3B
Justin Dunn – SP Aaron Nola – SP

Nick Senzel gets the start third base for the third time in his career (the other two times came last season in May).

Starting Pitchers

Justin Dunn 13.1 6.08 1.73 8 10
Aaron Nola 157.2 3.25 0.96 22 174
Links: Justin Dunn’s Stats | Aaron Nola’s Stats

Justin Dunn

After allowing eight runs 8.1 innings over his first two starts, Justin Dunn gave up just one run the last time out against the Pirates in 5.0 innings. He did walk four batters in the outing, but gave up just three hits and escaped trouble.

Dunn has spent most of his time this season in the minor leagues, but overall he’s still thrown just 41.1 innings. Lefties are hitting well against him, posting an average over .300 while walking more than they are striking out, making plenty of contact, and hitting for power. Right-handed hitters are hitting for a lot of power against him, too, but aren’t getting on base nearly as often.

Splits (MiLB & MLB)

RHH 87 21 4 0 6 5 19 .266 .322 .544
LHH 112 28 9 1 3 20 15 .318 .464 .546

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 92.0 83.3 87.4 79.6
Usage 48.9% 20.1% 9.2% 21.8%

Aaron Nola

Coming off of his worst start of the season against the Mets where he allowed five runs in 5.0 innings, Aaron Nola will look to get back to his norm as one of the better pitchers in the league.

The splits against Nola are interesting. Right-handed hitters are showing significantly more power, slugging .404 against him. But they also don’t hit much and they almost never walk against him. Left-handed hitters walk twice as often, which still isn’t much at all, but they show no power and are hitting just .201 against him.


RHH 303 70 21 0 9 7 88 .240 .265 .404
LHH 313 59 11 0 7 15 86 .201 .247 .310

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Change Curve
Velo 92.7 92.1 87.0 85.9 78.5
Usage 34.6% 18.5% 4.9% 15.6% 26.5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:05pm ET
  • Where: Citizens Bank Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 87°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Preparing Spencer Steer for a call up?

Spencer Steer had only been in the organization for a few weeks, coming over in the deal for Tyler Mahle at the trade deadline, but among the acquired prospects he’s probably the closest to helping in the big leagues. Over the last two nights the Reds have had him play both first base and right field for the Triple-A Louisville Bats – positions he’s never played before in either college or as a professional. With limits on September rosters now being just 28 players, is this a sign that Cincinnati could be looking for ways to get him time next month in the big leagues while also trying to sort out some of their depth?

122 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Playing with a very short bench I’m assuming.

  2. Roger Garrett

    Hope Steer is called up soon.Reds need to set India until his leg gets right,I mean its been two weeks ago since he got hit in Chicago and play Steer or put him at 3rd and move Farmer.Hitting in the big leagues is hard enough while at the same time learning a new position.See Senzel,India and Barrero last year as examples.Reds never learn.

    • Jim Walker

      Nope those Reds are not the best a planning ahea


  3. MBS

    Senzel to be used as a SU guy is good news, but it seems odd that they are seeming to go the same route with Steer. Senzel will probably be 2M, and Steer will be league min for the next 3 seasons. That could be the death nail for a return of Farmer, and Solano. 2 Vets that if they extend would cost 8M – 9M.

    Steer can play SS, 2B, 3B,1B, RF
    Senzel can play 2B, 3B, CF, LF

    Add in a backup C and you got all of your positions covered, some double covered.

    • Jim Walker

      What we’ve been seeing almost nightly is that Farmer lacks the quickness to be a 3B at this stage of his career, at least as a regular. At times it has been almost as painful to me watching him bust his butt and come up short as it was watching Votto’s meltdown.

      • Old-school

        We all love Farmers ability to compete and play hard and play the game the right way. But he is 32 and thats when middle infielders/shortstops lose their range and get injured. Cozart/Gregorios/Andrelton Simmons/Freddie Galvis/ Marcus Semien all fell off the planet after 32.

        Farmer was rested earlier this year for several games for “generalized soreness”. We all get that for sure.

    • Old-school

      The death nail for Farmer and Donnie Barrels. Yes.
      Farmer will make over $5 mil in arbitration next year and Solano is a FA with a valued hit tool. He will command north of $5 mil

      Look at the Reds recent history of players slated to make $5 million + heading to arbitration or with Reds team options.
      1.) Billy Hamilton-non-tendered
      2.) Jose Peraza-non-tendered
      3.) Archie Bradley-option not picked up
      4.) Amir Garrett-traded with 2 more years of arbitration control
      5.) Wade Miley- lost to waiver claim by design
      6.) Tucker barnhart- traded rather than exercise 7.5 mil option

      That doesn’t count the trades of Sonny Gray who has a team option of $12 mil in 2023 the Reds wouldn’t picked up and Winker and Suarez and Mahle and Castillo and the DFA of Akiyama

      Krall is starting over and purging this payroll with a scalpel and totally reconstructing the roster. Senzel has a role as a super utility player and I am eager to see Steer

      • Optimist

        All true, but recall the pre season signings – Pham, Drury, Solano, Minor. Only Drury was at the minimum IIRC. The others were multi$M. They’ll repeat again next spring with whoever else they find, but it will be interesting if they can resign Solano – I expect he may have priced himself back into the market and away from the Reds.

      • Roger Garrett

        To much for so little regarding Farmer and Solano.Love em both but they will not be back unless they take a cut.Somebody else may pony up the 5 mil but it would have to be a team with big bucks.We will see.

    • Melvin

      I still say if Farmer wants to increase his value and stay on the Reds that he better get out his catchers glove again. There is a lot of young infielders coming up but what’s really needed is a backup catcher. They’re not going to play him over these young guys, not that David Bell wouldn’t try, but they just might pay him a little extra and keep him over all of these other catchers that’s been on the field this year.

      • PTBNL

        I agree. He’d be the perfect backup to Stephenson. We then wouldn’t have to run out the Gar-Pap-Rob-Rom-Okey crew anymore.

    • Tim

      I hate to do this but it is “death knell” as in the tolling of a bell when someone dies.

      • PTBNL

        thinking the same thing because the teacher in my came out. You get an A today.

      • MBS

        @Tim…Umm…no…JK. I’m ok being corrected when I’m wrong. It’s better than to continue being wrong.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    I read an info that said the Venezuelan singer and musician Alexis Moreno was honored and invited to interpret “the star-spangled banner” tonight at Citizens Bank Park before this game…
    It will be interesting to see Dunn facing again a stronger lineup than the Pirates’
    The bullpen has worked a lot in this series since the starters have been hooked early, only Lodolo could throw 5 plus innings and if you add the innings of the three pitchers threw it is roughly about one game so Bell should be expecting lengthen Dunn as much as possible

  5. LDS

    About as good a lineup as the Reds can field right now. Still think they should just IL India for the rest of the year. And DFA Moose. Surely, someone will claim him.

    • Bill

      Does it matter if anyone claims him? He still gets paid either way

      • LDS

        Paying him off despite the cost helps the team. It’s obvious his bat isn’t making a huge impact

      • Bill

        I’m all for DFA, just wonder why it matters if someone claims him

      • LDS

        I may have the rules wrong (likely), but I thought a player with his tenure could refuse the assignment and opt for free agency and that would eliminate his salary obligation. Probably wrong but that was my thinking.

      • Bet on Red

        only if he is DFAed twice, and has under 5 years service time. None of these apply to moose. He would go unclaimed through waivers and then maybe a team gets him for the league min

      • Datdudejs

        If someone claims him, they take his salary on

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds sent T J Zeuch to the IL with back soreness, it seems to me this is a way to avoid DFA him…
    A rotation spot is idle again because the pitcher called up was the reliever Dauri Moreta…

  7. DataDumpster

    It took a lot of injuries to force Bell’s hand but I like this lineup for the current situation. Most of the starting nine today have a tenuous hold on any MLB roster next season but isn’t the goal to see who are the keepers? Will any of the AAA guys best Farmer or Donnie Barrels or will Bob have no choice but to pay at least one of them? Is there any thought of pairing Senzel with a prospect for a trade of a legit CF or other need?

  8. Melvin

    Lopez at 2B, Senzel at 3B, the alliteration bros. Fraley and Friedl in left and right respectfully, keeping Aquino in RF like he should be, these and other things makes you think David Bell is unusually using his imagination (out of necessity). This game/lineup is worth watching just for that. 🙂

    • Mark Moore


      The “book” didn’t account for what happened this week.

    • Tampa Red

      Lol you like it so far? All the calls for wanting to see 4A at best players simply cause they’re young…..this is what that looks like. Six innings, one hit, zero runs.

      • Melvin

        hahaha There’s still some time left. 🙂

  9. Bet on Red

    got future middle releif, maybe set up guy Dunn out there tonight. I like him, he is decient, tries hard, in the rotation out of need, and maybe, just maybe can get a win tonight

  10. Roger Garrett

    Six pitch inning for Nola.Seen enough already.Tanking and injuries just ain’t fun to watch.

  11. Old-school

    How does Senzel play that in to a double with such a weak arm in cf?

    That was a routine single.

    Sarcasm font off.

  12. Kevin H

    Was reading Reds injury report. Says a MRI shows damage to India’s leg. I say shut him down for rest of year and get him healthy for 2023.

    • Mark Moore

      I hadn’t heard that. If it is that damaged, he needs to go on the shelf for the rest of the year. We’ll have to make do anyway, so why risk a solid future player for a meaningless September?

    • Old-school

      I saw MRI injury report was fine and should be back tomorrow?

      • Kevin H

        It was on the Reds website, and unless it is saying the MRI was from when he got hit by pitch in Iowa.. I may have read it wrong..

      • Old-school

        Bobby Nightengale twitter says MRI was fine and he could be back tomorrow.

  13. Old-school

    Aquino’s issue is he has always struck out a lot and never been a batting average or on base guy. His calling card has been his home runs and hes not delivering. He’s got the same number of home runs as Nick Senzel and hes played every day in august. Aquino is hitting a home run once every 38 at bats. Thats not good for a guy hitting .176 who strikes out 43% of the time.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. All he would have to do is hit about .260 and cut down on the whiffing. But he’s had a LOT of chances to do that. No dice from what we’ve seen.

  14. Mark Moore

    We can all breathe a bit now that Senzel got one to field and throw. Dunn is managing, though he’s throwing a fair amount of pitches.

    Going to take a minor miracle tonight.

  15. Kevin H

    I was joking earlier this week about Fraley returning to normal.. LOL I do wonder if sitting has effected his mojo.. I am a believer that if a player is hot play him no matter left or right handed pitcher.

    I also don’t like analytics either lol

    • Mark Moore

      But Fairchild hit a homerun … and a monster shot at that.

  16. JB

    Romine is terrible. Barnhart and Casali are free agents next year. Would take either of them as a backup.

    • Kevin H

      Would they want to come back to this organization? Oh, and yes I agree would take them back in a second..

  17. Kong

    Without question, the Reds are one of the worst run organizations in sports.

  18. Kevin H

    Talk about a can’t miss prospect who has missed. Bradley Zimmer. Cousin is a Guardian fan and Zimmer was a highly touted prospect who couldn’t stay healthy and well now his 3rd team this year.

    • JB

      Big time bust. Makes Senzel not so bad.

  19. Bet on Red

    well it was nice while it lasted

    • Mark Moore

      At least it was only a solo shot

  20. Kevin H

    Dunn not pitching bad this evening. Perhaps, just perhaps he is turning a corner?

    • Mark Moore

      I’d take if if that was the case.

  21. VaRedsFan

    Schwarber is a clone of Suarez. He’s batting .214.
    These type of players are good for chicks that dig the longball, but their droughts generally cost you more games then the few they help you win.

    • Mark Moore

      But he plays even worse defense than Geno … 😀

    • Mark Moore

      And we had our own Schwarber once … Yonder Alonso.

  22. JB

    Since August 6th Solano is 24 for 56 at .428 clip.

  23. Bet on Red

    did we just throw someone out…. sound the alarm

  24. Mark Moore

    Nice catch/tag by Barrero. Surprised there wasn’t a challenge, but that’s okay.

  25. Mark Moore

    Please don’t tell me that’s a hammy for Senzel … 😮

  26. VaRedsFan

    Didn’t Senzel get hurt before playing 3rd…on a non-contact play? Missed a long time?

  27. Melvin

    Jim Day said the MRI said no damage to India but the Reds website says there was.

    • Melvin

      Maybe the website forgot to put the word “no” before damage.

  28. LDS

    If Krall really wants to put his stamp on the team, he needs to stop shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic and make some real moves. Bell, Zinter, and DJ have proven themselves incapable of managing a developing team. As much as I don’t respect Bell’s management, Zinter has become a bigger issue. How Zinter convinced anyone he was a hitting coach escapes me. And reading his history, particularly San Diego in 2017, reinforces that point. Man up, Bull Krall, and replace these guys.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m with you on all 3 coaches. I don’t see them being let go now with 4 weeks left though. I’m all for starting fresh next Spring with a new regime

      • LDS

        Zinter was so bad in SD, they fired him in August. When one takes over a failing organization, as Krall did, maintaining the status quo is almost never the right move.

      • Doc

        I would hope that if they can Zinter, DJ, whomever, they do it the day after the season ends and get the new people in place to put together the off season plans. Don’t want these guys working all winter on what they are doing now, then trying to make changes in ST.

    • Kevin H

      Anything to show they care. Yet with injuries and trades and no bullpen. Would another voice help? I don’t know, but at least show you care by bringing in new coaches.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m thinking the Field Manager has as much say in the coaching staff as does the GM. And since the FM is anointed by the FO in our case and given DTBell is such a swell guy … nobody’s going anywhere. At least that’s what I predict.

      • LDS

        Oh, I agree. Bell is clearly the anchor dragging them down. If Krall continues to be the FO today, he will fail and all the prospects will be wasted.

  29. Old-school

    What game are we watching? No one can hit or even give you a good at bat. this is awful. Only hitters are those hitting against Mike Minor and the Reds bullpen. Castellanos and winker are even meh this year.

    100 posses is still in play.

  30. Mark Moore

    The 2-run hole … again … it always feels deeper than it is somehow. Now he faces Schwarber again. This might do it for me tonight. Our prospects to score are pretty slim.

    Nice pop-up.

  31. Melvin

    These ‘three outcome” games are boring.

    • VaRedsFan

      The Reds always struggle against other “aces”. As do most teams…but the Reds rarely compete at all. (Except Garrett Cole)

  32. Bet on Red

    Dunn starting to look like he is hitting the wall…. at least we have gone from 4+ to 6+…. progress

    • MBS

      He had a year off pitching, he shouldn’t be tired. It’s good to see him looking more like the guy Krall traded for. It would be nice if he can be a 4th or 5th in the rotation going forward.

  33. RedsGettingBetter

    Dunn has thrown a quality start. The second good outing in a row. Start to raise the hopes…

  34. Melvin

    Dunn pitched a terrible game giving up two runs. He knows we can’t score that many. 😉 No, I’m happy for him. He seems like a good guy. Hope he can repeat it next time.

  35. RedsGettingBetter

    I recall the Reds hit hard Nola last season but with this pathetic lineup can do nothing literally…

  36. Roger Garrett

    When I left Nola got 3 outs on 6 pitches and when I came back 6 innings later he did the same thing.Not even competing at the plate.I vote we bring up Steer and a couple more maybe that guy at first in AA and one more.I mean how much worse could it be?I mean 21 outs on 70 pitches is unheard of.

  37. MBS

    I hope the Reds stick with this outfield combination for the rest of the year.

  38. Mark Moore

    OK, I already switched to the small screen and no audio. After those two runs, I’m calling a Clete.

    Nice outing by Dunn. Definitely looking better than the last couple for him.

  39. Roger Garrett

    I mean we aren’t going to score so might as well play some more young guys.Chuckie go in for Romaine and Fairchild at DH for starters.

  40. Bet on Red

    Dunn improving to late rotation arm….. maybe…. at least depth peice. TBD…. bats absent…. seems the reds are wanting to see the bengals more then we are…lol

    • Kevin H


      Well who knows maybe 2023 Reds surprise the world same as Bengals did in 2021/22..

  41. Old-school

    Phillies runners 1st and 2nd and double steal and hitter hits a single up the middle and Friedl throws it to 2b and runner on first scores from first on a single. Where are all the Senzel haters tonight? Hes not in CF. Thats the second awful extra base given up by Friedl.

    • LDS

      After Aquino followed by Almora, the Reds don’t have much as far as OF defense. Senzel, Fraley, Friedl, and Fairchild don’t have stellar defensive metrics on BBREF

  42. Roger Garrett

    Just to make matters worse the guy hitting 8th has 2 hits and his average is 130 and the nine hole guy at 203 has knocked in 3 of the Phils runs.Get on the plane please.

    • Kevin H

      It happens.. baseball is a funny game.

      Nola pitching a great game. It happens

    • Old-school

      they already did Tuesday night roger.

      4 game sweep

  43. Roger Garrett

    Good grief Bell just brought in Moreta as if it really matters down 4.Guess his nap was over.Just get on the plane.

      • Old-school

        He can’t do worse? This team is nearing worst team of all time reds literally . The 1982 team is planning a party. This is literally the worst Reds team potentially in history.

  44. DataDumpster

    Well, Dunn finally showed up, nice outing. On the other hand, Lopez and Friedl need to find a place to hide. Friedl can’t throw the ball from shallow centerfield to 2B on the fly? Lopez is looking for and imaginary runner at 2B while the hit and runner scores from first. How can MLB players do this? I’ll skip the obvious answer.

    Oh, on another subject, Bob please surprise us all and show that there is serious ownership here with a plan for the new strategy by
    firing David Bell at season’s end. After what you have seen this team do with a legitimate spend the first two years with veteran players, how do you expect that this pack of greenies will thrive under Bell and company going forward?

    • Kevin H

      They made the playoffs and competed for a playoff spot last year with a terrible bullpen. So not sure what you mean.

      But since they traded away those players and injuries this year. Perhaps a new voice is needed. Let’s not pretend its all Bella fault, because it isn’t all his fault.

    • LDS

      You nailed it DD. And no Kevin, they didn’t compete. They collapsed during the supposedly easy part of th3 schedule.

      • Kevin H

        Cardinals went on a insane winning streak as well. I should of said they competed till September then collapse, however my thinking is to suggest Reds haven’t been competitive last two years is not accurate.

        Look bullpen blew what 10 games by all start break last year?

      • LDS

        And at least that many this year. My argument remains, that while the BP talent may not be the best, it’s misuse it’s a far greater issue. Doolittle anyone?

  45. Melvin

    “David and Goliath” with back to back hits. Hope?

  46. Doc

    Barrero padding his K% stats. Two of three tonight. Infield version of Aquino.

  47. RedsGettingBetter

    A lot of strikeouts with just 3 pitches. I don’t like it. it shows like a lack of will to fight…

  48. Melvin

    Senzel can’t run. How many injured non injured can’t play players are we going to have on our bench. Can someone say Steer?

    • Roger Garrett

      Get these guys that are injured off the field.Injuries are just an excuse for this whole organization to fall back on when they feel like it.Empty the minors and get healthy players up here and lets compete the rest of the way.Its a lost season so why are we still seeing players in and out of the lineup or are day to day.Sure they want to play but somebody and its not the player should decide that if they ain’t good to go then they don’t go.Yeah this time of year everybody is dinged up but the Reds are only playing for last place and it served no purpose to see India in and out or Senzel in and out or anybody else.Set them down until the spring if need be.Seems like when a pitcher sneezes we put him on the DL but if a position player can walk he plays.

    • LDS

      I would suggest that someplace has again frozen over

  49. DataDumpster

    Hey, if you really like baseball you do have to tip your cap for Nola. First time seeing his stuff; great location and movement with no walks. Was hoping to see some more of the Phillie Fanatic but only saw a brief top of the dugout show in the background. If you don’t know what I am talking about, look him up with Tommy LaSorda on video.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Most of our guys Ks tonight were out of the strike zone. Had them fooled big time.