After losing the first two games of the series the Cincinnati Reds will try to salvage a split and they can’t do that without picking up a victory tonight. They’ll turn to T.J. Zeuch, who is getting another opportunity in the rotation after Graham Ashcraft had to go on the injured list. The Philadelphia Phillies will be sending lefty Cristopher Sanchez to the mound. He’ll be making his first start in the big leagues in six weeks. First pitch is set for 7:05pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for today’s game:

Cincinnati Reds

Philadelphia Phillies

Jonathan India – 2B Kyle Schwarber – DH
Nick Senzel – CF Rhys Hoskins – 1B
Kyle Farmer – 3B Alec Bohm – 3B
Donovan Solano – 1B J.T. Realmuto – C
Aristides Aquino – RF Nick Castellanos – RF
Stuart Fairchild – LF Bryson Stott – SS
Alejo Lopez – DH Jean Segura – 2B
Jose Barrero – SS Nick Maton – LF
Chuckie Robinson – C Matt Vierling – CF
T.J. Zeuch – SP Cristopher Sanchez – SP

Chuckie Robinson will be making his Major League debut tonight when the game begins. The 27-year-old catcher was drafted in the 21st round (a round which no longer even exists in the draft) by the Houston Astros out of Southern Mississippi where he wasn’t even the starter until his junior season.

Starting Pitchers

T.J. Zeuch 8.0 13.50 2.50 3 5
Cristopher Sanchez 23.2 3.80 1.06 9 18
Links: T.J. Zeuch’s Stats | Cristopher Sanchez’s Stats

T.J. Zeuch

Last week T.J. Zeuch was optioned back to Triple-A after struggling for his second straight start, but with Graham Ashcraft heading to the injured list the team called Zeuch back up to fill out the rotation.

The season for Zeuch has been one that resembles a rollercoaster. He began the year in Triple-A with St. Louis and posted an ERA of 11.64 in five starts before he was released. He then signed with Cincinnati and after a short stay in Goodyear he headed to Louisville where he posted a 3.63 ERA and got back to his strong groundball rates in five starts. But his last two starts have been in the big leagues where he’s posted a 13.50 ERA.

Overall on the year he’s struggled against both lefties and righties, but lefties have basically hit like Ted Williams against him, while righties have simply just been real good against him.

Splits (MiLB & MLB combined)

RHH 121 34 4 0 6 11 39 .309 .372 .509
LHH 130 42 7 1 6 14 20 .378 .454 .622

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 92.0 87.5 80.8 85.8
Usage 43.2% 14.2% 30.8% 11.8%

Cristopher Sanchez

It’s been six weeks since Sanchez last pitched in the big leagues, as he’s been up-and-down all year between Philadelphia and Triple-A with Lehigh Valley. Over the last six weeks in Triple-A he’s posted a 4.44 ERA while allowing just one home run in 26.1 innings pitched.

A big time ground ball pitcher, Sanchez has limited power for the most part. Right-handed hitters have touched him up for three home runs in the big leagues this season, but have not had a double or triple. I guess it’s go big or go home. Righties have made plenty of contact, but haven’t really been rewarded for it. Lefties haven’t done much, either. Of course all of this should be taken for what it is – not all that useful given that we’re talking less than 100 total batters faced on the season in the big leagues.


RHH 62 9 0 0 3 7 10 .167 .274 .333
LHH 35 7 2 0 0 2 8 .226 .314 .290

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 93.1 84.9 84.3
Usage 65.8% 15.6% 18.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:05pm ET
  • Where: Citizens Bank Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 87°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Mike Moustakas update

Opening Day against the Pirates

The Cincinnati Reds 2023 schedule is out and they’ll open up on March 30th against the Pittsburgh Pirates. There are schedule changes next year, including less games against your own division and at least one series against every team in baseball. You can check out the full schedule here.

Reds farm rated 4th best

The crew at MLB Pipeline released their post-trade deadline farm system rankings and they placed the Cincinnati Reds at #4 overall, trailing the Baltimore Orioles, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Cleveland Guardians. A lot of the talent that’s been added between the draft in mid-July and the trade deadline really gave the system a boost. While it had a guy like Elly De La Cruz at the top, the depth was lacking in a big way on the farm until those three weeks from draft through the trade deadline took place.

106 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    I know I vouched for Fairchild….until I watched him hit 3 times. So they’re going with a lefty? Fraley could swing the bat from behind his head like he’s throwing an axe and still hit better then Fairchild.

    I’m just bitter because I had Suarez Over 5.2 innings. How do you walk 2 guys under .200 with the bases loaded? And then their CF drops a ball on top of that

    • Jim Walker

      Me too. Last night was predictable though. When Fairchild was hotter than a firecracker 6 weeks to 2 months ago, they brought him up and he had a big 1st game then Bell sat him down and subsequently used him piecemeal. He lost his mojo/ timing, whatever. When he got back to AAA, he wasn’t the same guy there and had not refound his rhythm. Yet now he is back up and playing. Barrero 2021/2022 all over again.

      I thought he had a couple of decent PAs last night on 2 of the Ks. He ran the count out on the 1st one then swung and missed on a heck of a good pitcher’s pitch for strike 3 that was too good to take; it could have gone either way if he had let it go by. In the 8th he battled well for 7 pitches then inexplicably got caught looking at a pitch down Broadway on the eighth pitch of the PA.

      • VegasRed

        How many times does David bell do this to a young player before he gets fired?

        Answer: as many times as he wants.

        The Reds are the most ridiculous organization in MLB.

        Why would you let this guy develop your great young talent when the plan is to develop and play your young talent?

        Good grief!

    • Old-school


      I thought Kurt Stillwell switch hitting SS was the next great thing and nick Senzel was a 10 year 3b

      Oh well

  2. Indy Red Man

    “Mike Moustakas is taking on-field batting practice, so that’s a good sign after he left last night’s game”

    Beg to differ Mr Nightengale

    “Mike Moustakas is cleaning out his locker after being released” is a good sign

    • Jim Walker

      Steer at Louisville is playing 1B tonight for the 1st time as a professional….

    • Mark Moore


      An IL stint is a good report. As it sits, we’re playing short a man … and given our lack of bench depth, that’s saying something.

  3. Daytonnati

    Let’s hope Chuckie makes “Child’s Play” of the Phillies tonight … (groan)

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    If you put to the mound a pitcher that has been crushed and the hitters are performing as Ted Williams against him to face a lineup as the Phillies have, is not a good formula to try to win a game… Zeuch has been very bad…He doesn´t deserve to own a rotation spot…Who knows he resurrects tonight and makes me look ridiculous…

    • Indy Red Man

      Did Ben Lively get TJS or did we release him? He’s better then these other scrubs if they feel Williamson isn’t ready.

      • Jim Walker

        Louisville Bats website roster lists him as inactive on the minor league IL.

  5. Mark Moore

    Generous “hit” call there. India just botched it.

  6. Mark Moore

    Could be a short night for me if this inning is at all predictive of our performance tonight. The observed aliens beat feet out of the solar system and are currently not even in the galaxy.

  7. Bet on Red

    Just got on…. in time for the double play

    • Mark Moore

      Castellanos had his chances … multiple chances.

  8. Mark Moore

    GIDP around the horn … that’s a pretty big boost for Zeuch.

  9. Mark A Verticchio

    Good for Zuech. I am sure he is giving it his all. He just isn’t a major league pitcher at this point.

  10. Bet on Red

    I guess fairchild doesnt want to hear it tonight

    • Indy Red Man

      Reverse jinx! All I’m looking for from a righty Lville bat is a Phillip Ervin/Gomes type. Not shooting for the moon.

  11. Mark Moore

    That’s a big bomb for a 12-year-old.

    My wife said she didn’t think he had that kind of power.

    Minor alert sent to the aliens at least one galaxy over 🙂

    • dhmorgan

      He does look like he belongs in the Little League World Series.
      Another 15 years and he’ll be able to grow a beard.

  12. Mark Moore

    Barrero’s hit was soooo close to golden. But, that’s why they have those white lines, eh?

  13. Mark Moore

    A good throw probably gets him. That was anything but a good throw.

    • TR

      Aquino would have nailed him. He’d be an all-star if he could get beyond the almost constant strikeouts.

  14. Melvin

    Man. That was a weak throw from Fairchild.

    • Mark Moore

      15+ feet off target. Never even gave himself a chance.

      But he’s 12, so …

  15. Mark Moore

    If we’re going to rely on inning ending GIDP I’m thinking this will be a rather ugly night for the good guys.

    How many runs is the mercy rule in MLB? Asking for a friend …

  16. Kevin H

    So, do you bring up a couple of guys from Double A? I know Williamson has struggled in triple A, but could he do worse?

    Reds starting pitching wasn’t deep and you trade two guys and then guys get hurt and here we are. Reds front office needs to figure this out as this isn’t even competitive . I am sure Zeuch is doing his best but he isn’t a major league pitcher!!

    • Mark Moore

      If they are guys who aren’t already pressing their innings limits and you want them on the 40-man, then I say “yes”. That’s a good approach at this point.

      • Kevin H

        I mean the only pitcher right now is Lodolo that I will watch/follow. Greene and Ashcraft hurt. This is getting hard to follow with Minor, Zeuch, Dunn, although Dunn maybe okay in the long run.. Cesa, is well right now not stretched out. So, I mean if this is tanking 101 I don’t like it..

      • Mark Moore

        I’m right with you, Kevin. I think Ashcraft and Greene will be back for a couple of starts each, but the rest are very difficult to watch. I feel no “investment” in seeing them do well as they aren’t a part of the future.

  17. Mark Moore

    Well … it’s only 2 runs …

  18. Mark Moore

    Once again, this guy’s zone is extremely variable. I’m so far over the “human element” for that part of the game.

  19. RedsGettingBetter

    Reds scores and Philly scores too since yesterday …the same or more quantity by the way…
    Zeuch with 56 pitches in 2 innings and a lot of runners on base. He’s been lucky to receive just 2 runs…He is struggling again…

  20. Bet on Red

    Most of the time with some of these guys that come up, I am like maybe he isnt a starter but he might be alright in the pen. Not this time. This guy cant even safely get through an inning

    • Kevin H

      you are correct.. He isn’t MLB material. I am with you though Sanmartin a perfect example of not a starter but alright in pen.

  21. Mark A Verticchio

    They can’t continue to start Zuech, Williamson would be a better choice for the future no matter how bad he did.

    • Daytonnati

      Lopez looked better the another night … 2 outs on 3 pitches.

  22. Mark Moore

    With this kind of a performance, Zeuch isn’t even the long guy out of the BP. He’s just DFA fodder. If not now, then in October.

  23. Kevin H

    Well they will need a bullpen arm or two after the Cesa start and this start. Cesa by design of course but still..

  24. Moon

    OK, you can cross Zeuch off the list of pitchers that will be here next year.

  25. Mark A Verticchio

    They need to do Zeuch a favor and just release him. This isn’t doing anybody any good. I am sure the rest of the team can’t look forward to a game where the chance of winning is almost none existent. On another point, this team is going to lose over 100 games.

    • Doc

      Zeuch is collecting major league pay. How does releasing him do him a favor?

  26. RedsGettingBetter

    Zeuch threw 81 pitches in just 2.2 IP, what the heck…I hope he will be optioned again but this time forever or better be released…

  27. Indy Red Man

    Lets throw everything and I mean EVERYTHING middle-away……they’ll never catch on

  28. Mark Moore

    So, Realmuto or Castellanos for a Grand Salami anyone? Put this one entirely out of reach?

    • Mark Moore

      Apparently they caught their limit for the inning

  29. Kevin H

    This is what happens when you trade away 3 starting pitchers and waive a starting pitcher and have no depth behind the starting pitchers. This is a organization failure. This isn’t on Bell or managment. You can’t expect a manager to work miracles when you have no bullpen and no depth in starting pitching. No I don’t like bell as he drives me bonkers, but still this team is ran by a terrible owner/GM Rant over..

    Prospects they got do have potential, however this is not fun to watch. Bullpen been terrible now 2 years in a row. I can go on and on but will stop

    • LDS

      Management acted as if all those pitchers on the IL were active and ready to pitch. They went ahead with the salary dump strategy. Remember, it was just prior to the start of the 2021 when everyone was talking about the Reds surplus of good outfielders. That ship has sailed – obviously. Same this year with their depth of pitching. Now with the highly touted farm system, we’ll it’s hard not to be paranoid about that crashing and burning as well.

  30. RedsGettingBetter

    it is seeming to me Warren this year is the Heath Hembree was the last season…

  31. Mark Moore

    Farm Dawg won’t be silent in this mess.

  32. Indy Red Man

    Can we please sign Donnie Barrels for 2-3 years. The guy just hits

  33. VaRedsFan

    Chuckie gets his first hit!!! Congrats to him

    • Bet on Red

      and now his first run….. reds creeping back

  34. Mark Moore

    Nice debut by Chuckie.

    Wasted opportunity by India. I’d call that trending toward a TOOTBLAN.

  35. VaRedsFan

    India 2nd mental error tonight. Tagged out going from 2nd to 3rd on groundball to 3rd.
    Earlier in the field he let the runner go in front of him, instead of keep charging it. If the runner hits you he’s out…instead everybody safe.

    Management allows this stuff, because we see it over and over.

  36. Redhaze

    Time to release Aquino.

    Zeuch is out of his element.

    Solano needs to be resigned now.

    Time to deal Senzel this off-season.

    What tells us lifelong Reds fans that we will not have to sit through 162 of the same next season?

    Why do small market teams have to have small market owners??????

    • LDS

      Small market? It’s not the market. It’s the system and the owners. Cleveland has a lower payroll and are leading the division. And if release Aquino, who takes his place?

    • MadMike

      On your last point, I speculate it is mainly lack of competition for sports fan discretionary dollars and local media attention. In addition, baseball revenue sharing and media rights are so lucrative, the normal rules don’t seem to apply. In most businesses, you have to care for and cater to your existing customers because cost to acquire new ones >> cost to retain existing ones.

      In MLB, the teams get so much money, many teams don’t seem to bother trying to retain their fans. Just look at all of the empty stadiums across the league and ridiculous cost of concessions.

      Example: the Phillies spend tons of money every year trying to win, and i feel like they have to just to keep on fans radar. They have to compete with the Iggles, Flyers and 76ers, with the NY and DC/Baltimore teams just a short hop away and Pittsburgh down the turnpike.

  37. Mark Moore

    I’m barely watching now. We have something else playing on the big screen. Pretty much on the verge of a Clete here.

  38. Mark Moore

    So Fraley is still with the club … thought he was MIA.

  39. Bet on Red

    and just when everyone is cleteing… Fraley smashes us back to relevance again

  40. Bet on Red

    texas beating colorado 16-4 lol

  41. Bet on Red

    reds within 2…. but india now out

    • LDS

      If India is injured again, shut him down for the year

  42. Mark Moore

    We going to see Senzel to the infield in the shuffle here?

  43. Bet on Red

    either that or we are losing the DH

    • Mark Moore

      Good point. I forgot that option.

  44. Mark Moore

    This Phillies team isn’t going anywhere in the post season with this level of play. If they choke when they have us, imagine what a good team will press them into doing.

  45. Mark Moore

    Well nuts … was hoping for just one more run.

  46. Dennis Westrick

    Reds get close and then the bullpen happens!

  47. Mark Moore

    OK, I’ve seen enough for tonight. Catch you all for the exit show tomorrow.

  48. Melvin

    Aquino AGAIN! Man oh man. That was a deep throw to make.

  49. Dennis Westrick

    TJ’s 4 walks all either scored or contributed to 4 of the 6 runs he allowed. Room for improvement no doubt!

  50. Indy Red Man

    Fraley has to play every day. Somebody asked me last week why Fraley isn’t just having an Aquino hot streak like 2019. Well his walk rate was great last year and his swing isn’t funky like AA. No comparison really, but we won’t know if it translates somewhat to lefties until he gets the chance.

    • LDS

      As I said a couple days ago, Fraley’s L/R splits are far worse than AA. He does walk more but has less power. And defensively, it’s not even close. Play him often but I don’t think he’s the answer to the OF problems. In fact, I’m not sure that solution is in on the current roster

  51. Melvin

    Lopez comes through again. He’s a hitter. That and Aquino’s speed got us a run. Fun to watch.

  52. William

    Zeuch made the major leagues, and he can tell his grandchildren he was a major league baseball player. It is more than I can say. Just do not tell the grandchildren your E.R.A. Think positive! Time for the Reds to move on. He is not their future.

  53. Melvin

    Senzel is not a terrible outfielder but he’s a better infielder and he’s showing it tonight.

    • Jim Walker

      +500. All those years of actually playing IF don’t take long to start showing, do they?

      Senzel is (the late) Ryan Freel all over again when it comes to OF. He is fast enough to chase down a lot of balls and fearless in doing it; but, he doesn’t read balls in the air quickly enough to get really good jumps and his routes could often be better. He is a work in process at reading balls off the wall and working with his corner guys. And let’s not even talk about his arm as an OF.

  54. Votto4lfe

    A year ago, this team had one of the best starting rotations in baseball, now we have TJ Zuech. It’s down right criminal what has happened to this team.

    • Kevin H

      I said that earlier in the evening. I have been saying that off and on all season. Especially since the trades of Mahle and Castillo. Sure we got prospects and sounds like can’t miss prospects at that, but at what cost. Since end of last season when Reds made a run at the wild card, they have lost 4 starting pitchers, 3 bullpen pitchers, two starting outfielders not to mention back up outfielder and starting 3rd/SS. Oh and a gold glove catcher. Now we have players who wouldn’t even be up and yes injuries are a part of that reason they are up.

      Just hard to get excited about Reds Baseball and if they don’t address the bullpen none of it will matter. Oh, and all of sudden lack of starting pitching depth. When last year as mentioned you had 4 starters and 3 or 4 pitchers who were on the cusp those 3 are now reds rookies. Just sad to watch