The Cincinnati Reds schedule for the 2023 season was released this afternoon. As usual, the Reds will begin the season at home and this year they will take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Opening Day will be on Thusday March 30th, followed by an off day on Friday the 31st, before resuming things on Saturday and Sunday against the Pirates.

April will feature plenty of interleague play with games against the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, and Oakland Athletics. In May the Reds will have a home series against the New York Yankees. That’s probably the biggest home series of the year until September 4th when the Reds will host the Seattle Mariners for three games. While we don’t know how things will play out between now and then, the Mariners should be coming back to Cincinnati with a team full of former Reds players.

2023 Cincinnati Reds schedule

The new schedules for 2023 include at least one series with every team in baseball. What that has done is minimize the number of times teams play each other within the division. Next season the Reds will only play the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Milwaukee Brewers 13 times each.

The All-Star game will be held on July 11th this season, with the All-Star break going from the 10th through the 13th. The Reds will close out the first half in Milwaukee against the Brewers and then open up at home in the second half by hosting the Brewers. Cincinnati will also finish the season with a 5-game road trip that hits both Cleveland to take on the Guardians before landing in St. Louis for a 3-game set ending on October 1st.

Is there anything that stands out to you on the schedule? Any series that jumps out to you? Are going making any road trip plans?

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  1. Mark Moore

    Well, where else are we going to go?


    • Doug Gray

      Like I posted on twitter last night when someone asked that question:

      To take a nap.

  2. Oldtimer

    My BFF in South Carolina is a HUGE White Sox fan. We have already pencilled in May 5-6-7 series with the Sox.

    • TR

      Shoeless Joe Jackson, the great star of Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox who is banned from the HOF for gambling in the 1919 W.S., was a native of South Carolina. There’s an interesting park and museum dedicated to Shoeless Joe in Greenville, So. Carolina.

  3. Bdh

    Lots of young talent making its way up and possibly Votto’s last season are both reasons to go watch that team regardless of record. I’ll try to make it to double digit games

  4. JayTheRed

    I won’t make any judgements until after the offseason and spring training is almost over.

  5. JB WV

    I live in the eastern panhandle of WV, about an hour and a half from DC and Baltimore. Planning on going to both, especially the July 4th game in Washington. Looks like fun

  6. Indy Red Man

    Love the new schedule. It’s like when I took night classes at TCU. Shot down by completely different set of girls!

  7. Old-school

    Mariners coming to GABP. WB Jesse,Geno, and Luis.

  8. Rut

    At first I was unsure of the balanced schedule, but more I think about it the more I like it.

    First, it is much more of a fair way to determine playoff teams rather than have 1 division so weak that it gives the top team there an edge over the rest of the league.

    Also, it is not like the local fans are generally traveling to road games, which would be easier if the games were closer. But now, Reds fans in far flung AL cities (like Seattle, Boston) will get the chance to see the team with regularity. I think the trade off there is a win for fans.

    In terms of series to nite, will look at the July 4th week in DC with Reds there. Wife has wanted to do that w our kids and I have resisted…. but now I have another reason to go! Games will be blacked out down here in Raleigh, NC anyway!

    • Jim Walker

      +1000 on point #1! The days of the likes of the Brewers and Cards being assured a good shot at the playoffs because 2 or 3 of the other teams in their division are perpetual tankers or incompetent roster builders should be severely restricted by the balanced schedule.

  9. TR

    Opening Day 2023 with two rebuilding teams. Here’s hoping it doesn’t include greetings from Phil Castellini.

    • David

      Opening Day? Where else are you going to go? And yes, I have plenty to say, because the Old Man and I talk…a lot.

      We’re bringing back winning baseball to Cincinnati, and you’ll like it.

      See, Dad’s been saying that for years and it still works.- Phil Castellini

      And now, more veteran presence with Steve Piscotti. Yay?

      • Daytonnati

        Hey, he had the Old Man with that Cardinal experience.

  10. Eric the Red

    We should be reducing inter league play, not increasing it. More than 13—but probably less than 19—games against division rivals. And try to avoid playing the same team in twice with only one series against someone else in between.

  11. Pablo

    As others have said, a trip to D.C. around the 4th of July is enticing and tickets there should be fairly available. Also intrigued by going to Wrigley over Memorial Day weekend.

  12. CFD3000

    This is both overdue and exciting. There have been too many imbalances in the schedule and at least on the margins those inequities can mean making or missing the playoffs. This new approach reduces those inequities. There will always be the issue of not just who do you play, but when do you play them, but there’s no way around that.

    From a fan perspective I like this. I personally won’t get to see any more games here in Atlanta, and it won’t affect my annual pilgrimage weekend to GABP. But if it means that every MLB city gets to see every other MLB team at least every other year that’s a good thing.

    Next step – eliminating or at the very least greatly reducing those ridiculous blackouts on MLB.TV and other sources. I spend half my time in Asheville, NC – a 5 1/2 hour drive from GABP. The idea that letting me watch games live will somehow discourage me from driving to see games in person is ludicrous. Ask Rut in Raleigh, NC and he will agree I’m sure!

    With Stephenson and Votto back and healthy, hopefully Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft all healthy with a little more experience, more prospect sorting – looking at you Aquino, Barrero, Fraley, Schrock, Lopez, and a bunch of pitchers – progress and promotions for EDLC, Marte, McLain, Steer, and Encarnacion-Strand and the question of who gets converted to the outfield, let alone possible trades and free agents? I’m ready to be excited about the Reds in 2023!