Yeah, Joey Votto is out for the season after shoulder surgery, but is it time to give up on him? The Riverfront gang answers with an emphatic “no.” Decide for yourself whether the argument is compelling.

On this week’s episode, Nate Dotson and I discuss Votto, the magic of baseball, and why Elly De La Cruz just might be the next Eric Davis. Enjoy!

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4 Responses

  1. ryan

    The conversation re Votto being done or not should be interesting…

  2. Moon

    Watched Chattanooga play last nght. Elly De La Cruz looks like he already belongs in the majors. He went 4-8 in the double header with a long HR. He is going to be a good one and will be with the Reds sooner rather than later. A pitcher named Boyle had some live stuff in the first game. He no hit the Trash Pandas through four innings before getting pulled. However, in the second inning he walked three guys in a row with one out. Then threw a wild pitch allowing a run to score before walking another guy. He settled down to get out of the inning with no futher damage.

  3. Rednat

    at least this Joey saga will create some drama for next year. i got a feeling win totals for the reds will really continue to dwindle for the foreseeable future so these “feel good” stories will be the only thing to keep me interested in the reds. I will be rooting big time for Joey to make a strong return

  4. Soto

    Rooting hard for a full Votto recovery and resurgence but do not see him as the everyday first baseman next year.
    Without adding much payroll, this is my lineup for 2023.
    1. Fraley (9)
    2. De La Cruz (8) Giving him a shot will bring interest to a lackluster team.
    3. India (4)
    4. Stephenson (3)
    5. Votto (DH) vs right-handers: Farmer DH vs Lefties, super utility
    6. Schrock (7)
    7. Barerro (6) I think he needs a full year to see what he can or cannot do.
    8. Senzel (5) The man just doesn’t look like an outfielder to me. Lets see what he looks like at his natural position.
    9. Free Agent catcher