The battle for the basement in the National League Central starts tonight in Pittsburgh. The Pirates will host the Reds for a 3-game series with Pittsburgh entering the day one game behind Cincinnati in the standings. The Reds will send Graham Ashcraft to the mound to face off against Bryse Wilson and the Pirates.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this tonight’s series opener:

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

Jake Fraley – RF Kevin Newman – 2B
Jonathan India – 2B Bryan Reynolds – CF
Kyle Farmer – 3B Ben Gamel – RF
Mike Moustakas – 1B Michael Chavis – 1B
Nick Senzel – DH Rodolfo Castro – 3B
Albert Almora Jr. – CF Oneil Cruz – SS
TJ Friedl – LF Greg Allen – LF
Jose Barrero – SS Bligh Madris – DH
Michael Papierski – C Jason Delay – C
Graham Ashcraft – SP Bryse Wilson – SP

Mike Moustakas gets activated from the injured list today and immediately jumps into the cleanup spot.

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 86.1 3.96 1.32 22 56
Bryse Wilson 71.1 5.93 1.51 20 48
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Bryse Wilson’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

It’s been a nice run of late for Graham Ashcraft, who has posted a 2.33 ERA in the last four starts, spanning 27.0 innings.

The splits for Graham Ashcraft are quite stark. His OPS against from left-handed hitters is .493. Right-handed hitters are slugging higher than that. Despite those facts, teams are still trying to stack left-handed hitters against him.

RHH 199 61 11 0 8 10 28 .330 .372 .519
LHH 176 31 3 0 1 12 28 .194 .261 .231

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 97.0 97.2 85.6 89.8
Usage 20.2% 51.0% 28.0% 0.8%

Bryse Wilson

On June 14th Wilson allowed seven runs in 5.0 innings against the Cardinals and his ERA ballooned to 8.29 on the season. Since then he’s made seven starts with a 3.82 ERA, walking just five batters in 37.2 innings to go with 21 strikeouts.

Right-handed hitters are hitting for a solid average against Wilson and are showing a solid amount of power, but they don’t draw walks. Left-handed hitters, though, are putting up MVP caliber numbers against Wilson, with an OPS over 1.000. They make plenty of contact, hit for average, and tons of power.


RHH 173 43 9 0 6 8 25 .269 .306 .438
LHH 148 45 12 1 7 12 23 .352 .411 .625

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 92.9 92.4 83.5 86.2 77.2
Usage 23.8% 34.2% 16.4% 12.0% 13.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:05pm ET
  • Where: PNC Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 82°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Joey Votto’s surgery was more than expected

The surgery for Joey Votto took place today and according to Nick Krall it was “more than expected”. Votto has repair done to his left rotator cuff and bicep. He is still expected to be ready for the 2023 season.

Elly De La Cruz hit a 491-foot home run

It seems that every few days we get a report that Reds #1 prospect Elly De La Cruz has done something else that seems like it’s right out of a comic book and last night was once again one of those times. He got a green light on a 3-0 pitch in the first game of the Chattanooga Lookouts doubleheader and hit the ball over the batters eye against the Rocket City Trash Pandas with Trackman estimating it at 491 feet. You can check out the video of it here.

Tony Santillan likely out for the year

157 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Basically about as good a line-up as we can field at this point from the available 26, aside from starting The Lettuce Guy over Pap. Hope Ashcraft can have a good outing. I keep wondering when his season will come to an end.

    Almost time to Kick this Pig!!

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    According to the Wilson’s splits it could be a good offense evening for Fraley, Fiedl, Moose and Papierski…
    Ashcraft has been crushed by right hander hitters and he’s frozen the lefties but while the other teams continue lining them up he will get good outings however, what will happen when he has to face a heavy right hander hitters line up?

    • Mark Moore

      That’s assuming 3M and Pap “get lucky” and don’t perform to their norm.

      Would love to see Fraley have a break out game.

  3. Bet on Red

    I am just here so I don’t get fined

    • Mark Moore

      Good. I didn’t want to have to get my butt out of my chair and come hunt you down.

  4. Mark Moore

    Big Friday night crowd there on a nearly perfect night for baseball.

    • Mark Moore

      My wife just said the same thing … with the sarcasm font on.

      The wider shot looked like a few more than we’ve been seeing at GABP of late.

      • Daytonnati

        Stockholm Syndrome in Pittsburgh. With the Steelers on a downward arc, sports fans there are beginning to identify with losers 🙂

      • LDS

        Haha, yeah, kind of like the rest of us here

      • SOQ

        Tough for Martino’s, (local Pittsburgh bar that used to be a great Cincy fan hangout)

  5. Mark Moore

    At least we’re not going to see Ke’bryan Hayes tonight. Not sure when he’s eligible to come back from the IL. Seems he kills us on a regular basis.

  6. Mark Moore

    OK, y’all know I’m a Nick Senzel fan … but I don’t think he makes that play.

    • Luke J

      Strange, of all the complaints about Senzel, making the spectacular play in center usually isn’t one of them. And since he is the fastest runner on the team, there’s at least a decent chance he makes it too. Not taking anything away from Almora, they are both talented out there. I just find that a strange thing to say about Senzel.

      • Mark Moore

        I just think AAJ chooses better routes. Plus, Nick is more dinged up at the moment. I’m good with either of them out there in the end.

  7. Old-school

    Moose is now the starting first baseman and 4 hole hitter against righties the rest of the season. He will go to ST in 2023 as the de facto starting 1b until Votto is 100% and even then will probably be a 1A and 1b scenario with Votto and Moose rotating at first base and DH at least against righties.

    The good news is with the DH, 4 of…. Fraley, Almora, Senzel, Aquino, Friedl could be getting every day at bats and playing time the last 7 weeks and let more sorting happen

    • Mark Moore

      Against lefties as well. The money will play regardless.

  8. Beaufort Red

    Pregame show basically said for De La Cruz why not now. Soto was brought straight from AA. Bob likes to see Moustakis play cause he makes Castallini feel skinny.

    • Mark Moore

      Does he get one of those coveted September spots? If so, does DTBell actually play him somewhere to see how he performs?

  9. Old-school

    Senzel 2 run bomb
    Welcome back nick

  10. Mark Moore

    A broken bat bleeder and a blast … I’ll take that for some crooked numbers.

  11. SOQ

    Would love to see more of that from Nick

    • Mark Moore

      I just want to see solid contact. He’ll light into some if he can do that consistently.

  12. Jim Walker

    And the MM at era 1B is off to a successful start and was that Nick Senzel actually hitting a HR behind Moose?!?

  13. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder if Zinter has an idea to really help Barrero to wake up in his ABs…

    • Mark Moore

      Broadcast booth the other night was saying he is spending time in the cage against the sider machine. We’re obviously not seeing evidence of that. Of course, with the machine, you know it’s coming.

  14. Soto

    Rooting hard for a full Votto recovery and resurgence but do not see him as the everyday first baseman next year.
    Without adding much payroll, this is my lineup for 2023.
    1. Fraley (9)
    2. De La Cruz (8) Giving him a shot will bring interest and energy to a lackluster team.
    3. India (4)
    4. Stephenson (3)
    5. Votto (DH) vs right-handers: Farmer DH vs Lefties, super utility
    6. Schrock/Almora (7)
    7. Barerro (6) I think he needs a full year to see what he can or cannot do.
    8. Senzel (5) The man just doesn’t look like an outfielder to me. Lets see what he looks like at his natural position.
    9. Free Agent catcher

  15. Soto

    If I remember correctly didn’t a guy named Eric Davis start off as a shortstop? I would love to see De la Cruz get promoted in September to play some outfield. The Reds desperately need a thumper in the outfield.

    • Mark Moore

      Yes. It’s happened elsewhere as well. Robin Yount comes to mind.

    • Melvin

      Davis said the other night he was a good SS at 18. At 19 not so well. I’m all for DLC moving out there with his size and speed.

  16. Melvin

    David Bell must not believe Lopez has been hitting enough lately to be in the lineup. There’s no place for him in our “amazing eight” right now. 🙂 I think he’s 5 for his last 7 if I’m not forsaken. Maybe he’s too old for our rebuild. 😉

    • Mark Moore

      It’s baffling. It really is. I know there are DTBell defenders here and elsewhere. I realize “the players love him”. But that’s the kind of stuff that’s just baffling. Crash Davis would tell us “always respect a streak”.

      • Melvin

        Respect a “hitter” period which is what Lopez is singles or not. If there ever was a time to see what he has to bring it should be now. We’re only averaging about 2 runs a game lately. Hint: You don’t score runs without base runners. sheesh Another hint: Look at the Big Red Machine of 76. Rose, Griffey, and Morgan held 3 of the top 4 spots in the National League in OBP and 3 of the top 5 in Avg. They didn’t score all of those runs by hitting an HR all of the time. Point being Lopez could be valuable given a chance.

  17. Mark Moore

    3 full innings in about 45 minutes. I like this kind of pace. I also like Ashcraft’s efficiency so far (aided 2x by AAJ).

    Time to play some add-on, guys.

  18. Votto4life

    I would love to see the Reds show a little patience with EDLC. If they bring him up now or even next year, it will be to sell a few extra tickets.

    The Reds are going to be dreadful next season, don’t compound the problem but rushing your best prospect.

  19. Mark Moore

    3M making contact with his first to AB’s … I’m not used to seeing that.

  20. VaRedsFan

    I’d love for EDC to make it in CF…but you have to at least give him some reps out there before you call him up, and stick him out there. Maybe winter league, then all of Spring, and at least a month of AAA next year.

  21. Soto

    Totally disagree Votto4life. Some of the biggest stars in the game were called up very early. If you can play, you can play. There is always an adjustment when you make the jump to the Bigs. Might as well get it out of the way before they have a team that can truly contend. No superstars get ruined by opportunity. Let the kid play.

  22. Beaufort Red

    If that’s the case with EDLC, why are we giving Barrero reps? His work at AAA certainly didn’t warrant it. Didn’t bother Soto.

  23. Soto

    Good point VaREds. I would let him play Centerfield in AAA for a couple of weeks and definitely fall league if he doesn’t get called up. They really need to let him compete for an outfield spot in Spring Training. I just don’t see him playing short for the Reds with all of the SS prospects in the system.

    • Mark Moore

      I believe the proper term for that many SS prospects is a “glut”. We have a glut of SS prospects in the minors. 😀

  24. Mark Moore

    Bats play 9 games after the Lookouts season ends. Maybe EDLC gets more than that at AAA? I don’t believe either team is playing for any kind of post-season action.

    Nice yank by Friedl.

    • Mark Moore

      Followed by Barrero slapping one … that gets erased by Pap’s routine GIDP.

  25. VaRedsFan

    As I always say about Reds pitchers….down and in to lefties…No-No. TJ didn’t miss it.

  26. DHud

    Listening tonight so didn’t get to see it

    Did Barrero really just take a pitch down and away the opposite way or is Chris Welsh lying to me??

    • Mark Moore

      Yes … yes he did. And was promptly erased via a GIDP from Pap.

  27. Mark Moore

    So is Pap just incapable of throwing out a runner? Asking for a friend …

  28. Old-school

    I like 4 outfielders getting at bats every day and using the DH with Drury and Votto out. I also like a core of 4 potential everyday outfielders on a team with injuries and balanced with 2 Righties and 2 lefties.

    Reds had a good balance last year with Senzel and Castellanos from the right and Naquin and Winker from the left.

    Id like to see Senzel and Almora and Friedl and Fraley. Sorry on Aquino. His 42% K rate and .173 BA and .209 OBP excludes him, despite his cannon arm. He flat out cant hit at the major league level and has been atrocious in 400 PA the last 3 years.

    • LDS

      Give the other guys time to catch up. They will. I don’t buy the argument that MLB pitchers figured him out after the first month. Occam’s Razor – it’s more likely something changed with him, eyes, approach, stance, etc. Perhaps, like Senzel, another satisfied Ward client, further “refined” by Zinter.

  29. VaRedsFan

    Was curious, so I looked up catcher POP times. (Glove to glove from catcher to 2B)

    Pappi ranks 71 out of 76
    Romine 75 out of 76
    Ty Steve ranks 18th

    I think pitchers holding runners on is a big deal….But these numbers say that Pap and Romine just aren’t good either.

  30. VaRedsFan

    I went ahead and looked at catcher framing while I was at it.

    Ty ranks 42 of 60 🙁
    Pap slightly better at 34.

      • JB

        Ty Steve and Garcia were catching the same pitchers and runners were getting big jumps and Ty Steve and Garcia were throwing them. Pap stinks and there is no reason for him to be catching every game.

    • Luke J

      Pitch framing is the single most overrated and useless stat in baseball. Thankfully it will never be mentioned again once robo umps are here. It might matter with amateur umps in high school ball. Basically nil at the major league level.

  31. Mark Moore

    We get out of this pickle with the Pie-rats only getting one across, I’d call that successful.

  32. Mark Moore

    I’m thinking we’ll see a challenge here.

    • Mark Moore

      No challenge??? I’m more than a little surprised. My wife is VERY surprised.

      Pickle situation eliminated … via a pickle.

  33. Bet on Red

    that play was a comedy of errors good thing we still got the out though

    • Daytonnati

      Pap should have kept the ball longer.

  34. DHud

    What in god’s green earth was farmer thinking

    Throw the stupid ball

  35. Melvin

    On the positive side only 75 pitches. Let’s go for a complete game. 🙂

  36. Kevin H

    The reds have a trio of good pitchers. Greene, Lodolo, and Ashcraft.

    I do hope some how reds invest in bullpen help. Next year could be exciting if and a big if… If reds have good pitching and players stay healthy. Also Barrero and Cruz hit like they can.

  37. Old-school

    Senzel robbed. next year with shift outlawed and lines drawn at 2b , liner or grounder up the middle is a hit. For those who havent seen what they are doing in the minors, Jason stark wrote an article about banning infielders behind 2b and it’s coming in 2023 with chalk extending from 2b diagonally each way to the grass and a banned halo area behind 2b.

    • Melvin

      I still think the shift is stupid because hitters of today, with a little humility, should be able to overcome it and take the single. Since they’re not though, for the sake of the game, banning it is the right thing to do.

      • Old-school

        the problem though is selling out for pull power has been the rage for over 6-7 years. Middle of 2010’s baseball became a football combine and every 14 yo started focusing on exit velocity and arm velocity and power and launch angle because every travel ball coach, high school coach and college coach and scout and reds hitting coach is all they care about.

        Cant teach Austin Hedrick to hit a solid single to LF in 2022 on a 2 seamer tailing away when hes been geared up for pulling bombs since he was 14.

  38. Kevin H

    I miss watching the games. So, do Reds have speed with the current outfield as well as India and Barrero?
    I assume yes so my question is why not hit and runs and more steals.. I feel a new manager would utilize

    • JB

      Because Bells gameplan is about asvanilla as vanilla can be.

  39. VaRedsFan

    Kevin H is correct.
    Lets just look at the Baltimore Orioles.

    21st in hitting but have the 4th best bullpen.
    A shutdown bullpen is the most important thing an offensively challenged team can use to win games.

    • LarkinPhillips

      The past few small market teams that built long term decent runs built around the bullpen. Royals a few years back and last few years brewers are two teams that come to my mind.

  40. VaRedsFan

    Diaz in.
    Hopefully gets out of it, then pitch the 8th.

    Pray for rain in the 9th?

    • VaRedsFan

      Tough break for GA…Ball he knocked down going right to Barrero.

  41. LarkinPhillips

    Great job by Ashcraft tonight. He looked like he ran out of gas quick tonight which is unusual for him. Maybe an extra day between starts would be good for him. Unlike the other rookies, he hasn’t missed a start for injuries and could be getting tired these last couple months.

  42. Melvin

    With his pitch count only in the 80s, I would have liked for him to get the chance to work out of it with 2 outs. Can’t expect Diaz to work more than two innings.

  43. Kevin H

    So here we are 7th inning and Diaz in. Diaz should be closer but… lol

  44. Melvin

    Would have liked to see Aquino and his arm in RF on that play.

  45. Mark Moore

    Cue Paul Simon singing “Slip Sliding Away”

  46. LarkinPhillips

    You can always second guess Bell bringing in Diaz. Only argument I would make is with Reynolds and Gamel coming up maybe that would have been a spot for San Martin? Diaz is the best option,but I would like to see him available for the 9th.

  47. Old-school

    Great at bat by barrero..inside out a hard shot to right center gap…they just caught it.

    • Melvin

      Yep it was. Hopefully hard work paying off.

    • Mark Moore

      Gamel made an excellent play on it

  48. Mark Moore

    If only Fraley could get ahold of one

      • Mark Moore

        Or Farm Dawg … anything to keep it rolling.

  49. DHud

    Oh god….we’re gonna get Strickland in the 9th if we’re ahead aren’t we?

    • Melvin

      Lol Gotta laugh or we’ll go crazy.

    • Melvin

      Maybe we should try Aquino after Diaz. lol If he can throw over 100 mph from RF I wonder what he could do from the mound.

  50. Mark Moore


    Way to deliver Farm Dawg!

    Paging 3M for a little flair hit to score RoY.

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. He had his eyes (and thoughts) on a dinger and he gave up his AB with the typical ugly swings at balls nowhere close to the zone.

      Maybe a GoFundMe to pay his exit fees?

    • SOQ

      He may be the most underrated player in all of MLB. He just seems to get it done

    • Mike Adams

      Farmer clutch, Moose not so much

  51. Beaufort Red

    Farmer is a pros pro. Clutch Snd then there’s Moustakis.

  52. Old-school

    Ive been hard on Farmer but he is absolutely a gamer and competes and at this stage of this rebuild especially now at 3b with no one in the queue at AAA, he is an every day player. This team needs guys who compete and he is certainly does.

    Kudos Kyle.

    • LT

      Best complement a player can receive, imo, a gamer, and Farmer is a gamer for sure.

  53. Kevin H

    Sanmartin has done really well since moving to bullpen. 1 bad outing is all

  54. Mark Moore

    Sanmartin was pretty efficient … which means we’ll see Strickland in the 9th … because that’s what DTBell’s magic little book tells him to do … SMH Very Hard!!

    • Melvin

      LOL You guys are killing me. hahaha

    • earmbrister

      Did Diaz only pitch 7 pitches because he’s been used a lot (too tired to check it myself)? Sanmartin was pretty efficient, particularly on the first two batters.

      I keep advocating for Schrock to take over for Stickland, but Bell isn’t apparently reading my posts …

  55. Soto

    Farmer is a solid major league player. Should be a solid 3rd basemen/ super utility next year.

  56. Melvin

    Okay. One run game. Bottom of the ninth. Time for a late inning defensive replacement (maybe RF). Not mentioning any names. 😉

  57. Melvin

    Wait a minute. They just did a sac bunt. That’s not fair.

    • JB

      Surprised Bell didn’t come out and ask the ump of it was allowed

  58. Bet on Red

    obviously the correct course of action is for the Reds to clone Diaz 8 times

  59. LDS

    Looks like the 1 inning thing is going to bite them again.

  60. Kevin H

    Y not Detwiller, San Martin and then Diaz.. or as just mentioned more than 1 inning pitched..

  61. Old-school

    Maybe it’s just me, but the bullpen has a roster problem. they cant pitch and havent for several years.

    Buy and acquire a bullpen next year. They’ve stunk for 3 years. Other than Diaz, there isnt one pitcher in the bullpen who is good. sorting the bullpen of AAAA pitchers isnt a strategy or a plan. It’s what cheap bad franchises do.


    • Redsvol

      Amen old school. 3 years is long enough. Pay for a couple bullpen pieces. However, what relief pitcher in their right mind would want to pitch in Great American Ballpark?

  62. Mark Moore

    So it’s either a GIDP and gamble with the 10th … or we lose it right here, right now. And we lose it to the Pie-rats.

  63. Melvin

    Well. The fireworks were kind of cool at the end.

  64. Bet on Red

    and a great start by Ashcroft is wasted

  65. earmbrister

    Well that was unsatisfying …

  66. Beaufort Red

    What’s Lou Pinella doing these days?

    • earmbrister

      I met him once in a bar in North Jersey. He didn’t care that I was a Reds fan. I might’ve been a bit drunk.

    • MadMike

      Fishing and happily retired

      Mariners tried hard to get him back a few years ago. No go

  67. LDS

    Oh well, lose now in regulation or in extras with Strickland. I’m sure Bell will explain how he was conserving Diaz and Sanmartin for later in the weekend. Clearly, future wins are more important than current wins.

  68. Redsvol

    I’m not sure why we think Kuhnel can close a game. Even when he has a decent outing he gets hit hard. He might develop into a useful piece but he is not one this year. That’s a mis-use of Diaz tonight for sure.

  69. Kevin H

    Please invest in a darn bullpen this off-season. Can’t count on antone to come back strong or Satallin. This team needs a bullpen. Did I mention they need a bullpen. Geesh it gets old

    • Melvin

      Just curious, what do you think they need to invest in next season? 😉

  70. Jeff Morris

    D Bell screwed up again! Should have saved A Diaz for the save in the 9th. Farmer in the 7th. Can’t believe we have to tell Bell again who his real closer is, A Diaz. Even a 3 year old child understands this!

    • Luke J

      Should have let Ashcraft get the last out of the 7th. Then Sanmarrin in the 8th and Diaz in the 9th. We have one of the best closers in baseball who never closes. And don’t buy Bell’s “high leverage” crap. There is no higher leverage than the 9th. Certainly not a single out in the 7th. :doh:

      • Stoney


        It’s not that difficult. Complete waste of Diaz again.

  71. Soto

    Watching the game with my two college age daughters. Neither are athletes and both know very little about the game. My oldest daughter just declared that she could fix the Reds. She says, “It’s obvious…Start with your bad pitchers and finish with your best ones. At least you have time to make up runs later in the game. The Reds always lose because they pitch the wrong pitchers at the end of the game.”