The Cincinnati Reds made a trio of roster moves this afternoon prior to their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mike Moustakas was activated from the injured list, Joey Votto was transferred to the 60-day injured list, and Donovan Solano was transferred from the paternity list to the restricted list.

Mike Moustakas last played on August 8th when he left the game early against the New York Mets after a calf injury. He wasn’t expected to be out long and that turned out to be the case as he missed the minimum amount of time before returning. The lefty is back in the lineup tonight, starting at first base, and hitting clean up for the Reds as they open up their road trip in Pittsburgh.

The bigger news of the day, though, is that Joey Votto underwent successful surgery. What we didn’t expect to hear were that he not only had surgery on his left rotator cuff – an injury we knew existed and was the reason we were told he was going to require surgery – but that they also repaired his left bicep and that “the surgery was a little more than expected” according to Reds Vice President and General Manager Nick Krall. With that said, Krall noted that they still expect Votto to be ready to play in spring training and to be ready for the 2023 regular season.

That things were a bit worse than they had hoped isn’t great. But sometimes that’s going to happen once you get in there and can get a better look at what’s happening – imaging can only go so far. The good news here is that even though things were worse than expected, Joey Votto is still likely to be ready for spring training and the regular season. I’m saying likely here because you just don’t know if there will be any setbacks in the rehab process until you get beyond them.

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  1. LDS

    Pizza man back and batting cleanup. SMH.

    • Mark Moore

      Are we surprised that 3M is in the line-up, has a glove on his appendage, and is in Joey’s spot despite all evidence suggesting he should hit 11th or 12th?

      I see Senzel is back swinging a bat today. That’s a good way to get him some reps and not risk any kind of OF play straining of his hammy.

      • LDS

        No, but hope springs eternal. Any number of guys down on the farm I’d rather see.

      • Melvin

        I’m sure Moose back in the lineup playing 1B will put a smile on most every Reds fan on here… way or another. 😉

      • MK

        Let’s see Votto hitting .205 Moose .200 so it is not like it is a great drop off in production.

      • LDS

        Lopez? Come on man, why would you start someone that had 3 hits in his last game? That’s just not the Bell way.

  2. Melvin

    Since it’s his left shoulder and not his throwing arm I’m sure he’ll recover. Wishing one of the Reds greatest all time hitters (#19) the best with a quick and complete recovery.

  3. MK

    Kind of take these team surgery status reports with a grain of salt. Has there ever been a players surgery report where it was said the surgery was unsuccessful? We’ve heard the injury was more extensive than we first believed but not surgery was unsuccessful.

  4. PTBNL

    Why is Solano on the restricted list and what does that mean?

    • BK

      I think it is because the Paternity list is limited to 3 days (72 hours) and he’s not back with the team.

      • SteveAreno

        His flights were cancelled like everyone else no doubt!

      • Jim Walker

        Think this is correct. Excused absence but probably w/o pay or service time?

  5. Kevin H

    Glad surgery was a success and never question Vottos toughness. Dude is a winner and about team.

  6. Mark A Verticchio

    I was looking forward to see a young guy at first. What do we get? Moose. This has to be the worst organization in all of sports. I can’t wait for college football.

    • BK

      I’d like to see some of the younger players, too. But I want the organization to promote players when they are ready. Lots of rookies on this team.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, despite what Cardale Jones did for the OSU Buckeyes, if somebody discovered he had an unused year of eligibility, I don’t think Ryan Day would drop CJ Stroud for him. But then the Reds don’t have CJ Stroud, at least not that they have figured out just yet 😉

  7. Beaufort Red

    Moustakis!!!! Really!!!! Half our lineup is letting young players get their feet wet. And then we let the only first baseman worse than the one we had before start. Unreal

  8. MBS

    Who else was going to play 1B? I am not a fan of the Moose, but we have no one ready to step in from the minors, and he was apparently healthy enough to come off the IL. If MM gets hurt again, and he probably will based on how his Reds career has gone, we’re going to have Farmer playing 1B, not exactly a long term solution either.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      How about Steer or Encarnacion-Strand?

      • MBS

        McGarry and Strand are 1B’s, more so McGarry, but both are in AA. Steer has 0 games at 1B, he’s played 3B, 2B, and SS in descending order of games played at each position.

        I’d be very happy if MM was DFA’d, but he hasn’t been, and no there are no 1B’s ready to step up. I was thinking Santana might have got the call but the Reds are adverse to non power bats, and a non power bat at a traditionally power bat position was going to be a stretch.

      • Luke J

        @MBS Moustakis was a 2nd and 3rd baseman. He’s only on first because he’s out of shape and can’t play elsewhere effectively. That should tell you something about the requirements to play first base. A young talented infielder can absolutely play 1st base as well. Steer appears ready and deserving and there is no reason he can’t play 1st.

      • MBS

        @Luke, I don’t doubt Steer could play 1B, I doubt he should play 1B. Also if that’s what the Reds decided, then who do you want to go down? Friedl, or Lopez, because it wouldn’t be anyone else.

    • SteveAreno

      Colin Moran has major league experience

    • Jim Walker

      I think Farmer would be a more appropriate stop gap/ fill in at 1B though because that would open 3B for Lopez or (hint. hint) Spencer Steer.

  9. Optimist

    For the rest of Joey’s life that sounds like very good news. You don’t want unexpected Kruk-level news. For the next baseball season, of course, TBD. I’d still favor a very slow approach, considering there won’t be any pennant race urgency built up at Spring training, so let him totally round into shape even if that takes until mid-May or a bit later. He’s earned every penny and more of the contract, so get him in peak form for 1/2 or 2/3 of the season, and see if the performance makes the extension worth discussing. It could happen.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    It seems Bell really doesn’t care much about the line-up at this point of the season. Just simple, Votto is out but Moose was activated and replaces him both offensively and defensively, nothing more, so Moose who has been pathetic at bat and mediocre defending just is the new fourth hitter and 1B starter in place of Joey …Let’s see how many Ks and pop ups will get tonight

  11. Beaufort Red

    Move Farmer to first and Lopez to third. Or even even Moran. I’m really tired of excuses and why we can and can’t make certain moves. Whether these young guys are at AA or not, it doesn’t matter. And if your worried about their psyche it’s not like anyone is concerned about Barrero’s.

  12. David

    In a totally surprising mood, 4th place Cincinnati (Are they mathematically eliminated yet ? Because winning means a lot now!) opts to play over-paid and out of shape veteran instead of younger prospects at first base, because….well, because.

    Moustakas, who certainly WANTS to play, is in there. And some young guy ( anybody out there, hello?) who NEEDS to play and get ML at bats, is at AA or AAA. And watching. And next Spring, after Spring training is over and the team is heading home for the opener, and Joey Votto, with his repaired shoulder, might still be a little ways away from playing, and the 1st baseman next Spring is….Mike Moustakas.

    And the message from Big Bob up in the owner’s booth is “Play the guy we still owe a lot of money to!”
    And David Bell says “Yes sir, I will run this team how ever you want!”

    Because the Bells and the Reds are just like family.

  13. Chaz

    I worked at an orthopaedic office for many years, and a majority of rotator cuff surgeries end up having the biceps repaired. That was very unsurprising and not at all reason for additional concern.

  14. Still a Red

    Not sure all the angst about Moose playing first is worth having. Farmer to 1st to play Lopez at 3rd is the only real option at this point. Bringing up Moran only allows people to punish Moose. Leave our prospects down in the minors for now, why rush them.

    Wow with Joey’s bicep. Sounds like that may have aggravated the rotator cuff problem. Surprised his left arm wasn’t just hanging limp.

  15. John

    If you can play outfield you can play 1st base. Most of these guys have had experience on the dirt