The Cincinnati Reds will look to avoid being swept by the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday afternoon as the two teams meet up for the finale of their 3-game series at Great American Ball Park. The Reds will send Nick Lodolo to the mound to try and slow down the Phillies offense that dropped 11 runs on Cincinnati last night. Philadelphia will send their own lefty starter to the mound as Ranger Suarez hoping to continue his outstanding run since returning to the rotation a month ago. First pitch is set for 12:35pm.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s series finale:

Philadelphia Phillies

Cincinnati Reds

Jean Segura – 2B Jonathan India – DH
Rhys Hoskins – 1B Jake Fraley – LF
Alec Bohm – 3B Kyle Farmer – 3B
J.T. Realmuto – C Matt Reynolds – 1B
Nick Castellanos – RF Albert Almora Jr. – CF
Edmundo Sosa – SS Aristides Aquino – RF
Darick Hall – DH Alejo Lopez – 2B
Matt Vierling – CF Jose Barrero – SS
Nick Maton – LF Austin Romine – C
Ranger Suarez – SP Nick Lodolo – SP

Just a fun note about today’s lineup from Joel Luckhaupt: Aristides Aquino has the most career home runs of anyone in the Reds lineup today with 35. Note from me: That’s 11 less than Aaron Judge has this season. What a time to be alive.

Starting Pitchers

Nick Lodolo 47.2 4.72 1.66 24 64
Ranger Suarez 107.1 3.52 1.32 39 89
Links: Nick Lodolo’s Stats | Ranger Suarez’s Stats

Nick Lodolo

Pitching at Great American Ball Park usually isn’t a man’s best option, but for Nick Lodolo it’s been significantly better for him than pitching on the road. Now, it’s a small sample size of just three starts on the road but he’s posting an ERA of 8.49 away from Cincinnati, while at home his ERA has been 3.50 in seven starts.

When it comes to lefties and righties, the difference is also quite large. Teams don’t send lefties to the plate against Lodolo. He’s gone three games without facing a lefty and has faced them for just 26 plate appearances this season. Right-handed hitters, though, face him often and they’ve had plenty of success, posting an .862 OPS against him with solid or better numbers across the board.

RHH 198 51 8 0 7 21 56 .298 .394 .468
LHH 27 4 1 0 0 3 8 .200 .385 .250

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Change Curve
Velo 94.4 88.2 82.2
Usage 57.7% 16.1% 26.2%

Ranger Suarez

After missing nearly three weeks from late June to mid-July, Ranger Suarez has returned and been dominant for the Phillies. He’s made five starts since then and allowed just four earned runs in 28.1 innings (1.27 ERA) and given up just one home run.

The left-handed starter, like Lodolo, doesn’t see many lefties in the lineup against him, but the ones that he does face don’t do a whole lot. Right-handed hitters have found some success, hitting for a solid average. They make contact at a decent rate, but they don’t show much power when they do.


RHH 385 85 18 1 9 35 71 .266 .338 .413
LHH 96 18 5 0 1 4 18 .200 .242 .289

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Change Curve
Velo 93.3 92.6 89.2 82.1 85.3 77.1
Usage 19.3% 43.2% 5.1% 4.9% 21.8% 5.8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 12:35pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 77°, sunny, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Art Warren activated, Buck Farmer out

The Reds announced this morning that reliever Art Warren has been activated and that Buck Farmer has been placed on the bereavement list. Warren has missed the last six weeks, last taking the mound on July 2nd against the Braves.

65 Responses

  1. JB

    Matt Reynolds batting 4th and people can’t understand why the Reds are losing. Injuries , trades and rebuilding will do that. Just enjoy the young guys and hope they get better.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m thinking “The Book of Bell” says the 1B player hits 4th. That’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Melvin

    ‘Aristides Aquino has the most career home runs of anyone in the Reds lineup today with 35. Note from me: That’s 11 less than Aaron Judge has this season. What a time to be alive.”

    lol No doubt every Reds fan will be anticipating great things today. The 1982 team looks pretty good in comparison right now.

    • Melvin

      I really shouldn’t say that. That team didn’t have three awesome rookie starting pitchers with great potential. It was Mario Soto and three days of rain philosophy. That last comment was directed more towards the position players and bullpen of course.

  3. JB

    I love daytime baseball. That’s one thing I loved about the Cubs growing up. I wish more teams would do it.

  4. Mark Moore

    Watching the pre-game piece with RoY, his girlfriend, and their dog (fostering). Got to love that!

    One scheduled brief interruption for a meeting around 1 PM and then it is ON for me today. Here’s to something to cheer for from the guys. Let’s Boot some Swine today!

    • Mark Moore

      The dog’s name is Joey Votto 😀

  5. Mark Moore

    Looking for a good game from The Lettuce Guy today

  6. Bet on Red

    Not going to be able to watch this whole one. Hopefully reds eich out a win

  7. Mark Moore

    I don’t know if others are listening to the WLW feed/overlay, but Sam LeCure in the booth is quickly growing on me. Solid analysis of the game (especially the pitchers). He’s not quite Cowboy, but he won’t hold back an opinion either. He’d be great to have in the regular mix.

    • Mark Moore

      As an example, he’s calling out the fact that the pitching staff has dealt with SIX catchers this season. That makes getting into a rhythm very hard, especially for the younger guys.

      I’ve said it before. They really miss TySteve back there.

    • JB

      Listening to the Phillies feed. No useless statistics. Just two guys calling the game and not bombarding the listener with every stupid statistic.

  8. Mark Moore

    I just noticed DTBell flipped India and Fraley in the line-up. Seemed last night worked a bit better, but what do I know?

    • Old Big Ed

      Or maybe felt that leading off against a LH pitcher with reigning ROY India was a better choice than doing so with a LH hitter who is 1-for-14 against lefties this year.

  9. Jonathan

    At this point, Votto should retire. Ive been a support for a long time…but he just doesn’t have it this year.

    • burtgummer01

      With all the money still owed it won’t happen

  10. Melvin

    Lopez seems like a pretty good hitter. After last night he could be a two way player. 🙂

  11. LT

    So, Barrero transformed from free hacker to pitch selecting hitter, strike out looking a couple at bats now. Did he learn that from HOFamer Votto?

  12. JB

    After watching Minor and Zilch for the past two games moving at a turtle pace, it’s nice to see Lodolo catch it and Rip it.

  13. Mark Moore

    If only AA could get to BA of about .260 and an OBP of .350 … that arm is just so strong and accurate. I absolutely love the guy.

    • JB

      I would take league average OBP of 325.

  14. Jonathan

    I wish the Reds would sign these young players to longer term contacts to manage/control their payroll like the Braves are doing…

    • Mark Moore

      On the current trajectory of the club (under this FO regime) the good ones anticipate they will make bank elsewhere. The mediocre ones would end up being bad contracts.

  15. JB

    There is no way Lopez plays Tuesday. Get back on the bench kid.

  16. Melvin

    You can say what you want about Aquino, and he frustrates me too, but I don’t know of many if any who could make that difficult catch, spin, and then gun down a runner deep in the right field corner like that. At the very least he’s extremely valuable as a 4th or 5th outfielder being used as a late inning defensive replacement.

    • earmbrister

      Hope that play gets added to the video highlights. Sounds like it should be.

      • earmbrister

        Heckuva play, physical as well as mental.

        After running that ball down, to have the presence of mind to immediately gather himself and fire a bullet to first. What a play!

  17. earmbrister

    Just joining the par-tay. Lodolo having a nice day.

    Lopez get’s a double and it’s two pop ups on first pitch swings? Arggh.

  18. Hunt4RedsOct

    Tyler Mahle just left Twins game. No hits into 3rd , no pitches topped 90. A little scary.

  19. RedsGettingBetter

    Lodolo doing damage with his curveball… Pretty good so far shuting out Philly…

    • JB

      Philly just waiting for the bullpen. Nothing Strickland can’t change.

      • Wallyum

        This is like being pecked to death by fuzzy ducklings.

  20. JB

    Lodolo is money today. His teams offense? Not so much.

  21. LT

    Mowing ‘Em down, young fella. Shall we say let’s send him back out there for 8th?

  22. Mark Moore

    7 innings of efficient pitching scattering 5 hits and 0 runs

    I do believe we’ll take that. Good step forward for Lodolo.

  23. RedsGettingBetter

    the best outing of Lodolo so far?

    • Mark Moore

      Yepper. Quite the solid showing. If only we could back him with at least one run.

  24. DataDumpster

    In this series, the Red’s offense has struck out 30 times but earned only 2 walks. That just points to a lack of so many things, I won’t even bother to get started.

  25. JB

    Diaz 7 pitches. All strikes. Was anybody watching in the bullpen?

  26. magi210

    It’s time to start bunting away from the shift and play for 1 run.

  27. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Boy, if Aquino could just learn how to bat at this level. Another Hamilton/Stubbs?

    • earmbrister

      Man, it’s almost like David Robertson has done this before …

      Masterful pitching.

  28. Mark Moore

    Diaz is completely on today. Glad he got 2 innings in, and against some pretty tough hitters. That should boost his confidence.

    Now for a crooked number walk-off.

  29. Mark Moore

    Switched to the Philly TV feed. Immediately notice these guys are comfortable with letting some ballpark sounds speak for themselves.

  30. Melvin

    Lopez could be a top of the order hitter with a high OBP if David Bell would give him a chance. Singles are just no fun anymore I guess. Never mind they win games. Kind of like what Barrero just did too. :)….to win the game. 🙂

  31. Mark Moore

    And there we go! Timely hit by Barrero. Philly guys were thinking Joey should have been the hitter, then they said “I guess there was no need for Joey Votto”.

    Fought this one to the end and won against some really tough pitching. Those walks will haunt way more often than not.

    All in about 2.5 hours. Proving games don’t have to go 4+.

  32. magi210

    Barerro with the clutch hit (yes, i don’t believe I’m typing that either).

  33. DataDumpster

    Lodolo, Lopez, Diaz, Barrero. Yes, turned out to be a very nice day of baseball.

  34. Mark Moore

    And a Gatorade bath followed by a rinse. 😀

  35. Bet on Red

    Just able to catch the last inning with radio, good win, good hit kid

    • Mark Moore

      You should find it and watch it. Very well executed once the BB to AAJ happened.

  36. LDS

    Could have sworn folks here said Lopez couldn’t hit. And Barrero with what used to be a “game winning hit”.

  37. earmbrister

    Yep, the Reds had this in their back pocket the whole way 😉

    Pitchers’ duel with our best being available and having great days. Pitching and defense wins games. Hopefully they can build off of this. Confidence builder for Barrero?

    • Mark Moore

      Debbie liked this outcome today. All accomplished with good pitching and “small ball”.

  38. RedsGettingBetter

    I think this walk-off hit from Barrero is very huge to recover his confidence

  39. Daytonnati

    Joey dropping bombs in the post-game press conference. Shoulder surgery Friday. Injured in 2015 … has played through it ever since. Makes no excuses..