Mike Minor and the Cincinnati Reds will begin a new series tonight at Great American Ball Park as they welcome in the Philadelphia Phillies. Unfortunately neither Gritty or the Phanatic seem to be making the trip, rendering Philadelphia just a little less fun. They are bringing Thor, though, as Noah Syndergaard will take the mound opposite the Reds tonight. First pitch is set for 6:40pm.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s contest:

Philadelphia Phillies

Cincinnati Reds

Bryson Stott – SS Jake Fraley – LF
Rhys Hoskins – 1B Donovan Solano – DH
Alec Bohm – DH Kyle Farmer – 3B
J.T. Realmuto – C Joey Votto – 1B
Nick Castellanos – RF Albert Almora Jr. – CF
Jean Segura – 2B Matt Reynolds – 2B
Edmundo Sosa – 3B Aristides Aquino – RF
Brandon Marsh – CF Jose Barrero – SS
Matt Vierling – LF Michael Papierski – C
Noah Syndergaard – SP Mike Minor – SP

Jonathan India was originally in the starting lineup, but at 5pm he was scratched and replaced by Matt Reynolds. India hasn’t played since exiting the Field of Dreams game when he was hit in the leg by a pitch, resulting in swelling that was bad enough that he was airlifted to a hospital. While things turned out to be fine from a severity aspect, India was still seen limping on Sunday.

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor 62.0 6.24 1.57 28 54
Noah Syndergaard 91.0 3.96 1.28 24 70
Links: Mike Minor’s Stats | Noah Syndergaard’s Stats

Mike Minor

The struggles for Mike Minor haven’t gone away. He continues to struggle with control and keeping the ball in the park.

Teams don’t put too many left-handed hitters in the lineup when Minor is on the mound. When they do get in there they don’t find many hits and they aren’t walking, but when they do find hits they tend to go for extra-bases. Right-handed hitters, though, are crushing the ball against Minor – essentially hitting like MVP caliber hitters when they are in the batters box.


RHH 212 55 16 0 14 24 38 .306 .396 .628
LHH 74 14 2 0 4 4 16 .200 .243 .400

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 90.5 85.0 84.3 78.8
Usage 43.6% 22.2% 24.6% 9.7%

Noah Syndergaard

Recently acquired at the trade deadline, Noah Syndergaard is going to be making just his third start with the Phillies. The days of triple-digts from Syndergaard seem to be over. From 2015-2019 he averaged nearly 98 MPH on his fastball. But after Tommy John surgery in March of 2020 he’s average just 94.1 MPH on the fastball.

Right-handed hitters haven’t been able to find much success against Syndergaard this season. He’s holding them to a low average, barely walking any of them, and holding them to minimal power. Lefties are doing a bit better, hitting for a solid average, walking a tad more than righties are, and they are hitting for a bit more power.


RHH 221 51 9 0 5 12 45 .248 .291 .364
LHH 166 41 8 1 4 12 25 .275 .337 .423

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 94.2 93.8 83.9 88.5 76.2
Usage 19.1% 27.7% 20.8% 22.0% 10.4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 6:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, MLB.tv (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 77°, cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Avoiding double digits

A streak comes to an end on the farm

17-year-old outfielder/third baseman Carlos Sanchez saw his 40-game on-base streak to begin his career come to an end earlier this afternoon. He entered the day hitting .395/.538/.487 for the Dominican Summer League Reds before going 0-4 and being pinch hit for in the top of the 9th inning with two outs, ending one of the more impressive streaks I’ve seen in the farm system since I began covering it in 2006.

166 Responses

      • Mark Moore

        Pigs. Kicking. Rhetoric. Hope. Frustration.

        It’s just a cycle. And I need to find a spot to go for a walk, so we shall see.

  1. LT

    If top 3 of the line up have 3 hits each, we have a chance. Welcome back Nick.

  2. LDS

    Let’s be optimistic today. Minor keeps the Phillies under control tonight and the Reds knock Thor out in less than 5. Surely, somewhere out in the multiverse, there’s a universe where this will happen.

    • Jim t

      @LDS there would be a greater chance of you endorsing David Bell the Minor beating Philly. ?

      • LDS

        Haha. They could win their last 49 games and I’d still call for replacing Bell. They won’t win half of them but one against the Phillies is at least conceivable.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    I think it was a good chance to Alejo Lopez could start in the lineup tonight but Reynolds will do it instead against Thor…
    To be honest this Reds lineup is pathetic.. but baseball is always a surprise… Go Reds!

    • LDS

      Lopez & Romine each had 2 hits yesterday. Why would they play today? Not the Bell way.

      • greenmtred

        They’re no more likely to get hits today than they would be if they’d gone 0 fer yesterday.

      • LDS

        @greenmtred, it’s about recognizing and rewarding performance . Something that Bell aggressively does not do. It’s psychology not statistics.

      • Doc

        Probably need a rest after running the bases twice yesterday.

        Bell’s concept of a scheduled day off is any day after you have two hits, among others.

    • Jim Walker

      Lopez came off the bench and got 2 hits in 3 PAs Sunday. Wouldn’t want him to get any crazy ideas he should be playing more.

    • Ryan

      The batting averages in the Phils’ lineup are nothing to write home about

  4. Bet on Red

    also wouldnt mind Lopez getting a spot start tonight, but Renyolds it is. Minor pitching leaves me with that old familiar feeling

    • Mark Moore

      The sinking one? The “lost that loving feeling” one? That “abandon hope all ye who enter here” one?

      • Bet on Red

        the when is week 1 of the NFL season one

  5. Mark Moore

    Well, this is quite the start. May lace up and take my walk early after all.

  6. Mark Moore

    Jose may have just saved a run … for now.

  7. Mark Moore

    Anyone betting on a Blastellanos here?

    • LarkinPhillips

      I bet on him to Homer tonight.

  8. VaRedsFan

    The hundreds in attendance gave Nick C. a nice ovation.

    • Mark Moore

      Apparently they found somewhere else to go …

  9. Mark Moore

    Unexpected after the way it started. Now to get to Thor early and often.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. Won’t even wait a little to see if Thor is sharp or not. Fraley mashed that first one. Farmer’s hit was nice (and Nick C. obviously forgot how to play GABP in RF). But the Joey lofts a weak fly.

      Let’s see if Minor can muster anything here.

    • Roger Garrett

      After a bunch of great at bats yesterday back to hurrying to set down.

  10. Daytonnati

    Is Senzel hurt? Or is just Bell playing match-ups?

      • Jim Walker

        They just talked about Senzel and India on telecast. As far as I could get from my closed captioning. Bell said NS might be ready in a day or 2 (hopefully) but then again they might find out it will be longer.
        Somebody on the broadcast team commented he had not seen Senzel at all today anywhere around GABP. Others seemed to concur
        India is in uniform and on the bench but it is unclear if he is available.

      • Mark Moore

        Thanks for the details, Jim Walker

  11. LarkinPhillips

    I assume hurt. He was removed for an injury yesterday (IIRC).

  12. Mark Moore

    Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble seeing where the beard ends and the hair begins on Marsh. I mean, the ears are completely surrounded.

  13. Roger Garrett

    I had hoped Reds could postpone the what to do with Joey conversation until the off season but 2-30 now is well just sad.I hate it for him but nobody that can address it seems to care so I guess we play on.Not about winning or losing this is about doing the right thing for an all time Reds great.

    • MK

      How have other All time Reds greats been treated at end of career. Rose allowed to leave, Perez traded,Morgan left one reason being he did not like getting booed, FrankRobinson and Vada Pinson traded, Jim Maloney traded, Eric Davis traded, Barry Larkin traded to Mets but used his 10-5 power to refuse to go. So all-time greats do always get great gratitude in Cincinnati. Why should Votto expect different.

      • MBS

        Enternece to the Reds HOF, or a retired number is the reward for a great Reds Career. Playing a player beyond usefulness is a bad call for any team.

  14. MK

    Mixed emotions about Minor’s start tonight. Of course I want Reds to win every game but I do not want Minor to be lights out the last month and a half so they consider bringing him back next year.

  15. Mark Moore

    NUTS! Just a few degrees shallow on that. He ripped it.

    • Bet on Red

      yep, if not right at someone, thats a run. Another strikeout for Berrero and of course noone expects anything from pap

      • Bet on Red

        and of course as soon as I type it

  16. Mark Moore

    And it comes down to Pap instead of the Lettuce Guy to deliver for us.

  17. Mark Moore

    Well, well, well … I’ll file this under “even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again”

    Love the result.

  18. Roger Garrett

    You called it Mark.Pap delivers.

    • Mark Moore

      I was whining that Romine The Lettuce Guy wasn’t starting. I’ll shut up about that now. 😀

      • Roger Garrett

        Yeah I know but well if you swing a bat sometimes good things happen and they did.

      • Mark Moore

        Contact does do that, Roger. Doesn’t even have to be hard contact.

  19. Mark Moore

    I’ll say this for our guys. They are making contact on Thor tonight. He’s definitely not the “god of thunder” he used to be.

  20. Mark Moore

    Nice heads up by Barrero on that one.

    • Mark Moore

      And he ultimately saved another run given that next hit.

      • Beaufort Red

        Really digging for positives . When you strike out over 50% of the time I guess’s that’s all you got. Time to go with another’ one of our 500 shortstops in September if thing’s don’t improve.

  21. Bdh

    I’m having to watch on the gamecast tonight and it looks like Minor is really getting squeezed! At least 3-4 in the zone called balls already. How much of that is the ump and how much is it on Papierski?

    • Mark Moore

      The HP Chumpire is varying at least a little. Pap probably isn’t helping much either.

  22. Mark Moore

    At least that’s only one RBI for Nick

  23. MK

    Larkin giving credit for NC being able to hit I would criticize him for only getting a single on that piss down the middle.

    • Kevin H

      Stole second and scored.

      Not sure why u would criticize Nick for only a single. Of course I would expect nothing less of some on here..

  24. Dennis Westrick

    Good job Minor! Give up a 2 out single on an 0-2 count!

  25. PTBNL

    You gotta piss down the middle or the wife gets mad………..then please put the seat down.

  26. Roger Garrett

    Minor is truly batting practice.Has nothing to get hitters out at all.His money isn’t even the issue he is just bad.He has to be perfect to have any chance.I know the money keeps him out there as it does with others but well goodness.

    • LDS

      Time for the Reds to waive the guy and admit their mistake. It’s inexcusable to continue following the same failing strategy. If Bell were really a manager, he’d bench him and start someone else. But he isn’t.

  27. Mark Moore

    And Minor takes over the Nibbler role … and we’re down by 1 courtesy of a guy not hitting his pants size.

    Hope we can continue to hit Thor.

    • Dennis Westrick

      I miss Mahle The Nibbler! Saw where he won his last start with the Twinkies!

  28. Dennis Westrick

    And, Minor at 66 pitches thru 3 innings with 3 earned runs allowed. Can we please just send Minor down the road?

  29. Kevin H

    Say what you want, and no don’t know his stats. In saying that Barnhart would be able to shut down running game.

    But hey were you gonna go

    • Mark Moore

      Agreed that Pap’s throws aren’t good, but Minor is a very slow delivery, so that also plays into things. I was thinking that one SB might have had a ghost of a chance if the throw was right on the bag. But even then, it would be iffy.

  30. Mark Moore

    Hey, good news, friends … we’re out of that inning with a chance to score something. Also, we’re fast approaching the 3rd time through the Phil’s line-up for Minor, so we all know what that means.

  31. VaRedsFan

    Anyone else using MLB Extra Innings?
    My feed has been out 15 minutes.

    • VaRedsFan

      Back now…..I guess i just needed to complain about it.

  32. Roger Garrett

    Phils hitting and running wild.Thankful none have left the yard.We play on but its sad to see.

  33. Mark Moore

    LeCure and Thrall were saying it looked like Minor was afraid to throw his curve because he wasn’t getting it over for a strike.

  34. Mark Moore

    Did Joey just swing at the first pitch against a guy who obviously isn’t throwing his best stuff? SMH!

  35. JB

    Mike Minor could never throw a no hitter because he would need 200 pitches. And is he the only lefty that can’t hold a runner at first?

    • Old-school

      Jon Lester would give him a run for his money….but point well taken.

      • JB

        John Lester had a great catcher. We have Pap

  36. Dennis Westrick

    Couldn’t beat Syndergaard when he was with the Mets and won’t beat him tonight!

  37. Old-school

    The Reds need innings to finish the year. They signed some guy named Derek Law to go to AAA. Greene is out and Ashcraft has innings limits and Dunn cant get through 5 innings and Mahle and Castillo are gone plus a ton of injuries. Minor is taking the ball every 5th day until at least mid September.

    This is tanking folks.

      • Old-school

        Maybe Deck McGuire can set some sort of tanking record.

        The only AAA pitcher to start in September for the same franchise in 2 different rebuild eras . McGuire made 2 starts for the Reds in the last week of the season in 2017 and is starting in AAA now

        Reds nostalgia at its best. Bring back Deck!

  38. LarkinPhillips

    Bell is in a tough spot for next inning. Minority at 86 pitched after 4 and facing 4-6 in lineup for third time next inning. He has struggled greatly as the game goes on each start. Do you send him back out or go 5 innings with the bullpen tonight? Personally. I send him back out and pull him after first batter reaches.

  39. JB

    Good night for Philly hitters to bring their averages up a few points.

  40. Oldtimer

    Minor in 2022 reminds me of Jim Merritt in 1971. Or Homer Bailey in 2018.

    Minor has no business in Reds starting rotation. None. Very poor FA signing.

  41. Dennis Westrick

    Minor maintaining that 6+ ERA!

  42. Dennis Westrick

    All 4 runs allowed by Minor so far have been with 2 outs! Nothing like shutting the door!

  43. Kevin H

    Meanwhile Mahle pitched a great game against Angles and Castillo being Castillo.

    Gray and Miley so much better than Minor, Dunn

    But hey were you gonna go..

    • VaRedsFan

      Huh? Miley has pitched 19 innings this year.
      Most every pitcher is better than Minor.

      • Kevin H

        Miley who reds waived is better than the replacement Minor.. Yes, I realize he has been hurt.

      • Old-school

        Miley is better than minor????

        Thats a false choice.

        Is Hunter Strickland better than Sean Doolittle? Maybe Sal Romano is better than both.

        What are we arguing about? My brain hurts.

        On to 2023.

    • Redsvol

      Cubs are paying Miley like 10$ million on the injured list all year. But yes I’d like to have mahle back. Love that dude and probably could have traded him in off season for similar or same package.

  44. Mark Moore

    Back from my walk. See I missed pretty much nothing but another run deeper in the hole and Gibaut pitching.

  45. RedsGettingBetter

    Thor is isolating hits no more than 1 per inning. The Reds’ harmless bats fail to do any damage.

  46. Dennis Westrick

    Hmmm! Makes sense to me! Replace a pitcher with a 6+ ERA with another pitcher with a 5.94 ERA.

  47. dhmorgan

    Barrero seems to have significant trouble judging short hops.

    • Mark Moore

      That one at least had some “interference” from the turf seam, but I think you are likely correct. Short hops and judgement aren’t lining up.

  48. Dennis Westrick

    And there is the obligatory walk! Let’s see how many runs the Phillies score to put this game out of reach!

    • JB

      The Reds bullpen is like a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

  49. VaRedsFan

    Castillo vs. Ohtani tonight.
    Good ole good one.

    • JB

      I know. I wish I could stay up for that one.

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Smart strategy! Walk the bases loaded to face Nick Castellanos!

    • earmbrister

      Seems like it was. This Reds fan is happy (after the fact) that the Reds didn’t waste their funds on Castellanos. He doesn’t seem to be the difference maker they need for those sizable $. That said, he played hard and well for Cincy is his brief time there.

  51. VaRedsFan

    Who else is killing time until Better Call Saul finale?

    • Bet on Red

      me, its the gym after this, should finish my workout just in time for it to be avalible on Amazon

  52. JB

    132 pitches by Reds pitching through 6. Impressive.

  53. Beaufort Red

    Loved Votto and really admire his desire to retire a Red. But truthfully would he be starting for any other team?

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Yet Bell will just keep running him out there batting 4th. When the season is over they need to inform him what his role will be next year. The problem is with Bell he will be playing everyday and batting 4th. Something has got to give. I hate to see an all time great Red go out like this.

  54. JB

    I think Votto has seen 3 pitches tonight.

    • JA

      3 pitches, 3 outs
      That’s what I call efficiency…. Pitcher’s efficiency

  55. Mark Moore

    It somehow feels like we’re still in this despite ourselves. But I’ll sit here and wait until that feeling subsides. 😀

    • Mark Moore

      OK, that inning definitely pushed me past that feeling.

  56. LDS

    Votto 2-29 according to baseball ref. No way he should be starting and certainly not in the #4 slot. Very few on the team are hitting worse.

  57. Kevin H

    Votto is a sure hall of famer!! Go Votto!!

    In saying that man he has struggled this year.

    • LDS

      He should be but I contend that the longer he stretches out his decline , the more likely it is that he’s not a first ballot pick. Recency bias is a pain. Being a Red his entire career won’t help much either.

      • LDS

        Yeah, the Reds wasted his entire career. And I thinking the minor league pipeline has a bunch of players destined for the same fate unless Bob bails out.

  58. David

    Okay, Cessa just pitched an 11 pitch 7th inning.

    What are the odds he pitches the 8th?

    What will David Bell do? Hmmm….something to think about

    • Hanawi

      Cessa has quietly been very good since he came back from the IL in early August.

  59. Old-school

    Love Votto but Reds are doing it the right way.
    Reds arent winning anything with Votto so let him hit 4th and fail.
    Play him at first base every day the rest of 2022 and give him 550 at bats and let him be the worst every day player in baseball. Hes now the worst 1st baseman in MLB and its not close. The Tigers sent Spencer Torkelson back to AAA so he’s not qualified anymore. Votto fWAR is at -0.7 and getting worse. Ironic those folks who say Stephenson cant possibly play 1b because you need an elite hitter there and Stephenson gets diluted down….as if we have anyone remotely close to Paul Goldschmidt or Freddie Freeman at first base. We have the worst position player in baseball at first base but Stephenson…our best hitter…isnt qualified and hes never available to play at C because hes always hurt.

    • Kevin H

      Oh just stop. Just like u said India injury wasn’t serious.

      Stephenson can’t stay on the field. Just because you want him to play 1st doesn’t mean he can.

      • Old-school

        Tejay Antone has a serious baseball Injury with two Tommy John surgeries.
        Stephenson has had 3 brain damaging insults plus a broken collar bone that needed surgery to line back uop bones that were headed in different directions.

        What serious injury did India have?

        India a calf bruise?
        Stephenson 3 brain bruises?

      • earmbrister

        Has India been playing Catcher? Or 1B?

        And why are some SO insistent on TS moving to 1B? Do you think that Stephenson has some serious say in the matter?

        If TS wants to stay at C, the Reds aren’t going to argue with him.

      • Old-school

        @ Earmbrister…We can debate C and 1b in the off-season. It’s not changing in 2022 and I’m not going down that rabbit hole. The issue is what is a serious injury and what isnt. Repeated documented brain injury is a serious matter. A calf hematoma is not, even if someone can’t figure that out in real time in the middle of a corn field.

  60. Bet on Red

    Berreros now cant even strike out properly, thinks 2 outs are better then one

  61. Bet on Red

    Fraley with another homer…. not bad, continually getting more impressed with him. may have one third of our OF right there

  62. Mark Moore

    And the tiniest glimmer of hope springs to life.

    • Mark Moore

      And it dies in the hands of another GIDP courtesy of an aging giant.

  63. Roger Garrett

    Joey first pitch swinging and 3 outs on 3 pitches.

  64. DataDumpster

    The Cowboy is on hiatus again, Annie nowhere to be seen in quite some time while Sadak and Lark are beyond boring. Minor turns in his usual performance as he works toward Bailey’s 2018 record and the team works toward its 67 win season that year. Little reason to watch but just for the love of the game, I am enjoying the 71 pitch performance by Syndergaard thus far after 7. When have I last seen a complete game? Uh-oh Fraley drove one, good for him. Once away on the IL, seems like he retreated to himself and alternative coaching and is doing much better.

    • Bet on Red

      I strongly beleive that Sam Lecure is being groomed to replace someone…. just figuring out who it is

      • Mark Moore

        Possibly. He and Thrall were doing a solid job together when I had audio on.

  65. earmbrister

    It’s been a good couple of weeks for Fraley. Becoming a fan quickly, maybe just because I can’t rock a beard like him …

    • Redsvol

      don’t look now, but with more at-bats, young Fraley is becoming a better player……….imagine that. Now if our cleanup hitter could just wake up and show that he still has something for his teammates.

  66. Mark Moore

    Strickland for the 9th. What could possibly go wrong?

    • earmbrister

      Haven’t been focused on BP usage, but WHY?

      Yes, we have a full pitching staff on the IL, but for god’s sake call up SCHROCK!

    • Doc

      Strickland in the ninth. Opponents dreams come true again.

      • earmbrister

        Thought we were moving past Strickland. Seems like the tank is in for a higher draft choice …

  67. Mark Moore

    Strike 4 and Castellanos is finally out.

  68. Old-school

    Are we watching 9u baseball?

    Runner steal 3rd to get into scoring position with 1 out and no throw?

  69. LDS

    The catcher steals 3rd? Strickland must be oblivious to everything around him. But Bell will keep running him out there until Krall waives him.

      • LDS

        Got to pick your spots and Strickland on the mound with Papierski catching looks like a good one

  70. earmbrister

    THAT’S a big K. Nicky C, it’s been a rough year for you pal.

  71. Mark Moore

    Nice job by Strickland on those last two batters. We have a fleeting chance here. At this point, I’m feeling way less angst if we lose tonight. Other than the pain of watching Joey continue to struggle, that is.

    • TR

      For me, that was about the most engrossing half inning of the Red’s season, so far.

  72. earmbrister

    Strickland vs the Phillies heart of the order. The Phils never stood a chance …

  73. Roger Garrett

    Votto clearly sending a message tonight by swinging at the first pitch 4 straight times.He fanned 3 times last year in a game and never swung and I called him out then and am doing it now.Set him now

    • kdavis


      I agree with you on Votto – but who will the Reds bat 4th?

      There is no dependable power left on this team – nobody to strike fear in opposing teams

    • Old-school

      You are 100% correct Roger but I disagree with the approach.

      I would continue to let him prove he’s no longer an MLB player.

      Hes literally the only player in MLB this bad who plays every day so the season stats are just going to brutally prove that. Hes now no longer competing against the worst players because they have been sent to AAA or cut. Give him 550 at bats and let him hit 4th and play 1b every day and see how bad October looks. Then you have the conversation in the off-season when he is Chris Davis Orioles version of 2022.

  74. Mark Moore

    Just couldn’t hit earlier when we needed to. That’s at least one of the story lines of this season.

    Night all.

  75. earmbrister

    Close game guys and gals. Have a good/better night.

  76. LDS

    The Reds SO 8 times (an improvement), hit into 2 DPs, and picked up NO walks. Sorry to play a worn out record but that’s a coaching/system problem. If the FO doesn’t address that this off season, it doesn’t matter how strong the pipeline is.

    • earmbrister

      Noah threw 77 pitches with 61 strikes (79%+). The two relievers were just slightly worse 18-13. Yeah, they had NO walks, but it would appear that this game wasn’t a teachable moment in that regard.

      • LDS

        Go back a couple of games. The Reds have become walk adverse. Swinging at first pitches, etc.