The Chicago Cubs followed up their Field of Dreams game win on Thursday with another win on Saturday night. The Reds scored first but it was nearly all Cubs from there on out in a 7-2 victory that gives them a series win and an opportunity to sweep the 3-game set on Sunday afternoon.

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (47-65) 7 9 0
Cincinnati Reds (44-68)
2 7 0
W: Newcomb (1-0) L: Ashcraft (5-3)
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The Offense

Cincinnati wasted little time getting the offense going on Saturday. Jake Fraley led off with a double and he scored on a 1-out single by Kyle Farmer to put the Reds up 1-0 in the 1st. Not much happened after that until the 5th inning, when trailing 3-1 the offense put together another short rally that led to a run starting with Fraley singling to lead off the inning and scoring on another Farmer single two batters later, cutting into the Cubs lead.

From there Chicago would score four more runs and Cincinnati wouldn’t push another run across the plate as they fell 7-2 and saw the Cubs guarantee a winning series.

The Pitching

Graham Ashcraft kept the Cubs off of the board through the first three innings of the game, but things got away from him  in the 4th when Jose Barrero’s throwing error put Seiya Suzuki on and then he’d score when the next batter, Franmil Reyes, homered, to put the Cubs up 2-1. In the 5th inning the first three Cubs got on, with Ian Happ’s single driving in a run to extend Chicago’s lead.

Ashcraft rebounded with a 1-2-3 6th inning and then he returned for the 7th with the Reds trailing 3-2. He would get Zach McKinstry to ground out to start the inning, but a walk to Nick Madrigal on four pitches followed and that was the last batter Ashcraft would face. Ian Gibaut entered the game and promptly allowed a single and a 2-run home run to Ian Happ, who continues to torment Cincinnati, as the Cubs made it 6-2.

After Luis Cessa tossed a shutout 8th inning, Ross Detwiler came out for the 9th and he gave up a solo home run to Willson Contreras that made it a 7-2 ballgame.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

Sunday August 14th, 1:40pm

Keegan Thompson (9-5, 3.36 ERA) vs Justin Dunn (0-1, 5.79 ERA)

40 Responses

  1. Melvin

    That was a YUK game. It seems like some are pressing too hard while others are finding it hard to stay motivated.

  2. Moon

    Reds offense has gone away. Only 9 runs the past 5 games.

    • Doc

      Shows how much Drury, and maybe Naquin, meant to this team offensively. India couldn’t stay healthy enough for regular play, Stephenson was a huge loss offensively, Votto may be league average but hitting .214! Not a force to be reckoned with. No wonder the offense is in the toilet.

    • SteveAreno

      Gone away by trade or sold away.

  3. Rednat

    pretty decent crowds this year. It is scary to think that reds ownership can survive comfortably with tv money and visiting team’s attendees. Certainly seems like GABP has been a destination location for visiting fans. cheap tickets, easy parking, usually pretty good weather. Really no motivation for ownership to reinvest in the team.

    pretty soon you will start seeing opposing teams novelty items in the gift shops at gabp to make some extra money

    • TR

      A big crowd with a lot of blue. #5 loss after a surprising series win in Milwaukee. In the next month and a half, play Aquino, Barrero and Senzel to see if their offense is there. If not, make changes in the offseason and monitor the prospects for 2023.

    • Bill

      I doubt the attendance of visiting fans makes a huge portion of income, even if it accounts for 30% of ticket sales. The TV deals and sponsorship are probably what pays the bills. The Reds are at the low end of the spectrum on TV deals. The Reds TV deal is $48 million a year, the Dodgers $334 million. I think the new MLB deal throws in another $60 million a team

  4. Doc

    One must either accept the rest of the season as a lost cause when it comes to wins, or give up seeing what certain players can do and shuffle players on and off the big league roster trying to win. For example, if you want to see what Barrero can do, losses will pile up if he continues to strike out in excess of 50% of the time (3 more K’s in 4 AB tonight). Not saying he is the cause of the losses but I don’t care how good his glove is, inability to even put the ball in play more than about 40-45% of the time just won’t cut it. I suspect jumping Barrero from A+ to MLB in 2020 was, in hindsight, a huge mistake. But, let him have SS the rest of the year, don’t worry about the losses, and see if he can find it.

    Many have said similar things about Aquino and I would concur. His outfield play and arm are great assets, but his bat is not when he hits below .200 and strikes out prolifically.

    I’m in the boat of giving these guys enough rope to see what they can do but, bring up others in 2023 if the current crop can’t hack it the rest of 2022.

    • Redsvol

      Its absolutely hard to see the growing pains of some of these young players. We need 150 more at bats for some of these guys then we can decide what we have. I do however think we should give some time to Friedl in the month of September. He has had a good 6 weeks of batting.

  5. David

    Some people were saying that despite the big losing streak at the beginning of the year, the Reds were a “pretty decent” team.

    I realize that a lot of talent is now gone, but….this is who the team is.

    Not good. Probably the start of either a long losing streak (again) or a lot of losing with a few wins here and there.

    As of today, they have played 112 games, with 50 yet to go (44-68). They may win 10-15 more games this year. Maybe.

    • jon vera

      The big question right now is are the reds going to get the 1st pick in the draft next year? Have 4th pick right now but a few games from 2nd pick.Will the god awful Wash. have more wins than the reds by years end?

      • Bill

        The draft is no longer based entirely on records. Picks 1-6 are determined by a weighted lottery drawing of non-playoff teams. 7-18 goes to the remainder of non playoff teams by record

    • Steven Ross

      I agree with you. Tough to score runs when Votto, Aquino & Barrero aren’t hitting at all. Of course, Bell will continue to roll out the same crass lineup.

      The next six weeks is going to be ugly. It’s a chore to even watch the games anymore.

      • greenmtred

        No question that the lineup isn’t hitting. But the question is which lineup would you roll out instead?

  6. Doc4uk

    Barrero is over matched at this level. There are other SS in the system who will jump over him.

    • Jim Walker

      Unless Barrero finds something over the winter, Krall better hope there is somebody to jump over him at SS. Elsewise, Krall, his scouts and crosscheckers will all be looking for jobs too.

      Right now it is looking like Steer and Marte are trending toward 3B, 2B or corner OF; and they appear to be the next guys closer after Barrero aside from EDLC who would seem to a natural for CF. I guess Matt McClain is in there somewhere too. However Arroyo at A+ looks like the real keeper for SS.

      • Jim Walker

        I got the new guys crossed up. Marte is at A+, Arroyo is at A.
        Guess that means in next year, it is Steer, EDLC, or McClain as candidates to jump Barrero. Either that or they take and trade for yet another SS type guy.

  7. Reddawg2012

    Is it time to accept that Nick Senzel is a bit of a bust? I know about his injury history, but he has never really had any sustained success in the majors in 4 seasons. I have rooted hard for the guy, but I’m losing faith.

    • jon

      My feelings for the last few years.Senzel being a productive starter is not going to happen.

    • Jim Walker

      Sometimes, in the end, injuries define players’ careers. We tend to take this for granted with pitchers but not so much so with position guys unless there is an obvious catastrophic injury.

    • TR

      If situation is the same at season’s end, it’s time to let Senzel do what he can with another team.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree. If the Reds decide to move on, it will be interesting to see if they look to find him a soft landing (i.e. Barnhart) or just nontender him when that time comes.

  8. Klugo

    Are we on the cusp of one of Dave Bells patented 14 game losing streaks? What’s that now, 7 in a row?

    • Jim Walker

      Baseball Reference says the Reds are down 5 straight and 7 of the last 9. Somehow the Reds managed to win the last 2 of 3 in Milwaukee. Guess the Hader trade shock fallout in Milwaukee was worse than the sell down effect with the Reds.

    • greenmtred

      I think that Bell must be really tired. Having to pitch. Having to take so many at-bats and play all of those positions. Have you checked the roster lately? The Reds traded away their two best pitchers, best hitter and Naquin, who was streaky, but decent. Lots of prospects in return, some of whom will probably help in the future, but the players on the roster now aren’t going to win many games.

      • Oldtimer

        Reds traded five MLB players for ten MiLB players. The 2022 Reds (and 2023) will struggle as a result.

      • Klugo

        Oh Bell has been losing games a dozen at a time long before this trade deadline. A manager should be pulling out all the stops to keep from streaks like that from developing and he has seen several of them on his watch.

  9. docproc

    Six hits from the top three guys in the lineup.
    Cleanup hitter was 0 for 5 with 2 Ks and 4 left on base.

  10. ryan

    Adding insult to injury today’s Enemaquirer has Bobby Nightenhale’s Reds assessment quoting Tyler Naquin,

  11. Jim t

    Might be time to give Barrera a day off. Striking out 3out if 4 at bats has to be taking its toll on him

  12. Jim Walker

    Like everyone else, I have been trying to figure out the Reds baseball love for Michael Papierski at catcher. For now, I am reduced to wondering if it is about height.

    Stephenson is listed at 6’4″, Papierski at 6’3″. Maybe the Reds would like to have a consistent target size behind the plate? Just for reference, Garcia (recall him) is listed at 6’1″, Okey 5’11” and Kolozsvary at 5’8″ (And that’s probably wearing his spikes and on tiptoes) .

    • JB

      Garcia, kolzy, okey and Papierski. Not much from the 4 but Papierski is the worst of the bunch. His defense is terrible, noodle arm, slow and can’t hit to save his life. Yet he is the guy.

      • Jim Walker

        I agree about Papierski. That’s why I have been wondering what they see in him that we don’t as outsiders.

        My first thought since they picked Papierski up on waivers from the Giants was maybe Curt Casali had taken a liking to him working together in spring camp and dropped a heads up positive text to somebody with the Reds org as a favor when Pap was up for DFA. But after seeing Pap in action, I have trouble believing CC would go out on a limb for him to that degree.

        Chuckie Robinson is relatively young (27; will be 28 in Dec.) as backup catchers go. With Okey being released, maybe he is the new in house candidate to caddy for TS in 2023. However, that still doesn’t address why Papierski over Koloz who is on the 40 man and can be optioned should another waiver opportunity present itself.

  13. JB

    The front office needs to find three outfielders for the future. Fraley, if he keeps hitting, might be the only one. Senzel I just don’t see it anymore. He is also 28. Aquino and Almora are nothing but defensive replacements. Maybe stop drafting and trading for shortstops or maybe it’s time to start moving the 50 they have in the minors to the outfield. Right now this team has India and Stephenson. Waiting on you 2025.

  14. Doc4uk

    Senzel is an OK Fielder and a .250 hitter without power. So at this point you have to think that De La Cruz is his replacement next year.

    Steer will likely be your 3B next season with Farmer and perhaps Solano as back up options.

    I think Marte or McClain might leap over Barrero as crazy as it seems. They will be given a chance in the spring to show what they can do.

    One thing that seems obvious is that DLC (CF) ,Collier (RF) , Marte (SS) , Steer (3B), and Strand(1B) seem to be the future. Others like Rodriguez and Arroyo and Sanchez are definite prospects further down the line.

    And if Boyle can limit walks he is a definite possibility to join Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo, Williamson, and Overton. Now they must go out and get a closer with the money they will save when Moose and Votto are no longer on the payroll. Maybe Antone or Sims can be the 7th and 8th inning guys next year.

    • Jim Walker

      If I was choosing a 4th OF from among Senzel, Almora and Aquino, I would go with Aquino. He has the far superior arm and his range coverage is about the same. Aquino is also the more effective base runner; witness Senzel’s 8-10 running outs this season.

      Since Senzel came back from COVID on 23 May and Aquino was recalled on 22 May, their offensive stats are virtually identical: Senzel .630 OPS/76 wRC+; Aquino .655/76. Senzel is going to get on base more often but Aquino will have more extra base hits.

      Final kicker, Senzel is into arbitration and already making $1.25m. Aquino is coming up on possible 1st year arbitration. Even if he makes it, he is going to be cheaper than Senzel.

      The real issue is that the Reds need better options going into next spring.

  15. Steven Ross

    I like Barrero and honestly, hope he succeeds but it’s painful watching him bat. He’s down 0-2 every time. Then it’s low & outside or high cheese for swing & a miss strike three.

    I’ve given up on Aquino.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree on the pain of watching Barrero. I noticed on the one well hit ball to LF he had Saturday, he was flexing his hand as he trotted back to the bench after was caught. It was a short shot on the TV but it looked like the injured (left) hand wrist from the off season. Seems to me given how things are going for him, if there is any hint of an issue there, they ought to just go on and shut him down for the year.