Sorry for the scary headline, but that’s what happened. After being hit in the leg by a pitch in last night’s Field of Dreams game, Jonathan India was removed in the 4th inning after his leg began to swell. At some point after the game last night he was airlifted to a hospital and spent the night there according to Mark Sheldon of Sheldon further reports that India is ok and is expected to be at Great American Ball Park on Saturday when the team takes on the Cubs. He’s driving home with one of the team trainers.

Now, being at Great American Ball Park on Saturday for the game against the Cubs and being able to play on Saturday are two very different things. If the swelling was bad enough that there were reasons to airlift him to a hospital it seems unlikely he’s going to be able to play two days later, but I guess stranger things have happened. With the 10-day injured list being available it’s certainly possible that the team would go that route and let Jonathan India get some rest on both his leg that was swollen as well as his hamstring that continues to have issues this season.

Elly De La Cruz joins a small group

Last night in Chattanooga Elly De La Cruz hit his 25th home run of the season. He also stole his 35th base of the season. That puts the Cincinnati Reds top prospect in rarefied air in the history of the farm system. He’s got at least 33 games remaining in the season (perhaps more if he is promoted at a given point moving forward) to try and make it to the 30-30 club. Over at we looked a little more into the company that he joined on Thursday night.

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  1. Bill

    That doesn’t sound good. If past history is a good indication the Reds will list him as day to day for the next nine days before retroactively placing him on the IL

  2. MichaelA

    Wait, he’s driving home with a trainer? Unless there is a reason he cannot fly, why in the world is he driving all that way? IS this MLB or an independent league? As someone who just drove all the way through Iowa, I cannot fathom having one of your star players sit in a vehicle for that long right after having to be hospitalized for leg swelling post blunt force trauma from a hit by pitch.

    • Bill

      The report from Mark Sheldon was that their were concerns with the swelling and flying.

      • MichaelA

        Completely reasonable then. Thank you for the clarification.

      • David

        The reasoning is (I think) is that traveling in a lowered pressure cabin (Airplane) might cause the blood clot (from the bruising) to move around in his blood stream.
        The bruising from the hit-by-pitch was probably looking really bad, and there might have been concerns about a serious clot forming.

        And that’s my semi-uneducated guess.

      • LWBlogger

        Bill and David… That’s a real fear. Post surgery I developed a blood clot because I flew too soon and the travel stress and lowered pressure in the cabin bit me. Fine now but was scary for a bit.

    • Jim Walker

      Recent experience as the caregiver for a person with a knee transplant makes me believe they want the leg higher than his heart to control swelling/ help guard against
      blood clots. He is probably lying/ reclining in the back of some sort of vehicle where the rear seats fold forward. Also, it may be easier to keep it iced in a road vehicle.

      • David

        Yes, obviously. Keeping it elevated is necessary for 24-48 hours.

  3. Indy Red Man

    India should just take it easy on the IL. No need to rush back. Reynolds should be in the starting lineup somewhere anyway. He can hit a little bit and has good numbers at Gabp.

    • LWBlogger

      Reynolds can hit a lot. He’s one of those guys that the more he plays the better he hits. At least when healthy.

  4. LDS

    With the battering he’s experienced over the last few weeks, I think they should really give him the rest of the year to heal up. Call up Steer and take him for a spin. Wins don’t matter at this point. Finding the right player mix, getting everyone healthy, plugging a few holes by ST, that’s what matters now.

    • Optimist

      100% with you and Indyredman. Call a halt to this year – his game is productively aggressive, and they don’t need cumulative injuries to pile up and linger into next year. Also, let’s see Steer for 50-100 pa’s.

      • Jim Walker

        Makes a lot of sense to be something the Reds would do. 😉

    • 2020ball

      This is absurd, if he wants to play and he’s healthy, let him play.

  5. Mark Moore

    Thanks for the borderline coronary headline, Doug … 😮

    I’m with the crowd that says he should rest up for at least a 10-day IL stint if not longer. Nothing at stake for him or the team the rest of this season.

    • earmbrister

      Yes, scary headline followed by:

      “Sorry for the scary headline, …”

      That said, I’m sitting here with the comfort of 20/20 hindsight with no skin in the game.

      Glad to hear that he’ll be fine and that a long drive won’t hurt his sensibilitlies.

      It’s clear that India is fully committed to performing at the highest levels.

  6. Gaffer

    Probably worried about compartment syndrome. If you get it you have minutes to go to surgery, so likely a precaution but a reasonable one.

  7. LWBlogger

    Scary stuff! Hopefully he’s alright. One of the few bright spots on a historically awful Reds team. Not having the year he had last year but hey, the league adjusts and he’s still one of the best on the squad. Seems a good kid too.

  8. shaggy

    they were probably worried about compartment syndrome. if the swelling gets to bad it compresses against the veins essentially closing off the vessels. you would have to open up the leg to relieve the swelling

  9. Indy Red Man

    I see India as more of a middle of the lineup type with his big swing. His career.353 obp vs righties is better currently then Fraley’s career .337 obp, but Fraley has 41 walks in 249 official at-bats. I think as he gains confidence and his average rises then his obp versus righties will be really strong! Fraley is 9-25 with 4 walks (.448 obp) since he came back. I’d bat Stephenson 2nd and probably India 3rd until we get a better bat into the lineup. Maybe India down to the 5th hole long-term

  10. Old-school

    India stuff is melodrama

    Makes no sense other than they wanted eval to make sure nothing broken and zero eval Capacities in remote Iowa. Then stuck in Iowa once ok.

    Blood clot nonsense is absurd and fear mongering

    He got hit by a pitch in soft tissue of leg

    Nothing to do with blood clots in blood vessels

    • Luke J

      You don’t know what you are talking about. They didn’t air lift him for x_rays. It was for excessive swelling, which if untreated can lead to closed blood vessels, loss of circulation, gangrene, and amputation. It’s a real concern, not fear mongering. They took the precautious route, but doesn’t mean it wasn’t a real fear.

      • Old-school

        Glad India didnt have closed blood vessels, lose his circulation, get gangrene, and have his leg amputated.
        Perhaps the real problem was they were in rural Iowa with no highly trained personnel. If Kremcheck was there and said fly to Iowa City to rule out compartment syndrome…absolutely. I suspect for a 12 hour same day road trip, he wasnt and so they didnt have anyone qualified in the corn field to assess things and an hour drive to Dubuque wasnt much better. So Kremcheck via remote said move him to a real place to rule out badness and its just a bad bruise.How much did that cost the Reds?

      • Tom Reeves

        Old School, maybe you haven’t noticed the number of professional athletes and airline pilots who have had to retire (or who died) in the last 2 years but there’s been a massive uptick. Blood clots have become a very serious health concern.

    • Kevin H

      Are you a physical trainer with a degree in sports medicine? Are you a doctor who knows blood clots?

      Otherwise just stop with this non-sense

  11. Mark Moore

    In other news, Tatis, Jr. got rung up for an 80-game suspension. MLBTR (and other sources) has the details.

    • Indy Red Man

      Speaking of SD, Drury is 1-2 with a double, walk, and 2 runs so far tonight. The Reds will continue to miss him.

      I remember the $ the Castellini’s spent for Bauer, Nick C., Sonny, Miley, Moose, and Shogo. They’re not too cheap in my mind to resign Drury. They’re simply too dumb to do it

      • Spencer

        Flipping Drury for a highly sought after international prospect wasn’t smart? Committing dollars to a “hopefully” late bloomer ahead of a rebuild loaded with position players is smart? I’m confused.

      • Rednat

        yes!!. this ownership always devalues position players that can hit. all the way back to the Felipe Lopez/ Austin Kearns trade. other head scratching moves have been Josh Hamilton, Jose Iglesias( I will never understand that one), Yasiel Puig and now Naquin and Drury. I am shocked they didn’t dump Salano to try to “get the pitching”. Drives me bonkers.

      • Bill

        Maybe you missed the Reds trading pitching for mostly position players at the deadline. The entire 2021 rotation was traded or released over the last year. Why would they keep Naquin or Drury? They are both able to be resigned if they want to.

      • VaRedsFan

        LOL @ they didn’t value Puig…HUH? He was out of baseball almost immediately after he left
        Iglesias? HUH? He was a free agent and they already had Galvis under contract. They were redundant. Iggy was better…but again…free agent.
        Naquin?? HUH?? he’s an upcoming free agent.
        Drury??? HUH? He’s an upcoming free agent.

        The biggest contracts in the history of the franchise have gone to hitters.

        How many more low level MLB’ers would you like to give long contracts to?

      • Jim Walker

        The Reds actually paid some pitchers big money when they had a good team.

        Bailey: final Reds contract was 6yrs/ $105m guaranteed.
        Cueto: 5yrs/ ~$35m (last 2-months paid by KC)
        Arroyo: Last 5 years w/Reds/ $56m+
        Latos: 2yrs/ $5.52m AAV/ $11.5m (as 1st year arb eligible)
        Leake: final 2yrs arbitration eligible/ AAV $7.85m (15.7m total)

        These payouts are now aged a decade or more from when the commitments were made. Castillo in2022 wasn’t making any more than Leake was at the same arbitration level back then. Cueto was a steal because they extended him for 5 years early in the arbitration process.

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah they could definitely attempt to resign Drury, but you know that isn’t happening. If they really believed in him then pay him while he’s wearing your uniform.

      • Bill

        Everyone likes to make the assumption that every pending free agent wants to sign an extension. A guy like Drury is probably going to test the market unless Cincy makes a crazy offer. This is probably his only chance to sign a long term contract for a high dollar amount. The Reds aren’t going to be the highest bidder for a 30 year old player coming off his best year ever. If they are going to be the high bidder then it still makes sense to get a prospect to let someone borrow him. He isn’t giving the Reds a discount unless he just really loves Skyline Chili

      • Tom Reeves

        Losing $47m on the signings you noted might have stung to cause the owners to rethink their strategy. Or maybe they’re dumb.

  12. Jim Walker

    A Friday night in August without a Reds game makes about as much sense as playing an MLB game in the middle of a cornfield somewhere in Iowa.

    At least the AAA Bats put on a good impersonation of the Reds, and in Iowa to boot. They pitched and bungled their way to an early 4-1 deficit, tied the game at 5 with a 4 run 8th only to give up 4 more runs in the bottom of the inning and lose 9-5.

    Colin Moran tried to be the hero for the Bats by blasting a 3 run HR which tied the game in the top of the 8th.

    Jared Solomon (4 ER), too familiar to Reds fans, was the prime pitching culprit in the 8th. Newcomer Spencer Steer booted a ball in that inning which allowed the 4th run to cross; but because there was only 1 out at the time, the run was charged as earned.

    As I said very Reds like, complete with TJ Friedl needing to leave the game after being HBP on his foot for the 2nd time in the game.

  13. Roger Garrett

    Bell will have his hands full these last 50 games.Don’t envy him trying to keep everybody happy with playing time.This will tell us more about Bell maybe then anything we have seen since he has been here.Can he stay the course with some younger players while at the same time letting older players try to salvage something from awful seasons.Also there are others who aren’t old or young that maybe playing for a job here or elsewhere next year.Can he do all of this and still win a game or two which I am sure is important to somebody in the board room.

    • MK

      Do you suppose sitting Votto for 50 games would push him to retirement or softening his no trade stance?

      • 2020ball

        Why in the world would you create a rift between the org and its best player in a generation in the middle of a lost season? Who are you intending to play instead?

      • earmbrister

        Who are you intending to play instead?

        Huh, that’s the question that never seems to be answered by those complaining about Votto … And no one was complaining when Joey V was outperforming his contract.

        The man is a HOFr who has played his whole career for Cincy. Show the man the respect he deserves. He can leave when he so chooses. I believe he’s more than earned the right.

  14. Mark Moore

    Initial lineup is posted on GameDay. India is resting (not surprised). Need a really solid game from Ashcraft.

    • LDS

      Yep, replaced by Reynolds, a sub. .700 OPS with an OPS+ of about 90. He’s 32 years old and not part of the future. Send him down and call up someone young.

  15. William

    2025 Reds Potential Players: Catcher – Stephenson; 1B – Steer/Encarnacion-Strand; 2B – India/McClain; SS – De La Cruz/ Marte/ Barrero/ McClain ???; 3B – Marte/ De La Cruz/ India. ???: LF – India/ Marte/ Free Agent $$$ ???/ CF – Senzel/Siani/ Barrera/ De La Cruz. ???; RF – Hinds / Hendrick/ Marte/ De La Cruz. ??? ; Starting Pitching – Lodolo; Greene; Ashcraft; Dunn; Williamson/ Petty/ Stoudemire. ??? (Looking Good); Relief Pitchers – Diaz; ……to be determined….Free Agents/ Prospects ….

  16. William

    Stoudt….not Stoudemire….getting names right is respectful