The Cincinnati Reds will look to even up their series against the New York Mets tonight as the two get together for the second game of the series. Cincinnati will send Mike Minor to the mound to face off against Carlos Carrasco. First pitch is set for 7:10pm. Update: The game will begin in a delay. First pitch is now scheduled for 8:00pm.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for tonight’s contest:

Cincinnati Reds

New York Mets

Jonathan India – 2B Mark Canha – CF
Nick Senzel – CF Starling Marte – RF
Kyle Farmer – 3B Francisco Lindor – SS
Joey Votto – 1B Pete Alonso – DH
Donovan Solano – DH Darin Ruf – 1B
Aristides Aquino – RF Jeff McNeil – LF
Jake Fraley – LF Eduardo Escobar – 3B
Jose Barrero – SS Luis Guillorme – 2B
Austin Romine – C Tomas Nido – C
Mike Minor – SP Carlos Carrasco – SP

Starting Pitchers

Mike Minor 56.2 6.19 1.57 24 51
Carlos Carrasco 117.2 3.82 1.28 31 114
Links: Mike Minor’s Stats | Carlos Carrasco’s Stats

Mike Minor

Over the last month, Mike Minor has pitched better than he did over the first month of his season, but that’s more because of how poorly he pitched in that first month. His ERA is still over 5.00 in the last month.

The splits against Minor are drastic. Lefties don’t get much playing time against him and when they do, they don’t perform. But right-handed hitters are putting up MVP kind of numbers against him in the batters box – just absolutely crushing the baseball. He’s made 11 starts and in only one of them has he not allowed a home run. That game also came in New York, but it was against the Yankees on July 13th. Cincinnati has gone 1-10 in his starts this season with the lone victory coming against Arizona on June 13th.


RHH 193 52 15 0 13 21 35 .317 .404 .646
LHH 69 12 2 0 3 4 16 .185 .232 .354

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 90.4 85.0 84.2 78.7
Usage 42.9% 23.7% 24.8% 8.6%

Carlos Carrasco

It has been a heck of a run for Carlos Carrasco since the start of July. He’s made six starts and posted a 1.50 ERA while giving up just two home runs in 36.0 innings.

For the season he’s pitched better against left-handed hitters, holding them to a lower average and OPS. Lefties to hit for more power and they draw walks more frequently than righties do, they just don’t pick up as many hits.


RHH 268 69 13 0 6 17 61 .281 .337 .407
LHH 222 51 13 1 6 14 53 .249 .302 .410

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 93.4 92.0 85.3 87.6 81.2
Usage 35.8% 11.1% 24.8% 23.9% 4.4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 7:10pm ET
  • Where: Citi Field
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 87­°, scattered thunderstorms, 35% chance of rain

News and Notes

Mike Moustakas to the injured list

Just after 5pm the Reds announced that Alejo Lopez was being called up from Triple-A and Mike Moustakas was heading to the 10-day injured list with a calf strain that he suffered in last night’s game.

134 Responses

  1. Doc

    Is that a Moose calf, or some other species?

  2. Old-school

    Hope Moose gets healthy, but this doesnt sound good for him the rest of August. It does mean the Reds might just have a regular rotation and defined roles. Fraley Senzel and Aquino/ALmora look to be the primary 4 OF and get a lot of playing time.

    Farmer and Barrero should patrol the left side of the infield with India and Votto on the other side. Donnie Barrels will DH and spot start at 2b/3b

    Ive given up on Aquino but more than willing to see him get another 75 at bats and change my mind. I’m not holding my breath.

    That said, Votto and Fraley the only lefties in a lineup against a righty.Thats gotta change in 2023+

    Go Reds.

    • LDS

      You’ve given up on AA? How about Votto, Fraley, Moose certainly. The list to give up on is lengthy and likely includes Senzel

      • Old-school

        Ive given up on Aquino. He can change my mind the next month. Moose for sure. Votto doesnt matter. Hes earned a 2023 swan song…just more DH and rest. Senzel may be an adequate placeholder but there’s literally no big time outfielders at AAA or 26 man roster.

        I’m hoping Elly changes positions and goes to Goodyear for instructional position change to CF.

      • greenmtred

        And as somebody pointed out the other day, Votto is still one of the Reds’ more productive hitters

      • LDS

        I’m with you. Lots of holes to be plugged over the next couple of years to even pretend to be competitive

      • AMDG

        I think everybody has given up on AA.

        He provided a fun month of baseball back in 2019, but he’s already 28, and has hit 0.186 over the past 3 seasons.

  3. DataDumpster

    Yes, Minor actually looked pretty good on the mound the last several starts. He is neat, composed, works with good cadence, and has some good stuff. However, the result is always the same. He gets a few clean innings then moves on to a walk or two before unloading a marshmallow that gets obliterated (at least once). I don’t dislike the guy, he is performing to his record, not to the inflated salary he was given. But, most of RLN knew this in the preseason, Bell and Krall either still haven’t learned or have no other option.

    • Old-school

      Old washed out overpaid lefties is chapter 5 in the tanking playbook and the Reds desperately need innings the last 2 months.

    • LarkinPhillips

      This is why he would have made a perfect middle reliever for a playoff team. I wish Krall would have been able to work a deal out for him at the deadline. On the other hand, we definitely need him to eat innings to finish this season out with the Mahle and Castillo both gone.

  4. Redsvol

    I really wish they’d give India a few games off. He’s going to wind up hurting myself worse and done for the season. Let Lopez play second. He and barer to have played a lot together and we need to see what we have with Lopez anyway.

  5. JA

    5 players in the lineup were batting < .200 avg yesteday, scored 1 run. Today’s LU is < .200 … let’s see how many runs the Reds can produce ….

  6. Doug Gray

    The game will be delayed by rain. No information for a new start time is available right now.

    • AMDG

      Per the radar, it looks like there is only a little rain in the NYC area, and it’s passing.

      So, hopefully the delay will be minimal.

  7. docproc

    I’m looking at the radar. There is nothing. C’mon.

  8. Mark Moore

    I was looking forward to Kicking this Pig!! tonight. I don’t have an early call tomorrow, so if it starts at a reasonable time, I should be able to watch most of it … unless Minor throws BP again and choose to Clete.

  9. Old-school

    Banana phone Doug or anyone.
    Louisville bats Tweeted Fernando Cruz leads all of AAA with 18 saves, holds opponents to a .177 average while posting a 0.83 ERA in 21 innings. Why is he not being called up?

    • Doug Gray

      Well they forgot the context – those are not his season numbers. That’s his last X games (I can’t remember off of the top of my head). He has certainly been good this season, but that BAA and ERA are not his season numbers.

      • SteveAreno

        His season numbers are ERA of 3.15 and opponents’ batting avg. 213.
        He leads the International League with 18 saves. Very strange he hasn’t been promoted but it would sure make a good story for a blog or a writer of baseball columns.

  10. Doug Gray

    Game scheduled to begin at 8:00pm ET

  11. Kevin H

    Out of curiosity does anyone collect baseball cards. Go to card shows?

    • VaRedsFan

      Yes…huge collector.
      I went to Atlantic City 2 weeks ago to the National convention

      • Kevin H

        Excellent… I am amazed at the prices of cards. I have two Johnathan India prospects auto’s. Both high in price.

        Haven’t been to a big show, however set up at smaller card shows in the area

      • VaRedsFan

        I have his 2008 Topps rookie… PSA 9.
        I mostly concentrate my collection on vintage graded HOF’ers from the 1960 thru 1989.

        Not much modern stuff for me, but I will get graded rookies of all HOF’ers from 1990 forward, and speculate on future HOFers.

      • Old-school

        That is cool VA. I need to go through mine. Ive probably got some good Pujols cards too.

      • VaRedsFan

        I started grabbing Pujols (2001) rookie cards about 3 years ago, Pre-covid. I got 21 different types. The prices went thru the roof (3x) once Covid hit. Same with Ichiro.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m not a collector, but I do have a full set of 1990 Tops cards. I found them in a local antique shop the Christmas before the 2020 season and bought them for about $25 for the nostalgia of what happened 30 years before during that magical wire-to-wire run.

  12. Kevin H

    Excellent… I am amazed at the prices of cards. I have two Johnathan India prospects auto’s. Both high in price.

    Haven’t been to a big show, however set up at smaller card shows in the area

  13. Mark Moore

    Looks like it’s time to Kick this Pig!!

  14. Mark Moore

    Love that AB by Farm Dawg. Really hung in there.

  15. Kevin H


    The best Votto card I had was a “red hot topps finest. Auto , numbered 23/25. I sold it for 125.00

    • Old-school

      I bought a bunch of Topps complete sets from 1999-2008 or so.

      Got a Joey votto Bowman Chrome Rookie mint 9 2002 before my youngest was born because I knew this Joey Votto guy was good. It’s a cool card. Hilarious. Back of the card says “solid build for a catcher”

      • Kevin H

        Excellent.. I had a Randy Johnson rookie card. Sold it not realizing it was priced higher than what I sold it for. Lesson learned

    • Ghostrunner_onthird

      My best Votto card is a Topps Tier 1 Bat Knob 1/1 non-auto.

  16. Bet on Red

    nearly a 2 run But But But, good contact though

  17. Magnum 44

    I don’t think we will see Minors Mustache for more than 4 innings

  18. Jim Walker

    Neither Bally or Spectrum will stream (anything) at my locale near Dayton, OH. But wired cable and other internet works fine. Anyone else with similar issues?

    • Kevin H

      I had that issue up here near Toledo. I couldn’t get the Reds with Specturm streaming, Then youtube tv doesn’t carry Bally lol…

      I realize that doesn’t help with your question. LOL

      • Jim Walker

        A person on Twitter has answered back he is experiencing the same; so I guess I will not raise an alarm and ruckus with Spectrum or Bally just yet

  19. Kevin H

    I didn’t mind Dunn’s start lastnight. I think he can be part of the Reds future. I do wish they would replace Minor as has been suggested. He isn’t part of the future. Not sure who with though, but Williamson or Abbot? I think Abbot is double A?

  20. Old-school

    Ive not watched Jose Barrero much at all. But, he makes the routine play look like an easy layup. Zach Cozart did that too. It was just an easy beautiful play and Barrero makes the routine play look like an automatic out…as it should be.

    Shortstop is a position you dont need to hit .800 OPS if the defense is superb

    • Mark Moore

      He seems very fluid out there. Easy way about him.

    • Doc

      He won’t be the SS of the future no matter smooth he is if keeps striking out 40-50% of the time. Too many good SS coming up behind him. One of them is bound to be good defensively as well as able to occasionally get the bat on the ball.

  21. RedsGettingBetter

    Minor’s season makes me remember the season 2018 of Homer Bailey when he was 1-14 and ERA above 6.00… That year the Reds were something like 1-20 when Bailey started…idn if i’m wrong

  22. Kevin H

    I realize he doesn’t hit much, but what about Romine as back up for reds as catcher.

    • SteveAreno

      I like his experience. Our pitchers need that. He hit .281 for the Yankees in 2019. Maybe he can get some of that back given some ABs.

  23. Roger Garrett

    Carbon copy of last nights game.Reds getting guys on and can’t bring them around.No problem with the hitters being aggressive but they are missing or fouling off very hittable pitches early then chasing and getting their own self out.Guy on the mound will play that all night long just like last night.Mets pitcher went 8 innings and gave up 8 hits and was in trouble several times.I didn’t look at his pitch count but what he did was rare in only allowing 1 run.Reds will break through I feel.

  24. Mark Moore

    And so it begins … bit of a cookie to Lindor and he smacks #20 on the year.

    The BB definitely haunted this time around.

  25. Roger Garrett

    Reds going forward must hit better then they have the first 100 games.Drury carried this team and well nobody else other then TySteve did much.Best we can hope for after Ash and Lodolo is 4 or 5 innings and keeping us in the game.It matters little how many games they lose but its time old and young do better at the plate.Having a job next year ought to be motivation enough I would think.Joey is the only one that does I believe.

  26. DataDumpster

    Minor following the script I mentioned earlier with 3 “clean” innings and then the walk and marshmallow for 2. They will probably give him a chance for the Mets to put 2 more on the board in a gamble to eat some more innings. It doesn’t help that the offense doesn’t seem to score for him either…

  27. JB

    Watching Minor pitch is like watching the grass grow. He is no Wade Miley.

  28. JA

    If reds offense does not score, the pitching doesnt matter at all

  29. Roger Garrett

    Minor does what he always does.He walks too many and then boom.Both are a result of he is a soft tossing lefty that nibbles.Miley said hit it and sometimes they did but he came right after guys.Three walks and 2 hits so far and 2 runs.You know its coming because it always does.

  30. Old-school

    Votto is the Reds-greatest lefty hitter of All time.

    They have zero lefties in the AAA or MLB queue. Need to identify 2 young lefties. Mcgarry maybe and Elly for sure but they need to find another fast.

    • Beautiful Red

      Better than Roush, better than Klu, bettter than Pinson better than Morgan. Come on that’s a little lazy.

      • Old-school

        Morgan was except he didnt play a career as a Red. He was best for a few years for sure. Votto played his entire HOF career as a Red. Otherwise no way. Klu? Legit argument. Roush? Modern baseball.

        Lazy? That might be a little strong?

      • Jim Walker

        I am in Doug’s corner about #14’s character issues but on the field, he was primarily a LH hitter too.

    • DataDumpster

      Agree with Old-school only because Morgan did not have enough “longevity.” Kind of questionable? My takeaway though is I didn’t know Pinson was a LH batter. Thought about his career many times, but only heard his name on the radio in the Jim Mack/Joe Nux days circa 1969 (+/- 2nd grade). Vada’s statistics were pretty astounding too so forget about him!

      • Old-school

        Vada Pinson is the #1 player Ive not seen play that I wish I could. If someone who has seen him play tells me he is better than Votto, I will Listen.

  31. Roger Garrett

    Nothing secret or even special about Carrasco.He has made a good living with the sinker slider combo for years.Reds know him but act like they don’t.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ve thought the same thing watching him. Yet he’s missing a lot of bats with that breaking stuff.

    • Kevin H

      Recognize different spins and pitches with like less than second is hard.

  32. Gpod

    Barrero better learn the stikezone or he will end up on a long list of “never was” and learn that when you have 2 strikes, the chances of a pitcher throwing you a strike on the next pitch is close to zero….yet you swing wildly at a pitch a foot off the plate

  33. Dennis Westrick

    Our 10 million dollar man (Minor) up to his usual tricks! Two (2) HRs in 4 innings and, of course, one of the HRs was preceded by the obligatory walk!

  34. Mark Moore

    Farmer is doing a pretty serviceable job over there again tonight. I’m good with him manning 3rd while we sift through our glut of talented SS players.

  35. Roger Garrett

    Barrero and India did not compete that inning at the plate.Three punch outs for India and two for Barrero on 6 pitches so far.Dude out there is a vet and if your going to swing at everything he will not throw you a strike once he gets ahead.Somebody grab both right now and get their attention.

    • Gpod

      Bell is to busy trying to figure out a new way to bore us all to death on his post game

      • Roger Garrett

        I love both the ROY and Barrero but somebody ought to get a hold of them and I would assume its the hitting coach.Both must adjust cause its not secret what Carrasco is doing

      • Old-school

        @ Roger I agree somewhat…but positions matter. Defense at SS and Cf and C dont necessarily need to hit .800 OPs if they are elite defenders.

        RF/LF/3b/1b absolutely do. Aquino in RF is done.
        Fraley is hiding in LF. Votto is not doing much and Farmer at 3b has made some nice plays but apologies to GMR.,..cant hit righties at all. As a 3b….you gotta have power

        This team cant hit..period.

  36. Roger Garrett

    India knows better and unless he is asleep he will get pitched to the next time the same way.Barrero may not know better but he better expect the same sequence of pitches the next time

  37. Mark Moore

    Missed another by just a fraction of a degree of launch angle.

    Not sure how much longer I’ll stick around tonight. I’ve got a book waiting beside my bed.

    • Hanawi

      Two long fly outs with EVs over 100 both times. Last one went farther than Lindor’s HR. Just seems like one of those nights for him. With last year’s baseballs, probably would have about 10 more homers.

  38. JA

    3 men 3 out, 1,2,3 …. In 6 pitches only…..
    No one win games scoring 0

    Carrasco is on fire lately, anyway…

  39. Old-school

    Reds are 3-21 with 8 a strikeouts.
    No power
    No lefty hitting.

  40. Roger Garrett

    Carrasco has 18 outs on 66 pitches with 8 punch outs so I will check out tonight.Just an awful display by our hitters tonight against a guy they all know from his Cleveland days.

  41. Daytonnati

    4 seems like 8 with these guys.

    • JA

      Reds would not score one in 18 innings… it doesn’t matter how good or bad are the SP or RP

  42. Dennis Westrick

    So, Mr. Bell, you allow Minor to throw 110 pitches (in only 5.1 innings) but much younger and more talented pitchers are out after 100 pitches? If Minor doesn’t pitch another game this season, I for one will not miss him!

    • VaRedsFan

      The young pitchers have gone over 100 several times. In fact, I heard a few weeks ago that they have the most games with starters going over 100

  43. Roger Garrett

    @ Old school before I go.I do agree that up the middle defense should come first.You are absolutely correct in the positions that must provide the offense and haven’t done it.I can live with anything Barrero and India or Senzel do at the plate on mostnights but tonight they seem lost.Of course so does everybody else.

    • Kevin H

      Sometimes you just gotta tip your cap to opposing pitcher..

      Hitting a baseball is hard. I am still amazed they do what they do

  44. Hanawi

    Reds have faced some pretty tough pitching so far in the 2nd half of the season. Carrasco had a 0.90 ERA in July over five starts, so he’s been pretty unhittable for most teams. Will be happy to see more of the Cubs and Pirates the rest of the way.

  45. Old-school

    Fraley the lefty hitter goes 439 feet. Wow.

  46. Bet on Red

    Finally got him out, maybe a Mets bullpen meltdown? Same from Minor, An Almost quality start, but nothing to write extensions about

  47. Tampa Red

    I won’t give up on him yet, but I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever that Barrero will ever hit well enough at the big league level to justify his previous prospect rankings. All I see is just an abomination in the batters box.

    • Kevin H

      A little harsh dont you think? Can you hit a slider coming in at 85mph then a 98?

    • PTBNL

      Those two home runs he hit in the same game the other night sure were an abomination as well.

  48. Ryan

    I swear this bullpen has more stiffs than a mortuary school

  49. Kevin H

    To me you put Sanmartin in for 7th. Then depending on situation you go with Detwiller or Diaz for 8th inning.

  50. Old-school

    This team cant hit.
    Votto is 0-11 with 4K’s and hitting .215
    Moose is awful
    Senzel and India are 1-8 with 5k’s
    Aquino is hitting .183

  51. VaRedsFan

    Mets announcers: Votto didn’t really dive for that ball, he just fell over.
    I’ve said that numerous times.

    On the ‘almost a foul ball” Romine wanted to throw behind the runner caught off first….only Votto didn’t cover.

    Next play…tapper to Votto….easy force at 2nd…chose to go to first…next play 2 rbi single instead of 1 run scoring.

    4 consecutive plays for our 1st baseman.

    Mets announcers called out all of them….Keith Hernandez…who knows a little about playing 1B.

    • Kevin H

      Votto is one of my favorite players.. I am at a point where I am ready to see him retire.

      Maybe DH next season.

      • VaRedsFan

        I’m OK with that…vs righties only.

      • Ryan

        20 million that he won’t walk away from

  52. VaRedsFan

    Pham has homered in 2 straight games.

  53. VaRedsFan

    perfect time to use Strickland…if the score holds at 6-2

  54. LDS

    Knew Bell wouldn’t let Barrero hit. IMO, it’s when he should. Got to learn to deal with pressure and this season is lost anyway.

    • Melvin

      At least he gets to put Farmer back at short a bit. 😉

      • LDS

        Make Bell and Farmer both happy. Kind of tells you Bell’s view on Barrero because if you all remember, previously Bell would rather have eaten glass than start Lopez.

  55. VaRedsFan

    Barrero pulled for the mighty Lopez.
    May was throwing all fastballs, which would seem to be JBs choice of pitches to hit. Should be good for his confidence.

    • Stoney

      Also listening to the Mets announcers. They too had a hard time believing Barrero was being pitch hit for in that situation. Not doing anything for his confidence and Barrero has some power. Yes lost year but you can’t have Bell leading these young kids in the future. For just this reason.

  56. Mark A Verticchio

    Barrero is never going to play regular for Bell. Pinch hitting Lopez for Barrero there was a very bad move. Lopez will never help this team in the future Barrero might. Just another reason to get rid of Bell.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah you right Mark and all know it.Barrero bounced back after he pinch hit for him in Milwaukee so hopefully he does it again.We know he would rather have Farmer at short and not have to play Barrero. If I were Krall I would fire Bell tomorrow which is what I said the first time.Somebody needs to ask him if he is committed to play Barrero or will he continue to pinch hit for him down 4 runs late in games that really don’t matter

  57. Old-school

    India Senzel, Votto Aquino 1-15 with 8K’s

  58. PTBNL

    Think Berrero would have had him at first?

  59. Bet on Red

    Berrero 0 for 3 with all strikeouts, lopez has a reputation to put bloopers in play, Players need to learn there are a lot of Minor Leaguers trying to make their way up

  60. Roger Garrett

    I checked in just to see and knew he wouldn’t let Barrero hit either.He pinch hit for him in a 4 run game in the ninth in the loss Friday to the Brewers.Meaningless game but Bell is the manager.

      • Luke J

        Because even if he hadn’t hit tonight, one swing of the bat would tie the game with Barrero at the plate. Not so with Lopez. You gotta let Barrero hit in that situation.

  61. DaveCT

    Luis Castillo pitching to a sellout packed house in Seattle tonight. Third game recently v. The Yankees. And, you know, he deserves this.

    • DaveCT

      Mariners’ announcers musing whether Luis is intending for balls to move like that, or just letting it fly? Ahem, he meant to do that. Crowd is totally behind him. It’s awesome.

      • DaveCT

        Castillo: 8 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs v. Yankees. And he has already won over Seattle.

  62. Melvin

    We’re in the 9th inning and they’re showing stupid gambling commercials while the game is on? Give me a break.

  63. Kevin H

    It’s funny to me. People complain about Barrero not hitting and striking out. Then complain when he is pitch hit for.

    I.dont know If Barrero will make it or not. What I do know is Bell is trying to win. Lopez in that situation was right move. It didn’t work out, but right move. In my opinion

    • Luke J

      No way in the world that is the right move. Barrero just hit 2 homers in a game a couple days ago. And a homer was needed since a 4 run rally with 2 outs wasn’t at all going to happen. And Lopez has zero chance of that, especially given he was just called up today and hadn’t even settled in yet. It’s not fair to put Lopez in that position, nor was it the right strategy. Even if Lopez got a hit, you’re still down 2 in the best case, with Romine up followed by India and Senzel who were as bad as Barrero tonight. So you bet on your young power hitter to get ahold of one.

    • LDS

      It’s a lost season. Barrero probably matters in the next year or two. Bell has already decided that Lopez doesn’t. He’s not trying to win. There’s no evidence in his tenure of that. He’s the classic “have to do something to show how smart I am” type manager.

  64. Roger Garrett

    All of us want to win here at the nation but Bell twice in 6 games since Barrero has been up has hit for him down 4 runs late in both games.Friday was bad cause it was in the ninth with less then one per cent chance of winning but tonight it was worse.Luke J comment above says it all so I don’t have to.No way I can say that Bell was trying to win either game.

  65. Chris Holbert

    Bell always, without fail, has to do do something, despite the score, to show that he is “in charge”. They can trade and attempt to develop as many young guys as possible, but IMO, as long as DB is at the helm, he will always default to veterans, and the LH RH split/platoon with young guys. He never tries to build confidence, like sitting a hot hitter or never playing a call up for 5 days, he always wants to show his “on field” baseball IQ, and thus far in his managerial career, that is questionable.