The Cincinnati Reds have placed Hunter Greene on the injured list with a shoulder strain. On Saturday he was back in Cincinnati to be examined and underwent an MRI and other tests. He will not need surgery (first reported by Mark Sheldon of, but there is not a timeline for how long he may be out at this point, either.

With that move it opens up a spot in the rotation for the Cincinnati Reds and with their trades of Luis Castillo and Tyler Mahle in the last week-and-a-half they are going to the minors to call up Justin Dunn from Triple-A Louisville to start on Monday (first reported by Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer). Dunn came over to the Reds in the trade with the Mariners. No, not that one. Or that one. Not that one, either. He was a part of the deal in March that sent Eugenio Suarez and Jesse Winker to Seattle and brought back Jake Fraley and prospects Brandon Williamson and Connor Phillips.

Dunn missed nearly an entire year with a shoulder injury between last summer and this summer, pitching in just one rehab game last September before he was pulled from the game and then didn’t appear again in a game on a rehab assignment until June 26th (a full year and 10 days from his last big league appearance). He completed his rehab assignment and was optioned to Triple-A on July 24th. In the two starts since then he’s allowed nine runs in 8.0 innings on 12 hits, walked seven batters, hit three more, and struck out six. He’s struggled with his control, and as a result, his run prevention this year.

Elly De La Cruz does it again

It’s been a heck of a season for Elly De La Cruz, but this weekend he’s put up some highlights that have gone viral on social media.

On Friday night he had an inside-the-park home run that had everyone talking. Not only did he hit the ball incredibly hard (112 MPH exit velocity), and not only did he show off some of the best speed you’re going to see in baseball, but it was also his baseball IQ on display. It really had something for everyone.

Last night he homered again. This time it was a more traditional one that went over the fence. And it went way over the fence, too. It was a 425 foot homer with an exit velocity of 111 MPH. The home run itself was a fun watch, but it was his Tim Anderson-like bat toss afterwards that people either loved, or in some cases, hated.

The Cincinnati Reds #1 prospect is now hitting .301/.356/.603 on the season with 24 home runs and 34 stolen bases. He’s one of eleventy-billion shortstops in the farm system right now, but he’s the one that the rest of them are going to have to try and pass up.

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  1. Jim Walker

    I saw that AAA is playing through September this year to make up for their late start. even if EDLC has been at AA only 3 weeks or so, maybe it is time to tell him to get on up the road to Louisville.

    • Optimist

      Slight disagreement about this – let him finish out at AA, then anything goes in ST – start in AAA, but if he’s still lights out, then play the service time game and call him up. I see the fielding comments below, and until a player proves otherwise, always seems best to keep a player at SS as long as possible. With EDLC that may be 3 months of AAA next year. If the bat stays strong, then find him a position is SS isn’t quite working.

      In any case, he’s still proving he’s in MLB next May-June.

      • Doug Gray


        Don’t play service time games with people.

      • Bill

        While I find service time manipulation to be unfair to the player, it is almost something that from a business stand point should be done. That extra year of control is critical to a team like the Reds. I’m. Not sure what the solution is, but until the rules are changed teams will continue doing it. Maybe nothing will change because it doesn’t impact the vast majority of players. It’s really only the Kris Bryant type situations where it comes up. It will only be an issue with Cruz if he destroys Spring Training pitching and the Reds don’t have another option at SS. However right now he is still in AA and Barrero hasn’t lost the job yet

      • LDS

        Service time manipulation is NOT good business. It reflects an abusive culture. Would you call it a good business practice if it were your pension or 401K that the company was manipulating the vesting schedule of?

      • Bill

        LDS you may not like it and it may not be the best way to treat people, but that in no way makes it an abusive culture. No one is getting abused. There earning potential is possibly being reduced.

        If I agreed to the terms of the pension then I would know it was a possibility. Its really not much difference with employers keeping someone in part time employment status to avoid benefits.

        I don’t think it is right and I think it needs fixed in the CBA, however it really only impacts a small amount of players. The whole system from the minors to the first time through free agency isn’t fair to the players. If the players association actually cared they would fix it

      • Kindell

        No, start him next year if he is one of the best 9. If he is the star we think he is, offer him a Wander Franco deal. The service time thing isn’t going to help us at all except for hurting the relationship right out of the gates.

      • Optimist

        I should have said, “they will play the service time game”. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it gross or abusive; it’s simply unfair. I guess MLBPA is weaker than I thought, but I’m still surprised they didn’t fix this during this past lockout.

        Even with all that said, I’d be amazed if the Reds ignored that issue, and given everything else they’ve messed up, it’s a bit hard to call them out on taking advantage of this just as all other teams would.

        Still, EDLC is approaching K Bryant status, and it would be interesting if he’s a repeat grievance case that succeeds where Bryant’s failed.

  2. Mark Moore

    Long term, is he the SS to beat, or will he find a home in CF and make that a stand-out position for us? No matter what, his adjustment to AA ball has been solid and he seems to be a unique talent.

  3. Jeffrey Oakley

    Promote him and get him up here before the end of the year, and don’t give me that “he isn’t ready” BS.

    • Redsvol

      He is in no way prepared to play shortstop in the major leagues. Can’t field ground balls hit to his left. Lots of work on this footwork and mechanics. Fantastic in the batters box though and can probably play center field next year if he works on it this fall and winter.

      • Kindell

        I seen him get to a ball heading to CF while in a Dayton that I am not sure anyone else could get to. I don’t think this is a fair assessment.

  4. A Former West Sider

    That speed would really play in CF – imagine the ground he could cover!

  5. LDS

    I suspect Dunn isn’t going to impress anyone. But it did free the Reds of the Suarez albatross. Yes, before everyone jumps on the “he’s bounced back bandwagon”, he has improved a bit this year but not materially. He’s still below his 2020 performance and well below 2019. Hopefully, Williamson and Phillips pan out because Fraley and Dunn seem like cannon fodder.

    • Redsvol

      @LDS – we’re going to need some cannon fodder the next 2 years until the youngsters are prepared.

    • Optimist

      Dunn has plenty of talent . . . BUT, and it’s a big but, he needs to stay healthy. I’d prefer Zeuch for this spot start, but there may be several reasons for Dunn. 1 – his health and stuff may be back and if so, get him back to MLB – they don’t care about the standings, so go ahead. 2 – he’s mostly OK, so get him a few starts and if he at least looks good to scouts, he becomes a trade chip over the winter. 3 – all of that, and since you need 7-8 starters for a full season, he’s very valuable in that role.

      Just hope they’re accurate on the stuff and health status.

    • Jim Walker

      Saurez is playing at a level that (more than) justifies an $11m salary which is the term of his contract. Note what sort of AAV Drury gets as an FA if he doesn’t fall on his face in the next 7 weeks with the Padres.

      If folks want to believe the salary structure is a disaster, that’s fine. But for what it is, the Suarez contract is not a bad contract for a team willing to pay the market rate for performance.

      Yes, every season there are very few guys (like Drury this year) who have an unexpected breakout or career year. However, teams trying to actually compete for the playoffs cannot afford to be dumpster diving in hopes of signing one of them for a song.

    • Bill

      It’s comical that you consider the Suarez contract to be an albatross. The guy is putting up better than average numbers. He is over 2 WAR this year. Better than Votto, Moustakas, Shogo, and Minor – the four highest paid players combining for a total -.9 WAR, and don’t Ken Griffey Jr who still makes $3.5 million this year. That’s over $62 million dollars of payroll and you think the problem is $11 million to Suarez

    • Doc

      Dunn certainly hasn’t impressed in AAA. There are a handful of pitchers who have earned it more than he has.

  6. A Former West Sider

    As Barrero gets further away from his hamate bone procedure his performance should start to reflect his true ability. I am optimistic about him closing out this year and providing some good data points for the decision makers.

    • Redsvol

      I am too West Sider. And I don’t think we should be too hard on him if he hits .250 with a .600 OPS this year. We want him to get repitition and major league experience while playing good defense. His defense is head and shoulders above what we’ve had and EDLC at short. Barerro can absolutely pick it at shortstop and that’s going to be more important as MLB bans infield shifts. Hefty boys will no longer be able to play second base and shortstop adequately.

  7. A Former West Sider

    BTW – Justin Dunn does not seem to be close to ready for a ML start.
    There may be a wager on the other team on Monday – maybe on the Opponent Team Total – so I can still be happy if the Reds win!

  8. Mark A Verticchio

    EDLC in center, Barrero at short, India at second or third, Marte in right or left, Steer at third and many others along with the young pitchers. All they need to be competitive sooner many think is a solid manager, this job is above Bell. One more note EDLC and Marte should be up asap, why wait.

    • PTBNL

      Too soon for ELDC. Where you going to play him? At short? They are going to give Jose B as much rope as possible there. In centerfield…..he hasn’t even played the outfield yet. At third, maybe, but we haven’t heard much about his 3B defense, plus would hate to be Kyle Farmer at this point if that was the case.

      Marte has not even been in AA yet, so no go on him.

      Starts the clock way too early on players that still need development time. SO no thank you yet. Their time will come soon enough.

      • Jeffrey Oakley

        EDLC at short, Jose B in center, Senzel traded as soon as it is possible (off season, while he is healthy because we know that will not last). Last year Jose B was the best looking fielder in the outfield the way he glided to the ball with a great jump.

        Caring about the clock is the first devastating mistake this team makes with every player. Tell me what the difference is between EDLC and Acuna or Albies with the Braves. How did they fix the clock issue? They signed them long term under market
        when they decided they were going to work out. 95% of all prospects do not work out so what is the issue?

      • Mark A Verticchio

        Sorry we agree to disagree, I agree with Jeffrey O. The clock in September won’t matter and as for Farmer he has to see the writing on the wall. I would have no problem with EDLC learning to play center on the fly. They tried it with Barrero last year.

      • PTBNL

        The major leagues is not the place to do OTJT. Give them development time because the fear would be rushing them too soon. And how about Senzel, you cannot trade him till the off-season but where would you put him now.

        Jose could be the best defensive shortstop in the organization right now and you want to move him to CF? That would be a waste of resources and would send the wrong message after giving him SS to prove it the rest of the season. What if those two very young players flop. YIKES.

        Even though starting the clock isn’t huge for the Reds, it still is an issue you have to deal with.

        Are we 100% sure those two are ready to bring up to the hardest level of baseball.

      • Kindell

        He may never play outfield. His 3rd base defense will be fine, and Kyle Farmer is not a reason to keep a potential star in the minor leagues next year if he is one of the best 9 players. There are several examples of teams across the league who brought their stars up at the age Elly is now. They also make sure they lock them up to decade-long deals. ELDC is not another prospect who needs to rack up years in the minor leagues.

    • LT

      IMHO this team will lose north of 100 games

    • Jim Walker

      The job at the MLB level may or may not be outside of Bell’s skill set. However, it is not his job to figure out where the pieces could fit and to start moving guys around and working them at alternate positions in the minors. Heavens help the Reds and us as followers of the team if they are teaching guys how to play alternate positions at the MLB level over the next several years.

    • Slicc50

      I agree. I’m noticing around the league teams are bringing their star prospects up at younger ages. To me, that is the most important next step for this organization to take. Start getting these guys developed and in MLB at younger age. It’s the only way small market teams can compete now. Just don’t know if the Reds have the right people to do that?

  9. Jonathan

    Any way I can download that bat flip short video? That i awesome. Love the emotion

  10. emfueago

    Kinda feel like this is dunn’s chance over next few weeks to show he stays on the 40 man once it becomes necessary to protect all those guys eligible in the Rule 5 draft.

  11. Old-school

    Love watching Elly highlights. I just cant help see the speed and power and arm and twitchiness and think CF for 10 years. How many home runs could Elly steal over the fence at 6’5 with that athleticism. We’ve seen the Aquino cannon. What if we had that cannon in CF with speed to chase balls down in the alley at opposing parks and play shallow in CF at GABP like Billy did to take away the bleeders but also have a hit tool with prodigious power? He could be a weapon in CF.
    If Elly keeps it up, I could see him as the #1 prospect in MLB over the off-season. Reds desperately need a 30/30 show-stopper entertainer with some flair and personality who just makes you shake your head at the 5 tools and look forward to going to the ballpark.

    • Randy in Chatt

      I agree. ELDC to CF (eventually—-work on it in the offseason) and Barrero at shortstop. That is my Christmas wish.

    • Hunt4RedsOct

      I missed a defensive play that the Birmingham announcer referred to as “THE CATCH” did anyone see it or can find a link? Described as over his shoulder in the outfield.

  12. Soto

    I agree ELDC seems to be a no-brainer. The man’s tools scream centerfield. Especially when Senzel’s don’t. I would play him in Center the next 3 weeks in AA then call him up and let him play center in the show in September. Give Barrero every chance at short the rest of the year. I’m excited for the Reds future.

  13. D Reddick

    Elly, Jose (with one of them at SS and the other at 3B), and India together, along with Hunter, Nick L, and Ashcraft is a really nice base. Dollar Bob Castellini needs to sell like yesterday, and then we MIGHT have some hope for the future!

  14. Fred Johnson

    If Elly could make a smooth transition to the outfield and Aristides could tick up his hit tools just a smidge what a combo those guns could be. I believe Nick Senzel has seen some real progress at the plate this year but it drives me crazy to see his lack of arm strength out in cf. AA has been unbelievable and I hope opposing teams keep trying to run on him. That’s fun to watch.

  15. Eric

    A couple of things: First, SS is a fielding position first. Barrero can pick it there all day. Give him the AB’s the rest of the year and see what you have. EDLC is not a SS if he has trouble fielding to one side or the other. The bat will play somewhere, but give him time to continue his development in the minors. Second, Steer should be up early next year since he is at AAA right now. Let all of these kids see some AAA pitching before they get to the bigs. We do not want to be sending them back after they get here.