The Cincinnati Reds have placed Hunter Greene on the 15-day injured list with a right shoulder strain, first reported by Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer. The team has called up reliever Ryan Hendrix from Triple-A Louisville to take his spot on the 26-man roster for the time being.

This is a tough break for both Hunter Greene and the Cincinnati Reds. In his last outing, Greene dominated the Miami Marlins as he allowed just one hit in 6.0 shutout innings with no runs, no walks, and he struck out eight batters. That followed a 2-run 6.1 inning outing with a walk and six strikeouts that also game against the Marlins on July 26th.

It’s been an inconsistent season for the 22-year-old rookie starting pitcher. He’s made 20 starts and posted a 5.26 ERA with 41 walks, 127 strikeouts, and 23 home runs allowed in 102.2 innings pitched. At times he’s been downright dominant – he has five starts where he’s allowed two or fewer hits – but he’s had some starts where he’s struggled along the way, too. That’s just how it goes at times for young pitchers as they figure out how things go in the big leagues and have to make adjustments a little quicker than they did when they were in the minors.

Ryan Hendrix was just optioned to the minors on August 1st. His stay in the minors was only a few days, but it really wasn’t that long as he was “optioned” but then added to the taxi squad while the team was in Miami. Hendrix has made seven appearances this season with the Reds and has thrown 6.1 innings while allowing three runs (4.26 ERA) on six hits, five walks, and he’s struck out seven batters. He hasn’t given up a home run this season with Cincinnati. During his time in Louisville this year he’s posted a 4.91 ERA in 25.2 innings with 16 walks, two home runs allowed, and he’s struck out 30 of the 112 batters that he’s faced.

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    • 2020ball

      I’d look, but that’s just sounds like a great way to jinx them 🙂

  1. Doc

    If Greene throws such easy gas, why has he already had elbow surgery and now a shoulder strain?

    • Jim Walker

      Because throwing a baseball with force and spin overhanded is one of the most physically stressful repetitive actions in sports?

      • LWBlogger2


        Though when I hear ‘shoulder’, especially when it comes to a pitcher, it is much more concerning than forearm or elbow. Shoulders just are much more complicated joints and elbows are complicated enough.

  2. Jeff Morris

    Is this now a MLB record for MOST INJURIES or most time on the IL by any team ever in the history of MLB….that the Reds have this year! Name one player on the Reds who hasn’t been on the IL or DL this year?

    • Kevin H

      Injuries have been up through out mlb. Twins I believe have had the most followed by the reds, or vice versa. Its not just the reds

      • Still a Red

        I fell, w/o knowing any stats, that teams are gaming the IL a bit more too. Probably to the benefit of the health of the players.

      • Earmbrister

        Last I knew it was the Reds followed by the Rays. The Brewers were among the 5 healthiest teams, go figure.

  3. AMDG

    Last year Greene pitched 106 innings

    This year he is at 102 innings

    If nothing else, this 15 game break will help limit his 2023 innings

    • Doug Gray

      But this isn’t really an accurate number, either. Greene was pitching in big league spring training, didn’t make the team, then pitched for all of April in games that didn’t count because the minor league season didn’t begin until May. So he had another month of games he accumulated innings pitched in that we don’t know about by looking at Baseball Reference. He probably threw closer to 130 innings last year.

      • AMDG

        Good point.

        In that case, he’s probably close to his max if they are looking to increase his IP slowly after TJ surgery.

        I wouldn’t be surprised to see them call it a season for him.

  4. Redsvol

    well fiddlesticks. This franchise can’t catch a break. Hoping its nothing major and he can pitch a few more games – he’s been improving a lot lately.

    So who takes his place. I assumed Dugger was already taking one place. This means we need one more starter. Probably gonna be Dunn and he hasn’t looked good in AAA. Bullpen is going to get taxed some more.

    • SteveO

      Dunn pitched a couple days ago. Williamson pitched today. My money is on Zeuch. He last pitched on Tuesday and would pitch Sunday on regular rest. Plus, I believe we have 1 more roster spot open. Adding him would fill the 40th spot on the 40 man roster. He’s coming off his best performance to date at Louisville.

      • DaveCT

        Or that kid named Gray. Doug, I think. Warm him up and see what we got.

      • Jim Walker

        I hear the Gray kid doesn’t have the legs (knees specifically) to go 5 innings 😉

      • Randy in Chatt

        You guys are trying to get DG to switch positions??? He was always a 1B> 🙂

      • MK

        If Gray is pitching I want to DH for the other guys.

      • LWBlogger2

        Zeuch? We picked him up? His father is an acquaintance of mine but somehow missed that the Reds picked him up. Pulling for him. His dad was a pitcher too but not as gifted.

  5. Soto

    Oh my! I hope Greene doesn’t prove to be another flamethrower with chronic injury problems. He is starting to remind me of Steven Strassburg. I’m afraid if we keep Greene as a starter he will have stretches of incredible success, long stretches on the DL, and before you know it he is up for his second contract well out of the Reds price range. And then he ends up pitching for the Dodgers during the prime of his career. I say limit his innings by making him the best closer in the game. Start it after his DL stint. Hoping for nothing but success for him and would love for him to be a healthy and successful starter, but I just don’t see it happening.

    • MK

      If hurt all the time how much can the contract be.

  6. Soto

    But unlike Strassburg who featured 5 pitches, Greene only has 2 reliable pitches plus an occasional change up that he doesn’t seem to trust.

  7. Soto

    What does everyone think the 2023 pitching staff will look like? I vote for…

    Greene (Cl)
    Diaz (Su)
    Antone (hopefully)
    Simms (hopefully)

    I say let’s find out what our young pitchers can do. No “has been” rentals or expensive free agents. First rule of building a program… “If you are going to lose, lose young”.

    • BK

      I think it would be an enormous mistake to push Greene to the bullpen–pitchers with Greene’s talent are exceptionally rare. I would also prefer to bring in one veteran starting pitcher on a 1-year contract. The goal should be one that can be flipped at the deadline. But mostly a starter with a good track record of health that gives the Reds front office the flexibility to promote players when they are ready, not because they are needed. It will take 8+ starters to make it through the season. As of now, that would give us:

      1. Greene
      2. Lodolo
      3. Ashcraft
      4. Overton
      5. Free Agent
      6. Williamson

      Abbott, Petty and Stoudt at AAA. I’m not suggesting a 6-man rotation but rather planning for the fact that injuries happen.

      I would add Santillan to your bullpen for sure. Cessa and Warren remain under team control … both have a chance to show they can contribute over the next few months. Lots of rookies with great arms … Hendrix, Moreta, Kuhnel, Soloman … hoping they are learning to attack the zone. While the bullpen was this year’s biggest weakness, I would avoid pricy free agents in 2023.

  8. Soto

    MK, Look at Strassburg’s injury history and contract history. Starting pitchers with big time stuff get paid even when they are injured a lot.

  9. Jbrat22

    Does no one else think this is just a phantom injury, and the Reds are doing it to limit his innings so they don’t have to shut him down early? Surprised to see no one mention this

    • Troy

      At first I thought this might be the case but I thought the same thing with Lodolo earlier this season and it turned out to be at least something. With Greene and Bell describing actual symptoms I’m inclined to believe it’s actually something. Hopefully it’s minor and he’s back in a few weeks to finish the season. I think he’s gonna be a frontline starter for this team as long as he’s healthy

    • VaRedsFan

      80% it’s just a little extra rest in a long season.
      Probably just a little soar, like everybody else is right now.
      Not worried at all.

  10. Troy

    At first I thought this might be the case but I thought the same thing with Lodolo earlier this season and it turned out to be at least something. With Greene and Bell describing actual symptoms I’m inclined to believe it’s actually something. Hopefully it’s minor and he’s back in a few weeks to finish the season. I think he’s gonna be a frontline starter for this team as long as he’s healthy