Jose Barrero is being called up from Triple-A Louisville to join the Cincinnati Reds according to Francys Romero of It will be the first time this season that Barrero has gotten the call up to the big leagues.

When spring training began, Jose Barrero’s wrist wasn’t feeling quite right and he had it examined. Turns out that he had a broken hamate bone and the only real solution for that injury is to have the bone removed. That surgery, and the recovery that followed, cost Barrero all of spring training, all of April and the first three weeks of May. The shortstop joined the Louisville Bats in Triple-A on May 20th on a rehab assignment (since he’s on the 40-man roster and was injured before the team made roster moves he was technically on the big league injured list the entire time).

To say that Barrero struggled out of the gate would be an understatement. He hit .204/.316/.449 with 24 strikeouts in 57 plate appearances before he was activated from the injured list by the Reds and then optioned to Triple-A. He showed some power when he made contact, but he simply wasn’t making contact – striking out 42% of the time.

Things didn’t really improve over the next six weeks. In fact, they got worse. Over the first 33 games following his being optioned to Triple-A he hit .187/.225/.288 with just six walks and he struck out 56 times in 147 plate appearances. That’s a 38% strikeout rate, and it came with absolutely no power at all.

Over the last eight games, though, things have started to look better. Jose Barrero has hit .313/.333/.656 with three home runs in that span. He hasn’t drawn a walk and he’s still struck out nine times in 33 plate appearances (that’s a 27% strikeout rate), but given how his season has turned out so far, it’s a sign of life in a season that’s been missing it.

This call up is not at all like the call up in 2021. Last season Jose Barrero killed the baseball in the minors. He hit over .300 at both the Double-A and Triple-A level. In his 45 games in Louisville he hit .306/.392/.594 with 20 walks, 44 strikeouts, 10 doubles, and 13 home runs. He was doing exactly what you expect to see from one of the top prospects in baseball – raking. But when he was called up he didn’t get any sort of consistent playing time.

This year, even in the midst of a full on fire sale and rebuild, it’s tough to look at what Jose Barrero has done this season and think that now is the time to call him up, much less let him play every single day in the big leagues. Perhaps the last week-and-a-half in Louisville has unlocked something for him and he’ll get back to being the hitter he showed that he was last year in the minors, but that just feels like it’s a lot of hope rather than something that should be counted on happening.

Wrist injuries tend to linger for a while and change how hitters perform, even after they are “healthy”. That probably has a little bit to do with the lack of production this season from Barrero. But the wrist injury isn’t responsible for 11 walks and 89 strikeouts in 55 games, either. That’s an approach problem. That’s a pitch recognition problem. Barrero’s going to have to figure that out – something he’s done much better with in the past – if he’s going to have any shot of hitting big league pitching. Guys in the majors throw better offspeed stuff, they locate it better, and they disguise it better.

With the team trading away half of the roster (don’t do the math on this) in the last week, someone has to come up and fill out the roster. Maybe Barrero can take this opportunity and run with it. But it feels like he would have been better suited to continue to get back to things in Triple-A where he’s been struggling for the better part of two-and-a-half months now than tossed into the big leagues where he might sit on the bench five days a week.

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  1. RedBB

    I would guess this is probably more of a chain ladder move to get all the SS’s a chance to play the position. Would guess this means McClain to AAA to allow him to play SS. While you have Elly at AA and Marte at A+ and Arroyo at A. All playing SS

    • MBS

      Personally I’d go ahead and move McLain off SS, and put him at 2B, 3B, LF, CF, or wherever the Reds expect him to land. Then next year have Barrero at SS on the Reds, EDLC at SS in AAA, Marte at SS in AA, Arroyo at SS in A+, and Jorge at SS in A ball. If Barrero has a good year in 23, then move EDLC, and Marte to their new positions, but keep the younger Arroyo, Jorge, Balcazar, and Cabrera at SS.

      • The Duke

        Elly has got to drastically cut his K rate if he’s going to start next year in AAA. Across A+/AA this year he has 108 K in 83 games. I would have let him play all season in Dayton this year if it were up to me.

      • Oldtimer

        I’d leave them all at their natural position (SS) for a month longer. August 2022 is unimportant in terms of where they might play in 2024 or 2025.

      • MBS

        Fair enough, I just don’t want McLain to be promoted to AAA this year. McLain and EDLC can split the starts at SS for a month. I don’t think either will wind up in the position on the Reds, with this recent influx of SS’s.

      • MK

        People forget Miguel Hernandez who is a pretty fair shortstop as well (started at short for Bats today after a shorter hamate bone rehab). Somebody is going to have to change positions. One of these guys, including India, can be a shortstop, a first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, dh and any outfield position. Latest Baseball America predicts Marte as a future third baseman. I could see Stewart 1b, Arroyo 2b, de la Cruz shortstop, Marte 3b, McLain LF, Barrero CF, Senzel RF, Stephenson C, India DH. Hernandez and Cabrera utility.

      • David

        Dela Cruz is a tremendous prospect, but I honestly doubt he remains at SS. I think he goes the Eric Davis route (Eric started off at SS) and moves to Centerfield.
        Well, and then there’s Billy Hamilton, who did the same thing. Just not quite as well as Eric.

        Dela Cruz is just too tall to play shortstop at ML quality level.

      • Earmbrister

        MK, EDLC has ++ speed and a ++ arm. Try him in RF where his athleticism can shine. Leave Senzel in CF and India at 2B or 3B. Arroyo is a natural SS. Marte should get reps at 2B, 3B, or LF.

    • Bubba Woo

      McCain is batting .233. Why would he deserve a promotion?

  2. LDS

    It’s time for him to show. He’s 24 and lots of competition behind him. I wish Bell had played him more last year when he was hitting well. Now he just needs to play enough to show what he can do, if anything.

  3. AllTheHype

    I don’t have any confidence that David Bell is the best manager to handle top prospects upon promotion. The way Barrero was handled last year was awful, and detrimental to his development. Either call them up and play them regularly, or leave them down. There is no middle ground, for top prospects. Barrero may not be a top prospect anymore, I do not know. But soon we will have others knocking on the door and David Bell better handle them correctly.

    • Chris

      I’m not a Bell fan, but this is sort of ridiculous. The Red’s were in a playoff chase, and you are bashing Bell because he didn’t play the kid daily when the current SS, Farmer, and arguably internal team leader was doing a decent job. You really think benching Farmer in a pennant chase so we could see a prospect, and how well he could do, is really a good idea?

  4. RedsFan11

    Yes but do you even think Bell will give him any consistent playing time? He Certainly did last year and was having a much better year

    • Tom Reeves

      Yes I do. Krall flat said – “extended look at Barrero at SS and Farmer to 3B.” Barerro will have the chance to complete his Jedi training at the major league level. Farmer still has a spot – albeit at 3B. I like that plan.

      Barrero is getting a chance to show he belongs. The Reds must think his development has to be be brought to a head and I think they’re making a bold move to do it.

      Fingers crossed.

  5. Sabr Chris

    Doug, will Jose be out of options next year?

    • Jim Walker

      I am a poor excuse for Doug; but, according to Fangraphs, he will have an option available next season.

    • Michael B. Green

      I think Jose has one more option. So CIN could shuttle him up and down next year, if necessary. Instead, I hope he is an All-Star. 🙂

  6. Klugo

    Well, with all the SS the Reds have traded for, it seems like maybe the FO have had it with Barrero. Time to keep the train moving.

    • Jack

      Had what? Hasn’t even been given a chance yet.

      • Klugo

        He has a chance Do they have to bring every.single.player. up to the big leagues to be “given a chance”? Of course not, he’s evaluated based on what he does with what he’s got. He’s no more special than every.other.player. It’s a tough business, and the window is small. Put up or move out.

  7. JaxDan

    Here is how I see the Reds by position for 2023 with today’s roster

    C Stephenson
    1b strand
    2b India
    Ss barrero
    3b steer
    Lf Fraley
    Cf Senzel
    Rf Aquino
    Dh Votto

    Util Farmer

    • west larry

      I liked most of your projectrd lineup, but I don’t know who steer is.not Moose, I hope.

    • AllTheHype

      Seems about right at some point in ’23 but not sure Bell would agree.

    • WillDCat

      Interesting, if they go with a (nearly) full on youth movement; Moose is in there as well, and not sure Encarnacion-Strand will be ready by opening day ’23, as he is only at the AA level currently (or did they assign him to Louisville)? Also, are you sold on Fraley, over Almora Jr?
      Where things get really interesting is what the ’24 lineup could look like; Moose & Votto’s contracts no longer in the picture, guys like deLa Cruz & McLain in the mix, Williamson & Abbott in the rotation w/ Hunter, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Overton – exciting stuff!

      • JaxDan

        I can also see McGarry playing 1B next year. I put Fraley in LF fir 2 reasons. Brought him in a trade and I do not know if Almora is a FA after the year. My thoughts are who will be in the organization and not necessarily on opening day.

    • Oldtimer

      That lineup is a good AAA team but not a very good MLB team.

      • JaxDan

        I am just showing where the Reds need help at which is the corner outfielders. Who knows, maybe Marte plays in spring training the way J-Rod did this year and forces his way on the team. Steer and Strand I would think has a great shot at being starters sometime next year. I would have never thought Ashcraft would do this well this year.

  8. WillDCat

    Bringing him to the big club is the right move, as long as he sees the field (most) every game. The kid has had some bad luck, but he deserves a chance to show what he can do. After all the recent trades, drafts, signings – the organization’s depth @ SS is well known by now. The remainder of this season is the chance for Barrero to show if he fits into the team’s plans going forward. His struggles at the plate have caused too many fans to write him off, but recalling how he looked playing short – the range, the arm – his glove is big league ready. This kid is a talent, and he deserves a legit shot for the rest of this season, and with the big club for the starting SS spot in ’23 spring training. Also allows McLain a head start for next season @ AAA, and spring training as well. The future begins now!

    • Klugo

      If history tells us anything, I doubt we see Barrero play much over Farmer.

      • Jim Walker

        As long as Farmer, Reynolds and Solano are on the team, what’s the over/under that on most days, at least 2 of the 3 are starting?

      • Klugo

        5 days a week. And I will take over on that. I think 2 out of those three will play 6 days a week. I’ll set the over/under on Barroro starts per week at 2. And I’ll take the under. I say he starts once per week.
        If my memory serves me correctly, they’ve tried Barrero at CF, too.

    • The Duke

      If Barrero isn’t starting 5 out of every 6 games, Bell should be fired for that alone.

      • Klugo

        Been saying that for a while. I dont think they’re listening to any of us.

  9. Michael

    Barrero needs to play SS every day and Farmer can move to 3rd and also 1st vs some LHP. But totally agree with Allthehype that David Bell isn’t the right manager for the young players. He would rather play Reynolds over Barrero.

  10. Bet on red

    Its put up or shut up time for him here. Enough other options in the system to make him expendable

    • BK

      A team that is so bad they just traded 5 ML players for 10 prospects at the trade deadline have enough talent to declare any consensus Top 100 prospect expendable?

  11. Jim t

    India 2b
    Senzel. Cf
    Farmer. 3B
    Votto 1B
    Sloano./ Moose DH
    AA RF
    Almora/Frayley. LF
    Barrera. SS
    Kolo/ Papierski. C

    Would like this lineup for a couple of weeks. Wish I could include Stephenson at catcher.

    Hope Jose is traveling today and missed Alcantra.

  12. JB

    Not sure why McClain belongs in AAA and EDLC at AA. Seems like EDLC has done more than McClain.
    “Alright Barrero go sit on the bench and I’ll call you when I need a pinch runner.” – Bell

    • Bet on Red

      EDLC litterally just arrived at AA, noone is due another Jump after 5 games

      • JB

        True but McClain doesn’t deserve a jump either then. He isn’t any more ready than EDLC.

  13. CFD3000

    This is good news – if he plays. Start him at SS for two months and see how he adapts. But bury him on the bench with a handful of at bats every week and this is a wasted opportunity and might end up squandering the potential of his whole career. I’m not confident that David Bell will get this right, but we already know what the Reds have in Kyle Farmer and Matt Reynolds and Mike Moustakas. Free Barrero!

    • Melvin

      Could it be possible that Krall is growing a spine and actually doing what he thinks is best and not necessarily what Big Bob and Son/David Bell wants? We shall see. If Farmer is not injured and Barrero is playing regularly it’s most likely NOT the idea of David Bell.

  14. JB

    Unrelated note, Suarez just hit a 3 run homer and Castillo on the mound today.

    • Bet on Red

      Garret Cole getting wrecked in the first inning

    • Indy Red Man

      RLN loves to dump on Geno, but he would’ve got the game winning playoff hit in Atlanta if Votto was awake at the time. Now he’s hit 2 big HRs in Yankee Stadium and beat Hader in the 9th last year when he seemed invincible. He steps up in big moments.

      • JB

        Exactly. If Suarez was doing what Votto is doing at the plate this year , fans would be up in arms. But it’s Votto and after 4 months he says he is starting to figure it out. 4 months!!

  15. Bet on Red

    Watching the Reds Jr. play the Yanks, Winker works a 5 pitch walk and is brought in be Genos first pitch homer

    • TR

      M’s up 4-0 on Yanks in first inning before LC takes the mound. Winker walks and Suarez homerun. I love the City but not the Yankees.

  16. SteveO

    He should be batting at the bottom of the lineup and hopefully feel less pressure there. Focus on hitting up the middle and to the right side. Try not to be too pull happy. Shorten up the swing, especially with 2 strikes. It worked for Senzel and Aquino last night also showed that if you can put the ball in play to the right side, good things happen. Not sure what kind of shift he’ll see, if any, but this approach has gotten a lot of hitters out of their funk.

    • VaRedsFan

      That should be the approach for all of the Reds batters. I don’t think the hitting coach agrees

  17. SteveO

    Nice lead the Mariners have in the 1st inning off Cole in the debut of Castillo.

      • SteveO

        Castillo looks so unfamiliar in Mariner Blue. Thought he’d go with a tint of teal hair color, but looks like he chose navy. Man, he must be pitching with added motivation now that he’s in the playoff hunt.

  18. Bet on Red

    I know it is unrelated, but Garrett Cole is getting absolutley 20 car pile up wrecked in LC start in seatle

  19. JB

    6-0. It’s like Cole is playing the Reds. Oh wait , he is.

  20. Tim

    Reds fans will be replacing the Bengals fans in the chant “Who Dey” as they look at the new roster!

  21. Votto4life

    Suarez went deep for the second straight day at Yankee Stadium. Mariners have staked Castillo to a 6-0 lead. M’s still batting in The first. Gerritt Cole getting roughed up.

  22. JB

    Another ex Red Kris Negron is coaching first for Seattle.

  23. JB WV

    If I remember correctly Barrero played quite a bit in the outfield last year. Since Naquin and Pham are gone, expect him to get some time out there, especially with all the ss coming in

  24. Bdh

    Last year with the team in the playoff chase Bell had a little bit of an excuse for how he handled Barrero. This year is completely different and if he isn’t giving Barrero every opportunity then he’s only hurting the future of the team

      • Jim t

        The only reason Farmer played over Barrero last year was the reds were in a pennant race. Manager went with the vet over the rookie. If Barrera hadn’t been injured this would of happened sooner.

      • Votto4life

        Maybe Nick Krall threatened David Bell with another two year extension if he didn’t play Barrero.

    • Mark Moore

      Just checked and saw that. Senzel sits (fine with that). 3M with a glove and Joey at DH batting 3rd and 4th. SMH on that one.

      Talk about a getaway line-up. Here’s hoping Barrero shines tonight.

      • Jim t

        @mark Moore Lefties facing a very tough RH pitcher not to hard to understand

      • Bet on Red

        No I get it. Farmer is defenatly banged up…. senzel has had some issues too… Minor on the mound tonight so no damage in giving them the night off tonight when our chances of winning are somewhat reduced. Question though, who is the 5th starter now.

      • centerfield

        BetonRed – I think Dunn is going to be the 5th starter.

    • LDS

      Let’s see how today goes. Good to see Barrero starting at SS but never good to see Moose starting, especially in the #3 slot. Senzel over Fraley most days I think but we’ll see.

      • Jim t

        Senzel gets a day off. With his history probably a good decision

      • LDS

        Yep, got to be careful not to break those porcelain dolls. Totally ruins their resale value.

    • Jim Walker

      Wonder if we are going to see a 4 man OF rotation with Almora with Fraley in LF Senzel in CF, Aquino in RF, and Almora rotating through the spots with every 4th day off himself.

      Personally, I wish they would find a roster spot to add in Fairchild. Reynolds has become very redundant with Barero’s arrival. Waive him and if he is not claimed, outright him. He’s been on an MLB roster all year and will still get paid the same if he is outrighted and still be available in case of injuries

      • Kevin H

        I agree Jim. See what Fairchild can do. They have outfielders at the lower levels still a few years away. Rece Hinds can’t stay healthy. I think Hopkins and Sanai (spelling) have potential. Again all about playing time now. See what happens.

      • LDS

        Just remember, at this point, Fairchild makes Aquino look like a contact hitter.

      • Oldtimer

        Fairchild is a POSSIBLE 5th OF. He has shown what he can do.

      • Chris

        What is this love affair with Fairchild? Have you all been watching this kid? This kid swings without planting his back foot. I don’t know if he has always done this, but he does now, which is why he misses the ball on most of his swings. Kid is terrible, at least right now he is.

  25. Jim t

    What’s the over/under on how many times Barrero K’s against Alcantra? I’m guessing 2 but hoping for 0.

  26. SultanofSwaff

    Can we just hit the fast forward button to next summer? I’d love to see this roster:

    starting pitchers (assume you need 7 at least):


    Stephenson/Strand (1b)/India/Barrero/Steer/McClain+Schrock (utility)

    Senzel LF/DeLaCruz CF/??? RF

    Just give me a team that’s young and hungry, with a shared purpose to learn how to grow and win together. That would be compelling TV every night…………and honestly, on paper that’s a much better team than the one that’s played .500 ball the last 80 games, so maybe they overachieve and enter the competitive window early like the Cubs in 2015.

    • SteveO

      I’m thinking Dugger and Zeuch may still be in the organization to join the mix. Also, Phillips and Abbott will be there to challenge for either starter or bullpen imo. No Marte? McGarry arguably the best hitter in Chattanooga now and if he continues his upward trend, should be challenging for a roster spot. I wouldn’t sleep on Siani either. I also see the younger players bypass Schrock. He can’t stay on the field with all of his injuries. Jmo.

  27. Rednat

    can we win with guys like Aquino and Barrero? good defense and speed but little contact and low average. I actually think the answer could be yes with elite pitching. could be interesting the rest of this year and next year

  28. SteveO

    I’m hoping that the transition from a slow, power hitting team to a high contact, athletic team with overall good team speed will be completed by ST ‘24. With JV and Moose off the books after the ‘23 season, the Reds will have an opportunity to field an offensive team that focuses more on good contact, reduced strikeouts, putting more balls in play, hitting behind the runner, taking extra bases, stolen bases and not relying so much on the long ball. Moneyball 2.0 with emphasis on OBP is a better approach imo. HRs, especially at GABP will come with good contact. We have to move away from the HR or strikeout, swing and miss type batters. If Barrero starts hitting, I can see the Reds transition EDLC to CF and he’ll be the leadoff hitter in the future. He’d be perfect with a great combination of speed and power and as a switch hitter, will not have to come out of the lineup. India moves to the 2 or 3 hole. Would really like to see Marte at Chattanooga. I believe iron sharpens iron and that the internal competition between he and EDLC will make both players play at a higher level. Friendly battle for the #1 prospect ranking every day will benefit both players. Will Encarnacion-Strand in Chattanooga push McGarry to Louisville? Not a bad move imo.

    • Rednat

      i agree with concept, but is Bell the right guy for the job? he almost seems embarrassed to play small ball sometimes. drives me nuts.

      • SteveO

        No, he should be out after this season. Give the new manager a season to work with the players in preparation to make a playoff run in late ‘23 and beyond.

      • Jonathan Linn

        Bell was highly regarded at SanFran. Have we forgotten about that? Everyone gives the manager too much credit when the win and too much credit when the loose. Think of it as a CEO. How much of a difference does a CEO make in a large corporation? probably not very much

      • SteveO

        If you think it doesn’t make much difference, then you shouldn’t be opposed to him being replaced. I, on the other hand feel it makes a lot of difference. Therefore, I think he should be gone and the Reds bring in someone else for ‘23

    • Tom Reeves

      Yes I do. Krall flat said – “extended look at Barrero at SS and Farmer to 3B.” Barerro will have the chance to complete his Jedi training at the major league level. Farmer still has a spot – albeit at 3B. I like that plan.

      Barrero is getting a chance to show he belongs. The Reds must think his development has to be be brought to a head and I think they’re making a bold move to do it.

      Fingers crossed.

  29. SteveO

    As I watch Dunn now, I think he’s better suited to be a long reliever. Hopefully he improves as a starter and can compete for a spot in the starting rotation.

    • centerfield

      5th starter has to be Dunn or Wiliamson, who else do we have?

      • SteveO

        I’m thinking Dugger or maybe even Zeuch might get a look. Lively might be another one if he comes off the IL soon. For me, I’d like to see Williamson join the other 3 young starters and have them grow together. I’m sure he’ll fit right in as he already is very close to Lodolo.

  30. SteveO

    Winker HR off Peralta. Ex teammates . Man, a lot of ex Reds in this game

  31. Bet on Red

    Now winker goes yard. Not only are the reds winning our games, they are winning other games as well

  32. SteveO

    Man, the Yankees must be kicking themselves for not trading for Castillo. He has dominated them twice in Yankee Stadium in the last few weeks. Haha, good for the Evil Empire!

  33. SteveO

    Spoke too soon? 2 run HR off of LC 7-3 Mariners. HR takes him out of the game. In line for the victory and will not start his tenure with a L. Good luck the rest of the season LC!

  34. Brian Rutherford

    I hope the Reds do well tonight. I’m glad the former Reds are doing well. I hope they all do well (unless they are playing the Reds, of course ). I want to say Thanks again Doug for the great coverage on both sites. Really awesome content. I wish we had more Reds fans here to comment instead of here to troll seemingly every single move the team and manager make.

    It seems like the decision was made to go with the veteran last year and hopefully make the playoffs instead of use that window as a time to see if Jose Barrero can play every day in the bigs. Of course, I don’t know for sure because I don’t have the benefit of the experience of all the scouts, minor league managers and coaches and data that the team uses to make these decisions. That’s the reason I don’t feel like I could do a better job than the ones paid to make those decisions.

    I hope jose succeeds this time around. If not, I hope it isn’t the last chance he ever gets with the Reds to figure it out. Baseball is a difficult game and unless you are Juan Soto it takes time to figure it out.

  35. DataDumpster

    Unusually strong opinion from Doug on the team’s move with Barrero, but I think most people following his difficulties would have to agree. Don’t know if Barrero has a strong MLB future but he was horribly misused by Bell last year. The stakes are high after what he has been through with his injuries and confidence. Bad move and besides, Bell is more interested in seeing if Reynolds, Solano, Fraley, etc. are keepers next year as there will be a lot of holes to fill (on the field) in 2023. Expect Farmer to get a lot of playing time too and eventually transition to a coaching position in due time if the Krall/Bell regime is given 3 more years to see if they can actually execute on building a young team with all the recent trades made.

    • Jim Walker

      I certainly agree with Doug. I have the MiLBTV and try to catch PAs by rehabbing guys and players like Barrero, who I (still) consider a rehabbing guy (who just ran out of official rehab time). He looked better in the last week, but he still isn’t really on a tear and is striking out and looking bad when he does it.

  36. Hunt4RedsOct

    Take a flyer on Dinelson Lamet? Just DFA’d by Milwaukee.

    • DHud

      Made $4.55 this year and eligible for another year of arbitration

      Don’t see the Reds wanting to pay $5mil for a reliever next year and pointless this year

    • Datdudejs

      Yes. Did if they can get him starting again that would be nice. And he won’t cost much if he refuses the AAA assignment and elects free agency

  37. TR

    Pulling for Barrero tonight. He certainly has the defensive skills and I hope he can hit a minimum of .250 at ss.

  38. Kevin H

    So after whining and groaning. I looked up some of the prospects and admit some potential there. The two fielders from twins seem good. Marte did well lastnight.

    I look forward to seeing who makes it and helps cincy.

    I am reminded of a saying. “Contempt prior to investigation “

  39. Old-school

    Perhaps Farmer is simply hurt and out several days at the minimum and perhaps longer and now that Drury is traded, they have no backup beyond Matt Reynolds. They could send him back down for more seasoning if/when Farmer is ready to play everyday again but give him a few starts now at the MLB level. Sheer speculation.

    • Jpser05

      If that is the case, I hope he has a Jay Bruce like start!

  40. Oldtimer

    Too many SS? No such thing.

    The six best Reds teams in my lifetime (born 1951) were 1961, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, and 1990.

    Each had three MLB capable SS on their rosters (except 1976 which only had two).

  41. Michael B. Green

    Jose gets the call just to face Alcantara? Baseball is not fair….but baseball is life!

    • Old-school

      They did this last year. I was at a sunday Alcantara v Vlad game and Barrero started 2b for India in his once a week appearance.

  42. Roger Garrett

    Unless Krall told Bell to play him the rest of the way,Barrero might as well stayed in the minors.Bell and Bell alone will destroy all of the prospects we bring up if he is allowed too cause he will not play them consistently regardless of how they perform.Fairchild went 2 for 2 with a homer and a walk in his first game and he got 13 more at bats before he was sent down.You have got be kidding me.Gallo has a string this year where he was 0-30 something and Hicks today was 0-26 including the last out of the game against the Mariners.Boone is a manager and trying to win it all does that and Bell has nothing to lose or win and destroys prospects and he will do it again with Barrero.Bell just has to and I mean has to go.Barrero may not even make contact against their guy tonight cause he is that good and Bell wont play him for a week.

    • wkuchad

      I mean, I’m honestly not a big Bell fan. I’m just a huge Reds fan, as most of us are.

      I don’t even know how to respond to something so silly.

      Bell will do what he thinks is best for the ML team and the Reds organization. He will certainly not “destroy” any prospects.

      Bell certainly deserves criticism, but geez. Let’s start back up the fact that he’s a horrible manager because he doesn’t speak Spanish (that was sarcasm).

      Bell is an upgrade (IMO) over so many pretty bad Reds managers over the last several years. And I’m not including Dusty, who frustrated the crap out of me with his in-game decisions, but he won, so he gets a pass.

      I think Bell’s done a pretty decent job this year with what the positive he was put in and what he had to work with. I thought the Reds would be unwatchable after dismantling the team, but there’s been some good times. I was at Saturdays game, and it was a blast.

      I’m rambling at this point. LDS has accused me (more than once) of being on Bell’s payroll. I’m definitely not, but I guess I’ll continue to defend when nonsense like this is posted.

      • Roger Garrett

        Silly and nonsense on my part and Bell is an upgrade over some pretty bad Reds managers?Lets just agree to disagree and move on shall we.

      • Chris

        I am not a big Bell fan at all. With that said, he’s done a pretty solid job with this team, especially with all the negativity that surrounds it. Horrible start, but with that, he’s got the team playing .500 ball since then. AS for ruining prospects, that’s where I just completely disagree. What prospects did he ruin? Seems our ROY last year got plenty of chances. Seems Stephenson got plenty of chances. Senzel has always had plenty of chances. Heck, Bell has had three rookies starting in his rotation all season long. He has a rookie closing or being used in the most crucial situations even. Bell is not the best manager, but he sure isn’t hurting prospects/rookies, but feel free to give some examples if I’m wrong.

    • Kevin H

      Let me ask you something, Bell guided Reds to playoffs in 2020, With a horrible bullpen last year had them in the running for a playoff spot and winning record. He must be doing something right.

      This year Reds are 39-39 since their start so how is Bell a bad manager? I don’t like bell either, however the guy is doing well with what he has. Their is no evidence to suggest he destroys prospects. I mean come on, put Bell managing the Yankees or Dodgers and he wins. Sure manager’s make a impact, but lets be honest players win and lose games. Player’s hit, field, pitch and run..

      Do I think Bell can lead the next wave of players? No. Do I think he is a terrible manager like some say on here No..

      I doubt anyone could win with Reds bullpen the last few season’s and lets not forget this team was a playoff team 2 years ago and on cusp last season with the majority of players coming back….

    • BK

      Bell stuck with a slumping Suarez during a pennant race last year at the expense of Barrero–that was bad managing? Boone has stuck with slumping Hicks and Gallo during a pennant race–that is good managing? Forgive me, but I don’t see the difference in the managerial strategies you are citing.

      Bell has played a slumping Nick Senzel nearly every day all year when healthy–his July numbers look promising. Bell has given lots of rope to Ashcraft, Greene, and Lodolo all year–all are thriving. Stephenson in his first full season as starting catcher is our best hitter and solid behind the plate. Just last season Bell managed the NL Rookie of the Year.

      • Tom Reeves

        Bell is fine. I’m sure Bell and Krall are on the same page as to to player development.

  43. Old Big Ed

    Barrero is definitely a better defensive shortstop than Farmer, although neither was very good last night.

    Barrero got 5 days off during the All-Star break, and perhaps that finally allowed his hand/wrist to recover. He went 0-4 the first game back, and as Doug notes has hit well since, going 10-32 with 3 HRs.

    Farmer is not going to be a major cog on the (ahem) “next good Reds team.” Barrero might be, so if they are smart (which is not their tendency), they will go with Barrero for the rest of the season. That Barrero is the lineup the first night tells us something, because Bell’s pattern is to sit the new call-up, apparently to make sure that the new guy is not still hot when he finally gets to play. The Reds aren’t exactly easing Barrero into the job — he gets to walk off the plane and face Sandy Alcantara in bad lighting.

    Farmer absolutely kills LH pitching, so he should still get some ABs, if they stick with Barrero.

  44. LT

    I feel that this call up has muchhhhh less pressure on Barrero to perform than the call up last year where people expected him to walk on water and got the team in the playoff. Give him a long leash this year, see what he’s capable of. I do root for him.

  45. Old-school

    Per C Trent, Barrero is mostly the SS and Farmer mostly the 3b.

  46. Soto

    The number one thing Bell has going is that his players seem to like him. He always has their backs and tries to stay positive with the media. I think his in game decision making is very poor, especially how he handles the bull pen and young players. He also tends to favor career over achievers, utility type players that are similar to the type of player that he was. (Farmer) Seems like a good guy but it is time for a change.

  47. JohnnyTV

    Great to see Barrero at short.

    I’m much more interested in his D at this point than hand wringing about how he does against an ace pitcher like Alcantara.

    And Mercy, don’t put him in the outfield.

    Forget about that idea.

    Krall had his chance to trade for outfielders and a catcher, but he chose to corner the market on SS.

    If you’re going to have somebody switch positions and quibble about their hitting, do it in AA or in ST.

  48. Jim Walker

    Let’s look at this issue of Reds prospects coming from AAA to MLB and struggling to succeed in a slightly different context. .900+ OPS figures don’t come easily at AAA.

    Yet, in the last several years, the Reds have had Aquino, Barrero, and this year in a so far short stint, Fairchild post .900+ OPS numbers over extended periods at AAA then come to the Reds and look unprepared.

    Fool me once as the old saying goes. Maybe it was the juiced ball in 2019 which put AA over the top. But then when he got sent down this May, he promptly posted a 1.000+ OPS over three weeks till he was recalled. Then most recently AA went on rehab and did it all over again like Deja Vu

    Last year Barrero put up .900+ OPS numbers but has struggled this year. Injury recovery we say.

    Fairchild put up .900+ OPS figures over a season at AAA in the Arizona system. He returned to the Reds org in mid June and put up a month of 1.000+ OPS figures.

    Do you suppose the problem might be the Reds don’t know how to “finish” guys? Perhaps the guys get to AAA and prosper on their natural and skills learned to that point but the Reds simply don’t know how to “finish” players to take the last (biggest) step despite their raw skills?

    This is all the more a frightening thought given the haul of low and middle talent brought to the Reds minors in the last week.

    • Chris

      If that is true, why are those previous top Reds prospects such busts on the teams they were traded to. Other than a couple of pitchers, none of the position prospects that were traded in the last few years have done anything in MLB, except for Siri last year briefly with the Astros. The real issue is, there’s a HUGE difference between AAA and MLB, which is why many seem like AAAA players.

    • Chris

      Oh and by the way, India and Stephenson haven’t had that problem, nor the three young starters and our newest closer. AAA numbers can really fool us keyboard scouts.

      • Jim Walker

        India and Stephenson are both special cases. They did not come up through the normal development process because of the COVID situation. They were both at the Prasco park alternate site in 2020 and were MLB rookies in 2021 without ever playing in an AAA game.

        Stephenson’s minor league experience topped out at AA in 2019. India never played above A+ where he was in 2019.

        Who is the last successful offensive homegrown position player to come through AAA with the Reds? If we can agree that for whatever reason(s) to data Senzel has been an underperformer, then Winker? And before that, unless one considers Billy Hamilton an offensive success, probably Devin Mesoraco.

        Pitchers are a different situation from position players, as different as the offensive room is from the defensive room in football. That said, I believe both Greene and Lodolo were also at Prasco.

        Maybe there is a lesson to be learned that top prospects need to be grouped together in a Prasco type environment rather than segregated into the traditional class level.