The Cincinnati Reds have certainly been active this week. They’ve traded with the New York Mets Boston Red Sox, and the Seattle Mariners (for what seems to be the 19th time in the last six months). Luis Castillo, Tyler Naquin, Tommy Pham, and Phillip Diehl are out. A whole bunch of prospects are in.

The deadline for teams to come to agreements on a deal is at 6pm ET tonight. Not every deal is likely to be announced by then, but the commissioners office must have the paperwork by then. We’ve seen it over the last few years that deals became public 20-40-60 minutes after the deadline.

Cincinnati still seems to have two bigger fish on the trade market in starting pitcher Tyler Mahle and infielder Brandon Drury. After trades of Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas, Tyler Mahle may be the best starting pitcher on the market at this point. Drury, who has been the Reds best hitter this season and leads the team in doubles, triples, home runs, hits, runs, RBI, and OPS, would certainly seem to be a nice pick up for a contending team. Drury is set to be a free agent after this season. Mahle, however, isn’t a free agent until after the 2023 season.

We’ll all have to keep scrolling twitter all day to see what happens. Maybe the Reds decide that they will keep one or both of the players. Maybe they only trade one of them. Perhaps they make a trade involving someone else. That’s kind of the excitement with the trade deadline, I guess, when your team isn’t going to be a buyer because they are 20-something games under the .500 mark (they are currently 20 under).

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    • doofus

      Mahle to Minnesota. No confirm on the return.

  1. Greenfield Red

    I hope I’m wrong, but it feels like they are done.

  2. LT

    Not over until it’s over. Keep ‘Em trade’s coming. Let’s outdo them Padres 🙂

  3. old-school

    We got Opening Day.
    We should just call this Closing Day.

  4. Andy

    MLB wants all its stars in Southern California. Hope this helps Padres beat Dodgers.

    • Stock

      I hope it forces the Dodgers to trade for Mahle.

  5. Daytonnati

    The Athletic has Keith Law’s updated “Top 60” minor league prospects. Reds have De La Cruz at #8, Marte at #12 and Collier at #29. Arroyo is honorable mention.

    His comment on EDLC:

    Elly de la Cruz, SS, Cincinnati Reds
    Previous ranking: No. 69

    “If we’re just going on upside, de la Cruz is the best prospect in the minors right now; he just carries more risk than some of the players ahead of him, stemming from the hit tool. De la Cruz is an incredible athlete, with 80 raw power and 80 running speed, lightning quick hands, and a 70 arm. He has the tools and agility to stay at shortstop, although he’s not consistent on defense and is going to be very big for the position. He does swing and miss too often, including on pitches in-zone, but that’s why he’s not at No. 1. There is a much lower probability for de la Cruz than the seven guys ahead of him, but his ceiling tops them all.”

    • Steve

      That is just beautiful to read, I can read about EDLC every single day.

    • docproc

      That’s my hope. Might require a sweetener of Drury, Farmer, or Solano.

      • Greenfield Red

        No need to sweeten the deal. Mahle for Ohoppe and 2 others at the low levels who are outperforming their age.

      • MBS

        Doc, congratulations on avoiding the pun. I don’t think I could have. O’Hoppe would be a good primary piece in return for Mahle, but it should also have a top 15 player attached to the deal.

      • Jay

        Reds have stacked their farm system with infielders. The need to hold on to Farmer for his veteran leadership.

      • doofus

        Add Johan Rojas, CF with 70 speed and arm; and, Eric Miller, LHP.

  6. Oldtimer

    A look back to trade deadline day (it was June 15 then) in 1977, just 45 years ago.

    Reds acquired Tom Seaver (HOF pitcher) for Pat Zachry* (ROY in 1976), Doug Flynn (utility INF on BRM teams), Steve Henderson (minor league OF and among Reds top prospects in 1977), and Ken Norman (another minor league OF and one of Reds top prospects).

    I doubt the Reds will ever have another Trade Deadline Day swap like that one.

    *note: the trade was supposed to include Rawly Eastwick instead of Zachry but he refused to sign a multi-year deal with NYM so Zachry was included in the trade

    • Dewey Roberts

      I think the Reds could have won the pennant if they had been able to keep Zachary in 1977. They needed more pitching. Plus, trading Perez in the off season hurt big time.

      • Oldtimer

        Reds SP after June 15, 1977 were Seaver, Norman, Billingham, Moskau, and Capilla. Good at the top but not so much on the bottom.

        32-27 that night. 56-47 the rest of the season.

    • MK

      My favorite Reds trade deadline deal was 1968. Milt Pappas, Bob Johnson and Ted Davidson for Woody Woodward, Tony Cloninger, and Clay Carroll. Staring shortstop, member of starting rotation, and closer for the early part of Big Red Machine.

      • Oldtimer

        Very good trade by Howsam. Probably a reaction to Pappas not wanting to play baseball after RFK assassination. Good return for Reds.

        Davidson never regained the promise he showed in 1967 as LH RP after being shot by his estranged wife in domestic argument during ST 1968.

        Change of scenery helped Pappas, too.

      • BK

        Yep, small to mid-market team that has been as aggressive as the Yankees and Dodgers over the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see how it plays out for them. Their farm is now barren. Do they have a good enough team to take down the Dodgers? I wish them luck!

      • Earmbrister

        Yeah, the Padres, despite all of their spending, have only seen 3 playoff games (all losses) in the last 15 years. I don’t know that I’d hold them up as a model of success.

    • Steve

      Padres got Soto, but you know that means the Dodgers want to respond by bringing in talent…so cmon LA, pay up for Mahle

  7. JB

    If Farmer, Reynolds or Drury aren’t traded , then Barrero, no matter if he starts hitting, will see no time this year.

  8. BK

    With Soto and Bell going to the Padres, deals should start to flow. Mahle is the best pitcher (at least from a value standpoint) available. Drury is likely up there with Contreras and Ian Happ as bats that could actually make a lineup significantly better. Solano should be attractive as a bench piece. Let’s go Reds!

  9. Stock

    Rodon is the best arm available. I think Mahle ranks ahead of Pablo Lopez but it is close.

    Mahle and Drury for:

    MIN: Royce Lewis
    PHI: Andrew Painter or Mick Abel
    LAD: Andy Pages and others

    The Castillo trade looks even better after seeing the return for Montas.

    • docproc

      I like your thinking, but I’d prefer
      MIN: Wallner
      PHI: O’Hoppe
      LAD: Pages (we agree on this)

    • old-school

      Royce Lewis tore his ACL in late may for the second time in 2 years and will be out till summer 2023.

      • BK

        He’s a special talent. I’d be willing to wait. Knee injuries generally heal pretty well. I don’t see it as a huge long-term risk. He would fit very well in CF for us.

      • Doc

        He may be a special talent but I don’t rank him as a must have with having torn the ACL twice already.

    • Hanawi

      I don’t think Montas was as desirable as his numbers might suggest. He has injury concerns and he’s the anti-Mahle with much better home numbers than road numbers. Will be interesting to see how he fares going from Oakland to the comically short porch of Yankee stadium. I expect Mahle to fetch more. That said, I don’t see either the Twins or Phillies giving up any of those players you listed. That’s a Castillo-type of return.

      I’m still holding out hope for Vargas or Pages as the headliner from the Dodgers.

    • BK

      I agree, Rodon is the best available, but he’s a rental. Also, is he really available? I would propose for Mahle and Drury:

      Twins: either Royce Lewis or Emmanuel Rodgriguez and Spenser Steer
      Phillies: O’Hoppe and McGarry
      Dodgers: Miguel Vargas

  10. Kevinthe513

    imagine the Reds getting involved w/ Soto trade to take on Hosmer’s contract and get a solid prospect from both Padres and Nationals.

  11. Melvin

    I’d like to see Farmer traded but not because I don’t like him. It’s for the same reason I wanted Barnhart traded while liking him as well. It’s simply so David Bell won’t play him over Barrero. It seems that’s the only way.

    • Stock

      I agree with trading Farmer. I also want to provide a clear path for Barrero the next 2 months.

    • Earmbrister

      Barrero can’t hit AAA pitching can David Bell is the problem?

      • Luke J

        Um, how’s .306/.392/.594? That’s what he hit at AAA last year. This year he is returning from a wrist injury that often takes quite some time to recover from even once back on the field. So it’s not like he can’t hit AAA pitching. He’s proven he can.

      • BK

        Hamate injuries tend to rob players of power. Barrero’s problem is striking out, not weak contact. Unfortunately, his injury may not be the problem.

      • Earmbrister

        Luke, that sounds a lot better than .209/..263/.367 with 87 SOS in 215 ABs.

        He’s drowning in AAA this year yet many here want to throw him in the deep end of the pool in MLB.

        Let him clear his mind in the off season and come back healthy and ready to compete in ST.

        I’m jonesing to see him as the regular SS for the Reds also. But he took a step back this year and needs more time.

    • greenmtred

      It’s miraculous, then, that India, Stephenson, Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo, Diaz and Moretta get any playing time at all.

  12. Stock

    Solano for a return similar to Naquin.

    • Chris

      Why trade Solano then. Solano falls out of bed hitting. I’d love to have that veteran for cheap dollars coming off the bench. He’s one guy I would not give away for some b level prospect.

  13. Stock

    I am very excited about what the Reds have done thus far. I would be disappointed if they were done though.

    I would love to see the following leave in the next 5 hours:


    I would be good if Senzel were traded.

    If you could get a return similar to that brought in by Castillo I would trade India.

    • Rednat

      I am thinking Stephenson, Greene and Lidolo too. I am ready for the reds to start a new era on a clean slate as well!

      • JohnnyTV

        I agree.

        I’d trade all the guys the Reds got in the Castillo and Naquin trades, too.

        Trade the ‘prospects’ for ‘more prospects’!

    • wkuchad

      If Senzel is traded, we’d have an empty outfield next year.

      I’d do the opposite, sign him to a cheap extension extending through a couple of FA years (as long as the extension is cheap enough).

      • Votto4life

        What in the world has Nick Senzel done to warrant an extension? He is exhibit one on why you should not fall in love with prospects.

      • wkuchad

        What has he done? He’s not been traded. Yes, it’s a low bar, but all of our other outfielders from both last year and this year have all been traded. And there’s not much in the minors ready for next year.

        He’s fast, athletic, plays good defense. And to repeat, I only extend if cheap enough. He’ll be a starter next year, but at worst he can be a solid bench piece / fourth outfielder in a few years.

    • west larry

      What are you drinking? Keep India, Stevenson Senzel. Greene, Ashcraft and Lodolo and Diaz, I’m glad you’re not the g m.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree Larry. MLB success is about difference makers. All they guys you mention are difference makers and all are under team control through 2025 or later. I think the Reds can be much much better by 2024 and can actually win the Series by 2025 as all this young talent arrives.

  14. Ahimsa

    Happy the Cards or Dodgers didn’t get Soto.

    Will the Pads give him $500m?

    • Votto4life

      Maybe he just didn’t want to play for the Nationals. The deal offered by the Nats was really not all that impressive considering it was for 15 years. The Reds have Joey a quarter of a billion dollars for 10 years a decade ago.

      • Ahimsa

        Hosmer isn’t real excited to go to the Nationals either.

        Has a no-trade deal in is contract, can’t blame him either.

    • TR

      Recently S.D. seems to acquire almost every highly regarded player available. Now all they need is a winning playoff formula.

      • Botto4life

        Padres now have Soto, Tatis Jr. and Machado. Say what you want about that team, but their front office is fearless. I know they haven’t won a championship, but if anyone says they would rather have our ownership and front office, they would be telling a big fat lie.

        Padres fans must be ecstatic getting Hader and Soto within 24 hours.

  15. Redhaze

    I hope Solano is with them next season. Professional hitter.
    Moustakas in a Mahle deal would be nice.
    The bullpen needs a complete overhaul starting with changing Bell’s philosophy and pitchers knowing their roles.

    • JohnnyTV

      Moose has absolutely zero value in a trade bundle.

      There’s really no comparison to the Suarez dump.

      Moose will dilute anything of value received for Mahle.

      If you want to dump his salary, dump his salary.

      He should go the way Pham did.

      Silently, with no expectation of return.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I wish 3M had a zero value. He has a negative value in any trade.

      • AllTheHype

        Moose is owed about $24M thru next year. The Reds can’t trade him without eating at least $22M of that. There is no comparison to the Pham trade at all.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree J TV .

        I would like to see the Reds buy out the last year and buy out option year for Moose and Votto. Offer each 3/4 of the sunk cost to retire end of this year.

        The Reds could give each a nice send off. Both would avoid any further embarrassment. They get most of their money and the Reds save 10 mil of dead money.

        Both are already rich beyond any possible want or need.

  16. Mark Moore

    The “Hosmer effect” on the Soto/Bell trade is amusing. He only has 10 teams on his blocked list, so the Friars will find a way to move him, if not now then over the Winter.

    I’m still thinking we see Mahley, Drury, and Solano gone by dinner time. Maybe some others, but that’s far less certain. I’d love to see Farmer get a shot at the playoffs just because he’s a nice guy.

    • Chris

      On his way to the Red Sox. I’d have told him plan on pinch hitting the rest of the year. LOL

  17. CFD3000

    In my opinion, Solano and Farmer have value and are expendable. I’d be looking for prospects to help the bullpen, or strengthen the pool of future outfielders, especially hitting from the right side.

    Moustakas can go to anyone who’ll take him. I’d pay up to half his remaining salary – still cheaper than an outright release, and better than packaging him with Mahle or Drury and reducing the return.

    With continued experience and improvement from Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft I definitely see a playoff contender for next year but I’d love to see them keep and extend Mahle as a veteran anchor for the next three or four years. Injuries will happen – three young starters is not enough. I know Williamson, Dunn and others will develop too, but for me I’m keeping Mahle if the numbers can work (and they should).

    As for Drury I’m in the camp for keeping him and extending him through 2024 as a bridge to the young infielders coming up fast. But if the Reds don’t want him or he isn’t interested then keeping him for two more months makes no sense. But I’d still make him an aggressive offer for two more years.

    My prediction is that they’ll trade Mahle and Drury for good to decent prospect returns, basically give Solano away, and end up keeping Farmer and Moose, much to my chagrin.

    • BK

      I can guarantee you Moose will be a Red at the end of the trade deadline OR we will all be disgusted at what we gave up dumping his negative value contract.

  18. west larry

    How about trading Mahl, straight up for Castellano? Phils pay the 95 million to ckear him for the next four years. then they can have Mahle.

  19. Optimist

    I’m surprised in the seeming lack of interest in Solano. Yes he’s older, but he’s the perfect 2 month rental – serious bat, can play several spots if not DH, last 4 years .300/.350/.450. Sure, not really long term, but he’s a next level Alejo Lopez. Seems worthy of several low-level RP prospects at least.

    • AllTheHype

      How do you know it is lack of interest?

      • Optimist

        Should have said lack of press, or lack of publicized attention. Still, very few hints or whispers about him. I’m sure various FOs know plenty about him, and I suppose missing so much time this season took him off of a lot of watch lists. Just seems like there would be more mentions, however brief, of how he’d be a useful pickup.

  20. MK

    Just don’t see Barrero being the shortstop on this team with all the shortstop talent just a year behind him. If they can get his bat going, I see him in centerfield in 2023 with Senzel moving to left or right to protect him a little from injury. Farmer remains at shortstop next year with de la Cruz or Marte or McLain ready to take over in 2024.

    • BK

      I tend to agree. It will be a huge plus if he can figure out what is holding him back at the plate. If he’s ready to face ML hitting, I would play him at SS this year. Over the offseason, I would have him work on CF. I think he has the athleticism to play plus defense at a number of spots … but he must hit for the other tools to have value.

    • Daytonnati

      It does seem like De La Cruz might be a better fit at 3rd, or even 1st, especially at 6’5″.

      • BK

        Or in outfield to take advantage of his speed and arm. What I like about the Red’s farm system right now is that we have a lot of really good athletes. I’m hoping that translates into versatility and much improved defense across the board.

      • Votto4life

        He is too athletic to waste at first base. Besides , hopefully McGarry will win that job. Maybe he can play CF when the Reds finally give up on Senzel.

  21. SultanofSwaff

    Solano+Drury+Farmer would be an enormous upgrade to a bubble playoff team….the three would be a managers dream when playing matchups in a meaningful playoff race. A ton of value in the aggregate. Rather than receiving the usual lottery ticket type prospect individually, I’d like to see the Reds package all three for a single top 5 type prospect.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Point is—it doesn’t matter if we win a single game the rest of the season. It doesn’t matter if there’s ‘leadership in the clubhouse’. It doesn’t matter that an overachieving grindy fan favorite is getting traded away.

      The focus needs to be 100% on getting better for next year.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Solano+Drury+Farmer would be an enormous upgrade to a bubble playoff team….the three would be a managers dream when playing matchups in a meaningful playoff race. A ton of value in the aggregate. Rather than receiving the usual lottery ticket type prospect individually, I’d like to see the Reds package all three for a single top 5 type prospect.

      • David

        One more time. 🙂

        The comment system does that, occassionally.

  22. Votto4life

    What would be sad is if, with all these shortstops in the system, 2025 rolls around and Bell is still playing Kyle Farmer at SS. Lol

    • LDS

      What would be sad is if 2025 rolls around and Bell is still calling the shots. Regardless, it’s a slow trade day overall. Reds need to make a splash here. Send Joey home to Toronto for a PTBNL. DFA Moose. Fire Bell & company. Move Solano, Farmer, Drury, for some decent outfielders. Shock everyone and extend Mahle. Just light up the boards. It’s boring so far.

  23. Randy in Chatt

    My fear is that is Farmer is traded that DB would play Reynolds over Barrero. So with that, trade Reynolds too and force DB’s hand in playing Barrero at SS.

    • wkuchad

      There is no chance Reynolds plays over Barrero if Barrero is brought up.

      • LDS

        Krall said in the Enquirer, when discussing Pham, that they wanted to get a look at the younger players. Seems like he and Bell will have to have a meeting of the minds.

      • PTBNL

        Maybe that meeting of the minds would include a falling out and Bull Krall convinced about a new manager???? One can only hope.

  24. Mark Moore

    Gameday has early lineups posted. Drury, Solano, and Farmer are listed. AA is up and in RF (batting ahead of Nick Senzel).

    Kolo must have appeased DTBell somehow. He gets a start. That should help Ashcraft.

    No 3M to be found in the mix. But Joey still bats 4th even against a LHSP for the Minnows.

    I wonder how many revisions we’ll see before the game actually starts at 6:40 PM EDT. My money is on at least 2.

  25. Mark Moore

    Hosmer to the Red Sox … for whatever reason. He can’t block that trade.

    • Optimist

      Your second sentence answers the first.

  26. Hotto4Votto

    I hope they can find deals for Mahle and Drury at the very least. But it takes two to tango.

  27. LarkinPhillips

    Seems like the Bull is asleep in the China shop….

  28. LarkinPhillips

    Rasiel Iglesias rumored to the Blue Jays. I would like to see him pitch in the post season.

  29. LDS

    Was it just last year, when we were all sure of some heavy deadline action, only to see it fizzle? Clocks ticking. Show that the Castillo trade wasn’t a fluke.

  30. Steven Ross

    After listening to Brantley in the 9th inning last night, any possible trade today better include a Catcher. Cowboy was on fire. He is the best.

    • Andy

      Papierski does suck! He has like 12 passed balls in a month and is hitting 150. Give him an A for hustle but Jesus if I have to see him have a ball clunk off his mitt one more time while trying to frame it imma gonna throw the remote through the tv

    • AllTheHype

      Reds scouted Simeon Woods Richardson on his Sunday start.

      • AllTheHype

        Not yet, sure it will be coming soon.

      • JohnnyTV

        Not a shortstop, but a short second baseman.

      • Mort

        From what I hear Spencer Steer, Christian Encarnacion-Strand and Steve Hajjar

    • AllTheHype

      Mahle for Spencer Steer, Christian Encarncion-Strand, and Steven Hajjar

      • JB

        Can we get an outfielder for once! How many more infielders do we need.

  31. JB

    About 2 hours to go Krall. Can’t believe nobody wants our closer. Sigh of relief from Bell.

    • VaRedsFan

      mind boggling that we still have him.
      All that showcasing for nothing

  32. Hotto4Votto

    Hope we get Rodriguez in the Twins deal for Mahle

    • Michael wilson

      Passan says 3 prospects, one of which is a pitcher

      • VaRedsFan

        crazy…because they needed SS prospects

      • JB

        Lol we get one more SS and we got the market cornered

  33. SteveO

    Woods-Richardson, Canterino, Encarnacion-Strand, Julien, Hajjar and Raya my choices

    • SteveO

      I got 2 of 3, Steer, Encarnacion-Strand and Hajjar

      • JB

        I know you follow the minors and prospects Steveo, how high are these guys?

      • SteveO

        7,18,23 according to Think we got the short end as trade simulator has Mahle at 22.9 vs. 18.4 for the 3. Woods-Richardson or Canterino added would’ve been a more balanced trade

      • JB

        Man I wish they would get an outfielder back for once.

      • Hotto4Votto

        I too feel it’s on the light side.

  34. JB

    With Mahle gone we are in full blown rebuild. Which is fine with me. Keep stacking the prospects. But having said that, there is no reason to keep Farmer or Reynolds and even Drury if there is no extension. Get a A ball prospect for Farmer and Reynolds and a decent prospect for Drury. Get Bob some ice cream money for Strickland. A ball prospect for Cessa. It’s time to evaluate talent and they don’t need these over 30 guys on the roster.

    • JohnnyTV

      Good luck with that.

      Farmer will be starting at short until Barrero, McLain, DLCruz and the new Young Turk are turning gray.

      Reynolds in the 3-hole.

      A rebuild but some old wood sticking around.

      Get ready for the Minor and Dunn show.

      No complaining.

  35. Hotto4Votto

    Feel like Steer would have been a great 2nd piece in the deal. I think he’s on the light side as the headliner. According to the Athletic midseason update we received their #6, 12, and 17th prospects.

    A little disappointed as I really really wanted Emmanuel Rodriguez.

    • JohnnyTV

      It is a bit underwhelming at face value.

      Not the best follow up by the Bull.

    • BK

      ERod was my primary want, too. Steer was my second choice. There’s a lot to like about Steer: low K rate, good BB/K ratio, above average power, and reportedly outstanding “makeup”. BA has him at the bottom of their midseason Top 100.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Yeah I like Steer, just not as a headliner. I think 1+ years of Mahle is worth more, at least an organization’s top 5 prospect. But the numbers look solid for all three prospects, hopefully it’ll work out.

  36. Mark Moore

    Only Drury and Solano remain standing for the next 2 hours. I have to believe at least one of them moves.

    I was thinking Twinkies with Mahle.

    • JohnnyTV

      Please trade Farmer.

      Chances are slim and none but it would mean so much.

      • Votto4life

        Barry Larkin wants to extend Kyle Farmer

  37. docproc

    So the Reds got seven prospects for Castillo and Mahle and not a single one of them is an outfielder or a catcher.

    • JB

      Unbelievable. Oh well we got Reynolds and Aquino for OF.

    • VaRedsFan

      Luckily they have a catcher. They can move the glut os SS to the OF.

    • AllTheHype

      All the ones that don’t end up SS can potentially play OF.

    • Mark Moore

      “We’ve got Jack for that …”


    • BK

      With the Mahle trade, five of the Red’s top 10 prospects primary position will be listed as SS, six if we count Barrero. I don’t have a problem with this as each of them has the athleticism to move as needed.

      While I believe COVID induced losses was the primary motivation behind Red’s Rebuild 2.0, the 2020 and 2021 teams had players that were below average runners and defensively at a number of positions. These trades should reverse that trend and help the Reds improve on both the basepaths and in the field.

  38. Andy

    I hope we keep Reynolds. Dude can hit, good fielder, plays everywhere and is a great bench piece. Nobody gonna offer much for him

    Others agree go stock up – trade solano & farmer & moose if you can find a taker.

    • JB

      I like Reynolds and Farmer but they have no use on a 2024 or 25 team. They value won’t be any higher than what it is now. Got to get something for them. Especially Farmer and the way he hits Lefties. Solano too.

  39. AllTheHype

    Encarnacion-Strand: .320/.384/.609 slash, .993 OPS, in A/A+/AA WOW pretty impressive

    Hajjar: this year 3.18 ERA, 14.5 K/9, 0.62 H/IP in A, pretty darn good

    Steer: .265/.362/.484 slash in MiLs

    • JB

      Yeah was just looking them up. The Athletic says all Steer and Strand do is hit. Steer knocking on the door to major Leagues. Maybe trade Drury and insert Steer at 3rd. All 3 look legit.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Steer also has some pop in his bat. The Twins worked on maximizing his power when they drafted him. Last year: 18 doubles, 24 homeruns and a .833 OPS and this year so far (in 100 less at bats) 23 doubles, 20 homeruns and a .889 OPS.

  40. SultanofSwaff

    The stats on all 3 coming back from the Twins are very promising. I’m pleasantly surprised we got 3 back in this deal. I think if Drury and/or Solano get moved you bring up Steer right away.

    Looks like you have a decent probability we landed a starting pitcher, 3B, and DH. I also like that they’ve come from AA or higher….more proven entities.

    Still no excuse for not extending your homegrown players, but at least the front office seems to have a plan and is executing w/o ownership meddling.

    Now let’s finish the day off strong and move Solano, Drury, and (especially) Farmer.

  41. SteveO

    I’m thinking Steer to Louisville, Encarnacion-Strand to Chattanooga and Hajjar to Dayton, but I’m optimistic so probably the organization will place them a league lower. Lol

    • SteveO

      2 of 3 again. They’ve got the players already on rosters for Louisville, Chattanooga and Daytona. Seems like the deal was done yesterday. How are they already on our teams rosters?

  42. Nick in NKY

    I wish they’d sold high on Farmer last offseason. He’d shown enough upside for someone to take a flyer, but in the thick of a pennant race, I can’t see anyone bothering to give up anything of value for him. His defense isn’t good enough to make a platoon fielder, and there’s better options for lefty crushing DH platoons. I’ll be shocked if he isn’t in the lineup every day he’s available for the rest of the season.

    • AllTheHype

      Good news is Reds are selling high on the rest of the roster.

  43. Kevin H

    So which pitching prospect goes to bullpen in next few season? Abbot? Phillips? Petty?

    • PTBNL

      Maybe all of the above. You can never have too much talent at the ML level. Top 5 are the starters, everyone else to the bullpen.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Yeah, bullpen still needs to be addressed. Normally, the expiring contracts of Drury and Solano only net you a reliever, so let’s hope the plan is to leverage those guys to acquire that piece.

    • AllTheHype

      Good question, probably Abbot, and I’ll bet also Levi Stout, the starter acquired in Castillo trade who has good velo and good splitter.

      Probably too early to make that call on Petty (only 19) and no doubt Phillips should continue to be developed as starter.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Krall isn’t messing around…..and I like it. FINALLY, the organization is signalling a direction and going all-in. Refreshing.

  44. SteveO

    Wow, Drury to the Padres, apparently for Acosta, SS on their ACL team. 18 years old

    • SteveO

      Feels a little light in this trade too if this is the case

      • SteveO

        Oh no, does that means Moose is starting at 3B? Hope it’s Reynolds

      • 2024WSChamps

        Honestly, I disagree. Pads dropped a 1.8M signing bonus on this kid last year, and he was a top international prospect. He had a good DSL last year, and is hitting ok in ACL as a teenager. A perfectly fine flier for 2 months of Drury

    • SFRedsfan

      To be honest….we needed another SS…so I get it ?

    • SteveO

      Acosta already in AZ. and will probably join the ACL Reds. No major moving costs and he can be in the lineup tonight if he gets the news soon. Haha

    • Doc

      Might have been the only prospect left in SD after they acquired Soto, Bell (no, unfortunately, not David).

    • Hotto4Votto

      I’m actually ok with this, Drury was essentially going to yield a lotto ticket. Hopefully one with more upside than most lottery tickets. According to Fangraphs Acosta was the Padres 13th rated prospect. Pretty solid.

  45. LDS

    IMO, Krall hasn’t matched his Castillo trade. These last moves seem a bit light. But the payroll has sure gone down.

    • SteveO

      BC is smiling thinking about all that cash saved

    • JohnnyTV

      Minor makes more wheezing through his 5 innings than Drury makes all year.

      This trade makes zero sense.

      The Raging Bull.

  46. Daytonnati

    Tonight’s line-up wll be fun.

  47. SultanofSwaff

    The Drury trade feels light. Again, the smarter play should’ve been to package him with Solano or Farmer to maximize the return.

    • 2024WSChamps

      I don’t think you understand how trades work lol. Teams are not lining up to trade for 3 different rental players, who all play in the infield. What you are saying is unrealistic and illogical

    • AllTheHype

      Acosta was 17th ranked in Int’l ’21 signing class. Not bad for an expiring contract who was below league avg hitter away from GABP.

      I doubt the rest of the league valued Drury the way Reds fans did, due to above.

    • JohnnyTV

      A bad, bad trade.

      The Bull running amok.

    • BK

      Drury doesn’t have the track record or remaining time on his contract to command a Top 100 prospect. That said, Acosta was the top signee from the Padres 2020-21 IFA class. He’s more than a lotto ticket.

      That said, I would have loved to see the Reds take on Wil Myers–the money they’ve traded away would have covered his remaining salary. If this would have yielded Campusano (and I’m totally speculating that the Padres would have done that), then it would have been worth it in my opinion.

    • VaRedsFan

      Teams in contention aren’t trading for 3 bench/platoon guys

  48. Eric the Red

    I like the plan to acquire every SS in the league. The other teams will struggle if Cincinnati has the rights to all of the shortstops.

    If they all turn out to play like Barry Larkin, the strategy will look even better.

    • JohnnyTV

      Staying one step ahead of the shift ban.

      Play seven infielders.

  49. SteveO

    Off day on 8/4, so a decision to replace Mahle in the starting rotation doesn’t need to be made until next week. Hendrix should come back up until they need a starter. Will it be Schrock, Lopez or Barrero coming up for Drury roster spot? Schrock or Lopez imo unless Farmer is traded in the next 75 minutes.

    • Maximus Pavimus

      Schrock fractured his knee cap.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Schrock busted up his kneecap.

    • SteveO

      Really, didn’t see that. Thanks! He, like Senzel and Stephenson, have had too many injuries.

    • SteveO

      Forgot that Hendrix, Dugger, Robinson and Fairchild are taxi squad for this road trip. They can at least help out tonight if necessary.

  50. SultanofSwaff

    You have to think the front office is finalizing the Solano deal…..seems like they’re going right down the line.

    I don’t dislike Farmer, but if he’s still on the roster tomorrow we’ll know he’s blackmailing somebody important. Of course that doesn’t answer the question why he’d want to be stuck on a losing team…..

    • BK

      I don’t expect Farmer to be traded. (1.) He can play virtually anywhere, so he won’t block anyone the Reds want to play. (2.) He’s inexpensive, so he won’t prevent the Reds from making an acquisition. (3.) He’s a team leader and can help assimilate new team members. (4.) He has two years of arb left–no need to make a hasty decision. (5.) He’s not going to bring back much more than Drury or Naquin did. (6.) He’s not blocking anyone–Alejo Lopez is not good enough to start, Farmer can shift to 3B for Barrero. For all the moves, AAA is pretty sparse on ML-ready talent.

  51. SteveO

    I vote AJ Preller executive of the year in MLB

  52. Maximus Pavimus

    Farmer definitely staying as it sounds like the Reds value his leadership over everything.

  53. SteveO

    Ok, to date 5 off the MLB roster and Diehl from Louisville. In return, 4(Castillo), 3(Mahle), 2(Naquin/Diehl), 1(Drury), and PTBNL(Pham) prospects coming into the organization. With the 20 draftees, that’s 30 new faces with an hour to go.

  54. SteveO

    Interesting, revised lineup after trades so far has Senzel batting 2nd. I think India, Senzel, Stephenson is what the Reds want at the top of the order to start 2023. Too bad we will not see it until ST 2023.

  55. LDS

    And there’s the buzzer. The Reds fell short again.

    • Josh G

      fell short? .. I give Krall a B+ grade on this trade deadline

  56. PTBNL

    Catcher Austin Romine a Red…..I guess Papierski has been bumped.