Hunter Greene was brilliant, striking out eight batters and allowing a lone single in a 6-inning shutout performance that set the tone for the rest of the game. Albert Almora Jr. had two doubles and both played a role in Cincinnati’s three runs as he drove in two with his first one and he scored the third run after the second one as the Reds topped the Marlins in Miami 3-1.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (41-61) 3 8 0
Miami Marlins (47-56) 1 5 1
W: Greene (4-12) L: Luzardo (2-4) SV: Strickland
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The Offense

Cincinnati’s bats got to work to start the 2nd inning when Joey Votto led off with a single and an out later Donovan Solano added a single of his own. Albert Almora Jr., fresh off of the injured list today, doubled them both in to put the Reds up 2-0.

The offense was rather quiet over the next few innings, but a Brandon Drury single and a Joey Votto walk put two men on with just one out in the 6th inning. Back-to-back ground outs ended any threat, though, and the game stayed 2-0.

In the next inning the Reds got back to it and Albert Almora Jr. was once again involved as he crushed his second double of the game and then scored when Jonathan India came through with a single into left field to make it 3-0. That would be the final time Cincinnati scored in the game, but it was enough to pull out the win.

The Pitching

Hunter Greene held the Marlins hitless through the first two innings of the game. A 1-out single by Charles Leblanc broke up the no-hitter, but Greene didn’t let him advance on the bases and held onto a 2-0 lead. That was the only hit the rookie would give up as he piled up eight strikeouts in 6.0 shutout innings. Greene exited the game with a 3-0 lead and handed things over to Reiver Sanmartin in the 7th.

Sanmartin gave up an infield single to Avisail Garcia to begin the 7th inning before retiring the next two batters – but on the third strike for the second out the ball got by catcher Michael Papierski and Garcia moved up to second base. The Reds called on Ian Gibaut out of the bullpen and the Marlins countered with a pinch hitter, bringing Jesus Aguilar off of the bench to try and get a better match up with a runner in scoring position. Gibaut won the battle, inducing a ground out to end the inning and hold the 3-0 lead.

Gibaut came back out for the 8th inning and had to work around a 1-out double, but he did just that with a strikeout and a pop up to send the game to the 9th inning. Hunter Strickland took over for the 9th looking to hold onto a 3-run lead. He gave up a single to Lewin Diaz to start the inning and then walked Avisail Garcia to bring the tying run to the plate with no outs. Strickland rebounded by striking out JJ Bleday and Bryan De La Cruz, but he then gave up an RBI single to Nick Fortes that made it a 3-1 game. Fortes was replaced by pinch runner Billy Hamilton and Charles Leblanc came to the plate and grounded the ball to third base and Brandon Drury decided to try and go to second base with the throw before realizing he had no chance at Hamilton and by then he had no play at first, loading the bases. Jacob Stallings would end the game with a lazy fly ball into shallow center that Nick Senzel caught, preserving a 3-1 win.

Notes Worth Noting

Hunter Greene now has 127 strikeouts and 41 walks in 102.2 innings this season.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs. Miami Marlins

Tuesday August 2nd, 6:40pm ET

Graham Ashcraft (4-2, 4.64 ERA) vs Braxton Garrett (2-4, 3.96 ERA)

74 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Greene – one step closer to ACE status.

  2. Michael B. Green

    Great outing by Greene. Guessing he pitches through August and then then shut him down to limit his innings. Minor’s value is likely to consist of eating September innings for one of the youngsters.

    • Luke J

      He’s only at 102 innings. They’ll keep pulling him after 6 and let him go all year.

      • Earmbrister

        Green is most likely right about Greene. He only pitched 106 innings last year. Letting him finish the year give them another 10+ starts with another 60 or 70+ innings. Don’t think they’ll risk their prized prospect pitching 160 or 170 innings with so few innings pitched in years past.

        Another great performance and a lot to be excited about going forward.

  3. Dennis Westrick

    Finally the bullpen saves one for Hunter Greene!

  4. Michael B. Green

    Guessing we see Greene and Ashcraft for one more month. Would expect to see Dunn called up to start games in September regardless of his AAA performance.

  5. Old-school

    Greene Lodolo and Ashcraft taking steps forward. Big developmental step for this franchise.

  6. Redsvol

    Gonna need 2 more starting pitchers for 2023. Who will they be? 2 more rookies is doubtful.

    I know he saved it (worst stat in baseball) but is hunter Strickland really the only reliever that we can put out there in the 9th inning? Why not detwilwr or motetta? Surely they be at least as good (tongue in check) as Strickland.

    Every trade we complete should have an extra relief pitcher included to save our bullpen one day. MLB should make it mandatory on reds trades.

    • SteveAreno

      I thought that was very odd too when Strickland came in instead of Detwiler with a 3.94 ERA as opposed to Strickland’s 9.00 ERA.

    • MK

      Problem is since he got the save Bell will think he can continue to do it.

  7. Lid

    We need to trade anyone beyond 2 years of major league service. After 2015-2019 lost years and other seasons, I have to wait for 2024-2025. This ownership group has really made me indifferent as a lifelong fan.

    • Votto4life

      Only 3 or 4 good seasons out of the last 25 years. It’s amazing attendance is as good as it has been,

  8. William

    I think the Reds will be contending by 2024 or 2025. The latter of the two is more probable. The minor league power rating will soon be in the top 10. Greene is part of the Reds future. He has to cut his homerun rate, and certainly this game was a success. I think he will have much success. I am higher on him than some others. Hang in there Reds fans. Better days are ahead. It just takes smarter leadership. GM is growing in the job. Good for the Reds.

  9. Reddawg2012

    I don’t understand why Hunter Strickland continues to be the closer. He has been bad all season.

    Otherwise, Go Reds. Hunter Greene’s performance tonight was electric.

    • Grand Salami

      Yeah. Bell has fallen in love with Strickland’s moxie but he doesn’t have a strikeout pitch. Need a swing and miss pitch as a closer

    • MBS

      It’s because this season doesn’t matter, and the young guys had too much pressure on them. Bell is doing the kids a favor by letting the “old guys” pitch in roles they are not qualified for, instead of the kids pitching in roles their not qualified for.

    • CFD3000

      This is disappointing. It made sense to trade Castillo, Naquin and Pham for prospects. It makes sense to part ways with Moustakas and Minor (even if they just get released), and Solano isn’t a difference maker to hang onto. And even though I’d rather see him extended, I understand if the Reds can get a haul for Mahle they should take it. But Drury is the guy I think they should be extending. He won’t be crazy expensive, he’s been the key hitter all year, and they need a bridge to the young infield studs sorting themselves out in the minors right now. I’ve been pleased with the return for Castillo and Naquin – credit to Nick Krall. But I’m not pleased by this news. Disappointing.

      • Earmbrister

        It takes two to tango. They very well may have had discussions with Drury’s agent to no avail. Its an important contract for Drury and he won’t come super cheap.

  10. Bdh

    I’d say Ashcraft and Greene both will be shut down by early September. Overton will be back by then and Dunn should make a few MLB starts before the year ends

    Meaningless September rotation of


    • Optimist

      They may only let Lodolo go 1/2 the month and rotate 3 or 4 others for one start each to close the season. Get lots of trips in to and from the Bats and lookouts.

      • Luke J

        Lodolo only has 38 innings pitched. Why would they shut him down. He needs those innings to continue his development. I don’t see him being shut down unless injured.

        I actually think Greene and Ashcraft will pitch all year too. Greene is at 102 innings. If they spread his starts out every 6 days I can see 9 starts taking him through the end of September and putting him at 156 innings (assuming they keep pulling him after 6 innings). And 156 is right around what a low inning limit would normally be.

        I don’t understand why people think they will shut down their young starters who need the development time, when their innings counts aren’t high. These meaningless games are the best time to let them figure things out.

      • Stock

        To protect arms the adage says not to increase innings by more than 30 a year. Greene’s career high as a professional is 68. That means about 100. I am sure he pitched more than 68 innings in his senior year of HS though. I would like to see 125 innings or so. No need to push it in meaningless games.

      • Earmbrister

        Stock, 68 IP was Greene’s 2018 total. He pitched 106 innings last year.

        I agree though, I think they’ll find an excuse to shut him down for September.

    • Oldtimer

      The roster only expands to 28 from 26 in September.

      • Optimist

        Yes, but is there a limit on transactions? The big issue is limiting it to SPs on the 40-man roster if they don’t want to commit to a move too early – Williamson, Lively, Abbott.

      • Jim Walker

        @optimist>> As far as I am aware there are no limits on transactions per see in September but a pitcher sent back to AAA on option cannot be recalled to the MLB club for 15 days except as an injury replacement.

        So, they couldn’t for example pair guys and send one down and bring the other back at each cycle of the MLB rotation.

  11. SteveO

    New,y acquired players Rodriguez, Arroyo and Moore all in action for the ACL Reds tonight.

    • Bdh

      Moore K’s the only hitter he faced (video on him looks nasty)

      So far in 5 innings

      Rodriguez with a triple
      Arroyo with 2 steals

      Not fair with how loaded that group already was

  12. Joe P.

    Cardinals get SP Jose Quintana (33) and RP Chris Stratton (32) from the Pirates in exchange for RP/SP Johan Oviedo (24) and power-hitter Malcom Nunez (21).

    In my opinion, the Cardinals overpaid on this deal. Had the Reds made a deal with the Cardinals, I would have wanted Malcom Nunez or Nolan Gorman. In particular, I had my eye on Nunez. It’ll be interesting to see if he pans out for the Pirates and where they play him, I’m guessing it will be LF or 1B.

  13. RedsGettingBetter

    Greene seems to start being cut in his number of Innings and pitches per game, at this póint. I think he is gonna be shutdown around 140 IP so there would be 6 or 7 more starts remaining this season…

  14. Indy Red Man

    I think every Reds fan is excited about loading the farm system with elite young talent, but they’ve still got to play atleast 324 baseball games in 2023-24.

    If you let veteran contributors like Mahle and Drury go then what are you doing with 2-3 prime years of India, Stephenson, and the young pitchers? If the young pitching improves then they could atleast be a wildcard contender in the next few years, but they need to score runs. They can waste $17 mil on Pham and Minor, but can’t pay Drury $20 mil for 3 years? What would it take?

    • Optimist

      Mahle and Drury are very different cases. Drury is the latest inexpensive pickup that worked out, in a line from Scooter to Dietrich to Naquin and now him. He’s a bit older, is likely peaking in performance, is a FA at this season’s end, and can be replaced easier than a pitcher. Good work by FO staff to keep finding these guys.

      OTOH, Mahle is younger, coming into his prime, much more expensive to extend, and still has next year. He may be worth keeping as the bridge to the 2024 season, and is certainly worth more as a trade target, and justifies asking for an exorbitant return now, and over the winter.

      It’s so hard for the budget constrained teams to extend pitchers, considering the risk of injury, and, in Mahle’s case, the home/road splits. He might be worth it for a Castellanos like deal for 3-4 years with mutual opt outs, or a club buyout. Just no more long term commitments to pitchers.

      It seems their pitching is about 2 years ahead of the hitting as far as MLB development goes. Next year could get ugly if they remain in extreme budget mode, but they are set up nicely for 2024.

      • Indy Red Man

        I don’t see Drury as another Scooter or Dietrich though. Scooter had a huge all or nothing swing unlike Drury’s shorter swing. I think he’s very capable of +.800 ops for 3-4 more years. He’s not even 30 yet. Where else are we going to find that for whatever he’ll get paid? They thought more of Pham but he couldn’t match Drury. They paid Moose a ton and he never came close either.

        RLN is way too nonchalant about Drury, but time will tell. If he goes to SD or Seattle or some place then the park will cut into his stats

      • Luke J

        RLN is nonchalant about Drury because this year is an extreme outlier in an 8 year career. His career WAR is 1/2 a win lower than his 2022 WAR. Let that sink in. His WAR this year is 2.3, and his career WAR for his first 7 seasons was -0.5!

        I honestly think he has figured out a bit about being a professional and has tremendous work ethic, so this year may not be as big an outlier as many think. But the smart money still plays the odds. And almost invariably, when you see such a major jump in performance, it’s followed by a precipitous drop.

      • Earmbrister

        Drury is finally healthy after years of ailments. He was slated to be the starting 3B for the NYY in 2018 coming out of ST, but injuries limited him to 18 G in NY. It’s been one ailment after another with him (remind you of anyone?) until the last two years. And much like Castellanos, GABP suits his skill set.

        I don’t think that RLN is nonchalant about Drury, but do we get attached to him only to see him walk after 4 – 6 months? The FO may have legitimately tried to extend him, but he has a say in the matter as well. I do hope they somehow find a way to keep him.

    • Stock

      Do you really think the Reds have a chance at the wild card next year?

    • Jim Walker

      A face behind the big desk in the owner’s suite with no family connection to anyone there now.

    • Votto4life

      I wonder what the source is for this speculation?

      Does it mean the Reds has taken him off the market for now and will trade this off-season?

      Do the Reds intend to extend him?

      Is someone in The Red’s front office the source? If so, are the Reds just trying to get increase the return? Already have a deal worked out with a team? Are they just running out of time?

      My guess is it’s probably idle speculation. But, if Mahle is still a Red tomorrow night at time, I will be curious to find out why he wasn’t traded.

      • Jim Walker

        Could be logistics. Maybe someone not in a position to acquire Mahle now gave Krall the wink and nod they would be at the head of the line in the off season and willing to pay more than what’s been on the table currently.

    • B-town Fan

      Kind of interesting to see at the bottom of that yahoo story that Jose Siri was traded from Houston to Tampa Bay

  15. Still a Red

    I suspect Mahle is not generating the return the Reds want. If not, maybe his FA value is not that great and Reds can try to extend him short term. Keep him under control a bit longer and see if his value goes up.
    It would be nice to be able to extend Drury for 2-3 years too if not too expensive. But given his window, career year free agency, he might try his luck in the market. Too bad, I think he’d make a good bridge ’til the new batch of youngsters come along.

    • BK

      I think still think he’ll be traded. After the Reds brought back a haul from the Mariners, several names began to hit the trade market. Mahle still remains attractive, but some teams are opting for a “rental” rather than paying the price for the extra year of arbitration control Mahle has. In short, teams responded by adding supply to what was a very seller-friendly market for starting pitchers.

  16. greenmtred

    According to the Cowboy, Drury had an epiphany about his hitting approach. I agree with Indy: that compact swing will age well, and if it wouldn’t take the moon and stars to extend him, the Reds should do it. The young pitchers should have some guys behind them who can put some runs on the board

    • Jim Walker

      And on the other hand, Cowboy was all over Drury for having not thought ahead in the 9th when Hamilton was brought on as a pinch runner and Drury was caught short looking for a force out at 2B to end the game instead of going to 1B from the get go and as a result, the game was extended with the tying run at 2B and winning run at 1B.

      • greenmtred

        I was asleep by then, Jim. All’s well that ends well, but you’d hope he knows about Billy.

  17. Steven Ross

    There’s no better Reds analyst than the Cowboy. He says what I’m thinking. Hard to ignore his comments about Papierski not being fundamental sound. We do need a catcher.

    • Greenfield Red

      To me, the Cowboy iss the Old Lefthander 2 0 ..

      That’s high praise.

    • Mark Moore

      I don’t like away games where Cowboy is on the TV and I don’t get to hear him unless I put up with the oral excess from Sadak. He and Thrall call a great game on WLW. He tells it like he sees it. It’s refreshing.

    • Jim Walker

      Which begs the ??? why Bell keeps using Papierski and virtually ignoring Kolo who was a darling this time last season coming off his performance as the lead catcher for the Silver Medal USA Olympics team.

      • LarkinPhillips

        +500 Jim, DB has never used a catcher as consistently as he is using Pap. Its nearly always been a 50/50 split or a starter with a back up who plays the third game or day after night game. Never a full blown starter who plays 9 out of 10 games as is the case with Pap over Kolsvary.

      • jeffversion1

        Since he just joined the team in the middle of this season, Bell obviously thinks that Papierski is one of the savvy veteran scrap heap pickups (for the Reds, should those words be capitalized?).

        Or maybe it’s that Pap is a way better baseball nickname than Kolo or anything else they could do with Kolozsvary.

        I don’t even know anymore.

      • Melvin

        Bell loves a switch hitter. That’s enough in itself.

      • BK

        Papierski is in fact both a rookie and younger than Kolosvary. I’m not really impressed with Papierski, but the Reds have lots of time with the catchers that were in the organization before Papierski was claimed. They clearly prefer Papierski which makes me wonder how bad our other options must be.

    • Old Big Ed

      Plus, Drury completely blew a rundown against the Yankees, perhaps costing them the game.

      I still think he would be a good sign as a guy who could play 1B, 2B and LF. Gotta stop the bubble-head plays, though.

      • greenmtred

        Or use him as DH. As for Papierski, it seems probable to me that they want to get a good look at him. None of the other guys can hit much, either, and they know more about them, The Reds need a viable back-up for Stephenson. And besides, the recent winning is fun, but this year is not about winning. Castellini made that clear before the season started.

  18. Mark Moore

    While I also wish Greene had come out for the 7th, if this approach means he gets in one more game this season, then all is good. I’ll even credit DTBell if he’s the one behind that strategy.

    Phelt good to Phlail the Phish …

    • Earmbrister

      You might say the Reds Philleted the Phish.

  19. SultanofSwaff

    Krall on promoting Aquino: “We want to make sure that we’re giving our guys enough plate appearances at the big league level to get experience up here, to get better and continue to improve,”

    THIS is the logic, and I don’t disagree. However, it needs to be applied equally. To that end, Farmer needs to be traded today and Barrero needs to start the rest of the season. Jose is the far more valuable prospect. It’s high time the organization starts affording him the same privilege they’ve given to Senzel, Aquino, India, etc. In a lost season every at-bat going to Farmer is an organizational failure.

    • Kevin H

      Barrero isn’t hitting minor league pitching. Why bring him to big leagues? AA has had 1 good month and that is it and right now mashing minor league pitching according to some on here. I have followed sparing and he seems to be doing well. I think AA is a overrated player who some how got a nickname for hitting homers. I mean dude strikes out more times than anything else.

      I much rather see Friedl, or someone from Double come up than AA again. Maybe he makes me eat my words, however I highly doubt it.

      • Jim Walker

        When Aquino was recalled from Louisville in late May until he was injured in June he had an MLB OPS of .798 and OPS+ of 115 in 47 PAs.

        At Louisville on his just completed rehab, he compiled an OPS of 1.075 which translated to a wRC+ (basically same as OPS+) of 160.

        These numbers earned him this current opportunity.

        If Aquino puts up 2 months at MLB with a ~.800 OPS and 115 OPS+ or better, they probably will pencil him in as a starter in 2023, at least unless someone better falls their way.

      • Old Big Ed

        Barrero has had a hand injury, and has heated up well over the last week or so. They already know that he can hit when healthy and given regular playing time. He wasn’t their Minor League Player of the Year for nothing.

        Meanwhile, Kyle Farmer turns 32 in two weeks, and has a Darrell Chaney-esque .563 OPS against RH pitching. He has the range of an anvil and the arm of an alligator. He hits LH pitching well, and his only real value to the Reds would be playing 1B or DH against LH pitching. Barrero is much better than Farmer at every other baseball skill.

        There are about 240 ABs left to give to shortstops this season. Barrero ought to get 90+ percent of those.

      • BK

        I think most of us are in agreement … if Barrero is healthy and ready, he should be on the Reds roster and playing every day. That said, his 37.5% K rate is unplayable at AAA and definitely at the big league level. When that problem is corrected, call him up. If it’s not corrected, it’s better to leave him in the minors and let him try to fix his approach. After the way he was mishandled over the last two seasons, the Reds should work to set him up for success.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes on the hand injury for Barrero; and, it seems to have gotten lost that Aquino had the same injury and surgery in May/June of 2021 and was out for 60+ days.

        Maybe his slow disastrous start this year and apparent coming around starting at AAA in May could be attributed to the same at least in part.

    • Jim Walker

      Alternately to trading Farmer. if they want him around as their lead bench piece or possibly 3B in 2023, just sit him down for a mano y mano talk and tell him that but it means his new role starts now.

    • Jim Walker

      PS Sulatan, As long as Bell is writing the lineup cards and not under direct orders in peril of being fired, I will believe he uses Aquino as a starter 5 days a week when he has done it.

      • Old Big Ed

        My theory on Aquino is that his swing is long, and to be at his best, he has to play every day. Now is the time to play him every day, to see if they can shorten the swing just a bit to tap into his power.

        He is also a helluva outfielder.

        Almora is an even better outfielder, and I can’t understand why the Astros (among others) aren’t trading for Almora. When Almora isn’t pull-happy, he is a good player all-around.