After a 10-game home stand to kick off the unofficial second half of the season where the Cincinnati Reds went 6-4, the team hits the road for a nine-game trip, starting tonight in Miami.

The Reds (40-61) and Marlins (47-55) have the privilege of seeing each other twice in a week, as the Marlins were just at Great American Ball Park last Monday through Thursday. The Reds ended up splitting the series, which ended with a bad taste in the Reds’ mouth, as the bullpen blew the save in the ninth inning on Thursday, all but sealing a 7-6 loss.


  • Time: 6:40 pm ET
  • Place: loanDepot Park, Miami, FL
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW
  • Weather: 88 degrees with high humidity–this is why the Marlins have a roof.


Cincinnati Reds

Miami Marlins

2B Jonathan India 2B Joey Wendle
3B Brandon Drury SS Miguel Rojas
LF Matt Reynolds
1B Lewin Diaz
1B Joey Votto DH Avisail Garcia
SS Kyle Farmer CF JJ Bleday
DH Donovan Solano RF Bryan De La Cruz
CF Nick Senzel LF Jesus Sanchez
RF Albert Almora Jr. 3B Charles Leblanc
C Michael Papierski C Jacob Stallings

Tommy Pham was a late scratch from the lineup and has reportedly been traded according to Ken Rosenthal (no team has been named yet, so that’s strange)

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 96.2 5.59 4.59 5.18 4.02 1.37 28.3% 9.8%
Jesús Luzardo 29.0 4.03 3.76 3.74 3.17 1.17 34.5% 13.4%


Hunter Greene faced the Marlins last Tuesday, giving up two runs on nine hits in 6.1 innings. He struck out six and walked only one. It was one of his better performances this season, but still took the loss due to the Reds offense scoring only one run.

Greene’s always pitched better in his starts when he doesn’t walk batters. When he’s locating his fastball and his slider, he’s really good. And while he does have a 9.8% walk rate, Greene also has a 28.3% strikeout rate this season. He’s striking out batters almost 30 percent of the time.


Jesús Luzardo, once regarded as one of baseball’s top prospects, had an incredible 2020 season. But he dealt with poor performances in 2021 that led to being demoted to the minors and ultimately the Athletics trading him to the Marlins. In 2022, he’s had to deal with a forearm injury. The left-hander returns from the 60-day injured list tonight to face the Reds.

On July 28th, he made a rehab start for Triple-A Jacksonville, where he struck out six, while allowing two runs on three hits and four walks. Before he got injured, he had pitched 29.0 innings this season to a 4.03 ERA/3.74 FIP with 16 walks and 41 strikeouts in six starts.

Luzardo has three pitches: fastball, slider, and change-up. His fastball velocity averages in the upper 90s, and his slider has been regarded as one of the best in the minor leagues. His slider and change-up velocity both average in the mid-80s. His slider can be deceptive at times, almost looking like a curve ball instead of a slider.

News and Notes

The Reds haven’t made any other trades yet, but they did make a flurry of roster moves today. Redleg Nation has you covered on all the transactions.

Down on the farm, the Reds had a couple players win player of the week honors in their respective leagues.

Final Thoughts

The trade deadline is tomorrow at 6 pm, so we’re in full-on hug watch mode tonight. Who will be the next player traded from the Reds? And will we see those mid-game dugout hugs? Tune in to find out….

202 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Apparently Kolo kicked DTBell’s dog …

    Let’s get it done tonight. Kick us some Minnows.

    • Redsvol

      if you can’t catch a late inning slider from a reliever after 5 years in the minors, I’m not sure I can blame Bell for not playing him unless an emergency.

  2. Daytonnati

    I guess David Bell has a little John Wick in him then ? 🙂

  3. Kevin H

    I like Votto and you all know that from my post. Pham don’t care, however the line up to me that makes most sense for now. India, Senzel, Solano, Drury, Farmer, then Votto, Pham, Almora or whom ever and catcher spot…

  4. Indy Red Man

    What if we got Joey Gallo and the Yankees agreed to eat a little of his 10 mil? Could be another Adam Dunn for a few years. He’ll be 29 in November. Much rather have him then Pham.

  5. Jim Walker

    And because Ashley is decades too young to have hear this when it was the rage 😉

    And will we see those mid-game dugout hugs? Tune in to find out…. Same Bat time. Same Bat c=Channel!!

  6. Matt McWax

    Former Red farmhand Jose Siri on the move..not that interesting but the Rays who got him, dfa’d Brett Phillips, who i would nab if I was the Reds. I know his offense is about rock bottom this year but he had 2.3 fWAR in 2021 in 292 pa. Most likeable player, and is elite in the field and on the bases. Perfect guy to take a flyer on.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder if the LoanDepot Park roof could favor o disfavor the Greene’s fastball velo…If it does , Greene could set a new record on triple digit pitches in a game tonight…

  8. Bet on Red

    Trades going around all day, Yankees pick up pitcher from the A’s…. Still 23 Hrs 30 Mins of ownership for Mahle….

  9. Mark Moore

    3M not in the line-up … trade brewing? We can hope (I know, a fool’s hope).

    • Bet on Red

      2 bats and a bucket of balls are being prepared for the return

      • Melvin

        They’d better at least be shiny. 🙂

  10. Hanawi

    Pham is gone. Haven’t seen where or for who yet

    • Mark Moore

      So I see. Since we have taxi squad guys in the house, is one of them immediately eligible to take his spot on the 26?

    • Daytonnati

      Fingers crossed for Ohtani 🙂

    • Bill

      To the Red Sox. Probably for a Fantasy Football PTBNL

  11. Magnum 44

    I hope if they can’t finder a sucker they DFA Pham I just don’t I don’t like the guy, but if we are going to stink I want to watch players who are interesting. Pham has not moved my meter all year

    • Mark Moore

      See post just above. He’s on the move.

    • TR

      I think Pham has done an adequate job replacing Winker in leftfield. He’s been a positive with his hustle and enthusiasm.

      • Bill

        Those enthusiastic slaps are always positive.

  12. Mark Moore

    Couple of very ugly 3rd strike whiffs so far.

    Let’s see how not-Pham Reynolds does 😀

  13. Chris

    Were they just too lazy to move the lineup around? Is that why Reynolds is batting 3rd? LOL

    • Bet on Red

      No, the scratch literally happened at game time, I think it just had to be a switch at that point. This one is not on bell…. for once

      • Chris

        Not sure I understand that? If he was replaced before the game started, then seems like the lineup could have been changed. If not, then he would be in the lineup, and Reynolds would be a substitute, and they’d be short one player. Again, this is an assumption assuming there isn’t some odd rule that allows for this sort of thing. OR maybe Bell couldn’t write up a new lineup in time?

    • Melvin

      That would require some erasing. lol

  14. Chris

    CBS Sports says Boston is where Pham is going. Nothing on the return yet.

    • Hanawi

      Maybe they’ll get Jeter Downs back

    • Old-school

      I’m good with a dozen donuts from Dunkin’ and a signed Big Papi game used hat.

  15. Bet on Red

    It is indeed Boston where Pham is off too…. will be interesting to see the return and how the lineup construction is done now

  16. Magnum 44

    Thank goodness…..its about fantasy football draft time if their is anytime to trade him now is the time

    • LarkinPhillips

      +1000. That’s a good one.

    • LT

      Oh yeah. It seems players do well on their first day back. I would rotate sending players down and bringing them up. 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        Then DTBell benches them so they cool back down 😮

  17. Bet on Red

    Reported return for Pham is Downs and Sale….. with Boston paying all but the min on sale…. this report was reported by me….lol ( Just kidding)

    • Mark Moore

      He did that the last time.

      Also, less than 20 pitches through the first 2. That’s all good stuff.

      • Kevin H

        Agree and great news if he can trust his change up enough to use. A 3rd pitch with his talent would be a great combo.

  18. Jason C

    I just don’t understand how Tyler Stephenson never seemed to be able to play 3 games in a row but Mike P is able to play every day. Very confusing.

  19. LT

    Addition by subtraction, that’s how I view Pham’s trade. I don’t care who we get in the trade. The guy punched another baseball player over fantasy football. ‘Nuff said.

    • Mark Moore

      He had some speed and decent D. But he certainly wasn’t ever “one of our guys”. And that stunt with Joc was beyond ridiculous.

    • VaRedsFan

      He slapped Joc because of his hair.

      • Mark Moore

        See, that I could support. But the nonsense about phantasy pham phootball, not so much.

  20. Mark Moore

    And did anybody else see the Bravos inked Austin Riley for 10 years?

  21. Roger Garrett

    Saw that and how old is he now?

    • Chris

      24 or 25. Got him through his prime. Really nice deal for both team and Riley imho.

    • Redsvol

      Riley will be 35 at the end of that contract. Between Riley and Matt Olson the Braves have the infield corners locked up for 8-10 years. Interesting their philosophy is to bank on the corners and fill in the “up the middle” guys with youngsters and arbitration-eligible players. We will see if it works out. Certainly less risk in locking up a corner outfielder now with the DH in the NL.

      • Roger Garrett

        Great point regarding the DH

      • VaRedsFan

        They have Albies at 2B….Don’t forget Acuna

  22. Old-school

    Jake Fraley moves to everyday LF against righties. Who is the RF against righties? Do they bring up Friedl? Do they bring up Aquino? Do they stick with Almora?

    • Redsvol

      Aquino has to either be brought up at the end of his minor league rehab assignment tomorrow or designated for assignment. I would think they’ll give him another chance. “Where else are you gonna go!”

    • Jim Walker

      I think they bring up Aquino or trade him before the deadline because with the MLB run he was on from the time he was called up until he was hurt (115 OPS+) followed by what he has done on rehab, I don’t think he would clear waivers after a DFA.

      Basically they have the open roster spot and Fairchild is a no risk option back to AAA.

  23. Old-school

    Chain Bloom Red Sox Chiewf Baseball Officer was in Tampa Bay when the Rays had Pham. Only takes 1.

  24. Grand Salami

    Greene looks to be exclusively a two pitch pitcher still. This second time through the lineup won’t be as easy.

    • Mark Moore

      Welsh is saying he’s throwing more change-ups.

      • Grand Salami

        Gameday showing straight slider/fastball mix and the speeds seems to bear it out. 99/100 to 88/90. But many his change is similar in velo to the slider

      • Mark Moore

        I think the velo is very similar. About 10-12 mph below his top-end.

  25. Daytonnati

    Looks like Ayman Al-Zawahiri was designated for assignment.

    • Grand Salami

      Zawahiri today and gone tomorrow.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Osama bin Laden’s former physician and current ( now former) leader of Al Qaeda. Was taken out by CIA drone strike on a house near Kabul Afghanistan over the weekend

  26. VaRedsFan

    Pham has a 1.5 million buyout after the year. .5 million if he was traded. Do the Reds owe the traded bonus.

    If they save the 1.5 mil buyout, then it’s worth it….no matter the return.

    • Jim Walker

      But the BoSox will take their pound of flesh out of any return on Pham for the amount of salary and option money the are taking on.

  27. Roger Garrett

    I asked that the other night and the contract goes with him to Boston,which I took as the Reds not owing him anything.

  28. Mark Moore

    At least Luzardo’s pitch count is creeping up. Wonder what his limit is tonight given he’s just off the IL.

    Almost, Nick. Way to hustle down that line.

  29. VaRedsFan

    Details on the Riley extension.

    Riley and the Braves agreed to a 10-year, $212 million extension on Monday. The deal includes a $20 million option for 2033, when the third baseman will be 36 years old.

    This deal buys out three arbitration years for Riley, who will make $15 million in 2023, $21 million in 2024 and $22 million per season over the remainder of the deal.

  30. LDS

    Reports are saying the Reds return on the Pham deal is a PTBNL. So largely a dump it sounds like.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m completely fine with that.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Me too! No more risk of an opposing player getting slapped during warmups!

    • PTBNL

      Wow, I get to come to the Reds. Can I bat third every day????

      • Mark Moore

        Yes, but only against same-handed pitchers as your batting side. And only until you hit one out – then DTBell will bench you.

      • LDS

        Well it depends PTBNL on how old you are. If you’re at least 35, then you can start everyday, bat in one of the middle 3 spots and we won’t really concern ourselves with your hitting.

      • PTBNL

        I’m well over 35. Put my name in ink.

  31. Bet on Red

    we are getting the often traded, Player to be named later for Pham…. probebly an agreement on who it was based on his performance in Boston

    • PTBNL

      Being an expert on PTBNL, the two teams agree on a short list of players and the sending team will choose one from the list. This usually happens when the team wants to get an extended look at a couple of prospects and then make a choice.

      It probably ain’t gonna be anyone in the top 20 prospects of the Red Sox.

      • Old-school

        Cannot be a player on Boston’s 40 man roster.

    • Mark Moore

      He seems to be on his game and is very pitch efficient so far tonight.

  32. LarkinPhillips

    Greene looks like he has a lot of confidence tonight. Seems to be “strutting” around out there.

  33. Bet on Red

    Breaking….. Reds Trade Miami Valley gaming to the Albuquerque Isotopes for Mike Ermentrought and Gustavo Fring

    • PTBNL

      You are full of……………a lot of trade information tonight.

      • Ghostrunner_onthird

        I need to type faster.

    • Daytonnati

      I hear Mike is the one who knocks?

      • Bet on Red

        “I need you to pay attention very carefully here” lol

    • Jim Walker

      They don’t even get the guy who’s stuff looks like the real blue magic but isn’t quite the same?

  34. Mark Moore

    Right on the left big toe!! OUCH!!

  35. Mark Moore

    5 innings and 68 pitches. I like that for August 1.

  36. Old-school

    Trade value of John Sadak? Asking for a friend.

    The grounds crew struggled on that one really bad rain storm this year. Id go for an assistant grounds crew chief for the Braves or Cardinals. They get some bad storms.

    • Mark Moore

      Less than 3M in this fan’s opinion

      • Old-school

        Fine…AA head ground crew chief for Mississippi Braves or AA Springfield Cards crew chief but thats my final offer.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Cashed Reds 5 innings. Aguilar must be traded and they’re already without Chisholm and Cooper. Nice effort by HG nevertheless though….0-1 consistently on the hitter does wonders!

    Negatives…Senzel. Why is he always chopping at the ball like Vince Coleman? Swing the bat already. He’s solidly built and should be driving the ball occasionally

    • Old-school

      I’m with you Indy. I resigned my position on RLN as President of the Nick Senzel fan club. He has no power. None. Maybe it’s the new baseball. I have no idea but hes warning track power guy and at best is a potentially good CF who bats 9th and hits .265 and has some speed and plate discipline. He’s going to have to learn to bunt and get on base at a .350 clip to survive. His sprint speed is 95% percentile so he has value…just only as a secondary player. Move Elly De La Cruz to CF. We have SS depth.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Warning track power for Senzel? You are being generous!

  38. Bet on Red

    I no longer thing we are trying to get rid of all three of Almora, Solano and Drury. Gotta think that the reds are trying to extend one of more

    • Grand Salami

      Solano is 34 and hitting real well. Playing with fire there. Drury is the easy choice but probably the most expensive due to a multi-year demand.

      Trading Drury for a serviceable catcher that is cost controlled would be the move here.

  39. Roger Garrett

    Solano has always hit and I expected he would go early especially because he can play 2nd or 3rd.

  40. Roger Garrett

    Hunter is done and leaves up 3-0.Good job rookie.

  41. JohnnyTV

    Anyone else surprised that Greene was not sent out for the 7th?

    3rd time through the order with Marlins’ 4-5-6 coming up?

    • Hanawi

      Might be starting to think about innings limits for some of the rookies.

    • Hanawi

      Glad they could hang on and get Hunter a win. He’s been inconsistent but pitched better than his record.

    • greenmtred

      He was starting to lose command. Cowboy says that’s the sign that he’s tired.

  42. Mark Moore

    I duck out for a quick walk and y’all score another run and then let Greene wrap his evening. Probably not a bad idea given his innings limit.

    Tuned in to see that dribbler IF single and the rocket Joey caught for an out. Close to a DP, but no dice and no challenge.

  43. Old-school

    Per Charlie goldsmith. Nick Krall says extension talks with Brandon Drury are not on the table.

    • LDS

      Probably a deal to move him in the works. Maybe we’ll see some action tonight after the game. As long as they go for a decent return, not another PTBNL.

  44. JB

    Don’t like Fraley wearing that number 27 jersey. That’s Jose Rijo’s and only Jose’s.

    • JohnnyTV

      I know that’s right.

      Reds should be more aware…..

      Soto-Rijo-Castillo have been a triumvirate of Reds’ pitchers.

  45. JohnnyTV

    Whenever I remind myself that RSanmartin also came over in the Gray trade from the Evil Empire, it makes me happy.

    His ERA is still recovering from his horrendous start to the season as a SP.

    I was hoping for him to be part of the rotation, but maybe this is the better fit for him and for the Reds.

    As far as saints go, Saint Martin looks like a pretty good one.

    Pretty good looking island, too.

  46. Roger Garrett

    I like it that he has at least 3 pitches and his fastball can reach 93.He has been pretty good out of the pen and of course he is a lefty.

    • JohnnyTV

      “I like it that he has at least 3 pitches ….”

      There you have it.

      At this stage, the die is likely cast in his role as a Reliever Sanmartin.

      And certainly the Reds need a reliable lefty out of the pen.

      I’ll bet he wishes he had some of those April starts back again.

  47. JB

    The Reds haven’t had a lefty since Aroldis Chapman.

  48. JohnnyTV

    So the “Bell System” for relievers is running into a problem now.

    Strickland is in against the 3-4-5 of the Marlins order.

    We’ll see if HS can perform.

  49. Mark Moore

    OK, everybody. Hold on to your seats. It’s Strickland time.

  50. JB

    Well I wanted Pham traded and Strickland traded. So far 1 of the 2 is done.

    • LDS

      I wanted Bell fired. We don’t always get what we want. Looks like Strickland is going to make it interesting if not give up the game. Worst “closer” in baseball history.

      • Dennis Westrick

        One of many horrendous relief pitchers the Reds have run out to the bump since 2012!

  51. Joe P.

    Dylan Floro and Aneurys Zabala pitched against the Reds tonight…both were previously in the Reds organization…but they were also parties in the same trade. In 2018, the Reds sent Dylan Floro to the Dodgers for Aneurys Zabala and James Marinan.

  52. Mark Moore

    Is it just me or is Pap pretty much a Jekyll and Hyde kind of catcher back there.

    • PTBNL

      The Cowboy on TV (yes, I’m Sadaking it) said that Pap has a lot of trouble catching the outside pitch when he is setting up inside. Very astute observation.

      • JohnnyTV

        That will get you put on waivers by a respectable MLB team.

    • Joe P.

      A guy that can catch Hunter Greene’s stuff can’t be all bad.

  53. Old-school

    Rooting for Strickland. Hes coming back from bereavement so lets be nice. Obviously a tough week. bell should just go get him after 3 hitters. Probably needs to pitch mentally to get back into a normal routine.

  54. JohnnyTV

    Now is the time for Bell to realize that Strickland doesn’t have it tonight.


    Not wait until he gives up a game tying HR.

    • TR

      Strickland needs a new team during this trade period.

  55. Roger Garrett

    Hunter closed in the past with the key word being past.He won’t be here and lets just try somebody else that may be here next year please.

  56. Mark Moore

    Perhaps we sneak one in tonight?

    • JB

      Looks like he has gained weight. About 2 pounds.

  57. Roger Garrett

    No sense in Hunter still being out there none whats so ever.Not for this year or next year.Just blows me away that Bell is just so Bell.

  58. Mark Moore

    Why did Drury look to 2nd? No way he was going to throw out BHam. Didn’t need the GIDP there. Anybody have a guess?

    • PTBNL

      Was Votto close enough to 1st to throw?

      • JB

        He was playing half way to 2nd. I don’t understand thst shift.

      • Mark Moore

        I was wondering about that. Didn’t see even during the replays.

    • J

      Thinking about where he’ll be playing tomorrow?

    • DHud

      Cause this organization doesn’t teach smart competitive baseball

  59. JohnnyTV

    Heath Hembree Hunter.

    Where do the Reds get these guys?

  60. LDS

    And this is another example of why Bell has to go.

    • JA

      Bell is not S Anderson… what do you expect?

    • Kevin H

      I do believe Bell has done a good job after the terrible start. With injuries and just lack of talent. In saying that, yes situations like this one we just saw/followed is why Bell won’t win in cincy.

    • wkuchad

      LDS, sometimes I wonder if Bell needs to take a restraining order out against you. At this point, we all know how you feel.

      • LDS

        Wkuchad, seriously? Have you ever been a manager of anything? If so, we’re you happy with mediocrity? Winning and winning intentionally are not the same.

      • wkuchad

        Lol, yes I’ve been a manager most of my career, just like we all know you have.

        I guess I just don’t equate being a manger in the corporate world with baseball.

      • LDS

        Lots of similarities between the corporate world and sports world. People aren’t different just because one group hits baseballs and the other writes computer code. Thinking they are is a rookie mistake.

      • wkuchad

        Agree to disagree. Almost zero similarities.

  61. Mark Moore

    Too close for my comfort. But we’ll take a win to start the road trip.

    Good to see Nick really calling everybody off on that final can of corn.

  62. JohnnyTV

    The Weather’s always Stormy with the Reds bullpen.

  63. Bet on Red

    Making it scary close….but still a win…. and no more Pham, Another win

    • Mark Moore

      Less then 24 hours to see how many more we lose from this crew.

    • JohnnyTV

      Pham being gone is like getting a splinter out of your hand.

      It doesn’t hurt that much. You can still work. It’s fine.

      But when you finally pull it out, you go “Aaaaah.”

      Good luck in Boston, Slappy.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Pham being gone is more like getting a splinter removed from your glutenous maximus!

  64. LT

    Anh this one belongs to the Reds! HG, can you pitch like that every 5 days?

    • JohnnyTV


      That’s the problem with this bullpen.

      The last three innings become such nail-biters that you forget the first six.

      Greene pitched very well.

      Not against a Murderer’s Row, but the Marlins just saw him last week.

      Poco a poco.

  65. Roger Garrett

    Lets take Pham back and send them Bell.He has to be the worst in game manager in all of baseball.Was anybody warming up after the first 2 reached?

    • Dennis Westrick

      You’re supposed to manage WHILE the game is being played? Who knew? Obviously not Bell.

    • Tampa Red

      Uhh, yeah. Kuhnel was up and ready to go. I mean, the criticism of Bell’s bullpen usage is always just so over the top, it becomes comical. It’s not like he has Rivera, Hoffman and Kimbrel down there, geez.

      • LT

        Agree. I think this team is built to lose. The fact that we got a winning July and started August with a W, let’s just enjoy, and actually give Bell some me credit.

      • wkuchad

        Thank you for your common sense posts.

  66. Hanawi

    Glad they could hang on and get Hunter a win. He’s been inconsistent but pitched better than his record.

  67. Jim t

    I’ve game but Greene. Glad to see Strickland. Ounce back and close it out.

    In todays game with 100 pitch counts applying to the starters it’s huge that clubs spend money on the back end of the bull pen. Most nights the pen is being asked to throw 3 innings. Working guys 1+ innings is dangerous because you need them most every night.

  68. Jim t

    Guys we have 1 solid bull pen piece. Diaz and he is a rookie who can make you nervous at times. I hear people on hear daily writing how we should let the youngsters play to see who will be keepers on Our next competitive team. That logic applies to the bull pen arms as well. With all the innings they have to pitch it can’t be just a couple of guys. Bell was trying to get Strickland confidence back in that spot. Prior to his blown save he was 7 for 8 in save situations.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      San Martin has been pretty solid.

  69. Doc4uk

    Strickland must go. Hendrix is better.

    • Jim t

      Doc we need more then one arm in the pen in todays game. The pen is throwing 3 innings a night. The rules have also done away with the situational lefty. If you want to win consistently you better have a few good arms in the pen

  70. LT

    I love it when the back half of the line up contributes. We lost Naquin but Alomar came back and contributed right away. Truly a team sport.