The Cincinnati Reds continued their dominance of the American League East on Sunday, picking up a 3-2 win over the Baltimore Orioles that also gave the Reds the series win. A go-ahead, pinch hit solo home run from Brandon Drury in the 8th was the deciding factor in the game. Cincinnati improved to 9-5 against the AL East and paperwork may or may not be being drawn up by the Reds lawyers to petition a move to the division beginning next year.

Final R H E
Baltimore Orioles (51-51)
2 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (40-61)
3 7 1
W: Diaz (3-1) L: Bautista (3-3) SV: Farmer (1)
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The Offense

There wasn’t much offense through the first five innings for either team. The Reds had four singles with none of those runners reaching second base. But things started going their way in the 6th when Jonathan India and Donovan Solano both walked to begin the inning. After Tommy Pham lined out, Joey Votto came through with a single through a big hole where the shortstop would traditionally play, but was nowhere to be found as the Orioles had a big shift on, allowing Jonathan India to score and put the Reds up 1-0. Brandon Drury came off of the bench to pinch hit for Mike Moustakas with lefty Cionel Perez on the mound and he would walk to load the bases. Kyle Farmer followed up with a sacrifice fly to make it a 2-0 ballgame.

After the Orioles got single runs in the 7th and 8th innings to tie the game up, there was work to be done for the Reds. Tommy Pham walked to lead off the 8th, but he was thrown out trying to steal second base with Joey Votto at the plate, who would eventually strike out. That brought Brandon Drury to the plate to face Felix Bautista and his 1.50 ERA on the season. No problem for Drury, who unloaded on a splitter that was down and in, and hit a go-ahead homer – his 20th home run of the season.

The Pitching

Nick Lodolo was dominant through the first three innings, giving up just an infield single. But in the 4th the Orioles started making some trouble as Anthony Santander singled and Austin Hayes followed up with a walk to put two men on with just one out. After a visit to the mound, the rookie left-hander settled in and got a pop up and a fly out to end the inning with no further damage done. Two innings later it was once again Santander starting something with a 2-out single and this time Hayes followed with a single of his own, but like before it was Lodolo who got things done as he struck out Ramon Urias to end the inning and hold the score at 0-0.

After Cincinnati scored two runs in the bottom of the 6th, Lodolo returned to the mound to begin the 7th. He walked the first batter he saw and was replaced by Joel Kuhnel. With the shift on, Rougned Odor singled on a grounder to no-man’s land. A fly ball out was deep enough to move a runner to third, and that came into play as a line drive into left field turned into a sacrifice fly to make it a 2-1 ballgame. David Bell then headed to the mound to call on Alexis Diaz with two outs, a runner on 1st base, and the top of the Baltimore lineup coming up. Diaz came through, striking out Trey Mancini to keep a 1-run lead in tact.

When Diaz returned for the 8th inning he got Adley Rutschman to fly out to start the inning. Anthony Santander almost flew out of the stadium, crushing a home run halfway up section 144 in right-center that tied the game up.

Buck Farmer took over for the 9th inning and thanks to a Brandon Drury homer in the bottom of the 8th, Farmer was looking at a save opportunity. Rougned Odor bunted for a single, or so that was the call on the field. The Reds challenged the play and they were correct as the call was overturned. Farmer then struck out Jorge Mateo before Terrin Vavra came off of the bench to pinch hit as the last hope for Baltimore. Vavra wasn’t going to go easily and worked an 8-pitch walk to turn the lineup over. Farmer ended the game by getting Trey Mancini to ground out as the Reds picked up the 3-2 win and grabbed a series victory in the process.

Notes Worth Noting

The outing was the longest for Nick Lodolo in his short big league career. He now has 4 walks and 16 strikeouts over his last two starts while allowing just one earned run in 12 innings.

Buck Garmer has pitched in 260 games in his career, almost exclusively out of the bullpen. Today he picked up his 1st career save.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs. Miami Marlins

Monday August 1st, 6:40pm ET

Hunter Greene (3-12, 5.59 ERA) vs TBA

87 Responses

    • Schneidlywhiplash

      We’re #4, we’re #4, we’re #4…..

    • TR

      40 wins looks good with two months to go in the season; all things considered.

  1. KG

    Lodolo is going to be a stud! Votto picking up steam in the 2nd half, as usual. Another blown save for the BP, but a win is a win.

  2. Moon

    Milwaukee Brewers 57-45
    St. Louis Cardinals 54-48
    Chicago Cubs 41-59
    Cincinnati Reds 40-61
    Pittsburgh Pirates 40-62

    So the Reds are out of the basement! Only 1.5 games behind the Cubs. They have also improved to a .396 winning pct. Just a tick from getting out of the .300 club.

    • Oldtimer

      Project 64-98 at current pace. Not 100 L and better than 1982 W-L record.

      • Votto4life

        100 losses are not safe yet, Keep in mind they just traded their ace and will likely trade their number two starter and their best hitter in the next 48 hours.

  3. Jeff Morris

    Great start today for Lodolo. Drury again comes through. Reds hold all the cards. Need to dig there heels in, and expect nothing but high solid prospects for Mahle and/or Drury.

  4. Mark Moore

    The win felt good, even if we’re wishing Drury farewell in the next 48 hours. Lodolo did a fine job today. His future looks bright.

  5. Melvin

    This kinda felt like a fun win from “yesterday”.

    • PTBNL

      IDK but Sign him up for an extension. He’s the best reliever we have so far. LOL

    • SteveaReno

      Garmer is a pro pitcher, not a farmer.

    • Joe P.

      It’s a typo for sure but if you’re going to make a typo at least avoid doing it with his first name.

  6. LT

    Back to back good start for Lodolo. See if Green will follow suite. Good series win after losing the first game. Keep it up Reds!

  7. DHud

    Could we just stop pitching to Santander please??

    Also was walking out the door when I saw Farmer was coming into the game. Def thought when I came back here to check results it’d be another bullpen meltdown.

    Gotta appreciate the pleasant surprises

    • Doc

      I bet they avoid pitching to him tomorrow!

  8. Old-school

    1.) reds aren’t winning in 2023. Paying players big salaries and new money makes zero sense on a maybe 72 win team… votto and Moose have 2023 exit fees of $52 million . Move on to 2024

    2.) Brandon Drury has had a great year . Career year. That doesnt mean he will in 2024 or 2025. Aging after 30 suggests those years wont go well. You dont pay players for what they did yesterday . You pay them for what they can do tomorrow IF you can win tomorrow. Reds cant win tomorrow

    3.) The goal is build a winning window in 2024-28+ . No reason to invest any new money in 2023 . Align prospects with new payroll in 2024.

    • JayTheRed

      Assuming Mahle and Drury are traded and whoever else the Reds trade. This team might be around .500 in ‘2024. I really think we will start seeing progress toward a contender in 2025 at the earliest and way more likely in 2026.

      This of course is based on if these players we have already gotten in trades and the ones we already like in our lower minor leagues pan out.

    • Oldtimer

      Frank Robinson wasn’t an Old 30 and neither is Brandon Drury. BD got a chance to play regularly this year and stayed healthy. He is MLB quality INF. Baseball players ARE actually paid for what they did yesterday, not tomorrow.

    • BK

      I have a slightly different perspective. In 2023, the Reds should be opportunistic in the free agent market. They should look for players that can contribute from 2024 on and that fit a team need. As of today, Andrew Benintendi would be a great fit and could have interest in playing for his hometown team. They can also look to sign players they can flip at the deadline. The Reds don’t really have a history of cutting payroll to the bare minimum. I would anticipate they will do some modest spending this offseason.

    • MBS

      If the Reds do indeed purge the payroll, they will have 55M approximately to spend on FA. No sense wasting another season, we can start to win games in 23, while we wait for the youth to rise up through the farm.

      Why not resign Drury 3Y*6M, He might say no, but he’d be foolish to think he’ll get a significantly better contract, or place to hit Bombs!

      We also see what Solano is, 2Y*4M, at his age he’d probably sign.

      There’d still be 45M left over. 25M on the pen, and 20 on a FA OF with a big bat. I don’t know if that will create a playoff team, but it’d be close if it doesn’t.

      • Votto4life

        MBS, they could spend that money by extending India and Stephenson. The money they wasted this year on Minor, Pham and Moran would have be a good head start to extending them.

        I get the feeling the Reds are not going to be signing any long term contracts for quite some time. They would rather waste money on one year contracts with free agents who remain unsigned at the end of Spring Training each year.

        Stephenson, India, Greene and Lodolo should the core moving forward. The Reds should extend India and Stephenson this winter and Lodolo and Greene the following winter. They won’t do it of course, because the Reds don’t care about winning. Unless, winning can be done on a shoe string budget.

      • Earmbrister

        V4Life, I have to respectfully disagree.

        You say that you “get the feeling the Reds are not going to be signing any long term contracts for quite some time. They would rather waste money on one year contracts with free agents who remain unsigned at the end of Spring Training each year”.

        The Reds have certainly, even in recent years, been willing to sign big contracts. The Castellanos contract worked out, while the 3M contract failed miserably. The $17.5MM they paid Trevor Bauer netted them a Cy Young winner. The $100MM the Dodgers paid Bauer netted them nothing but headaches. Such is the nature of sports contracts.

        As for discount shopping at the end of spring training, most teams do it. Krall did a decent job of it. That discount shopping got the Reds their best hitter in Drury, for a league minimum salary of $700k. Late spring signing successes would also include Solano and Reynolds. But with the hits come some misses. Minor didn’t have a bounce back year like they thought he would, while Pham has merely been adequate. The plan was apparently to flip them at the deadline; any return at this point would most likely be modest. The flip plan would’ve lessened the contract cost. The Moran contract is meaningless at $1MM: you’d have to pay someone $700k anyway (and he wasn’t blocking any prospects at the infield corners).

        We agree that Stephenson, India, Greene, and Lodolo (Ashcraft also?) are the core moving forward. I think most Reds fans would believe that. The Reds would indeed be wise to buy out a couple of FA years on the RoY and TS by extending them soon. They should serve as the veteran presence when these young prospects are entering MLB.

    • BK

      I’ll add, what I don’t want to see the Reds do is spend every dime of payroll on long-term contracts next year. Be aggressive if there is a good long-term fit, and then look for opportunities that can be leveraged–the Brewers and Cards have become pretty good at this approach.

  9. Rednat

    Lidolo has been a pleasure to watch this year. You have to wonder how many more times we will see him in a reds uniform. Likely a few more starts in August and then he will be shut down for the year. I assume the reds will try to package him and Hunter Greene over the winter to get more prospects

    • AMDG

      Well, several years until they hit arbitration, then several years in arbitration.

      So take that and multiply by about 30 starts per season.

      That should and your question of how many times you can expect to see them.

      • Earmbrister

        Funny stuff AMDG. Yeah, I think we might see them a few more times.

  10. JB

    Mariners have interest in Drury. How many more prospects can we take from them? If the Reds can’t win the WS might as well cheer for the Mariners!

      • Mort

        @Doc that got a good chuckle on that one.

      • JayTheRed

        I literally lol’d there. Thank you for that.

        I can’t imagine the Mariners have many more prospects we need or want. I heard Minnesota has a lot of interest in Mahle. They have some good prospects, and some are in AA already

      • Votto4life

        Comment of the year. Mahle is due for a promotion.

      • Daytonnati

        Reminds me of the old days when the Yankees would pillage the Kansas City A’s.

    • Tom Reeves

      The Cinseattle C-Farers are the team to watch!

  11. Soto

    Old-school, totally disagree on Drury. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of baseball in my life . More than stats I trust my eyes when it comes to approach. Drury looks like a player that has figured it out. He is rarely off-balance. He rarely chases bad pitches or is way outfront on off-speed. He drives mistakes and pitches in his wheelhouse. He takes off-speed and balls on the outside part of the plate to right field. He has been our most consistent and productive hitter by far this year. I would offer him a slightly better than average 3-year deal for his age and numbers. He has made me a believer.

    • JayTheRed

      Problem is that the 2023 Reds are going to be pretty terrible. I see a lot of growing pains unless we finally get this injury bug away from us. Who knows, maybe the team picks up a couple more 1 year, rentals that pan out.

      • Votto4life

        The Reds should avoid more one year rentals. Sure, Drury panned out, but the money the Reds wasted on Pham, Moran, Minor (yes I know he was acquired in a trade) etc. could have been put towards extending Stephenson and India.

        If the Reds are serious about winning, they will expend Stephenson and India this winter. If they don’t, then it’s just more BS, from a front office that has made BS an art form.

      • greenmtred

        I agree completely that extending the young core players should be the overwhelming priority. But they have to field a team next year, and it would be counter-productive if it were actually worse than this one, even if avoiding that requires a one-year rental or two. For one thing, the young pitchers who should be the core of the rotation going forward should not be subjected to hopeless futility for the full season. For another, we’d lose our collective minds–or what’s left of them after this season.

    • SteveAReno

      You got Drury right! He’s looking very strong and the Reds should make him a three- year deal and keep him.

      • TR

        Drury has it together. He plays many positions, keep him.

    • Old-school

      All true

      Wont help in 2023 on a 90 loss team

      No one can predict 2025

      • JohnnyTV

        This is very old school thinking.

        Somebody has to help get the Reds and their fans from now to the
        “Next year in Jerusalem!” phase of our dreaming.

        Drury isn’t going to cost a fortune based on one year of performance.
        Who else is playing third?

        Spend a little of that money and lock the man in until the Young Turks arrive.

        The one poster was correct. Drury’s approach at the plate is the best I’ve seen in awhile on this team.

      • Votto4life

        Old -School that is exactly right. One can reasonably predict the team will likely be terrible in 2023, but there is no way of predicting what this team will look like in 2024 or beyond.

        Baseball professionals, who have spent years at their craft, have a hard time accurately predicting whether an 18 year old kid from the Dominican Republic will ever be a successful major league player. Yet, some arm chair scouts, think they can do it by visiting a couple of websites and watching a YouTube video or two. It’s quite funny when you think about it.

      • TR

        The Castillo trade gives me some optimism about our favorite team. I have no idea what the coming years for the Red’s will bring. I’ll settle for one series at a time.

    • BK

      If the price is right, then sign him in the offseason.

    • Doc

      Drury was interviewed a month or two ago and explained just what he changed and why. He’s been consistent all year, as though he knows what he is doing. Sort of like Votto used to know.

  12. Soto

    If we can fix the bullpen the Reds could compete for a playoff spot. With the new setup, all you have to be is around 500 to have a chance. Once you are in, anything can happen.

    • Optimist

      Bingo on the expanded playoff issue. Sure, they should be underwater again next year, and perhaps into 2024, but there’s less needed to move from basement to wild card than previously.

      They’ve shown they can find gems at 2nd base (Scooter, Dietrich, now Drury) and that they basically fail at doing so for the bullpen (a very long list). Fixing the pen gets them to shouting distance of .500. Development of youngsters gets them to the wildcard.

      Will likely need management or ownership changes to be serious contenders.

      • TR

        I see a change in atmosphere in the front office, with or without ownership change, with GM Krall stepping forward with his own plan which is rebuild toward a competitive team with the young guys which eventually could go against David Bell’s preference for veterans.

    • BK

      Imagine our bullpen if these guys were healthy:

      Antone, Santillan, Cessa, Hoffman, Sims, and Warren … all have had success.

      These six would fit nicely with Diaz and Sanmartin. Perhaps our bullpen will rebound like the Oriole’s bullpen did.

      • Ian Riddell

        Any word on Antone’s recovery?

      • Redsvol

        BK – I don’t have to imagine. Warren, Cessa and Santillan were all terrible this yer. There is no reason to expect them to be better. Actually, based on the trend you could make a good case they will be worse.

        And you can’t count on Antone and Sims being healthy – ever. So that leaves Hoffman. Yippee!

      • TR

        The Baltimore bullpen seems to have been revived with the arrival of Cionel Perez from the Reds.

      • BK

        Bullpens are inherently volatile–a couple of really bad games can very much skew a pitcher’s ERA due to the low number of innings. I’m very much aware that the names I mentioned above have underachieved. That said, each of them has been hurt and it’s quite possible this fact alone could account for this year’s debacle.

        Baltimore’s bullpen is a collection of pitchers in their late 20s. It’s a group of late bloomers and castoffs who came together on a team with the worst bullpen in baseball and completely turned it around. They are all pitching well which in turn allows their manager for focus on matchups and managing workload.

        I hope the Reds plan to add some depth to our group–injuries will happen. I don’t think it would be a wise use of limited resources to write-off pitchers who have had success in relief due to an injury riddled 2022 season.

  13. SteveAReno

    Very good catch there, Farmer in 260 games and never a save until today. Incredible!

  14. Mark Moore

    So how much do the M’s have left to bid on Drury?

    • Optimist

      Plenty, but I suspect he’ll end up elsewhere. M’s just need to get to playoffs – no need to push all in – with Castillo they’ve entered the “pitching wins short series” phase. This winter they sign a big$ offensive free agent to move into the serious contender phase.

  15. Andy

    Wednesday night lineup… go

    India 2b
    Senzel cf
    Votto 1b
    Aquino lf
    Fraley rf
    Barreo ss
    Moose Dh
    Shrock 3b
    Papierski C

    • Andy

      Oops flip shrock and papierski to keep the lefty righty change through the bottom of the order

    • BK

      I’m not sure exactly who will be available Wednesday, but I would also start Aquino in RF to take advantage of his cannon-arm. Old prospect scouting reports rated Fraley’s arm as below average–he should play in LF if this is the lineup.

      • Melvin

        You beat me to the post about Aquino and his arm. 🙂

    • Oldtimer

      If that lineup goes for the rest of 2022 and most or all if 2023, 100 L seasons are possible both years. That is more like AAA lineup than MLB.

    • Redsvol

      sheesh, way to rain on the optimism parade that’s been going on here recently Andy! That is a very poor team. This makes me want to Sign either Solano or Drury to a reasonable extension, and pronto!

      • Andy

        At least we will have Lopez off the bench and John sadaks merrily selling the upcoming reds debut of Brandon Williamson and Justin Dunn to fill the holes by mahle and minor

        It is completely feesible that all these names may be reds on Wednesday

    • Bdh

      1 – India – 2B
      2 – Senzel – CF
      3 – Farmer – 3B
      4 – Votto – 1B
      5 – Aquino – RF
      6 – Moustakas – DH
      7 – Barrero – SS
      8 – Fraley – LF
      9 – Papeirski – C

  16. ClevelandRedsFan

    Our old friend, C. Trent is tweeting and suggesting the Reds planned to trade Castillo early to “set the market.”

    Now Yankees, Dodgers, etc. need to deal with their fans wrath on missing out on Castillo. How do they explain that one?

    Reds effectively shortened the supply while boosting the demand.

    Maybe this Nick Krall guy is smarter than we thought. Take advantage of the desperation and deal Mahle for another top 50 prospect.

    • BK

      That’s exactly what they should have done given they had the top available player and there is insufficient supply to meet market demand.

    • Votto4life

      The Yankees and Dodgers are both in 1st place and 35 games over .500. I’m guessing their fans are going to cut them a little slack.

      • JohnnyTV

        The Yankees clearly wanted Castillo’s changeup to upend the Astros still grip and rip lineup.

        No more trash cans.

        They’ll buy somebody else, but Louie Castle was the key to the WS for them.

        And they knew it.

        I’m no Bull Krall over but kudos to him for not falling for the junk NY was likely offering in return for LC.

      • Votto4life

        JohnnyTV. I agree. I am so glad Nick didn’t do business with the Yankees.

  17. Steve Schoenbaechler

    No longer in last place.

    If they just didn’t have the horrible start. I mean, something like 13-12 would put them 3.5 games behind the Cards.

  18. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I’m hoping someone can explain something to me.

    Looking on MLB stats, they seem to make a difference between “runners in scoring position” and “runners on 2nd and 3rd”. I thought those were the same. Can someone help?

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Oh, I believe I see it. Consider runners only on 2nd and only on 3rd, also. Sorry.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Drury better sign with the Reds because most of these HRs that I see are towering flyballs that hit in the first few rows. Translation = can of corn in 66% of mlb ballparks

    • Tom Reeves

      Let’s assume that whatever contract Drury gets, it’s his last big contract (and, If it’s not, the Reds should have extended him). So, does it matter where he signs? It’s guaranteed money.

  20. GreatRedLegsFan

    The IF outlook after this season is very slim: Votto signed until 2023, Moustakas signed until 2023 (may be DFA), India, Reynolds, Solano FA, Drury FA, Farmer A3, plus Barrero and Lopez in 40-man roster. Prospects will start to arrive from late 2023 and beyond. Reds would do good in extending a 2+ year contract to Drury unless they get a significant offer by tomorrow.

    • J

      I’d like to see them keep Drury and Solano, but, while I admittedly haven’t researched it, I also assume there will be some good free agents available. With Pham, Shogo, Minor, Castillo, Naquin, Solano, and perhaps Mahle off the books, they should have quite a bit of money to spend. (I think that’s roughly $45 million I just listed.) If nothing else, they proved this year that even when they’re dumping salaries they’re still willing to throw away $18 million on two veteran guys who don’t seem to serve any real purpose. Next year they could theoretically sign a couple free agents who are actually good.

      • J

        I should add: the following year they’ll have Votto and Moose off the books, which is the last of their big commitments. So they’re in a good position to offer a couple 5 year/$80 million contracts next year if they’re interested in being competitive. (Big “if,” I realize.)

  21. Redgoggles

    If Drury wants a big contract, he would be smart to take a deal with the Reds like Castallanos did, with a player opt out. If he has another strong year as a starter the whole year, the market after 2023 for him would be a lot higher. Would be good value for the Reds, would also give them same/better leverage at trade deadline in a year. Seems like a win-win.

    • Earmbrister

      Great approach, and more likely than the 2-3 year suggestions at $2-3MM per.

  22. Still a Red

    Gott a luv Joey’s chip shot through the hole on the left side. That’s the bat control Joey I luv.

    • Earmbrister

      Is it me or is Votto doing that more this year? It seems that he has decided to forego the stubborn pull hitting into the shift and has worked on going the opposite way when possible.