The Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles will get together one final time this afternoon and the winner of this afternoon’s game will take the series after the two teams split the first two games. Cincinnati will look to rookie left-hander Nick Lodolo to the mound while the Orioles will send Austin Voth out there to try and fend off the Reds hitters.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s contest:

Baltimore Orioles

Cincinnati Reds

Trey Mancini – RF Jonathan India – 2B
Adley Rutschman – DH Donovan Solano – 3B
Anthony Santander – LF Tommy Pham – LF
Austin Hays – CF Joey Votto – DH
Ramon Urias – 2B Mike Moustakas – 1B
Ryan Mountcastle – 1B Kyle Farmer – SS
Tyler Nevin – 3B Nick Senzel – CF
Jorge Mateo – SS Jake Fraley – RF
Robinson Chirinos – C Michael Papierski – C
Austin Voth – SP Nick Lodolo – SP

Starting Pitchers

Nick Lodolo 32.1 4.73 1.67 14 47
Austin Voth 45.1 6.15 1.68 16 43
Links: Nick Lodolo’s Stats | Austin Voth’s Stats

Nick Lodolo

The splits for Lodolo are pretty extreme. Left-handed hitters have not been given many chances to face him, but when they do they have had just a .570 OPS against him. Right-handed hitters, though, are hitting .322/.405/.504 against him – numbers that could put a hitter into MVP conversation.


RHH 131 37 6 0 5 11 39 .322 .405 .504
LHH 23 3 1 0 0 3 8 .167 .348 .222

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Change Curve
Velo 94.3 88.0 82.3
Usage 59.1% 15.1% 25.9%

Austin Voth

There are some splits for Austin Voth, but both lefties and righties are hitting well against him. Lefties are drawing fewer walks against him, but they are also hitting .324 against him with a solid amount of power. Righties are drawing more walks and making slightly more contact, but are hitting for a little less power while hitting nearly .300 against him.


RHH 99 26 2 0 4 10 18 .296 .364 .455
LHH 111 34 7 0 3 6 25 .324 .360 .476

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Change Curve
Velo 93.9 90.0 87.1 77.7
Usage 45.1% 25.5% 0.7% 28.7%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 74°, cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

Tampa Bay showing interest in Tommy Pham

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Rays are showing interest in outfielder Tommy Pham. The trade deadline is on Tuesday evening at 6pm ET.

189 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Another chance to “showcase” Pham, I guess. And 3M with a glove and hitting 5th. That could make a pretty brutal 3-4-5 in the line-up today, but I don’t get paid to make the decisions.

    Here’s to a little Pig Kicking and a good outing by Lodolo.

    • Indyred

      I obviously missed this, but why is moustakas called 3M? Sorry if it’s a dumb question lol

      • Mark Moore

        It’s pretty much a “less-than-nice” term that adds a certain aquatic creature to the existing 2 “M’s”. At one point, after some particularly terrible play in the field, someone made the comment that he looked like a manatee with a glove on his flipper. It stuck with me.

      • PTBNL

        Can’t be his middle name, that is Christopher.

    • Nelson coble

      As soon as the reliever Josh came, I know he would let the Inherited runner score. Bullpen can’t do its job. Nick looked good.

  2. CFD3000

    Drury getting a rest? Or about to be traded? I’d like to see the Reds extend him for a year or two until Barrero, McLain and others are ready for the infield. Pham however can go to add to the prospects haul. How about a young stud outfield prospect?

    • Hanawi

      I see this suggested often, but I have no idea why Drury would want to do this. He’s having a pretty big year and will want to cash in on a longer deal since this is probably his chance to get a significant contract.

      • Mark Moore

        I doubt he will. His performance gives him a chance at a moderately lucrative contract. He and his agent see that clearly and know in the end, the money factor is what counts.

      • Tom Reeves

        Drury needs to maximize his money making opportunity. He’s not going to get a massive deal but it will still be a life changing amount of money.

  3. Oldtimer

    The Reds were 3-22 on May 5. The Reds are 39-61 on July 31.

    That’s 36-39 over the past three months, or .500 W-L more or less. Injuries galore. Several players having subpar years.

    All in all, the past several months have decent. That despite the pitching staff being ranked last in the NL.

    • Mark Moore

      That near .500 record just adds to the rollercoaster effect for me. Makes the losses of late by the BP much harder to take.

      Will be interesting to see the 40-man come Wednesday. I’m still anticipating some changes.

  4. LDS

    Maybe Drury is resting or maybe he isn’t. At the end of the day, Bell routinely gives the younger players some extra days off. Remarkably, expect for that week or so streak, when one of the regulars here suggested that maybe he was following in Rose’s footsteps, Votto never needs to rest.

    • greenmtred

      LDS: Following up on one of our conversations yesterday: Sparky Anderson had five losing seasons.. Lou Piniella had nine. Casey Stengel had eleven.

      • Oldtimer

        Sparky managed a long time. Ditto Casey Stengel. Piniella not quite as long.

      • greenmtred

        They did. But my point is that three famous managers acknowledged by many as “great” did not have winning seasons when they didn’t have good players.

      • LDS

        Again, greenmtred, as I’ve said a million times, Bell couldn’t win regardless of who was on the roster. And you’ll be hard pressed to find an example of Sparky leaving a pitcher in the game long enough to put the game out of reach as Bell did with Farmer on Friday. And that wasn’t an isolated incident. He’s done it many times. It’s why I’ve questioned whether he’s covering the spread. I’ve concluded that no, he’s not covering the spread, he simply lacks any capacity for tactical thinking. It’s all planned in advance.

      • LDS

        Not really. The team underperformed in August and September, missing the playoffs. A competent manager would have made the playoffs.

      • greenmtred

        The team, despite many injuries and a historically bad bullpen, outperformed its preseason expectations and finished with a winning record.

      • LDS

        Again, preseason projections are just that. More meaningful in this case is where the team was entering the soft part of their schedule. On that basis, they crashed and burned.

  5. Melvin

    Votto heating up with several (not sure if it’s four or five) home runs in the last nine or ten games. We should enjoy our Hall of Famer while we still can. Next year may be even better for him without the shift.

    • Bill

      I think he would benefit from some more off days He seems to hit better after he has had some rest. Maybe I am just imagining that, but I remember after his IL time he hit well, now has shown some power after the All Star break.

  6. Justin A. Fortner

    smartest move by the Reds now would be to package Drury with Mahle. return should be big.

    • Mark Moore

      From what I’ve seen, the Twinkies appear to be chasing Mahle. Do they need Drury’s talents as well? I agree, that’s a solid package and should give us a decent return.

  7. JB

    Confused by Papierski playing basically every day. Especially playing a day game after a night game.. Bell never played Strphenson every day. Like to know whats up with that. He acts like kolzy is worthless.

    • LarkinPhillips

      +500. Makes zero sense to me.

    • Jim Walker

      I have been thinking about this. First off Kolo was not playing a lot comparatively at AAA. When they’ve had 3 catchers there which has been most of the season, he has played the shortest “1/3”. I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps he has been fighting through a chronic injury (or illness).

      Another possibility is that through Kolo’s time in the Reds minor league system and on the relatively big stage of the Olympic team, they feel they know his ceiling and want to get a longer look at Papierski for the same purpose.

      Then if a person wants to be in a conspiratorial mood, maybe they are planning to pass both guys through waivers in the off season or nontender both but hope to retain one, Kolo, on a minor league deal and thus are using Papierski as long hanging fruit to be claimed.

      • Jim Walker

        And of course seeing how Kolo responded at AAA to playing just a game a week or 3 games in 2 weeks might have been sizing him for that sort of backup role behind a presumptive everyday catcher like Stephenson in 2023.

  8. Steelerfan

    What was the question about 3M again?

    • Mark Moore

      How it started. I answered it above.

      • Steelerfan

        Sorry, i was trying to make a (bad) joke about 3M’s effort to catch that throw.

        The nickname appears deserved based on that play.

      • Mark Moore

        Got it … and completely agree. At least he doesn’t get inserted over at third anymore. Small favors.

  9. LarkinPhillips

    That was a bad throw by Farmer,but 3M looked like his feet were in concrete buckets trying to move for it.

    • Mark Moore

      I figured that might be the case. WLW booth didn’t blame him at all, but you have to wonder. First base D isn’t exactly a strong suit with our regulars over there.

  10. Melvin

    I think Farmer showing his limitations as a SS on that play.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Agree. I like Farmer, but thatvplay should be made at the MLB level.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s also got to be beat down to his socks again at this point. We saw him fade last season and I’m thinking this is similar at least in part.

  11. Mark Moore

    I saw a friend post that Bill Russell died. I’m not an NBA fan, but Russell is certainly a name nearly every sports fan knows.

    • Jim Walker

      +1000 RIP Bill R. Back in the day, a Sunday afternoon following the football game was watching Russell and Wilt the Stilt Chamberlin have each other.

      • Daytonnati

        He wrote one of the better sports autobiographies I’ve read. Eleven rings is not a bad career.

    • Oldtimer

      2x HS state champion (both teams undefeated). Frank Robinson was PF on his team. 2x NCAA champion (one team undefeated). Olympic Gold Medalist. 11x NBA champion in 13 years as player. Drafted by St Louis Hawks but traded to Boston Celtics.

      • LDS

        Hard to imagine that Russell was 88. I would like to have seen him or Wilt teach LeBron what great really was.

  12. LarkinPhillips

    Is Voth a high spin rate on his FB guy? It looks like the pitch has extra carry to it coming from this untrained eye.

  13. Mark Moore

    I didn’t see it, but what I heard Nick just do is exactly what we need from him. Keep it up and it will continue to fall into place. Cowboy noting he and RoY are clicking at the same time. Thrall would like to see them hitting next to each other in the order.

    • LarkinPhillips

      I love Cowboy’s commentary and outlook. He is one of the reason I enjoy the radio more than than the TV product.

      • Mark Moore

        He and Thrall make a fine duo in the WLW booth. Easy to listen to.

  14. Doc4uk

    Moose has popped out or struck out virtually every at bat for past month Time to DFA and eat the contract and fire the scout who recommended they sign him

    • Mark Moore

      Intermixed with a couple of HR’s. It’s just tough to watch, especially the wild swings at stuff so far out of the zone. His “eye” seems to be failing at a rapid rate.

      • James A Walker

        3M came off 1st base with the intent of picking/ blocking that throw then either couldn’t read it or couldn’t get the message where to move from his brain to his feet and ended up effectively whiffing on it (couldn’t have hit with an ironing board as we used to say)

    • Old-school

      Wait till Solano and Drury get traded next 48 hours and he’s the every day 3b the rest of the year.

  15. LarkinPhillips

    I know the lineup means very little to modern metrics, but I would like to Senzel hit 9th and roll the lineup back over to India.

    • Mark Moore


      Same exact thought. It just makes more sense.

  16. Old-school

    Barrero 2-3 with a double.
    He’s now hitting .346 over his last 7 games with 2 hr and 2 doubles.

    Baby steps.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Hopefully he tears it up the next month and we see him up for the last month of the season.

      • Oldtimer

        I think there are only two spots (roster 26 to 28) but maybe he gets one.

    • JB

      Like I said, it takes time to come back from that hamate injury.

      • Mark Moore

        Full credit to you that is exactly the stance you have maintained. If he can continue to produce at AAA he needs to come up in September and get a real chance.

    • Jim Walker

      And Punisher is still punishing at an rehab OPS rate >1.000. Clear the spots. Get’em up here and in the lineup.

      • Mark Moore

        Ultimately, it’s a “pick 2” situation. Not sure if the latest rules allow for a pitcher to be one of them. But with people likely leaving, there will be room.

      • Jim Walker

        I think one but only one of the September call ups can be a pitcher; and, they raise the pitcher roster limit by 1 to accommodate that.

        But they have been doing so much just off the wall with the COVID and the CBA changes it is nearly impossible to keep track right now beyond who is actually active for a specific game. And I really believe at some point in the future it may well come it that guys who should not have been active not only dressed but actually got into games.

  17. Roger Garrett

    Getting tougher to watch Pham and maybe we trade him but I just have to ask why would anybody want him at his money for even 2 or 3 months?

    • Old-school

      it was reported the Rays were interested prior to trading for Peralta.

      There are no trades after August 2 this year. With lots of injuries and a heavy schedule of games through the first week of October, I could see a team getting some insurance as a right handed bat to get to the finish line. You dont need any return. Just take the salary dump and open up playing time in LF for the guys who need it.

      • Mark Moore


        But that makes sense … so it probably won’t happen.

    • Jim Walker

      If they don’t succeed in trading Pham then DFA and release him to at least open a lineup spot to look at guys.

      Somebody will eventually pick him up and the Reds will at least recoup a couple of months of major league minimum salary which would at least cover a youngster’s salary.

    • Mark Moore

      Audio feed is apparently way behind. Gameday is a little ahead of that.

      • Mark Moore

        I forgot we traded him … silly me. I was thinking he got inserted as a PH’er for us.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Pham now down to 239 and an OPS under 700 and is still hitting third.Please trade him or move him down in the order.Not helping at all to get him 4 at bats each game.

  19. Mark Moore

    Cowboy says JV smoked it an watched it, costing him a double.

  20. Old-school

    Non baseball people in the tv room seeing moose check swing double play.

    “What was that? That was pathetic”

  21. Mark Moore

    At least Lodolo is keeping the pitch count in check today. Really need to get 6 solid from him.

  22. Roger Garrett

    WOW is it any wonder I cry play the young guys.Joey watches it and only gets to second and not to be outdone Moose checks swings into a double play.You just can’t make stuff up like that and at a cost of 40 mil.Gone for today.Not worth my time.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Even if Votto was running out if the box, he would have got thrown out at 2nd. That ball was smoked,played perfect by the CF and Votto is terribly slow.

      • Daytonnati

        Yeah, it looked harder hit that then wall-scraper he recently hit, and he definitely would have been shot down at 2nd.

  23. LarkinPhillips

    .157/.200/.392 for 3M in July. Why is he hitting 5th?!?

    • JA

      I expect is just because It’s a Bell decision… and not a MM’s one

    • JB

      Great read Mark. Thanks for posting this.

  24. J

    I don’t pay much attention to Bell’s interaction with media because he never seems to be asked any serious questions and never seems to give any meaningful answers, but has anyone dared to ask why he believes Pham and Votto must hit 3/4 every single game no matter who’s pitching, who’s in the lineup, or how hot/cold either of them has been? Has anyone dared to ask if Moose’s contract is the reason he keeps playing ahead of guys (and/or hitting higher in the order) who have better numbers and far greater potential to improve? Or are these the elephants in the room that nobody ever says a peep about for fear of being labeled a troublemaker?

    • Mark Moore

      Nope. They don’t and they won’t. For whatever reason, we get treated to mediocre post-game media coverage as well. Those with probing questions need not apply.

      • Melvin

        I wonder how well David Bell would handle the questions in Philadelphia or New York. I wonder if he would even still have his job after a 3-22 start no matter if it was his fault or not.

      • Mark Moore

        Not well, I imagine. Of course, he’d never sit in that seat in Philly or NYC either. When your job is 100% secure, you tend not to panic or get creative. You are going through the motions with the press conferences. Dad and the “weird uncles” that are Bob and Phil have his back.

      • PTBNL

        In the words of Bryan Price: “How is that helpful to the Cincinnati Reds”?

  25. Mark Moore

    90 pitches scattering 4 hits with 7 K’s … not a bad day for Lodolo. Does DTBell give him a short leash to start the 7th?

  26. Mark Moore

    OK, Employee #19. You have ONE JOB here.

  27. CFD3000

    Votto hearing up again? The home runs are fun but that blistered single / battled single off a tough lefty show me maybe he really is getting his eye and timing.

  28. Mark Moore

    Wow! Come in cold, go down 0-2, and work a walk. Perez couldn’t find the plate.

    Come on Farm Dawg!

  29. Melvin

    We’re playing “small ball” and guess what, we’re winning. It’s still a very important part of the game.

  30. Earmbrister

    Late to the game and late o the beach. Both are looking good.

  31. Moon

    Pirates getting hammered. If Reds can hang on they will move past the Pirates and out of last place in the division.

  32. Mark Moore

    OK, at least we manufactured two runs.

    A mere 9 outs to go. we can do this. I swear we can.

    • Earmbrister

      Can we get 9 innings /135 pitches out of Lodolo?

      • Mark Moore

        No. But perhaps 110 if he keeps dealing.

      • Earmbrister

        I meant ability (tongue in cheek) not opportunity.

        Perhaps not.

        Turning it over to the Bullpen. What could go wrong?

      • Mark Moore

        OK, I’m not from WV, but I swan we can 🙂

  33. Mark Moore

    I thought GameDay had him whiffed and then he’s walked. The delay and no video is really a pain.

    Nice game by Lodolo.

    • Earmbrister

      Yeah, I thought it was a foul tip strike 3.

  34. LarkinPhillips

    After that long of a bottom of the inning, Lodolo shouldn’t have went back out there.

  35. Mark Moore

    Time for a GIDP – probably not, though.

    • Mark Moore

      Inherited runners … the bane of our BP’s existence.

  36. Old-school

    From here on out, reds priorities are:
    1.) Trade big leaguers with value who arent part of winning in 2024 to acquire prospect capital who can be.
    2.) develop Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft and hit their innings targets.

    3.) sort through some young outfielders.

    4.) sort through some bullpen arms. Mostly done.

    5.) Tank to get the best slot in the lottery. ( Moose has some value here in the 5 hole!! TANK1. Papierski is a weapon here too as TANK2

  37. Mark Moore

    Oh come on!!! Didn’t the rule used to be the hand is part of the bat in this instance? Seems like this shouldn’t be a reviewable call.

  38. Mark Moore

    That’s better. Let’s get back that run and a few more.

  39. Mark Moore

    Cowboy sounds rather annoyed with Papierski. “Not on the same page” was his comment. I just don’t get what he adds to the mix that Kolo or Okey can’t do better.

  40. Kevin H

    Reds have 13 wins for month of July and 12 losses. A win today makes it a winning month. Bell should of been fired after the 3-22 start and we all know about injuries, and bullpen etc..

    Still gotta give Bell and coaching staff credit. The team could of easily folded but kept battling and here we are. No, no playoffs and rebuilding, however says alot in my opinion about the character of this team.

    • Earmbrister

      Yeah, I agree. The players seem to genuinely like playing for Bell and have no quit in them despite all of the early adversity.

      Of course, that’s no a universal view from the fan base …

  41. Mark Moore

    RoY gets a break and the Krehbiel does fall.

    OK, Mr. Barrels. If you want to go play for a contender, now would be a good time to rip into one.

    • Old-school

      Hope they make the playoffs. i will root for them for sure.

  42. Old-school

    There was a lot of discussion back in the day about moving Brandon Phillips back to SS once he declared himself an everyday player at 2b and Rich Aurilia and Renteria and whomever else was gone. Reds made the right move keeping him at 2b and letting him do his thing.

    I think the same with India. Hes getting his mojo back and while he’s had a bad season defensively, he was ROY and a helluva lead off hitter and I think you keep him at 2b and lead off and just get him back in his comfort zone. He can be a good 2b defensively and in my mind is the Reds #1 position player. Stephenson is 1B as well if he stays healthy.

    Reds recent moves in the draft and trades and there is no shortage of 3b in the pipeline.

    • Kevin H

      What about McGarry at 1st and Stephenson DH. I still think he is better being a catcher, however something needs to change as we all know he keeps getting injured.

      • Old-school

        I meant India 1A and Stephenson 1B as core players- not first base. I’m not going back to the Stephenson first base argument. Thats been covered already too much. Love McGarry though.

    • Kevin H

      I wasn’t going back to that either. My apologies if it seemed that way in regards to the catcher/ 1st base discussion

      I agree India and Stephenson are the players to build around.

  43. Kevin H

    In a season where Bullpen has struggled. Diaz isn’t one of them. I can live with that as it happens.

  44. Dennis Westrick

    Another blown lead for this 2022 Reds bullpen! How many is that this year? 20? 30? 40?

    • Mark Moore

      627, but you’d have to check my math 😮

  45. Dennis Westrick

    And then the mandatory walk! Maddening!

  46. Mark Moore

    OK, we know what we need to do. No blaming 3M anymore on offense today. Need at least one and then shut the Birdies down in the 9th.

    • Mark Moore

      Guys saying he’s 6-8. Like having Dave Parker standing there throwing 100mph at you.

  47. Roger Garrett

    Just checked back and must ask what is Pham doing?Bench him or trade him or give him away.

  48. Mark Moore

    And it’s up to Drury if we are to move ahead in the 8th. At least it isn’t 3M.

    • Kevin H

      He isn’t on team right now. Cant think of the word right now but he is gone for a few days

  49. PG24

    Pham has to go even if it’s for a single A bat boy. I am sick of watching him at bat. What is the leverage he has to continually bat 3rd and never ride the pine for a few days?

  50. Dennis Westrick

    Reds need to extend Drury’s existing contract NOW! Like TODAY right after the game!

  51. west larry

    if you are leaving us Drury, what a wat to go,

  52. Moon

    Buck Farmer up today in the Reds rotating closer spot

  53. JB

    Farmer with a 6.20 ERA and Larkin says good numbers. We don’t need him as manager.

  54. Kevin H

    I mean is one of those times where Bell uses who he has. Bullpen injuries etc etc

  55. Tom Mitsoff

    So when a player like Drury comes through over and over again, and against a pitcher throwing absolute gas, it’s really tough as a fan to have the first thought go to, “Well, that just makes him a more attractive trade piece.” Why couldn’t he be a guy you sign to a two or three year extension as a multi-position player?

    • JB

      Maybe Drury has no intention on signing and wants to go to highest bidder

      • JohnnyTV

        Maybe he doesn’t, but perhaps this once, the Reds might put an offer on the table….or at least ask what it might take to stick around.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Stop it Tom! You are making too much sense! I nominate you for Reds GM!

    • J

      If he actually wants to stay with the Reds, they can always sign him next year. The Reds get a prospect or two when they trade him, plus Drury comes back next year. I don’t have any reason to assume he’d accept a reasonable offer right now but not after the season is over, do you?

      • Jim Walker

        Catastrophic injury possibility and that’s about it for signing now versus later, I’d think.

        BBRef says counting this season he has career salary earnings of $5.7m. So, the money really does matter to him I’d think. If he signs now and gets injured later in the season, The new (guaranteed) contract should still stand; and, it could double or triple that career earnings mark.

  56. Mark Moore

    Timely ask for a crew chief review. Big out as Thrall said.

  57. Mark Moore

    Don’t play with this PH guy. He’s got all zeros for an average.

  58. Mark Moore


    Thanks again for the fun, Brandon Drury. Here’s hoping you land somewhere great that isn’t NYC or LA.

  59. Moon

    Reds wini! That was a very good game.

  60. Kevin H

    After starting 3-22 if you told me on July 31st Reds would of been out of last place. I wouldn’t of believed you. Kudos to Bell and his staff. Somehow this team has playedclose to 500 ball since the start.

    37-38 if my math is correct.

  61. Doc

    More interestingly, they have played excellent ball against the Rays, Yankees and Orioles recently. Signs of life. Lodolo looks like a pitcher.

  62. JohnnyTV

    Of course, trading Mahle and Drury…..your top pitcher and best hitter might put a dent in the current positive trend.

    Reds starters (Minor and Dunn excepted) will likely get the team through the 6th in good shape.

    Then the “second game” begins.

    Today’s game showed what timely power and relief pitching can mean.

    Sure, HRs aren’t the end all. But if you’re going to get thrown out stealing in the bottom of the 8th you better have a Plan B.

    And if you ship out your top HR / RBI guy for “prospects” the Reds ought to hope for an infusion of “punishment” from ArAq.

    Or somewhere.

    I’m not counting on Fraley.