The Cincinnati Reds made three roster moves early on Friday afternoon. They activated reliever Ross Detwiler from the 15-day injured list and outfielder Jake Fraley from the 60-day injured list. They also placed reliever Hunter Strickland on the bereavement list.

After last night’s trade that sent outfielder Tyler Naquin and minor league reliever Phillip Diehl to the New York Mets for a pair of teenage prospects (you can read scouting reports on both of them here), the team opened up a spot on the 40-man roster as well as the active 26-man roster. With Strickland being placed on the bereavement list it opened up two spots on the 26-man roster, taken by the activation of the two players from the injured list.

Ross Detwiler has been on the injured list for 20 days with lower back pain. The lefty began the season in the minors with the Reds, but has made 18 appearances and thrown 15.0 innings this year with 6 walks and 16 strikeouts.

Jake Fraley has dealt with two different injuries since he last played for the Reds on April 30th. He began a rehab assignment in late May but it lasted just four games before he injured his toe and was recalled from the assignment. It would be another 6 weeks before he returned to the minors for a rehab assignment from that injury. He’s spent two weeks with Triple-A Louisville, but thanks to the All-Star break that’s only been nine games where he’s hit .290 with 5 walks and 10 strikeouts. He didn’t have any extra-base hits in that stretch.

In Fraley’s opening month with the big league club he struggled in a big way. Over his 15 games played in April he went 5-43 (.116) with 2 doubles, a home run, 4 walks, and 12 strikeouts. The 27-year-old outfielder will look to improve upon that as he gets back on the field at Great American Ball Park this weekend as the Reds host the Baltimore Orioles.

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  1. LDS

    Yawn. Fraley and Detwiller? Who cares? Fraley, a career .186 hitter who hasn’t exactly lit up AAA. And Detwiler? A 36 year old has been that’s right up Bell’s alley

    • Oldtimer

      Get used to yawning the next two or three years. The Reds will probably look like AAAA (career minor leaguer) team than MLB caliber. Hopefully by 2025, the Reds will field an MLB caliber team again.

      • LDS

        Sadly, that’s probably true. I don’t expect the Reds to be competitive this decade (unless something changes) and whole lot of minor league potential wasted. Bell and his coaching staff are antithetical to playing talented young players when there’s a has been available. We’ve seen it Bell’s entire tenure with guys like Doolittle, Hernandez, Hughes, etc.

    • SteveAReno

      Detwiler’s ERA was one of our best until right up before his injury. His age doesn’t matter so much if he is throwing well. You don’t have to be a teenager in the bullpen to play well.

  2. JohnnyTV

    Strickland on the bereavement list.
    I wonder if that had anything to do with his meltdown last night?
    Best wishes to him and his family.

  3. BK

    Fraley needs to take advantage of this opportunity to build on his 2022 campaign.

    • Chris Holbert

      I would agree, the catch is, he has to be given that opportunity and history of the last couple years say young guys sit in favor of veterans and journeyman..

  4. MK

    Hopefully Strickland being gone will land Diaz in the ninth inning. At least if he fails in the ninth it can be chalked up to learning for the future, instead of eroding abilities and a waste of opportunity in a wasted year.

  5. Bdh

    I thought it would be Aquino coming up to take Naquin’s spot since Fraley had options and Aquino didn’t. This is probably a sign that Pham will get moved by the deadline and they just brought up Fraley first to replace the left handed bat.

    • AllTheHype

      Because Aquino was out of options, he was DFA’d April 30, unclaimed, and outrighted to minor leagues. So for the remainder of this year, the Reds don’t need to option him to keep him in the minors.

      • Jim Walker

        Think this is Not correct about Aquino’s status. He was returned to the Reds in late May, was injured playing for them, and ended up back on the MLB IL in mid June.

        Thus he is back on the 40 man roster and MLB IL assigned to Louisville on rehab. At the end of the rehab, he either has to be activated, returned to the MLB IL, DFA, or traded.

      • Jim Walker

        Almora’s situation is similar to Aquino’s with the complication he has been on the COVID protocol list instead of the regular IL. He cannot be optioned. Bell said yesterday that Almora could remain on rehab only until August 10 which unless he misspoke, would indicate the COVID rehab period is 12-15 days instead of 20.

      • Redsvol

        Jim – I believe you have it correct. Aquino is on the major league 60 day DL and is on a rehab assignment. When his rehab is up – any day now – he has to be put on the active roster or DFA’ed.

        I have no idea why they brought Fraley back before Aquino – based on their rehab assignment #’s, Aquino is much more prepared. But its probably a formality as another spot on the 40 man will open up any day due to trade.

    • LDS

      An argument could be made that Aquino was a one month wonder and hasn’t done much since. However, with Fraley, you don’t even have the one month. AA trumps Fraley’s stats across the board. His WAR this year is .5 while Fraley’ is -0.6. And the lineup is out with Kolo back on the bench. Just like last week, he delivers, is subsequently pinch hit for, and then goes back to the bench. But at least the Reds have Votto and Moustakas in the lineup today. That should be some comfort to the Orioles.

  6. TJ

    Hunter Strickland didn’t pitch well yesterday. He didn’t get any help from his catcher. Anyone remember the dropped foul tip on strike three to Sanchez who hit the home run? How about the next batter who fouled off a pitch and the catcher couldn’t locate it? With some luck, Strickland gets the first two outs in under 10 pitches.

    • Jay johnson

      The pitch that Sanchez hit the HR on was a nice down and in breaking ball.
      The kid just put a nice swing on it to take it deep.
      If stephanson was catching it probably would have been a k.
      Same with the misplay on the popup.
      Also it didn’t appear to hit Stallings but our feerless leader had used up a challenge the inning before on a 2 out play at first.
      Results of the inning could have been much different but that’s how this year is going

  7. Jim Walker

    Sometimes I wonder about the internal communications and flow of authority within the Reds organization. The Reds lineup for Friday has dropped. Stuart Fairchild and Jake Fraley are both appear on the active roster and presumably available. However, instead of one of them, Matt Reynolds will start in RF for the Reds against an Orioles RH pitcher.

    This will be Reynolds 22nd career MLB OF appearance, with 13 of them coming this year, the 1st season he has played OF at MLB since 2017.

    Go figure.

    • SteveO

      Because he’s the best of the 3 and are showcasing him for trade. Fairchild and Fraley can play after the deadline.

    • SteveO

      It’s crazier to think why is Moose in the lineup instead of Solano.

      • Chris Holbert

        “Got to get him going”….to the bank…$$$

      • SteveO

        Play him or sit him, you still gotta pay him. He does not deserve to be starting ahead of Solano

  8. Chris Holbert

    It does not matter who they bring up, DB will not play him. Reynolds is now the regular right fielder, the farce continues. Reynolds is not a regular OF on any MLB team, except the Reds and he is a backup infield on every other MLB except the Reds.

    • SteveO

      He’s better than both Fairchild and Fraley at the major league level right now

      • Hanawi

        Who cares. The Reds aren’t winning anything. Playing Reynolds does nothing for this franchise.

      • SteveO

        Obviously, DBell cares and that’s why Reynolds is starting. Reynolds gives the Reds a better chance to win than Fairchild and Fraley right now. A win is always better than a loss for the franchise, even in a lost season. I’m sure Bell doesn’t want a 100 loss season under his belt. You should be more upset that Moose is starting over Solano

  9. old-school

    Donovan Solano is healthy and raking and a trade candidate:

    His last 7 games: .458/.462/.708/1.170

    Last 15 games : .380/.407/.500/.907

    Season : .330/.379/.479/.858

    Yet- Solano is on the bench.

    • Jim Walker

      Yet the 22nd through possible 24th MLB OF appearances for Reynolds are somehow going to enhance his trade value??? I don’t have Reynolds appearance records for the minors which is where he has played most of his professional games. However, I’m guessing any MLB team thinking about acquiring him and interested in his OF skills does have those records and reports about him that 4 more games in RF at MLB aren’t going to change.

      • SteveO

        Maybe true, but he’s better than both Fairchild and Farley.

      • Jim Walker

        By what measure is Reynolds better than Fraley and Fairchild? It is beyond a stretch to claim he is a better defensive OF than either of them. If Bell thought Reynolds was a better OF than Fairchild, a couple of nights ago when both started, Reynolds and not Fairchild would have been the CF.

        Reynolds is having an MLB career offensive year for himself personally, and his OPS is 10% below being a league-average hitter. His OPS in his best AAA season (2019, is not as high as Fairchld’s AAA career OPS level.

        IMO, whatever slight advantage Reynolds might give the Reds on offense might just as easily be given back to the opposition by his defensive play in RF.

      • SteveO

        He is a better major league player period at this moment. If both he and Fairchild start, of course Fairchild is a better option to play CF. I don’t doubt that . I never once said that Reynolds is the superior OF. We are talking about having to put a player in RF to start. In the games that I have watched him play RF, he has not made any errors and played the field with no problems. Therefore, to me, the difference defensively is minor. It’s the bat that dictates that Reynolds should start. Slight advantage? C’mon .264/.335/.368/.703 vs. .143/.294/.357/.651 is significant, not slight. And why are you bringing up minor league data? They are playing MLB and that data is what is important. And you want 2 hitters at the bottom of the lineup hitting in the low .100s? With the current players on the roster, Fairchild and Fraley are pinch hitters, pinch runners, late game defensive replacements and spot starters. And of course, you take advantage of career years. If he is playing at his all time best, play him. I’d play a career .235 hitter over career .100 and .186 hitters any and every day

  10. Michael B. Green

    As I look at CIN’s IF spots on the 40MR, I think we could see both Drury and Solano dealt. I’m not sure how the waiver wire rules work after the Trade Deadline but Solano could exit CIN via that route.

    The current starters are Votto at 1st, India at 2nd, Farmer at SS and Moustakas at 3B. All are below average in range factor. I honestly think India needs to move to 3B and Moustakas needs to move to 1B. Votto needs to move to DH. Love him to death his range is very limited. Nothing wrong with a HOFer playing DH his final year.

    These are the minor league players that have shown above average range factors (some in limited number of innings): Christian Santana (1B), McGarry 1B, Rivas (2B and SS), Querecuto (2B and 3B), Barrero (SS), Ivan Johnson (2B), Urbaez (3B), and De La Cruz (SS).

    Johnson and De La Cruz do not need added to the 40MR until Dec. Those two will likely head to the AZFL. De La Cruz will undoubtedly get added to the 40MR in Dec. Johnson is likely going to get exposed to the Rule V Draft.

    I can see Santana getting called up if either Drury and/or Solano get traded. I also think it is possible that one of Rivas or Querecuto gets called up. Both are deserving but I’m guessing CIN settles on one of them. I think both can elect minor league free agency if they are not called up during the season.

    The IF for the 40MR is likely to consist of 8-9 players. Those with locks are:

    De la Cruz

    That’s 6. CIN will look for the other 2-3 spots among the following:


    I think 1-2 make it and CIN signs 1 free agent.

    A good free agent that performs well in the field is Jace Peterson. He is with a winning organization. CIN needs that. He always won’t block anyone. I would imagine he would sign for a 1-year deal with a club option for a 2nd year.

    Other options involve Josh Harrison, Jonathan Villar and Matt Duffy.

    CIN will not spend money in free agency or take on big contracts not named Mike Minor. We know that.

    I hope CIN looks to improve its defense. It is well below average in the IF.

    I hope August and September give some guys some opportunities. Some guys are playing for arbitration numbers while others are showcasing their skills for free agency. That’s a fine balance for the GM.

    I’m guessing our upcoming trades add a name or two to the mix.


    • SteveO

      Interesting take on the situation. Is your outlook for after the trade deadline this year or for 2023?

      • Michael B. Green

        2023. I think Marte needs added to the 40MR in Dec so that is the “one extra”, as anticipated.

    • Bdh

      Johnson won’t get exposed. He had an ops of .960 in the fall league last year and after an injury took a good chunk of this season from him he’s quietly starting to put up good numbers in AA. He’s a top 25 prospect in the system right now before the trades

      • Michael B. Green

        Hope you are right. I think Doug commented on “the why” but I noticed he did not get any PA’s in Spring Training this year.

  11. DataDumpster

    Lots of discussion about various OF players and I’m just trying to remember who Jake Fraley is. I get him mixed up with another guy with a similarly odd red beard whose limited performance among long stints on the IL for a sore toe I believe wouldn’t impress anybody…Er, Colin Moran or maybe it was Fraley with the toe issue. I remember at the beginning of the season that the Reds had 7 outfielders vying for the 2 or 3 open positions and was wondering if all these guys would get a fair shot. The picture is still muddled now with 14 OF auditioned thus far. With the likelihood of Pham departing, I can’t say if anyone has an absolute lock on anything. Where’s the development and coaching, what happened to Naquin, Friedl, Schrock, Lopez, etc. after some promising play last year and in SP?

    • Jim Walker

      Fraley came to the Reds in the Winker/ Suarez deal. Yeah, the physical similarity is with Colin Moran a 1B/3B (but then Bell eventually gets all such guys LT 35 years old a start or 3 at corner OF too ;-).

      Moran has actually put together a solid year at Louisville with an .847OPS at AAA. The way Moose and Votto have played, he might have actually been the Reds best choice at 1B strictly in a baseball sense. I was amazed to see when I was looking at his numbers recently that he was the #6 overall draft choice in the 2013 draft.

  12. Jim Delaney

    Reds ownership needs to eat the salaries of Moose and Votto. You can’t bring them back in 2023. They are both done. Ownership should be talking to both now about planning to release them at end of season. Why they would be back next season taking at bats makes no sense. After trading Castillo the team will again be destined for last place in 2023. Especially with Bell and this coaching staff. Just watching Baltimore and how there manager and pitching coach handles there bullpen is so refreshing. There relievers know there roles, they are relaxed and they pitch. Bell since he has been manager has been by far worst manager, potentially ever in handling a bullpen. Along with eating Votto and Moose contracts. Bell needs to be run at end of this season as well. He simply is NOT a legit Mlajor league Manager. He simply must GO!!!

    • Michael B. Green

      I think Bell will likely remain as the rebuild manager. Unless someone takes Moos in the next few days, he’ll likely remain going into next year. Same thing with Votto. Joey will get to ride off into the sunset as another great Red. Those two names are more likely about name recognition for the Reds than anything at this point. They can still show signs of what made them great in their respective categories though. They also offer influence, work ethic, and wisdom for the flurry of youngsters that will play for the Reds in the coming years.