The Cincinnati Reds will look to win the series this afternoon after taking two of the first three games from the Miami Marlins. Graham Ashcraft will take the mound for the Reds and he’ll face off against another pitcher that leans on a cutter a lot, Daniel Castano who takes the mound for the Marlins. First pitch is set for 12:35pm. The game will be available on MLB Network for those fans that are out of market.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s contest:

Miami Marlins

Cincinnati Reds

Joey Wendle – 3B Jonathan India – 2B
Jesus Aguilar – DH Brandon Drury – 1B
JJ Bleday – CF Tommy Pham – LF
Avisail Garcia – RF  Joey Votto – DH
Lewin Diaz – 1B Donovan Solano – 3B
Miguel Rojas – SS Matt Reynolds – SS
Bryan De La Cruz – LF Nick Senzel – CF
Luke Williams – 2B Tyler Naquin – RF
Jacob Stallings – C Mark Kolozsvary – C
Daniel Castano – SP Graham Ashcraft – SP

Starting Pitchers

Graham Ashcraft 59.1 4.70 1.42 15 40
Daniel Castano 35.0 3.86 1.40 9 20
Links: Graham Ashcraft’s Stats | Daniel Castano’s Stats

Graham Ashcraft

Opposing managers haven’t been paying much attention to the splits for Graham Ashcraft, seemingly sending as many lefties as they can in there against him despite the fact that he’s absolutely dominated lefties this season. Right-handed hitters, though, have crushed him to the tune of a .361 average and a .546 slugging percentage.


RHH 128 43 7 0 5 7 17 .361 .406 .546
LHH 137 26 3 0 1 8 23 .206 .263 .254

Pitch Usage

2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 96.9 97.5 85.8 90.0
Usage 18.3% 52.1% 28.6% 1.0%

Daniel Castano

We’re still in the small sample size territory for Daniel Castano this season, but left-handed hitters have found success against him, particularly when it comes to hitting for power. Right-handed hitters are sporting a good average as they make tons of contact against him, but they aren’t hitting for nearly the same kind of power as lefties are.


RHH 101 28 7 1 2 5 12 .295 .330 .453
LHH 50 12 3 1 3 4 8 .267 .340 .578

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Slider Change
Velo 92.0 89.5 86.5 81.3 84.1
Usage 12.1% 5.6% 41.3% 28.2% 12.8%

When and Where

  • Game time: 12:35pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, MLB Network (Out of Market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 83°, cloudy, 5% chance of rain

News and Notes

160 Responses

  1. Jim Walker

    Kolozsvary escapes from purgatory. Hope he learned his lesson not to create confusion by hitting a home run,

    • Jim t

      Jim he is 2–14 with 6 K’s. His minor league numbers are not outstanding either. But like you I can’t see how he can be worse then what we have been running out there since TS and Garcia have been hurt.

      • Jim Walker

        I think Kolo is a better receiver and as you said, neither guy is hitting a lick, so wouldn’t the better receiver be the better choice. Also, keep in mind Kolo has worked with many of not most of the pitchers who came up via the Reds org

    • DataDumpster

      I can’t count how many instances of this happening with David Bell, most often to up and coming talents (in theory at least). Yet, Votto and other substandard vets at this point in their careers seem to always get the player time and batting order positions that they should have (if they were still playing well).
      I’ve checked out quite a bit the last 2-3 weeks. I can only look forward to August 2 with the hope that some new faces will show up, many others will stop showing up, and the team can get on with playing with the future plan in mind, whatever that is. “Develop our own” seems to have hit some turbulence.

      • greenmtred

        It seems possible/likely to me that Votto is in the lineup every day and batting 4th as a well-earned gesture of respect. The Reds are not competitive this year, so throwing him under the bus in hopes of a handful of meaningless wins would be pretty shabby. If they’re competitive next year and he’s still playing and not hitting, I’d feel differently.

      • BK

        A lot of this perception is based on our desire to see younger players play. They are not all equal in potential. The Reds have steadfastly committed to playing time for Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft–all consensus top prospects.

        Conversely, prospects like Alejo Lopez, Fairchild, Kolosvary, Friedl, Okey, etc. simply don’t have the same potential. The Reds have tons of firsthand data on these players from their minor league time. They don’t need to see them play games in Cincinnati to get a read on them.

        Finally, I would argue these are organizational decisions, not managerial decisions. If the front office didn’t agree with his lineup makeup, I doubt he would have received an extension.

      • Luke J

        @greenmtred, totally disagree. 😉

        You aren’t bringing young guys up to pick up a few meaningless wins now. You are bringing them up to develop and evaluate for potentially significant wins down the road. Trading that for playing a veteran out of “respect” is absurd to me. Major league baseball is a business. And playing time is not dished out based on respect. It’s a meritocracy.

      • LDS

        Batting Votto 4th is a sign of respect? Doing so is disrespectful to the fans, the team, and ultimately to Votto himself. A manager that makes such decisions is not qualified to manage. But then, anyone being objective, knows Bell isn’t a good manager.

      • greenmtred

        Luke: The question resides in who the young guys are. As BK points out, India, Senzel and Stephenson play. It may be that the Fairchilds, Lopezes et al are not considered top-tier prospects; worth a look, but mainly roster filler. The veteran the Reds may or may not be playing out of respect is, of course, one of the franchise’s greatest players–one who has played his whole career with Reds, and he’s not blocking a young first baseman, and the Reds aren’t in playoff contention and were not designed to be this season. It’s not at all absurd to me. To do otherwise would be the absurdity.

      • greenmtred

        And you, LDS, as we all know, are a model of objectivity. I’m just supposing that respect has anything to do with Votto’s playing time, though the lack of a good alternative could have something to with it.

    • Melvin

      He just got a big double. Probably need more time off now. 🙂

      • Melvin

        That was supposed to be in response to Jim and his comment above.

      • Jim Walker

        Melvin> I picked up on that.

        I guess when Bell said the Stephenson injury was an opportunity for guys to show what they could do, he only had Papierski in mind. 😉

      • greenmtred

        Didn’t the Reds acquire Papiereski from another organization? Is it possible that they need to see more of him now to evaluate him? I know, Kolosvary hit a homer the other day. Billy Hamilton hit them occasionaly, too.

      • Luke J

        @greenmtred, But the Reds shouldn’t evaluate young players that aren’t elite prospects. They should play Votto at catcher out of respect. 8)

      • greenmtred

        Luke: Old as I am, I recognize sarcasm when I see it. Which young prospect should be playing in place of Votto?

    • Nelson coble

      I have noticed that Ashcraft doesn’t vary the speeds on several of his pitches and that is something many pitching coaches have pit hers do to get more movement and thus strikeouts. Just a thought.

  2. LarkinPhillips

    That is a tough looking lineup, offensively and defensively. However, I don’t think there are any options available for Bell to make the lineup look drastically better on either side of the ball. Hopefully, a few Reds step up today, Ashcraft spins a gem, and the Reds win a series. Lets Go Reds!

    • Jim Walker

      I am waiting with bated breath to see how Bell manipulates the OF spots if Pham and Naquin are both traded. I guess as long as he still has Almora and Senzel as comfort blankets he will make it through in good shape (for him).

      But assuming Reynolds and Solano are still Reds, I will not be surprised to see them on the corner OF spots with Moose at 3B.

      Seems like Bell will do anything to avoid just putting Aquino (.798 OPS in his latest MLB stint since option recall; over 1.000 at AAA on rehab), Friedl (>.800 AAA seasonal OPS) or Fairchild (career AAA .940 OPS) in the lineup and letting them play till they swim or sink.

      • Roger Garrett

        Your right Jim but why doesn’t his boss fix it? Reds will never ever get any better with these older below average and in most cases more expensive players playing while these young guys watch.

      • greenmtred

        Are Aquino and Friedl back with the Reds? Fairchild, maybe because he’s only 14, looks lost when we see him, and I wonder whether the Reds have a pretty good idea of his potential. They do, after all, see them when they’re in the minors, too.

      • burtgummer01

        So it’s Bells fault that he’s not playing guys who aren’t even on the team ?? Gotta be respectful so I won’t go on but holy cow

      • Chris

        Aquino played an awful lot before his latest injury, so I’m not sure what the complaint is. Friedl is just not an MLB starter; probably not even much of a backup. It appeared to be a great get when they got him, especially when they got him in the draft, but he has not business playing everyday. Fairchild is a mess, and should never be in the lineup. The kid can’t even keep his back foot still when he swings.

      • Jim Walker

        I was speaking in generality about the possible future not specifically about today’s game.

        If Pham and Naquin are traded, some mix of Aquino, Fraley, Friedl and Almora figure to be back with the Reds at the MLB level.

        It is not like those .800+, .900+ and 1.000+ OPS grow on bunches on trees even at AAA yet the Reds have trouble using those guys even in what is supposed to be a season of sorting.

        Particularly in the cases of Aquino and Friedl, they have been bounced back and forth between AAA and MLB by option and injury.

        Maybe, just maybe, they have learned something from their prior lack of success at MLB, done the work at AAA and made a break through? What does it cost to find out?

      • Daytonnati

        Fairchild reminds me of Jimmy on “Yellowstone”. With about the same amount of confidence upon arrival 🙂 Unfortunately, we don’t have Rip as manager.

  3. Indy Red Man

    Ashcraft’s splits are really weird? Maybe an oddity that will balance itself out? 4.70 era isn’t that great, but they are 8-3 in his starts. He needs some work, but he generally doesn’t walk guys and keeps the ball in the park!

  4. JB

    Benintendi was the first to fall. The bell has been rung and trades should start coming in.

    • Mark Moore

      Same thought. I figure we’ll start to see activity through the weekend. Buster’s analysis is usually spot-on as well.

  5. Roger Garrett

    I disagree.Farmer kills lefties and sets today.Naquin in right can’t hit lefties.Drury playing first which he may have late in game but has he started there?Solano same scenario at third.Joey can’t hit lefties.Why not go with the same lineup that put up 16 hits and 11 runs on Monday against a lefty minus Pap and add Kolo?Bell just doing what he does and scripts it out I guess.

    • Mark Moore

      But the pre-determined schedule said “day off” and that’s what we get. Nothing changes DTBell’s determination on that front.

    • greenmtred

      Or he knows the condition of the individual players better than we do. We do know that Farmer, in particular, plays hurt a fair amount, and he did wince visibly last night after that excellent play on the ball deflected by Castillo. It’s a bit rich complaining about Votto DH’ing when there’s a constant drumbeat of complaint about him–including his defense. The Reds have lately been knocking off teams with better records and better rosters, but complaining is fun.

  6. Mark Moore

    A little work, a little baseball, a little conversation with my RLN friends … looks like a good day to me.

    • Dennis Westrick

      The gall of people scheduling an online meeting at 1:30 here at my workplace!

      • Jonathan Linn

        LOL. same here. I have a 2pm, 3pm and 4pm Teams Meetings 🙁

  7. LT

    Strike them out Ash! It’s important to win series, so let’s go get this game!

  8. Mark Moore

    That action continues to make me wonder which uniform Drury will be wearing next week at this time.

    • JB

      I have no problem signing Drury to an extension now and playing him at 1st next year. Votto goes to DH. They have to sign him now though because if he gets to free agency they will lose him.

      • Mark Moore

        I tend to agree. His market will be higher elsewhere. Then again, I do believe he knows that. An extension might not be on his mind.

      • JB

        Exactly and the front office might know that he is going to test the market.

      • Roger Garrett

        Probably right but most may think Drury is a product of GABP which may help the Reds if they want to sign him.I would have already offered him a deal and maybe the Reds have done already.

  9. Mark Moore

    Pham lights it up in a timely manner as well. A little oppo and a solid shot.

  10. Mark Moore

    Joey Ball Magnet out there again. Hey, at least he’s on base. Donnie Barrels time …

  11. Mark Moore

    Hate to see that. Had a high-school teacher who was a top-notch FP softball pitcher back in the day. He was messing around with one of the bigger kids who whacked one right back into his face.

    Have to think he gets yanked here for concussion protocol if nothing else.

    • JB

      Amazing he isn’t bleeding. That’s one tough melon.

    • greenmtred

      I’m old enough to remember Herb Score, an extremely promising Indians’ pitcher. He got hit in the by a Gil McDougall line drive. He missed a year or more, as I recall, and was never the same again. But neither was McDougall.

  12. Bet on Red

    Just made it and just as quickly going to have to leave, saw the nasty buisness to the face. Got the lead though, someone take over if Votto does hit one out

    • Mark Moore

      I’ve got your but … but … but … back

  13. Roger Garrett

    Want to just add on my play the young guys comments.The Reds do have lots of data on their minor league players and maybe they don’t need to see them play in Cincy based on what they feel is each players potential.However if its not data then what is it that determines when a player should be called up and get playing time.See we can set here and say Barrero’s numbers don’t warrant a promotion for example but if we use numbers on him then why not on the other guys.We can talk potential or age or numbers or projections but at some point there has to be something that says yeah he’s ready and lets play him.I would guess the players are told you must produce to get promoted.Thats my problem cause that can’t be true as we look at the minor league numbers of Aquino,Friedl and Fairchild.Doesn’t make sense at all on this team they can’t play and play a lot.

    • BK

      Aquino has almost 600 plate appearances at the ML level … he was an excellent prospect and he has had multiple opportunities. At some point, they have to produce with some level of consistency.

      • JB

        1500 at bats is a true evaluation for a ML player. Aquino also needs consistent playing time as well. I’m not big on Aquino but at least give him a few at bats a week. Reds aren’t winning anything this year or next. Perfect time to evaluate players.

      • Roger Garrett

        Its not just about Aquino and how many at bats does it take to reach that point?Surely there are more opportunities on this team.Drury has proved that sometimes it may take a little longer and Aquino is younger by what 2 years and with more tools.I would give him 400 more at bats and never blink.Nothing to lose and a bunch to gain if he turns it around.I respect your opinion for sure.

      • Indy Red Man

        1500 plate appearance would be swell if the guy was hitting .235 with 18 Hrs/year or something. Not striking out 3x a game like Aquino. He was beyond horrible

      • Jim Walker

        IRM>After being outrighted and sent back to AAA, Aquino was back with the Reds for 3 weeks prior to being injured, in 47PA during those 3 weeks, his MLB AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS slash was .283/.298/.500/.798 which works out to a 115 wRC+.

        If sustained, that’s an everyday outfielder or at the least the RH hitting side of a platoon and late defensive replacement given his defensive skills.

        And what’s he done in his rehab? OPS>1.100 going into action tonight. Being outrighted and sent down may have been his Edwin Encarnacion wake up moment.

    • JB

      You and I and Old School have said for awhile to play the kids. Now I can see the Reds showcasing guys for trades and I get that and am OK with it. When Aug 2nd comes there better be changes. No reason a 31 year old Reynolds should be playing over young guys. Aug 2nd should be about looking at younger guys and evaluating them.

    • Indy Red Man

      They get promoted and don’t play anyway. Idk? I’m sure Pham/Naquin are better then Fairchild, but how does a young guy improve when he starts once a homestand?

      Vott-Ofer-4 at it again. He’s painful to watch. I wonder if he’s damaging his HOF chances? Its not like he has a big track record in the playoffs or anything since we usually stink.

      • Roger Garrett

        Said this earlier in the year that the Reds must step in and make the right decision to make sure he doesn’t just fall off a cliff.Joey will not set or asked to set and he will bat 3rd or 4th as long as he wants.Reds need to do the right thing for him.Makes little difference this year for sure as far as the team competing and may not next year.I remember Mays and it was just awful.He could DH tomorrow against certain righties,set against lefties, but Reds have to make that happen

      • Chris

        Votto is ONE year removed from an excellent season, and now people are ready to cut him loose. This team doesn’t even have a 1st baseman to replace him with. Next year if he does this, then you have an argument, especially with it being his last year. Votto is truly one of the extreme few that has been productive the bulk of a long long contract. As for Pham and Naquin, they should certainly be starting. You don’t sit actual major league players for prospects. That’s not how it works, and if you do, don’t expect to do well in free agency, because no one will want to play for this team.

    • greenmtred

      I’m sure they rely on coaches’ observations in addition to numbers. Numbers in AA and AAA don’t always translate to MLB.

      • Jim Walker

        And it gets “dangerous” to be depending on subjective human opinion too much in this day and age.

        I’m guessing because I have never been in the Reds data shop, but they almost certainly know who the numbers were compiled against, the type and quality of the pitches and the whole 9 yards perhaps even including exit velos and angles

        If they are not collecting this data and building profiles to drive decisions, shame on them.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Drury can hit and up to 850 OPS

    • JB

      Would be a good 1st baseman for 4 years.

      • Chris

        Based on WHAT? This season, and this season alone? This is how you destroy a team; paying guys for 3/4 of a good year, 4 years. Drury should absolutely be dealt.

    • old-school

      Drury is blocking Moose at 3b.
      He will be traded so Moose can play 3b every day the rest of this year.

      Bell said it the other day. Moose is starting to hit the ball hard and just needs to play his way back to get going.

      • Mark Moore

        Shades of Dusty Baker and “got to get him going”

        Yeah, he needs to be going to another club.

      • LDS

        Same thing he said about Suarez last year. How’d that work out?

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    From all players set to leave after this season I’d really like having Drury back, he’s been a truly workhorse with the bat at a 124 OPS+ clip, playing all IF positions and without injuries.

    • Mark Moore

      Except SS. I don’t believe we’ve seen him there (nor should we). But I’d love to keep him.

    • Chris

      I’d take Solano back. All that guy does is hit, and has for a while. He would also be cheap. Drury is too risky to sign, and would have to be signed for a few years at big dollars.

  16. Hanawi

    Feels like Don Long broke some of these guys with his swing for the fences at all cost mentality. And then they followed that by hiring a hitting coach who has been pretty much nothing but a failure at his previous stops. I get that they are stuck with some of these players, but at some point there has to be some accountability in the coaching staff.

    • Roger Garrett

      Swing as hard as you can and throw it as hard as you can is this clubs motto.

    • JB

      Don Long was a good hitting coach. Ward was the joke of a hitting coach. Now the Cardinals have Ward and I think Orioles have Long .

      • Hanawi

        Sorry, you’re right. I was thinking about Ward, not Long.

      • Chris

        Oddly though, both teams are hitting. I’d suggest that the players are the bigger issue.

    • TR

      Hitting coach Don Long had the Reds hitting to all fields and it was a positive change. Letting him go to Baltimore was a big mistake and Long’s successor, Ward, brought in the ‘homerun or nothing’ hitting philosophy to get the best of the Red’s, so-called, small park. A hitting disaster.

  17. Roger Garrett

    Cy Brigham on the mound so I will check out.Split ain’t bad but we should have won them all.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Just one thing before I go.Obviously now with Mattingly bringing in a lefty,he is going to play this one like its the 7th game of the World Series.Bell loves this stuff and he will except the challenge.Can’t stay around and watch but it will be fun for those that hang around.

  19. Mark Moore

    That’s the way to tie it up! Kolo looked good on that swing.

  20. JB

    Stop playing Papierski!! Kolzy is better and runs well.

  21. old-school

    Welp, kolo back to bench for 5 days now with the RBI 2 run double.

  22. JB

    Send Papierski down. He can’t hit and his glove work is terrible. Bring up Okey and play them both to evaluate what they have.

  23. Mark Moore

    Cowboy reading my mind regarding Ashcraft’s pitch count. I’m surprised it’s as low as it is given the score and the walks. Would be great to get the full 6 innings out of him, especially if he can sit the Minnows down right here in the 5th.

  24. Mark Moore

    This is the Ashcraft I like to see. Ground balls for outs.

  25. Kevin H

    Afternoon all, late to the party. Hope all is well in redlegnation land

  26. LT

    Luv this kind of game, back and forth. Dig in and fight for the win Reds

  27. GreatRedLegsFan

    From all catchers used this season not named Stephenson, I think Kolo is the more athletic with good hands, running skills and some pop.

    • Mark Moore


      Tend to agree. It’s a pretty big hole without TySteve, but Kolo probably tops the list from what I’ve seen. Pap hasn’t been impressive this series at all.

  28. Mark Moore

    Playing add-on here is most definitely encouraged. Thursday afternoon Phish Phry anyone?

  29. DataDumpster

    There was a good comment (Sheldon, I believe) on what the Reds strategy should be the next week…Trade as many players as you can! I agree but they should keep Drury but probably won’t, the “developing” core of young pitchers may be rudderless if both Mahle and Castillo leave and Bell stays. Farmer has trade value but seems nearly untouchable on this team. Need a good surprise for unloading some of the other guys, don’t know about Schrock and Naquin, they don’t get much playing time or show time either. Meanwhile, the position player core remains the same as the beginning of the season: 2. Let’s get on with it, anything to change the dynamic of this season and at least have possibilities to ponder. Krall didn’t really do that badly last year given the marching orders.

    • Mark Moore

      Only Drury and his agent know for sure. I’d reckon he has his eyes on the next few years as opposed to the next couple of months.

  30. Mark Moore

    I’m OK with DTBell leaving him in. Cowboy is adding some great commentary about essentially forcing the young starters to figure out what works (and it isn’t always heavy gas).

    • Chris

      Agree. It didn’t really work out, but absolutely leave the kid in there. Bell rarely gets it right, but he did in that inning.

  31. Mark Moore

    We’ll take that result. And we’d better see Diaz start the next inning.

    A couple of add-on runs would be really sweet, guys.

  32. Mark Moore

    Diaz is beginning to show some moxie as the high-leverage setup guy. Those who know me from this forum know I’m not a big fan of the “anointed closer” role either. But Diaz feeding Strickland does seem to work lately. I am old enough to remember the Nasty Boys very well. I have a full 1990 set of Topps cards.

  33. JB

    Will be nice not having to see some of these bullpen bums next year.

  34. Chris

    Why is Strickland the designated closer? He fools NO ONE!

  35. Gpod

    if anyone thinks Strickland is a closer, you’re dreaming

  36. Mark Moore

    Some days you get the bear … some days the bear gets you.

  37. JB

    They should be able to package Strickland and Minor for a couple of bags of grass seed and a bottle cap.

    • magi210

      Some team out there needs batting practice pitchers, right?

  38. Joe P.

    Get Buck Farmer up. I’d rather see Farmer get a chance ahead of Strickland. Get Strickland out of this one now.

    The inability of the Reds to play add-on has hurt them today.

  39. SOQ

    Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory 🙁

  40. Indy Red Man

    We’d have a run to play with if Bell didn’t force Aguilar on Ashcraft. He’d already taken the kid deep to CF? I’m all ready for the personal word play on Buck Farmer after we lose the lead.

  41. LDS

    Bell’s obsession with mediocre old players continues

  42. Roger Garrettg

    Just checked back and well it looks like Hunter will blow this one.Down and in for a homer then a walk and a HBP.Not meant to be I guess.Truth is Hunter’s best years are behind him.

  43. Mark A Verticchio

    It’s time to make Diaz the closer, but Bell loves the old guys.

  44. JB

    Larkin kissing veterans behinds again. Diaz is ready to be the closer Larkin. It’s the manager who gave it to the old veteran.

  45. Indy Red Man

    Larkin doesn’t get it….asking why Diaz isn’t closing. Bell did set it up where Diaz got 4 outs vs middle of their order and Strickland started with 7-8-9, but Strickland isn’t good. Idk who they’d go with instead? Kuhnel?

  46. Joe P.

    I thought the Marlins should have bunted there with Wendell, but he proved me wrong. He can really hit, especially the fastball.

  47. Mark Moore

    To be sure, some of these Minnows can hit well. We’re playing like a team who is a little gassed at this point. Digging the hole deeper and maybe to the point where we can’t fill it in today.

    At least La Piedra Day was a success.

  48. Jim Elliott

    Did Diaz kick David Bell’s dog or insult him in spanish that he refuses to let him close games? Diaz is the only reliever with ERA under 5.00 (1.90), He is young & part of the future, yet Bell keeps sending out over-the-hill rejects to close games. Strickland just blew another save chance today, while Diaz has another hitless outing. Please tell me what am i missing? If Strickland had 20 saves, you arent going to get a prospect in a trade for him at the deadline. So use Diaz to close & see what you got. Build a closer for the future. Bell’s use of the bullpen is moronic

  49. Mark Moore

    Textbook rundown started by Buck. Nice to see that.

  50. Kevin H

    If Reds don’t rebuild the bullpen it doesn’t matter what 2024 looks like. Saw it happen last season and now what 10 games at least this season. Diaz should be closer but heck who do you go too to get to Diaz. Half your original bullpen that started season is on DL.

  51. Jeff Morris

    Pretty Good start today by G Ashcraft…Not bad.

  52. JB

    I see Antone , Diaz as the only two locks so far for the bullpen next year. I think Sanmartin is close. He has pitched well and is a lefty. Big Tony needs to come back and show us something. Sims as well.

  53. Jeff Morris

    But….Reds bullpen issues again. If it means taking the series 3 out of 4 against the Marlins here, why not have A Diaz pitch the 9th inning. Odds are really good, that he would have closed it out, and Reds would have won 5-4. Even if Diaz doesn’t pitch the next 2-3 days. You get a moral victory taking 3 or 4 from the Marlins. Bigger picture is the Reds will never ever be close to competing if they don’t fix that bullpen! You cannot have pitchers in the bullpen that have been with multiple teams and also that don’t deserve to be in the big leagues. Pitchers that should be either in AA or AAA. Are the Reds willing to make the bullpen a priority, just like the Bengals made their offensive line a priority this off season? I have my doubts about owner B Cast wanting to address the bullpen…we shall see…

    • TR

      Have the Red’s had an outstanding bullpen in the last thirty years since the days of the Nasty Boys? A couple, maybe, but it’s usually been put the bullpen together before Opening Day from leftover pitchers.

  54. Luke J

    Whew! I was beginning the think something was wrong with the bullpen. It felt like it’s been a while since they blew a lead. Everything feels normal again.

  55. Chris

    Watch Fairchild. Kid can’t keep his back foot planted at all. I don’t know how you play in the MLB and swing with your back foot completely slipping.

  56. JB

    Great at bat by India. Gives Drury a chance to tie it.

  57. JohnnyTV

    I can’t fault the Bell bullpen use system here: your best pitcher against their best hitters.

    Strickland clearly isn’t a dependable role player in the scenario though

    I would have thrown Minor under that bus…push that ERA up over 7.00.

    Instead of all the Twitter hyperventilating about a Castillo trade, I wish at least one of the storylines would be:

    “Bull Krall Busting Up China Shops to Get Reds Some Decent Relievers!!! Now!!”

    • Chris

      Agree. I love the spot that Diaz pitched in, but Strickland is horrible, and has to stop being used in the 9th inning. There is NOTHING that suggests that he should be pitching in that spot. Yes, there isn’t much down there, but at least some of those kids have some really good stuff; Strikland doesn’t

  58. Joe P.

    To echo everybody else’s comments here, I’m done with Strickland. I don’t want to see him pitch with the Reds again. Give someone else a chance.

  59. Roger Garrett

    Bell has little or no options thats why what he does or doesn’t do always can be discussed but nobody will ask him about the 7th which to me was where Bell made the blunder.Ash should not have faced Aquilar even though his hit only made it 5-4.Just made no sense to try and squeeze out another out by facing a guy that had earlier homered cause he could have tied it.Yes Hunter should have got the bottom of the order but a two run lead beats a one run anytime.Means nothing my opinion

    • Chris

      I have not issue with Bell leaving Ash in the game. Other than Diaz, there isn’t a better arm in the bullpen that he could have used. Also, kids like Ash need to be given the opportunity to grow and get through situations like that; it just didn’t go the right way this time. I’m shocked that Bell actually made what I think was the right decision.

      • Roger Garrettg

        No problem with your opinion and Bell will probably say exactly what you said if he is asked.I would have preferred he give the kid Diaz that opportunity instead and maybe he still gives up a hit or even a homer but I still like him in that spot.

  60. JB

    Why would you pitch to Drury anyways. Take your chances with Pham and Votto.

    • JohnnyTV

      Well, now he has his chance with JV.

  61. Mark Moore

    It all comes down to this …

    And looking at stuff won’t cut it today.

    • Mark Moore

      Neither will that action. You’d think Mr. opposite hand manager DTBell would have tried something there. Another tough loss with too many missed opportunities to add on earlier and stem the bleeding.

      The team is better … but still not good. Plus that original hole we dug … (hard eye roll).

      Hoping the VPN trick works tomorrow. Otherwise, I’m blacked out.

  62. JB

    Joey against a lefty. Needs to find his younger self here.

    • JB

      Joey can’t get to that fastball anymore from a lefty.

      • Kevin H

        Who? Who exactly could of pitched hit? The back up catcher? MOOSE? I mean Fairchild pitched hit and was over matched as usual.

      • LDS

        There were no good options given the changes Bell had already made, eg using Farmer. It was another example that suggests that Bell isn’t strong at situational analysis and thus shooting from the hip, often finds himself in a hole.

  63. JohnnyTV

    No joy in Mudville. Might Joey has struck out.

  64. Gpod

    poor JV…..a shell of his former self

  65. Mark A Verticchio

    The strike out was bad but, it’s the swing that looked awful. Did anybody really think Votto would get a hit against the Lefty.

  66. DataDumpster

    @greenmtred et al. The game is on the line, your cleanup man is at the plate with just a hit needed to tie it…But, no, we have a guy up there who looked at strikes, swung weakly and couldn’t even out the bat on the ball. Respecto! No, if Joey wasn’t making 25 million and/or perhaps drawing a few of the faithful through the gates, he would be playing like other 40ish guys, in role play. If he slumps badly, David Bell should make adjustments, he is the manager. I can’t believe his lineups are checked by ownership on a daily basis.

    • MadMike

      The points are good, but the ‘conversation’ that teams have with their aging stars is a tough one. If not handled gently, the fan beloved star could do something drastic that causes a PR disaster that can and has lasted decades in some cases. Free agents will factor that into their decisions on where to sign. It should not be the manager’s call. As an instance of how things are done right, check the Brewers and Lorenzo Cain as a recent example.

  67. Soto

    The bullpen these last two years has been absolutely brutal. The Reds have the next dominant closer in baseball already on their roster, he just happens to be a below average pitcher in their starting rotation. Quality starters rarely only have two effective pitches.

  68. Beaufort Red

    It’s sad Votto’s career seems to be wrapping up as an embarrassment of an everyday player. Constantly talks about making adjustments but refuses to accept it’s just not there. Probably a Hall of Famer but not helping his case.

  69. Gpod

    unfortunately, reds paying Votto for what he was, not what he is now….and unfortunately, no one ever walks away from that money