The Cincinnati Reds are trading outfielder Tyler Naquin and relief pitcher Phillip Diehl to the New York Mets according to Joel Sherman of MLB Network and the New York Post.

Tyler Naquin has spent the last season-and-a-half with the Reds. In 2021 he played in 127 games and hit .270/.333/.477 with 24 doubles and 19 home runs. This season he’s played in another 55 games and hit .245/.305/.429 with 12 doubles and 6 home runs. The lefty has hit right-handed pitching well, posting an OPS of .811 against them this season and an OPS of .853 against them last year. He’s struggled against left-handed pitching, though, with an OPS of .562 in 2021 and just .459 in 2022. Defensively he’s capable of playing all three spots in the outfield if needed, though he’s better in the corners than in center.

Phillip Diehl didn’t stick around too long in Cincinnati – at least at the big league level. He pitched in five games for the Reds this season and allowed seven earned runs in 5.2 innings (11.12 ERA) with 3 walks and 3 strikeouts. After spending all of 2021 in Triple-A with Louisville while posting a 2.47 ERA, he returned to the Bats this season and saw his ERA jump up to 4.24. The 28-year-old Cincinnati native will now be joining the Mets organization.

Mark Feinsand of is reporting that Cincinnati will be acquiring Jose Acuna and Hector Rodriguez from the Mets. Neither player is currently rated in the top 30 prospects in the Mets organization by either Baseball America or MLB Pipeline. They are both still teenagers who are just getting their careers started, too.

Jose Acuna is a 19-year-old right-handed pitcher who has thrown 33.2 innings this season between the rookie-level FCL Mets and the Low-A St. Lucie Mets with a 2.67 ERA, 22 hits allowed, 12 walks, and 48 strikeouts. You can see his full stats here.

Hector Rodriguez is an 18-year-old who has played in 26 games with the rookie-level FCL Mets and 2 more games with the Low-A St. Lucie Mets where he’s hit .342/.378/.532 on the season with 7 walks and 9 strikeouts. He’s also stolen 12 bases. You can see his full stats here.

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  1. SteveO

    The first dominos fall. 2 minor leaguers is the reported return.

      • SteveO

        Both were at A ball, so probably heading to Daytona

      • SteveO

        It’s like we drafted a JC pitcher and HS U player. These 2 replace the 18th and 19th round picks we couldn’t sign.

      • JohnnyTV

        If those are the vatos this could be a promising, if long range.

        Both Acuna and Rodriguez are very young but doing well in their initial situations.

        Naquin’s shelf life was just about up a backlog of mediocre outfielders ready to step in.

        Diehl, I think will come back to haunt the Reds.

        The Reds couldn’t straighten him out but they have a hard time with that.

        Somebody will.

        Mets’ fans probably like this trade.

      • SteveO

        Naquin roster spot to Fraley coming off the 60 day IL?

      • Randy in Chatt

        If those are the two, they aren’t even in the Mets top 30 via

      • DaveCT

        I was thinking in prospects no. 31-60.

      • BK

        @Randy, hasn’t updated their list since before the season started. These two are a long way off, but off to great starts. My two cents…Naquin has little excess value and there are other OFs available.

      • Greenfield Red

        This is way better than some 24 or 25 year olds who are already on the 40 man.

        Perfect return for what was given up in my opinion. Both have projectable skill that give them a legit chance to be good major leaguers in 4 or so years.

        They need much more for Castillo. Mahle, and Drury.


  2. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Tyler was a FA after this season. He was probably going to get a definite bigger contract. So, I could somewhat expect this, though I would have liked to see him stay.

    Diehl’s only value, I believe, was as a left handed pitcher. He simply didn’t do very well at all. Maybe more seasonsing at AAA? He’s had 120+ games at AAA, already. Either the guy is ready or not, I believe. Here’s to hoping he can find something that works for him.

    Like others, I’m wondering what we get back. I believe Tyler definitely has some value. And, like I said, Diehl may hold some value, also, being left handed. We will see.

  3. MBS

    I’m happy with the return, both seem like good young prospects.

    • Cindy

      Sure they will be for a few years until they swap them out again. It’s obvous this team does not want to win but to train and trade…’s like gambling $$$$

  4. LDS

    Seems like a decent enough trade. Naquin exceeded expectations last year but the inability to stay healthy has haunted his career. At 31 and soon to be a free agent, those circumstances are unlikely to change. So, though not usually a fan of Krall & company, I think this is an acceptable outcome.

    • JohnnyTV

      For all those here clamoring to “Trade Naquin, Pham, Moose, Farmer, Reynolds” this is what it’s going to look like.

      At best.

      And this doesn’t look too bad.

      First display of china knocked over.

      But we’ll have forgotten Naquin and the Summer of ’22 by the time Jose and Hector arrive at GASP.

      Hector. I admit I’m partial to MLB players with names out of The Iliad.

      • LDS

        A comparable return for any of the guys you mentioned, maybe a tad more for Farmer under the right scenario, and I’ll applaud Krall. I’m still concerned about how he deals with Drury, Mahle, and Castillo but right now I’m on the same page as you. Now if only they could find and sign Achilles.

      • Daytonnati

        Let’s hope he never faces a batter named Achilles 🙂

  5. Melvin

    Not surprised about Naquin. Probably the first of many coming.

  6. Chris Holbert

    This is a positive move. The only way to force DB to not play “veteran” got to get him going guys, is to trade them and force young blood into the lineup. Naquin was fine for the Reds, but they are not good with him so may as well get something that may help on the next competitive team.

    • Votto4life

      Yes, let’s force David Bell to play Stuart Fairchild. That will turn the season around!

      The theory of playing younger players over aging veterans only matters when the younger players are talented. Players can stink at 22, just as they can at 32.

      • Jim Walker

        And when a guy has .940 career OPS at AAA in around 350 PAs across 2 seasons and less than 50 MLB PAs, how would we know if he is any good, especially when he’s fed MLB playing time piecemeal?

        The purpose of a season like the Reds are having is to find out what they have in the system so they know what they need in the off season. Find roster spots for all the OF guys with .800 and greater AAA OPS and play them in a regular rotation until/ unless it is clear their AAA numbers don’t translate.

      • Chris Holbert

        The season is not “turning around” keeping Naquin and losing him in the off season for nothing. They need to see what their needs really are and what they have.

      • CI3J

        The difference being, at 22 they still have room to grow and improve. At 32, it’s 99% certain you’ve already seen the best they’ll ever be.

      • JB

        Turn the season around? We are 4 months in to the season. There isn’t a turn around and if there was, are they turning it around for 4th place? Reality is hard to grasp.

  7. Mjc

    Mets fans not very happy on twitter. And i can see why . Good job on this one Krall

    • J

      From what I’ve seen, they aren’t concerned about losing the players they’re losing, they’re concerned that Naquin isn’t good enough to help them. Maybe someday this will seem like a “win” for Krall, but right now it’s just a salary dump with some potential upside.

      • Cartel

        I would define that as a win. If this is what we were getting for Castillo then big problem. These are two lottery tickets for someone we wanted to dump and did not have great value. Bravo

      • J

        Doesn’t make a lot of sense to simultaneously be excited about the return fetched by Naquin and also insist that Naquin didn’t have great value. The Mets didn’t accidentally give up these players. Krall didn’t slip one past them. Naquin is a legitimate major league player who isn’t owed a ton of money; getting a couple “lottery tickets” in return is nothing to be excited about unless one of them actually turns out to be a winner.

        I thought Naquin could be used to sweeten a package for a better prospect. I’d rather the Reds trade combinations of legit players for one or two highly ranked prospects rather than a bunch of lottery tickets. Individually they may not have a lot of value, but if you package them you might do much better than selling them off as individual pieces.

    • JayTheRed

      Overall I’m happy with the trade. Naquin probably wasn’t going to stay with the Reds and as many have pointed out he is on the wrong side of 30.

      Someone above mentioned it’s like getting two more draft picks and I would agree with that since both players are in the lowest levels of the minor still.

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    The stats of Acuña and Rodriguez are good so far, but they are not ranked yet. I think there is something good and bad in being young guys…. Could we expect a different sort of return related to Tyler Naquin? I don’t know but the hot stove started with one of the players less rumored to be traded… Meanwhile the Reds are weaker now, losing a good platoon hitter that brings some depth…Jake Fraley is likely be called for replacing him

    • JohnnyTV

      I think for the Reds, The Aquino Hope springs eternal.

      • JayTheRed

        Aquino is just not a good overall player. Yes, he has power, but you have to actually hit the ball for it to matter. So tired of him whiffing at pitches.

        ps. Aquino thank you for giving us that historic Home Run month but since then you really have not been a very good player.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Personally, I’d rather see Friedl than Fraley. I think Friedl still has room to improve, I’m not sold that Fraley does.

  9. Votto4life

    I wouldn’t have mind seeing the Reds extend Naquin, since the team needs outfielders. But I am also not that upset to see him go.

    It’s very likely that none of those involved will amount to a hill of beans. Just more minor league fodder.

    Wake me up when the Reds make a move that actually matters.

    • BK

      I’m hoping they target Benintendi in the off-season.

  10. SteveO

    Does Almora need to be placed on the 40 man roster too coming off the COVID list? If yes, then Naquin roster spot to either Almora or Fraley. If not, to Fraley. Reynolds should start in RF tomorrow, unless he’s traded before the game too. Solano the DH until he gets traded. Sit Moose until everything plays out. Acuna can fill the recently vacated spot of Petty, who was just promoted. Rodriguez has got to be better than Franco or Chevalier, who should be sent to Goodyear. Can’t believe that O’Brien, a AAA arm turned into Chevalier, hitting .065 in Daytona.

    • Jim Walker

      Reynolds has made 21 MLB OF game appearances in his career, 13 of them this season, his age 31 season. This year is the first season since 2017 that he has made an MLB OF game appearance.

  11. Jim Walker

    Well, will it be Fraley or Friedl who gets 1st shot at the brass ring for MLB PT? The two are somewhat mirrors of each other.

    Since the last time Friedl was sent back down, he has been on a steady tear. His AAA seasonal OPS is now .844. His full BA/OBP/SLG line at AAA is .274/.367/.478. His same line at MLB for 2022 is .200/.250/.289 (.539 OPS)

    Fraley’s MLB numbers are even worse than Friedl’s, .116/.208/.233 (441 OPS). In 49 rehab PAs at AAA in July he has done somewhat better .276/.382/.276 (.658 OPS);
    but clearly not on par with Friedl has done at AAA.

    • Bet on Red

      I think that Fraley was a lotto ticket that didnt cash

      • Jim Walker

        But the Reds really need somebody from the big salary dump trade to show something beyond what the PTLN kid pitcher is doing at the lower levels of the minors. That might make Fraley more even than Friedl.

        BTW Justin Dunn, the presumed “6th starter” in waiting, didn’t look very ready tonight (Friday) at AAA. He allowed 6 runs (all earned) in 3 innings of work and was his own worst enemy with 3BB and 2HBP to go along with 6 hits allowed.

        I am just waiting for the other she to drop in the form of an announcement that his physical issue(s) have returned.

      • Hotto4Votto

        The Reds also got Brandon Williamson in the deal. He was rated backend of the top 100 at the time. And while scuffling to begin the year, has rebounded to solid numbers and moved up to AAA. Hopefully he continues to rebound a bit (cut down the BBs) and Phillips keeps on rolling, making it seem less of a salary dump.

    • MBS

      I’m not sure how many more games Aquino can be in rehab, so my guess is he’ll get the call up. What Pham gets moved then Fraley gets the call, at least that’s my guess.

      • Jim Walker

        Fraley and Aquino are timed to come off rehab the day of or the day after the deadline.

        Aquino cannot be optioned. He already has a 40 man spot and must be activated, DFA, returned to the IL, (or traded).

        Fraley can be optioned but will require a 40 man slot unless continued on the IL (or traded/DFA).

  12. Hanawi

    Good deal. Would be happy to see a few more lottery ticket deals for expiring contracts.

  13. Bet on Red

    Well, this goes against my suggestions of playing for the world series. I can see this one playing out well. 2 very good if not young minor leaguers. If trained up right, we win this, right now, we did ditch a few more million and turned nothing into something

    • Jim Walker

      D.Bell was quoted several days ago that his goal for the team was (still) to be in the playoffs. I actually checked the original dateline on the article to be sure it had not been automatically dredged up from months ago and recycled 😉

      I wonder how the trading season is going to square with this thought?

      • TR

        A big step for D. Bell’s playoff goal is 4th. place, only 2 games out. A weekend sweep of the O’s is needed but I’m not encouraged by starting M.M. in game one.

      • Chris Holbert

        As Jim Mora said….Playoffs?

      • Oldtimer

        Does the D in D Bell stand for delusional?

  14. Bet on Red

    By the way, ESPN taking notice of De la cruz, just posted his 512 foot homerun

  15. Optimist

    Seems like a good to very good deal. Doubtful that Naquin blossoms past age 30, and Diehl, though a lefty, is one of many who may put it all together. Considering age and salaries and others on the 40-man, adding two very new prospects is a plus for the Reds. Finally, a Doug question about if and when either or both of these would have cracked the top-30 lists for the Mets, or where they land on the Reds list. I expect they’re too new to have been evaluated yet.

  16. Michael E

    Good to see the Reds F.O. is at least attempting to flip non-future pieces for potential, even if its very small chance of hitting on an MLB regular or all-star. At least they’re trying AND they went after 18/19 year olds and not 25 year old AA/AAA journeymen. Whew.

    Hoping to see one (or both) of Castillo/Mahle traded for upside prospects, along with Drury. It would be malpractice to not trade him given the Reds good fortune to hit on a one year flier FA signing.

  17. Stock

    Fantastic deal in my eyes.

    Hernandez is a bit small but his ISO in AZL was .202 and the Mets thought enough of him to promote him to A ball as an 18 year old where he was on pace for 19 HR and 75 SB over 162 games.

    His bat control is excellent with an 8.1% K% in AZL.

    Not to be outdone Acuna had a 36% K% in AZL and has matched that thus far in A ball.

    Daytona is looking very good for 2023.

    C: Diego Omana
    1B: Sal Stewart
    2B: Carlos Jorge/Hector Rodriguez
    3B: Cam Collier
    SS: Leonardo Balcazar
    LF: Donovan Antonia
    CF: Malvin Valdez
    RF: Ariel Almonte
    DH: Minier/Ascanio/Serrano/Others

    Not to be outdone

    • Greenfield Red

      Agree 100% Stock. I hope they make similar deals with the other 4 or 5 on expiring deals (Pham, Solono, ect). It would really help the bottom end of the system which is already very strong.

      Then hope they really rock it for Castillo, Mahle, and Drury.

      Could the Reds have told the Yanks either include Volpe and the pitcher (Wal something) or Peraza and Dominquez? I hope so.

      In my opinion, there is an opportunity to blow the lid off this organization with high high end young talent. The World Series can be won in Cincinnati, and this is how you do it.

      Tonight should be the very tip of a huge iceberg for the rest of MLB

      Come on Nick Krall. Show us you do belong.

    • Oldtimer

      I was born in 1951. The Reds have won 3 WS in my lifetime. That’s 3 out of 71 times.

      The Reds have won the NL pennant 6 times out of 71 chances.

      I don’t expect to see another WS championship in my lifetime. NL pennant, maybe.

      The Reds had experienced and capable GMs in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s.

      The Reds DO NOT HAVE an experienced or capable GM in the 2020s.

  18. RedsFan11

    I think this was a good trade as many stated above.

    However I think everyone is over valuing Drury significantly. His career numbers are worse than Naquin and is of similar age. He does have more pop and is performing better this year but I’d be surprised if he returns anything better than a 20 range prospect

    • Redsvol

      I don’t want 2 lottery tickets for drury. If we can’t get something significant I hope we resign him. By far the most reliable hitter all year. His position flexibility is valuable and we have no outfield help until 2024.

      • Bill

        You can still sign Drury if you trade him. If you aren’t willing to be the highest bidder in the off season then there is no reason to keep him around for two months. I would assume if he really wanted to stay in Cincinnati his agent would have already expressed that to the Reds

      • Tom Reeves

        Exactly Bill. There’s no reason not to trade Drury, even if you want to sign him in the off season. The only reason to sign him right now would be if he gave team an extremely friendly deal. I wouldn’t do that if I was Drury – the guy has one shot to make life changing money and he should take it.

      • Michael E

        Redsvol, what do you want then? AA or AAA journeymen hitter/pitcher that can’t make MLB full time? I’d much rather have a young player with upside, even if they’re years away, than a proven AA/AAA player that can’t crack another teams MLB roster.

        If you want a prospect already in MLB, well, if they’re ANY GOOD, you’re not getting them for a journeyman like Drury that is having a career year. You can try, but would you trade Jonathan India or Ashcraft or some other GOOD young player on our team for Drury? I would hope not.

    • Bill

      Drury is probably a little more valuable, but like you said probably not getting a top prospect. Trading two months of these guys is almost like the later rounds of the draft – you pick a guy with potential knowing they will likely never see the MLB roster, but if they do you look like a genius; if they don’t you didn’t really lose much

    • DataDumpster

      I am mostly concerned with identifying the “core” players to keep and build upon. So far, Drury is pretty much the only consistent gamer we have that might fit that bill (outside of young pitchers and India/Stephenson). I would like to see Drury signed but it seems unlikely. What incentive other than an overpay would compel a player to sign with this team? You have a stingy owner, lack of recent winning tradition, a buddy-buddy yin-yang coaching crew, and a host of ex-coaches and players who felt no restraint in criticizing the existing regime after quitting or being traded.
      I had thought that a surplus of developing talent and a clearing of the Moose/Votto contracts would turbocharge a return to relevancy in 2024. I’m now afraid that there exists a rotten smell in this organization and a lack of development that calls for a bold move in a different direction. Keep on prospecting, I guess, and figure out why your team starts off slowly, cannot close out a season competitively, seems subject to an abnormal amount of injuries, and seems incapable of solving long standing pitching, baserunning, and defensive issues.

    • Michael E

      Drury’s track record means no team is parting with a top prospect. He is an MLB journeyman who is having a career year. That said, he should fetch a top 10 prospect from another team and that ain’t complete chicken feed.

      If the Reds were to trade for Drury (assuming they were contending), what would you give up for a journeyman MLB player, injury history, having career year? You’d immediately rule out any of our top 5 or 7 prospects, I am sure, as would I.

      Still, must trade Drury and I am very pleasantly surprised to see Krall note they want young players with upside. Refreshing to not be worried about getting a 24 or 25 year old AA player that, if they had any upside, it’s in the rear-view mirror.

  19. Hotto4Votto

    Hold onto your tea sets ladies, the bull is loose! Woo!

    But…in all seriousness, two lottery tickets is about right in this deal. Cross your fingers and hope your scouting department found something.

    • scotly50


      “The Bull is Loose” !!!!

  20. Kevin H

    Who knows if it is a good trade. Prospect are just that. Now we get to see Fairchild, Aquino, or Fraley play worse than Naquin.

    Fun times.

  21. LarkinPhillips

    I greatly prefer to get something for a FA rather than nothing. I would also prefer that “something” to have a chance at an upside rather than a career minor leaguer. The Naquin trade is not a franchise reshaping trade, but it is the type of move every small market team should be making. I hope that Bull can somehow unload Pham, Solano, Minor, and Reynolds for a few more young “lottery tickets.”

    I would like to see the Reds explore an extension with Drury though. If we can’t extend him before the trade deadline then move him as well. (If I was Drury I would seek free agency and not sign.) The real make or break moves will come from Castillo and Mahle. The execution of those two moves will drastically shape the future of the Reds, for better or worse.

    • Oldtimer

      Adam Duvall was a career minor leaguer when the Reds acquired him. He had a couple good years as a Red then was traded to the Braves. He has had several good years there.

      Sometimes career minor leaguers just need a chance.

      • Jim Walker

        @OT> Good thought. Kyle Farmer is another guy who fits the same profile as Duvall. To my mind, Drury has been just a tad above their level all along because of his solid year early season as a regular in Arizona and Reynolds is too old to fit the profile.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Those are definitely the exception to the norm. Also, if I recall correctly, both of those two had major league experience before coming to the Reds and had succeeded in the upper level of Minors before getting to Cincy. But those things do happen sometimes. My point was more that in order to build long term success you need to get something back from an expiring contract when possible during a losing season.

      • Tom Reeves

        Farmer’s career was mangled by LA. Forcing him to be a catcher even though he was an excellent SS was just dumb. It was even dumber for the Reds to continue to ignore Farmer’s pleas to play short. Imagine I’d they had listened. Suarez would probably still be a third and maybe he could have fixed his swing. Barrero would have spent the covid season in intense development (like India) instead I’d swinging and missing MLB sliders.

        Farmer’s not a long term solution for SS but he would have played just fine there from 2020-2022.

        I hope Farmer either gets a big fat contract from someone or ends up on a championship team.

    • Jim Walker

      Justin Dunn, the presumed “6th starter” in waiting at AAA, flamed out again Friday night lasting just 3 innings and allowing 6 earned runs.

      Unless a lesser side deal brings in a rotation ready pitcher, presumably a veteran back end guy carrying a salary hit, could the Reds be looking at holding on to Castillo or Mahle just to make it to the end of the season?

      • Kevin Patrick

        I’m sure its been explained before, but how much will the trade value decrease for Mahle and Castillo if the Reds wait to trade till the offseason? I mean, I would think more teams would be in on attempts to acquire them than now.

    • DataDumpster

      Yes, LP, that about sums it up.
      Jim, I am also somewhat concerned that the pitching staff could just implode without Mahle and Castillo but the potential “trade value loss” would be much greater if they wait. However, I’m sure that David Bell could absorb the hit to his pride if the Reds fade away to last instead of a weak 3rd place finish this year. He made the deal and knows what is expected from the bosses.

      • Jim Walker

        I’m looking at those 3 rookie starting pitchers 23-24 years old and thinking about their potential ceilings and the potential damage of pushing them too far in a throwaway season.

        Given both Castillo and Mahle are still under control for next year and can be dealt in the off season if the Reds so choose, the greater damage is ruining one or more of those rookie arms as opposed to (maybe) getting a little less return on Castillo or Mahle in the off season,

      • LarkinPhillips

        Very fair point about the 3 rookies Jim. I do believe they will be shut down by the end of August and we will see guys like Robert Duggar and others come up from AAA to complete the season. I am good with that as we can evaluate some of them for potential bullpen pieces next year and save the arms that the future of the Reds is based on.

  22. Doc

    MLBTR states that Rodriguez was recently ranked Mets #30 at FanGraphs.

  23. Moon

    Considering the Reds picked up Naquin for nothing this turned out to be a pretty good deal for them.

  24. SteveO

    No one has mentioned the most important thing to the owner, he has $1.5M more in his pocket, not having to pay the salary for Naquin the rest of the year. The quest to continue to align payroll.

  25. Rednat

    And so the “Ray’s way” era begins. I doubt these 2 players stay in the reds organization long. They will likely be traded for other “ prospects “ over the off season. Even the most dedicated reds fan will have trouble keeping up with all the transactions. Notice the rays don’t draw very well despite some success in the league. I can see why. It can get overwhelming to be a fan

    • BK

      They don’t draw well because there are scores of entertainment options within an hour of Tampa coupled with the comparatively high number of residents who grew up elsewhere.

    • TR

      If you’ve been to a game in St. Pete at Tropicana Field you know why Rays attendance is less than it should be. With ‘the Stick’ in S.F. long gone, the Trop is easily the worst stadium in MLB. If they do get a new stadium, i m o, it should be east of Tampa at the Fairgrounds near I-75 and I-4 which could draw fans from the Orlando area.

  26. Michael B. Green

    I assume Acuna gets converted to a RP at some point to better line up with his Dec ’23 Rule V clock. Good size and stats.

    Rodriguez is interesting. Hits everywhere he goes, but we obviously won’t know a think about his projection until he gets tested at AA, which I’m guessing is 2 years out.

    This is about what you could expect for Naquin and gives me some confidence in Krall.

  27. SteveO

    If no other transactions are done before first pitch, Solano at DH and Reynolds in RF give the Reds the best lineup. Imo, Schrock should be called up and bench of Kolozsvary, Moose, Schrock and Fairchild. India, Drury, Pham, JV, Farmer, Solano, Senzel, Reynolds and Papierski or Kolozsvary starting lineup today.

    • Chris Holbert

      Reynolds is not a starting Of for any team , and he is a backup infielder for every other team except the Reds.

      • SteveO

        Maybe so, but the best option because he’s better than Fairchild and Fraley

  28. LarkinPhillips

    A lot of comments on here about how the Reds will be worse this year because of this trade. We are currently in last in the division and bottom 3 in the league. Does it really make a difference if we are worse this year? I would rather suck horribly and be building for a future rather than treading water below mediocrity.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree for sure and we will lose a bunch this year and next.The goal is or should be to find out what young players can do.It tells nobody anything if all a hitter gets is a few at bats.Both 2-20 and 10 for 20 tell you very little and to throw player 1 under the bus and anoint player 2 as the second coming is insane Players must play every day so we can trade everybody that’s been mentioned and never find out about anybody unless they play every day.Small sample size evaluations would have many guys from the hall of fame.We started the season 3-22 and lived so if we go 6-44 the next 50 games who cares as long as we find out a player or two that can help next year or beyond and who is not 30 years old or older that has no upside.

      • LarkinPhillips

        I sure hope we don’t go 6-44. That says a lot more about the depth of the system (or lack there of). But the point is valid. There is zero difference in us finishing this year 28-22 or 15-35. In fact, you could argue it may result in a better draft lottery spot for us by finishing 15-35.

    • Tom Reeves

      The only way the Reds can be worse this year is if they win a bunch of games and end up middle of the pack. If we’re gonna tank, let’s tank while acquiring and developing talent.

      • RichS

        Didn’t I hear the Sadak say that next year draft is a lottery between all teams not making playoffs? Worst team will not necessarily get first pick.

  29. Soto

    Buying a lottery ticket is all the rage this weekend. I bought two, the Reds just got paid for two. I have about a one in 300 million chance at becoming a billionaire. I put the Reds odds at about one in two hundred at either player becoming a solid major leaguer. Definitely worth a shot.

  30. Kevin H

    Alot of comments about liking this trade. Not sure why as these guys are lower level prospects who may never make the big leagues. Naquin is a solid mlb player. Now we have to look forward to Fairchild is seems overmatched at big league level. Aquino who strikes out and can’t hit mlb pitching. Not to mention Fraley. Fun times ahead.

    • LarkinPhillips

      So you would prefer to hold onto Naquin for 2 more months and avoid giving anyone else a chance? Then get nothing in return for Naquin when he signs elsewhere this offseason? I understand your sentiment that the next 2 months may be very difficult to watch.