The Cincinnati Reds offense went wild on the Marlins pitching on Monday night with the biggest blow being Jonathan India’s grand slam into the bleachers as they routed Miami 11-2 to begin the series behind a 9-strikeout 6-inning performance from Nick Lodolo.

Final R H E
Miami Marlins (45-51)
2 7 0
Cincinnati Reds (37-58)
11 16 2
W: Lodolo (3-3) L: Rogers (4-10)
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The Offense

Jonathan India led off the 1st inning with a double on the first pitch that he saw, but he’d be stranded on the bases. The Reds threatened again in the 2nd when Kyle Farmer led off with a walk and Donovan Solano singled to begin the inning, but they would also be stranded on the bases.

The 3rd inning finally saw things start going the Reds way. Jonathan India, Tommy Pham, and Kyle Farmer all singled and that tied the game up at 1-1. Donovan Solano followed up with a 2-run double to put Cincinnati up 3-1 but he was thrown out at third base to end the inning. The next inning Brandon Drury added to the lead with a 3-run homer – his 19th of the season – to make it a 6-2 game.

If the Marlins had any ideas that they were still in the game in the 5th inning that all disappeared after Zach Pop loaded the bases before Jonathan India unloaded them with his first career grand slam. The reigning rookie of the year hit the ball 409 feet into the upper deck in left field and made it a 10-2 ballgame. Cincinnati would add one more run in the 6th inning on a Matt Reynolds single that plated Kyle Farmer.

The Pitching

Miami got on top in the 1st inning when Nick Fortes singled, stole second, and moved to third on an error by Donovan Solano on the throw to the bag, and Fortes then scored on a single up the middle by Avisail Garcia.

In the 3rd inning Nick Lodolo ran into trouble again. After back-to-back singles to start the inning he walked the next batter to load the bases. A mound visit followed and it seemed to straighten things out for the lefty who struck out Jesus Aguilar on three pitches and then got a double play on the first pitch to Avisail Garcia to end the inning.

Cincinnati scored three runs in the bottom of the 3rd inning to take the lead. Miami got one of those runs back after JJ Bleday led off the inning with a double then moved up to third when a pickoff throw from the catcher went into center, and he scored on a wild pitch. That would be the final time they would score off of Lodolo, and both of the runs against him went down as unearned. The lefty finished with nine strikeouts on the night in his 6.0 innings.

Joel Kuhnel threw a shutout 7th and 8th inning to hold what was an 11-2 lead. Dauri Moreta took over for the 9th and he did the same thing to seal the win for the Reds.

Notes Worth Noting

Jonathan India fell a triple shy of the cycle, going 3-4 with a walk, single, double, and a home run.

Donovan Solano continues to pick up hits and is now hitting .329 since coming off of the injured list.

Nick Lodolo set a new career high with nine strikeouts – topping the eight that he’s had twice this season.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Miami Marlins vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday July 26th, 6:40pm ET

Pablo Lopez (6-5, 3.14 ERA) vs Hunter Greene (3-11, 5.78 ERA)

64 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    Outstanding job by Nick Lodolo! The future of the Reds starting pitching staff is indeed bright along with Greene and Ashcraft! Still hoping we can keep Castillo!

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Starting pitcher outlook is bright.

      • TR

        The outlook for Red’s starting pitching does seem to look bright until the Red’s lose a game or two.

  2. Klugo

    God, I hope we get to see a good team around some of these young pieces like India, Stephenson, Lodolo, and Greene.

  3. LT

    Are we overlooking Overton? He was having a good year. Does not have over power stuff but sure knows how to pitch. Resembles Mike Leach?

    • JohnnyTV

      Very small sample with Overton, but I liked what I saw, too.

      His injury was kind of tragic given the distance he traveled to achieve success.

      I hope when he returns that he still has it.

      His Leake-y style stuff would make a good compliment to the Young Turks.

    • Bet on red

      You mean leake….I sort of peg him as a Bronson Arrroyo…but your right, he would be a good 4-5 in the rotation

      • JohnnyTV

        Arroyo had six 200+ inning years in a row.

        I recall he was pixxed at only get 199 the next year.

        So pixxed he threw 200+ innings the next two years.

        We’re not likely to see that sort of thing again around here.

      • LT

        Yes, Leake, thanks. 4 and 5th starters are actually very important, can make or break a rotation. Mike Minors anyone? The old Atlanta rotation has 3 top dogs in Maddox, Glavine, Schmoltz, but I think what made the rotation exceptional was strong 4th starter like Denny Neagle

  4. docproc

    Was at the game. India’s GS sounded like a bomb going off. Got every bit of that one.

  5. Rcsodak

    Shake of salt……remember who they’re playing. Tomorrow’s another day

    • wkuchad

      Didn’t understand the shake of salt reference, so I googled it. Recommend no one checks this on urban dictionary.

      But seriously though, just enjoy the win. Who cares who they were playing.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      You can only play who is on your schedule. When I was running races, how high I finished depended on who else showed up that day.

  6. William

    If the Reds do not get a good deal for Castillo, they should consider trying to extend him. I do not trust the Yankees. I hated that Chapman trade. The GM is coming off good work with the draft. I hope he handles the Castillo trade well. Reds country is counting on him.

    • Rednat

      i agree William. the chances of us getting some earth shattering, organization changing prospect for Mahle or Castillo are slim to none. These guys are both entering their primes so the next year and a half should be fun to watch with these 2 pitchers at the top of the rotation. the compensatory draft picks we get if they don’t resign will probably be just as good as any prospect we get from the yankees or dodgers.

    • DHud

      What is he gonna demand vs what are the reds willing to pay him?

      6 yrs $150 mil?

    • Chris

      Yes the Chapman trade was horrible, but on the flip side, we trounced them on the Gray trade.

  7. Tampa Red

    Gotta give credit where it’s due. Many of those pre-season signings that didn’t look like much turned out much better than I expected.

    Drury – A+
    Solano – A
    Almora – B
    Reynolds – B-
    Pham – C+

    You can quibble with the grades of course, but all of those players have been good to great signings.

    • AllTheHype

      Don’t forget Moran also but yeah, you’re going to win some of those and lose some, and Drury alone with his performance would have made the whole lot a net positive. Drury is mentioned as the best bargain signing in all of MLB from this past offseason.

      The fact that they have some other surprises in addition makes it a VERY good off season for low money signings. That is NOT easy to do for any club.

      We see a lot of Krall bashing. How about some praise for this?

    • AllTheHype

      As an aside, we see a lot of writers suggesting the Reds trade Drury as a sell high move, and many others seem to concur, but if the Reds believe this is no fluke why not try to extend him for something similar to what they gave Akiyama?

      His value might be hard to judge but the fact is Drury doesn’t have a track record prior to this year and there is risk for any team that he regresses back to the prior version of himself, so in FA this offseason his value will be suppressed somewhat by that. What is his value at the present time? I’m thinking the Akiyama contract or thereabouts might be it.

      • Jim Walker

        We don’t know. Maybe they have made him an offer they think is too good to refuse and he has taken a pass or is biding his time until the deadline weekend.

        It looks like the qualifying offer system is still with us. The Reds could always hang onto Drury and make him a QO if they are willing to pay him $18-20m for 1 year should he accept. If he didn’t, they would still get the comp pick next June.

        Despite the initial sticker shock, that’s probably a reasonable offer based on WAR production if a team thought Drury could repeat his 2022 performance in 2023.

      • wkuchad

        I’m all for resigning Drury at a reasonable amount / number of years. But no way I give him a qualifying offer. We will be overpaying him for one year, AND we’d be back in the same boat a year from now.

      • Jim Walker

        WKUChad> I agree nobody is going to offer Drury $20m AAV over multiple years based on 1 season. However, if he continues to produce at his current rate, he is going to finish 2022 with a WAR production in the same zone as Castellanos did in 2021.

        If I am the Reds GM, I am asking my evaluators, both number crunchers and traditional scouts, what they see the odds being that Drury can put together a 2023 that approaches or surpasses his 2022. If the odds are clearly favorable, I hold onto him at the deadline, sans a truly unbelievable offer for him, and take the QO risk.

        During the 10 days the QO acceptance or refusal by the players is pending, other teams are presumably making pitches to Drury in hopes of signing him. But the way the system is set up now, they are going to lose a draft pick if they sign him. They also know that they are going to have to go a minimum of 1 or 2 years term at an AAV which will be greater than the QO plus the amount Drury thinks he can make in 2024 if he accepts the QO. These factors should limit the field.

        I’m going to guess that the best offer Drury gets (and this is probably a tad high) is double the QO spread over 3 years. To keep things even, let’s say it is $40m guaranteed with the last 2M as a mutual option on a 4th year at $15m.

        Now it the Reds want him they can tell him to rip up the QO, they will go $48m for 4 years guaranteed with a 5th year at $15m but a $2m mutual option buyout on the 5th year. That works out as a sunken cost AAV of $12.5m for 4 years if the option is declined by either party or $12.6m AAV for 5 years if both ends exercise the option.

        And the worse that can happen is the Reds end up paying the $18-20m for 2023 and scratch RH power hitter from their needs list at a fair market price for a year or alternately they get a 1st or 2nd round comp pick in June of 2023.

      • Old-school

        Drury has had a good year and Im not an expert on the CBA…. But i remember $50 mil was the line in sand for getting a good pick and Bauer and Castellanos got the Reds high picks after the first round

        No one is giving Drury $50 mil +
        So someone could give him 2/30 and reds get a 70th pick after round 2 of draft

        Id rather just take a a good AA reliever now and decide in the FA market if hes worth pursuing again .

      • Jim Walker

        @OS> It Just depends what is offered for Drury at the deadline. If it is a legit prospect at AA or AAA, yeah, take the guy and make your best pitch for Drury as a FA in the off season.

        If not, why not go the QO route and try to manipulate it to have the best chance of signing him and at a lower AAV.

    • Mark Moore

      I think those are fair grades. You have to include the D- or F for Minor at this point though.

      • LarkinPhillips

        Minor is definitely an F between his salary and starting the year injured. Most of the moves this off season were pretty decent in retrospect or still need time to be graded. However, the Minor move from the start made no sense and has worked out as bad or worse than expected by most here on RLN.

      • Tampa Red

        I wasn’t really doing the trades though. It’s much too early to judge those. Except for the one you mentioned – yeah Garrett for Minor is a total fail.

    • Roger Garrett

      I like them but when you look at the stats we must remind ourselves Drury is the only keeper with Solano a good one for a DH.The other 3 are below average major league players with no upside and we have a bunch of them.Krall did good with what he had to work with.

      • greenmtred

        Almora and Pham add value with good/excellent defense. Pham does work some walks, too, but neither would be a starter on a contender.

      • Tampa Red

        I wasn’t really judging them that way – as a keeper or not – since they’re all on one year deals. I was strictly grading the value of those transactions.

        Having said that, Drury at 3rd and the other guys in utility/backup roles next year behind better/younger players would make me happy.

  8. Mark Moore

    It was a fun game to watch. If only RoY could have snuck in a triple.

  9. LarkinPhillips

    Good day for us Reds fans between a nice win and signing our first round pick. It was nice to see India and Senzel both play well yesterday as well. I am anxious/nervous/excited to see what happens in the next week with all the trades. Hopefully, at the end of next Tuesday the Reds have a top 5 farm system and we are seeing some young guys develop the rest of this season.

  10. Doc4uk

    Collier looks like he could be in the big leagues by the time he is 21 if he avoids injury Wish we could keep Drury and Solano . Hoping we also keep Mahle

  11. Roger Garrett

    I always like to see what a starter does with a lead and Lodolo did well.Pen again did well for the 4th straight game.What can you say about Drury and his performance this year Should have been an All Star so maybe other teams dob’t believe in him.I do so sign him for 2 years with an opt in year 3

  12. Jim t

    Would like to hold on to Drury, Farmer and Solano for the 2023 season.

    Would let Reynolds, Pham and Minor walk.

    Hope Barrera can put his injury behind him and take over SS with Farmer moving to a super utility role and Drury taking 3B. Still need a LF and RF. Votto and Moose fall after the books after 2023 which should give our tight fisted owner a means to spend some cash. Other then Berrera we seem to be about 1 1/2 years away from some position help in the Minors. We need to fill LF,RF and 1B.

    C. TS
    SS Berrera
    2b. India
    CF. Senzel
    3B Drury

    If we keep our rotation together and shore up the pen we can compete.

    • DHud

      McClain and De La Cruz will be knocking on the door (hopefully) by 2024

      Between those two and Barrero fill out the OF

  13. GreatRedLegsFan

    Not expecting much more from this season but, please, all catchers not named Stephenson are hitting a combined .493 OPS, got to do something, it’s still more than two months remaining until the end.

    • Jim Walker

      It would be a sharp under the radar move if the Reds could manage to get a guy like Casali was when they got him rolled into a larger trade as a sweetener.

  14. JohnnyTV

    The Reds had a guy like Casali.

    His name was even Casali.

    The Giants signed him as a FA for $38K more than the Reds paid him the year before.

    Now folks are longing for another Casali.

    This is what the Reds’ management does to themselves.

    And to Reds’ fans.

    • old-school

      I think Casali would make a fabulous manager.

      • JohnnyTV

        I got a sense when he was in Cincinnati, that the pitchers liked working with him, too.

      • Jim Walker

        @JTV, Yes, Castillo, in particular, seemed to work better with Casali.

        By the end of the 2020 season Casali had at the least pulled abreast of Barnhart as the top guy behind the plate.

        I think he would have been the better choice to mentor and backup Stephenson but…….

      • Melvin

        He was a lefty hitter to go with a righty which we all know is the most important thing. haha

    • Jim Walker

      The issue with Casali was Barnhart’s contract and the Reds not knowing or being unwilling to do what they did a year later when they cut the strings with Barnhart.

      Thus, instead of ending up with Casali who was under team control for 2 more years via arbitration, they hung onto Barnhart who was a sunken cost.

      In the 2020-21 offseason, they probably could have moved Barnhart for the cost of his 2022 option buyout ($500K per Cot’s Contracts) and signed Casali for 2 years for little more than the salary of $4.2m due TB in 2021.

      Instead, whatever happened, happened in negotiations and Casali got nontendered and subsequently signed with the Giants.

      • JohnnyTV

        It’s always something.

        I remember this going down. The money involved really wasn’t that big.

        They could have afforded both. They did afford both.

        Management sorely bungled this.

      • Jim Walker

        Also, recall Kyle Farmer was in the middle of all this as the 3rd catcher and utility man at the corner spots in both the infield and outfield (but nobody considered him a SS at that time). He was also nontendered then within 30 minutes signed a “split contract” which would have paid him $175K in the minors and MLB minimum at MLB.

      • Jim Walker

        Since the pandemic hit (at least) the Reds have been operating like the only driving forces are the latest PL/L statement and projected cash flow for the next cycle. That also seems to define the parameters of any “long term” plan.

  15. Michael B. Green

    I expect CIN to hold onto Mahle through the Trade Deadline and through the Winter. Mahle can slot in the #1 spot of the rotation and take the pressure off the young corp from needing to match up with the #1’s on other teams. Mahle will then serve as part of next year’s Trade Deadline candidates.

    That points to a 2023 rotation of Mahle, Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo and an opening for one spot. I would imagine that CIN wants Williamson to win that spot, but they will likely add a veteran or two to compete and help manage Williamson’s control clock.

    With Castillo all but certain to get dealt at this Trade Deadline, I assume that CIN receives at least one pitching prospect in the return. I would assume that pitcher is far enough along where they could pitch for CIN after the Mahle 2023 Trade Deadline event.

    From there, the development of CIN’s rotation will determine how quickly CIN becomes a contender. I would strongly urge CIN brass to focus this winter on quality controllable RP’s. Those RP’s will either secure wins for the young rotation or blow games non-stop like many successive years now. Good RP’s are always trade chips for Sellers at Trade Deadlines too. It’s fuzzy, almost opaque, to visualize a bonafide closer on a CIN team.

    • Grand Salami

      I’d be fine with that. Mahle lowers the demand on Castillo and if they can’t compete next year, then he can be a deadline trade candidate once more.

      Yes, the bullpen went up in smoke but Guitierrez, Santillian, San Martin, Diaz, Moreta, and Kuhnel are good controllable pieces. Just need two reliable guys to settle things down. It’s not a costly problem.

  16. Beaufort Red

    Call me a pessimist but I don’t think any team is gonna offer us what Castillo is worth. I wouldn’t mind offering an extension to anchor the young guys. We swallow it for one year until we get rid Moose and Vottos contract. Extend Drury and let the battle between Barrero, De La Cruz and McLain begin.

    • Grand Salami

      No reason that Castillo can’t fetch a package similar to Berrios (sp?) last year. He is really the only front of the rotation option on this market and he’s not a rental. Yankees need a lot of help in their rotation and a lot of teams may be willing to make an offer to keep him from the Yankees knowing he brings value.

    • greenmtred

      I’m sure that Castillo knows that his big pay day is in the offing; why would he sign an extension with the Reds?

      • Rednat

        ask Castellanos where he would rather be right now? yes, we have a lot of rain and humidity, but overall Cincinnati isn’t too bad. the media isn’t hard to deal with at all

  17. Mark Moore

    I’m wondering what y’all think the over/under is on LC making his next start in a Reds uniform. Personally, I’m putting it below 50/50.

    • west larry

      I seldom disagree with you Mark, but i’ll take the over. I’m guessing the ones interested will wait until at least august first to see if the price comes down. I think the reds g m waits until august first to maximize the return, ergo I think he gets one more start.

      • Mark Moore

        Fair point. In the end, I think we’re on the tail end of the LC era.

    • BK

      @Rednat, Castellanos did seem really happy in Cincinnati, and I doubt he’s enjoying getting booed in the city of brotherly love. But I don’t think he’s regretting the contract he signed … Castillo will make the same decision.

    • BK

      That last comment landed in the wrong spot, but I doubt we see trade action until closer to the actual deadline. The trend across MLB is to gather as much data as possible and try to get your negotiating partner to flinch by waiting.

      • David

        I think that is right. The Reds want one more, or maybe two more really good starts out of Castillo to cement his value AT THIS TIME (as he does have a career record) for the trade deadline.
        He pitches Wednesday night against the Marlins. If they stay with the present rotation, he comes up again on Tuesday, August 2nd. The Trade Deadline!!!
        Maybe they slip Minor and he pitches Monday night in Miami against the Marlins…again. Or maybe he is gone by then.

        I don’t know if anyone else gets traded really, but I would try to trade Pham; he’s 34. There is no reason to keep him, and I would not sign him to another year. I doubt he would bring back much.
        Solano is a good utility/bench player, but I doubt he brings much, either. He also is 34.
        I like Kyle Farmer, but he is just a fan favorite. He’s 32. And likely, he doesn’t bring back much either, if traded.
        I think Pham, Solano play out the year. I might think about keeping Solano another year. I would not keep Pham. I think he might slap David Bell if he gets moved out of the 3rd spot in the line up.

      • west larry

        David-that slap line really got me. funny. made my day.