The Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals will both be going for the series win this afternoon after they split the first two games on the 3-game set. The Cardinals will hand the ball off to one of the best pitchers in the league in Miles Mikolas while Cincinnati counters with Tyler Mahle. First pitch is set for 1:40pm. The game is available for free on if you are out of market.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s game:

St. Louis Cardinals

Cincinnati Reds

Dylan Carlson – CF Tyler Naquin – RF
Tyler O’Neill – LF Brandon Drury – 3B
Paul Goldschmidt – 1B Tommy Pham – LF
Nolan Arenado – 3B Joey Votto – DH
Nolan Gorman – 2B Kyle Farmer – SS
Tommy Edman – SS Mike Moustakas – 1B
Brendan Donovan – DH Matt Reynolds – 2B
Lars Nootbaar – RF Nick Senzel – CF
Andrew Knizner – C Michael Papierski – C
Miles Mikolas – SP Tyler Mahle – SP

Jonathan India was a late scratch from the lineup. Matt Reynolds will be starting at second base this afternoon in his place.

Starting Pitchers

Tyler Mahle 92.1 4.48 1.30 36 102
Miles Mikolas 120.1 2.54 0.96 23 92
Links: Tyler Mahle’s Stats | Miles Mikolas’ Stats

Tyler Mahle

After a disastrous start in late May, Tyler Mahle’s been very good in his last seven outings, posting a 2.58 ERA in 45.1 innings pitched. As the trade deadline approaches, Mahle is one of several Reds that is expected to be among the names that are being discussed even though he’s not a free agent until after the 2023 season.

Mahle has pitched better on the road than at home. In Great American Ball Park this year his ERA is 4.99 in 10 starts and opponents are hitting .276/.355/.458 against him. That’s an OPS 252 points higher than he’s allowed opponents to hit against him on the road. When it comes to lefty/righty splits there are some difference. Righties make more contact, walk way less often, and hit for a higher average.


RHH 183 44 12 0 5 12 45 .264 .317 .425
LHH 212 40 8 3 5 24 57 .217 .303 .375

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Slider Splitter
Velo 93.5 85.8 84.0 85.5
Usage 50.5% 10.8% 13.7% 25.0%

Miles Mikolas

It’s remarkable how even the splits are for Miles Mikolas at this point in the season. There’s virtually no difference in how left-handed hitters and right-handed hitters results have turned out. He’s been one of the better pitchers in the league this season. He’s been slightly worse on the road, but even then his road ERA is 2.83 and opponents are hitting just .230/.282/.358 against him.


RHH 225 47 8 0 7 13 50 .209 .257 .338
LHH 229 45 9 1 6 10 42 .210 .253 .346

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 93.4 92.8 87.7 82.4 75.8
Usage 22.8% 25.1% 27.3% 5.5% 19.2%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 90°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Jeff Hoffman to the IL, Justin Dunn to Triple-A

Prior to today’s game the Reds announced that Jeff Hoffman is heading to the injured list with forearm tightness. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer notes that the hope is he can return in 15 days. Tyler Mahle was activated today and takes his spot on the roster. Justin Dunn’s rehab stint is complete and he’s been activated and optioned to Triple-A.

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  1. Mark Moore

    It’s a 3M in the field kind of a day. Wondering if that means some adventures in fielding. He should at least be well-rested, right?

    Almost time to Kick this Pig!!

    • Mark Moore

      Oh, and if our Reds win tonight, there will be T-bones on the grill. If they can’t muster a win … there will be T-bones on the grill. So I win either way 😀

      • Melvin

        You’re always making me hungry. 🙂

      • Mark Moore

        That’s one of my goals, Melvin. Just my way of spreading some culinary love to my friends here.

        BTW – they are Angus and were on sale for $8 a pound. Not quite as thick as the last bunch, but they’ve got a really nice sized strip piece. I always eat that first.

  2. Mark Moore

    Annie commenting on Mikolas’ mustache 😀

  3. Mark Moore

    Jim Day has The Mayor with him for the pre-game. What a great guy.

    • Mark Moore

      He’s talking about bringing Pittsburgh Miracle League kids to Cincy to play an “away” game. Bus trip. Got to love it! Full police escort leaving Pittsburgh.

  4. Old-school

    For those who haven’t watched the exchange with Castellanos and a Philly beat reporter, its illuminating. I love Castellanos and hope to cheer for him for his contributions as a great Red when the Phillies come to GABP. But you would never hear a cincy media guy talk to a Reds player that way or need a team spokesman to step in the way of the 2 and end the Q&A and prevent an altercation.

    • Mark Moore


      I could take this one of two ways. Either completely inappropriate by the reporter, knowing Castellanos would respond that way. Or that the Cincy reporters continue to throw softball questions at DTBell & Company for fear of the FO bigwigs clamping down on them.

      It’s got to be frustrating for him in Philly. They are a fickle bunch and the enormous truckloads of money dumped into a team that is floundering is a lot of fuel for the fire.

      • Old-school

        I thought the Philly reporter was out of line and Castellanos didn’t back down. He didn’t ask him a legitimate question. He asked “ Did you hear the boos? As Castellanos said, no I lost my hearing. Thats a stupid question . Guy didnt back down. Answer the question. Castellanos doubled down and then said you asked a rhetorical question.

        Moose and Naquin for Castellanos. Who says no?
        Change of scenery for Nick C and get the band back together.

      • Jim Walker

        OS> Phillies save at least $60M by dining on Moose versus the rest of Nick C’s contract, but I’m guessing they hold out for a controllable legit prospect in the deal. But I’d do it for sure if I was sitting in one of the GABP corner offices and had the authority to do it.

    • DHud

      In Castellanos’ defense…it was 100% a stupid question

    • Mark Moore

      Thanks, OS, for the explanation. I’d have to agree it was a stupid question. Probably just trying to goad Nick into a response (which happened). Nick does need to understand the bright spotlight in Philly comes with 10,000 watt heat as well. It’s just part of the equation playing for them.

    • AMDG

      Castellanos was coming off a career best year (best slash line, most runs created, best WAR, etc.)

      Obviously, any player is likely to regress from their career best (especially on the wrong side of 30).

      If Phillies fans were expecting his 2021 season to become a new normal for him, they were delusional.

      And the question was a pathetically veiled attempt by the reporter to complain about Castellanos, without being man enough to come out and say it to his face.

    • Votto4life

      That’s the reporter wanting his 15 minutes of fame. He should be fired.

  5. Mark Moore

    Day now doing a “future perspective” on EDLC.

  6. Mark Moore

    Almost time to switch to the WLW audio feed so I can avoid the clown-show that is Sadak. Other than that, I’m pretty well settled in for the afternoon.

    • Mark Moore

      Larkin is back from his absence. That’s sure to make from some interesting exchanges in the TV booth.

      • VaRedsFan

        Larkin was at HOF induction ceremonies

      • Mark Moore

        Thanks, VA Red … that makes sense. I completely forgot about all that.

  7. JA

    Read from youtube comments: “It wasn’t a stupid question at all. Philly fans are WELL-KNOWN for booing their OWN teams. It happens to the Eagles too in the NFL. New Yorkers are the same way with the Giants, the Knicks, the Yanks, et cetera. It wasn’t a stupid question at all, man. Nick needs to understand he’s on the East Coast now and not in Cincy.”

    Agree on phillies, eagles, sixers fans… they booing their teams easily…. Part of the contract payments is to deal with those booes

    • Mark Moore

      Well, I’d classify it as “stupid”. But it’s what you expect in Philly as you pointed out.

    • DHud

      What’s Nick supposed to say?


      Ask a smart-mouth question get a smart-mouth answer

    • Daytonnati

      I remember when they booed Santa at an Eagles game and pelted him with snowballs. Tough crowd, man 🙂

  8. DHud

    Got curious after seeing the Hoffman news so did some looking

    IMO, 10 of the reds best 15 relievers currently reside on the IL. Hard to stay competitive like that

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. A pretty decent BP on that list.

    • VaRedsFan

      Could be the way they are being used by Bell. one inning on back to back days, instead of 2 innings (maybe more), with a day of rest in between.

      • greenmtred

        And if Bell had used them the way you suggest, we’d say that was the reason they got hurt.

      • doofus

        Someone continues to strum a guitar with broken strings.

    • Doc

      True, except they weren’t competitive from the get go this season, but they have stayed non-competitive with all the injuries.

    • Mark Moore

      Very efficient way to get the first one in the books. I’m sure I’m wrong, but that’s not always the case with him. We’ve seen The Nibbler emerge sooner as opposed to later far too often.

    • Mark Moore

      We can only hope. He could be part of a very talented young group that would be a lot of fun to watch play. As opposed to the “chore” watching lately often feels like.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’d really get excited if he could get 2 sustained weeks of similar production.

      ButiIt could be like when MLB teams play the Reds, and suddenly their hitters have a 3-day hot streak.

    • JB

      Like I said awhile back Jim, everyone is different with that kind of injury. Some come back quicker than others and doctors can’t explain it. Barrero just doesn’t quit knowing how to hit. He hit at AAA. He will be fine.

    • Doc

      That would be nice. Then EDLC could move to CF and become the next Mickey Mantle!

    • doofus

      He hit it off Peralta. Is that the Brewers starting pitcher on a rehab? Peralta is pretty good.

  9. Mark Moore

    OK, who is this wearing Mahle’s uniform and how has he managed to get through two innings with less pitches than most of our guys need for the first of late?

    Asking for a friend … and happy to know this could demonstrate his health to a trade market that wants some quality SP’s in the next week or so.

  10. Bet on Red

    got a late start but did notice that Moose got a hit. Kinda wondedring why the Front office did not pull the trigger on a trade beforfe his next at bat

    • Mark Moore


      Don’t make me dump all my points on a most excellent post like this 😀

  11. Mark Moore

    Shouldn’t a guy named Nootbaar be playing for Minnesota or Milwaukee … dontchaknow yeahsure?

  12. Mark Moore

    Looked like Reynolds almost handcuffed 3M with that throw. A little awkward catch-and-fall-away by The Moose.

  13. Roger garrett

    Old guys 1-4 with 2 strikeouts first time up

    • Kevin H

      So where are you when the “old guys” do well and help the team win? Not a peep from you.

      • Roger Garrett

        Not true at all right after I called out Pham and Joey last night I said Solano sure can hit.Always give credit where it’s due and the old guys stats on offense and defense are what they are

  14. Mark Moore

    Nibbled his way into giving him a walk. Hope that doesn’t throw him off.

  15. Mark Moore

    Just heard somebody in the crowd say “Come on, Mahle!”

    • JB

      It was probably one of the 20 scouts there to watch him.

  16. Mark Moore

    Escaped that one. The efficiency in the first two innings is helping. I was afraid he was going to revert to form. The HP chumpire wasn’t helping any either.

  17. JB

    Another hit be Senzel. Maybe Bell will pinch hit for him again today.

  18. Jim Walker

    And now rehabbing Punisher has just touched them all at Louisville. His rehab OPS was already >1.000 before this. His combined AAA option stint and rehab OPS at AAA for 2022 is also > 1.000. Consider his 115 OPS+ at MLB between his return to the Reds and injury plus these numbers; and, maybe he is another one getting things figured out too.

    • Kevin H

      Appreciate your updates.

      Can AA hit mlb pitching. That is the big question. So far he can’t

      • Jim Walker

        In the month between when AA was recalled from option and got hurt, his MLB OPS+ was 115. There is nothing wrong with that if he could sustain over a full season. That’s the question.

    • Melvin

      You know I’m one of the few not giving up on him.

    • DHud

      We’ve seen this play out before

      AA gets hot for 2-3 weeks and then forgets which side of the plate he swings from

  19. Old-school

    Reds Murderer’s row in July hitting 3-6 today:

    Pham .191/.247/.235/.482. wRC+ 32

    Votto .163/.217/.279/.496. wRC+ 34

    Farmer .149/.286/.255/.541. wRC+ 58

    Moose .154/.190/.385/.575 wRC + 48

    • Jim Walker

      Votto strikes a blow for old times’ sake.
      Bell lets go a huge sigh of relief.

  20. Mark Moore

    Time for Pham to get his one good moment for the week. It’s Sunday, so get it out of the way early.

  21. Mark Moore

    OK … that’s better than a GIDP. Moved Naquin up as well.

  22. Bet on Red

    Notice that the “old players” deriders are silent

    • JB

      Please. Where are you when he is making out after out? Oh that’s right quiet.

      • Daytonnati

        Face it, baseball players who fail 7 times out of 10 go to the Hall of Fame. They fail 8 times out of 10 and they’re bums.

  23. Roger garrett

    Joey Joey touch them all.Big fly with 2 on

  24. Votto4life

    Oh look, Joey Votto hit a 3 run home run. The same player who is the cause of all the reds problems.

      • Votto4life

        Would have meant nothing, unless Joey went deep

      • Votto4life

        I will be happy to compare the careers of Nick Senzel and Joey Votto. In fact l, I will will be happy to compare the careers with Joey Votto and anyone who has played for the Reds for the past 15 years.

    • Kevin H

      You missed my point entirely. If Senzel makes a out, pham would of made 3rd out. Senzel got inning started

      • Votto4life

        I didn’t miss your point. Senzel got on base. Good for him.

  25. Mark Moore

    Thrall says “struggling with his command” … I say reverting to The Nibbler.

  26. Bet on Red

    well there went the no-hitter, and here comes home Mahle. Let the nibbling begin

  27. Old-school

    Pham gave a professional at bat on that long count. Votto went left center on a hanger. Give credit to Senzel/Naquin/ Drury for not striking out and putting the bat on the ball to extend the inning and get in scoring position GABP is homer happy. If you get guys on base, over the long haul those homers will be 2 and 3 run jobs instead of solo bombs.

  28. Jim Walker

    This is where all those scouts they were talking on the Reds telecast about will really be watching Mahle to see what he does with a nice lead.

    And before I can type it and hit submit, Mahle has given back 2 runs without recording an out.

    • Jim Walker

      At least Mahle sucked it up and slammed the door after the 2 run HR.

      • Mark Moore

        Yep. Maybe that shook him awake.

      • JohnnyTV

        Goldschmidt is having the best year of his career at age 34.

  29. Mark Moore

    3M with a BB … it could be a rare day in the Queen City afterall.

  30. JA

    I don’t understand why reds pitchers (other than Castillo) are still trying to strike PG, he owns them. If i were reds coach i will direct only bad balls near to the batter.
    Bernies do that all the time

    • JohnnyTV

      Having Arenado hitting behind you has to help complicate things.

  31. JohnnyTV

    This may be the “Moose Surge” Bell has been talking about for 3 years.

    • Jim Walker

      Yep. I posted a Moose alert on Twitter

  32. Mark Moore

    Sorry – didn’t mean to use an offensive word.

  33. Mark Moore

    Miklas and his 70’s stache have to be puzzled about now. Very unlucky little seeing-eye single.

  34. Mark Moore

    And we’re an out away from all that being wasted.

  35. JB

    Naquin would be a nice little bench piece for the Yankees.

    • Mark Moore

      You have to think they are sniffing around that idea. He’s very focused at the moment.

  36. Roger Garrett

    Barrrero now 2-3 after 3-5 last night.

    • JohnnyTV

      That’s going to rock a few boats around here if it keeps up.

  37. Old-School

    Barrero another hit
    McGarry a double and now hitting .301 at AA. 22 home runs for the year and an OPS pushing .940.
    McGarry is the minor league player of the year….were it not for that Elly guy. Maybe Reds have a lefty first baseman internally.

    • Roger Garrett

      McGarry is 24 so maybe he is the next guy at first.

  38. Mark Moore

    That worked out well. Have both of the Goldy-bomb runs back again.

  39. Bet on Red

    Thats a nice stolen run too good job by Naquin on not getting caught out before the run scored

  40. Jim Walker

    And the Cards are caught looking like the Reds on the reverse TOOTBLAN double steal which plates the Reds 6th run.

  41. stuckonthenorthshore

    Well, how about that?

  42. Jim Walker

    And Mahle gets a 2nd chance to show he knows how to pitch with a 4 run lead.

    • Jim Walker

      A shaky start with the BB but ultimately Mahle passes the test with flying colors.

  43. VaRedsFan

    Never thought i would see that work in MLB. Stole a run.

    • Mark Moore

      Completely did that. I was shocked. Looked like Naquin bluffed them all the way.

  44. Old-school

    Mahle at 66 pitches through 5 innings. They need a top 50 overall prospect with a high ceiling as a silver slugger or top of the rotation potential guy or I’m not trading him. Mahle said this week reds have never really talked to him about an extension.

    • Mark Moore

      Color me surprised about the non-talk … NOT

    • Roger Garrett

      Exactly Old-school.He wins 15 easy on a good team not having to pitch in GABP.Other teams know what our park does for hitters and know what it does to pitchers.Can’t give this guy away either.

  45. Mark Moore

    Seriously … who out there will want Pham with his extreme up-and-down performance plus his known “other factors”?

  46. Daytonnati

    Advice to Pham: don’t go Bo Jackson on the bat unless you know you can 🙂

  47. Bet on Red

    I dont think we can get much for Pham, but I surely do not see us using his option either

    • Roger Garrett

      If he leaves does his option go with him to his new team?

      • Mark Moore

        It should. You trade contracts in the end. Players just happen to be attached to them.

      • Jim Walker

        Yes if he is traded the option travels with him. It is a mutual option which means he can say no thanks and collect the buyout even if the team wants to keep him.

        So effectively Pham is a free agent with a $1.5m separation bonus.

        When he was playing better, the smart money was he would walk because he was a sure thing make more by taking the bonus and signing a new contract for 2023. But the way things are going now, a team may not want him back at $6m.

        The Reds might have to send some or all of the buyout sum with him to move him. That is not unusual in such cases.

    • Roger Garrett

      Have to wonder if Farmer is hurting some.He’s not been good against righties at all but it may be more then that.Dude is a gamer and probably never complains but he is slumping right now.

  48. Jim Walker

    Mikolas wasn’t going to get burned again by Votto. He was going to get the K or walk him with 2 outs on that low and inside location and the bases empty. And Farmer makes it a good decision my Mikolas by harmlessly rolling one over.

  49. Mark Moore

    Just bean him or give him the IBB. Pitching to him, especially anything close to a cookie, won’t work.

    Now let’s see if Mahle can shake that off.

  50. Bet on Red

    At least noone is on base infront of Goldy this time

  51. JA

    Coaches are a bunch of idiots… why do they insist in pitching good balls to a super hot hitter?
    You saw what Cards did with Votto.., nothing good in his next at bat…

  52. JB

    3-22. If the Reds played near .500 ball at 12-13 they would be 5 1/2 out of the last wild card spot. This game could move them closer. Oh well….

  53. Roger Garrett

    Yeah a mistake to Goldy is a run unlike most hitters.So its Reds 6 and Goldy 3.May need a couple more runs cause he will get 1 more at bat at least.This maybe his best year.He would hit 50 at GABP easily.

  54. Mark Moore

    Nice to see we can send 3M up with confidence to face a LHP when we know he can’t hit one and we have plenty of options sitting on the bench … some of which would actually make the defense better in the final few innings.

    • Roger Garrett

      That had Solano who had 3 its last night written in the game right there for anybody that knows anything at all.Moose with a glove is scary as is him facing a lefty at any time.

  55. Old-school

    Reds cant afford Castillo. Hes a legit #1/2 and market says he gets $20 mil AAV through his age 35 season. Mahle is a different deal and reds are going to need some vets in 24/25/26 to pitch. I’m 50/50 on trading him. If you get a potential cornerstone for the franchise, sure. Otherwise, sign him to fair extension for 2024/25/26. Hes owing to make $10mil next year no matter what. Might not be bad to have his presence in the rotation for the young guys. Goldy is great, but that was a GABP RF 2nd rower.

  56. Bet on Red

    I dont think he had control of the ball until after Renyolds has arrived

    • Jim Walker

      I agree with you even though the replay folks don’t. He pulled the ball away from his chest/ shoulder after Reynolds touched the base; and fabric from his jersey was pulled out with the ball. To me, that says the fabric was between his hand/ finger and the ball. I’d call that a trap and not a grasp. But we aren’t the umps. 🙂

  57. Mark Moore

    Thrall says he’s out on a challenge. I say maybe.

  58. Mark Moore

    Taking a little time recovering from all the between-inning maintenance

    • Mark Moore

      Love seeing the Handyman’s Secret Weapon in use there 😀

  59. Old-school

    McGarry homers. Who is this guy? I get hes a 2020 victim of 5 round Covid draft who the Reds signed from Oregon State, but the hit tool seems off the charts. He’s big, doesn’t walk a ton , hits lefty for average and power and plays first base.


    • Kevin H

      He wasn’t drafted either if I,read his bio right. I say call him up. Maybe a Dimond in the rough?

    • Mark Moore

      Just went over to look at it (found it right away by rewinding the game feed). Basically a wrist flick shot over the wall just left of CF. And that’s one tall wall in Chattanooga.

      • Old-school

        He was promoted June 10 to AA and has 12 bombs in 6 weeks at the NEXT level.

    • Votto4life

      Alex McGarry is the Reds next first baseman. Which is just reason 645 why Stephenson stays behind the plate.

    • Votto4life

      Alex McGarry is the Reds next first baseman. Which is just reason 645 why Stephenson stays behind the plate.

    • Old-school

      He was on the IL prior to the AS break with shoulder strain. They are managing his load. He was on a pitch count.

      • Kevin H

        Didn’t know that, makes more sense now. Didn’t factor the injury and coming off IL either.

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah, not a no-hitter or a shut-out, so rest his arm a bit. Extra rest with the 6-man rotation.

        Or he’s traded, which we’ll hear about soon enough. Probably to the AL so he won’t pitch to Goldy regularly.

    • burtgummer01

      Just off the dl one of their main trade chips no need to overdo it in a lost season

  60. DHud

    Would love to see Sanmartin go 2 innings here

    • Mark Moore

      Should be rested enough. It’s up to him to be pitch efficient. It’s up to DTBell to refrain from his normal bit.

      • Mark Moore

        Exactly … nice GIDP turn on that one.

  61. Mark Moore

    Looks to be a little squeezing there by the HP chumpire

  62. Roger Garrett

    Big double play with the catcher running.

  63. Mark Moore

    Oh goodie … Baltimore is coming up on the schedule. Here’s hoping my VPN works and I can watch those games. Because of course Raleigh is in the Baltimore market.

    • Bet on Red

      I know right… I do not understand how a city 2 states and DC away…..

      • Mark Moore

        In today’s world, blackouts are just plain punitive. It used to be they were trying to fill the stadiums. That’s an idea that is so far gone I can’t even remember it anymore.

        Hey, at least you got to see your favorite Miami Valley commercial … AWESOME!! 😀

      • Bet on Red

        No its not awesome…. as far as the games, I should be able to watch them through the Bookie site that I use

  64. Jeff Morris

    Bobby Nightengale had a great article on the Enquirer about upcoming trade deadline and free agency. Reds hold the cards. Reds need to be very very picky and dig there heels in and expect nothing but TOP prospects on return for their current players going into free agency this year and next year.

  65. JohnnyTV

    So why did the Reds bail on Packy Naughton?
    And whatever happened to the “Brian Goodwin” they traded him for?
    Another bullpen left mysteriously shed.

    • PTBNL

      Reds, at that time, wanted a playoff bat. Goodwin did next to nothing for the Reds. If he had hit and it panned out, no one would question it. Seemed like a desperation move at the time, and, in essence, it was.

      Naughton was good in the minors, think Andrew Abbott level, but really looks like a keeper now. That was an “oh well” kind of result.

      • JohnnyTV

        Well, maybe such a “playoff bat” type trade might bode well for the Reds in reverse this year.

        Hopefully, any coming trades aren’t in the ‘desperation mood’.

  66. Roger Garrett

    There guy walked Pap hitting 132 on 5 pitches and Naquin against the same guy a lefty gets ahead 2-0 and swings and pops up.Makes no sense to me at all.Why notmake him throw at least 1 if not 2 strikes.Is anybody watching whats happening on the field?Three runs is not safe with our pen at any time.

  67. Roger Garrett

    Drury first pitch swinging and Pham first pitch swinging against the new pitcher and the inning is over.

      • Mark Moore

        If you are “hot” and seeing the ball well, I get it. But that’s not an accurate description of Pham in any way.

  68. Old-school

    There’s some guy named Fernando Cruz in AAA with 16 saves who is 1-0 with a 1.08 ERA in July and given up 2 runs all month. His ERA is 3.38 for the year. Why is he not up here? Yeah, he’s 32 but so what.

    This is the Reds bullpen we are talking about.

    • Roger Garrett

      Was just looking at the Bats box and saw he saved the win today.Good question Old-school why isn’t he up here.Barrero with a 2-4 and a homer and Aquino with 1-4 with a homer.Come on August 2nd.

  69. Mark Moore

    Thrall and Welsh bantering about ‘the question’ in Philly. Welsh says it’s a legit one, because the reporter is trying to set up his next question. I tend to disagree, but as we said, it’s Philly and that’s the standard for that city and their sports teams.

    • Old-school

      The issue wasnt so much the first question, it was the reporter then not reframing it or coming in from a different angle. Like, you’ve had a tough year and the Philly fans were vocal tonight, how do you get it turned around? He didnt do that. He got argumentative, confrontational and went mano y Mano and literally had to be physically separated and the PR guy from the Phillies escorted the media out. Thats not a journalist, thats a hack.

  70. Mark Moore

    So, once again, we send Joey up against a LHP when we have options and a chance to play add-on. And I love Joey. But this is another situation where DTBell’s choices make no sense at all. None.

      • Mark Moore

        “We’ve got Jack for that …”


    • PTBNL

      As well as Moose vs. a lefty with 2 outs in the 8th, with Solano sitting after hitting well last night.

    • Mark Moore

      Same comment, but M3 at bat. And he almost pulled one out.

  71. Bet on Red

    For those not watching the TV broadcast, Yankees just pulled multiple High end Prospects out of their games today

    • Mark Moore

      So something is brewing out there.

      • Bet on Red

        I didnt catch their names but they were genuine high level prosepcts in their A and AA systems

      • PTBNL

        The score was like 16 to 8. It could be nothing.

      • Jon

        Jasson Dominguez and Trey Sweeney, I believe.

    • Mark Moore

      Longoria is back on the IL. I’m thinking it’s gonna be a busy week.

  72. Indy Red Man

    I’m thinking my $50 Reds vs Tigers bet with my Michigan friend is starting to look pretty good! Even after we dump Castillo and whoever

  73. Roger Garrett

    Bell just does things like this cause he can and nobody questions him.These games are meaningless for sure but at times he manages like its the 7th game of the World Series and goes match up crazy at the plate and on the mound like last night.Today its like it doesn’t matter.Naquin,Joey and Moose just can’t hit lefties and the numbers support it.

  74. Jim Walker

    If Moose can hit RH pitching, I could see him as a 1B paired with say Farmer as a platoon partner vs LH pitching.

  75. Mark Moore

    It’s dawned on me … this is 2 of 3 from the WLB’s. I’m definitely grilling that T-bone. Sweet potato for a side. I can smell the charcoal now.

    • Bet on Red

      better be careful I just heard thunder

      • Mark Moore

        I thought I did earlier. Forecast shows bupkus heading my way. I’ll be good.

      • Mark Moore

        I’m hearing it now. Radar shows it to be very broken and unstable (in a good way).

  76. Bet on Red

    And we win, lets pump the breaks on selling and be BUYERS…. we are only…checks notes….16 games out of first

    • Mark Moore

      +10,000 for that laugh (-1,000,000 if you are anything close to serious)

  77. LT

    3 up 3 down, way to go Strickland. Winning the game and the series against the Cards, priceless!

    • TR

      Winning more series than you lose is the road to being a competitive team.

  78. Indy Red Man

    Nice win! Strickland 5 of 7 with saves. I wonder if the blown saves were after he was named the closer? He doesn’t seem mentally frazzled anyway

  79. Doc

    Playing .667 since the All Star break.

    • Mark Moore

      Got to love how stats can skew pretty much anything 🙂

  80. Kevin H

    33-36 since their start of 3-22.

    As much as they drive me crazy kudos to Bell and the coaching staff for keeping the team together and competitive. Injures, horrible bullpen and starting pitching that at times has struggled.