The All-Star break isn’t over for two more days, but the Cincinnati Reds have set their rotation out of the break for their weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals. Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported earlier today that the Reds will go with Graham Ashcraft on Friday, Mike Minor on Saturday, and then hand the ball over to Tyler Mahle on Sunday.

The Reds played the Cardinals right before the break, losing both games of the series (the game on Sunday was postponed). Cincinnati won’t be sending the two starters from that series, Nick Lodolo and Hunter Greene, back out to face St. Louis for a second start in a row. Instead they’ll try to play things a little different and not have the same pitchers fresh in the minds of the Cardinals hitters.

Notably missing here, though, is Luis Castillo. He pitched in the All-Star game last night, firing a shutout inning with two strikeouts. But with all of the off days he could have pitch in the series if they wanted, but they are choosing not to. Castillo, of course, is one of a few players that Cincinnati is expected to field tons of phone calls about as the trade deadline approaches (August 2nd). The same can be said for starter Tyler Mahle, and infielder Brandon Drury.

The other news on the day is that the team activated reliever Dauri Moreta from the injured list and sent Ryan Hendrix back to Triple-A. Moreta was on the COVID injury list and Hendrix was called up to take his place as a replacement player who was not on the 40-man roster.

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  1. Greenfield Red

    After all that time off, Bell’s going with Mike Minor on the second day back? I find that curious at best.

    Maybe Castillo will be gone by then, and he knows it. Why not Greene or Ludolo? So what that they pitched against the same team several days ago. They will be facing the Cards for the next 5 years. They need to acclimate to that.

    • BK

      With Greene, I think they are using the break to limit his innings. They could be doing the same thing with Lodolo, but he’s missed a lot of time on the IL.

      • Tom Reeves

        Maybe there are also things they want to work on with both in bullpen sessions. Both are fantastic talents but they have a lot developing to do.

    • DHud

      Not facing a team two starts in a row seems pretty straight forward to me

      Cards batters 5 yrs from now will inevitably be much different than this weekend

    • SteveaReno

      Their “time off” is actually spent working on their game. Perhaps the pitching coaches see something Minor has improved that we don’t get to see everyday? Keep your fingers crossed.

    • Stock

      I think they are hoping Minor starts showing he can pitch so they can trade him. They have 2/3 chances to prove he has something left in the tank.

      I am hoping the rotation is a sign of where the Reds are at this point.

      1. Castillo has pitched his last game as a Red.
      2. If 1 is true then Minor has 3 starts before the deadline if he is 1st or 2nd in the rotation.
      3. Maybe this is implying Ashcraft is available also because he is also getting 3 starts assuming Castillo has pitched his last game for the Reds.

      I was hoping all winter the Reds would sell high on Gutierrez. He had a good year statistically and he may have been able to get something on the market. Now he is worthless (in my opinion he was worthless last winter, so he may have been worthless in the eyes of other GM’s also).

  2. SteveO

    Looks like a 6 man rotation out of the gate, so Moreta likely activated for a couple of days and then sent down to Louisville when Mahle activated on Sunday. Good way to monitor innings for Greene and Lodolo.

  3. Rednat

    i have tickets for saturday’s game, thinking it would be Mahle or Castillo. not sure if i want to waste my time seeing Minor get rocked in front of 10k cardinal fans.shucks

    • Greenfield Red

      You make another good point… in addition to the point I made above. Maybe attendance and home games make no difference to David Bell when he sets his lineup, but this makes no sense. A home Saturday night game against a heated division rival when he has Ludolo, Greene, and at this point Castillo available for his use and all with plenty of rest.

      And we get a guy with a 6.21 ERA who is clearly only in the number 5 position because there is no one else to put there… and I don’t mean this as a shot at Mike Minor the person. He very well may be a great guy, but clearly this is not a start he has earned.

      This is a terrible decision on his part.

      • David

        Ditto that. Castillo should have the Saturday start.

        Aren’t we still playing to win, here?

        And very likely, Bell has done this by instruction of the “Front Office”.

      • 2020ball

        If you think Bell should be choosing his rotation based on attendance and home games, thats absolutely crazy. No sane manager would ever do this. Nick and Hunter’s innings are limited this way, plus they dont pitch versus a team they just saw, and Castillo is probably getting traded and did not rest during the break so great decision there to give him some rest and keep him healthy. Y’all dont like Bell sure, but come on, lets ride him for things that actually matter to the clubhouse and winning games, not how well he monitors attendance.

      • Greenfield Red

        2020… I disagree. If you remember, ownership clearly called the fans out in April about our support.

        Where else are we going to go? Not to GABP on Saturday when they had at least 2 viable options that are better than this.

      • greenmtred

        A heated division rival historically, but not really this year. Minor hasn’t looked any worse than Greene has lately, anyway.

      • greenmtred

        Ownership also clearly signaled that they had no intention of doing what was necessary to field a competitive team. I agree with 2020: It’s not not the manager’s job to be concerned with attendance. Teams have other guys to do that.

      • Tom Diesman

        “Aren’t we still playing to win, here?”

        Nope! The Reds tossed in the towel on the 2022 season back on 11/03/2021 when this nightmare all began.

  4. LDS

    Mahle has to get an audition for the trade deadline. If the Cards rock him, I guess he’ll be a Red the rest of the year. Minor? That’s just David Bell’s way of helping out his old team. Let’s hope they aren’t also auditioning Ashcraft.

    • 2020ball

      Ashcraft is the kind of guy they should be trading for, why in the world would you think they were auditioning him for a trade?

      • LDS

        Hopefully, they aren’t but Krall is a concern

      • 2020ball

        obviously tongue-in-cheek as is most of the comment, so probably not suggesting that I guess.

  5. Steven Ross

    Let’s hope the Reds show some moxy this weekend like they did when then played the Yankees and not be so somnolent as they displayed last weekend in St. Louis.

  6. Hanawi

    I’d be mildly surprised if Castillo makes another start for the Reds

  7. JohnnyTV

    Castillo dominates in his brief appearance in his 2nd All Star appearance.

    I can imagine baseball fans across the country thinking the same thing:

    “The Reds are trading this guy???!”

    • Rednat

      exactly. i am already disappointed in the return for Castillo and the trade hasn’t even happened yet. i guess i should be more positive but for some reason I am not

      • JayTheRed

        I am really hoping that if Castillo is traded it is to the Blue Jays so I can continue to support him on my 2nd fav. team. Plus, he would be a huge shot in the arm for the starting rotation in Toronto.

        But I would rather he sign a multi year deal and stay a Red.

  8. Tom Diesman

    I’m reposting this here from the “Trade for Soto” thread where it’s more appropriate and will be seen by more now.

    So since their last game the Reds sent Schrock down and returned Moustakas from the Covid List. They sent Hendrix down and returned Moreta from the Covid List. They still have Almora on the Covid List with one open 40 man roster spot. It appears they have about 9 guys ready to return from the Covid, 10/15, and 60 day DLs in the next few days. So they may be getting ready to have to make some tough decisions before the they begin their deadline trading. The current 40 man is at 39 and Almora, Fraley and Dunn will require 40 man spots to be activated. Below is the list of the 9 players I think are real close to returning and then a list of the moves I’d guess they might make to activate them. That is given that no trades are involved of course. Curious to see who you guys feel the Reds might DFA/option to get these guys all back active.

    Due back soon:

    SP Mahle After All Star Break, Scheduled to start 07/24
    OF Aquino Mid-to-late July – Began rehab assignment
    OF Fraley Mid-to-late July – Began rehab assignment
    SP Dunn Mid to Late July, began rehab assignment
    OF Almora Covid List on 07/12
    C Garcia Glove hand middle finger 07/07 – TBD
    RP Cessa After All Star Break
    RP Warren Mid-July
    RP Detwiler Lower back 07/09 – TBD

    Best Guess at Transaction:

    SP Mahle 26 Lodolo Optioned to Louisville
    OF Aquino 26 Fairchild Optioned to Louisville
    OF Fraley 40/26 DFA Reynolds, Optioned to Louisville
    SP Dunn 40/26 DFA Gibaut to open 40 and 26 man spots
    OF Almora 40/26 Takes up open 40 man roster spot, and Reynolds 26 man spot
    C Garcia 26 Papierski Optioned to Louisville
    RP Cessa 26 Ashcraft Optioned to Louisville
    RP Warren 26 Kuhnel Optioned to Louisville
    RP Detwiler 26 Moreta Optioned to Louisville

    • Mike Adams

      Why option Ashcraft to Lville? Or are you thinking Bell/front office would rather keep gritty veterans on staff?

      • Mike Adams

        By “gritty” I mean “useless”

      • Tom Diesman

        Nah. Was thinking Ashcraft and Lodolo might go down for a short time due to them having options until two of Castillo/Mahle/Minor are traded

    • A Former West Sider

      Critical start for Mahle’s trade value…
      He’s got 2 opportunities – let’s hope for the best!

      • JayTheRed

        It’s too Sunday is not an away game. He performs so much better out of GABP.

    • SteveO

      Interesting take on roster manipulation. First domino to fall will probably be Mahle on Sunday. I think Moreta is optioned to Louisville or Gibault DFA and the Reds continue a 6 man rotation or move Minor to the bullpen if he is not traded and the Reds decide to go back to a 5 man rotation. Aquino and Fraley went on rehab assignment on 7/13 and have a maximum of 20 days. That puts any transaction at the trade deadline. Who is moved before 8/2 will determine these transactions. Dunn in similar situation as he started his rehab assignment on 7/1 and has 30 days max. Hard to know right now who will be the next one ready to be activated among Almora, Garcia, Cessa, Detwiler and Warren. Almora gets activated and goes on rehab assignment to Louisville is my guess. I think the Reds want to get a look at what Fairchild can do. I don’t see either Lodolo or Ashcraft being optioned to Louisville. I also see Gibault as a DFA before Kuhnel, Moreta or Sanmartin get optioned. I believe the Reds will use max time on the players on rehab, so they will not need to make any transaction until it is necessary.

      • Tom Diesman

        Good point that they’ll most likely use the max rehab assignment to postpone the moves until after some trades

      • Oldtimer

        Fairchild has a career .118 BA in MLB. He’s a fringe 5th or 6th OF at best.

    • Greenfield Red

      Do any of these guys make a difference for 2023? To me, who they dfa doesn’t matter.

      • Votto4life

        Right. There are only about 6 players on the 40 man roster that even matters. I find it hard to care, if Fraley or someone of that ilk is sent down or released.

      • Jim Walker

        Now is the time to trade Aquino or find a way to get to the off season with him still with the Reds organization.

        During the time he was optioned to AAA, he compiled an OPS of >1.1 and wRC+ of 190, yep, 190 in 42PA.

        In the 3 weeks, he was back up with the Reds prior to the injury, he posted an OPS of .798, good for 115 wRC in 47PAs.

        On his rehab stint, 17 PAs in 4 games so far, he has picked right back at AAA with an OPS> 1.00 and a 175 RWC+.

        Add in his defensive value established at MLB, and, it seems doubtful they would slip Aquino through waivers again. And unless it is Fairchild, who can be safely optioned back to AAA, they don’t have a RH hitting OF under control aside from Senzel beyond 2023.

    • SteveaReno

      I want us to keep Ross Detwiler. He has the lowest BB% of the relief corps. He had one of our best ERAs until last couple games when his back bothered him.

  9. Old-school

    6 man rotation with Castillo not starting the first series allows the Reds to have Castillo start 1 more game max prior to the trade deadline. I wouldn’t let him throw more than 80 pitches or 5 innings in that start, if he’s still a Red next tuesday or Wednesday . He has nothing left to prove.

    A 6 man rotation with Greene and Lodolo not pitching in the first series allows them time to work on side bullpens and preserve innings and starts so they can pitch into September. Minor is good for something- he saves starts for Castillo pretrade deadline and gives Lodolo and Greene some time to make adjustments at the AS game and prolong their year. Also gives Dunn more time in AAA to lengthen his arm.

  10. SteveaReno

    Trading Brandon Drury is big mistake. We need to keep our batting leader. So solid at .278 and the most HRs by far.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      He is a free agent after this season and the team is not going to win anything this season. Keeping him makes no sense unless the goal is to still finish in last place but be worse off next year as well.

    • SteveO

      Not if he is part of a trade package that can bring back a controllable mlb ready prospect. For example, if he goes to the Dodgers with Mahle and Pham and we get back Miller, Vargas, Pepiot and Stone, the Reds do that trade no questions asked. Drury is close to 30 and a FA after this season. Vargas is 22 and controllable for many years. Keeping Drury around this year makes no sense as the Reds will not contend.

      • Votto4life

        The Dodgers have no interest in an outfielder hitting in the .240s with little power. Pham is not worth a roster spot to the Dodgers, let alone, giving up prospects for him.

      • SteveO

        He’s putting up better numbers than both Bellinger and Muncy this season. .242, 11HR, 36 RBI vs. .210, 11, 31 for Bellinger and .160, 9, 30 for Muncy. He has more HR than starters Muncy, Turner and Lux as well as Taylor, who plays a lot but currently on IL. Another reason for him to be included in the trade because of injury to Taylor. Also, you make it seem that Pham is the major piece of the trade from the Reds. He’s the 3rd piece behind Mahle and Drury. Cmon man! Know your facts before commenting

  11. SteveaReno

    I want us to keep Ross Detwiler. He has the lowest BB% of the relief corps. He had one of our best ERAs until last couple games when his back bothered him.

    • SteveO

      Detwiler is in the same boat. 36 and FA after the season and not in the future plans of the Reds. If the Reds do it right in trades, they can easily find someone to replace him in the bullpen and he will be DFAd. Try to trade him, even if it’s for cash considerations and not a player.

      • SteveaReno

        Not all free agents become 100% toxic. If they remain affordable and they want to stay, we can make a deal with them. If they think free agency triples their value then yes they go to make more dough.

      • SteveO

        Holding on to a 36 year old reliever if you don’t have to makes no sense. With no options, he can’t be optioned with going on waivers. The Reds can go younger with a reliever with options. And there would be no reason to sign him in the off season to pitch year 37 with the Reds in ‘23.

  12. Old-school

    Lance mccalister tweeting Elly is headed to AA

    • Mark A Verticchio

      They need to fast track him as much as possible. If for no other reason than to give fans hope. He needs to be the Reds version of the Nats Soto. That may be wishful thinking but hey, let a person dream.

      • Old-school

        Unfortunately reds 2022 development has been a disaster other than Elly

      • Doug Gray

        Joe Boyle? Pretty much the entire ACL Reds squad? Chase Petty? Allan Cerda? Alex McGarry? Michael Siani?

      • SteveO

        I’d also add catchers Okey, Robinson and Free, who all have improved offensive numbers so far this year.

      • Old-school

        Joe Boyle is very interesting. Hopefully he’s part of the solution to this awful bullpen mess and takes the next step in AA soon. Dont know much about 27 year old back up AAA catchers who aren’t on the 40 man roster. If those are examples of Reds 2022 reds prospect development, I will rest my case.

      • Doug Gray

        Injured, but expected back soon.

    • Old-school

      Following McGarry closely. Hope he has a great second half.

      But, Jose Siri was Vada Pinson in Dayton.

      Gotta make it through AA.

      • Jim Walker

        Siri is still a Pinson at AAA (sent back not quite a month ago and picked up right where he left off). It is that last step that really is the bigger difference for position players I think.

      • Old-school

        @ Jim- I had high hopes coming in to this year that Barrero would be a 3rd piece in 2022 to add to India and Stephenson and Senzel might stay healthy and be part of a young cornerstone going in to 2023. But, I just dont see enough cornerstone pieces internally as 3-4 WAR players for a good 2023. Barrero may yet turn it around and you stick with him everyday for sure at AAA.

        Senzel has been ok but doesnt look like that .280/.350/.440 3 WAR + ish player we all hoped he would be in 2019.

        Elly is certainly a reason to be hopeful for sure but not by OD 2023.

        It’s worth some regular playing time for sure once Pham and Naquin get traded for Aquino/Almora/Fraley/Fairchild/Friedl . I just dont see any of those emerging as more than a role backup OF or platoon player. ITs time to find out though after Aug 2.

      • Oldtimer

        Vada Pinson has the sixth highest hit total (1881) EVER in MLB by his 29 YO season (after 10 full years as a Red).

        I don’t know if Reds fans today realize how good Vada Pinson was from 1958 to 1968.

  13. William

    I look forward to the Castillo trade. It will tell us some things about the Reds future. Hey, this is my childhood team. I am here to stay in my adult years, win or lose. Hope to have more reason to be optimistic after I see the prospects they get for Castillo.

  14. Gpod

    It will be sad to see Castillo go….he has been nothing but class for the Reds….I put him in the same respected category as Mario Soto & Jose Rijo….the best of the best

    • SteveO

      Johnny Cueto? Soto, Rijo, Cueto and Castillo have been DR gems for the Reds. The international scouting department must find the next one soon to continue the legacy. Currently, I could only find Miguel Medrano, a fringe starter at Dayton as a DR starting pitcher in the organization. The DR is definitely more well know for its hitters, but the Reds have done well in finding the above mentioned 4.

      • Stock

        The Reds did not originally sign Castillo. Came to the Reds in the Straily trade.

      • SteveO

        Who said anything about what team drafted the player? The focus was on pitchers from the DR. And he only pitched until AA for the Marlins, so Al, of his major league career has been with the Reds.

  15. Kevin H

    I think what is lost in all this, is the Reds are playing decent baseball. They are 31-35 since their awful start and while that is still 4 games below 500 it is not bad considering everything that has happened with this team. For all the injuries, and fielding, and base running issues, this team has found ways to win. I still believe if they make the right moves there is no reason why they can’t be competitive in 2023.

    My first fix would be to revamp the bullpen. Keep Mahle and have him lead the rotation as you can never have enough starting pitching. Plus, I would even look into putting some young guys in bullpen as something has got to change.

    So for me the future is bright and not all doom and gloom. This of courses depends on the Reds ownwership/GM..

    • Jim Walker

      I agree with the first paragraph. The question is how the organization moves forward because the 2022 results have come from playing an unlikely mosaic of aging position player pieces that fell into place and would not appear to be able to repeat, let alone improve on the 2022 outcomes.

      Drury, Naquin, and Pham are potentially free agents at season’s based on their prerogative. Votto and Moustakas are fading shadows of years past. There may be a role for Farmer in the future, but it isn’t at shortstop.

      Barring a historical blockbuster deal, there are too many holes to fill for 2023 via the trade route. They need to clear the decks and see over the last 2 months what they have in any trade return along with internal options like Fairchild, Aquino, and Friedl (.994 OPS/ 162 wRC+ in the month since he was last optioned to AAA).

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree but the Reds will not play any younger players as long as they have older players to play.What has always blown me away is that they not only won’t play the young guys they won’t trade them or release them and move on from them.No doubt in my mind the 3 guys you mentioned Jim would be playing along with Senzel every day as a 4 man outfield for the rest of the season.Pham will be gone,Naquin will not be back unless you want to pay north of 4mil for him and Almora is just what his card says he is.

  16. Stock

    Trade Castillo: Return should be a top 25 prospect and a top 100 prospect.

    Trade Mahle: Return should be a top 50 prospect and a couple of flyers.

    Trade Drury: Return should be a 75-125 prospect and a couple of flyers.

    Trade Ashcraft: This would be interesting and teams rarely trade players with 6 years of control but if you could get a top 50 prospect (and I think you may be able to because so many teams need pitchers right now) you would have improved your team long term.

    Trade Minor: This only happens if he has some decent games.

    Trade Pham: Return should be a 100 – 150 prospect.

    Trade Senzel: Return would be intersting. Maybe a top 100 prospect and some flyers.

    Trade Naquin: Return should be a 150 – 200 prospect.

    These trades would add 3 top 50 players, 3 more player in the 50 – 100 range and 3 more players in the 100 – 200 range

    9 players that instantly become top 25 Reds prospects.

    • BK

      I agree with most of this. Good teams take advantage of short-term market inefficiencies. There is a deficit of good starting pitching when compared to the needs of teams competitive for the playoffs. The Reds should be prepared to take advantage of the fact that they have 2 of the top 3 starting pitchers who can actually make an impact in the playoffs. I think the return for Mahle will be slightly better than you predict.

      Drury, Pham, Naquin and Solono are all productive and could bring value to a competitive team. They are also free agents. None will deliver a top 100 prospect on their own. However, they must be traded and may help improve returns if packaged together or used to augment the trades of Castillo and Mahle.

      The Reds won’t trade Ashcraft. It really makes no sense to trade a promising rookie for a top prospect (remember many flameout). It would take several top prospects coming back in return (it might look like who we gave up for Matt Latos). Very difficult to find someone willing to pay that price and Ashcraft peek should align with 2024 when the Reds should (we’re all hoping) compete again.

      Minor will eat innings for the Reds this year. Someone has to.

      I don’t expect the Reds to trade low on Senzel. Again, if he begins to fulfil his promise, his arb years align with the Red’s next competitive window. Senzel should be given every opportunity to play this year and well into next year.

      On the prospect side, there are a number of very promising catchers (with strong hit tools)–some of whom appear to be blocked on their current MLB team. This presents an opportunity for us. Our best hitter is a catcher. While I believe he should continue to catch, he can also play 1B and DH. Bringing on another quality catcher (or two provided they are defensively versatile) could provide a realistic way to get Stephenson’s bat in the lineup every day without wearing him down with catching 4-5 games each week. There are also several good starting pitching prospects, and infielders. I see fewer top OF prospects on contending teams.

  17. Redsvol

    Dang Stock, i love your enthusiasm but who is going to pitch the next 70 games.?
    They aren’t going to run hunter green out there much longer because with spring training he’s probably approaching 130 i. I ha. so he needs replaced too.

    I’d like to see them hang onto mahle unless return is great and I don’t think it will be. I’d also like to see them trade naquin and solano for a couple flyers. I don’t see Drury netting much of a Propect unless he’s included with someone else.

    Also every trade needs to bring back a secondary major league or minor league bullpen arm. I would insist on it at the last minute in every trade if I were Krall. We need a massive influx of bullpen arms- even if they are flyers. I wouldn’t mind if they designated 5 guys of the major league bullpen in 2nd half. Need a major makeover in the bullpen.

    • Old-school

      Let’s not forget the compressed season that started late with a schedule that includes double headers crammed in with an additional week of scheduled games in October.

      After Labor Day, the Reds from sept 6-18 play 15 games straight including a week with a DH against the Pirates on a Tuesday with another DH against the Cards on a Saturday. Reds really need to protect young arms going forward and I like the Reds using this AS break to give Lodolo and Greene some days off. Mike Minor has a role in simply giving the Reds starts and innings, at least for the immediate term.

  18. docproc

    Enough with the “trade Drury” talk. He is far more valuable to us than he is to another team. We would only get a bag of chips for him in trade, but if we extended him on a team-friendly contract, he could be our everyday 3rd baseman for the next 2-3 years. And a very solid one–a clear upgrade over Suarez.

    Look at Drury’s home and away splits. He’s hitting .310 with a .937 OPS in GABP. On the road it’s .241 and .778. The dude was made to play in our ballpark. The idea that LA or SF are interested in him is laughable given the fact that he bombed out at NL West Arizona.

    I’m not deriding Drury–I’m lauding him as a perfect low-cost, high-return option for the Cincinnati Reds. And nobody else.

    • MBS

      Good call on Drury. A lot of people are calling for extending Castillo, but really they “can’t/won’t” afford him. Drury is affordable, productive, flexible, and a low risk extension. Now if they have tried to extend him and he won’t, then yes, trade him.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree with that docproc.I would take his road splits any day of the week as well.He hits the ball where its pitched and last time I looked his homer numbers are pretty close at home and on the road.

    • west larry

      agreed doc. He’s better than Suarez or anyone else in our system that can play third.

    • Old-school

      The trade Drury talk would be based upon the fact he is a FA at seasons’ end and will be very likely be playing elsewhere in 2023. It highly unlikely that a player having a career year and is just 2 months away from FA would shut down his options. I like Drury but I can’t imagine he would sign an extension with the Reds now when he can have 29 other teams bidding for his services on the open market in a few months. 29 teams vs the small market Reds with the highest bidder getting Drury ? I’d bet the field.

      It’s also doubtful the Reds would commit new money for 2023/24 in July of 2022. They have been methodically purging contracts and not taking on multi year contracts since the 2020 off-season when Iglesias was traded and the Bradley option was not picked up and I would expect that Reds pattern to continue.

      • docproc

        But 29 teams can read his home/road splits just like we can–and his track record before arriving in GABP. In 8 seasons in the bigs, he’s amassed a 1.1 WAR–and 1.6 of that is from this season. He is not going to get big money on the free agent market.

        After the trade deadline, assuming we haven’t foolishly dealt him for peanuts, offer him a team-friendly extension. I’m guessing he would gladly and wisely accept it.

      • Old-school

        This is the Reds we are talking about. They will trade Drury for cash and a Jeff Hoffman type controllable ERA 5.25 guy with upside and spin and velocity as a starter/bullpen combo guy who they can plug in September as a spot starter and enter the bullpen discussion for 2023. Beside, Drury is blocking Moose at 3b anyway.

      • docproc

        You have a point. You can probably tell that I’m worried they will indeed trade him for a bag of chips.

  19. Soto

    Kevin, I totally agree. The Reds need to prioritize bullpen development. As we have seen with Cueto and Castillo, small market teams can’t afford to sign top end of the rotation starters. Young starters like Lodolo and Greene struggle to string together quality starts. I think Lodolo and Ashcraft will develop into really good starters over the next couple of years but I just don’t see it with Greene unless he develops a consistent 3rd pitch. I say make him the closer and let him cut it loose. Think of all of the 100 mph relievers in baseball right now… Plenty. How about 100 mph starters? Not nearly as many. The future is not as bleak as many claim. I like to think that a Reds bullpen with Greene as the closer and Diaz, Sims, Antone and SanMartin as set-up men and occasional openers could turn this franchise around very quickly.

    • MBS

      I really think the best way to build up the bullpen is to sign a FA closer, and LHP setup man. The pen is just too young, and pressure doesn’t always make diamonds, some times it’s just destroys things. I’d love a 2023 pen like this:

      Jansen (2Y 32M), Hand (1Y 9M), A. Diaz, Williamson, Antone, Santillan, SanMartin, Sims

      Sims and Antone are big question marks for health, but that would be a solid pen.

      • Jim Walker

        Given their past injury histories, Sims and Antone can’t really be counted on. Plan as if they won’t be available. If either or both come along enough to help, adjust accordingly on the fly.

      • MBS

        I agree. I feel like you need a trio of HL arms. That’s where I see a Jansen, Hand, and Diaz. (Or pick your favorite FA’s)

        Williamson and SanMartin are question marks due to their lack of experience. Of corse the aforementioned Sims and Antone are question marks for health concerns. But those 4 plus Santillan are high upside guys if they pan out next season. Hoffman I think is under control next year, as is Cessa, but I’d trade them in spring if Sims and Antone are good to start the year.

  20. Soto

    docproc +1000!!! I am a Drury believer. Offer him a 3 year deal and sign him now. Do we really think we have anyone in the system that could replace his production. His approach is awesome. Lock him up now!

  21. Roger Garrett

    Reds must be patient with the young starters.Good starts and bad starts will happen and I prefer to talk about them after they get 30 to 40 starts which will probably come early in 2024 or late next year.I would love to see the younger position players get lots of at bats as well the rest of this year and next.As JIm Walker said the Reds have way too many holes to fill this year and no doubt next year so lets find out about these younger players.Reds will play 3 or 4 older players next year and just like this year the team will be awful.Being awful is just awful but worse is not finding out what you have and what you may to get better is even worse.Bucs and Cubs doing it right cause they planned to be awful with young players but they are finding out who can play and then the Cubs especially will go out and get what they need via free agency.Reds never find out anything other then the old players are getting old.Heck I could have told them that and guess what none of us can do what we used to do.

  22. burtgummer01

    If Krall can ace the trade deadline and get good young hitters
    Keep Votto and Moose for the 1 year on their contracts
    in 2024 DLC will be ready plus the Reds have quite a few decent young pitchers,with the young bats he gets this year maybe ownership will open the wallets to get some bullpen guys

  23. Kevin Patrick

    I’m pretty sure the smart thing to do would be to trade for Juan Soto. Send them De La Cruz…Hunter Greene and India…Have Juan Soto show up at Redsfest…I get his autograph…and then you trade Soto right afterwards for a bullpen.

  24. Redgoggles

    I think Naquin, Almora, Moran, Reynolds, Drury and – to a lesser degree – Pham illustrate a recently new front office strategy that has been strapped with a budget. (Also, players whose power was diminished by playing in big parks such as Castallanos, Pham.) Find former high round draft picks and/or injury prone or otherwise underachieving players who are set up to rebound but provide some value on the cheap. It’s also a good deal for the players as they have plenty of opportunity and GABP helps them get a FA deal, meaning we may have a negotiating advantage with these types of players.

    I think it’s a smart strategy by the GM. I’m not happy that the ownership has limited the search to these, but that is the bull making lemonade and largely doing well with it.

    This means flip, flip, flip for any talent that teams are willing to give up for any/all of these players. These folks can be found every year or even resigned later. It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t even know who Brandon Drury was, so while I’ve appreciated his contributions this year I would be happy to get some younger AA/AAA talent that will support the theoretical next “winning window.”

  25. vegastypo

    Interesting comments about Drury along the way here. Why not trade him, if there is interest, and then see if he wants to re-sign in the offseason?

    If, in fact, other teams see his GABP-heavy splits, they might not be too likely to take a chance on him. After, he will be 30 years old next season and has struggled in several organizations. If another team wants him bad enough, so be it. But no reason the Reds couldn’t still offer him a two-year contract in the offseason.

  26. Soto

    I just don’t think the offers right now will be worthy of Drury’s abilities. If we give him away now and he hits for a contender (away from GABP) he will probably be out of our price range come this fall. I say offer him a fair extension now. I rarely think half of a year is enough time to make a judgement on a player, but I just love his approach. Young prospects are just that… Most don’t pan out. I think he can be a solid contributor for the next 3 years. If we trade him, we are most likely going to get a AA prospect that never contributes in the majors. If he goes somewhere else we will never see him again. He won’t be signing for 900,000 a year next year.

  27. Roger Garrett

    Drury will not bring much and he may want to test the market but I make him an offer anyway of two years with an opt on year 3.Reds signed him as a bench piece but because of injuries he got to start and played well.Worked out for both sides but does anybody else think another team will bite on a three year deal? I don’t and it has been said he means more to us then to others so maybe he sees that and signs.