Luis Castillo may be the best player that is assumed to be on the trade market this summer. The Cincinnati Reds lone All-Star has made 13 starts this season and so far is having the best year of his career, posting a 2.77 ERA in his 78.0 innings where he’s allowed 57 hits – just 5 home runs – and walked 27 batters to go along with 82 strikeouts. For a team that’s looking to really bolster their rotation, Castillo is exactly the guy to try and acquire.

With that said, the Cincinnati Reds aren’t in a “must trade Luis Castillo” situation. The righty is not a free agent at the end of this season. He is under contract with the Reds through the 2023 season, with next year being his final year of arbitration. Argue if you would like to that it makes sense to move him now, but having the option to move him in the offseason, or even next year at the deadline gives the Reds leverage in any trade talks with whoever is on the other side of the phone.

That brings us around to the New York Yankees, who are reportedly interested in acquiring the Reds ace for what feels like the 47th season in a row. Going back two straight offseasons the Yankees have been heavily rumored to be calling Cincinnati to try and acquire Luis Castillo. Jon Heyman has been the source of many of these rumors and he’s back at it this morning at the New York Post, noting that the Yankees and Dodgers are the “early favorites” to land Castillo in a trade.

Heyman notes within that the price tag will be high for Castillo. He says that after ending the first paragraph of his piece noting that the Yankees won’t move prospects Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza in the deal.

Anthony Volpe was recently ranked as the 16th best prospect in baseball at the midseason point by Baseball America. He had a big season in 2021, hitting .294/.423/.604 as he split his season in Low-A and High-A. This season he’s been solid, but unspectacular at the plate. As a 21-year-old in Double-A he’s hitting .253/.351/.461 while going 35 for 39 in stolen base attempts. There’s a lot to like with Volpe. He’s spent most of his time in the minors at shortstop, but is probably a second baseman down the line. Still, his bat projects well and he’s a 20-20 threat.

It would make some sense that he could be off the table for the Yankees. But then there’s Oswald Peraza. Baseball America ranked the shortstop as the 79th best prospect in baseball. The 22-year-old is currently in Triple-A and hitting just .245/.317/.422. He’s young for the level, and he’s 19 for 22 on stolen base attempts, but his offensive output this season isn’t exactly turning heads. Last year he hit .297/.356/.477 with 38 steals and 18 home runs between High-A, Double-A, and a very short stint in Triple-A.

If a team isn’t willing to give up a guy rated as the 79th prospect in baseball who isn’t exactly having a good offensive season for Luis Castillo how do they expect to land a player like Luis Castillo?

Not that it may matter, though. The Cincinnati Reds farm system is a bit down right now after a bunch of graduations to the big leagues in the last few months, but the one area where they aren’t down is at the shortstop position. Elly De La Cruz is their top prospect and he’s a shortstop. Last year’s 1st round draft pick Matt McLain is already in Double-A and he’s a shortstop. Jose Barrero is struggling right now as he returns from a hamate injury, but he’s a shortstop. Perhaps the Yankees just aren’t the right fit even if they were willing to deal one of their top prospects in a deal.

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  1. citizen54

    Doesn’t make sense for Castillo to go to the Yankees or the Dodgers. Volpe is the only 60FV prospect on those two teams and the Yanlkees won’t trade him. If the return is expected to be high then I doubt the Reds settle for a package which centers around a 50 FV prospect. The Reds are better off trading with some other teams.

  2. Chi Reds Fan

    Agree Yanks may not be a match, although suspect the “we wont move Volpe” is their usual effort to puff up their prospects. Regardless Dodgers have lots of prospects (as usual). What would take for u to make the deal with them? Pages, Bobby Miller and say Landon Knack?

  3. docproc

    “Argue if you would like to that it makes sense to move him now, but having the option to move him in the offseason, or even next year at the deadline gives the Reds leverage in any trade talks with whoever is on the other side of the phone.”

    Agree completely on this, Doug. Please don’t settle for an offer that’s lower in quality than what the Reds gave up to get Mat Latos.

    As a reminder, we were willing to give up top prospects Grandal and Alonso because they were blocked by Mesoraco and Votto.

    The same would appear to hold true with Will Smith blocking catching prospect Diego Cartaya for the Dodgers. Smith bats cleanup behind Freddie Freeman and won’t be a free agent until 2026.

    Would like to see the Reds get Cartaya and Pages for Castillo. Reds could throw in some deal sweeteners if the Dodgers want bench bats/gloves (Farmer, Pham, Naquin, Solano).

    • JohnnyTV

      Great to see the Latos deal brought up.

      In my mind the Reds way way overpaid for a couple quality years from him.

      This is where panic buying / selling and the rabid “all in” mentality gets you.

      The Reds opted for Mesoraco over Grandal.

      How did that work out? About the least durable catcher I can recall.

      The Padres knew they had someone the Reds wanted and made them pay through the nose for it.

      Granted the Reds did move Latos for Desclafani but then let him walk away, too.

      • Oldtimer

        The Reds got three good years out of Latos. He was never that good after he left the Reds. They gave up four (eventual) major league players for him.

        He was a key part of 2012 and 2013 successful Reds seasons. The Padres didn’t benefit very much from adding four good players.

  4. Gonzo Reds

    Blue Jays for Catcher Moreno and some lesser pitching prospects gets it done. Then we can eventually move Stephenson to 1B to replace Votto. Plus, let’s not let NY or LA buy a championship by giving them anymore talent to add to their 300M payrolls!

    • BK

      I like the idea of acquiring another Catcher, but rather than move Stephenson, I would alternate both catchers through C, 1B and DH. We need Stephenson’s bat in the lineup every day. We also need to leverage the advantage it gives us to have his bat at a spot that is increasingly becoming an offensive black hole around the league. Several teams in need of Castillo have a top flight catching prospect–I’m hoping we’ll take advantage of this opportunity.

      • indyDoug

        Wouldn’t the Reds then have to carry 3 catchers if you start one as C and other at DH because I thought if you move the DH to C if starting C gets hurt during a game you lose DH rest of game. Is that the rule?

      • greenmtred

        What worries me about Stephenson is that he’s already had concussions–two? More? I don’t know how many more it would take to end his career and then his life prematurely, but he’d be less exposed to them at first base.

      • 2020ball

        I’m sure a lot of players have had two concussions, and regardless of the very real risks they pose I’m certain Stephenson doesnt want to move to 1B anytime soon. #lethimcatch

      • Old-school

        Stephenson 3 concussions and broken thumb

      • 2020ball

        Stephenson .323/.376/.491 and solid defense from the catching position

      • MBS

        @green, yes you’d be open to losing your DH, but how many times a year do C get taken out of a game due to injury? Let’s say 10 which is probably double the actual number. Out of those 10 games let’s say the average injury occurs half way through the game. That’s about 20 AB’s by a pitcher. We could also assume half of those AB’s are situations where you’d be able to pinch hit. So that’s about 10 AB’s a year to a pitcher. Not a bad trade off to have a quality hitting catcher grabbing extra AB’s at DH.

      • Old-school


        How much time is lost on average for a 4th concussion?
        how much time is lost on a collision at the place with an extremity fracture or ligament tear?

        The issue with moving Stephenson off catcher is the same reason Joey votto and Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber and lots of others were moved off catcher- we need their bat and cant risk losing them health wise. How valuable is Stephenson if he becomes devin mesoraco and is out of the game at 29?

        The guy is underestimated as a potential 10 time AS and hitting leader at 1b. Paul Goldschmidt at 34 is doing pretty well. Stephenson is the best Reds pure hitter since Votto. Winker was but he couldn’t hit lefties. Stephenson can win batting titles and can get on base and hit 30 home runs in GABP.

      • MBS

        @Old, I won’t deny there is risk in keeping Stephenson at C, given his recent history. If concussion continue to be an issue, then sure I’d understand moving him. I feel a move to 1B now is premature. Votto was also taken off C when he was a young minor leaguer. Stephenson has spent years developing his catching skills. It would be a shame to lose that time developing a catcher, if the move was not necessary.

      • greenmtred

        Concussions pose a threat far greater than time lost: As I understand it, each concussion makes another more likely, and the damage may be permanent. Football players have a decreased life-expectancy due, in part, to brain damage. Stephenson has the potential to be a great hitter and, human costs aside, giving him the best chance to have a long career makes sense, at least to me.

    • JayTheRed

      I know Toronto has some nice players near the top or just about there. I feel like they have a logjam in the OF too. We need OF help, and they need SP help. Seems like a decent matchup. I would love to have one of their good catchers too, but I don’t think we can get both. If we did wow what a deal.

  5. Votto4life

    This is the best I have felt about the Reds all year. Luis Castillo was magnificent last night. Such exciting baseball. This series reminds me why I love the game. Every game should be played in front of a packed stadium, even if you have to give the tickets away. I mean really how much would it cost the Reds to have one “Free” baseball game a month.

    I know the smart thing to do is to trade Castillo, but if the right deal isn’t there, don’t take it. You can always trade him in the off-season and by not trading him now you increase the value of Tyler Mahle at the trading deadline.

    • JayTheRed

      Think of just the concession profits alone of having 1 free game a month. The place would be packed through the roof. Plus, you have merchandise purchases as well.

    • Steven Ross

      Me and Votto4life are on the same page. No hurry to trade Castillo. If the deal doesn’t knock the Reds out, keep him. The offseason and next year’s trading deadline might return even more. All good.

  6. JaxDan

    I think Seattle could get Castillo for prospects such as Ford, Brash, Arroyo, Hancock, Macko and a Deloach. Would love to have some kind package with 3 of these players.

    • Matt WI

      Maybe they could get Suarez & Winker back 🙂

      • David

        I hear Suarez is affordable, with a team-friendly contract. 🙂

        How may 3rd baseman do the Reds’ need, anyways?

      • KG

        I find it amazing that all the players the Reds let go after the 2021 season: Suarez, Barnhart, Winker, Garrett, Castellanos and Gray have a combined WAR of approximately 1.3. The only players on the plus side are Suarez and Gray.

  7. Tom Reeves

    I think the Reds are a corner outfielder, an RH 1B bat (or catcher bat), a bullpen, and one expensive but necessary DFA away from being a very good team. That’s the Reds could pick up in the off season. I guess it greatly depends on how much space matching the current roster to resources bought the front office. If we don’t see the Reds move Castillo, that’s probably a great sign this fire sale is over.

    Of course, Castillo raises the changes a lot that the Yankee’s win a 28th World Series, so maybe they’ll give up the farm, literally, go get him.

    One more thing. What if Pham is right? I’ve struggled with Pham because of his behavior. But what if he’s less Vontase Burfict and more a Dennis Rodman kinda of punk – the kinda mess of a human that gives your team an edge and who’s behavior it totally worth it? I was ready to DFA him after the assault – I mean the slap. Maybe I was wro… wron… maybe I was not 100% correct in this instance.

    • Tom Reeves

      Please for the love of Votto add an edit button. Sorry for the typos.

      • Indy Red Man

        I sort of like Pham’s fire, but he mostly seems to have warning track power. I guess its not the worse thing in the world if they bring him back next year.

        I do like how he kind of stared down at India yesterday after he blooped a ball into RF and India didn’t make 3B. I guarantee he said something to him because Pham is a smart baserunner. Carpenter is not an OF and he can’t throw. Zero chance he was throwing India out at 3B

      • Tom Reeves

        Yeah, that’s my quandary with Pham. Is it needless drama or is it fire that creates a competitive edge.

        One thing the BRM was great at balancing supporting each other as teammates AND getting in each other’s rear ends when they didn’t play as well as they could. I see the current Reds as cheering each other on and being supportive – which is one form of motivation. Not sure I see the other form of motivation except from Pham. Even Ted Lasso had to break out Let Tasso to get the team moving. And I think both forms of motivation are necessary.

      • greenmtred

        I thought the typos were okay, and I tend to agree that Pham still has value for the Reds.

    • 2020ball

      I personally like Pham. Slapping a player on the field in open view is silly and embarrassing, but I actually find it kind of humorous honestly. Comments like “I’m just playing for my stats” dont bother me one bit, thats the kind of candid stuff I love hearing from a player, most of what I hear are just PR coached non-answers.

      As a player he’s a plus to any team, but he’s obviously not going to start on every one of them. Fringy corner OF bat, but solid all-around player. He has more value than most might think.

      • Roger Garrett

        Pham is in year 10 and his OPS went from over 800 his first 7 years with the Cards and Rays down to 705 his last 2 years with the Padres and is right around that now .He is on the downside of his career as is Moose and Joey and Farmer.You get bet the last 3 will be back next year and its the same vets play regardless.Do we really want to add a 4th player to it?

  8. BK

    The Reds should only trade Castillo if someone meets their price. If multiple offers are acceptable but close, the Reds should send him to a small market team. The Yankees and Dodgers have resources–pay up, or watch Castillo play for another contender.

    • Tom Reeves

      Exactly – tell the Yankee’s you’re sending him to the Rays unless they pay up!!

      Heck – I know trades don’t work like this but I’d threaten to loan him to the Rays for the rest is the season unless the Yankee’s pay up. I don’t think the Rays can take this Yankee team over 162 games but they could sure derail them in the plays offs with Castillo’s help.

  9. RB77

    Granted I don’t have the luxury of watching him play but Peraza’s fielding stats don’t strike me as an elite SS. His RF/9 isn’t great and his fielding percentage isn’t FarmerEsque either.

    • Indy Red Man

      Peraza….hades no? That name alone brings nightmares of short bloop popouts to RF

  10. SultanofSwaff

    You absolutely don’t trade an ace for one of these guys, even both of them, especially when McClain and Barrero are on the doorstep. The player you acquire has to be a future all-star. Too often cheapo franchises simply try to match the projected WAR they’re giving up in what they’re getting. Sorry, not good enough–there has to be a surcharge for acquiring a proven commodity.

    • JohnnyTV

      This is about the sanest thing I’ve read about any potential Castillo or Mahle trade.

      “The player you acquire has to be a future all-star.”

      No interest in ‘prospects’.

      The Yankees have nothing to offer.

      But of course the NY press assumes they can make another Chapman-style deal.

      Move along.

      • JB

        Press? Heck the Yankee fans think they are getting Castillo for Gallo and Wandy Peralta

      • Jimbo44CN

        Agree 100%, especially when the Yankees two untouchables are batting what 250? No thanks

    • JohnnyTV

      “Press? Heck the Yankee fans think they are getting Castillo for Gallo and Wandy Peralta.”

      Now that’s funny.

  11. Indy Red Man

    I don’t know what Texas has in the minors, but they have money and the Reds could do worse then Jonah Heim if you want to take wear/tear off Stephenson. Heim is 27, but is a switch-hitting catcher with 12 HRs in 221 at-bats. He’s hitting .350 in July. They could rotate C/1B/DH and do some damage. Heim has a 1.096 Ops vs lefties so maybe he should bat righty all the time? Also Texas has more of a pitchers park now and Oakland/Seattle are the same…..12 HRs at the AS break would probably be 16-18 in Gabp. If they arms or a corner OFer in the minors then we could do worse

    • Indy Red Man

      You could balk at 27 years old, but the Reds can’t afford to pay atleast half of their successful players past 4-5 years in Cincinnati anyway

  12. SteveO

    After watching the 3 game series against the Yankees, if there is a trade with them, I would include Pham or Naquin to try and sweeten the deal on our side. Pham or Naquin would be better both offensively and defensively better than Gallo and better defensively than Carpenter as a corner OF. If I’m the Reds, a Castillo and Pham or Naquin for Sears, Waldichuk, Wesneski, Weissert and Warren package would be tempting. 2 lefties and 2 righties that could immediately help the Reds in ‘23 as starters or relievers. Warren is at AA and could be in the mix second half of ‘23 or ‘24. Only Waldichuk highly ranked, but the others have stats that are better than their higher ranking peers in the system at their respective levels. If you look at the Reds, Drury, Farmer and Diaz, who were not highly drafted or highly ranked, are major contributors to the team this year. I like these types of players that have a chip on their shoulder and want to prove people wrong. That being said, a Castillo and Drury to the Dodgers would probably bring back a combination of position players(Vargas and Pages) and pitchers(Pepiot and Stone). My choices

    • Redsvol

      Steve – that package us t good enough for the # 1 starter in the trade market. Those are not can’t miss prospects. Quantity does not equal quality – especially from the over-hyped yankee train.

      • SteveO

        There are very few can’t miss prospects. To me, there are no prospects on the level of Soto, Vlad Jr., Tatis Jr. or Acuna to choose from. Do you consider Volpe or Pereza can’t miss on the level of the aforementioned group? I don’t. In fact, you could argue that DLC is better than both of them. I understand quantity does not equal quality, but just because you’re highly ranked, it does not guarantee great performance on the field, which is ultimately the most important thing. Look at the numbers of Volpe and Peraza. Their numbers don’t justify their rankings. I’m sure that if they were reranked at mid season, they would fall in rankings based on their play in the first half of ‘22.

      • Greenfield Red

        Agree Redsvol. Volpe plus from the Yankees or Cartaya plus from the Dodgers or similar from some other team.

        I would think the Dodgers do not want Castillo to land in SF, and the Yanks do not want him in Toronto.

      • Redsvol

        By can’t miss Propect I mean a player who will have a major league career as a starter. Not necessarily a 30 WAR career, but a starter who generates minimum 2-3 WAR per year. This is a valuable player and offensive player rated in top 20 of all mlb propects generally do this. Not always pitching propects but offensive propects ranked this high generally have mlb careers. A can’t miss Prospect. You better get one of these if you are trading the best starting pitcher on the market.

    • Redsvol

      SteveO- I wouldn’t even consider a trade with Yankees unless it is completely lopsided in Reds favor- like their top 3 prospects plus an mlb reliever or two years from free agency. I don’t like their prospects. Here is what we got suing the despicable 2015 aroldis chapman trade;
      -rookie Davis (never made mlb)
      – Eric jagielo (never made mlb)
      – Caleb cotham (became good coach but that’s not why we traded for him)
      – Tony renda (cup of coffee as utility player)
      This is what you get when you get Yankees prospects. I wouldn’t be surprised if the umpires at their AA and AAA facilities are on the take to give strike zone to the Yankees farmhands to pump up their prospect value.

      • SteveO

        I guess you expect to see LC in a Reds uniform for the next year and a half, lose him to FA and then we get a comp pick in the ‘24 draft. Definitely the wrong way to go about it for the future of the Reds. No team will give up their top 3 prospects plus mlb reliever.
        Different GM,different circumstances. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

      • Clammy

        Rookie Dave did make the ML club; opening day starter one year if I remember correctly. Still a horrible trade; one of the worst in Reds history.

  13. LDS

    I don’t like trading with the Dodgers or the Yankees either. But if the Dodgers, who already have the highest payroll and desperately want to win a WS, then Pages, Lux, and Cartya. Krall needs to remember that he holds ALL THE CARDS. Make them beg then make them hurt.

    • JohnnyTV

      Or don’t trade him.

      Wait until the off season or next year.

      Or have the cojones and intelligence to sign him.

      The Yankees ‘prospects’ are as overrated as their current team is.

      No interest. Walk away Bull.

      This isn’t the china shop for you to wreck.

      This is the Bull’s career making or breaking trade.

      Which is what worries me.

      • LDS

        Yep, Krall worries us all. I have a nagging feeling that he gets a Moose package and ships to NYY or LAD for far less return than he deserves.

      • JohnnyTV

        I’m sure there’s an Iago or two whispering that in Bull Krall’s ear.

        And he likely thinks that’s the right thing to do…from an accountant’s point of view.

        Unloading two of his predecessor’s bum contracts would be the sweet sound of a lot of china breaking.

        Resources would be aligned!

    • WPG

      I like this trade with the Dodgers, throw in Nayquin, Pham or an extra infielder for a couple lower level pitchers and you have the makings of a really good package

    • TR

      The Yankees and their fans think they can get and deserve the latest outstanding player. Stay tough Reds, and get what you need or don’t trade Castillo. Keep him as the ace of a developing great starting pitching staff and use money off the books to acquire needed offense.

  14. Redsvol

    I’d tell them “good luck beating the Astros and Dodgers then / we just took a series from you with one of the worst teams in baseball”

    Let ‘‘em go pound sand and don’t call us unless you plan on giving up #1 ir #2. I don’t even like their prospects.

  15. Optimist

    This sounds like the Yankees saying no deal – and I don’t even want the untouchable prospects. Dodgers have much more to offer, including MLB-level with Lux. The Mariners are the interesting wild card here. We could add some of the current MLBers mentioned to LC, and have them add to their MiLB talent coming back, but it would be asking them to deplete their farm. They are close enough, and have the resources that they just might do it.

    • Votto4life

      Yeah, the Reds and M’s already have a working relationship. I assume the Reds have scouted their prospects quite extensively from the last time the teams did business

    • 2020ball

      I’d be shocked if they traded Lux. That would have to be a one-for-one type deal most likely. Lux has too much control left and has hit well so far.

  16. Old-school

    Reds need to get a 6-8 year positional starter out of Castillo with AS potential or GG potential or Silver Slugger potential. You only got 7 positions and many of those are manned for years and years. If India and Stephenson are 2 of those guys and good righty bats, you gotta find a lefty thumper- whether it be OF or 1b. Prospect lists are all over the map. Doug had a link where Elly is now #9 overall at baseball Prospectus.

  17. Klugo

    Nick. Krall. That’s how they’re hoping to get it done.

  18. Jens

    Reds have a top tier pitcher in Castillo and should receive no less in return, he will excel with any team who takes him, he’s a pro, the Reds can’t take less and shouldn’t

  19. Brian

    What can the Reds expect to get when they throw in Moustakas with Castillo?

  20. Rut

    “I ain’t paying no 50 cents for no coke”
    – D’Annunzio

    “Then you ain’t getting no coke”
    — Danny Noonan

  21. Old-school

    Castillo is the greatest bargain in MLB the next 15 months.
    He’s pitching at a Cy young level and is owed maybe $11 million next year? Trading means you get fair value so that might mean you dont trade him if other teams want to play games. Hes not a rental. Hes the cheapest best pitcher in baseball the rest of this year and next year too.

    Ive been all over trade assets for prospect capital…..but only if the prospects are worth it…..but if the big markets want to jack around with prospect #4 and #8…go jump in a lake.

    Castillo gets you a generational talent or you dont trade him and you go to bob and say we need to fast forward 2023 and need a $160 mil budget.

    • MBS

      At 160M budget Castillo is signable. 5Y X 25M maybe? People throw around the term “Ace” too much. Ace = 30M +, but I think that sub 30M could get Castillo. That would be 15.6% of the payroll, so it gives you flexibility to add others to the team. Now just convince Bob to increase the budget.

      • AllTheHype

        Bob already gave that contract to Homer, and it didn’t work out too well. Contracts like that can handcuff a small market team if the contract goes bad like Homer’s did (and Moustakas).

        Reds are finally using the correct approach by selling off assets at peak value. When Jocketty was GM, he would only sell in their walk year well past peak.

  22. Hotto4Votto

    If that is truly the Yankees stance, Then the Reds shouldn’t do business with them.

    • JohnnyTV

      Yeah…but it could be posturing as well to over inflate the perceived value of a couple of not so stellar prospects.

      Remember the hyped ‘potential’ of Rookie Davis?

      The Evil Empire has a few more of those to ship off to the Bull Kralls of the world.

  23. Kevin H

    What do you all think about Austin Martin of the twins. Plays of/ss.. Twins I think would be a intriguing spot for Castillo. Add a other prospect or three..

      • JohnnyTV

        Maybe if they throw Carlos Correa with his contract paid for.

        Not sure what Martin offers?

        Light hitter at best.

        Reds are backlogged at SS.

        Not a deal I’d get anywhere near making.

    • Votto4life

      Part of me want the the Reds to send LC to Houston just to screw over the Yankees and their smug attitude.

      • Old-school


        My starting point would be to give a busy signal to the Yankees and Dodgers going forward.. Sorry…busy. Ill try and get back to you by august 1 but cant promise anything.

      • Doug Gray

        Uh, the Astros fans are just as bad or worse ever since the whole trash can incident happened.

  24. VaRedsFan

    The 2nd “untouchable” that Doug mentioned doesn’t interest me at all.
    Triple-A and hitting just .245/.317/.422

    How come Jason Dominguez name hasn’t been brought up.
    19 year old CF’er. He is only at A ball. A lot of potential., but more of a chance to bust too.

    Stop looking for shorstops and catchers

  25. DHud

    I’d be an awful GM in the MLB

    “Volpe and Peraza are non-negotiable”

    “Ok then, bye” *click*

  26. AllTheHype

    I think the Yankees are a great fit, even without Volpe or Peraza. I like to see them headline Wells (we all know Stephenson is probably headed to 1B due to concussion risk after Joey retires anyway) and Waldichuck and then there’s other pitching prospects as well as high upside OFs like Pereira. Wells would have a chance to work alongside Stephenson for awhile before joey retires and Wells takes over full time at C.

    If the Yanks want to substitute Dominguez for Wells or Waldichuck that works too.

    Forget Volpe/Peraza, the Yanks have plenty of pieces to make it very attractive to the Reds.


    The Reds, as we are all aware of by now are hot after one of two of the Yankees’ top shortstop prospects in exchange for Castillo. But here’s what I’m having trouble understanding. The Reds have a young shortstop coming up through their own system by the name of Elly De La Cruz. This kid, so far, looks to be very, very promising. He’s got size, speed, power, a great arm, and defensive skills. They say the ceiling on him is quite high and he has been said to be the Reds’ future at short. If that’s true, why are the Reds so intent on acquiring the Yankees’ shortstop prospects? It makes sense to believe they have plans on moving De La Cruz to another position, after all, the kid is listed at 6’5″ and around 230 lbs. That’s huge for a shortstop but there have been other great players with similar size at that position.
    It’s hard to get a good read on exactly what this front office is thinking about. But I really, really hate to see them trade Castillo away. I believe that guy has got Cy Young potential, and he’s certainly a true number 1 starter, aka the ace. For crying out loud, don’t give the man away for “prospects”. In baseball, a prospect is a prospect is a prospect, until he proves otherwise. And we saw the end results of giving Johnny Cueto away. Surely, they won’t let that happen again, but with this Reds’ front office, all bets are off.