Cincinnati looks to keep the winning ways going after taking series from the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees. The Reds travel to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals in a 3-game weekend set. Hunter Greene takes the mound for Cincinnati. Andre Pallante will oppose him on the mound for the Cardinals. First pitch is set for 8:15pm ET.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this evening’s game:

Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

Jonathan India – 2B Tommy Edman – SS
Brandon Drury – 1B Dylan Carlson – CF
Tommy Pham – LF Paul Goldschmidt – 1B
Joey Votto – DH Nolan Arenado – 3B
Kyle Farmer – SS Brendan Donovan – 2B
Donovan Solano – 3B Tyler O’Neill – LF
Tyler Naquin – RF Nolan Gorman – DH
Nick Senzel – CF Corey Dickerson – RF
Michael Papierski – C Austin Romine – C
Hunter Greene – SP Andre Pallante – SP


Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 85.1 5.70 1.34 37 107
Andre Pallante 65.0 3.18 1.43 23 42
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Andre Pallante’s Stats

Hunter Greene

For Hunter Greene his outings tend to be related to whether he gives up home runs or not. He’s leading the league in home runs allowed with 22 of them in his 17 starts. In his last outing he didn’t give up a home run and he struck out nine batters in 6.0 innings of 1-run baseball.

When it comes down to how he performs against lefties and righties, there are some big differences. Right-handed hitters have performed much better against him, carrying a much higher average, making more contact, and hitting for a ton more power. Lefties haven’t had as much success this season against him, but they are hitting for plenty of power against him.


RHH 187 44 9 0 13 15 50 .262 .332 .548
LHH 183 33 7 0 9 22 57 .209 .312 .424

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change
Velo 98.5 87.7 89.5
Usage 52.1% 42.6% 5.3%

Andre Pallante

One of the top ground ball pitchers in baseball this year, Andre Pallante has been quite good for the Cardinals as a rookie. He doesn’t miss many bats and his strikeout-to-walk ratio isn’t great, but keeping the ball on the ground helps make up for a lot of things.

Right-handed hitters have found more success against Pallante, hitting nearly.300 and walking at a good rate while also putting the ball in play often. They’ve also hit for more power than lefties have against him, but still aren’t showing much power overall. Lefties rarely get a free pass and they also aren’t hitting for much power against him.


RHH 170 45 5 0 5 19 31 .298 .377 .431
LHH 108 25 5 0 2 4 11 .245 .278 .353

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Curve
Velo 95.3 95.0 86.7 76.4
Usage 56.2% 7.3% 19.0% 17.5%

When and Where

  • Game time: 8:15pm ET
  • Where: Busch Stadium
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 90°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Luis Castillo and the New York Yankees

This morning Jon Heyman wrote about the Yankees and Dodgers being interested in Luis Castillo. He noted that the Yankees would not include either of their top two prospects in any trade deal, even for Castillo. We wrote about that here at Redleg Nation this afternoon, suggesting that it doesn’t make sense for the Reds to deal with the Yankees for that and several other reasons. But in the late afternoon Andy Martino of SNY reported that teams have told him that Cincinnati hasn’t made Castillo available in trade talks yet.

148 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Would love to put the hurt on the WLB’s tonight. We seem to be hitting a little better of late. Here’s to Hunter Greene bearing down and mowing them down.

    Almost Pig Kicking Time!

  2. LDS

    So, a guy hitting .300+ against both L&RH’ers, sits again? Is he injured? Couldn’t DH? Couldn’t play 1B? Inexplicable, to put it mildly.

    • greenmtred

      Not inexplicable at all. You just don’t know the explanation. We had a small string of agreement going, and there you go again. One thought: Stephenson , who has already had two concussions, got smacked in the mask with a foul ball. Maybe they’re being careful? As they should be?

      • Kevin H

        Didn’t you know Stephenson doesn’t need a day off. Playing catcher in the majors is a cake walk according to some. DH is “like having a day off” according to some.

      • LDS

        Stephenson has caught 3 games since his last day off. He almost 26. Currently, he’s a better hitter than either Votto or Solano. If there’s a reason to worry about a concussion, then DH him. You guys ever hear of Occam’s Razor? Attributing “secret” knowledge to Bell is creative and in this case would be more acceptable if it wasn’t a trend. BTW, Votto is almost 39. Doesn’t he need to rest more often, especially since he’s struggling?

      • greenmtred

        Bell and the coaching staff unquestionably have more specific knowledge of the players on a day-to-day basis than fans do. To think otherwise is delusional.

    • Roger Garrett

      I thought the same thing but again Bell scripts his lineup in advance.No way this team ever wins with Bell at the helm.He just believes in what he does and well he is still here so his boss must believe in him as well.I understand Ty Steve needs a break from behind the plate but as you said he can’t DH or play first.Of course that means Joey or in this case Solano or Moose if active would set and that just ain’t going to happen.Fairchild sets now until the break unless we see a lefty.Wouldn’t think of setting Pham because he is now in charge of the GOT TO BELIEVE CHARGE.Reds win 2 out of 3 in New York and thats as close as they will ever get to a playoff game.Wish it were different cause I love the Reds but come on the 3-22 start ruined this season and the Reds would have to go something like 48-27 the rest of the way to get to 500 and that just isn’t going to happen.I will tune in pull for the team especially the younger players and love the wins and hate the losses.Hope we sweep the Cards.Go Reds.

    • LDS

      I agree they do. The point is that such knowledge doesn’t drive Bell’s decision making as history has repeatedly shown.

  3. LT

    As fun as beating NL East teams has been, roasting dirty birds for dinner is by far better. Let’s keep the winning way going Reds,, let’s beat them hated Cardinals.

  4. Old-school

    I wouldn’t make Castillo available either until the market begs for it. Hes the cheapest best pitcher in MLB and controlled next year too. Bob C needs to open the check book in 2023 and send the message now hes willing to spend $160 million to fast forward things unless other teams over pay for the most valuable pitcher in 2023 at $11-13 million.

    Big market teams need to know they arent getting castillo on the cheap. Same with Mahle. Both guys can pitch.

    • Mark Moore

      Bob C. isn’t opening any checkbook unless it’s to pull out a deposit slip. He’s made that abundantly clear. Align to his tightwad pocketbook and narrow mindset.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Castellini is not giving a guy who turns 30 this December $160 million. Not sure that I would, either, honestly. That amount of money implies probably five or six years at least, and we’ve seen more than one player whose performance has plummeted in that age range.

      • Old-school

        Whoa who said give castillo $160 MIL

        Not me

        Said pay 2023 payroll 160 mil

        Big difference IF big teams arent paying prospect capital

  5. JayTheRed

    What a way to end the 1st half.
    We swept the Rays
    Took 2 of 3 from the Yankees and almost swept them.
    Let’s take that mentality to the Cardinals. Taking the series from them would be nice but a sweep would be sweet!

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    Well, I think after have swept the Rays and won the series against all mighty Yankees the Reds shouldn’t be afraid of win to the unspectacular Cards… but the problem could be the STL good luck against the Reds however a momentum exists and hopefully Cincy will take advantage of it…
    Let’s watch Greene working with Papierski tonight since it seems like he performs better when Stephenson is the catcher…

  7. Kevin H

    Reds are playing well. Even the bullpen is pitching better if you take away lastnight.

    I tend to agree with Pham. Reds are a few players away from competing for the division. Hopefully they rebuild the bullpen. Maybe and resign a few guys who are helping them this season.

    I believe Cruz will be ready next season as well as McLain. Sounds like Williamson and Abbot as well.

    I truly believe Reds can compete for division next season.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      They will need lots of changes, starting with a bullpen that can get people out consistently, and an infield that can play defense at an acceptable standard at least.

    • LDS

      Cruz ready next year is a bit optimistic, don’t you think? And see what you think August 3rd before getting too optimistic. I’d like to see you be right but there’s little in the FO’s track record to suggest you are.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I agree on de la Cruz. He’s only in Class A at the moment. He has to prove himself at the next two levels before making it to the bigs.

      • Luke J

        Tom, the best prospects don’t play AAA. The Reds tend to overdevelop prospects. Other teams get their elite prospects up at 21 and let them continue to grow in the majors. The jump from A+ to AA is the big one. Skipping AAA is pretty normal (for most teams).

  8. Mark Moore

    That’s a nice way to start the evening

    • Mark Moore

      And then neither Pham nor Joey can capitalize on it. Missing TySteve tonight for sure.

  9. Bet on Red

    I am going one higher on Kevin, I still think that this season has some potential. If the teams low ball us on TM or LC, then lets keep them, Move Minor to the pen or DFA him and make a run for it. The NLC is extraordinarily weak this year.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      This team would have to have more than one winning streak of 10-plus games to make that happen. I would love it, but not with the bullpen they have.

  10. Moon

    Saw the Cards Dodgers game last night with the Cardinal Broadcast. The Cards announcers talked for a minute about the upcoming series with the Reds. They were pretty dismissive of Cincy and the Reds chances over the next six games. They view it as a get well series for the Cardinals who should take care of business. On another note I saw our old freind Sean Doolittle is having season ending surgery. He only pitched 5 innings for the Nats this year. The Nats are terrible and I doubt they will miss Doolittle at all.

  11. Mark Moore

    But the Farm Dawg comes through!!!

  12. Mark A Verticchio

    Big hit by Farmer but, as discussed earlier Pham is really hurting the Reds. I would much rather have Fairchild and a possible part of the future.

    • JB

      I’m not sure Fairchild Is the answer but he needs to play in order to find out. Pham isn’t. Plays hard and stuff but never seems to get the big hit when needed. Hopefully he is traded . Even if it’s only a low A prospect.

  13. Mark Moore

    Pretty good inning. Ran the pitch count up to 27. Now let’s see how Young Jedi Greene is feeling tonight.

  14. Mark Moore

    I know we rank on Nick, but why didn’t he just call Farmer off on that one?

    • VaRedsFan

      He’s pretty solid going gap to gap, but when he has to come in, he’s a little skiddish.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Looked to me like it dropped in no-man’s land.

      • Mark Moore

        I’ll agree it was close to that, but it looked to me like Nick backed off a bit. Farmer was struggling to track it while going back. That’s a much tougher angle to take and less chance he grabs it than if Nick is coming in at it.

  15. JB

    Can’t stand the Cardinals and their arrogant fans. Would love to sweep them.

  16. Doc

    Only had to see the results of the first two Cards batters after Greene handed a 2-0 lead to decide not to follow tonight’s game.

  17. VaRedsFan

    Greene…no command of the breaking stuff yet…..Focus young padawan

    • Tom Mitsoff

      He can’t put either of his pitches where he wants right now. St. Louis sitting on the fastball.

  18. Bet on Red

    I know that Ty Steve does legit need a day off…. but its always with the backups that Greene and Ashcarft seem to run into control problems

  19. Hanawi

    For all of the talk about Bell being into sabermetrics, he is pretty old school with keeping guys in specific batting orders and relying on handedness. Pallante having reverse splits might have been a good time to move Votto down a few places and get more righties at the top of the order.

  20. VaRedsFan

    Elevate the fastball….they fouling off all of the low ones.

    • earmbrister

      You called it.

      Better late than never …

  21. Bet on Red

    That is two succesive out of the glove

  22. Jim t

    Really don’t need to go to the bull pen early tonight with all the innings they logged in NY

    • VaRedsFan

      Yes. unfortunately, looks like it’s going to happen though.

  23. Kevin H

    That was rough, however he limited to 2 runs allowed. Pitch count up though.

  24. Mark Moore

    So now it’s just an 8-inning game. Rough start for both pitchers. Time for more crooked numbers.

  25. VaRedsFan

    Greene settled down. The 2 walks hurt, but they fouled off several great pitches to earn the walk. Found some strikes with his slider later in the inning.

  26. Moon

    36 pitches in the first inning…jeez.

  27. Mark A Verticchio

    Greene pitched so much better last time out with Stephenson catching. Bell should have rested him tomorrow when the temps are going to be in the high 90s. Every time I think Bell is getting better he does something that makes no sense.

    • Jim t

      @MArk it isn’t who’s Catching its location. Every fastball he throws is right down the middle.

  28. Mark Moore

    Apparently we left our “A” game in NYC … oh, that’s right. Our fielding wasn’t all that great on more than a couple occasions.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I have to agree. This team just can’t seem to play well in St. Louis. Let’s hope things change as this game goes along.

  29. VaRedsFan

    Spencer Strider throws his 100 mph fastball up in the zone or above it. I don’t know why Greene is keeping the fastball down. Greene got his strikeouts on high fastballs. Coach him up DJ.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I hope he keeps doing that. All teams play him that way.

  30. earmbrister

    Votto is heating up – he looked good in the NYY series.

  31. Mark Moore

    I put that on Farmer. Seems he forgot it was Joey in front of him.

    • Bet on Red

      partial Farmer partial 3rd base coach, I send Votto

  32. Bet on Red

    I think Votto was trucking just enough he could have made it… bad read by Farmer who gets the Toolban

    • Mark Moore

      Maybe. The throw was well offline, but you can’t bank on that.

  33. Tom Mitsoff

    Nice base-running to run out of a rally.

  34. JB

    Not on Joey but don’t just stand on 3rd. Get caught in a rundown and see if you can get hit by a throw.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      You are correct no effort from Votto.

  35. Mark A Verticchio

    I disagree guys Votto has to score with 2 out from second, even though Farmer has to realize what is going on.

  36. VaRedsFan

    You have to score from 2nd with 2 outs on a hit. Yes, Farmer ran to 3rd, because 99% of the time the guy on 2nd goes home.

    • Bet on Red

      Farmer and the Third base coach… coach stops Votto, who in his defense was straight Trucking, Farmer does not pick up the third base coach

    • JB

      Good lord. Cody Reed (23), Robert Stephenson (24), Rookie Davis (23), Amir Garrett (24), Sal Romano (23), and Brandon Finnegan (23). Once he compared these guys to the fab 5 at Michigan I quit reading.

      • Old-school

        Young pitching only gets u so far

    • Bet on Red

      hahahaha half out of baseball, none worthy of nicknames

  37. earmbrister

    Looks like Greene is finding his spots now. Fourteen pitch inning, 123.

  38. JB

    The only thing with that blunder is Deshields held him up. Votto was going and he spotted Deshields with the hold sign.

    • Scotly50

      It was on Deshields. Holding a runner who has a running start in that situation was a blunder. Even if it was Vlotto.

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    Pham nor Naquin have done much lately.

    • earmbrister

      Pham has in a slight slump (he’s been a bit of a slap hitter lately, haha). However, he gives you professional ABs, hustles his butt off, and gives you very good defense in LF.

      Naquin is scuffling now. Since he’s been back, on 7/5, he’s 5-28 (.179) with 1 2B and 1 HR.

  40. Mark Moore

    No, Nick. You didn’t get hosed on that call.

  41. JB

    I would rather have Greene hit than Papierski.

    • Kevin H

      I wanted to see what Okey was able to do. I think he is better than Papierski

  42. MK

    Why is Papierski on this team? He is obviously a defense first with little offense catcher. Don’t they already have than guy in Mark Koloszvary on the 40-man. Plus Mark has come through the system and it seems Reds would want to inspire there own guys. Papierski doesn’t seem to offer much.

    • earmbrister

      Koloszvary has a slash of .091/.091/.182 in 11 PAs

      Papierski has a slash of .227/.320/.227 in 26 PAs

      They’re both 26 yrs old and change. Can never have too much catching.

  43. Tom Mitsoff

    You just wonder what sort of coaching or training there is to help a pitcher locate better.

    • VaRedsFan

      I fault the coach (DJ) a lot, but a hanging slider wasn’t the coaches fault.
      Just stick with the basics. Hard in, hard up, soft down and away.

    • Doc

      Minor league until you master it, that’s what.

  44. Mark A Verticchio

    Just a terrible pitch call by Papierski, I have no idea why he is even on this team. He can’t hit at all and does not call a good game. Heck I knew not to throw Gorman a slider.

    • earmbrister

      I’m sure Papierski called for a hanging slider right down Broadway …

    • JB

      At least not in the heart of the plate. That’s Greenes problem. He leaves some in the heart of the plate and at this level…. bye bye. He needs to hit all his corners.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I don’t know if there is anything the pitching coach can do about that. Greene has to figure that out by himself.

  45. Old-school

    Reds drafted Hunter Greene for pure physical talent

    They havent developed anything

    Hes having a terrible year because his fastball is hittable and he doesn’t have a third pitch

    Derek Johnson and Hunter Greene both equally failed in 2022 . Greene is still an 18 yo thrower and not a pitcher

    Johnson is grossly overrated a teacher of pitching . Greene non development is exhibit A

    • Beaufort Ref

      Hunter is 22. But you’re right, his fastball up here doesn’t impress anyone but Sadak.

    • earmbrister

      Derek Johnson has been Hunter Greene’s pitching coach for a half of a season, so class might still be in session. Greene had a whopping 68 IP in 2018 at the ripe old age of 18. He had TJ surgery in 2019 and didn’t pitch in ’19 or ’20. After that long layoff Greene pitched 106 innings in AA and AAA last year. At age 22 he has a total of 171 IP as a professional over 5.5 years. When was he supposed to develop? Is it possible that he’s developing, with the inevitable growing pains, in MLB as opposing to the normal minors development?

      As for having a “terrible year”, is a 5.70 ERA (with a FIP of 5.43) at age 22 terrible? How many great pitchers took a bit of a beating early in their careers?

      • JohnnyTV

        I don’t think anyone is tossing in the towel on Greene.

        But the truth is he isn’t pitching well.

        And despite his well appreciated “ears” for learning, he’s not demonstrating much progress.

        The same mistakes keep getting made between the pitch calling and his execution.

        I’d say a good propotion of that falls on Johnson and whoever is calling the pitches.

        I hate to say it, but I’m getting the feeling that without a broader selection of pitches, arms slots, and strategic pitch sequencing, Greene is headed to a (likely successful) career in the bullpen.

        We’ve seen this all too many times with the Reds.

  46. Mark Moore

    Not sure how long I can stick with the game tonight. It’s already getting late and the game is moving at a snail’s pace. Missed and squandered opportunities continue to haunt us. Nights like this make it hard to watch Greene learn on-the-job.

  47. Mark A Verticchio

    Greene was bad tonight and it looks like the bull pen is going to be worse. I was hoping they would play well in this series but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    • JA

      Cards is a good team. They didn’t travel for the game.
      Unexperienced SP -catcher combination. BP struggling (at least Bell reacted fast to change this time) minor damage in 6th.
      Reds still fighting in the game

    • Moon

      I would say Green was mediocre, not bad. He had a bad first inning but was better after that. He still throws too many pitches.

  48. JohnnyTV

    Kuhnel hasn’t pitched in a week and has had a lot of time to think and watch and plan for his next appearance.

    And he promptly walks the first batter he faces, in true Reds’ bullpen tradition.

    Sure, he’s not a MLB quality pitcher who would likely be in AAA in any other organization…

    But it is a systemic failure of the team coaching and managing that continues to allow this to happen.

    I’ve lost any faith in Johnson’s ability to assist the pitchers on this club.

    • Moon

      I am all for playing these younger guys this year to see what they have. Or what they don’t have. Kuhnel may never amount to a quallty pitcher at the MLB level but he is getting some invaluable experience on what he needs to work on in order to make that next step. If you don’t give them a chance you will never really know and this is the year to take a look at guys like Kuhnel.

      • JohnnyTV

        I’m not convinced at all by the “let’s use a 100+ loss season to see what we’ve got!” mentality that is floating around here.

        How many poor performances does it take to know that Gibaut or Kuhnel don’t have it?

        That’s what other teams that Gibaut was on determined.

        That’s what AAA was for Kuhnel.

        So what’s going to be different pitching for the Reds?

        What is to be learned by having him pitch so poorly?

        What is being offered him by Reds’s vaunted pitching coach to help him “have” it?

        Reds seem to value 98.6 (and low cost) in the bullpen above all else.

        If you’ve got a pulse, you’ve got a job.

        You walk the first batter you face…you’re on the bus to Louisville.

        Bye bye.

    • BK

      Kuhnel pitched two days ago in New York.

    • greenmtred

      It sounds as though you’re saying that Kuhnel doesn’t know that walking the first batter is a bad idea, and that Johnson hasn’t given him the proper lecture to correct it. I don’t believe it is accidental that such a tiny proportion of humanity–even the athletically inclined specimens–can be successful MLB pitchers. Throwing pitches with movement and velocity where you want them to go is very difficult and requires lots of physical talent and practice. Coaching can help, I’m sure, but it can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  49. Mark A Verticchio

    Tonight is proving to be another night that shows why Bell is not the answer. If he can’t find a way to get your best hitter in the line up more than 5 out of 7 games he needs to go. Simply put they need Stephenson’s bat in the line up almost every game whether catching, at first or DH. It’s strange that he finds a way to play older players like Pham and Votto, when not hurt, almost every game.

    • greenmtred

      Do you have some inside information about Stephenson? As in, you know that he’s fine and that Bell isn’t playing him because he, Bell, is either stupid or doesn’t care about winning?

  50. RedsFan11

    Mariners about to win 12th straight

  51. JohnnyTV

    This has turned to the comic.

    Reds’ reliever enters game: walks first batter.

    What do they do during their “warmup” in the bullpen?

    What are they thinking when they enter the game?

    Who is responsible for holding them responsible?

    Does anyone on the Reds’s coaching or managing staff even care?

    Night after night after night after night of it.

  52. Votto4life

    Hunter Greene will be fine. Young pitchers are by nature inconsistent. He will be alright.

    • Greenfield Red

      V4L, I find myself agreeing with you a lot, and I appreciate that. This is a learning year for HG. I expect him to be much better next year. It is hard to harness all he brings to the table.

  53. JohnnyTV

    If I were Bell, I’d be apoplectic at this point….going out on the field and showing Gibaut where the plate is.

    How is this tolerated in MLB?

    Yank him now.

    Make a statement.

  54. Bet on Red

    Cubs rained out today. Had an oppertunity to take 4th place.. but no. No urgency, garbage level pitching. No effort by the FO

    • JohnnyTV

      After an exciting series in NY, Reds return to form.

      All the weaknesses revealed once again.

      A poorly led organization in the office and on the field.

  55. JB

    I so hate this bullpen. JUST STOP WALKING EVERYBODY.

  56. Jeff Morris

    Time for this Gibaut guy to go….are the Reds paying him 10 cents to pitch. Hembree and other guys they acquire weren’t good with other teams, why won’t be Reds acqire them!

    • LDS

      Clearly, you missed Bell and the Gibaut fluff from the Enquirer. Apparently, giving up a HR and then striking out the side is a good thing.

  57. Mark A Verticchio

    Just a poorly played game by the Reds. The truth is they played very sloppy in New York but still managed to win 2 of 3, that isn’t going to be the case the weekend. The sad part is the Cardinals have not been playing well and yet the Reds will make them look like they have the best record in baseball.

  58. JohnnyTV

    Metrics wonks and ‘missed bat’ advocates will note that Gibaut struck out the side.

    Meanwhile, he’s buried the game for the Reds.

    Not seeing any progress with the deplorable pitching coming out of the bullpen.

    It’s simply tolerated.

    Bell will have some more vapid post game mumbling which he likely wrote two or three weeks in advance to go along with his lineups.

  59. Mark A Verticchio

    I have backed off Bell lately but the more I watch the harder that is. Some times I think this last little run is hurting the Reds because it just helps keep Bell around even longer.

  60. LDS

    Well, I thought the game would be over by now. Didn’t count on Greene and the retreads throwing batting practice. I thought maybe the Reds figured out how to pretend to compete. As I said last night, they blew the last time they were tied with the Cubs. Guess this time will be no different.

  61. Bet on Red

    Step back for Hunter Greene…. I will give him a pass today for two reasons. 1. He has been having a string of good starts. 2. everyone has bad start issues. Even Cueto, during his 20 win season had issues on day, and you could tell early he was having issues. He also made location adjustments today which is something new. Another bad start in a row though, will not be received with the same sympathy

    • Bet on Red

      Also I really do think that a lack of Ty steve was a factor

  62. JohnnyTV

    Just a note on the salary dump front and the oft times smugness here.

    Suarez is now at .241, hit his 18th double (one less than Dury) and drove in his 50th run.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Drury and will be delighted if he keeps up this production for the remainder of the year and years to come.

    As to Geno S? He who laughs last, laughs best.

  63. Mark A Verticchio

    The Cowboy doesn’t sound real happy with the approach of the Reds pitching. I think he would be a much better pitching coach than DJ. I just don’t think he is doing a good job with this staff.

  64. Mark A Verticchio

    Glad to see Bell let his best hitter get one bat tonight, great management.

    • JohnnyTV

      As dreadful as watching the Reds bullpen, watching Tyler Stephenson hit offers some tiny amount of solace.

      What did the Reds front office do to deserve him?

  65. JohnnyTV

    “Schrock Returns!” hasn’t been as good as the previews.

  66. Roger garrett

    Eight walks again tonight.Bell sets his best hitter,Votto running the bases is like watching little league.Johnson’s approach to pitching ain’t working

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I agree with every point you made Roger. The only positive is the comeback attempt in the 9th. They face the Cardinals best tomorrow so it looks like the best shot is Sunday but you never know.

    • Hanawi

      Baserunning error was on Deshields not Votto

  67. Hanawi

    412 foot flyout that would have gone out in 18/30 parks to end the game. I hate the Cardinals.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I am with you. Please win at least one this week end.