The Cincinnati Reds announced that they have called up outfielder Stuart Fairchild from Triple-A Louisville. That move was made because the team placed Albert Almora Jr. on the injured list.

Albert Almora Jr. was placed on the injured list with no designation. That means he’s been moved to the COVID injured list, but as we always are sure to point out – that does not mean that he has tested positive. It could mean he was a close contact of someone, or that he exhibited symptoms that could be COVID.

Stuart Fairchild was drafted by the Reds  back in the 2nd round of 2017, but he was traded to Arizona when the Diamondbacks sent Archie Bradley to Cincinnati with Josh VanMeter also heading back to join Arizona. Since then he’s played in both the Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants organizations. He was reacquired by the Reds a little over a month ago when the Giants put him on waivers and Cincinnati claimed him.

Fairchild has been in Triple-A Louisville ever since. He’s had a strange season for the Bats in his 20 games played. He’s hit .315/.354/.685. Fairchild has been crushing the ball when he’s made contact, with 4 doubles, a triple, and 7 home runs. He also hasn’t walked much, picking up just 3 walks in 79 plate appearances. The 26-year-old has been in the big leagues in parts of the last two seasons, but has had just 28 plate appearances in the 20 games he’s played for the Diamondbacks, Giants, and Mariners. In that span he’s gone 2-26 (.077) with a double and a walk. He’s capable of playing all three spots in the outfield, and he’s got speed that could be used as a pinch runner if that’s what is needed.

As for Albert Almora Jr., he’s worked his way into the lineup on a semi-regular basis this season. In his 48 games he’s hitting .234/.259/.371 with just 5 walks in 175 plate appearances. He’s been in a big slump over the last 3-and-a-half weeks dating back to June 18th. In that stretch of 18 games played he’s hitting just .141/.179/.266 as his OPS has dropped 101 points in that time.

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  1. Roger Garrett

    Would hope he gets some playing time but more then likely he doesn’t.

    • LDS

      He won’t. At least, if Bell stays true to form.

  2. Tom Diesman

    Sweet, now let’s get Pham dealt away and get Fairchild and a soon to be healed Fraley some regular MLB playing time at OF/DH.

    • west larry

      I like the slappers hustle. Pham’s salary is 6 million, so it would cost a team about 2.5 million for the rental. Maybe the Phils would take him, they really needa outfielder who can defend. you might get a low-level prospect for him.

      • Votto4life

        “Take” being the keyword in that sentence. Which is fine, it would save the Reds a couple million dollars for someone to take him away.

        If the Red had not signed Pham and Minor this season, it would have bought us a $14 million bat this season. Almost another year of Castellanos. But then again, we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of seeing Mike Minor get rocked every start or watching Tommy Pham’s childish antics.

    • JohnnyTV

      Fraley and his .186 career BA….

      No thanks.

      Exactly the kind of “major league ready” prospect I’d hate to see come this way in any Castillo / Mahle deal.

      Almora has been slumping mightily of late so maybe a few days off will help him return to his exciting early season form.

      Fairchild has been hyped by a few folks here.

      I hope Bell gives him a chance and doesn’t Schrock him…as expected.

      • Daytonnati

        “Schrock” as a verb is inspiring … that has legs.

      • Redsvol

        That .186 career BA is very deceiving. Averaging annual batting averages is a terrible way to look at a player. By far his most experience is last year in Seattle where he had 214 at-bats to the tune of .714 OPS. That OPS on this current team would place him 3rd among our outfielders – and just barely behind only Naquin’s .757 and Pham’s .733.

        I’m of the opinion I want him to get 200 at bats after the All-Star game. In fact an outfield of Senzel, Fairchild, and Fraley with the occasional Aquino and Schrock starts for platoon splits would be just fine from July 19th to the end of the year.

  3. Tom Diesman

    Then you’ll love Fairchild and his .077 lifetime BA. Enjoy!

      • Hanawi

        Right and spread out over 20 games. No one has given Fairchild any kind of multiple game stretch in MLB to get a solid feel. Fraley has almost 400 plate appearances and got a pretty extended look for Seattle last year.

      • Tom Diesman

        Do tell more! How did he do last year when he got an extended look of 265 PA The only one of 4 seasons he got more than 48 PA. 104 league average OPS+, .352 OBP, on pace for a full season of 18 HR, 20 SB, and 92 BB. Did he maybe have a .900+ OPS in over 500 PA at the AA and AAA levels? Yeah let’s move on there’s nothing to see here.

    • Redsvol

      right there with you Tom! Fraley has in interesting potential. If he was a current Dodgers farm-hand with that .900 OPS we would be drooling over him in a trade for Castillo! I hope they play the heck out of Fairchild and Fraley after the trade deadline.

  4. Jim Walker

    Figures Fairchild would get the call on the day of my wife’s knee replacement surgery when I was shuttling back and forth between her at the hospital and keeping the dogs’ nature needs tended to 😉 And oh, would you believe they actually sent her home late this afternoon?!?

    But yeah, the guy is hotter than a leftover 4th of July pyrotechnic; so, the Reds way is to sit him. On a team going nowhere and supposedly trying to evaluate internal talent, a guy with a .900+ OPS in ~350 AAA PAs doesn’t rate a long look?

    • Roger Garrett

      I hope your wife does well Jim.It is amazing how quickly they get patients up and going after knee replacement surgery.I do a lot of visiting to rehab centers just to check on people I know or are asked to go visit and patients seem to do so well.I live in the small town of Sanford NC .Most surgeries on the knee and hip in the local hospital are done using robotics.One of just a few places like it in our state.I have several friends who are up and going and just a few weeks or so.Again best wishes.

      • Jim Walker


        She had her other knee done about 10 months ago. I guess it is a testimony to the process she had this one done too. Sounds like this one was essentially “routine” and took only 90 minutes or so.

        The first one, the post op report from the surgeon sounded like stuff we often read on this sight when knees are injured. He couldn’t believe she didn’t realize how much damage there was in it. That’s also testimony that sometimes even the docs don’t know till they “get in there. For that one he told us he actually shutdown the robotics and finished it by hand.

      • Old-school

        Almost moved to Pinehurst Roger. Still think about that.
        @ Jim, best to you. We will hold down the fort.

    • Redsvol

      I hear you Jim but they almost have to play Fairchild. There is very little outfield depth on the current active roster unless they play Drury or Solano in the outfield. I think he will get some at bats. Hopefully he does something with them and plays a stellar outfield defense.

    • Pat

      I came home the same day I had knee replacement as well. I did fine. Just keep ice on it and tell her to take her pain medication on time and stay ahead of the pain! Did you get to enjoy the 9th inning last night?

  5. Roger Garrett

    Under Bell guys that are called up will not play unless Bob says play them.It matters very little as to what they do or don’t do in the minors.Rarely does anybody from any organization come up and hit a ton.Just doesn’t happen often and it never happens getting a few at bats here or there.Fairchild will not play.Just go for coffee and doughnuts.Glad for him but he already knows the deal.Reds do only have 3 outfielders now so if somebody goes down or we face a lefty we may see him but again he could go 4-4 or 0-4 and it won’t mean any more or any less playing time.Only way young guys get a legit shot is if there are no old guys on the roster as it is in Pittsburgh.Those guys and if you look at the lineup tonight is full of guys right around 200 or below are just having fun with no pressure about playing time or being the next super star.May not all work out but they are getting a shot.

  6. Brian Rutherford

    I think Bell has been given organizational directives to play some of these veterans on short contracts to showcase them and get a good prospect for them. I don’t have any inside information. It makes more sense then the irrational “Bell hates young guys” theory. I’m sure Bell wants to win and would play whoever gives them the best chance to do that.