The Cincinnati Reds will look for another win over the Tampa Bay Rays this afternoon, but it might be hard to top the balk-off that was last night’s victory. Hunter Greene will take the mound for the 17th time this season. Tampa Bay will counter with righty Drew Rasmussen. First pitch is set for 4:10pm.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s game:

Tampa Bay Rays

Cincinnati Reds

Josh Lowe – RF Jonathan India – 2B
Wander Franco – SS Brandon Drury – DH
Harold Ramirez – LF Tommy Pham – LF
Ji-Man Choi – 1B Tyler Naquin – RF
Randy Arozarena – DH Tyler Stephenson – C
Isaac Paredes – 3B Kyle Farmer – SS
Kevin Kiermaier – CF Mike Moustakas – 1B
Taylor Walls – 2B Donovan Solano – 3B
Francisco Mejia – C Nick Senzel – CF
Drew Rasmussen – SP Hunter Greene – SP

No Joey Votto once again. He hasn’t played in five days.

Starting Pitchers

Hunter Greene 79.1 6.01 1.35 33 98
Drew Rasmussen 62.2 3.30 1.17 18 51
Links: Hunter Greene’s Stats | Drew Rasmussen’s Stats

Hunter Greene

For Hunter Greene this season his good starts versus his bad starts tend to come down to one thing: Home runs. Greene leads baseball in home runs allowed, and both lefties and righties have their fair share of them against him.

Speaking of lefties and righties, while lefties do hit for power against him, they don’t find much success anywhere else. Right-handed hitters, though, do. They are carrying a significantly higher average, which also helps them carry a better on-base percentage. And they are also hitting for significantly more power.


RHH 177 42 8 0 13 16 46 .264 .333 .560
LHH 170 32 7 0 9 19 52 .216 .312 .446

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Slider Change
Velo 98.4 87.6 89.5
Usage 51.5% 43.1% 5.4%

Drew Rasmussen

On the season Drew Rasmussen has been good, but he’s been a vastly different pitcher on the road than he has at home. His ERA away from Tampa is 5.10 (1.65 at home) and hitters have an .831 OPS against him (.490 at home).

Like his home and road splits, but not as extreme, there are some differences for the handedness of batters. Right-handed hitters had a .706 OPS against him. They don’t walk as much as lefties do, but they hit for a lot more power. Lefties walk often, and make plenty of contact against him, but it tends to be soft contact.


RHH 143 31 7 1 6 8 32 .231 .273 .433
LHH 114 24 4 0 1 10 19 .235 .310 .304

Pitch Usage

4-Seam Cutter Slider Curve
Velo 95.4 91.7 84.5 79.4
Usage 34.2% 33.8% 29.7% 2.4%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,, Fox Sports 1
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 78°, partly cloudy, 10% chance of rain

News and Notes

Tyler Stephenson is back

If you saw the lineup above you already noticed that, but prior to the game today the Reds activated Tyler Stephenson from the injured list and optioned Mark Kolozsvary to Triple-A.

Buck Farmer called up

Cincinnati has called up reliever Buck Farmer from Triple-A after placing Ross Detwiler on the injured list with lower back pain. Farmer has been dominant with Louisville over the last month, giving up just one run while striking out 20 batters without a single walk.

260 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Good to see TySteve back. Hoping he catches a few breaks today and going forward. Whether or not he moves to 1B at some point in the future isn’t the issue for this season. It’s getting him AB’s and seeing him perform.

    Hoping we see the “good Hunter” today and he keeps them in the park.

    At least I’m back home in my favorite chair for this one.

  2. LDS

    Again, no Votto. But a quick look at the numbers says the Reds have won 60% of the games since Votto was injured, well ahead of their winning percentage prior to the injury. Clearly, “analytics” is telling us the Reds are better without Votto. Can’t argue with the numbers. Just have to pick the right sample size. I’m picking the last 5 games.

  3. Bred

    Just wondering if others think Hunter should have spent time this year in AAA. Basically he is a 2 pitch pitcher as he rarely throws the change up. His command and control seems to also need improvement. When he can’t get the slider to do what he wants it to do consistently, they sit on the FB. I think the FO rushed him to the show for positive PR and to get fans in seats when he pitches. Although he is a starter, I worry they have not let him develop in AAA into what he could be, and they are creating another Chapman. Lastly, they are burning a year of service time for nothing as he tries to figure it out as a big leaguer. I just wonder what you all think.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Was he rushed for PR or was it something that they had to do because Luis Castillo and Mike Minor both got injured and the team had to have someone pitch?

    • Michael

      I hate comparing anyone to hall of famers but Greg Maddux, John Smoltz and Tom Glavine pitched thru their struggles on the MLB roster when they were 20-22 years old (not sure if smoltz started year in Atlanta or was later season call up which could change this comment a hair)

  4. Frankie Tomatoes

    I can not believe this team won’t put Votto on the injured list. He’s out again and would already be halfway through his time on the injured list but instead the team is playing short once again.

  5. Roger Garrett

    Greene had nothing to prove in the minors unless he was told to learn and throw a change up in games.Otherwise firing 100 mph pitches past minor hitters is a waste of time.Learning to pitch or hit at the big league level has to be very very hard but in a year where his innings will be limited and his team is going no where other then to get in line for a top 5 draft pick I say why not.I don’t really don’t understand the service time structure but an extra year would be great for most teams but not sure it even applies to the Reds.They tend to fall in love with their players and often hold on to them too long anyway and never get to much when they do trade them.

    • Doc

      With a 4+ ERA in Louisville, he wasn’t firing past hitters all day long and he gave up HR in bunches. He should have learned to pitch in AAA. He has 3 wins, 10 losses and 3 no decisions so far this year. Basically, the Reds have not been in the game in 2/3 of his starts. Given his ERA north of 6, it has not been a lack of Reds offense like it has been with Castillo.

      • Kevin H

        While I don’t have statistics in front of me, I know of 3 games at least were no offense or bullpen blew it. Also I also remember bullpen has allowed alot of inherited runners to score. Greene could easily have 6 wins. His last few outings have been bad yes, however it happens. It’s not all on Greene

    • MBS

      Well he really didn’t play much in AAA, and the little he did wasn’t good. Having said that we are well beyond AAA being the right place for HG, his mental makeup, and stuff is allowing him to learn at the MLB level.

  6. LDS

    Detweiler to the IL and another never was called up to replace him. Buck Farmer, 31+ years old, career 5+ ERA and a WHIP over 1.5, which is actually better than the numbers he’s had with the Reds this year – 6.75 ERA with a 1.8+ WHIP. Another inexplicable move by the Reds. Oh well, what did fans expect. Come on rain out

      • LDS

        Dugger actually has better numbers and has pitched the same number of innings. I’d prefer someone with a future, but the Reds are the Reds.

    • Kevin H

      To reply to your comment. I agree I like Duggar as well, and Hendrik while struggles at mlb level, he has been pitching okay at Triple A.

      Maybe bring a few young guns up put them in bullpen?

  7. SteveO

    Doug, Dayton is now the High A affiliate and Daytona the low A. Is there any reason why Dayton, which is the closest in proximity to Cincinnati, is not the AAA affiliate? To me, it makes more sense for the affiliates to be Dayton-AAA, Louisville-AA, Chattanooga-High A and Daytona- Low A. The most transactions in a full season are callups and optioning down of players from the AAA team to the MLB team. Tried to find info, but couldn’t find anything that explained the reason of how teams select the location of their affiliates. Having the AAA team in Dayton would seem beneficial for all involved.

    • Bet on Red

      probebly something with stadium size, infrastructure, potential fan base. The Fact that our Tripple A team in in Louisville is that they are too far away for Louisville residents to regularly attend reds games. Dayton is close enough that the fans there can.

      • SteveO

        Having the AAA team in Louisville is second best, I guess. Dayton as the AA team would be the second best situation for all involved. I’ll try to find info of attendance figures at these ballparks. Cleveland is ideal as both their AAA and AA teams are in Ohio and close to Cleveland.

      • Doc

        Maybe the Reds’ stadium is too far away for fans to attend the games. Both the Bats’ and the Reds’ stadia are downtown. Since moving to Tucson I have attended more Bats games than Reds games. Got to love the $11 double header with 50 cent hot dog night. I have found Louisville’s stadium easier to get in and out of and have seen some good baseball there.

      • SteveO

        Sounds like some good possible reasons

  8. Old-school

    I love the change up but Greene apparently cant master it. These hitters are so geared up for his 101 mph heat or slider, maybe he needs an 85 mph 12/6 curve. No one could adjust to that.

  9. Old-school

    Scooter Drury out of nowhere just keeps finding the hitting magic.

  10. Bet on Red

    if Wander Franco is out, we caught a huge break there

  11. Mark A Verticchio

    What to do with Drury is a major issue, not Pham he needs to go to make room for Fairchild. I think Fairchild could hit as well as Pham has been and he is a lot younger. The major issue to me is for the rest of this year I want to see as many young players as possible. That means no Moose, No Pham, Very little Solano, less Farmer, very little Votto and Drury is on the fence, as is Naquin. I know that leaves a lot of empty spots, well that what the trades are for as well a people like Fairchild, Barrero and others.

  12. Daytonnati

    India’s head seems to be someplace else?

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I agree with you, saying it for awhile. My solution, move him down in order and or a few days off. I also think he would be better 3rd than at 2nd.

      • MBS

        100% India should move to 3B, but I think that’s an offseason move. We also have a lot of SS that will be coming up over the next 2 seasons, all of which could field 2B with more range than India.

  13. Kevin H

    Aquino, Friedl, Fairchild, Barrero, Schrock, Who else would people like to see play. Most of the reds prospects are double A and lower. Not alot choose from.

    • MBS

      Friedl, Fairchild are not very interesting to me. I don’t understand why Schrock is in AAA, but Aquino is still hurt, and clearly Barrero’s injury is holding him back in AAA with his BA flirting with the Mendoza line.

    • Hanawi

      Of those choices, Fairchild and Schrock are probably the only ones that might be an improvement. Lopez, Santana, or Querecuto would all also be better than Moose right now and have potential future roles in the organization. The Reds being bad while also throwing out 30+ year old retreads is the most frustrating part of this season for me.

      • MBS

        I do like Lopez and Santana as well. Also I would like to see what Gilliam does at AAA, but he’s buried behind AAAA OF’s.

  14. Old-school

    Moose now 3-25 with 15 K in July.

  15. Mark A Verticchio

    Sadek trying to justify Moose’s now 3 for 25 July and Larkin does the same, come on guys just don’t say anything. I also realize Santana doesn’t have much power but he is only 25 and is hitting over .300. I would rather see him then Moose or Solano.

    • Old-school

      Schrock is the guy being blocked by Moose.

      He profiles as a lefty DH and 3b/2b/1b back up. Why this team has no chance to win in 2023. They wont commit to moving on with the future.

  16. Mark Moore

    I was just explaining to my wife why 3Moose shouldn’t even be on the roster, let alone playing with any regularity. This pathetic attempt to “showcase” him is baffling. I realize his costs are sunk completely. I also saw how easily his ego gets bruised. But why oh why does he have a glove on his hand at any point other than an absolute emergency? I get he did a decent job and made some plays, but overall he’s well beyond being an effective defender.

    Rant off. Senzel leads off next inning.

    • Kevin H

      His ego Mark? I didn’t read about that what happened?

      Also, what is on the grill this afternoon?

      • Mark Moore

        It was when he got yanked for a PH’er last week. Then when Day interviewed him, I just sensed the attitude. Frankly, I don’t think he sees how he’s regressed.

        Nothing on the grill tonight. We’re recovering from travel and there is rain pending. I did pick up some really nice T-bones that will probably hit the grill on Monday evening.

    • Old-school

      Idk mark. India had a bad error and misplayed the ball but still had a chance to get Choi and made a bad throw. But Moose was a statue. Stephenson at 6’4 and age 25 with a little athleticism and long reach probably covers up India on the play if hes at 1b and catches it.

    • Old-school

      Idk mark. India had a bad error and misplayed the ball but still had a chance to get Choi and made a bad throw. But Moose was a statue. Stephenson at 6’4 and age 25 with a little athleticism and long reach probably covers up India on the play if hes at 1b and catches it.

      • Mark Moore

        Can’t argue those points OS. 3M as a statue is pretty much what we’re expecting. I know he made some solid plays a few games ago, but those are the exception as opposed to the rule.

  17. SteveO

    I’ve noticed a slight change that Greene has made that seems to have resulted in better pitch location. In the full wind up, his right foot starts on the right side of the rubber, but moves to the left side when he rocks in his windup. It makes his fastball start more off the plate and runs in on the fists off RH batters. It also makes his slider start more in the middle of the plate and end on the outside or a little off the outside corner to righties. For LH batters, he has more command on the inside part of the plate with both his fastball and slider. In the stretch, his right foot starts on the left side of the rubber, where in the past, it started on the right. I think that this slight adjustment makes his pitches not end up in the heart of the plate and batters will have more difficulty barreling up balls.

  18. Mark Moore

    Just tuned in. Pitch count shows Greene being fairly efficient. Is that the case?

    • VaRedsFan

      Well, they are swinging and missing everything, so that leads to more pitches. So we can blame the Rays for his pitch count today.

  19. Roger garrett

    Old guys 0-4 with 3 punchouts

  20. VaRedsFan

    I’ve noticed Ty Steve has been putting his hand behind his back. Not 100%, but some.

  21. Mark Moore

    Lil’ Nick just keeps on raking

  22. Kevin H

    Farmer is 31, when did 31 become old in baseball? Moose and Pham well maybe but still alot of players have played into there mid to late 30’s

    • Hanawi

      It’s older than it was when they weren’t drug testing. But, really, he’s in his prime. A solid, but bang average player that would be a good 7th or 8th place hitter on a contending team. Maybe someone will give the Reds a piece for the future for him.

    • VaRedsFan

      It’s not really, but you really want to be playing 31 year olds if you are playoff ready, or in the Reds case, there’s nobody else kicking the door down to take your spot.

      • Kevin H

        Me personally, yes Farmer hasn’t done anything to lose his position at ss. If anything he earned it last year. People can throw out stats, and stuff but Barrero isn’t the answer and Mclain and Cruz aren’t ready yet..

      • VaRedsFan

        I would add, that Barrero isn’t the answer YET. We all hope he can be, he just has to earn it

    • Votto4life

      After 30 you eyesight and hand/eye coordination starts to diminish. Maybe it’s just slightly but if you are trying to hit a 97 MPH slider it doesn’t take much.

      Hitters had longer careers when Pitchers were topping out in the low to mid 90s.

  23. SteveO

    Karl, are you writing up that 2-3 extension for Drury?

    • Mark Moore

      TySteve smacked it hard … just couldn’t lift it.

      I’m with those of you who are thinking India has some Sophomore-itis going on.

  24. Mark Moore

    Movement on that one looked pretty nasty … especially at 98 MPH

  25. Mark Moore

    We’re just adequate at 3B no matter who we put there right now, aren’t we?

    Maybe I could get on the India to 3B bandwagon. Or maybe McClain. I know that was really hit hard, but it looked like he should have had a chance to at least knock it down.

    • MBS

      All aboard, Toot Toot. Really Inda is a 3B that’s been asked to play out of position for a player (Suarez) who’s not even on the team anymore. McLain is a middle infielder, and should have more range at 2B.

      How nice would it be for the young pitching to have Barrero, McLain up the middle, and India keeping the hot corner cool?

      • Mark Moore

        That’s kind of what I was thinking. I’m not sold on Barrero unless somebody else is mashing it and we accept he’s glove-first/glove-only. I know that isn’t exactly a popular PoV among some, but we’ve seen the best of Farmer at SS and he’ll most certainly level off and decline. Full props to him for stepping up and doing the work.

      • MBS

        Barrero needs to atleast be given the chance to pass or fail, once it seems he’s healthy again. I am assuming that’s what’s holding his hitting back in AAA right now. Also if by the end of 23 we realize Barrero isn’t the guy De La Cruz should be ready at that point, and there’s still a chance Torres could be a factor by then.

    • SteveO

      What?? Only the most consistent player this year and most likely All-Star. If Drury doesn’t make the All-Star game, it’s because we’ll have only 1 representative and it’ll be Castillo. Giving Drury a break in the field today, but he’s been mainly our 3B.

    • Mark Moore

      Thrall is attributing it to the return of TySteve. There may be something to that.

      • Mark Moore

        True. Okey didn’t get that much of a chance.

  26. Mark Moore

    101 and about 4-6 inches out of the zone. No way Randy’s catching up with that one.

    Way to buckle down after the BB, Hunter.

    • VaRedsFan

      I think the walk to Choi was a pitch around one of their best power hitters.

  27. Old-school

    Moose looks at 95 right down broadway. He’s gotta be due for his once a solstice HR????

    3-26 with 16 k’s in July.

    Aging is real folks.

    • Mark Moore

      Father Time … still undefeated.

    • PTBNL

      OS, did you say MM looks like he’s 95 right now or that the looked at a pitch at 95.

  28. Mark Moore

    Another backwards K for 3M … sorry to be cynical, but it seems that’s what we see. He’s still stuck on 199, isn’t he? I imagine that’s a huge mental block monkey on his back.

  29. Mark A Verticchio

    As a long time fan I am begging this organization to eat the money on Moose. This can not go on for another year and a half. If they think someone is going to take on his contract they are dreaming. Unless they package him with Castillo and get almost nothing in return and that possibility scares me. If that happens nobody should go to a game the rest of the year.

    • Mark Moore


      I’m right with you, Mark V. It almost paralyzes me to think what the organization is capable of doing in order to unload 3M.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        We are right there together.

  30. Mark Moore

    That first ball was strike 3 …

  31. VaRedsFan

    Join me in a moment of silence.
    Cards lost 2-0 yesterday and 1-0 today.

    • Mark Moore

      Amen and please bow your heads for the Men’s Prayer …

      “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”

  32. Mark Moore

    We need a GIDP in the worst way here.

  33. Mark A Verticchio

    I really think these young Reds pitchers need help they are not getting from Johnson, especially in terms of pitch counts.

    • Mark Moore

      Another +1,000

      I have to agree. I’m just not seeing the developmental results you’d expect from someone as highly touted as Johnson. You can’t ask for more/better raw talent that our current rotation.

  34. Bet on Red

    Votto at least produces enough for a fairwell tour next year. Moose is an auto out at this point.

  35. Mark Moore

    Very much limited the damage. Thrall said “disaster averted”.

    Now we need to actually string together some hits.

    • SteveO

      Only 3 hits today by our main 3B Drury. 3 of the 5 hits we have to day . Not just adequate

  36. VaRedsFan

    Buck Farmer warming, because why wouldn’t he be your first choice in a 1-0 ball game?

    • Hanawi

      Bell loves to throw newly activated pitchers into games immediately (see Diaz yesterday), which is the complete opposite for hitters that get called up. I’d love to know the rationale for it.

  37. Mark A Verticchio

    Cards have lost 6 of 7 and been shut out in 4 of the 6 losses. My question, how can that happen with Goldy and Aranado in the line up?

    • JA

      Phillies and Braves are outplaying them, in all phases.
      Today, At top 9th, after a double by Hall, he was replaced by a PR.. later a Sac fly… 1-0. Then closing the game at bottom 9 to earn the win. 7 hits in total for the game.
      Mets, Braves, Phillies and even the Marlins are having a fierce flight in the Nl east

  38. Mike Adams

    Some guys are throwers, and other guys are pitchers. Our young throwers can eventually learn how to pitch.
    Some guys are batters, and other guys are hitters. Most of the Reds guys are older batters and will never be a hitter.
    I was looking at Brandon Drury’s career stats yesterday–he is a hitter.

  39. JB

    9 strikeouts today and gave up 1 run. Yep send him to AAA because he didn’t win 20 his rookie season.

    • Kevin H

      Or 5 wins lol sarcasm…..

      He held Jay’s to 1 run as well. A.L east is a tough division.. Greene belongs

  40. Old-school

    Farmer great job after the wild pitch to get Stephenson to 2b to hit a ball to-get Stephenson to 3b.. Stephenson on 3b.

    Get him in

  41. JB

    Why on earth is Moose hitting against a lefty? Do analytics work differently in Bells head?

    • Mark Moore

      One time he decides NOT to Tinker and it’s with 3M at the dish. SMH!!

  42. Old-school

    Moose is ridiculously bad. Why not pinch hit?

    You got Reynolds and Almora?

    • VaRedsFan

      Probably because Moose threw a fit the last time he was yanked in that situation. Can’t hurt feelings again.

      • Hanawi

        Bell is a veteran’s manager. Definitely deferential to those guys versus the younger players. Another reason I don’t think they should keep him on.

      • Kevin H

        Ah so that happened. Makes sense now. Still should of pitched hit for him

  43. Mark Moore

    We’ve all heard about the “3 true outcome” hitters. Is 3M now a “1 most likely outcome” hitter?

    Asking for a friend … 😮

    You had one job … just one.

  44. Old Big Ed

    Five whiffs in a row for Moose.

  45. Hanawi

    They have to just release Moose at this point and eat the money right? No point in continuing this for any additional time. If they try to attach him to Castillo or Mahle the return is going to be basically nothing.

  46. SteveO

    Today was the first time Greene pitched exclusively from the first base side of the rubber. Better pitch location and good results considering there is an adjustment period when making this type of change. He definitely has the stuff to excel and must find a way to become more consistent with his release point on pitches. Maddux was a master at repeating his release point on all of his pitches and that’s why he is a HOF with a fast ball that started in the low 90’s early in his career and ended in the mid to high 80’s.

  47. Mark A Verticchio

    Great example why Bell is part of the problem. Moose should have been pinch hit for, Reynolds. I would rather have him against a right handed pitcher than Mr. K against a left handed pitcher. Moose is killing this team with his bat and his attitude, see last week.

    • Mark Moore

      Heck, an ailing Votto more than likely puts the ball in play and gives us a chance there. Reynolds would definitely have been the better option.

      When your job is secure, decisions like that don’t even matter, do they?

      • Mark A Verticchio

        This time I agree 100 % with you sir.

      • Mark Moore

        To be clear, I was talking about DTBell and his job. But 3M also fits that scenario.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        No but it was well documented by many.

  48. JB

    They seriously need to stop “showcasing” Moose. Nobody is taking him unless the Reds pay his contract and then I’m not sure anybody would take him. The popout and strikeout King.

  49. Beaufort Red

    It’s insane not to realize that trying to include Moose’s salary with any trade is going to get less return. The only answer is to eat the salary and dump him.

  50. Roger Garrett

    Old guys 1-10 with a walk and a HBP and 7 punch outs.Reckon you can win with them back next year?I don’t think so.Got to let the guys go on one year deals and figure out how to handle Joey and Moose then maybe just maybe you set yourself up for 2024.Got to be smart.Can’t hold on to guys that are below average and expect them to find the fountain of youth

    • Hanawi

      Reds could be smarter with Votto’s playing time next year. Don’t think it’s a coincidence that he has hit better coming off extended breaks the last few years. Think they should count on him playing 5 out of every 7 games either as the DH or 1B with more games off, especially against lefties. Finding a RH complement or a better 2nd catcher should be a priority in the offseason.

  51. Roger Garrett

    Bell plays the vets always.Team started 3-22 and he kept his job so not hitting for Moose against a lefty ain’t going to be questioned.Anybody would have been a better option and we know it.

  52. Roger Garrett

    I fully expect the Reds to win this game despite Bell playing the vets showcasing some and showing love to the others.

    • Mark Moore

      Even after that display of plate discipline?

  53. Mark Moore

    That’s like an instant charlie horse … OUCH!

  54. Old-school

    NAquin has been awful hitting as well.

  55. Bet on Red

    Moose got beat to the bag by the catcher……. now in fairness that is also on this new person….pitcher

  56. Old-school

    The catcher beat moustakis to the bag? Who would of thunk it?

    To those who say first base defense doesnt matter…it does.

  57. Mark A Verticchio

    I know Fairchild is unproven but he might help the Reds someday we all know Pham will not. I am concerned the Reds are going to waste all this young pitching they have.

  58. JB

    What are you doing Moose? Larkin blaming the pitcher. Larkin needs to go.

    • Mark Moore

      Pitcher was there. Both Thrall and Cowboy agree.

      Cowboy now calling this a “Mental Error” on 3M. A “bonehead play”.

  59. Mark Moore

    You lumbering Manitee!!! Why didn’t you flip it to the pitcher? Allow the runner and risk injury?

    Absolutely NO EXCUSE for that choice.

    Thrall emphasizing the pitcher was there. Cowboy pretty much not commenting.

    • JB

      He was there. Pitcher stopped so the Moose wouldn’t run him over. Send Moose and his biggest fan Larkin on the next train out of town.

  60. Mark A Verticchio

    Moose is having a fine ball game, for the Rays.

  61. Roger Garrett

    Moose with a glove or a bat can not be defended.Keep in mind a catcher pinch ran for Moose last night and went to third on a bunt so lets be real here Moose can’t run.

  62. Mark Moore

    Make or break inning here. 7 hits with spit to show for it and now trouble brewing.

  63. Beaufort Red

    Now you we know why Barry isn’t a manager or even coach

  64. Mark Moore

    And Moose does it again. Cowboy giving him the tiniest of leeway because he’s “not a first baseman” but that was pretty half hearted. 3 mental errors in a row.

    DTBell is complicit in this inning’s mess as well.

  65. JB

    What is Moose doing next to India? As Vince Lombardi would say ” What the heck is going on out there?”

  66. Mark

    Moose Pham Naquin need to go!!!! Drury needs to Stay Castillo needs to stay, Mahle is the pitcher to trade.
    Moose single handly screwed us this inning.

  67. Bet on Red

    Moose better be benched tomorow. I don’t care if Votto (who is an upgrade over Moose both at the plate and in the field) is still not ready to go, Play Renoylds and put Drury at 1B. Moose is not getting traded….. DFA. I think we realized why Gubault was DFAed.

  68. Kevin H

    Greene pitched very well today. 1 run allowed. Unfortunately he will take loss. As Reds make shift bullpen shows up. Only a matter of time. Not sure if Hoffman, or Sanmartin or Moreta are available.

  69. Mark Moore

    Time to Clete, friends. 1 run down we have a shot. 2 runs down it’s a slim shot. 3 runs down with only 2 innings left and the Rays likely to push across at least 1 more and I’m done for the night.

    Catch you all tomorrow.

  70. Old-school

    C’mon Doug Gray!!!!
    Have some mercy.

    It’s sort of like library mercy day when you can bring an overdue book back and no penalty.

    Can you have 1 day for Reds fans to vent and curse.
    Castellini,Krall,Bell,Moose. We’ve earned it? Maybe just attach a $10 donation to each rant.


    • VaRedsFan

      Kind of like the movie…The Purge.

      They are playing the Purge sound at the ballpark now.

  71. Mark A Verticchio

    Moose is having one of the worst games I have ever seen a man have. A lot of clubs would realize it is time to cut the cord, but he will most likely start tomorrow.

  72. Stoney

    Moose contributes nothing. Liability at the plate and on the field. Get rid of him any way you can. Absolutely horrible.

  73. Mark Moore

    Nobody throwing in our BP. I guess that means DTBell is conceding the game. Of course, he’s still the manager for the foreseeable future. And he’ll run 3M back out there no matter what because that’s what he’s been told to do.

    OK, I’m really done now.

  74. Beaufort Red

    On the lighter side, my 94 year old mom said there has to be someone in the minors better than Moose.

  75. Mark A Verticchio

    I am somewhat surprised Moose didn’t drop that throw from Farmer, yes he is that bad. I am so interested to see what this team will look like after August 2nd. That will tell us all where this organization is going. We should all be very concerned, I know I am. At least it will be closer to football season.

  76. Old Big Ed

    Can’t really fault Gibaut for that. He got 5 outs. The double wouldn’t have scored anybody if Moose knew how to play. (And Gibaut did get to first on time; Moose waived him off.)

    • VaRedsFan

      No blame for Gibaut here. What sucks for him is that they ruled both of them infield singles….All runs earned.

  77. Old-school

    Cant wait to read the RLN write up on this game with Moose.

    Thats some tough sledding accurately describing this game.

  78. Mike Adams

    I hope venting all that steam made you guys feel better.
    Moose will be right back out there next game.
    Those in control don’t care what fans think.

  79. Beaufort Red

    Thanks Mark. Yeah my mom is 94 and dad is 91 and they watch every game. I was trying to explain what rebuilding is and she said “ your dad and I ain’t got no time for rebuilding “. Sad but true for some true fans.

    • Mark Moore


      My Dad has been gone almost 36 years. Mom we lost a couple years ago. Dad would have watched baseball with me. Same for my late brother who used to call me from his corporate seats at what was Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix.

  80. JB

    If this was a t-ball game , every parent would be saying that kid on first needs to go play another sport.

  81. Mike Adams

    Maybe Bell is getting tired of Moose.

  82. Mark A Verticchio

    Why would Bell Pinch hit for Moose this time but not the last time he was up? This is so hard to watch and not get mad.

  83. Mark Moore

    OK, I know I called Clete, but I never turned off the game. So technically I only tapped out of this forum.

    C’mon Nick!

  84. Mark Moore

    OK RoY … time to shake off the Sophomore Slump garbage and find some green with a simple hit.

    • Mark Moore

      You should be a little frustrated with yourself. You got your shot and took it.

      • Mark Moore

        Yeah … he did a kind of “hulk flex” that I saw from behind. Looked very frustrated with himself.

  85. Mark Moore

    Brandon Freaking Drury!!!

    The kid is a hitter. No doubt about it. Adding to his RBI count.

  86. Old Big Ed

    Drury bails out Fabio’s pop-out.

    • Bet on Red

      he is going to want three…. the fact that he is going into his walk year at 900K says that he wont be say Arron Judge expensive, but he will want a deal that gets him back to FA with another shot at a pay day

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Plus 1000, been saying that all day.

    • Mark Moore

      Don’t need to DFA him. Somebody would want him unlike 3M. You’ll at least get a couple prospects.

      • Votto4life

        Would you really offer a couple of prospects for a 34 year old outfielder, hitting .246 and earning $9 million dollars a year?

  87. Mark Moore

    New life and no more 3M in this game.

    Strickland in the 9th to try and hold them down? Another walk off (or even balk off) would work for me.

  88. Mark A Verticchio

    Pham is having an awful game but compared to Moose he is doing a bang up job.

  89. Doc4uk

    Bring up McGarry and Williamson. Actually the twenty year old De La Cruz is light years better than Moose

    • Bet on Red

      I am better then Moose…. I also haven’t played this century lol

  90. Bet on Red

    Yea, Pham is going to be gone in three weeks anyway. He will get something in return

    • Votto4life

      Maybe …I am not sure there is going to be much of a market for a 34 year old outfielder hitting .246 who is also a head case. Especially at $9 Million dollars a year.

      Would you pay $4.5 Million dollars for two months of his services and give up a player?

  91. TR

    I like that kind of of hitting. First pitch Drury gets it done. For the offense, keep Drury, and he also has a lot of options defensively.

    • Mark Moore

      3B, 2B, and 1B. Plus a solid DH bat when you need him. I have to think he’s “affordable”.

      Chances are he gets moved though. Good for him if he goes somewhere he can be part of a chase.

  92. Old-school

    How this team ever commits another game to Moose is insanity.
    Naquin and Pham need to be gone by the AS break.


    Bring up Schrock immediately as a lefty DH and Utility infielder and DFA Moose.

    • Votto4life

      I’m OK with the Reds re-signing Naquin as long as he doesn’t break the bank. They are going to need outfielders next year.

      Naquin and Senzel equals about 1 full time player. You may get 500 ABs between them. Too bad they can’t coordinate their time on the IL.

  93. Votto4life

    Drury’s trade values keeps going up. Hopefully the Reds will able to get a C+ or maybe even a B- prospect for him. .

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I would try to re sign him, he plays a lot of positions and could serve as a leader for young team to come. Also to be honest, your not going to get that much for him.

  94. Mark Moore

    OK, the table is set for a walk-off/balk-off/get-er-done.

    Back from the brink … time to reward this loyal bunch of fans for sticking with you (or at least MOST of you).

    Glad to see Greene off the hook for the “L” today. That’s a major positive to me.

  95. Mark Moore

    Playing 4 outfielders??? Don’t believe I’ve seen that.

  96. Old-school

    Rays 4 man OF against Naquin. 3 infielders.

    That tells you Naquin isnt a complete hitter.

  97. Mark A Verticchio

    Pham, Naquin, Moose, Solano = not a good day, throw in India but, he is at least young.

    • Bet on Red

      one is comming off of injury, (TN) two are in a slump (DS, TP) one is just Bad

      • Mark A Verticchio

        The problem is none of the 4 are part of the Reds future with these young pitchers.

  98. Roger Garrett

    Old guys 2-14 with 9 punch outs.One walk and 1HBP.

  99. Mark Moore

    And we dug a hole again. And only have 1 out with a man in scoring position. Lost opportunities earlier come back to haunt.

  100. Mark Moore

    If you are going to walk Choi, just do it. Quite screwing around with him.

    At least now a GIDP is in the mix.

  101. Mark Moore

    Randy has some fans in the park … I can hear them chanting for him. Of course, most days the opponents fans outnumber the Reds fans, right?

  102. Kevin H

    What a good interesting game. Good pitching and good ab’s. Reds have had chances, but that’s baseball.

    Now rally caps!!!

  103. LDS

    Moose is still a mess, I see. In his last 9 games, including today, he’s 3-27(.111) with 17 SOs (63%). Beyond being old and expensive, why is he starting?

    • Old-school

      And Reynolds helping a win with a strong hit

  104. Mark Moore

    WLW booth saying he “hit it too hard” … 🙂

    Great chance to tie and still in a good position to win it.

    And then THAT happened!!!

  105. Bet on Red

    Got at least another inning, now lets not need it

  106. Bet on Red

    Good read by renyolds…. a foot lower that would have been caught….. one more ball in play come on

  107. Mark Moore

    Reynolds wasn’t scoring on that anyway.

    C’mon Nick!!!

  108. Mark Moore

    Walk it off AGAIN!!!

    Nice game by Nick. He’s really looking dialed in since he came back.

  109. Bet on Red

    morale of the story: If moose is not in the game, we win

    • Mark Moore


      +50,000 and the facts are backing that up.

  110. Mark Moore

    Anybody else think Day should have gone to 3M instead of Lil’ Senz?

    Asking for a friend … 😮

  111. VaRedsFan

    Love Nick’s approach…didn’t try to crank it….same with Reynolds and Solano that inning.

  112. LDS

    I was picking on the analytics crowd earlier, and baseball writers that are great at picking favorable performance intervals, but the Reds have now won 4 of 6 without Votto. He’s starting to look like Elgin Baylor on the 71-72 Lakers, except there’s no Jim McMillan to take his place.

  113. Mark Moore

    Maybe they’ll stash 3M on the IL for the next 60 days?

    To paraphrase Beaufort Reds Mom … we don’t have time for this and there has to be somebody better at AAA. Heck, Moran would be an upgrade at this point.

  114. Kevin H

    Drury and Senzel back to back in tomorrow batting order. They r both on fire. Like to see Pham sit as well as Moose. Almora over Pham. I myself like Naquin and Farmer. This lineup all of sudden can put up runs in bunches..

    Oh either put Votto in IL or play him. (Yes his back is hurt, so why not IL..)

  115. Mark Moore

    Only one problem here, friends … they’ve raised our expectation level once again and now we’re expecting a sweep tomorrow. Which is fine. We’ve shown we can hang in there and compete, even when we dig a hole. I was ready to Clete at 3-0 and the innings waning. Glad I kept the TV on and got to witness them claw back to win it.

  116. Mark A Verticchio

    Senzel’s entire attitude has changed since he is playing everyday, he is excited to be a part of this team. This has been a fun week, still a lot of problems but the young guys plus a few are making a difference. They need to get India going. Big game tomorrow with Lodolo pitching. I just realized next weekend the Cardinals will see Green, Lodolo and Ashcraft. That should be exciting no matter how it plays out, a glimpse into the future.

    • TR

      Senzel has bulked up as if to say enough of this injury stuff; he’s ready to go at it. And I also sense an attitude that Senzel is determined to be, if not the leader, a leader of the Red’s team.