The Cincinnati Reds dropped the first game of today’s day/night doubleheader to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-2. Donovan Solano homered for the first time this year and had three hits, but it wasn’t enough. They’ll try again a little less than two hours.

Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (34-48)
4 7 0
Cincinnati Reds (28-54)
2 8 0
W: Contreras (3-2) L: Minor (1-6) SV: Bednar (14)
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The Offense

Cincinnati didn’t get on the board until Donovan Solano led off the 5th inning with a game tying home run – his first of the season. The Reds didn’t have another baserunner until Solano came back up in the 7th and singled into right field, but he was stranded there as the Pirates held onto what was a 4-1 lead.

Jonathan India doubled with one out in the 8th inning and he came around to score on a 2-out single by Tommy Pham that cut the Pittsburgh lead to 4-2. That was all they’d get in the inning. The bullpen did their part in the top of the 9th, giving Cincinnati one more chance to try and put some runs on the board. Mike Moustakas lined a 1-out double into right field to bring the tying run to the plate in the form of Donovan Solano, but he would strike out and leave the game up to the bat of Albert Almora Jr. It wasn’t to be on the afternoon as he grounded out to end the game.

The Pitching

Coming off of his best start of the year Mike Minor looked great again, until he didn’t. The Pirates didn’t pick up their first hit off of the lefty until 5th inning. The bad news was that it was a solo home run from Diego Castillo and it put the Pirates on top 1-0. Cincinnati was able to tie the game up in the bottom of the inning, but Minor couldn’t hold the game there. He gave up two more runs on a Michael Chavis double as Pittsburgh regained the lead 3-1. The fact that there was a second game still to be played may have had a role in David Bell sending Minor back out for the 7th inning, but it was a plan that didn’t work out. He would allow a 1-out bunt single and then an RBI double that made it 4-1 before he was removed from the game.

Luis Cessa took over from there. He got a ground out on his first pitch. But then he battled for 9 pitches against Bryan Reynolds. Unfortunately the 9th pitch was not a good one for Cessa and he called for the trainer to come out. He attempted a pitch with the trainer out there and then exited the game with an injury. Ian Gibaut came on to relieve him in a full count against Reynolds. He’d walk him, but got out of the inning on the next pitch when Reynolds took off for second base, drawing a throw and then Jason Daley who was on third took off for the plate. Kyle Farmer caught the throw to second and fired it home for an easy out at the plate to end the inning. Gibaut returned for the 8th and had to work around multiple baserunners, but he was able to do so and kept the score at 4-1.

Jared Solomon pitched a perfect 9th with two strikeouts to keep the Reds in bloop-and-a-blast range for their final trip to the plate if they couldn’t tie the game up. They couldn’t.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds

Thursday July 7th. Doubleheader. Game 2 at 7:10pm

Bryan Wilson (1-4, 7.49 ERA) vs Jeff Hoffman (1-0, 3.29 ERA)

35 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    Just saw Didi has 0 Hrs for Philly. Trade Farmer over there. Blowing up this dumpster fire is the only thing worth watching.

    • Redsfan4life

      So where one of your trade targets from last year. Jose Urena made it back up to the majors.
      Thankfully they stayed away from him.
      Though he wouldn’t be any worse than Minor

      • Indy Red Man

        True….I recommended a cheap flyer on him. Just like I recommended Drury when he was at Yankees AAA a few years ago. I recommended Sonny Gray when he sucked w/the Yankees too. Puig too, but that was so-so. I throw alot of you know what at the wall. Some have compared me to an angry chimp. Some sticks & some doesn’t

      • Indy Red Man

        Actually I called Castellanos too. Saw a stat 3-4 years ago where he led mlb in 390 ft+ outs or whatever it was. I thought that would mean success at Gabp. Wasn’t sure about an extension offer, but leaned yes and I would’ve been wrong. He’s regressing

        Not that he was really interested in staying anyway

  2. Steven Ross

    Yes, a ton of injuries, not the most talented roster after getting rid of your 3 – 4 & 5 hitters a year ago but does anyone really think we can win with Bell? I don’t. 80 games to go. Make a change. Throw us a bone.

    • Jim t

      Firing Bell is not fixing this mess. Not interested in putting lipstick on this pig. This city the home of baseball deserves much more then empty gestures from ownership. Sell the team Bob.

      Firing Bell would require a hiring. I don’t know about anyone else but I have very little confidence in ownership getting that right.

    • BK

      I’m with Jim. The root cause is at the top and will continue until the Castellinis step aside as CEO (Dad) and COO (son).

    • Reddawg2012

      Bell is not the problem. I don’t necessarily love the guy, but we need more talented players. It’s as simple as that. No manager in MLB would be contending with this team.

      • Doc

        Agree. There is a reason Girardi didn’t want the job.

  3. Bill J

    Seen a story about what contenders need. Suggest Mahle to Astros, Drury to Angels, Pham to D-Backs & Castillo to Dodgers.

    • Optimist

      If adept and lucky that would bring back 2 1/2 to 3 MLB talents. I fear it would bring back 1/2 an MLB talent and a load of AAAA players.

      • Greenfield Red

        Those 4 should bring back 8 to 10 high end 17 to 21 year old prospects with 5 to 6 of them already on the top 100.

        No major league ready players please.

      • AMDG

        If the Reds were able to get 4 bad players for Chapman, perhaps they can get 6 or 7 bad players for Castillo.

        Of course, I’d rather they trade for “good” players. But that’s probably an unreasonable expectation.

      • DaveCT

        Greenfield, I agree, bring in *talent* irrespective of their current level. But I mostly see only Castillo bringing back a couple of some team’s top 5-15 prospects (Mahle is a bit of a wild card at the moment). But Drury, Solano, Naquin, Pham, IMO, aren’t returning much value. I just don’t think anybody will over pay.

      • Indy Red Man

        You’d be surprised sometimes. Cheeseburger Griffey was 99.9% percent done but brought back Nick Masset. NM was nasty….one of the better relievers in the NL for 2 years even though he fell off a cliff

        Marlins last year got Jesus Sanchez for a reliever I think? Bryan DelaCruz too…Nick Anderson and whoever?

  4. eddiek957

    I don’t blame Bell so much. Over the last two seasons we’ve been subtracting when we should have been adding

  5. AMDG

    In Mike Minor’s past 14 starts he has ONE game in which he had an ERA below 3.00 for the game.

    In that same span he has NINE games (9 out of 14) in which he has an ERA above 5.00 for the game.

    Unfortunately the bullpen is terrible and they need somebody to pitch innings, and AAA is devoid of any talent to call up. So, I guess it’s Mike Minor or bust…

  6. west larry

    Is robert Dugger a starter? the reds just selected him tp be added to the roster. Maybe je is starting the second game.

  7. Votto4life

    The Reds are now 26 games under .500. withTampa Bay coming in, The Reds really need to win this nightcap or they could be 30 games under .500 by the end of the weekend.

  8. William

    I doubt they can get much for Mahle who has a strained shoulder. I hope Castillo’s arm stays healthy because it is worth a small fortune right now. I would trade him sooner rather than later as long as I could get three players in the top 100. I am trying to make you laugh. Atleast two in the top 100, one of those in the top 50, and another quality player or two. Let’s get it done GM. It is why you make the big bucks.

  9. VegasRed

    Hard to believe the opinions on here not to fire Bell. Clearly it is not his mess entirely but the situation on the field is horrendous and is screaming for a change.

    Something has to change, and Bell and his staff have had ample opportunity to win if they are ever going to under Mr. Bell.

    I think this is a big difference why the Reds’ brass knows they can roll out this club as long as they want and passive reds fans will just shrug and say the problem can’t be the manager…..!

    I find it a very strange phenomenon.

    • DaveCT

      For one, he just signed a 3-year extension. And we know, how much ownership pinches its pennies and love, love, loves its local heroes. And, seriously, no one could bring a low talent team up from its mediocrity

    • Daytonnati

      This is year one of a three-year deal. Think Big Bob is gonna eat that?? If they did whack him, it would be Benivedes on the cheap as “interim”. He might be an improvment, but he is part of the existing culture.

      • Old-school

        Stop listening. its not a 3 year deal. It’s a a 2 year deal.

        Dave CT is your source?

        C’mon man. Stop this garbage lazy misinformation.

      • DaveCT

        Don’t ever call me lazy or insult me again. Am I clear? Insults aren’t tolerated here, or so I thought. It was a two year plus the current year he signed in. SEMANTICS. If you are correct, big deal! I’m not apologizing, which is about as asinine a demand on a freakin’ minuscule blog as I’ve ever heard. What do other trolls say, oh yeah, get over it. I will say one more thing. Cancel my Patreon. Take that to the bank.

      • Old-school

        @dave ct

        Is David Bell signed for 2024?
        Yes or no?

        You said he signed a 3 year extension?

        Thats 2022/2023/2024?

      • Old-school

        @Dave Ct?

        No insult..Just correcting your misinformation that David Bell has a contract in 2024. He doesnt.

        Daytonnati is agreeing with your misinformation.

        Does Bell have a contract in 2024? Sorry you dont like admitting you are wrong.

      • DaveCT

        Nice try soft peddling your insulting and offensive behavior. That’s the issue.

        “C’mon man. Stop this garbage lazy misinformation”


        And, so, no, some Old School crank on a small sports blog isn’t having his demand met that I apologize for something *minuscule*.

      • Old-school

        @ Dave CT

        Is David Bell signed 2024? Yes or no? You said yes?

        You said 3 year deal. It’s here for all to read. It’s a 2 year extension

        You are getting dangerous so I’m done responding to you.

      • DaveCT

        Hahaha, Old Tool.

        So let’s see.

        Someone becomes enraged when someone (me) dare question him, Then insults someone, calling them lazy. Then demands an apology for making a mistake,, falsely presuming he has such authority to do so (hahaha), then badgers and repeats his illicit demands ad nauseam, like many of his posts. Then plays victim, then calls someone “dangerous?’

        Old Tool, you remind me of my alcoholic, battering uncle. Just STOP!

    • greenmtred

      Last year they had some good players, but a bullpen nearly as bad as this one, in addition to lots of injuries and underperformance by several key players (Suarez and, early in the season, Castillo). Their overall record exceeded most expectations. That was their best chance during Bell’s tenure. This year, ownership announced in so many words that they had no intention of being competitive, and this promise they’ve kept: The Reds are playing with a roster largely devoid of talent. Bell may or may not be a good manager, but until he has a competitive roster, we can’t know. I discount the fact that he makes different decisions than some of you think you’d make, and you should discount it, too.

  10. Jeff Morris

    Cessna going on the IL or DL? Again call them the Cincinnati Injured.