The Cincinnati Reds have placed starting pitcher Tyler Mahle on the 15-day injured list with a strained shoulder. That move is retroactive to Sunday. It would make the earliest return date July 18th, but that’s the start of the All-Star break. The quickest he will return would be on July 22nd. Taking his place on the roster, at least for now, is reliever Ian Gibaut. He joined the organization yesterday when he was claimed on waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Chris Okey cleared waivers after being designated for assignment and was outrighted to Triple-A Louisville.

Tyler Mahle was scheduled to start on Thursday for the Cincinnati Reds in one of the two games of their doubleheader against the Pittsburgh Pirates. That obviously is not going to happen now. Who will replace him for that game is not yet known, but with the return of Nick Lodolo to the rotation yesterday, the team should only need a spot starter for tomorrow before they can return to a 5-man rotation without Mahle while he recovers from his injury.

Ian Gibaut is coming up. He should be fresh and ready to go, having pitched just one time since May 25th (and that came on May 27th). He’s mostly a 1-inning pitcher, though, with only a few outings going beyond three outs and none this year have gone beyond six outs.

Chris Okey was designated for assignment and cleared waivers. He’ll head to Louisville to re-join the Bats as he didn’t have the option to refuse the assignment (if he is outrighted again in the future he will have the right to refuse and become a free agent if he would like to take that option).

What Cincinnati will do for one of the starters tomorrow is a big question. The only pitcher on the 40-man roster that’s in the minor leagues right now is Jared Solomon and he’s a reliever. Going with a “bullpen day” may make sense in some circumstances, but not on a day when you have a doubleheader.

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  1. Randy in Chatt

    There goes some serious trade value now. I would assume because of this Tyler will be a Red in 2023

    • Old Big Ed

      That is a bit premature. I would agree that he likely won’t be traded at the deadline, unless he has a good late July outing.

      But many in baseball believe that the offseason is the best time to make a big trade, and if Mahle is back in the rotation even in September, then they can make a decent trade in the offseason.

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    They will have to take less for Mahle now. This team is bad but, to be fair, they can’t catch a break.

  3. JB

    For some reason I don’t think Mahle will be traded anyways. I think Castillo is the main trade here. The Reds will take what they can get for other players as well.

    • Michael E

      They need to trade both Mahle and Castillo, as well as try to get something solid for Drury, Pham and any other short term vet.
      None of these guys will be on the Reds when they’re ready (if ever) to contend again. The Reds won’t pony up for $100 million contract for these pitchers, so get some upside prospects back and move on.

      I am sure they’ll wait till Castillo is injured as well. If someone is calling with a good package, take it. Don’t wait. The Reds don’t fair well (bad luck) holding players up until 24/48 hours left in the deadline. Move them NOW!

  4. LDS

    Nah, no problem – Pham said the Reds are only a piece or two from contending. Of course, maybe Pederson returned the favor.

  5. Optimist

    Without looking, is this the first time Mahle has been on the injured list? I suppose we’ll soon learn how serious it is, but shoulder anything doesn’t sound good. If it comes down to trading Mahle or Castillo, I’ve voted for Castillo – he’s older, he’s been on the injured list more often, and he’d bring back much more in a trade. This news adds to that list but confuses it if the “injury” is seriously beyond “sore”.

  6. SultanofSwaff

    Man, today I was going to comment that if you squint really hard you could see the pieces of a decent team when you pair the starting pitching with Naquin, Stephenson, and a revitalized Senzel……at least enough to be competitve for 7 innings most nights. So much for that idea.

    At this point the frequency of injuries is laughable… a gallows humor sort of way.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    I think Reiver SanMartin would be the starter replacing Mahle in the double header and Ian Gibaut will make his debut with the Reds after him.
    Tyler Mahle seems to be a Red for the rest of the season since being in the IL just before the trade deadline affects a lot his value so we’ll keep an ace at least until the 2023 offseason

  8. SOQ

    Farmer back in the lineup, Votto sits again

    • Jim Walker

      And also Moose vs LH Metz starter. Guess somebody got D.Bell a pair of reality glasses. 😉

    • Hanawi

      Been wondering if Votto has a nagging injury ever since he sat the day after an off day a few weeks ago. He has struggled at the plate ever since and now he is getting two more days off in a row.

    • Doug Gray

      He can. But he can’t give them much given that he pitched on the 4th.

    • Greenfield Red

      With Oakland’s pitcher questionable and now Mahle too, I think Castillo’s value just went up again. Just need for LA and New York to lose a starter, and the bidding war will be on

  9. Old-school

    Some hellacious storms went thru cincy and trees down local flooding and power out everywhere … so Many locals wont be watching the game

    Any wants to hurry over and eat melting ice cream and cook
    Meat on the propane grill before it goes bad….all are welcome

    Just bring a transistor radio battery powered . I dont have one

  10. Luke J

    Does anyone actually have confidence the Reds won’t trade Mahle anyway at a reduced value?

    • Votto4life

      He isn’t making that much money right now, so there isn’t the pressure to move him next month. They would be wise to have him take his time and get healthy. There will be a market for him in December.

      • Luke J

        I think you missed the point. I didn’t ask if they should trade him. I asked if you trust them not to right now.

    • Michael E

      I’d like max value, I’ll take reduced value. What I don’t want is to hold him and let him walk in FA. The Reds brass is not about to spend $100 on either Castillo or Mahle. Neither is going to take a discount. Some team will greatly overpay both. Neither are aces or SP1s.

      GET at least one high upside prospect for each of them, and if we can get another prospect with high floor and lower ceiling added on, great.

  11. SteveO

    Terrible timing for Mahle. Hopefully, he comes off the IL as soon as he can and makes a couple of good starts before the deadline. Solomon comes up tomorrow as the Doubleheader 27th player as the only pitcher remaining on the 40 man roster. Depending on how Ashcraft’s start goes tonight, we might be in trouble for the Doubleheader tomorrow. Reynolds may make another appearance.
    Does the Mahle injury change the plans for the return of Gutierrez? I think he’s best suited to come out of the bullpen the rest of this season, but management may decide to try to lengthen him out a bit.

  12. SteveO

    I’d keep Hoffman and Sanmartin out of tonight’s game at all costs because they are the 2 most likely that could go 2-3 innings tomorrow. Detwiler probably out tonight because he’s pitched the last 2 nights. The other 5 relievers plus Reynolds should be able to cover the innings necessary tonight.

  13. MBS

    Maybe a bit of forced patience. Sure they could trade him in the off-season if he comes back healthy, but his already diminished value took another hit.

    Mahle, Greene, Lodolo, Ashcraft, Dunn

    Mahle and Dunn would provide some veteran leadership. Plus we should still get a comp A pick for Mahle if we don’t trade him next year.

  14. Jeff Morris

    Reds injuries again…..instead of the Cincinnati Reds, call them the Cincinnati Injured! I don’t know how many total players a MLB team is allowed to have on a team, how many regular position players and how many pitchers, but the Reds always seem to have alot of injuries year in and year out, can the MLB make an exception with the Reds, and allow the Reds to have double the position players available and double the pitchers available each year, to compensate for the fact that the Reds will have more injuries year in and year out then the rest of the teams in the league.

  15. B-town Fan

    Would be interesting to see what the injury stats are by team for like, the last 10 years, that would take you back through the Price managed, injured Reds teams years, to the present. The Reds would have to be near the top, maybe somebody could compile that stat.

  16. Votto4life

    The Reds can move Tyler Mahle in the off-season. It’s not sure a big deal. It probably isn’t going to effect his trade value all that much. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hang on to Mahle anyway, a veteran presence on a young staff can be an advantage. As long Castillo stays healthy another four weeks, things will be fine.

  17. Redsvol

    Let Dunn pitch the pittsburgh DH. He has pitched enough in rehab to give them 4 innings. The bullpen is burned to a crisp and no other starting pitchers on 40 man roster that isn’t either injured or already active. Dunn is close enough and he isn’t a rookie. Lets see what he’s got!