Will the Cincinnati Reds score more than one run today? We’ll find out if they can do something that they haven’t been able to yet in the series, losing 9-1 and 4-1 to the Atlanta Braves in the first two games of this series that wraps up this afternoon. The Reds will send Luis Castillo to the mound to try and stop a 10-game home losing streak. Atlanta will counter by sending Charlie Morton to toe the rubber. First pitch is set for 1:40pm.

Starting Lineups

Here are the lineups for this afternoon’s game:

Atlanta Braves

Cincinnati Reds

Ronald Acuna Jr. – RF Max Schrock – 2B
Dansby Swanson – SS Donovan Solano – 3B
Matt Olson – 1B Tommy Pham – LF
Austin Riley – 3B Joey Votto – 1B
Travis d’Arnaud – DH Mike Moustakas – DH
Marcell Ozuna – LF Albert Almora Jr. – RF
William Contreras – C Nick Senzel – CF
Orlando Arcia – 2B Matt Reynolds – SS
Michael Harris II – CF Michael Papierski – C
Charlie Morton – SP Luis Castillo – SP

Jonathan India was a late scratch to the lineup. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that it’s just a rest day….

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo 57.0 3.32 1.16 21 60
Charlie Morton 80.0 4.73 1.33 30 91
Links: Luis Castillo’s Stats | Charlie Morton’s Stats

Luis Castillo

Pitching at home this season has been a bit of a struggle for Luis Castillo. His ERA in Cincinnat in four starts is 5.14, while on the road in six starts it’s 2.25 ERA and the OPS against him in 132 points lower.

When it comes to the handedness of opposing hitters there are also some pretty decent sized splits. Castillo is dominating righties, holding them to a .539 OPS. Lefties aren’t exactly having a ton of success, but they are doing better than righties both in terms of getting on base and hitting for power.


RHH 114 22 4 0 1 7 31 .210 .263 .276
LHH 125 23 8 0 3 14 29 .215 .317 .374

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 96.6 96.5 86.5 88.2
Usage 26.3% 25.0% 21.7% 27.0%

Charlie Morton

The road has been unfrieldy to Charlie Morton this season. His ERA outside of Atlanta is 5.32 this year in eight starts and opponents are hitting .283/.375/.451 against him. His splits are big when it comes to handedness, too. Right-handed hitters aren’t doing much, posting a .652 OPS against him. Left-handed hitters, though, are finding plenty of success against him. They are hitting for a higher average, walking more, and hitting for significantly more power.


RHH 184 40 6 0 4 12 44 .240 .304 .347
LHH 164 36 8 2 7 18 47 .261 .366 .500

Pitch Usage

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Change Curve
Velo 95.1 94.7 87.9 87.2 81.0
Usage 35.0% 10.9% 9.1% 8.7% 36.3%

When and Where

  • Game time: 1:40pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio, MLB.tv,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 85°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Kyle Farmer’s hand is not broken

After being hit in the hand by a 100 MPH fastball on Saturday and exiting the game, Kyle Farmer got X-rays and they came back negative. He’s out of the lineup today, but there’s a little bit of good news here.

198 Responses

  1. Old-school

    Glad to see Farmer escaped a major injury. That said, this wont be a one day injury after taking 100 mph directly on the hand/wrist. Interesting to see how the Reds handle this. Kevin Gausman took a 101 mph off the ankle yesterday and had to leave the game and is questionable for his next start in 5 days. These non fracture bone bruises arent like getting hit in the quad or back.

    Reynolds will see a few starts or I guess we will see if they view Drury as SS material. Who plays SS today if Reynolds is subbed out or gets injured?

    • LDS

      Bell & co won’t call up Barrero. If he did well Farmer would lose his spot. They’ll run a man short before they’ll chance a young player doing well. Don’t be surprised if Farmer winds up on the IL in s couple of days

      • Oldtimer

        Barrero is batting (about) .200 against AAA pitching.

      • LDS

        So what? He’s still a better choice than Farmer. He hit well last year in AAA. He can recover in Cin as well as he can in Louisville. The season is lost, go with the young guys.

      • greenmtred

        LDS: You’re definitely the most committed fantasist I’ve encountered in a while.

      • LDS

        Haha, that’s one description. As I’ve said before, after years of F500 management experience, my tolerance of mediocrity is very low. We didn’t put up with it and the Reds seem to have institutionalized it.

  2. Mark A Verticchio

    Look at the Reds today, no back up catcher, no back up short stop, a DH who some say through a fit last night when he was pulled, a coaching staff that has lost control, a bull pen that is the worst in baseball, an aged 2,3,4 and 5 hitters and a journeyman at short, catcher and right. I hope Senzel and India can be solid players some day but not sure by any means.

    • Indy Red Man

      On a brighter note, good (all) seats are available! Atleast the ones the Braves fans don’t have

  3. Roger Garrett

    No India then I will check on what Schrock does at the plate.I smell a win today but it could be just my neighbor’s grill.We shall see.May be interesting to see how long Castillo goes today just in case others are watching him

  4. Roger Garrett

    Not sure if we can catch anything hit on the ground today.Injuries lack of talent and reluctance to try anybody else from the minors has got us where we are at.Product on the field may be at the lowest point I can ever remember.Fans and city deserve better.Not sure how Bob and crew may feel but hard to imagine how even they could feel good about it.

  5. JB

    Garcia is day to day. Jim Day said that Bell told him he would be in the lineup Saturday and Sunday. I don’t see him. Why don’t they ever put guys on 10 day IL and call somebody up. They love having that short bench. Farmer will be out 10 days.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Only speculation — it might be because they don’t have an open 40-man roster spot. And they’ve already announced that Lodolo will come off the 60-day IL this coming week (and therefore have to be added back to the 40-man roster. If they add Lodolo and someone else (to fill in for Garcia, Farmer or someone), that would be two people that they would have to remove from the 40-man roster. They may not want to do that.

      • Jim Walker

        Okey and Kolozsvary are both on the 40 man roster and on option. Easy to call up and then send back with no risk of losing them or anyone else.

        They just need the leadership to take charge and pull the trigger on sending Garcia to the IL. They have the rolling 3 days they can back date him, so effectively, if he is actually ready, he could return in a week.

      • JB

        Thank you Jim. That’s what I was trying to say. No reason for Okey not to be here.

  6. JB

    I thought Bell made out lineups in advance so guys will know when they are off. If India is on a rest day why didn’t Bell and India know this in advance ? Weirdest coach ever.

  7. Roger Garrett

    Not so bad only 2 of our first 3 guys struck out.Castillo on pace for 5 or maybe 6 and thats good enough for this game.

  8. Jim Walker

    Would this Reds lineup pass Spring Training rules for the required minimum number of “regulars”?

    There have been several of these late scratch “regular rest days” lately (India today). They strike me as either being disingenuous or a sign of disorganization. Either guy making out the early lineup had not gotten the word who was resting or, more likely, the player showed up not feeling up to par or with an injury that did not resolve overnight. Who do they think they are fooling and why?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      If you were able to look into the future (today) from the past (September of last year), you would never believe the Reds lineup today.

    • Roger Garrett

      Its just sad Jim and well I feel for all concerned but how on earth can there not be some kind of change in leadership?We know this is top driven and I don’t even have the words to describe what this really is.I think all may feel better if somebody just said something or did something that showed some interest.May be not.

  9. Mark A Verticchio

    Players I would like to see asap from minors: 1. Santana = hitting .311 2. Fairchild = 5hr, hitting .288 3. Barrero = time to see what he can do 4. De La Cruz = at this point why not?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Santana is not considered a prospect. He’s a 25-year-old corner infielder who doesn’t hit for power.

      • Mark A Verticchio

        You may be right but, he is only 25 and hitting .311. A team that can’t get a hit could use the him. That is what is wrong with this team.They gave others a shot why not him?

    • Oldtimer

      De La Cruz is one or two years away from MLB. Barrero is struggling at AAA.

      • William

        It seems Farmer has to keep proving himself. Forever trying to either make the team or stay on the team. Barrero hits about .200 against AAA pitching, and he is treated like the second coming of Mickey Mantle. Reds fans have to keep praying for a miracle, I guess.

  10. JB

    Braves announcer wants to know who is going to pitch if Castillo gets traded. Who is going to pitch? Reds fans want to know who is going to hit?

  11. Mark A Verticchio

    You may be right but, he is only 25 and hitting .311. A team that can’t get a hit could use the him. That is what is wrong with this team.They gave others a shot why not him?

  12. GreatRedLegsFan

    Moving forward, what’s the plan for SS? Farmer is not a long term answer, Barrero seems lost at the plate in AAA and next closer prospect is McClain in AA.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      In broad terms, they have several prospects who they are high on. It’s my belief that you’ll see Farmer there until the front office believes Barrero is ready to hit major league pitching. If Barrero isn’t able to do that, Farmer will probably stay there until one of the other prospects in the chain (McLain, de la Cruz, etc.) shows he’s ready. In an ideal world, Farmer would be a good platoon player and pinch-hitter against lefthanded pitching.

      • Bet on Red

        I think the front office is trying to turn farmer for a nice relief pitcher, after that, it will be a nice game of king of the hill

    • Old-school

      Clearly something is amiss with Barrero and his bat. There’s no rush to get him going. Give him another 75 at bats this month.

      That said, shortstop is a position so important defensively, teams are willing to play a glove first SS. Barrero doesnt need to OPS .800 to play SS in the big leagues.
      Barrero can play SS even if he hits .220 and OPS’s .680 for a year or 2.

      Zach Cozart was absolutely awful for his first few years with the bat and still got 1500 at bats because his glove was so important. He became a much better hitter. Dansby Swanson did the same and was horrific his 2nd season. Look at Swanson now. Braves stuck with the plan in 2017 when he had a .636 OPS and in 2018 at .699.
      Cozart OPS per season:

      2012- OPS .687
      2013- OPS .665
      2014- OPS. 568
      2015- OPS .769
      2016- OPS .733
      2017- OPS .933
      2018- OPS .658

      Cozart career OPS .699

      IF Barrero’s defense is elite, and his bat trails, so what.
      It’s SS – not a corner IF or OF .

      I’d stay the course through the AS break and then transition playerroles ( and managers ) at the deadline.

  13. Roger Garrett

    Nine up and nine down with 5 punch outs.Rock bottom.Got to make some changes one would think.

    • JB

      No Reynolds is 1-23 and reverting back to what it says on the back of his baseball card. 31 year old journeyman. Bell loves him. People are saying Barrero isn’t hitting. Who on the Reds is? Braves starters have pitched 16 innings, given up 7 hits and 2 runs so far this series.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        That, to me, is not a good rationale to promote a guy hitting .207 at Louisville (Barrero). I think players need to earn the right to be promoted.

      • greenmtred

        It’s also possible that young players promoted to MLB before they’re ready can get completely demoralized. I agree that Barrero doesn’t need to be a .380 OPS guy to be be a valuable starting SS, but as others have noted, he’s got things to figure out.

  14. Kevin H

    Well I was wrong. I truly thought reds could of won this series. Based on first time they played the braves.

    Kinda sad when your starting pitching gives up 3 combined runs and you lose both games.

    Haven’t been on much as sick with covid. Ugh feeling somewhat better today.

    • JB

      Unfortunately that was first series of the year and offense has stunk since.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Had it way back when and hope you feel better.Stay hydrated and rest rest rest.

  16. Moon

    Reds have had one hit over the last 16 innings.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      With today’s lineup, there’s a decent chance they won’t get any more today.

      • Moon

        19 innings, one hit. Woof. You might be right…

  17. Daytonnati

    I was running errands and had the pregame on. Jim Day was doing his weekly intervew with Nick Krall and asked about the Reds and the trade deadline looming. For those of you of a certain age, I was reminded of Ralph Kramden’s response to uncomfortable questions: “Homina! Homina!” Basically, it was, word salad … “improving the club” … word salad … “best players possible” … word salad … “looking at all options” … word salad ad nauseum. Kudos for Jim Day for at least giving it a shot. Like nailing jello to the wall.

  18. Doc

    Question appears more to be if they will get more than one hit, rather than more than one run!

    • JB

      I had them at 31-61. I think I might have been to optimistic.

  19. Kevin H

    At what point do you just clean house. Hitting coach, Pitching Coach, Manager all gone. At least show the fans you care. We all see it, Bullpen awful, starters inconsistent at best and a offense well can score 5 runs a game for a week and then 1 run per game for a week. Not correct numbers I know.

    Side note football starts soon

    • Bet on Red

      training camp starts soon, games are still away off

    • Old-school

      Trade deadline. Trade castillo, mahle, Pham and Naquin.
      Let Bell go August 2nd.

      Symbolically this is the time to transition and pivot from 2022 to 2023. With that pivot comes the understanding the young guys are going to play every day for developing the 2023 team. The interim manager Benavides executes that plan and Moose is just going have to deal with it. Votto still gets the franchise class treatment but still plays more at the DH and plays less against lefties.

    • greenmtred

      At what point? At the point when you conclude that you can fool the fans with eyewash instead of getting enough good players to be competitive. If anybody should be fired, it’s ownership.

  20. Bet on Red

    and it seems that a corpse has broken up a perfect game…. must be a zombie

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Morton has no-hit stuff, though — particularly considering the lineup he’s facing.

    • JB

      Yeah he walked. He is hot. Then old man fell asleep at first.

    • KDavis

      No excuse for Votto to get picked off.

  21. Indy Red Man

    Moose? Its hard to believe how bad some of these guys get almost immediately after joining the Reds. The guy routinely misses pitches by a foot or more? Its as bad or worse then Suarez last year

    Eat that money and move on

  22. Doc

    Sad when the highlight on July 3 is looking forward to the trade deadline, and not for the purpose of adding the piece that puts the team over the top.

  23. Tom Mitsoff

    If you’re looking for bright spots, at least Castillo is really boosting his trade value. What we have to hope for is that Krall settles for nothing less than top MLB-ready prospects and-or productive major leaguers. If he doesn’t get that offer, then he shouldn’t trade Castillo. Absolutely no point in giving away your top asset.

    • JB

      Totally agree. Braves announcers keep saying they could attach Moose to him or Mahle. Absolutely no Way.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        There are enough teams in contention in need of a potential top-of-rotation starter that the return on Castillo should be top-notch. Mahle, not quite as much. But again, don’t trade Mahle unless you get an offer of players who can help you now or in the very near future, not in three or four years.

      • William

        If you cannot get the elite players for Castillo, then consider signing him to a team friendly extension, if possible.

    • JohnnyTV

      Nothing Bull Krall has done gives me much to be optimistic about.
      Accepting Fraley as part of the Suarez- Winker dump and the big score he made for Barnhart are not confidence builders.
      Bumbling the Miley contract and shelling out for Minor are Exhibits C and D.
      Picking up castoffs like Drury and Almora isn’t a sign of any trading savvy.
      ‘Major league productive’ could mean ‘Ryan Ludwick’.
      Castillo will change a team’s playoff odds dramatically.
      Reds need a team-changing return at the least.
      Not what the Yankees are ‘offering’.
      The Bull needs to be setting the terms of any trade.

    • Ahimsa

      Remembering the players, they got when they traded Cueto.

  24. Indy Red Man

    Votto…..lol. Not surprised in the least. He’s checked out. He’s a leader like Kevin Durant is a leader.

    How do his apologists spin this season? Joey and Moose are flat out stealing $
    He was a great hitter, but he’s always been a horrible baserunner and C- defensively at best. Drop him down and rest him atleast twice a week….not even DHing unless he’s hitting. Hold people accountable for once?

  25. VaRedsFan

    While we are cleaning house, can we get Lecure in the booth full time?

    • JB

      Lecure and Cowboy and I’ll stop listening to the visiting teams announcers.

  26. Roger Garrett

    Been a life time fan but it just time for me to move on from the Reds.Thought about it long and hard but its just too much to get caught up in.No hope is just no hope as far as this team under this ownership.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      When you consider that crowds at GABP are rooting louder for the Dodgers and Braves than the Reds, you really have to start considering that the Reds have lost a portion of their fan base through a generation fraught with losing. Nothing will get those fans back until the Reds start winning, as we learned with the Bengals.

    • Old-school

      Enjoy your comments and perspective Roger.
      I’d give it a month. See what happens with the trade deadline. Reds are a bad team but they’ve got some big time assets to trade in castillo and mahle and they also get a huge infusion of young talent with the draft in 2 weeks and 6 picks at 18/32/55/73/94/123. My eyes are on 2024. Reds young talent pool could be substantially improved this time next month and looking forward to read Doug’s articles on the prospect capital the Reds obtain in the draft and trades.

      I said this team was 74-88 prior to the season so 64-98 doesnt move the needle much for me. It was always about 2024 and getting better in 2023 with young talent and moving on from the Moose/Suarez/akiyama crew.

    • Old-school

      Enjoy your comments and perspective Roger.
      I’d give it a month. You and I are big proponents of young talent and I think between the trade deadline with Castillo and Mahle and the MLB draft in 2 weeks , Reds get 6 picks (18/32/55/73/96/123 )- there could be a huge infusion of talented young baseball players. Ill wait and see what the new organizational pipeline looks like after the draft and deadline in early August.

  27. VaRedsFan

    Reds TV doesn’t show the replay of the pickoff. Anyone on the Braves feed get replays of that stuff? Or is it 1 feed per game?

    Similar note, when i went to a few games last month, the replay boards never showed replays of anything positive the other teams did.

    • JB

      They showed it on Braves feed . He was out.

  28. JB

    Reynolds 3-1 pitch and let’s a fast ball down the middle go. Strikes out on a pitch out of the zone. All 8 strikeouts have been out of the zone.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      The hitters in this lineup are no match for Morton. A no-hitter is very definitely possible today.

  29. dhmorgan

    Charles Alfred Morton IV (cool name by the way) is a good pitcher.
    But he’s not this good. Reds’ hitters, right now, are just that bad.
    This is reminding me of the 2000 wild card playoffs with the Braves.
    Utter futility.

  30. Indy Red Man

    Read something yesterday about Texas being a dark horse for Castillo. They’ve got a new ballpark and they’re spending $. Their catcher Jonah Heim looks like a promising hitter! Hit his 12th hr today in 191 at-bats. He’s a switch-hitter too. That would allow Stephenson to play 1B and reach his full potential as a hitter.

  31. LDS

    These guys don’t have their heads in the game. They’ve acclimated to losing and seem comfortable with it, except possibly a couple of them. They are nearly lifeless. Sorry, to keep beating the same drum, but that falls to Bell & his coaching staff along with the feast or famine hitting system they seem fond of. Bell’s wimpy comments last night (published on MLB) show a guy with no “fire in the belly”. He’s secure and he’s got his. Performance doesn’t matter. There isn’t going to be a competitive Reds team in the next couple of years. That’s all but assured.

    • Indy Red Man

      You’re not wrong, but what are you going to do when they fire Bell? Nothing is going to improve anytime soon with this personnel. You’re like the Kenneth Starr of RLN. Making great importance out of something insignificant.

      Worst pen in mlb and its not close. No real stars. Overpaid has-beens in the middle of the lineup that I’m 95% the manager can’t touch because it might screw up Joey bobblehead night or something. Its nearly hopeless for any manager

      • LDS

        I expect a manager to function as they do in the real world. Bench those not performing. Simple as that. And I still contend, as I did last year, that the roster is underperforming. They really have no incentive to perform well because it never affects their playing time. Do well or not, if you’re only of Bell’s oldsters, you’re playing.

      • Indy Red Man

        2 promising hitters in their prime…..maybe 3 if you include Naquin, but all 3 were/are hurt. Its also not like India, Stephenson,and Naquin are .950 ops superstars either. Great coach and they might have 4-5 more wins. Maybe?

        Sims, Wilson, Santillan, and Diaz all out. Thats basically the best 4 guys in their pen that Bell counted on.

      • Indy Red Man

        And last year? If you took Bell’s case to some kind of a baseball courthouse then he’d win easily with 83-79. The baseball judge would decree that he get a 5 year extension with that bullpen. Hembree closing etc and Castillo being the worst pitcher in the NL for 2.5 months or whatever it was.

  32. Mark A Verticchio

    How in the world could Votto get picked off? He just fell asleep, there is no excuse for that. 25 milion dollars for that and I don’t want to hear about what he has done in the past. We are living in 2022 and he and Moose at 4 and 5 is a joke. Please trade for some major league ready young talent. I could take what is going on a whole lot better if the Reds were starting one of the youngest line ups instead of one of the oldest,

  33. JB

    Castillo pitch number 96 was 98 mph. If this guy goes to the Yankees or Dodgers he wins 20 a year no doubt. Pitch 100 at 99.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Yep, Castillo is displaying his value. That why the trade return has to be nothing less than amazing.

      • LDS

        Tom, that’s a lot more confidence in Krall’s deal making than he has earned, don’t you think?

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I agree totally. I’m just hoping for the best. Not necessarily expecting it.

  34. Moon

    Great job by Castillo. I have to believe he is done for the day. Now we can watch the bullpen start serving up big fat watermelons

    • MBS

      He also just increased his Trade Value.

  35. Pharmer85

    Doesn’t matter who pitches against the Reds. They’ll make him look like a hall of famer. Reminds me of when the Bengals stunk and every opposing qb had a career game. Bengals turned it around. Can the Reds? Hope so but they’re a sorry bunch right now. Will only watch when Castillo pitches (much like Soto in the 80s). He deserves better.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        It’s also unlikely that the Reds will be able to draft the baseball equivalent of Joe Burrow and JaMarr Chase (in terms of impact players) in back to back drafts.

  36. Joe P.

    Don’t know if anyone has pointed this out, but Charlie Morton and Joey Votto are the same age, 38. Both born in 1983. Votto is two (2) months older than Morton.

    • JB

      10 k’s out of the zone. Reds hitters have a cookout to get to.

  37. Moon

    Woof. Votto never gets a hit in a close game when you need it anymore.

  38. VaRedsFan

    Despite predictions that Castillo’s arm would fall off after 123 pitches last outing…it sill seems to be in attached.
    I’m all for making 120 the new 100.

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    Did anybody expect anything different today? Sad thing is the next series may be just as bad. July may end up being like April. Oh God, why do we watch and torture ourselves?

    • Tom Mitsoff

      For the vast majority of regulars here, it’s something we’ve done since a young age. It’s a part of our lives during the summer months.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Watching and listening to the Reds, not the torture part. 😉

  40. Kevin H

    Votto isn’t the problem. Amazes me how some just fixate on one person. Bullpen is a problem. Votto isnt

    • Moon

      Votto is a below average player making a lot of money. I think he is a good guy and I like him but his contract has been killing the Reds for years. And before you tell me the contract was worth it go count up the number of playoff games the Reds have won with him and that contract.

      • Kevin H

        He and his contract in my opinion have nothing to do with Reds playoff wins.

      • Votto4life

        AGAIN, The final years of Joey Votto’s contract is part of his OVERALL compensation.
        Why can’t people get that??!!

        The Reds chose to give him $250,000,000 over 10 years. Joey would have signed for that amount over 7 years. It was the Red’s decision to make it over 10 years.

        You want to change the terms of the contract now. Votto would not have signed in 2014 if the Reds had offered him 175,000,000 for 7 years. He would have become a free agent and signed for more than what the Reds were willing to pay.

        Of course he is not going to walk away from the remainder of his contract and no one in this forum would either!

        I’m not sure how his contract has “hurt the Reds for a long time”, since he hit 36 Home Runs as recently as last season Even the years preceding it his OBA was always healthy.

        You guys like to discuss advance analytics, using those measurements, Joey Votto is one of the greatest players of all time.

        Everyone gets old. Some of you guys would have been giving raspberries to Lou Gehrig as he was dying of ALS.

    • JB

      Sorry Votto is part of the problem. He is not, like you say, THE problem. Bullpen, Minor,Moose are terrible as well. My problem with Votto is him tarnishing the HOF career he has. It’s time for him to step away. It’s hard watching him and his legacy deserves better. The declining player thinks they can play forever. Someone needs to decide for him. He earned his contract already. He is one of the best Reds ever. It’s time.

      • Kevin H

        I can agree with this statement. I think we forget how valuable he was last year and helped this team come close. Yes, I am a fan of Votto and won’t Apologize for that. I get frustrated when some act like he is reason Reds are terrible this year.

        Maybe though it is time for him to walk away.

      • JB

        I’m a big fan of him as well. Votto, Concepcion, Eric Davis and Lee May are my Mt. Rushmore. It’s just hard to watch right now.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’m sorry but Votto is literally ranked near the very bottom of MLB 1st basemen

  41. JB

    Braves starters 20 innings, 7 hits ,2 runs and 25 ks.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Reds starters: 18 innings, five runs. Nothing to sneeze at. But Braves are clearly a much better team.

      • Moon

        I like the Reds starters. I think they have real potential to put a solid starting rotation out there. Lodolo, Greene, Ashcraft, Overton, Mahle, Castillo, Move Minor to the Bullpen. They have some good pieces coming back that can help bullpen as well. They need a real closer and they need some offense and they will be ok.-

      • JB

        Bullpens. It’s all about Bullpens. Where would the Reds be with Braves bullpen?

  42. SkagitRed

    I’m a 54-year Reds fan who actually DID give up on the franchise this year. I started following the Mariners once Winker and Suarez got traded there and I am having a great time with them, stumbles and injuries and all. Frankly, I am surprised at how easy it was to switch allegiances. (I have a painting of Tony Perez over my living room sofa…) That’s because this Reds regime has snuffed all life out of the franchise. I can’t speak for anyone else but I suspect for many of you your love of the game might allow you to follow a team that is at least trying. This is the first game I’ve seen since early April. I can not BELIEVE how dismal this situation is. No sense at all of building for a future. More like, let’s find some guys to fill uniforms. Tuned in today on a whim and by the cheering thought it was an Atlanta home game.

  43. VaRedsFan

    What an incredible play by their CFer Harris. Youngest player in MLB now.

  44. JB

    Morton feels like the Reds starters now. Pitch a great game and get nothing.

    • dhmorgan

      Yep. And it’s a shame that Castillo won’t get the win (if the Reds can hold the lead).

  45. Bet on Red

    For the first time in three days we have the lead

    • Daytonnati

      Thank God, we have Strickland to shut this down 🙂

  46. LDS

    Nice recovery to go up 3-1. Now we’ll see if Strickland can really “close”. And aren’t Votto and Moose oh for the series?

    • JB

      I know Votto is. You would think after mooses tantrum last night he would come back with a vengeance today. Nope his usual 2 ks and a popup.

    • Bet on Red

      Votto has had numerous walks though

  47. JB

    I don’t think Drurys value will be higher than it is right now. They have to trade him.

  48. Votto4life

    So grateful Castillo had another good outing. His price keeps getting higher and higher.

    • JB

      Going to be hard watching him pitch in another uniform.

  49. Joe P.

    Some bad pitching right there by Strickland to Ozuna.

  50. PTBNL

    Armchair GM hat on. Luis Castillo will be traded. Bank it. Hate it but it s inevitable. More could be traded too (Mahle, Solano, Strickland, etc?). Here’s my take. I’d like to look at the Mets as a possible destination for LC. They are in first place. They just witnessed him shut down their biggest rival. How about trade talk starting with two top 100 players in the Mets’ system: Alvarez at catcher to trade time next season with Stephenson and Baty (3b/Outfield) is a good left-handed bat. We possible could also get BP help as well. These guys are in AA right now and realistically could help us some time next year.
    The Mets aren’t being bandied around much but their SP’s average age is 31 with Sherzer and Carrascoe both 35 and over. One of their pitchers is on the 60 dl.

    • JB

      I’ve seen that scenario out there on other sites for those guys.

    • Votto4life

      I like what the Mets have to offer. I was hoping the Reds would acquire C Francisco Alverez and move Stephenson to first base. Honestly though, Tyler Stephenson is valuable as a catcher, but I am not sure he hits with enough power to hold down a corner infield position.

      The Reds should get a boatload of talent for Castillo and/Mahle. I hope they get a couple of middle of line up bats with some pop.

  51. JB

    Hey Strickland if you want someone to swing at the slider outside, get it closer to the plate. 10 feet outside is not going to do it.

  52. dhmorgan


  53. Indy Red Man

    Yeah Votto walked alot, but it takes a double to score him from 3rd. One of the worst baserunners I’ve ever seen and I’m not talking about slowest.

    If he played in LA or SF he’d be just a tick better then Adrian Gonzalez. No cheapies over the left-center wall. In fact no oppo HRs in Dodger Stadium by anyone most of the time.

  54. Joe P.

    Strickland is even worse than I thought. His breaking ball is absolute junk.

  55. JB

    That’s are closer. Lol all you can do is laugh. Does this bullpen even shower in the same dressing room? How can you show your face.

  56. Moon

    boom…another fat melon parked. Ump had given the Reds a couple of favorable calls form the look of the robot ump calling balls and strikes. Looks like Contreras should have walked and then Braves would be in the lead.

  57. Kevin H

    How many games is that the bullpen has cost the reds this season. Anyone have any numbers? They may still win, but who cares at this point. Shame on you Reds front office.

    Not a “rebuild” ha… this falls on you ownership

    • Joe P.

      He almost did with that ball he hit foul in the upper deck. That was a blast.

  58. VaRedsFan

    Say it just about every time….down and in to a lefty. Pitchers make the pitches, but somehow a coach has to emphasize to never throw that pitch there.

  59. Indy Red Man

    Atleast Strickland gets his beatings over with unlike Heath 1 pitch every 90 seconds Hembree

  60. Daytonnati

    I have to admit to laughing out loud on that second homer.

  61. Mark Moore

    Battle back with small ball and then ARSON!!!

  62. JB

    Hand the ball to Maureta. Kid you’re the closer now. I mean why not?

  63. JB

    Moose gets pinch hit for again. Lol. Come on Joey get a hit!!

  64. JB

    Ozuna should of had thst . Terrible outfielder

    • Joe P.

      Well, Minter says nope. HBP. Bases loaded, nobody out.

    • Bet on Red

      not when he can bruise his way on

    • JB

      No I have him take one for the team. Lol

    • Dennis Westrick

      Most undeserving award winner for the game!

      • 2020ball

        And yet, people still like the stat for some reason

      • Joe P.

        Blown save and a win. He’s a stat sheet stuffer!

  65. Dennis Westrick

    The Reds bullpen is a joke! Can’t get 3 outs with a 2-run lead!

    • Kevin H

      Has been last two years. Reds r in playoffs last year if not for the bullpen.

  66. VaRedsFan

    Strickland absolutely deserves that win.

  67. Mark Moore

    Very weird win. But we’ll take it.

    • Daytonnati

      If only to shut down the Braves contingent.

  68. Moon

    Almora has done a credible job this year.

  69. Mike Adams

    Looks like Roger Garrett gave up too soon on his early prediction of a Reds win.
    Granted it was a weird and convoluted way to the late win.

    • 2020ball

      Someone around here gave up too early? No way!

  70. Jim t

    Other then starting pitching this team is very bad.
    Our highest rated prospect in AAA is hitting 215 and striking out 39% of his at bats. Our highest paid players are both hitting below 215 and still our owed over 50 mil dollars next year. The ownership of this franchise has destroyed it. As a lifelong reds fan this maybe the worst I’ve ever seen this team from top to bottom. I’ll continue to watch and hope for the best but I really don’t see this turning around for some time.

    • 2020ball

      Since his slow start, Votto’s actually been fine, but I’m assuming no one wants to even try and look that stuff up before they doom and gloom first.

      • Kevin H

        Great comment, and spot in. While not 300, a respectful batting average for month of May and June