Mike Minor pitched well, but once he left the game following the 6th inning the Reds bullpen gave up seven runs as Cincinnati got trounced at Great American Ball Park on Friday night by the Atlanta Braves, 9-1.

Final R H E
Atlanta Braves (45-33)
9 12 1
Cincinnati Reds (26-50)
1 6 0
W: Fried (8-2) L: Minor (1-5)
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The Offense

Trailing 2-0, Cincinnati’s offense got going in the 3rd inning. Nick Senzel led off the inning with a single and he moved up to second when Jonathan India singled. After Brandon Drury struck out it was up to Tommy Pham to try and pick up a 2-out run batted in and he did just that with a single into right field to cut the Atlanta lead in half and make it 2-1. That was all the Reds would get on the inning. That was also the last base runner they would have until Kyle Farmer led off the 7th inning with a single. He was erased on a double play to end the inning. The next inning the Reds got two runners on after Drury was hit by a pitch and Pham picked up his third single of the night, but they were both stranded as the Braves held onto their 7-run lead. Atlanta tacked on another run and Cincinnati’s offense didn’t have an 8-run comeback in them.

The Pitching

Mike Minor hit Ronald Acuna Jr. with the 5th pitch of the game. After recording two outs he then gave up a 2-run homer to Austin Riley to put Atlanta on top in the 1st. From there the lefty settled in well, not giving up another run and throwing 6.0 innings without a walk and picking up three strikeouts. He exited the game trailing 2-1 and then the bullpen did what they do – gave up a ton of runs. Joel Kuhnel gave up three runs in the 7th. Luis Cessa gave up three more in the 8th, and before you knew it the Reds were down a touchdown. Not to be left out, though, Jeff Hoffman pitched the top of the 9th and gave up a run of his own as Atlanta padded their lead to 9-1. That was all she wrote as Cincinnati fell to 26-50 on the season.

Notes Worth Noting

In the 8th inning of the game we learned that Lucas Sims would miss the rest of the 2022 season. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that he would be undergoing surgery for a herniated disc next week.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Atlanta Braves vs Cincinnati Reds

Saturday July 2nd, 4:10pm ET

Spencer Strider (3-2, 3.02 ERA) vs Tyler Mahle (3-6, 4.53 ERA)

68 Responses

  1. JB

    Cincinnati’s bullpen is lit up “again” as the Reds lose to Atlanta 9-1

    Fixed it for ya Doug.

    • Doug Gray

      For SEO purposes it pays (literally) to keep it shorter. Adding “again” would have been too much, even if 1-billion percent accurate.

    • JA

      Cincinnati’s bullpen “manager’s handling” is lit up “again” as the Reds lose to Atlanta 9-1

      or sort of…
      need new manager…

      • Doc

        So, another manager brings in the same relievers but gets a different result? This is not a manager issue, this is a pitcher/personnel and/or a pitching coach issue.

      • Rcsodak

        How do you figure? Though, putting cessa on the mound EVER AGAIN should get him fired.

      • Joey Red

        Can’t always blame the manager. With this team using darts and a dartboard might be just as effective. This is a terrible team and a terrible franchise.

      • Reddawg2012

        How can you possibly blame the manager? I’m not David Bell’s biggest fan, but every reliever in that bullpen is terrible. Every one of them. It doesn’t matter who he brings in.

  2. LDS

    Bell’s handling of the bullpen is a perfect illustration of the Gambler’s Fallacy – the pitcher, having allowed the first two guys on base, will surely get the next out.

    • greenmtred

      It’s actually a perfect illustration of The Manager’s Conundrum: When your whole bullpen is terrible, who do you bring in to cover 3 or more innings every game?

    • MFG

      Doc, Agree 100%! Our pitching staff is terrible !

    • kdavis

      Do too, But you know the front office would hail is return as a sign the bullpen is not as bad as it seems.

      With all the apparent good young pitching the Reds have they sure as heck need to spend money on that pen for next year. Or else they will ruin the starting pitching

      • TR

        The sentiment in Redsland became common, perhaps after Chapman was given away to the Yankees, that money spent on relief pitchers was ill spent, so here we are.

  3. Bet on red

    Bet on reds anticipating a bullpen blowout makes him the only Cincinnati winner tonight….fixed it again lol

      • TR

        Also Dizzy Dean and the Cardinals pitching in the 1930’s but in a positive sense.

  4. Votto4life

    Too bad for Lucas Sims here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

    The Reds are now 24 games under .500. They have the worst recorded in the National League.

    Early on I felt things might get a little better the second half. I no longer believe that. Too bad the Reds can’t just forfeit the remaining games this season.

    • TR

      Quite a contrast: the Bengals great season followed by this.

  5. west larry

    See you guys near the trading deadline. It’s embarrassing watching this inept bullpen in action.

  6. Daytonnati

    It just doesn’t seem like a professional organization.

    • Joey Red

      It hasn’t been since the 70s. Any playoff appearances including the 1990 WS were basically a fluke. It’s the same old small market mentality regardless of who owns the team or is in the FO. But without question the group running this team currently are the worse by far.

    • TR

      Verbal encouragement from the Red’s top management to the fanbase is missing.

  7. Doc

    On top of this, they will probably draw the straw that gives them the seventh pick in the draft despite the worst record in the league. Bell will be blamed for that, too.

  8. Joe P.

    The Reds look like the proverbial “Dead Man Walking.” I see a team that expects to lose every time they take the field to play a game.

    We know where ownership is, but do the players have any pride, any pride at all? Do the players care about winning? It certainly doesn’t look like it. Outside of T. Pham, I don’t see much fire or attitude on this team.

    I get that they don’t have anything to play for in terms of making the playoffs, but how about trying to spoil these other teams’ seasons? The players need to find some motivation somewhere and show some attitude.

    • TR

      Your last sentence will only happen with managerial change.

      • Jim Walker

        I recall John Fay would occasionally use the term “Dusty (Baker) bristled” about (or when) such and such was mentioned. And from watching live shots of Dusty on the postgame etc., I knew exactly what John was describing.

        Day in and day out Dusty was publicly probably more even keeled than David Bell but had a certain animation in his presentation that suggested an edge was there when. Then someone or something would hit the right button and Dusty would bristle.

        Has anyone ever seen animation, let alone a bristle from D.Bell? I don’t recall it except when he argues with umps.

  9. Jeff Morris

    No matter how good the Reds starting pitching is and when they do have quality starts such as 6 innings pitched and allowing 2 runs for example, if the Reds do not improve there bullpen they will never ever be any good. But again, per Bob and Phil C, they do not want to improve anywhere! They are only here to make money and make a profit! Who cares that the Reds stink!

    • Randy

      As saying says you get what you pay for.

  10. JohnnyTV

    Luis Cessa is lost, completely lost and Bell keeps running him out there.

    Cessa is clueless and needs some time with a Spanish speaking pitching coach.

    Bell simply needs a new job. Baseball related, but managing just isn’t the thing for him.

    This is a woebegotten team.

    I wonder what the clubhouse must be like.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      The clubhouse has to be divided. The majority who support Bell and just want to collect their money without causing waves vs a very small minority who have to wonder how Bell is still in charge and wake up every day wondering how this happened and how they got involved. I am guilty of thinking the 2nd half would be better but unless major changes are made, starting with Bell, this team could lose 110 games.

      • Votto4life

        I would think most of the players are just happy to be on a major league roster. The few who care about winning gave up at 3-22.

        Look at the players who are playing everyday. How many would be playing on another team. I think India and Stephenson when healthy are probably the only two sure bets who would be playing everyday. Maybe Drury and Pham but they would more likely be platooning. I’m not even sure Senzel would hold down a starting position on another team. At least not on a good team.

        Of the rotation, who would be pitching on another team? Castillo and Mahle and that’s probably it. Greene, Lodolo and Ashcraft would likely still be in the minor leagues. Minor would be be DFA, despite his outing tonight. How many of the relievers would be getting innings anywhere else?

        This team is about as devoid of talent you can get. There is not sense kidding ourselves about 2024 or 2025. This team is not going to win for the foreseeable future. If they post a winning record again this decade, we will be very lucky.

      • greenmtred

        I know it’s discouraging watching the Reds this year, Mark, but is becoming a fantasist the best response? This team and, most especially, this bullpen could lose 110 games for any manager.

    • Jim Walker

      Cessa has to be pitching hurt and taking one for the team, doesn’t he?

    • Gman88

      Completely agree with Votto4Life. This team is a JOKE. I have travelled from TN the last 5 Summers for a weekend series. Not the best teams, but at least there was hope. Done making the trip. The players have zero pride in wearing that uniform. A bunch of SOFT paycheck players.

  11. SteveO

    It’s best that Sims gets surgery this year and comes back healthy for 2023. We will need both he and Antone at the backend of the bullpen. I’m thinking that Sanmartin and Gutierrez will transition to the bullpen full time in 2023. Add in Diaz and Santillan, that’s 6 of the 8 arms needed. Kuhnel, Moreta, Solomon and Duarte in the mix for the other 2 spots. Look to sign 1 or 2 more LH relievers. Greene, Ashcraft, Lodolo and Dunn(if healthy) plus one of Overton, Williamson or possibly an FA or prospect that we get from a trade at the deadline. The organization seems to like to sign journeymen pitchers to fill out the rotation in Louisville.

  12. SteveO

    Naquin 2-2 HR, 3 BB Hopefully, a couple of more games on the weekend and back in the starting lineup for the Reds on the 4th of July against the Mets!

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      I guess Shrock will be the odd man out upon Naquin’s return, unless Pham is traded before then.

  13. Luke J

    Just got back from the Louisville game. A few thoughts. Dunn looked fantastic. Will be a huge upgrade to Minor when he’s ready. Naquin was very polished at the plate. Looked like he hadn’t missed a game. Barrero is an awesome defender. The range at short is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, his bat is off right now. He hit the ball hard twice but got outs. However, my observation the other day that he appears to be standing too far from the plate was noticeable. He just can’t reach the outside half and it shows. I wonder why the coaches can’t see it.

    • Rcsodak

      It’s the coaches. Period. These coaches belong in Low A, and the coaches kicking butt deserve to be promoted to Triple A.

      Moderator: No cursing. Only warning.

    • burtgummer01

      The real issue is that Barrero isnt a good baseball player.the wonderkid is just another flop

      • Luke J

        Thay pure ignorance. Anyone who lnows anything about baseball and has watched him knows differently.

      • burtgummer01

        Yeah that fine .195 career batting average will get him into cooperstown.Sorry your goldenboy is a minor leaguer at best.Suck it up

      • Luke J

        burtgummer01, what do you have against him? Every time he’s mentioned you show up to troll. You clearly know little about baseball. He has less than 100 ABs in MLB. If you knew baseball, you’d know stats from that sample size means literally nothing.

        And Mike Schmidt hit worse than that and got sent down to the minors in even more at bats. He made Cooperstown. So suck it up.

    • Jim Walker

      A person has to wonder what kind of individual instruction Barrero is receiving. A couple of nights ago (via MiLBTV), I saw him go down swinging on 3 pitches and look absolutely terrible in the process. Per the play by play, both his K’s Friday were 3 and done swinging too.

      Nick Senzel was recently held out of game action for a day at MLB to work on his hitting. Can’t they do the same at AAA Barrero? Or why not come up with a reason to put Barrero on the IL and sit him a couple of days to decompress then send him back to the complex in Arizona for several days of hitting work?

    • burtgummer01

      Because I dont have a huge crush on a guy who has done exactly nothing I’m a troll ? really??

  14. Redsvol

    I do not understand the hesitation to overhaul this bullpen by front office and coaching staff. It’s clear at least 3 of them are unplayable – kuhnel, cessa and warren. Grab a couple players designated for sssignment and give them a chance. Designate these guys and move on. We shouldn’t be worried about losing players with this type of performance and low salaries. It’s past time to move on. I’d rather give another chance to 3 guys not even on the 40 man roster in double or triple A than continue to see more games lost due to 7th 8th and 9th inning pitching incompetence. The sample size is no longer small – what are they waiting for!

  15. Larry

    Nick (GM) & Bob need to wake up & look at the games. They obviously never watch one. A 5 year old could see what needs to be done. None of the bullpen can get anyone out. It looks like pre-game batting practice. Management just sits on their thumbs doing nothing.

  16. LeRoy

    Bell should use the reasoning why his bullpen is so bad that a little league coach I kept beating every game said. Someone asked him why he kept losing and he said it’s because they won’t do what I tell them to do. So, the Reds bullpen just is not doing what Bell tells them to do. It’s not his fault.

    • TR

      There’s also something akin to team chemistry called motivation.

  17. Gpod

    “Just keep working through it and it eventually will turn around “…that’s what Bell said about the bullpen last night….that’s what he always says …he’s been saying the same thing for 2 years…and .where has that gotten the Reds: a collapse down the stretch last year & a total debacle this season….he’s not a big league manager, he’s an embarrassment

    • greenmtred

      Bell doesn’t acquire the players: Krall does, working within the considerable financial limitations imposed upon him by ownership. Bell has the pitchers he has, and the ones in the bullpen are not, for whatever reasons, good. The criticism here of his handling of the pen rarely includes a specific prescription for making it work better, and when it does, the pitchers being advocated for prove just as inept as all the rest.

      • Jim Walker

        I don’t listen to Bell’s postgame comments because I find his affect so flat, that it kills any interest I might have had in hearing him describe the key plays and efforts of the players.

        This said, from the comments I read about Bell here and on Twitter et al, I say that if once in a while he could uncork a Cowboy Brantley, Chris Welch, or Sam LeCure worthy comment about the bullpen’s efforts, Bell would be much better received.

      • TR

        In addition, Jim, I’m sure a former Red’s manager, Lou Pinella , could uncork some worthy comments about the bullpen’s efforts.

  18. Dennis Westrick

    Never in my 60 years, yes 60 years, of being a Reds fan have I been embarrassed to be just that! 50 losses before Independence Day? Disgraceful! I need a break from this disaster of a season and will spend some time with family the next 3 days! Don’t expect much different in the results against the Braves! I’m sure the Braves fans attending GABP will buying up all the brooms they can find in Cincy today!

    • Steven Ross

      Dennis…we think alike. Been a fan nearly as long & this is beyond embarrassing. For the love of gawd, do something. It’s only July 2nd. 3 more months of this feckless display?

    • Mark A Verticchio

      Dennis, I think more and more Red’s fans are embarrassed these days. This team is a joke and it starts with management and Bell. The sad thing is I think the players are starting to become apathetic and only playing for themselves. Last night I saw India laughing with Votto on a pop up and thought to myself the way this team is playing nothing is funny. I am not saying the players shouldn’t have fun it’s just that very few, if any, of the players seem as upset as I would hope they would be with what is going on. My God, 50 losses before the 4th of July. I have a hard time just typing that. I hate to tell Bell but what he is doing isn’t working and things aren’t going to get better, he needs to go. He is a nice guy but a horrible manager.

    • The Doctor

      +1000. Been a fan since 1957 & have never seen anything like this with the Reds. Even the players don’t care anymore. Are we witnessing the real-life “Major League” in action? Big Bob stripped of his clothes would be even uglier than his team!

  19. Cyrus

    Does everyone realize the Reds probably only have a chance (will be favored by oddsmakers) to win 2 more games before the All-Star break? Look at the next two weeks.

    • Votto4life

      Yep, I had them winning 3 games on this homestand but I may have been overly optimistic.

  20. Roger Garrett

    Reds may make some moves at the deadline but the issue for me is that they don’t have a plan.What does or doesn’t happen at the break is not all they need to do.Unless they DFA some money it won’t matter.Luis,Mahle Pham Drury and others may go but you still have older guys left that always play.They must settle what to do with Moose and Joey as far as playing time is concerned along with Solano and others that will just not be back.Sorting the pen continues but you do that by DFA some of those guys and dip down into the minors and try some more guys.It can not be any worse and who knows maybe just maybe you find another pen piece with promise.Reds should cut innings for the young starters so why not an inning or two out of the pen along the way.Reset in the off season and move forward.Barrero,Fairchild and others get them up here and lets move on.

    • Jim Walker

      As the Nike slogan says, Just do it. Play the guys they need to find out about for the future or want to set a trade market value for this off season.

      If they want to sign Drury, Almora et al, give them a fair amount of time. For that matter, Senzel needs to keep playing to establish he can stay on the field and that the guy we’ve seen at the plate the last 2 weeks is a real deal and not a flash. Realistically at his projected 2023 arbitration influence salary, if he crashes, he is a trade candidate in the early off season and non-tender possibility at the tender date if not traded.

  21. Oldtimer

    Clipped from article on http://www.reds.com MLB website:

    … Cincinnati’s bullpen is ranked last in the Major Leagues with a 5.69 ERA and is second with 45 homers allowed and 142 walks. The group is missing multiple arms due to injuries including Alexis Díaz, Tony Santillan and Lucas Sims.

    “This game can be really tough when things aren’t going your way, you’re not pitching with a lot of confidence or playing any area of the game without confidence,” Bell said. “It’s just a matter of time before it can turn around. It can seem like an eternity when you’re going through it, but that’s the only answer is just keep working on it, keep working through it with them.”

    • Redsvol

      I wish Doug would let us post GIF’s on this site. I’d like to post one showing what I think Tony Larissa would do with this bullpen.

    • Gpod

      Once Bell finally gets his walking papers (it has to happen at some point) there can’t be anyone out there that thinks he will ever manage another major league club

  22. William

    Barrero is hitting .207 with a .270 OBP in AAA. I am just not confident that he is going to help reinvent the Reds. The Reds have Farmer through 2024. McClain and De La Cruz are other options.