On Sunday we saw Justin Dunn take the mound in Dayton for the High-A Dragons. He allowed a run in 2.0 innings on three hits and a walk while striking out a batter. It was only the second game he’d pitched in over the last calendar year. The other game was a rehab outing in Triple-A last September when he was with Seattle and he left the game after one batter. Prior to that outing the last time he had pitched was on June 17th, 2021.

Tonight we’ll get to see Justin Dunn take another step towards returning to the big league mound. Cincinnati has moved him to Triple-A for his next step in rehab. He’s expected to pitch 3.0 innings with a pitch limit of 50. The Bats are in Toledo, so it will be a road start for Dunn.

The Reds rotation may be changing soon with all of the pitchers working their way back. Nick Lodolo’s rehab assignment is complete and he will pitch in the big leagues next week. Justin Dunn is working on his return. That would make for seven starting pitchers for five spots in short order. Of course, with where Cincinnati is, it’s possible that they could make a trade or two in order to open up spots. It’s also possible that a move to the bullpen or even a move back to the minor leagues could be in store to get back to five pitchers in the rotation.

More Rehab News

Tyler Naquin began his rehab assignment last night for Louisville. He started the game in right field and went 0-3 with a strikeout. He’s coming back from a quad strain.

Alexis Diaz, who is working his way back from biceps tendinitis, threw a bullpen on Wednesday with no issues.

Tyler Stephenson is expected to begin a rehab assignment on Monday.

8 Responses

  1. Jim Walker


    Can Dunn handle the turnaround to work out of the bullpen?

  2. LDS

    With Dunn & Lodolo coming back ‘soon’, could the Reds find a market for Minor? Surely, someone would take a chance and it would free up a chunk of payroll and maybe, just maybe slot a pitcher with a chance to win.

    • Redsvol

      if you were GM of another team, would you pick up Mike Minor’s salary and give up a prospect?

      • WillDCat

        Would not give an actual prospect, but the move for Minor could be a straight salary dump. Based on what he has done, it (trading for Minor) was the dumbest move Reds mgt made this season – and that’s saying something…

  3. Kevin H

    While I know Reds are having some guys on roster now and coming in next year or two.

    Question, why not put 1 or 2 in bullpen and get them ready? Sounds like a reach I know. Just this bullpen is worse than last year. If that is even possible

  4. Roger Garrett

    Minor is somebody’s boy and he was paid a bunch to pitch cause otherwise somebody has to admit he made a mistake.That will not happen and Minor will just be gone after this year.He and his agent have to be still laughing of course.He will get 14 or 15 starts get hammered in 10 of them and all is good.Soft tossing lefty that’s a fly ball pitcher at GABP.Now why on earth won’t that work?My 10 year old grandson would no better.

    • Votto4life

      The Minor deal was bad on so many levels. An aging pitcher who was coming off two terrible seasons, fly ball pitcher at GABP and costing the Reds $7.5 million dollars. Most people in this forum called it at the time of the trade.

      Nick Krall and D.J. Should be fired for that trade.

  5. Redsvol

    Thank goodness Lodolo and Dunn are going to be available soon. Its clear that Hunter is tiring as the season progresses (taking more pitches to make it thru 5 innings) and possibly Ashcraft too. I know, at these inning levels and their age they shouldn’t be tiring but I think they are. The shortened spring training schedule and their general inexperience at the upper levels and majors is bound to be taxing on a young pitcher who has never seen this level of competition.

    I’m actually pleased with both of them given their experience level. It just feels like we either need to go to a 6 man rotation or rotate 1 or 2 out to the minor leagues so they can get some less stressful innings. With Lodolo, Dunn and eventually Overton back we should be able to manage.