After a series win in San Francisco, the Cincinnati Reds (25-47) try to carry that momentum into a three game series against division rivals Chicago Cubs (28-45) at Wrigley Field this week. The Cubs come into this series with a 5-5 record in their last 10 games and a series win against the Cardinals in St. Louis over the weekend.


  • Time: 8:05 pm ET
  • Place: Wrigley Field
  • Weather: 80 degrees; mostly sunny
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio
  • Radio: 700 WLW


Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

2B Jonathan India CF Christopher Morel
3B Brandon Drury RF Rafael Ortega
DH Donovan Solano DH Willson Contreras
1B Joey Votto LF Ian Happ
SS Kyle Farmer 3B Patrick Wisdom
LF Max Schrock SS Nico Hoerner
RF Albert Almora Jr C Yan Gomes
CF Nick Senzel 1B Alfonso Rivas
C Aramis Garcia 2B David Bote

– 20 minutes before the start of the game Tommy Pham was scratched and replaced by Max Schrock in left field. The lineup also saw a little bit of restructuring.

-After being hit in the wrist during the Giants series, Jonathan India makes his return to the starting lineup for the Reds.

-Happ, Contreras, and Wisdom have all homered off Luis Castillo in their careers. Contreras is hitting .467 against him in 15 at-bats, and Happ is hitting .350 against him in 20 at-bats.

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo 51.0 3.71 3.58 3.46 3.73 1.14 22.9% 8.4%
Keegan Thompson 61.0 3.10 3.43 4.14 4.21 1.15 22.0% 9.6%


The trade rumors are already swirling around Castillo and the trade deadline is still a month away. The latest one is that the Yankees are interested (although we’ve all heard that one before). Last Wednesday, Castillo probably had one of the worst starts of his season thus far. He gave up four runs in five innings and struck out six. It did come against the LA Dodgers, one of the best teams in the league, but if the Reds really are looking to trade Castillo, they want him to pitch the best he can right now to get the best return. Castillo last faced the Cubs on May 25 at Wrigley Field. He struck out six while giving up four hits and two runs in five innings.

This season, Castillo’s been slightly better against right-handed batters vs. left handed batters, depending on what stat you use. His batting average against right-handed hitters is only .202, with an on-base percentage of .258. The batting average against left-handed hitters is .216, but because he’s walked 12 left-handed hitters, the on-base percentage against lefties is higher at .310. This aligns with his career numbers, as historically he’s always been better against right-handed hitters.


In his second year with the Cubs, Keegan Thompson has thrown 61.0 innings to date, already surpassing the 53.0 innings he pitched in 2021. The 27-year-old right-hander is listed as the 30th prospect in the Cubs organization, but he’s pitched better than that this season. Thompson has only really had one bad start in 2022, a game on June 7th at Baltimore in which he gave up seven runs in three innings. However, he’s coming off arguably his two best starts of the season, a two-hit shutout with nine strikeouts in six innings against Atlanta and a six inning performance against the Pirates where he allowed four hits and one run, a home run, with seven strikeouts in six innings.

Thompson throws four pitches, but sticks mostly with his fastball and his cutter. He averages in the low 90s for both his fastball and his cutter. Both of these pitches have seen a small increase in velocity from 2021 to 2022.  His off speed pitches, mainly a curve ball, has averaged in the low 80s this season.

Right-handed hitters tend to hit Thompson better, with a .238 batting average against him. However, left-handed batters have gotten on base more against him, as he’s allowed 13 walks to lefties compared to only eight against righties.

News and Notes

The Reds made a trade with the Cleveland Guardians today, sending minor league catcher Sandy León to Cleveland where he immediately joined their big league roster.

The Reds also called up catcher Mike Papierski from Triple-A and optioned Chris Okey back to the minor leagues.

You can catch up on the Reds minor league action from yesterday here.

There were also a bunch of minor league promotions today:

144 Responses

  1. JB

    This is a huge series. 4th place is on the line here. I mean if that doesn’t get you pumped up what exactly will? I expect the park to be packed and rocking! Scalpers should be making big big money tonight selling the hottest ticket in town. So lets get the popcorn ready and get ready for a throw down for 4th place.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Probably a very unpopular opinion, but with this year lost already, I’d rather the reds actually suck and end up with a top 5 pick than become mediocre, finish in third, draft in the upper teens and see absolutely zero changes in coaching or front office this offseason. Mediocrity will only bring more mediocrity for this franchise.

      • JB

        Totally agree. If you ain’t first your last. Play the tradeable assets and then play the kids after the trade deadline. It’s time to start the rebuild and put both feet in. Half in half out is garbage.

      • Jim t

        I understand your thinking but I think it is a bit more complicated. I think this year and next is about finding what talent exist as the team works it’s way toward Moose and Votto being off the books.Hopefully when that occurs ownership will invest some money in upgrading the roster. But I’m not holding my breadth.

      • Votto4life

        I agree also…right now the more the lose the quicker will change will come. Finishing in 4th means absolutely nothing.

    • Nelson coble

      Kuhnel is horrible. Why is he still called on.

      • greenmtred

        Because people here liked him? Because he has good stuff, they don’t have a lot to choose from in the BP, because this season is about sorting, because small sample size?

  2. Indy Red Man

    This 6’7 SS Cruz for the Pirates reminds me of Barrero. Looks the part, but has shown nothing to show he belongs to this point. 3rd inning and he’s already made an error and 0-2 with 2 Ks batting 3rd vs Patrick Corbin

  3. Bet on Red

    Really glad that they gave Okay a legit start

      • Tom Diesman

        Really, what happened? Did he bend down to slap a midget who was stashing fantasy players? 🙂

  4. BK

    One other note from today, Moran was outrighted off the 40-man roster. Based on his service time he can accept or reject the assignment. 40-man stands at 39 players with Hoffman on the “COVID” IL who will need the spot when he’s activated.

    • Votto4life

      Another terrible signing by Nick Krall. For a franchise that is known for being cheap, they sure do waste a lot of money.

      • BK

        I don’t know … he came into 2022 as a league average hitter (OPS+, 100) and better than average against RHP. For just $300K above the MLB minimum, there wasn’t much risk. He didn’t perform and is off the roster. With all the injuries, he really wasn’t blocking any top prospects either.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    I’ve never seen before quite many scratches from the lineup in a season like this of 2022

    • VaRedsFan

      Could be that Bell makes his lineups days in advance…without consulting the medical staff, and regardless if players are hot but deserve a day off anyway.

  6. Bet on Red

    all i know is something happened there

  7. Mark Moore

    What was the ump thinking with the 2 out calls?

      • Mark Moore

        He ended up looking more than a little bush league in the end.

        No damage done other than a few more pitches from Castillo.

  8. SteveO

    Why didn’t Votto yell “ step off”?! Would’ve easier got the runner

  9. Roger garrett

    Not watching but must be a circus.Castillo won’t last 5 after a 20 pitch first.

  10. Dennis Westrick

    As a lifetime Reds fan (60+ years) this is the most frustrating team! After losing 6 in a row against the Bernies & the Dodgers I was close to throwing in the fan towel. Then, the take 2 of 3 against the Giants in their ballpark! Could have had a sweep if we didn’t have to suffer thru another mandatory Mike Minor fiasco (loss). Hoping for the best against the stupid Cubbies! With the inevitable trade of LC before the August 2nd MLB trade deadline I hope his last few starts as a Red are wins!

    • Votto4life

      Yeah LC deserves to play for a contender. Just depressing he didn’t have a chance to win here. I wonder how long we will have to wait. I have been a fan for 50 years and am starting to believe I may have been my last Red’s World Series. I really can’t comprehend this team ever competitions again. At least not without major changes to the game.

      I see teams like Detroit and Baltimore who have been rebuilding now for a decade and doesn’t seem at all close to winning.

    • LarkinPhillips

      With every pitcher the Reds have this is said. At what point is this considered an “organizational approach?”

    • LDS

      Maybe he’s working on keep his value down because he don’t like the Yankees who reports said we’re scouting him tonight.

  11. Bet on Red

    This game is a whole bunch of outs.

  12. Daytonnati

    Yankees probably more interested in Thompson at this point.

    • Roger Garrett

      Exactly he has 12 outs on 42 pitches with 6 punch outs.Both teams are awful and we just can’t wait to take a seat it appears.

    • Votto4life

      Good, I don’t want the Yankees prospects, let them go fleece someone else.

  13. Roger Garrett

    Forgot to mention we had a day off even though we flew from San Francisco.Hard to say this team is ready to play on some nights.

  14. Chris Holbert

    What is the definition of an overshift…as Sadak says?

  15. Roger Garrett

    Yeah trying to strike out everybody.May make it to the 6th.Can’t blame him though.Imagine with the Yanks offense and pen 5 innings would be good enough for a win on most nights.

    • JB

      He will win 15-20 a year under a real organization. Get away from this nickel and pony show and get to an organization that wants to win the World Series every year. This organization is fine playing 500.

  16. Roger Garrett

    Made Thompson throw 13 pitches that inning and got a hit.What a joke and so I am gone for this night.

  17. Votto4life

    Castillo 8 strike outs 0 walks. Must be impressing the scouts.

  18. Bet on Red

    His pitch count is high enough that he is going to get some of if not all of the sixth as well

  19. Mark Moore

    10K’s in 5 innings but a LOT of pitches to get there. I really hate to roll the dice with the BP, but how much farther do we expect Bell to let LC go tonight?

      • Mark Moore

        That’s what I was thinking. He’ll be on a pretty short leash.

  20. Bet on Red

    I think that might stand. Cant tell when the Ball player comes off the bag vs the ball arriving

  21. VaRedsFan

    Ball nipped India’s finger on the swing. Pinch job hopefully, not bone.

  22. Bet on Red

    There we go…. we finally score

  23. Mark Moore

    That works in any park … it would still be rolling out in SF.

  24. Mark Moore

    A Wrigley GR Double and an RBI.

  25. Bet on Red

    And Solano with the Inside the Ivy non homerun

  26. JB

    Hopefully Bell has somebody up. Castillo ,it seems , gets into trouble after his team scores some runs.

  27. LarkinPhillips

    Typical Castillo. Gets a lead, loses focus, and walks the leadoff. Tonight is perfect example of what keeps LC from being an elite starter. Too many pitches as well.

    • Roger Garrett

      Exactly and he never ever changes.You can see it coming and it makes no difference if its early or late in a game.I am sure he knows it as well but come on man.

    • VaRedsFan

      It would help if Garcia would catch the ball in the strike zone…cost him that 2nd walk.

  28. earmbrister

    This is a Major League AB by Gomes

  29. Bet on Red

    a grind to be sure, but good job LC

    • earmbrister

      Yes, that was a great job. 123 pitches but he got through a difficult 6th.

  30. Andrew Brewer

    Bell should have pulled him after the 2nd walk… and now he knows it…

  31. VaRedsFan

    What a great effort by Luis.
    123 pitches.
    Kudos to Bell for not yanking him with all of those guys on base.

    • LarkinPhillips

      Which part of VA do you live in? I am in Bristol.

      • VaRedsFan

        East Coast….Gloucester County (Near Williamsburg)
        We’re a million miles apart…lol

      • LarkinPhillips

        Pretty much as far as you can be in the same state.

    • earmbrister

      Huh, it’s almost like Bell doesn’t have faith in his BP 😉

  32. LarkinPhillips

    Glad to see LC get out of that. If it’s his last start as a red, that is one to be proud of. I complain about Bell a lot. But that was good of him to let LC pitch there either way.

    • LDS

      Remember today is about marketing him. Wouldn’t have happened normally. It worked out. Maybe Bell will learn something but I’m not betting on it.

  33. Roger Garrett

    Way our season has gone he will be put on the DL tomorrow.Gutty effort for sure.

  34. Mark Moore

    As close to a TOOTBLAN as you can get for AAJ without actually making an out. Good thing Senzel wasn’t running heads down.

  35. Roger Garrett

    Yeah ESPN says Senzel singles to deep center so what happened.

    • Mark Moore

      AAJ didn’t run hard and missed that it went over the CF’ers head. Missed opportunity except that it didn’t ultimately matter.

    • Bet on Red

      defender made it look like it would get caught until the last minute when it bounced off the wall. Ball came right back to the defender. AAJ had held up. Would have been a double at least and maybe AAJ scores.

    • earmbrister

      India gets hot this time of year …

  36. Mark Moore

    Apparently his finger felt okay … 🙂

  37. VaRedsFan

    Indy got it …and he knew it. Monster shot.

  38. Mark Moore

    Solano is making a statement

    Time for a but … but … but … from Joey.

    • Roger Garrett

      Dude could always hit.I think he is around 280 lifetime.Gap power mostly but 280 is pretty good.

  39. VaRedsFan

    I remember Wick having nasty stuff.
    Now he’s on the struggle bus.
    Maybe it’s not just OUR relievers.

  40. Mark

    I’m not trading Solano and Drury if I’m the Reds. Who is ready at AAA to hit as well as they do? With the DH in play we need someone in that spot to produce.

    • Roger Garrett

      Why not and the DH allows for an old guy?Drury has done well for sure and how much worse would we be without him

  41. JB

    Not sure why they play that shift on Drury. He can and did go to right.

  42. Mark Moore

    Time for Kyle Farmer to get in on the action

  43. LarkinPhillips

    Votto is 1for his last 30. That walk was a gift. Hopefully Farmer makes the cubs pay.

  44. Andrew Brewer

    Tough way to end the innning, but The Reds got 3, and it’s now 5-0. Is that enough ? We shall soon see.

    • Mark Moore

      Not when the Cubbies start their half of the 7th that way.

      Going to need a GIDP here to erase that runner.

  45. Daytonnati

    Who feels comfortable with this lead?

  46. Mark Moore

    What in the HECK was that? Can’t let that happen, guys.

    Now we’re in a pickle.

  47. LDS

    That’s three batters. Time to pull him

  48. Jeff Morris

    Here we go with the stupid bullpen! Kuhnel…..better get him out of there now!

  49. Indy Red Man

    Kuhnel? Can’t we try someone else? He’s horrible. I know the pickings are slim

  50. JB

    Bullpen comes in and they turn into Barnum and Bailey Circus.

  51. David

    Kuhnel’s slider seemed to be the pitch that they wanted to hit.

    He’s got a good fastball and sinker. He should just stick with that.

    What a mess.

  52. Indy Red Man

    I think Hoffman would move into high leverage for me considering who we have left. They’re that bad

  53. VaRedsFan

    Outfield misplay cost them at least 2. High infield chop is just bad luck. The HBP was no bueno though.

    • Indy Red Man

      I fast forwarded….you’re right. Senzel & AAJ have some chemistry issues out there. Looks to me like AAJ is to aggressive and Senzel does not take command in CF and AAJ laid off his ball to be a good teammate. Thats what it looked like there

  54. Mark Moore

    I need to head for bed. We just can’t endure any kind of lasting success, can we?

    Stupid Cubs might just pull this one out if we can’t knuckle down and maybe put up a couple more runs.

  55. Moon

    As much as Garcia has struggled at the plate this year, with the 3-4 night he is now hatting for a better BA than Votto. .210 vice .209. Of course Votto has a ton more at bats.

  56. LDS

    Why stick with Kuhnel? After 3 batters, one in and runners on 2nd & 3rd. Luckily he only gave up 3. As bad as the bullpen is, it’s better than last year’s 1st half bullpen. But it’s still mismanaged.

    • Indy Red Man

      Not with Diaz and Santillan hurt its not. Cessa is worse. Warren is worse. Strickland is terrible.

  57. Bet on Red

    I take my roommate to work, all the cubs damage happens while he is in the car. Once he was out, Kuchel got out the inning, strange

    • LDS

      Hey, Strickland is our closer, kind of all the Nasty Boys rolled into one. As you know, sometimes the change is just to break the other team’s rhythm. Mind games, but sometimes they work

  58. VaRedsFan

    Every pitch from Warren is high. Somebody go talk to the man.

    • VaRedsFan

      survived it….hung that one to Bote. Sometimes they just miss it….hitting is hard.

  59. Indy Red Man

    Horrible 2 strike hanger there by Warren but lined out to RF. Warren is horrible.

  60. David

    Strickland has been declared…”The Closer!”.

    If Warren can get out of the 8th, it’s Strickland, likely the top of the Cubs order.

  61. Indy Red Man

    Barrero 0-4 with 2 Ks again. Idk about him? On a good note Stuart Fairchild 2-4 with a .958 ops so far at Lville. He hit about like Senzel did in college. He kind of reminded me of Drew Stubbs on film who was a pretty talented player if he didn’t K so much.

  62. Indy Red Man

    Doug got mad at me last year when I said this, but drop Joey to 8th or 9th and he will retire. You have to crack their ego/pride instead of feeding it with the cleanup spot 150+ times a year. He might actually start hitting a little or he’ll quit? It worked for Senzel.

    • Indy Red Man

      Sit him vs lefties too. He can’t hit them. You are now Joey Akiyama to us. You’ll platoon and bat 8th

    • Votto4life

      Why would you want the Reds to humiliate one of the greatest players in team history?

      Let’s embarrass him so he will quit so the team will save some money. OK, then what? Do you really believe the Reds will reinvest that $25 million back in the team?

      For people who are always complaining about Votto’s salary please keep this in mind…Joey signed a 10 year contract. The Reds could have signed him for a shorter period, but by doing so, they would have had to pay him more upfront. The Reds didn’t to do that, so they signed him for a longer period. The final years of Joey’s contract is part of his overall compensation. If the Reds had offer $25 million a year for 7 years, Votto would not have signed.

      Joey Votto is probably the last player who will spend his entire career with the Reds. He is a hall of fame type of player, who loves playing in Cincinnati. Joey is great with fans and media. He is a great ambassador for the team and the sport. Joey is beloved by Reds fans and the City of Cincinnati.

      But yeah, by all means, let’s publicly embarrass him.

    • burtgummer01

      Including this year Votto is still owed 52 million dollars,he wont walk away from that

      • Old-school

        Votto is owed $25 million in 2023 plus a $7 million buyout for 2024

        Votto has $32 million in exit fees after this year and wont be a Red in 2024

  63. Bet on Red

    Wow talking about grasping victory out of the Jaws of defeat lol

  64. Indy Red Man

    We better get something for Luis! 99 with movement doesn’t grow on trees

  65. Andrew Brewer

    Strickland got the first guy on 4 pitches… The next batter he throws 2 in a row a foot and half outside… I was glad that Bell went with his designated Closer, but it was still touch and go… Plenty of drama with the Reds bullpen, and good to win the first one in chi-town…

  66. Kevin H

    With all the injuries to the bullpen, who would you all bring in to pitch? Not holding up for bell at all, however with Sims, Satalian, Diaz all hurt and on DL, oh and Hoffman on covid list.. He doesn’t have too many option’s. I suppose Detwiller.. Again who would you all bring in?